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Love, Honor & Respect

W hen the March 2011, 9.0 magnitude earthquake, violently ripped through the bottom of the

ocean off Japan’s coast, waves, some over one hundred feet high, exploded towards land. As a result, over 15,854 men, women and children were confirmed dead, 26,992 were injured, and 3,155 people were missing. Over a million of the countries buildings immediately collapsed or were severely damaged. At least five million people were left without electricity or water. Within hours, ninety-one countries and nine international organizations reached out to assist with relief efforts. America

Love Honor& Respect

responded by sending immediate disaster relief and assistance. Over 30 Latin American and Asian countries including, Brazil, Ecuador, China, Pakistan and South Africa offered assistance. From all over the world, food, tents, lights, blankets, medical assistance and much more were immediately deployed to the country of Japan. As of now, Japan has received over two billion dollars in aid from the world.

On the morning of August 28, 2005, rampaging wind gusts of 125 miles per hour ripped through the city of New Orleans and other parts of the gulf coast. In New Orleans, by the time the damage was done, over 80 percent of the city was underwater. Close to 2000 people lost their lives with hundreds missing and millions of people without electricity. $81.2 billion worth of damage had been done. Immediately over seventy countries worldwide, offered money and assistance to those affected by the monstrous storm.

Love Honor& Respect

The people of Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, Kuwait, Russia, England, Canada and many more, all joined together to ensure that areas survival. In fact, if you look back throughout history, when disasters have happened, from war to violent and deadly weather, the many people of our world have always made great efforts to send relief and assistance. That’s because they knew that their own survival means others must survive, as well.

Right now in your lives, you may find it hard to believe that in one way or another, each and every one of us, including young and old, Africans, Europeans, Asians, Latinos and many others are linked to the next person or group. Another important fact to always remember is that we all need each other to survive. It is by design, and it starts with the relationship that we have with our creator

Love Honor& Respect

and all other gifts that we have been given. The first gift given to us is life itself as well as all of the materials needed to survive here on earth. A condition of us being given these gifts was that, not just one or two of us, but each and every one of us be responsible for those gifts and most importantly each other. We then must do our best to ensure that these gifts and each other sustain for our future generations.

Excerpt taken from Chapter 6, Love, Honor &Respect, What Teens Must Know! Real Talk Vol.1, available at