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 Lady Chatterley's Lover by D H Lawrence
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 Australian Discovery. The first authenticated landing
 Biography and Autobiography. Biographical and
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Ebooks are digitised versions of paper books. That is to say, they are computer files. The ebooks available from Project Gute nberg Australia, all of which are free of charge, are usually provided in 'txt' or 'html' format and can be read on any personal co mputer or laptop, using a text editor such as Notepad, which comes bundled with every copy of Microsoft Windows. However, when this basic method is used to read ebooks one is not able to bookmark pages for future reference or jump to a particular chapter from the Table of Contents.

These shortcomings, have been overcome by the development of software specifically designed to read ebooks on personal computers and laptops. Outstanding examples are Tom's eTextReader from Fellnersoft and yBook and yRead from Spacejock Software. This


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Of course, books are not usually read while one is sitting in front of a computer. We want to be able to carry them with us a nd read them while sitting on a train, or while resting in an easy chair or at the beach. This need for mobility precipitated the development of proprietary ebook reading devices (ereaders). Such devices have been around for quite a few years now, with varying degrees of success. Recently we have seen the release of several new offerings, including the Sony Reader and the Amazon Kindle. The iRex iLiad, iRex DR1000S, HanLin and Cybook are ebook readers which are also available in Australia, at the time of writing this article.

The software available for use with these devices often allows for ebook files to be converted into a format which makes the ebooks easier to read on a particular device's screen. The 'epub' format, a free and open standard set by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), may, in time , become a universal standard for ebook publishing so that ebooks published in epub format can be read on any ereader. An Australian site which sells inexpensive ebooks in epub format is epub ebook editions.

Many people use a personal digital assistant (PDA) or mobile phone, such as the iPhone, to read ebooks. One usually needs to convert the basic text file, which comprises the ebook, into a file format more suitable for display on the device's screen. Plucker software was specifically developed for just this purpose and may be downloaded from the Plucker site, free of charge.

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Updated 01 Nov 2011


D R. W IDGER'S L IBRARY A collection of copyright-expired and generally out-of-print books from


A collection of copyright-expired and generally out-of-print books from my library and other collections, which I have posted to Project Gutenberg for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. They may be copied or published with or without credit to either myself or Project Gutenberg under the terms and minimal restrictions outlined in the headers of each individual file. Corrections, suggestions and comments on these works will be gratefully received by David Widger.

For those wishing to read ebooks in this library on their MOBILE VIEWERS, four different formats of these ebooks are available:

Kindle and Epub, both with or without images. In the table below, click on the appropriate box to go to the library for your mobile


device. Some of the links in this library to download options for large sets and zipped files, are not amenable to mobile viewer formats and will have to be used on your laptop or desktop computer.


Detailed instructions for downloading mobile files maybe found at MOBILE VIEWER DIRECTIONS




List of Authors:


Most of the eBooks in this collection have been recently corrected and updated (see the "Release Date" or "Last Updated" date in the

file headers).


Abbott ------- Seven Wives and Prisons Adams -------- Orations A.Adams ------ The Outlet H.Adams ------ Democracy An American Novel E.Adams ------ The Inhumanity of Socialism S.H.Adams ---- Average Jones F.C.Adams ---- Manuel Pereira Adeler ------- Frictional Electricity Adler -------- Creed And Deed Aesop -------- Aesop's Fables Aiken -------- The House of Dust Ainsworth ---- Windsor Castle Alberger ----- Monks and Popes Alcott ------- Eight Cousins Aldrich ------ Stories Alger -------- Novels Allen -------- A Woman With Tenacity


E.A.Allen ---- The Prehistoric World Ethan Allen -- Reason, The Only Oracle Altsheler ---- Scouts of the Valley Ambient ------ Oh! Suzannah Anderson ----- Fairy Tales Andreyev ----- Crushed Flower and Others Ames --------- Mayflower and Her Log Angellotti --- The Firefly Of France Anonymous ---- Works of Unknown Authors Appleton ----- Tom Swift-Diamond Makers Apuleius ----- The Golden Asse Arbuthnot ---- History of John Bull Aristophanes - Lysistrata Aristotle ---- Poetics Arthur ------- Cast Adrift Atkinson ----- Greyfriars Bobby Auerbach ----- Gellert's Last Christmas Aurelius ----- Meditations J.Austen ----- Eight Novels M.Austin ----- Land of Little Rain

Babbage ------ Decline of Science in England Bacheller ---- Eben Holden F.Bacon ------ Essays J.M.Bacon ---- Dominion of the Air J.M.Badger --- The Lost City Baker -------- The Friendly Road S.W.Baker ---- In the Heart of Africa Baldwin ------ The Story of Siegfried Balzac ------- 102 Stories Ball --------- The Voice on the Wire Bancroft ----- Some Cities Bangs -------- The Enchanted Typewriter Bannerman ---- Little Black Sambo + Mingo


Barca -------- Life Is A Dream Barber ------- The Aeroplane Speaks Barker ------- Kansas Women in Literature Lady Barker -- Station Amusements Barnum ------- Art of Money Getting Baroja ------- Cæsar or Nothing Barr --------- Remember the Alamo R.Barr ------- Jennie Baxter, Journalist Barrie ------- Peter Pan Baring ------- Orpheus in Mayfair and Others Barrus ------- Our Friend John Burroughs Bazin -------- The Ink Stain Beach -------- Air Service Boys Beasley ------ Bret Harte Country Beauchamp ---- German Garden Beck --------- Ninth Vibration And Others Becke -------- Novels Becker ------- Eve of the Revolution Bedier ------- Tristan and Iseult Beerbohm ----- Seven Men Beethoven ---- Man and Artist Bellamy ------ Stories Belloc ------- The Path to Rome Benet -------- Young Adventure Bennett ------ The Grand Babylon Hotel Benson ------- Michael Bentley ------ Trent's Last Case Bentzon ------(Mme. Blanc) Jacqueline Bernard ------ Gerfaut Bernard ------ Gerfaut Beresford ---- Psychical Tale Besant ------- My Path to Atheism Bierce ------- Essays Biggers ------ The Agony Column


Biggs -------- Drake's Great Armada Bindloss ----- The Girl From Keller's Birmingham --- Novels Björnson ----- Novels Blackmantle -- The English Spy Blackmore ---- Novels Blades ------- Enemies of Books Blatchford --- God and my Neighbour Blavatsky ---- Caves and Jungles of Hindostan Bojer -------- The Great Hunger Bone --------- The Lani People Boswell ------ Life of Johnson Boulanger ---- Life of St. Paul Bourrienne---- Memoirs of Napoleon Bower--------- Good Indian Boyesen------- A Good-For-Nothing Bradlaugh----- Free-thinkers Bradley------- Story of the Pony Express Bramah-------- The Mirror of Kong Ho Brand--------- The Seventh Man Bresse-------- L'Histoire Des Vaudois Brine--------- Grandma's Memories Brockwell----- Leonardo da Vinci Bronte-------- Poems Brooke-------- Collected Poems


Brooks----- First Across the Continent


Brooks----- True Story of Columbus

Brown--------- Clotelle C.B.Brown----- Carwin the Biloquist Browne-------- Robbery Under Arms Browning------ A Blot In The 'Scutcheon Bruce--------- Back To Billabong Buchan-------- The Path of the King Buck---------- The Agrarian Crusade


Bullen-------- Cruise of the Cachalot Bulwer-------- The Fallen Star Bulwer-Lytton- Novels, etc. Burgess------- Adventures of Reddy Fox Burnett------- Racketty-Packetty Burnham------- Jewel Burns--------- Poems and Songs Burr---------- Bacon And Shakspere Burroughs----- Novels J. Burroughs-- Birds and Bees Burt---------- Snow-Blind Burton-------- Vikram and the Vampire Bury---------- The Idea of Progress Butler-------- Water Goats and Other Troubles S.Butler------ God the Known and Unknown

Cæsar -------- Commentaries, Books I-IV Caine -------- The Scapegoat Caldwell ----- Legends of San Francisco Calhoun ------ Legends of San Francisco Campan ------- Marie Antoinette Campanella --- City of the Sun Campbell ----- Battle of The Press Cannon ------- Prophet in Utah Cardozo ------ Altruist in Politics Will Carleton Farm Ballads Carleton ----- Irish Stories Carlile ------ Address to Men of Science Carlyle ------ French Revolution and Others Carpenter ---- Pagan and Christian Creeds Carr --------- Nan Sherwood at Pine Camp Carroll ------ Stories Carter ------- California Mission Stories Casson ------- History of the Telephone


Casanova ----- Memoirs Cassels ------ Supernatural Religion Cather ------- Stories Catherwood --- Mackinac Tales Cervantes ---- Don Quixote (Illust.) Chamberlin --- New Religion Chambers ----- Between Friends Chapin ------- The Crown of Thorns Chaplin ------ Stories Chatrain ----- The Dean's Watch Chaucer ------ Troilus and Criseyde Chekhov ------ Schoolmistress and Others Cherbuliez --- Samuel Brohl & Company Chesterfield-- Letters to His Son Chesterton --- Writings Chopin ------- The Awakening and Others Christie ----- Mysterious Affair at Styles Church ------- Stories from Livy Churchill ---- Novels W.S.Churchill The River War Cicero ------- Friendship and Old Age Claretie ----- Prince Zilah Clarke ------- His Natural Life Clausewitz --- On War Claxton ------ Mastery of the Air Cleland ------ Fanny Hill Clough ------- Amours de Voyage Clouston ----- Count Bunker Cobb --------- Cobb's Anatomy Cohen -------- Grammar of Freethought Connor ------- Novels Colbron ------ Stories Colby -------- A Chronicle of Champlain Coleridge ---- Rime of the Ancient Mariner


Collins ------ Novels Colum -------- The King of Ireland's Son Conkling ----- Poems By a Little Girl Conrad ------- Novels Constant ----- Life of Napoleon Conway ------- Life Of Thomas Paine Conwell ------ Acres of Diamonds Cooper ------- The Last of the Mohicans R.Cooper ----- Biblical Extracts Coppée ------- A Romance of Youth Coppée ------- The Lost Child Corneille ---- Polyeucte Corson ------- Intro to R. Browning Corwin ------- John Marshall Cory --------- Ionica Cotes -------- The Path of a Star Craddock ----- Novels and Stories Craik -------- Novels Crawford ----- The Witch of Prague Croft -------- Pit Prop Syndicate Curwood ------ Thomas Jefferson Brown Cushing ------ Baron d'Holbach

Dana --------- Within the Law Dannau ------- Power Of The Popes Dante -------- Divine Comedy-(Illust.) Darwin ------- Voyage of the "Beagle" Daskam ------- Stories Daudet ------- Fromont and Risler Daudet ------- Other Novels Davis -------- Stories J. Davis ----- The Iron Puddler Day ---------- Novels Defoe -------- Journal of the Plague Year


Deforest ----- The Brigade Commander Dellenbaugh -- Colorado River Deland ------- The Way to Peace DeTroyes ----- Four Arthurian Romances Dewey -------- Democracy and Education Dickens ------ Novels Disraeli ----- Endymion Ditchfield --- English Villages Dixon -------- The Foolish Virgin Dobie -------- Literature of the Southwest Dodge -------- Campaign of Chancellorsville M.P.Dodge ---- Hans Brinker Donkersley --- Athaliah Donnell ------ A Treeless Street Dore --------- Illustrated Books Dostoevsky --- Crime and Punishment Douglass ----- Life of Frederick Douglass Doumic ------- George Sand Doyle -------- Stories Draper ------- Religion and Science Dreiser ------ The Financier Droz --------- M.M. and Bebe Duhamel ------ New Book Of Martyrs Dumas -------- Works Dumas, fils -- Camille Duncan ------- Pool in the Desert Dunsany ------ If Dyer --------- Edison, Life and Inventions Dyke --------- Little Rivers and Others

Earls -------- Ballads of Peace in War Eastman ------ American Indians Ebers -------- Historical Novels Edgeworth ---- Castle Rackrent


Edwards ------ Old English Ballads Egan --------- Real Life in London Eldredge ----- The March of Portolá Emerson ------ Essays W.G. Emerson - The Smoky God English Lady - Residence in France Eliot -------- Adam Bede T.S. Eliot --- Prufrock and Others Ellis -------- Thomas Jefferson English AuthorsStories of Many English Authors Epictetus ---- Golden Sayings of Epictetus Erasmus ------ A Mery Dialogue Eschstruth --- The Gray Nun

Fabre -------- The Mason-bees Fâ-Hsien ----- Buddhistic Kingdoms Fanu --------- The Purcell Papers Farquar ------ The Beaux-Stratagem Farrand ------ Fathers of the Constitution Farrar ------- Songs for Parents Ferber ------- Fanny Herself Ferguson ----- Garrison's Finish Ferris ------- Music History Feuillet ----- Monsieur de Camors Field -------- Buttercup Gold and Others E.Field ------ Love-Songs of Childhood M.A.Field ---- Chimes of Mission Bells Fielding ----- A Voyage to Lisbon S.Fielding --- The Governess Filson ------- Colonel Daniel Boone Fish --------- The Path of Empire Fisher ------- The Quaker Colonies J.Fisher ----- Landholding In England Fiske -------- Myths and Myth-Makers


Fitzgerald --- This Side of Paradise Fitzhugh ----- Pee-Wee Harris Flaubert ----- Novels Fleming ------ Novels W.Fleming ---- The Sequel of Appomattox Fletcher ----- The Paradise Mystery Fogazzaro ---- The Saint Fontaine ----- Tales and Novels(Poetry) Foote -------- Prisoner for Blasphemy Forster ------ Howards End H. Foster ---- Webster's 7th Mar Speech Ford --------- The Good Soldier H.J. Ford ---- The Cleveland Era Fouque ------- The Two Captains Fox ---------- Knight of the Cumberland France ------- The Red Lily France ------- Other Novels Fraser ------- Thoroughbreds Frederic ----- Novels Freeman ------ The Yates Pride Freud -------- A Young Girl's Diary Fries -------- Moravians in Georgia Frost -------- A Boy's Will

Gaboriau ----- Novels Galdos ------- Dona Perfecta Galsworthy --- Novels and Essays Gamble ------- God-Idea of the Ancients Ganguli ------ The Mahabharata Gardener ----- Men, Women, and Gods Garibaldi ---- Rule of the Monk Gatlin ------- Missy Gaunt -------- The Moving Finger Gautier ------ Captain Fracasse


Gibbon ------- Decline and Fall of Rome Gibbs -------- Now It Can Be Told Gilbert ------ Gilbert and Sullivan Plays Giles -------- Books on China Gilman ------- Herland Gillmore ----- Angel Island Gissing ------ New Grub Street Gladstone ---- On Books and their Housing Godolphin ---- In Words of One Syllable Godwin ------- Thoughts on Man Goethe ------- Egmont Gogol -------- Dead Souls Goldsmith ---- Court of St.Cloud O.Goldsmith -- She Stoops to Conquer Gordon ------- Poems Gore --------- Theresa Marchmont Gorky -------- Foma Gordyeff Gosse -------- Henrik Ibsen Gower -------- Confessio Amantis Grahame ------ Writings Grant -------- Memoirs Graves ------- Country Sentiment K.Graves ----- Sixteen Crucified Saviors Gray --------- A Bad Boy Green -------- Stories Grey --------- The Lone Star Ranger Grimm -------- Grimms' Fairy Tales Groner ------- Detective Stories Grove -------- Over Prairie Trails Guest -------- Just Folks Guizot ------- History of France

Hadden ------- Haydn Haggard ------ Novels


Haldeman ----- Dust L.P.Hale ----- The Peterkin Papers Halevy ------- Abbe Constantin Haliburton --- The Attache Hall --------- Buried Cities Hamilton ----- Memoirs Count Grammont Hancock ------ Young Engineers in Arizona Harben ------- Land of the Changing Sun Hardy -------- Return of the Native Hargrave ----- At Suvla Bay Harland ------ Cardinal's Snuff-Box Harrington --- Commonwealth of Oceana Harris ------- Stories J.C. Harris -- Stories of Georgia Harte -------- Selected Stories Hauff -------- The Severed Hand Hausett ------ Memoirs Louis XIV.& XV. Hawk --------- Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak Hawthorne ---- Remaining Works J.Hawthorne -- The Golden Fleece A.A Hayes ---- The Denver Express E. Hayes ----- Gilbert's Voyage to Newfoundland Hazlitt ------ Table-Talk Hemphill ----- Down the Mother Lode Hendrick ----- The Age of Big Business O.Henry ------ Trimmed Lamp and Others Henty -------- Saint George for England Herndon ------ Biography of A. Lincoln Herodotus ---- An Account of Egypt Herr --------- Their Mariposa Legend Herrick ------ Lyrical Poems Hichens ------ Prophet of Berkeley Square Fâ-Hsien ----- Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms Higginson ---- Malbone


Hobbes ------- Leviathan Hoffman ------ Man In The Reservoir Hogan -------- Auricular Confession Holbach ------ Good Sense Holland ------ Liberty In The 19th Century Holley ------- Samantha Holmes, Sr. -- Essays and Novels Holmes, Jr. -- Path of the Law T. Holmes ---- London's Underworld G.Holyoake --- Works Home --------- Illustrated works Homer -------- Works of Homer and Hesiod Hope --------- Prisoner of Zenda and Sequel L.Hope ------- India's Love Lyrics Hornung ------ Dead Men Tell No Tales Hough -------- Passing of the Frontier Housman ------ The Blue Moon A.Housman ---- A Shropshire Lad Howard ------- The Female Gamester Howells ------ Novels and Essays Howland ------ Theodore Roosevelt Hudson ------- Green Mansions Hughes ------- Tom Brown's Schooldays Hugo --------- Les Miserables Hulbert ------ Paths of Inland Commerce Hume --------- History of England F.Hume ------- The Green Mummy Huntington --- The Red Man's Continent Hutton ------- The Moravian Church T.Huxley ----- Essays A.Huxley ----- Crome Yellow Huysmans ----- Sac-Au-Dos Hyne --------- The Lost Continent


Ibanez ------- The Four Horsemen Ibsen -------- A Doll's House Inchfawn ----- Verse-Book Of A Homely Woman Ingersoll ---- Complete Works Ingersoll ---- Short Works Inman -------- The Old Santa Fe Trail T.Inman ------ Ancient Faiths Irving ------- Stories H.B.Irving --- Remarkable Criminals Irwin -------- The Californiacs W. Irwin ----- The City That Was

Jacobs ------- Novels Jacobsen ----- Mogens and Other Stories Jackson ------ Ramona James -------- Novels W.D. James --- Gen. Francis Marion Janvier ------ Novels Jayne -------- In the Pecos Country Jefferson ---- Memoir and Writings Jenkins ------ Ginx's Baby Jerome ------- Stories S.Johnson ---- Lives of the Poets Jewett ------- Pointed Firs A.Johnson ---- Jefferson and Colleagues Johnson ------ Getting Gold Johnston ----- 1492 Johnston ----- The Little Colonel Jonson ------- Every Man In His Humor Josephus ----- Against Apion Joyce -------- Ulysses Judson ------- Legends of California Judy --------- Questionable Amusements Justinian ---- The Institutes of Justinian


Kamban ------- Hadda Padda Keable ------- Père Etienne Keats -------- Lamia Keith -------- Black-Bearded Barbarian Keller ------- Story of My Life Kendall ------ Poems Kester ------- The Prodigal Judge Khayyam ------ Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Kielland ----- Tales of Two Countries Kilmer ------- Main Street and Others Kilner ------- Life of a Mouse King --------- Legends Of Babylon And Egypt Kingsley ----- Westward Ho! Kipling ------ Jungle Book and Others Kirby -------- The Golden Dog Knowlton ----- Fruits of Philosophy Kompert ------ The Ghetto Violet Kuprin ------- Yama (The Pit) Kyd ---------- The Spanish Tragedie Kyne --------- Cappy Ricks

Lau-Tse ------ Tao Teh King Lang --------- Novels Langon ------- Comtesse du Barry Lawrence ----- Novels Lawson ------- World was Wide Verses Lazarus ------ Poems of Emma Lazarus Leacock ------ My Discovery of England Lear --------- Book of Nonsense LeBlanc ------ The Crystal Stopper Lee ---------- Uncle William R.E.Lee ------ Recollections Lefevre ------ The Tipster


Lermontov ---- A Hero of Our Time Leroux ------- Secret of the Night Lessing ------ Minna von Barnhelm Lever -------- Lorrequer and Others A.H.Lewis ---- How The Raven Died Jos. Lewis --- Tyanny of God C.S.Lewis ---- Spirits in Bondage S.Lewis ------ Babbitt and Main Street Liljencrantz - Ward of King Canute Lincoln, A. -- Letters and Speeches Lincoln, J. -- Stories Lincoln, N. -- The Red Seal Lindsay ------ Voyage to Arcturus Ling --------- Two Years in the Forbidden City Linn --------- The Story of the Mormons Lisle -------- Supernatural Claims Christianity Little ------- Little Sister Snow Liszt -------- Life of Chopin Livingstone -- Journeys in South Africa Locke -------- Simon the Jester Lofting ------ Voyages of Doctor Dolittle Logan -------- The Great Conspiracy London ------- Novels Long --------- Secret of the Woods Loon --------- The Story of Mankind Lorenzini ---- Adventures of Pinocchio Loti --------- Mme. Crysantheme Loti --------- Other Novels A.Lowell ----- Many-Coloured Glass J.R.Lowell --- My Garden Acquaintance P.Lowell ----- Soul of the Far East Lucretius ---- Of The Nature of Things Ludlow ------- A Brace Of Boys Luther ------- Christian Liberty


Lyall -------- Derrick Vaughan Lynde -------- A Fool For Love Lytton ------- Novels, etc.

MacDonald ---- Stories Macaulay ----- Works of History Machiavelli -- The Prince Macy --------- The Anti-Slavery Crusade MacGrath ----- The Drums Of Jeopardy Maclaren ----- Doctor of Old School Mcabe -------- The Story of Evolution McCarter ----- A Master's Degree McClure ------ Lincoln's Yarns and Stories McCrae ------- In Flander's Field, et al. McElroy ------ Andersonville et al. McCutcheon --- West Wind Drift McGlashan ---- History of the Donner Party McNeill ------ Songs, Merry and Sad McSpadden ---- Robin Hood McLaughlin --- Sioux Myths and Legends Madison ------ Federalist Papers Malory ------- Le Morte D'Arthur Malot -------- Conscience Malthus ------ Nature and Progress of Rent Mansfield ---- The Garden Party Mare --------- The Return Marion ------- Wonderful Balloon Ascents Marlowe ------ Dr. Faustus and Others Marquis ------ Danny's Own Story Marshall ----- Life of Washington Marx --------- Louis Bonaparte Masefield ---- The Duke's Messenger Mason -------- Mae Madden Mason -------- Women of the French Salons


Maspero ------ History of Egypt Massa -------- Zibeline Maupassant --- Stories and Novels Mawson ------- The Home of the Blizzard Mayo --------- Baby Mine Melville ----- Typee Mencken ------ In Defense of Women Meredith ----- Novels O.Meredith --- Lucile Merimee ------ Novels Merriman ----- The Vultures Merritt ------ The Metal Monster

Meslier ------ Superstition In All Ages Millay ------- Second April Miller ------- Robin Hood Milne -------- Red House Mystery Milton ------- Areopagitica Mitchell ----- Autobiography of a Quack L.Mitchell --- Religion In The Heavens Mitford ------ Stories Moliere ------ Amphitryon Molloy ------- Royalty Restored Montaigne ---- Essays Montespan ---- Marquise de Montespan Montgomery --- Anne Novels Moody -------- The Railroad Builders Moore -------- Phyllis of Philistia

J. Moore ----- Members of Congress Bribed

Moorman ------ Yorkshire Dialect Poems Morier ------- Hajji Baba Morley ------- Where the Blue Begins Morris ------- San Francisco Calamity


Morris ---- Child Christopher


Morris ---- Aladdin O'Brien


Morrison ----- Adventures of a Boy Reporter Morrow ------- Inmate Of The Dungeon Morton ------- Exempting the Churches Moss --------- Nature and the Gods Motley ------- History Netherlands Muhlbach------ The Daughter of an Empress Muir---------- Steep Trails Mulford------- Bar-20 Days Mundy--------- Rung Ho! Munro -------- Novels S.Munro ------ Stark Munro Letters D.C.Murray --- Novels W.H.Murray --- Ride With A Mad Horse Musset ------- Child of The Century

Nash --------- Unfortunate Traveller Navarre ------ Memoirs Queen of Navarre Navarre ------ The "Heptameron" Nennius ------ History Of The Britons Neville ------ The Isle of Pines Nesbit ------- Incomplete Amorist Nicolay ------ Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln Nichols ------ Sir Francis Drake Revived Niecks ------- Frederick Chopin Niemann ------ Coming Conquest of England Niese -------- The Little Mamsell Nietzsche ---- Thus Spake Zarathustra Norris ------- Novels

O'brien ------ The Diamond Lens Offen -------- Free Discussion Ogden -------- Tattine Ogg ---------- The Old Northwest O'Grady ------ Early Bardic Literature


Ohnet -------- Serge Panin Okakura ------ The Book of Tea Oliphant ----- Jeanne d'Arc Olliphant ---- Bob, Son of Battle Olcott ------- Stories For Great Holidays Oppenheim ---- The Great Impersonation Ouida -------- Under Two Flags Orczy -------- The Scarlet Pimpernel Orleans ------ The Duchesse d'Orleans Orr ---------- Life of Robert Browning L.Orr -------- Famous Affinities Orth --------- The Boss and the Machine Osler -------- Evolution of Modern Medicine Ossendowski -- Beasts, Men and Gods Otis --------- Toby Tyler Otway -------- Tragedy of Venice Preserved Owen --------- Poems

Packard ------ Jimmie Dale Page --------- Stories Tom Paine ---- Complete Writings Paine -------- Mark Twain R.D.Paine ---- The Old Merchant Marine Paltock ------ Adventures Peter Wilkins Parker ------- Novels Parkman Jr. -- The Oregon Trail Parrish ------ Keith of the Border Paterson ----- Stories Payne -------- Alaeddin and the Enchanted Lamp Peacock ------ Gryll Grange Peattie ------ A Michigan Man Peck --------- Peck's Bad Boy, et al. Pennell ------ History of Rome to 476 AD Pepys -------- Diary


Perry -------- American Spirit in Literature Petronius ---- The Satyricon Philanthropos- The Jew Books Phillips ----- The Deluge Phillpotts --- The Grey Room Saint Pierre - Paul and Virginia Pinero ------- The Squire (Play) Plato -------- Works Plunkitt ----- Plunkitt of Tammany Hall Plutarch ----- Boys' and Girls' Plutarch Poe ---------- Major Works

G. Porter ---- Novels

E.H. Porter -- Miss Billy Post --------- Sleuth of St. James's Square Poushkin ----- Queen Of Spades Powell ------- Canyons of the Colorado Pretty ------- Sir Francis Drake's Voyage Pringle ------ Ingersoll in Canada Proudhon ----- What is Property? Proust ------- Swann's Way Punshon ------ The Bittermeads Mystery Pyle --------- Men of Iron

K. Pyle ------ The Counterpane Fairy

Quiller-Couch Roll-Call Of The Reef Queux -------- Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo

Rabelais ----- Gargantua/Pantagruel Racine ------- Phaedra Radcliffe ---- Mysteries of Udolpho Raine -------- Bucky O'Connor Raleigh ------ The Discovery of Guiana Rand --------- Anthem Ransome ------ The Crisis in Russia


Raspe -------- Adventures of Baron Munchausen Rawlinson ---- Seven Monarchies Reade -------- Novels Reber -------- The Christ Of Paul Redgrove ----- Bygone Beliefs Reed --------- Lavender and Old Lace Reeve -------- The Silent Bullet C.Reeve ------ The Old English Baron Remington ---- The Way of an Indian Remsburg ----- Lincoln: Was He Christian? Retz --------- Cardinal de Retz Rhodes ------- The Case of Summerfield Reynolds ----- The Twin Hells Rhodius ------ The Argonautica Richards ----- Green Satin Gown Richardson --- Pamela D.Richardson - Pointed Roofs Richmond ----- Red Pepper Burns Riley -------- Farm-Rhymes Rinehart ----- Where There's A Will Robinson ----- Children of the Night Rochefoucauld- Maxims Roe----------- Letters from an Officer's Wife V.Roe--------- Maid of the Whispering Hills Rohmer ------- The Yellow Claw Ronge -------- Holy Coat Of Treves Roosevelt ---- Autobiography and Others Ross --------- Autobiography and Others Rousseau ----- Confessions Rowlandson --- Captivity and Restoration Rowson ------- Charlotte Temple B. Russell --- The Analysis of Mind Russell ------ War for Humanity G.W.Russell -- National Being


Roy ---------- Philosophy: Henri Bergson

Sabatini ----- Mistress Wilding Saint-Simon -- The Duc de Saint-Simon De La Sale --- Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles Sand --------- Novels Sands -------- Poems Sanger ------- The Pivot of Civilization Sangster ----- Cross Roads Saunders ----- Beautiful Joe Savage ------- A Fascinating Traitor Saxo --------- The Danish History, Books I-IX Schiller ----- Entire Works Schnitzler --- The Dead Are Silent Schreiner ---- Story of an African Farm Scott -------- Novels L.Scott ------ Children of the Whirlwind Seneca ------- Seneca On Benefits Seymour ------ Sketches Service ------ Ballads Seton -------- Rolf In The Woods Sewell ------- Black Beauty Shakespeare -- Venus and Adonis G.B.Shaw ----- Novels and Writings A.Shaw ------- Story of a Pioneer Shelley ------ Daemon of the World Shepherd ----- The Hispanic Nations Sheridan ----- Memoirs Sherman ------ Memoirs Shute -------- Real Diary of a Real Boy Sidney ------- Five Little Peppers Sienkiewicz -- Quo Vadis Simms -------- Life of Francis Marion Simonds ------ Starr King in California


Sinclair ----- The Jungle Skelton ------ The Canadian Dominion Ch.Skinner --- Myths and Legends C.L.Skinner -- Pioneers of the Old Southwest Sleeper ------ Jack in the Forecastle Smedley ------ Frank Fairlegh Smiles ------- Jasmin: Barber, Poet Smith & Watson American Antiquities A. Smith ----- Wealth of Nations F.H. Smith --- Novels Smollett ----- Fathom and Greaves Sophocles ---- The Oedipus Trilogy Southey ------ Horatio Lord Nelson Souvestre ---- "Attic" Philosopher Sousa -------- Experiences of a Bandmaster Speke -------- The Source of the Nile Spyri -------- What Sami Sings Stead -------- Dennison Grant Steele ------- Golf Course Mystery R.Steele ----- Isaac Bickerstaff Steinmetz ---- The Gaming Table Stephens ----- Lecture on Heads J.Stephens --- Irish Fairy Tales Stephenson --- Lincoln R.Stevenson -- The Ebb-Tide Sterne ------- Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy C.Stewart ---- Uncle Josh's Punkin Centre D.Stewart ---- Parody Outline of History Stockton ----- My Terminal Moraine Stoddard ----- The Indian's Hand E.Stoddard --- Lemorne Versus Huell C.Stoddard --- A Bit of Old China Stowe -------- Uncle Tom's Cabin Strachey ----- Queen Victoria


Strindberg --- In Midsummer Days Sturlason ---- Heimskringla Sue ---------- The Wandering Jew Suetonius ---- The 12 Caesars Summerhayes -- Vanished Arizona Swift -------- Bickerstaff-Partridge Papers Synge -------- Riders to the Sea

Tacitus ------ Tacitus on Germany Tagore ------- Chitra Taine -------- History of France Talbot ------- Aeroplanes and Dirigibles of War Taylor ------- Stories T.Taylor ----- Our American Cousin Thom.Taylor -- Arguments of Celsus Tarkington --- Novels Tennyson ----- The Princess Thackeray ---- The Rose and the Ring Thanet ------- Stories of a Western Town Theuriet ----- Woodland Queen Thompson ----- The Age of Invention Thomson ------ City of Dreadful Night F. Thomson --- New Poems Thucydides --- New Poems Timrod ------- Poems of Henry Timrod Thoreau ------ Walden, and Civil Disobedience Traill ------- Canadian Crusoes Train -------- Courts and Criminals Todd --------- Hiram The Young Farmer Tolstoy ------ Father Sergius et al. Tolstoy(f) --- Reminiscences by his Son Toqueville --- Democracy In America, Vol. 1+2 Toulouse ----- Poésies Trollope ----- Hunting Sketches


Trowbridge --- Stole A Meeting-House Turgenev ----- The Rendezvous Twain -------- Entire Available Works Tyndall ------ Faraday As A Discoverer

Various ------ Works of Various Authors Veblen ------- Theory of the Leisure Class Verlaine ----- Poems Verne -------- Off on a Comet Vigny -------- Cinq Mars Vivian ------- History of Aeronautics Volney ------- The Ruins Voltaire ----- Philosophical Dictionary Voynich ------ The Gadfly Vyasa -------- The Mahabharata

Wake --------- Forbidden Gospels Wallace ------ Russia A.R. Wallace - The Malay Archipelago E. Wallace --- Clue of the Twisted Candle Walpole ------ Jeremy Ward --------- Robert Elsmere Warner ------- Essays and Novels Washburn ----- Is The Bible Worth Reading B.Washington - Up From Slavery Water -------- Cook's Decameron Waterlow ----- Shelley Watterson ---- Marse Henry Webb --------- Vigilance Committee Webster ------ Dear Enemy J.Webster ---- The Duchess of Malfi C.Wells ------ The Gold Bag H.G.Wells ---- Novels


Wemyss ------- The Professional Aunt Westbrook ------ The Eliminator Wetmore ------ Buffalo Bill Weyman ------- A Gentleman of France Wharton ------ Novels Wheeler ------ Dictionary Freethought Whibley ------ A Book of Scoundrels White -------- The Blazed Trail A.D.White ---- Fiat Money Inflation in France A.D.White ---- Warfare of Science with Theology Whitman ------ Leaves of Grass Whittier ----- Collected Works Widger ------- Quotations Wiggin ------- Village Watch-Tower Wister ------- Philosophy 4 Wilde -------- Ballad of Reading Gaol Wildenbruch -- Good Blood Williams ----- A History of Science Wilson ------- Merton of the Movies Wilson ------- The Code of Honor Wittgenstein - Logico-Philosophicus Wodehouse ---- Indiscretions of Archie Wollstonecraft Maria Wood --------- East Lynne E. Wood ------ Back Home Woodbury ----- The Potato Child and Others Wolf --------- Other Things Being Equal Woolf -------- The Voyage Out Wright ------- Brian Kent T.Wright ----- Life of Sir Richard Burton Wrong -------- Washington and his Comrades

Xenophon ----- Works of Xenophon


Yeats -------- The Countess Cathleen Yonge -------- Two Penniless Princesses Young -------- Christopher Columbus

Zitkala-Sa --- Old Indian Legends Zschokke ----- The Broken Cup Zola --------- Trilogy and Others

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David Widger (1932- )

Quotations, Portraits and Illustrations:

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NOVELS: The Forsyte Saga: 1. The Man of Property 2. Indian Summer of a Forsyte
The Forsyte Saga:
1. The Man of Property
2. Indian Summer of a Forsyte
3. Awakening & To Let
Villa Rubein
Saint's Progress
Five Tales
The Island Pharisees
The Country House
The Patrician
The Burning Spear
The Dark Flower
The Freelands
The Silver Box
The Eldest Son
The Fugitive
The Little Dream
The Pigeon
The Mob





List of Authors
List of Authors

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (1809-1894)

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List of Authors
List of Authors
the files in the set. Quotes & Images List of Authors Volume. 1 Volume 2. Volume


Guy de Maupassant (1839-1908)

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Volume 1. Volume 2. Volume 3. Volume 4. Volume 5. Volume 6. Volume 7. Volume
Volume 1.
Volume 2.
Volume 3.
Volume 4.
Volume 5.
Volume 6.
Volume 7.
Volume 8.
Volume 9.
Volume 10.
Volume 11.
Volume 12.
Volume 13.
Other Novels:
Pierre and Jean
Strong as Death
List of Authors
List of Authors

Civil War Generals

Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885)

William Tecumseh Sherman (1820-1891)

Portrait Battle of Vicksburg
Battle of Vicksburg

Phillip H. Sheridan (1831-1888)

Portrait as 2nd Lt. Portrait as Lt.-General
Portrait as 2nd Lt.
Portrait as Lt.-General


John Alexander Logan (1826-1886)

List of Authors
List of Authors

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

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Mark Twain's Autobiography:

Albert Bigelow Paine (1861-1937) Complete Biography of Mark Twain (3.15 mb) Archibald Henderson (1877-1963)

Mark Twain (Illustrated)

List of Authors
List of Authors

Charles Dudley Warner (1829-1900)

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John McElroy (1846-1929)