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3 cun

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The Governing vessel



Fontanelle Meeting


At the top of the head on the midline, 2 cun

Baihui DU-20


As is often the case, a point such as Xinhui DU-22 which

Xinhui DU-22

Shangxing DU-23


i. Divide the distance between Baihui DU-20 and the


Somnolence: Xinhui DU-22 and Baihui DU-20 (Sup-


is considered of minimal importance in modern clinical practice, was clearly ascribed greater significance in clas-

sical texts, witnessed by the many traditional indications


posterior to the anterior hairline.

and combinations. It shares with many points of the head region the ability to pacify interior wind and treat various disorders of the head. Its application in nose disorders, however, is overshadowed by Shangxing DU-23, and in head wind, headache and dizziness, by Baihui DU-20.


plementing Life). Childhood fright epilepsy: Xinhui DU-22, Qianding DU-21, Benshen GB-13 and Tianzhu BL-10 (Supple- menting Life). Head wind: Xinhui DU-22 and Yuzhen BL-9 (One Hundred Symptoms). Head wind and dizziness: Xinhui DU-22, Shenting DU-24 and Shangxing DU-23 (Supplementing Life). Obstruction of the nose with inability to distinguish the fragrant from the foul: Xinhui DU-22, Shangxing DU-23, Baihui DU-20 and Chengguang BL-6 (Supple- menting Life).


anterior hairline in half and locate Xinhui DU-22 at 0.5 cun anterior to this midpoint; ii. Locate 1 cun posterior to Shangxing DU-23; iii. If the anterior hairline is indistinct, locate it 3 cun superior to the glabella and 5 cun anterior to Baihui DU-20.




Transverse insertion 0.5 to 1 cun. Caution: this point should not be needled in infants whose fontanelle has not yet closed.




Benefits the nose Eliminates wind and benefits the head




Nosebleed, nasal congestion, inability to distinguish


the fragrant from the foul, excessive nasal discharge in children, pain of the nose, nasal polyps. Head wind, chronic headache, deficiency and cold of


the brain, bursting headache due to excessive con- sumption of alcohol, dizziness, visual dizziness, chronic and acute childhood fright wind. Blue-green (qing) complexion, red and swollen face,


swelling of the skin of the head, dandruff. Somnolence, fright palpitations.