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Blue's Hedgehog

Sirdar CountryStyle DK in Hazel (A) * Sirdar Funky Fur in Walnut (B)* 4mm (US 5) needles safety eyes (7.5mm) or suitable beads black yarn stuffing

* or similar yarns in suitable shades

Hedgehog is constructed from a simple short row triangle in the non-furry yarn which forms the nose section, and an attached furry square which forms the body. Take time over stuffing and finishing the toy for best results. Completed hedgehog measures approx. 5" in length. Nose Section: Notes: As you are knitting on the diagonal you do not need to wrap and turn, simply turn the work and slip a stitch where indicated kfb = knit into the front and back of the stitch to increase by one s1 = slip the stitch as if to knit, with yarn in back Cast on 12 stitches with A Knit a short row triangle as follows: Row 1: kfb, k1; turn Row 2 and all even-numbered rows: s1, k to end; turn Row 3: kfb, k3; turn Row 5: kfb, k5; turn Row 7: kfb, k7; turn Row 9: kfb, k9; turn Row 11: kfb, k11; turn Row 13: kfb, k13; turn Row 15: kfb, k15; turn Row 17: kfb, k17; turn

Row 19: kfb, k19 -- at this point there should be 21 stitches on the needle and a full triangle. Do not cast off! Body Section: Change to B and knit across the 21 stitches on the needle. Continue in garter stitch for approx 4" or until B section is square. Decrease row: *k1, k2tog; repeat from * Next decrease row: k2tog till end Break yarn leaving a long tail for sewing up, and pull end through stitches on needle; pull tight and tie off securely. Finishing Off: Sew up nose section using A. Stuff nose section, pushing small amount of stuffing firmly into tip of nose to ensure is filled properly. If using safety eyes, affix now and then stuff rest of head. Use long tail left at end of B section to sew halfway along furry section, being sure to pull strands of fur out from under the seam as you go so it is invisible. Stuff rest of toy, starting with the rear end. Shift stuffing around and use hands to shape into suitably convincing hedgehog, possibly adding or removing stuffing to achieve this, before sewing final section, still using B. If using beads for eyes, sew into place. Optionally use black yarn to make french knot eyes. Use black yarn to make a nose: oversew the tip of the nose section until no brown yarn can be seen beneath.