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Materials: Small amounts of 8 ply yarn in black, red, white and wheat 3mm needles Stuffing Cardboard (optional) Gauge: Not important Pattern starts here: Popcorn cup Cast on 15 sts in red using long-tail cast on. Row 1: purl Row 2: join on white and k13, turn Row 3: purl to end Row 4: (red) knit to end (15 sts) Row 5: purl Rows 6 13: repeat rows 2 to 5 twice Row 14: (red) p13, k2 Row 15: purl Rows 16 27: repeat rows 2 to 5 three times Row 28: (red) p13, k2 Row 29: purl Rows 30 41: repeat rows 2 to 5 three times Row 42: (red) p13, k2 Row 43: purl Rows 44 55: repeat rows 2 to 5 three times Cast off 13 sts purl-wise, cast off last 2 sts knit-wise Leave last st on needle

Base Beginning with stitch remaining on needle, cast on 9 sts firmly using cable cast-on (10 sts) St st 13 rows Cast off all stitches leaving a long tail for sewing up. Oversew base to all four sides of cup, then use a running stitch or backstitch to join cast on and cast off edges of cup, forming a neat corner to match the other three. Note: the base section will be larger than the space it needs to cover. This is so you can push it up inside the popcorn cup a little once its sewn on so that it stands up properly. If you prefer, you can reduce the number of stitches and make a piece that will sit flat just dont overstuff it. Push base up into cup so that cup sits flat and stuff cup, leaving stuffing slightly bulging over the top.

Optional: cut four pieces of thin cardboard to fit inside walls of cup if you want a more box-like appearance. Leave it out if you prefer a softer, bulgy look. Popcorn Covering layer Cast on 16 stitches in a popcorn colour Garter stitch 26 rows Cast off leaving a long tail for attaching to popcorn cup later.

Kernels Cast on 8 stitches leaving a tail about 4-6 inches long Beginning with a purl row St st 6 rows Cast off purl-wise leaving a tail about 4-6 inches long Thread tail of cast on end onto an embroidery needle and make a row of running stitches around the outside of the square. Make the stitches a bit random for more unique kernels. Pull up thread to gather, making sure to keep right side of knitted stitches to the outside. The piece should gather itself into a small ball with a bit of a frill at the bottom and look vaguely like popcorn. Make as many as you need to cover the top layer - I used 17 to cover mine. Using an embroidery needle, pass both tails of an individual kernel through the covering layer close to each other but not through the same stitch. Tie ends firmly in a knot and trim tails to about 1 inch. Start in the centre and work outwards, tying kernels in the same manner until you have covered the layer entirely. Place covering layer over top of cup, tuck in all loose ends with a needle and attach covering layer to top of cup using running stitch. Secure and weave in ends.

Thread an embroidery needle with black yarn and tie a knot in the end. If you havent used cardboard, push needle through from back to front and pull gently until knot is buried in stuffing; if you used cardboard, take needle down from the top to catch stuffing and pass it between cardboard and knitted front. Position eyes approximately 4 rows down from covering layer and work 2 back stitches across one single stitch. Leave one row clear below eyes and work a small v across two stitches to form mouth.