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NCLEX-PN-Diseases & Disorders Question Acute pancreatitis common ss diabetus insipidus is autonomic dysreflexiaAnswer low fluid volume ADH

deficiency (full bladder)

myasthenia gravis caused lower motor neuron lesion by myasthenia gravisGenetic? myasthenia gravis-ss ARDS no chronic fatigue and muscle weakness, esp. face & throat hypoxemia from low Pa02

addisonian crisis-pt needs private room bc of low ability to cope w/stress a autonomic dysreflexiacommon symptom is autonomic dysreflexia occurs after: HA; brought on by bowel or bladder sidtension. (check foley for kinks)

injury to spinal cord above T6;

addisonian crisis-no___ is corticosteroids-so low stress enviro is needed; produced: Post Thyroidectomy - pt at hypocalcemia (low calcium) risk for: sign of hypocalcemia m. twitching & numbness or tingling of lips, & extremities vision changes (diplopia, nystagmus &, deep tendon reflexes-hyperactive, muscles are spastic; urinary hesitancy (from nerve damage), intention tremor (tremor when doing an activity), Positive babinski sign
absence of an ankle jerk in sciatica; (2) an extensor plantar response, with an extension of the great toe and adduction of the other toes; (3) a more pronounced concentration of platysma on the unaffected side during blowing or whistling; (4) pronation that occurs when an arm affected by paralysis is placed in supination; and (5) when a patient in a supine position with arms crossed over the chest attempts to assume a sitting position, the thigh on the affected side is flexed, and the heel is raised, while the leg on the unaffected side

multiple sclerosis(MS) ss

Babinski sign

remains flat.

multiple myeloma TX multiple sclerosis TX pernicious anemia ss iron deficiency anemia ss acute pancreatitis: pts have Fluid loss may be from: renal failure-watch for scleral buckling obstructive jaundice ss labyrinthitis is labryinthitis is sudden onset: Hemorrhage: ss osteoarthritis ss Adrenal crisis is an under Cushing's syndrome is excessive Wilms tumor: ss Wilms tumor DO NOT

relieve pain, prevent bone injury & infection, and maint hydration fatigue, (use AC to decrease temp), no extreme cold, use hot baths pallor, tachycardia, sore tongue, wt. loss, a smooth beefy red tongue, a wide pulse pressure, palpitations, angina, weakness, fatigue and parenthesias of hands and feet dyspnea,tachycardia, pallor, fatigue, listless, irritable & HA low fluid volumn which may lead to hypovolemic shock homorrheage, vomiting or plasma leaking into peritoneal cavity drug toxicity sclera is flattened against retina. Position pt prone with head toward affected eye. clay colored stools inflammation of inner ear bad vertigo w/N&V weak, irregular pulse, cool moist skin & hypytension. May cause cyanosis, N/V, dilated pupils joint pain, crepitus, Heberden's nodes, Bochard's nodes & enlarged joints secretion of glucocorticoids resulting in profound hypoglycemia, hypovolemia & HTN glucocorticoid secretion resulting in soduim and water retention may be HTN from renin palpate abdomen be it may increase risk of mestastasis;

hypospadias-after surgery elevate the scrotal sac cystic fibrosis ss cystic fibrosis diet excessive fat in stool, perform chest physiotherapy q 4 hours hi protein, hi calorie

Chvosteks sign-tap pt's face litely over facial nerve just below temple: Thyroid crisis- may occur within Thyroid crisis ss Stapedectomy hypoglycemia ss Guillian-Barr syndrome Hircchsprung's DZ is a

Muscle twitch indicates hypo calcemia

12 hours of thyroidectomy exaggerated sign of hyper thyroidism (hi fever, tachycardia & extreme restlessness) hearing may be worse during healing and get better in 6 weeks anxiety, restless, HA, irritable, confused, diaphoreses, cool skin, tremors, reduced LOC and seizures respiratory failure from paralysis of thoracic area aganglionic megacolon

Hircchsprung's DZ repair is two surgery operation;1st a colestomy (temporary while healing occurs); 2nd fixes and a final; after Hircchsprungs surgery Cerebral palsy ausculate lung sounds encourage independence, give extra time to eat, and sit up for a while to prevent gag & aspiration