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F isc al Ye a r J u ly 1 , 2 0 04 - J u n e 3 0 , 2 0 0 5

Fiscal Year 2005 has been an outstanding year thanks to our dedicated staff, Board of Directors and the individuals we serve! Throughout this fiscal year MVLE, has proven its financial strength and corporate visibility. An uncertain economy and the forces of Mother Nature continue to teach us that life does not always go the way we wish or expect. The power to cope with adversities and adapt to challenges and change has been both an anchor and an opportunity for MVLE. We are stronger as an organization and remain a viable choice for people with disabilities looking for employment opportunities or supportive services. Refocusing how we operate has been the key to MVLEs success this year. By tightening our focus and utilizing best business practices, we have become more results-driven. MVLE has developed new ways of creating revenue, increased employee development and specialization, and enhanced our proven marketing techniques The MVLE Difference and our tag line Creating Futures 0ne Person At A Time. MVLE has also spent this past year redefining the roles of our Board of Directors and our senior management team. We have reinforced overall staff development and training by implementing a performance management system that will ensure program effectiveness and efficiency, attract qualified personnel, and support additional funding requests. We also increased the use of organizational metrics and the overall management of MVLE. Other significant achievements this year included strengthening and implementing our 2005-2007 Strategic Plan, and developing a quality plan and a program evaluation system to support it. During 2005, we continued to build partnerships with area schools, local businesses and government programs. It is with great pleasure that, as you read the enclosed stories of successes and accomplishments, that you join MVLE staff, Board of Directors and supporters in recognizing the important role individuals with disabilities are assuming in our community as a valued, capable workforce and contributing members of our society. Furthermore, individuals with disabilities are achieving successful outcomes, attesting to the fact that MVLEs community-based vocational employment and support services are:

-C. C. Scott


Creating Futures 0ne Person At A Time Thank you for your continued support.

Frank Doe, Chairman

April Pinch-Keeler, President


The NISH-JWOD Pro g ra m The Wagner-ODay Act, passed in 1938, initiated employment opportunities for people who are blind. In 1971, under the leadership of Senator Jacob Javits, the Wagner-ODay Act was amended to include people with severe disabilities and provide services to the Federal Government. More that 60 years later, the JWOD network of nonprofit community service providers continues to provide services to the Federal government and the thousands of people with severe disabilities. The Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled is the Federal agency that administers the JWOD Program through two central nonprofit agencies; NISH and the National Industries for the Blind (NIB).The Committee, in conjunction with NISH and NIB, facilitates non-competitive procurement of products and services from nonprofit agencies that employ persons with disabilities. The JWOD program plays the following role in obtaining and overseeing federal contracts sometimes referred to as set-asides employing individuals with disabilities:
Determines which products and services purchased by the Federal Government must be

procured from JWOD-participating nonprofit agencies;

Establishes the fair market prices for these products and services; Ensures that nonprofit agencies comply with Committee rules and regulations; Assists entities of the Federal Government in Expanding their JWOD procurement; and Designates one or more nonprofit organizations to provide JWOD products and services.

Successful business partnerships are essential in generating employment and training for people with severe disabilities. MVLEs JWOD contract at the Armys Ft. Belvior Defense Acquisition University (DAU) is due to the advocacy of John Lawless. After attending a NISH conference in 1999, John, in his position as Director of Contracting and Logistics at DAU started the process of securing a NISH janitorial contract. His initiative resulted in the award of a Javits-Wagner-ODay (JWOD) custodial-janitorial contract with MVLE. Since the award of the contract in October 2000, John has been a strong advocate and supporter of MVLE and the JWOD program. On many occasions, Mr. Lawless has publicly expressed his support of MVLEs work at DAU and the NISH program in general. He has also assisted in pursuing other potential leads for individuals with disabilities. Throughout his tenure at DAU, Mr. Lawless has supported MVLEs staff and employees with respect and professionalism. MVLE salutes and acknowledges Johns role in providing employment for persons with disabilities. His initiative and support has played a key role in creating and sustaining the MVLE-JWOD and DAU successful partnership. MVLE is one of 600 community-based nonprofit agencies in the NISH-JWOD nationwide-network of public-private partnerships that employs individuals with disabilities. Individuals with disabilities are providing Government agencies with an array of services and products under the auspices of the JWOD (Javits-Wagner ODay) Program. MVLEs partnership with NISH-JWOD began in 1994 with the awarding of a contract to provide janitorial/ custodial services for the M.V. Bostetter Federal Bankruptcy Courthouse in Old Town Alexandria. MVLE currently provides janitorial and mailroom services that are valued at over $2,000,000. These services provide employment for more than 48 individuals with severe disabilities. MVLEs Federal contracts provide average hourly earnings of $10.75 with an added $2.63 an hour for health and welfare benefits. MVLE values its role in the JWOD Program. MVLE is part of the network of nonprofit agencies and community rehabilitation programs providing a wide range of employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities.


MVLE is providing federal cus t o m e rs with: Cost Savings and Efficient Pricing: Handles all administrative matters; orders equipment and supplies; recruits, trains, and supervises. Reliability: MVLE ensures, through its quality assurance process and employee evaluation and training programs, that individuals work performance meets and exceeds the requirements of the contract being performed. Flexibility: MVLE offers flexible procurement options for government agencies and commercial firms. The Javits-Wagner-ODay program facilitates non-competitive procurement of products and services from service provider vendors that employ persons with disabilities. Temporary and longterm employees can be hired directly or through contracts or purchase orders.


The growth of MVLEs Federal contracts illustrates its capability to meet and exceed performance expectations of its Federal customers. MVLE looks forward to further expansion of this sector of Federal business as it supports the increased employment and wages paid to the people who are disabled. At present, MVLE is actively expanding contract services in the areas of fulfillment, shelf stocking, and mailroom services. MVLE is working to establish partnerships with commercial companies that are seeking government contracts supported by a dynamic workforce trained and managed by MVLE. People with disabilities remain a vast untapped resource with an unemployment rate estimated at more than 70 percent. The JWOD Program is an example of Government at its best. While the mission of the program is first and foremost to provide employment opportunities for people who are blind or have severe disabilities, the program also serves Federal customers by providing high quality products and services delivered on time and at a reasonable price. The American taxpayer realizes a benefit from the reduction in disability payments and the increased tax revenues. Harry Johnson: Ticket To Work Pro g ram Participant In September 2004, Harry was experiencing difficulty finding work when he came to MVLE as a participant of Social Security Administrations Ticket-To-Work program. MVLEs staff provided Harry an opportunity to work at Walter Reed Army Medical Center working on MVLEs NISH-JWOD janitorial contract. Within three months of being hired as a Lead Worker, Harrys confidence and skill level led him to obtain competitive employment with US Airways as a Ramp/Baggage handler. However, after working only four months Harry suffered two strokes. The second stroke affected his speaking ability and, despite four months of physical and speech therapy, Harrys ability to communicate continued to present difficulties for him. Harry, however, felt ready to begin working again. One of the job coaches at MVLE worked with him to increase his job application skills and, despite initial frustration and let downs Harry was hired by AirServe Inc. as an aircraft service technician. He is now responsible for detailing, cleaning, and refueling jet aircraft at Dulles airport.

-Emile Zola


Sheryl Gra b owski: Win-Win the MVLE Style Sheryl Grabowski faced a challenging future after graduating from Edison High School in 1994. Although Sheryl was skilled, she lacked opportunities to demonstrate her potential because of developmental and learning impairments. Sheryl experienced many obstacles along her road to success until she learned of MVLEs programs. In 1999 Sheryl decided to seek MVLEs assistance. Shortly thereafter, she was placed in a Community Employment Services program where she was offered full-time employment, advancement opportunities, and benefits. During the next few years the MVLE staff trained and supported her and helped her to identify the work skills that enabled her to work successfully at Guest Services and Chick-Fil-A. As Sheryls skills grew, so did her dreams and goals. Although she knew what she wanted to do, she needed additional guidance from the staff at MVLE to obtain her goals. Recently, Sheryl was hired by the Potbelly Restaurant to do food preparation. Sheryl is a prime example of the success individuals with disabilities are achieving with the support and training they receive at MVLE. Sheryl illustrates how important these services have been for her and the many persons MVLE serves daily. Sheryl progresses daily in her new job having earned a promotion with not only increased responsibilities, but also higher pay. This is a win-win for both Sheryl and MVLE. Julie Stober: Receives AAFES Courtesy Awa rd Julie began working right out of high school in July 2003 as a silverware roller at Greenspring Village within the MVLE Enclave. Julie became one of the enclaves best employees. In December 2003, MVLE staff recommended Julie for placement at Churchs Fried Chicken at Ft. Belvoir, which was a new start-up employment site partnering with MVLE. Julie began learning to fry chicken, portion potatoes, and clean the dining room. Not too long into her new employment at Churchs, the MVLE Employment Consultant was surprised to see Julie expediting orders at the front counter. Julies responsibilities now include food prep, expediting orders, and taking orders from customers. She is always smiling, polite, and friendly. In June 2005, Julie was awarded the Army and Air force Exchange services (AAFES) Courtesy Award of the Quarter. It is obvious that Julie has become a Most Valuable and Loyal Employee for the AAFES, as well as MVLE. Patrice Robinson: Ac h i eving Community Employ m e n t A 2005 graduate of Fairfax Countys School, Pulley Vocational Center, Patrice Robinson was placed by MVLEs Community Employment services at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Patrice is currently employed in the housekeeping department, and she takes pride in her ability to perform a variety of housekeeping tasks with a high degree of skill. Patrices employment not only provides her with work that she genuinely enjoys, but also the new and valued relationships with her co-workers from MVLE, the Holiday Inn, and the MVLE Community Employment staff. In just a few short months, Patrice has become an important member of the MVLE work crew, and her positive attitude at work is setting a standard for her co-workers.


J e rad Kisner: Tra nsitioning From School to Work MVLEs transition process allows graduating students to determine for themselves their future employment wishes, plans, and dreams. Jerads transition from school to work at MVLE provided the opportunity for Jerad to be actively involved in the planning for his own future. During Jerads last year of public school, in the fall of 2002, MVLE and the Ivy Mount School in Maryland provided him with the critical transition process which was necessary for his self-determination. This early transitioning helped Jerad to: Match his skills to employment options; Identify his short and long-term employment goals; Learn socialization skills required in the workplace; and Become familiar with the persons and places that would be part of his world of work after graduation. At first, Jerad, accompanied by his teacher, would come a few days a week to MVLE. By March 2003, Jerad was attending independently without the assistance of his teacher. By his May graduation from Ivy Mount School, Jerad was hired as a 30-hour-a-week mail-handler in the MVLE Springfield Center-Based Production program. Since last May, Jerad has made a dramatic transformation from being shy and uncomfortable around large groups of people to being much more independent and at ease within a large work group. He is now able to express his feelings more openly, and is more focused on his work throughout the day. Jerad is always willing and excited to learn new job tasks, and enjoys participating in employment skills curriculum training. By working closely with his MVLE instructors, he has increased his own self-management skills, which has helped to create rewarding and productive days for Jerad. His transition from school to the world of work has provided a strong foundation for life-long employment that provides part of the normal life we all experience in our communities. Jerry Barham: Moving Fo r wa rd through Community Ac c e s s Earning a paycheck plays an important role in allowing individuals with disabilities to learn community life skills. Paychecks enable all of us to build financial independence and take a more active role in the daily-life choices we make. Not long ago, Jerald Barham, who goes by Jerry, did not know how to use a vending machine nor did he have the money that would allow him to do so. Originally enrolled in MVLEs Personal Support and Social Group program, Jerry received services that focused on therapeutic activities in small group environments. These services provide training and assistance with daily life skills (i.e., hygiene, personal care, communication, motor skills, and cognitive and educational training). However, the staff recognized that Jerry had the desire and the potential to learn more. A transition was planned for Jerry to move from the PSSG to the Community Access program. After only one day in the Community Access program, Jerry knew this was where he wanted to be. He enjoys his job delivering community newsletters, as well as flyers and advertisements five days a week. He enjoys working outdoors and the opportunity to socialize with his peers and staff. Jerrys independence and skills have grown during the three years he has worked in the Community Access Program. Jerry is an example that persons with disabilities can achieve greater independence and build brighter futures based on meaningful employment.

Benny Willard Despite severe physical disabilities, Benny enjoys participating in the Community Access Program where he participates in flyer deliveries and mail room work. Also, he is active in community outings, sensory stimulation, and therapeutic activities. As a participant of the MVLE programs since May 2002, Benny has achieved tremendous accomplishments. In the past year Benny has begun to use the Easy Stander, which has helped him to maintain an upright position, building his stamina slowly. He is now able to maintain better control of his torso and head movements when he is in his wheelchair. His therapeutic activities have also allowed him to gain significant upper body strength. Benny exhibits a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment now that he is able to stand straight and make eye contact with his peers. Whenever anyone walks by, they will most assuredly see Benny smile and say, Look at Me. Damien Eaton In June 2004, Damien joined the Chantilly Center-Based program. With the support and training of the Chantilly staff Damien is able to complete various mail room work tasks with minimal supervision. Damiens review of his schedule at the beginning of each day helps him better anticipate what he will be doing throughout the day. With assistance from staff, Damien is able to complete various mail room tasks with minimal supervision, and he is proficient at transitioning to different areas of the program throughout the day to complete a variety of work tasks. When not working, Damien loves checking out websites that interest him. With the help of MVLE instructors Damien uses the Chantilly computer lab regularly to surf the net and go boldly where all of us go everyday. MVLE Volunteer Horticultural Pro g ram Provides Mutual Joy and Satisfaction for Pa r t i c i p a n ts and Vo l u n t e e r Since the spring of 2005, MVLE participants are receiving increased community inclusion activities. Since the volunteer program started, 34 volunteers have provided over 240 hours of time worth $4,212.00 in labor. In less than one year, MVLEs new volunteer program has grown so dramatically that a volunteer coordinator was needed to maintain its growth. MVLE continuously works to reach out into the community and develop varied and interactive enrichment and therapeutic programs for MVLE participants. Ronald, who is one of several horticulture therapy participants at MVLEs Chantilly location, says he loves planting, repotting, watering and seeing the plants grow as a result of the care and attention he gives them. Ronald would like to spend more hours participating in horticulture therapy. Working with MVLE individuals through the horticultural therapy program is just plain fun according to Kathy Wellington, the volunteer horticulture therapist. Two years ago, Kathy Wellington actually started out being paid as the horticultural therapist through a grant staff obtained for MVLE. When the grant ran out, Kathy decided to stay on as a volunteer just because she enjoyed working with MVLE individuals. Kathy states that working with individuals with disabilities challenges her as a horticultural therapist. She says she must come up with unique methods of planting, watering and caring for the plants which should be that individuals with disabilities can perform successfully. Kathy delights in this challenge and MVLE is even more delighted to have her as part of its team!


MVLE has five strategic goal categories: Board Growth, Corporate Capability and Structure, Financial, Staff Development, and Services. In FY 2005, MVLE successes and accomplishments in these five strategic areas included B o a rd Growth MVLEs Board of Directors assisted management in the development of business plans, policy objectives, and overall business strategy. Through regular meetings, the Board has ensured effective organizational planning and has ensured that MVLEs resources are managed effectively. Efforts have focused on Board development through training and a strategic retreat in which the Board established new committees to assist with the governance of the organization. C o r p o rate Capability and Structure Business growth, continuous quality improvement and strategic change is the focus of MVLEs effort to increase organizational capacity for future growth and development. MVLEs implementation and development of sound quality improvement objectives is providing a strong foundation for corporate capability using a holistic technological system. Finance MVLE has increased revenues and improved fund raising and grant initiatives. We continue to establish collaborative partnerships with other non-profits, community sponsors, and local businesses. Learning and Grow t h MVLE continues to hire and retain qualified dedicated staff that are critical to ensuring quality services. We continuously seek tools and methods that encourage our staff to increase their leadership and accountability to the organization and the individuals we serve. Services MVLE provided expanded, comprehensive, individualized services that actively support, develop and maintain the diverse needs of each person we serve, enabling them to experience increased participation and integration in the activities of community life.
MVLE obtained a new JWOD Federal contract at its Chantilly location that provided new

employment opportunities for over 25 individuals.

The Individual Supported Employment (ISE) and Community Employment Services (CES)

departments have worked together to launch a cluster program that allows individuals to work earning competitive wages while receiving full time job coach support.
ISE and CES have also expanded employment services to the Chantilly location where more

than 20 individuals from both programs are served.

Work opportunities have increased for all Center-Based programs, including a new community

contract with a local church and a weekly flyer delivery opportunity for those in the day program.
A new sensory stimulation area (in Springfield), a library (in Springfield), and a computer lab

(in Chantilly) have all been created to provide increased training and learning opportunities for individuals.
The Springfield and Chantilly centers offer new and improved therapeutic services, especially in

the areas of Physical Therapy and Speech/Language Therapy. The Chantilly location now also offers a Horticulture Therapy program.




Male Fe m a l e


Mental Retard a t i o n Mental Illness Other Disa b i l i t i e s


SOURCE OF FUNDS DRS CSBS Va. Medicaid Contributions Production Services Other $134,618 $3,594,749 $1,760,641 $61,372 $2,633,427 $105,380 1.6% 43.4% 21.2% .7% 31.8% 1.3%

USE OF FUNDS Center Services Community Employment Services Production Services Management and General $1,497,639 $2,286,727 $1,059,293 19.3% 29.4% 13.6% $2,933,714 37.7%

REVENUE Program Services Production Services Contributions Other $5,490,008 $2,633,427 $61,372 $105,580 66.2% 31.8% .7% 1.63%

EXPENSES Personnel Occupancy Equipment/Supplies Other $5,807,881 $964,379 $817,155 $187,958 74.7% 12.4% 10.5% 2.4%


M is si o n

To provide opportunities for people living with disabilities to develop to their fullest potential by participating in community life through valued work and support services.


-Friedrich Nietzche

V isi o n
MVLE will infuse creativity and energy into encouraging personal and professional growth for people living with disabilities. Utilizing best business practices, MVLE will strengthen the organization through increased visibility and growth.

Va l u e s
People living with disabilities are our first priority. We will treat everyone with dignity and respect; honor their right to choose and to pursue opportunities that allow them to be successful. Furthermore, we will
Be loyal to those we serve; Provide valued work and service opportunities; Focus on continuous quality improvement; Value diversity in our workplace; and Show integrity in all our business dealings.



OFFICERS B. Frank Doe Chairman Financial Planner Peggie Furlough Vice-Chairman Parent/Business Operator Ken Hansen Secretary Chief, Investment Goods Industrial Branch, U.S. Census Bureau Joe Apa Treasurer Broker/Financial Planner April Pinch-Keeler President D I R E C TO R S Ray Miner Associate Director, OSEP U.S. Department of Education Karen Roberson Realtor/Parent Gay Shane Security Consultant Richard Dezio Attorney Carol Ciofalo Ob/Gyn Physician Gary Bojes Principal Management Consultant, SAIC Paul Seigle Government Contractor, SAIC C O R P O R ATE OFFICERS April Pinch-Keeler President 7405 Boston Boulevard 3855 Centerview Drive, Suite 100 Springfield, Virginia 22153 Chantilly, Virginia 20151 (703) 569-3900 (703) 796-9602 (703) 569-3932 Fax (703) 796-9615 Fax (703) 569-0170 TTY

MVLE is an equal opportunity employer.
7405 Boston Boulevard Springfield, Virginia 22153 (703) 569-3900 (703) 569-3932 Fax (703) 569-0170 TTY 3855 Centerview Drive Suite 100 Chantilly, Virginia 20151 (703) 796-9602 (703) 796-9615 Fax