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George Weasley stood in the shadows of the entrance to an old, rundown, dingy pub, where the first broadcast

of Potterwatch was taking place. His wand was clutched tightly in his hand, as he stood guard, watching the streets carefully. Hello, listeners, and welcome to the first broadcast of Potterwatch. Were glad you were able to turn in on this fine evening. My name is River, said Lee Jordan, his wand tip against his throat. Tonight, Im joined by Royal and Rapier. The other two, Kingsley and Fred, respectively, said their greetings, and Lee turned to his list of missing witches and wizards. To start off, I will be listing the names of recently deceased witches and wizards, starting from the beginning of the Hogwarts school year. Fortunately, tonight, this list isnt long, said Lee, pausing to take a breath. Charity Burbage, Alastor Moody, Rufus Scrimgeour, Megan Jones, Eleanor Brainstone He continued this list for about another minute. Once it was over, he turned to Kingsley. I will now turn it over to Royal, who will tell us the current going-ons in the Ministry of Magic. Thank you, River. If you havent already heard, on September second, the Ministry of Magic was infiltrated by Harry Potter. It has been reported that Potter and two accomplices went into the Ministry, disguised as Ministry workers Mafalda Hopkirk, Reginald Cattermole, and Albert Runcorn. The workers have gone under extreme interrogation, with the exception of Reginald Cattermole, who fled the scene with his wife and many Muggle-borns scheduled to be interrogated that day. Lee smiled. Fascinating. Thank you, Royal. We now turn to Rapier, for news regarding Hogwarts.

Arthur, dinners ready! Arthur Weasley was sitting in the attic of the Burrow. Tiredly, he walked downstairs where his wife was setting down plates for dinner. Smells delicious, Molly, he said, walking into the kitchen. His wife nodded her thanks, and she began pouring bowls of French onion soup. There was a knock on the door, and Arthur took out his wand, eyeing the door carefully. Oi, its Fred and George! one of the twins yelled through the door crack. Arthur opened the door, his wand still firmly pointed at the twins. George, what car did you use to bring Harry Potter here in your third year? he asked the twin missing an ear. That would be a Ford Anglia, said George. Arthur nodded, letting him into the house. He turned to the other twin. What was the color of the jumper that your mother knitted you for Christmas in your second year? Fred smiled, moving towards the door. Blue.

Arthur sighed in relief, letting his other son into the house. How was your day, Dad? asked George, sitting down at the kitchen table, looking hungrily at the food that his mother had prepared. Arthur took a seat as well, and said, Tiring. Yours? George and Fred grinned at each other. Remember the broadcast we were experimenting with a few weeks ago? asked George. Molly and Arthur looked up curiously at the twins. Yes, said Arthur slowly. We started it up. Our first broadcast was about an hour ago. Its brilliant, said Fred. His twin nodded in agreement. Now people have access to the real news, not just the rubbish that the Daily Prophets been printing. As crazy and dangerous his sons ideas were, Arthur had to give it to themthey had more guts than he did. Well Im very proud of you, boys. Not many people would do this, he said, smiling at them. They were interrupted by a bang on the window, and the four of them jumped, pulling out their wands. Hold on, its only Errol! said Molly, getting up to let the ancient owl in. The others relaxed, amused that theyd made such a fuss over the bird. Its a letter from Ginny, said Molly. Opening it carefully, she read the contents inside. Dear Mum, Dad, and anyone who is still at the Burrow, School has been rubbish crap okay. Unfortunately that slimy git Headmaster Snape has cancelled Quidditch this year. I was looking forward to it. My schoolwork has been easy this year. We have two new nasty professors called the Carrows. I believe you know them. Alecto Carrow is teaching Muggle Studies which is a load of bull. Amycus Carrow is teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts (also bull). Most of the other teachers are back and well. Professor McGonagall is in good health. I can tell she hates the new teachers. Nearly everyone is here and (for the most part) safe. Neville and Luna send their regards. I hope all of you are safe at home. I miss all of you, even the twins. Theres nothing more I want than to see all of you. Send everyone my love, Gin Molly read the letter out to the other three, and Arthur felt slightly scared for his youngest child. Well at least we know shes okay, said Molly, pressing the letter to her heart. She looked back at it, smiling at the crossed out lines on the paper, amused that her daughter inherited her fiery temper.

She misses us, too? Shocker, remarked George. The other two male Weasleys laughed, as Molly walked up the stairs to go write her daughter a quick letter. Several minutes later, a voice yelled, Molly! She looked up from writing the letter and raced down the stairs. What is it, Arthur? she asked, expecting an intruder. Oh, Remus! Its good to see you, dear, she said, smiling at the weary figure in their doorway. He returned the smile, as Arthur offered him a cup of tea. I bring news. Good news, he said tiredly. Taking a seat at the kitchen table, he sipped his tea gratefully, and looked at the four Weasleys. Tonks is pregnant. His announcement was followed by cheers from the others, and he grinned ruefully, looking younger than he had in years. Thats not all, he said, and their applause died down. Leaning forward, he clasped his hands together. I have spoken to Harry, Hermione, and your son, he said quietly. Mollys heart leapt, happy that they were still alive. The twins faces broke out in smiles, relieved that their younger brother was fine. Arthur leaned back, curious. How are they? In good health, I assure you. Fred piped up. Did they mention anything about what the bloody hell theyre doing? Language, Fred, Molly snapped, hitting her son lightly on the shoulder. They didnt give me any details, but they told me they were looking for something. Didnt say what. Just told me it had to do with Vol-- Arthur cut Remus off. Dont say the name. Its Taboo now. Kingsley used it, and they were on him immediately, he said. Remuss eyes widened. Is he okay? Yeah. We were just doing Potterwatch with him about two hours ago. Hes fine, said George. Remus sat back, relieved. Good. Hate to think anything would happen to him. Hes a good man, that Shacklebolt. Helped me out a few times, he did, said Remus. For about twenty minutes, he sat with the four Weasleys, chatting away merrily, until he realized what time it was. Oh, Merlin, look at the time. Sorry to prolong my visit, Molly, Arthur. I must be getting back. Tonks is probably wondering where I am. Have a good night, he said, and left.

The next day, Remus Lupin woke in his mother-in-laws house, where his wife was peacefully sleeping beside him. He smiled, and scribbled a note to her, telling her that he was going to check on the Golden Trio before breakfast. He dressed himself and Disapparated to Grimmauld Place, where he was met with an unpleasant surprise. Immediately after he appeared, he was surrounded by Death Eaters. Look! Its the werewolf! yelled one of them. Merlin! he cursed, firing hexes at his attackers. Confringo! Stupefy! he yelled, and tried to Apparate away, but not before a Death Eater grabbed him. They appeared in an alley, and Remus attempted to kick the man in the groin. He hexed him, sending him flying into a brick wall. Punching the other man that had also followed him, he Apparated again, this time to a busy London street. Making sure that no one had followed him, he Apparated home, flat on his back. Remus! The sound of his wifes voice was music to his ears, compared to what he had heard minutes before. Youre bleeding, Remus! He looked at his body, and realized that he was, in fact, bleeding. His brown suit was stained with the crimson substance, and he winced. He was shocked he hadnt felt the wounds earlier. Mum, bring some Dittany! Andromeda Tonks appeared by his daughters side with a small bottle. She put a few drops on his bleeding shoulder and chest; making most of his scars go away. Remus, what happened? she asked worriedly. Death EatersambushGrimmauld Placetrio not there anymore, he groaned, struggling to speak. Andromeda looked worriedly at her son-in-law. Death Eaters at Grimmauld Place? Why would they be there? she asked. Tonks wrapped her husbands shoulder with gauze. They mustve realized that Harry had been there, and was making sure if he came back or not, she said, and helped Remus sit up. He mumbled his thanks. Well, Im glad youre safe, said Nymphadora, kissing him on the cheek. Come in, Mums made breakfast. At the kitchen table, Remus wolfed1 down the eggs that Andromeda had prepared for him, filling his stomach quickly. Suddenly, Tonks asked, Dyou think that the baby is going to be a Metaphorphmagus? Remuss fork stopped halfway to his mouth, freezing. He put his fork down, and said, I hope. The baby will fare better with more of your genes than mine. He smiled at his wife, who patted his hand. Imagine a baby boy or girl, constantly changing their hair color. Thatd make a happy baby.

Andromeda smiled at the couple, and said, The babys lucky to have you two as parents.

Later that week, towards nightfall, in a forest far from the Tonks household, Ted Tonks sat with Dean Thomas, Dirk Cresswell, Griphook, and Gornuk. The five of them sat around a fire, waiting for a salmon to finish cooking. At last, the fish was done, and Dirk said, Here, Griphook, Gornuk,, handing the two goblins a slice. They thanked him. So, you three have been on the run how long? asked Ted, taking a bite out of the salmon that Dirk passed him. Six weeks. Seven I forget, said Dirk tiredly. He took, eat his food hungrily. Met up with Griphook in the first couple of days and joined forces with Gornuk not long after. Nice to have a bit of company. What made you leave, Ted? Ted swallowed his food, and said, Knew they were coming for me. Heard Death Eaters were in the area last week and decided Id better run for it. Refused to register as a Muggle-born on principle, see, so I knew it was a matter of time, knew Id have to leave in the end. My wife should be okay, shes pureblood. He thought about his wife, his daughter, and his new son-in law, and hoped to whatever godly power that was up there that they were safe. And then I met Dean here, what, a few days ago, son? he asked, turning to the dark-skinned boy on his right. Yeah, said Dean quietly. Dirk regarded him with a sympathetic eye. Muggle-born, eh? he asked. Dean shrugged. Not sure. My dad left my mum when I was a kid. Ive got no proof he was a wizard, though, he said, his mouth full of food. There were a few minutes of silence, until Ted spoke. Ive got to say, Dirk. Im surprised to run into you. Pleased, but surprised. Word was that youd been caught. Dirk Cresswell grinned slightly. Aye, I was. I was halfway to Azkaban when I made a break for it, Stunned Dawlish, and nicked his broom. It was easier than youd think; I dont reckon hes quite right at the moment. Might be Confunded. If so, Id like to shake the hand of the witch or wizard who did it. Probably safed my life, he said, chuckling. Ted turned to the goblins. And where do you two fit in? I, er, had the impression the goblins were for You-Know-Who, on the whole. Griphook looked at him coldly. You had a false impression. We goblins take no sides. This is a wizards war. How come youre in hiding, then? asked Dean, before taking a bite out of his salmon.

I deemed it prudent. Having refused what I considered an impertinent request, I could see that my personal safety was in jeopardy. Ted looked curiously at Gornuk. Whatd they ask you to do? Duties ill-befitting the dignity of my race. I am not a house-elf, replied the goblin. Dirk turned to the other goblin. What about you, Griphook? He looked at the wizard carefully, wiping his mouth. Similar reasons. Gringotts is no longer under the control of my race. I recognize no Wizarding master, he said, and added something under his breath in Gobbledegook, which caused Gornuk to laugh. Whats the joke? asked Dean, looking suspiciously at them. Dirk replied, He said that there are things wizards dont recognize, either. There was a pause, and Dean said, I dont get it. Griphook smiled. I had my small revenge before I left. Good mangoblin, I should say. Didnt manage to lock a Death Eater up in one of the old high-security vaults, I suppose? asked Ted hopefully. If I had, the sword would not have helped him break out, said Griphook. At this, Gornuk and Dirk chuckled, and Ted and Dean frowned. Dean and I are still missing something here, said Ted. Griphook grinned, and said, So is Severus Snape, though he does not know it. The goblins laughed heartily. Didnt you hear about that, Ted? About the kids who tried to steal Gryffindors sword out of Snapes office at Hogwarts? asked Dirk.

No pun intended :D

Dialogue borrowed from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapter Fifteen, The Goblins Revenge, Pages 295-297. I own nothing.