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Volume 18 , Number 2
PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560, Australia


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Readers comment on such diverse subjects as the power of collective meditation, Climategate, homoeopathy vs cancer, secret plans to cope with a biblical-scale flood in Australia, and systemic problems in the health system. We report on ULF waves recorded over Haiti before the 2010 quake, Wi-Fi's deadly effects on trees, safety issues with flu vaccines, the strongest La Nia event on record, WikiLeaks revelations and revolutions, and more. By Andrew Gavin Marshall. WikiLeaks' recent release of the first batch of 250,000 US diplomatic cables gives insights into government and media propaganda, the machinations of diplomats, and opportunities for positive social transformation amidst the new global awakening. By Philip Coppens. Many secret societies, including those promising spiritual enlightenment, have been infiltrated by intelligence operatives for the purposes of grooming terrorists and fulfilling nefarious political agendas. This edition, we feature Bruce Cathie and Rod Maupin's exploration of the updated Gridpoint Atlas software which can be used to calculate World Grid harmonics and plot grid maps on Google Earth screenshots. By Professor Robert Pope. To ensure our survival into the future, the 20th-century scientific world-view, blinded by the flawed second law of thermodynamics, must be replaced by an ethical holographic life-science. We feature an extract from Karl Brugger's rare book "The Chronicle of Akakor", which recounts an Amazonian Indian's story of his tribe's relationship with an alien master race over thousands of years and of great catastrophes that have befallen planet Earth.

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"Porphyria" by Steven Rochlitz, PhD "Energizing Water" by J. Schwuchow, J. Wilkes and I. Trousdell "Beyond Belief" by James F. Coyle "Earthing" by C. Ober, S. T. Sinatra, MD, and M. Zucker "Homo Serpiens" by Aeolus Kephas "What Lurks Beyond" by Jason Offutt "The Art of Close Encounters" by Kim Carlsberg "George Adamski: A Herald..." by Gerard Aartsen "The Cosmic Conspiracy" by Stan Deyo "The NASA Conspiracies" by Nick Redfern "The Mystery of U-33" by Nigel Graddon "The Forbidden Archeologist" by Michael A. Cremo "The Origin of God" by Laurence Gardner "Challenges of Change" by Stanley A. Fulham


By Rev. Dr Sh D'Montford. The medical/pharmaceutical establishment has a vested interest in ensuring that successful alternative cancer treatments are withheld from the public. Laetrile or vitamin B17 is one substance that threatens the stranglehold of "the cancer industry".


By Belinda Doyle. Brain-to-computer interface technology is increasingly helping people with profound disabilities but is also paving the way for new forms of communication with network-enabled telepathy.

"NEXUS Conference 2010" produced by E&E Productions


By Walter Last. Within two decades of the introduction of phenacetin and paracetamol analgesics in the 1880s, the first Alzheimer's cases were described, and thereafter the disease rate rose sharply. Natural medicine offers a solution to this increasingly prevalent illness.

"Akave" by George Telek "Tibet: Awakened Heart" by Tenzin Choegyal and Taro Terahara "Shakuhachi Water Meditations" by Riley Lee "This is the Story" by Miriam Lieberman




Volume 18, Number 2
PUBLISHED BY NEXUS Magazine Pty Ltd, ABN 80 003 611 434 EDITOR Duncan M. Roads CO-EDITOR Catherine Simons ASSISTANT EDITOR/SUB-EDITOR Ruth Parnell OFFICE ADMIN/EDITORS' ASSISTANTS Jenny Hawke; Susie Foster MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT Richard Giles; Susie Foster WEB MISTRESS/PROOFREADER Jenny Hawke CONTRIBUTORS THIS ISSUE Andrew Gavin Marshall; Philip Coppens; Rev. Dr Sh D'Montford; Belinda Doyle; Walter Last; Captain Bruce L. Cathie (Ret.) and Rod Maupin; Professor Robert Pope CARTOONS Phil Somerville COVER GRAPHIC Jeff Edis, PRINTING Beaudesert Times, Queensland, Australia AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTION Newsagents Direct Distribution HEAD OFFICE All Correspondence PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. Tel: (07) 5442 9280; Fax: (07) 5442 9381 Website: NZ OFFICE: RD 2, Kaeo, Northland. Tel: +64 (0)9 405 1963; Email: UK OFFICE: 55 Queens Rd, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1BG. E U R O P E O F F I C E : Postbus 10681, 1001 ER Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Email: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE NEXUS recognises that humanity is undergoing a massive transformation. With this in mind, NEXUS seeks to provide 'hard-to-get' information so as to assist people through these changes. NEXUS is not linked to any religious, philosophical or political ideology or organisation. PERMISSION-TO-REPRODUCE POLICY While reproduction and dissemination of the information in NEXUS is actively encouraged, anyone caught making a buck out of it, without our express permission, will be in trouble when we catch them!

ell, 2011 has arrived with a bang, or, in the case of many countries including W Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Brazil, with unprecedented flooding. The culprit, we are told, is the strongest La Nia pattern ever recorded, as you'll read in the Global News section in this edition. Also in the news are numerous reports from all over the planet of thousands of dead birds, fish and now mammals being found. Occasional reports of mass fish deaths and even mass bird deaths are not new, but the sheer scale of these recent events (most of which are confined to local area news reports) is quite alarming. It is unclear whether there is any common cause for these deaths. I hope to have more information on this disturbing topic in our next issue. And if record-breaking floods and strange mass animal deaths are not enough to keep you wondering, then what about the Sun? A few months ago it produced the largest solar filament, or solar prominence, on record. Fortunately, so far, all the recent coronal mass ejections have shot out into space, away from the Earth. Back down here on Earth, the WikiLeaks Cablegate phenomenon is still capturing attention worldwide. The leaking of the first batch of 250,000 US diplomatic cables has already changed the world forever, and only 1% of the cables has been released to date! For people in power, there are no surprises with the contents of the cables; but for the average person in the street, especially in Muslim countries, they reveal shocking evidence of government hypocrisy and worse, with many governments secretly supporting the USA and Israel while uttering meaningless platitudes at the masses. The mid-January ousting of the Tunisian president is considered to be a result of WikiLeaked revelations, which gave new impetus to existing tensions. The people decided that enough was enough. See our feature article plus Global News in this edition for more on the WikiLeaks releases. I want to make particular mention of two articles in this issue. The first is in the Science News section, and it's all about the new Gridpoint Atlas softwarethe latest update of the original Gridworks program based on Bruce Cathie's World Grid harmonics system. This is an incredible piece of software which also utilises Google Earth to plot the location of any part of the World Grid that you specify. As word of this gets out, I expect to hear from researchers who have discovered new locations of interest and connections with key grid intersection points. Truly, this software puts powerful information into the hands of the public. Get it while you can! The other article is in Twilight Zone, and it's an edited extract from a rare book called The Chronicle of Akakor. In the book (but not included in our extract), author Karl Brugger mentions that 24 December 2011not 2012is the end of the Mayan long-count calendar. Note the context of this event in relation to the recorded history of the Chosen Tribes: for these people, it is not the end of the world per se; it marks the end of an era and, importantly, the return of the gods, who they say come back to Earth every 6,000 years. Meanwhile, rumours are on the rise that the Chinese have entered into a relationship with an alien race and that this involves game-changing technology. One thing that's not clear is whether this means conquest or cooperation by and with China. I also hope to have more information about this next time. The signs are there for all to see that the geopolitical landscape has changed dramatically, with China emerging on top. Many insiders say that war with China is coming soon, but is likely to be piggybacked on a major Earth-changing event. Remember the article last edition about the power of collective prayer and meditation to help change people and thus the world? I'll say it again: the world needs as much love, light and prayer as you can give. If you want to change the planet to a higher vibration, then start visualising and broadcasting that vibration now. Already, millions of people send out love and prayers to the world every full moon and new moon. Seriously, what have you got to lose? Love to all... Duncan

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Letters to the Editor ...

Collective Consciousness Dear Duncan: I have just read my first edition of NEXUS (vol. 18, no. 1), after spotting the cover headline for Dr Roger Taylor's article "The Power of Collective Meditation". Thank you for printing this article, which is one of the most informative and stimulating texts I have read recently. It is clear that the discoveries of "real" scientists, i.e., the nonblinkered, self-interest-free minority such as those responsible for the advances made in the field of quantum physics, validate the activities of groups who have experimented with the power of consciousness to effect healing and positive change on a global scale. However, as Dr Taylor pointed out in his article, there are millions of altruistic individuals who do regularly pray and meditate. For many of us, though, our practice is not as powerful as it could potentially be. I think there are two reasons for this: first, many people are unaware that their activities have been scientifically proven to be effective; and second, their method lacks structure and coherence. I would like to bring to your attention the "laser" meditation technique explained by a Bulgarian mystic, O. M. Aivanhov, who encouraged interested participants to meet communally on a regular basis. He suggested utilising the vibrations of sound by listening to short passages of highly charged

music (such as by Beethoven or Mozart) as an aid to the visualisation process. This method involves unifying the faculties of mind with the heart and will, in order to broadcast positive light energy into the wider community. In special circumstances, projecting thoughts of peace and light specifically towards the powers-that-be is recommended! Encouragingly, there are now groups who regularly practice this method of collective meditation on every continent. As quantum physics is now proving, it is consciousness that creates our world. Thank you again for printing Dr Taylor's empowering article. I hope that an increasing number of peaceful people of goodwill will unite their minds to utilise this knowledge. We will create a force that is ultimately capable of defeating the bastions of egoism and vested interest. Then we can begin to create a much better world for all. Regards, Susan J., Brighton, UK

they quote the IPCC as if it had something valuable to say. Perhaps you should edit the list of top 25 stories to a top 10. Trivial stories about segregation in US schools can be the first to go. The rest can be located on the Project Censored website. Keep up the good work. Zyconoclast, Griffith, NSW, Australia

since retiring. Thinking I do not wish to be that busy, I now enjoy six Saturdays and a Sunday each week. Keep up your good work. Regards, John L., South Australia

Electric Circuits and QED Dear Duncan: In 2009 I made a film which explains how an electric circuit works from the view of quantum electrodynamics (QED). Tom Bearden wrote a short comment about the film which I have published on my website at www.electra-energy-ag. com/en/animation/. Since it has become very difficult nowadays to receive recognition for a scientific work, I was thinking if I may ask you also to write a short comment about the film. Warm regards, Marcus Reid, Germany Time Flies with NEXUS! Hello Duncan and staff: Loved your editorial in the 18/01 edition of the magazine, which is excellent again. You mentioned "how time has flown" in your editorial. I find your magazine so informative and easy to read that when I have to wait for another six or seven weeks for the next edition to arrive, time drags. An old-timer told me that he did not know how he ever had time to go to work, as he has been so busy

Climategate Censored Hi Duncan: I have been reading NEXUS for 20 years. Last year I read the Project Censored compilation and there was no mention of the Climategate scandal. I suspected this may have been due to the timing. I waited for this year's summary, and again no mention. In fact, they [the Project Censored team] have gone one step worse:

Against Atheism & Zionism Dear Duncan: Thanks again for a thoughtprovoking and informative issue (18/01). Two matters in particular are of interest to me: your editorial, and Palestine [Project Censored article, item 9]. With reference to your editorial on whether we are meaningless, I became a lapsed atheist when I faced up to the "obvious" contradiction of the popular materialist view of everything being without purposeas you rightly imply. Simply, if there is only material (and its complement, energy), then life has evolved from this. Non-life material is subject to increasing disorder; life to increasing order, which must derive this force from within its material self. We individually have purposefulness, if only to continue living (as all life has). So as life has this purpose and life is inherent in the material of the Universe, then the Universe has purposealbeit that we may not be conscious of what that is. With regards to Palestine, the Zionist Jews (there are many Jews who are not Zionists, and many Jews who oppose what the Zionist state does in their name) trade on a perversion of their religion and history to perpetuate

... more Letters to the Editor

the apartheid mentioned in the article, along with the ethnic cleansing that they and their forebears initiated and continue: crimes against humanity. What is becoming more known is the crime against humanity that Zionists have perpetrated, and continue to perpetrate, by ethnically cleansing Palestine to achieve their mythical racial purity (akin to the Nazis). I can only assume that the western powers support the Israeli state because of misguided ideas that this is in their countries' interests (such as keeping the surrounding Arab countries in a permanent state of war with each other and Israeldivide and rule) and the pressure from the equally misguided Jews in their countries who believe the Zionist myths. Best wishes, Ian C., UK Homoeopathy vs Cancer Dear Editor: Fourteen years ago I had brain cancer and was given months to live. I had all the conventional treatment, including radiology and chemotherapy. All my hair fell out in one weekend after radiology, and I put on four stone in four weeks after the steroids. My medical notes say that chemotherapy was not helping, and that my disease had progressed during my treatment. I was mostly bed-bound, and to get anywhere I had to use a wheelchair. I had agonising pains in my legs, was unable to open my eyelids voluntarily, and my

vision was so poor that I could only see an arm's length awayand that was fuzzy with double vision. I was told that the treatment was not working for me, and was asked if I wanted to stay in the hospital, go to a hospice or go home. I decided to go home, and as a last resort I consulted a homoeopath. Since then, I have never needed to consult a doctor again. I trained as a homoeopath, have been registered for the last 10 years, and now work in the West Midlands in England. Gemma, UK

More Floods for Australia? Dear Duncan: I spotted this at George Ure's website ( on 12 January 2011 [first published on 6 March 2010 at www.peoplenomics. com]: "Every once in a while, a reader email or a news tip comes along which just screams for more follow-up because it fits with a lot of 'rumbles' being heard lately. That was the case this week when the following email arrived from Australia: 'Hi George. [I'll] keep it short; know you have tons to look at every day. 'I just don't get it. My husband is working on this huge project. In the first meeting, the top management levels are informed the government is building it for the 10,000year flood and it's not public knowledge. He looks around and hardly anyone bats an eyelid. The speaker looks my husband in the

eye and says, "Yes, the last time Noah was involved. Yes, that flood!" 'Forty-five billion being spent on this one. His part is in Brisbane, Queensland, yet many roads are being rebuilt higher all over the state and many new motorway tunnels. The tunnels in Brisbane are what we believe will be the way to relay the big floods out to sea (too bad if you're in one at the time is my guess). Examining the way they have built the new hospital, it appears that ships could dock there: no reason to be built that high. 'No photography is allowed, and this is regulated strictly. Must be finished before 2012, but last few days they have suggested to speed up works and intend to work under floodlight around the clock. Now, that's just making me a bit more nervous. Maybe you're right: 2012 has been moved forward? 'Feel free to ask for more info; he will send it over the weekend if so. I probably would have dismissed it as myth myself, but when you're on the payroll for the big event, well, it doesn't get more real than that. Are there any projects over there reporting the same reason for big projects? Maybe they weren't meant to slip the truth into this meeting. 'Just reply simply "more info", and I will forward facts if you're interested. The company is sworn to secrecy but he hasn't signed anything and says he is willing to speak. Why

should we be in the dark while they spend so much to safeguard the corporate structures? I really don't think we will get warnings on what they must already know is coming. 'Yours...'" Anonymous [Intriguing! Anyone able to shed more light on this, please contact us. (Item slightly edited for publication here.) Ed.]

Exposing Medical Errors Dear Duncan: As requested, I write to advise you of my web page about my husband Don's dreadful suffering and consequent death in May 2007 at the hands of a major hospital in Australia. As my testament is selfpublished, I am relying on the goodwill of those I have contact with to ensure that as many people as possible are able to have access to information about systemic problems with the Australian (western) health care system. I thank you for your help and appreciate any help you can give me in (a) ensuring that those who caused my husband's suffering and death be held accountable, (b) hopefully changing the public health care system in Australia so that injury and death caused by medical error will be investigated as with any other wrongful injury and death, and (c) ensuring that those accountable will be made to answer for their actions. The website is www. Thank you, Therese Mackay, Australia

FEDERAL RESERVE THE MOST PROFITABLE BANK IN HISTORY he financial crisis has helped the Federal Reserve in the US become the most profitable bank in history. "The Fed" turned a US$80.9 billion profit in 2010, $76.2 billion of which came from securities that it bought during the crisis. The Fed's interest costs are minimal because almost all of its liabilities, such as bank reserves, are paid at the overnight rate of 0.0% to 0.25%, but many of the longer-term assets it has bought yield 4.0% or 5.0%. Most of the Fed's income ($76.2 billion) came from interest on the approximately $2,000 billion of securities it has acquired as part of its efforts to stimulate the US economy. It earned $7.1 billion in net income from special-purpose vehicles, such as that set up to buy assets from the failed investment bank Bear Stearns, and $3.4 billion from its loans to the bailed-out insurer AIG.

(Source: The Financial Times, London, 10 January 2011,

ULF RADIO EMISSIONS RECORDED OVER HAITI BEFORE QUAKE he French satellite DEMETER observed a dramatic increase in ultra-low-frequency (ULF) radio waves over Haiti in the month before the M7.0 earthquake in January 2010. DEMETER (Detection of ElectroMagnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions) was launched in 2004 by the French space agency CNES into a polar orbit approximately 700 kilometres

above the Earth's surface. In early December, a group of researchers from the Technical University of Serres in Greece released research data showing that DEMETER detected a significant change in ultralow-frequency radio waves in the ionosphere above Haiti in the month before the quake. "The results reveal a significant increase of the energy of ULF waves, up to 360%, for a period of one month before the main earthquake compared with the energy of the background," they said. In a carefully worded statement, Michael Athanasiou, one of the scientists involved, said: "The results of this paper clearly indicate that ULF electromagnetic waves can be very useful in revealing possible precursor seismic phenomena."
(Source: Technology Review, 9 December 2010,

IS WI-FI KILLING TREES? esearch in the Netherlands has shown that trees that were planted in close proximity to a wireless router suffered from damaged bark and dying leaves. The city of Alphen aan den Rijn, in the west of the country, ordered the study five years ago after officials found unexplained abnormalities on trees which they did not believe had been caused by any known viral infection. The researchers took 20 ash trees and exposed them to various kinds of radiation for three months. The trees were exposed to six sources of radiation with frequencies ranging from 2412 to 2472 MHz and a power of 100 mW at a distance of just 20 inches [50.8 centimetres]. Trees placed closest to the Wi-Fi radio developed a "lead-like shine" on their leaves that was caused by



. . . G LO BA L N E W S . . .
the dying of the upper and lower epidermis. This would eventually result in the death of parts of the leaves, the study found. The researchers also discovered that Wi-Fi radiation could slow the growth of corn cobs. In the Netherlands, about 70 per cent of all trees in urban areas show the same symptoms, compared with only 10 per cent five years ago, the study found. Trees in densely forested areas are not affected.
(Source: The Daily Mail , London, 25 November 2010,

BACTERIA USED TO TURN CELLS INTO COMPUTERS esearchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), have engineered E. coli bacteria with the key molecular circuitry that will enable genetic engineers to program cells to communicate and perform computations. The work builds into cells the same logic gates found in electronic computers and creates a method to make circuits by "rewiring" communications between cells. This system can be harnessed to turn cells into miniature computers, according to findings reported in the journal Nature. That, in turn, will enable cells to be programmed with more intricate functions for a variety of purposes, including in agriculture and in the production of pharmaceuticals, materials and industrial chemicals, according to Christopher A. Voigt, PhD, a synthetic biologist and an associate professor in the UCSF School of Pharmacy's Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and the senior author of the paper. "The purpose of programming cells is not to have them overtake electronic computers," said Voigt. "Rather, it is to be able to access all of the things that biology can do in a reliable, programmable way."

WIKILEAKS: US THREATENED "RETALIATION" TO BULLY EU INTO ACCEPTING GM CROPS eacting to a French pledge to represent the "common interest" in considering biotech foods, a former US ambassador recommended publishing a "retaliation list" of European locations where genetically modified organisms (GMOs) were being grown, in the hope that activists would destroy them and "cause some pain" for officials, a leaked US diplomatic cable shows. In the confidential communication dated 14 December 2007, the then US Ambassador to France, Craig Roberts Stapleton, recommended creating the list if France and the European Union continued to ban biotech seeds. "Mission Paris recommends that [the US government] reinforce our negotiating position with the EU on agricultural biotechnology by publishing a retaliation list when the extended 'Reasonable Time Period' expires," Stapleton wrote. In December 2010, more than one million Europeans signed a petition demanding that the EU halt the approval of new genetically modified crops. The petition was later dismissed by the EU Commission

on procedural grounds. In the last 12 years, only two organisms have been licensed for seeding across Europe, and one of them was a potato that triggered the recent mass petition against the crops. The world's number-one multinational biotechnology firm, Monsanto, isn't happy about that. The Nation's Jeremy Scahill revealed in September that the world's top producer of genetically modified seeds hired US security contractor Blackwater to "infiltrate activist groups organizing against the multinational biotech firm". Meanwhile, other cables released by WikiLeaks show that, behind the scenes, Spain has been a key ally of the US in defending genetically modified crops. Another cable sent to the Vatican on 19 November 2009 indicated that Pope Benedict XVI also supports genetically modified crops, but will not admit it in public. "Vatican officials remain largely supportive of genetically modified crops as a vehicle for protecting the environment while feeding the hungry, butat least for noware unwilling to challenge bishops who disagree," the cable explained.
(Source: The Raw Story, 20 December 2010,

(Source:, 8 December 2010,



. . . G LO BA L N E W S . . .
SHOCK STUDY SHOWS NO VALUE IN FLU VACCINATIONS remarkable study published in the Cochrane Library found no evidence of benefit for influenza vaccinations and also noted that the vast majority of trials were inadequate. The authors stated that the only trials showing benefit were industry funded. They also pointed out that the industry-funded studies were more likely to be published in the most prestigious journals. In addition, they found cases of severe harm caused by the vaccines, in spite of inadequate reporting of adverse effects. The study, "Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy adults", is damning of the entire pharmaceutical industry and its minions, the drug-testing industry and the medical system that relies on them. The authors attempted to find and investigate every study that has evaluated the effects of flu vaccines in healthy adults aged 1865. To this end, they searched the "Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) (The Cochrane Library, 2010, issue 2), MEDLINE (January 1966 to June

2010) and EMBASE (1990 to June 2010)". They included 50 reports; 40 of them were clinical trials, adding up to over 70,000 people. Two reported only on harmful effects and were not included in this study. Studies of all types of influenza vaccines were included: live, attenuated and killedor fractions of killedvaccines. The authors concluded in a somewhat understated manner: "The results of this review seem to discourage the utilisation of vaccination against influenza in healthy adults as a routine public health measure. As healthy adults have a low risk of complications due to respiratory disease, the use of the vaccine may be only advised as an individual protection measure against symptoms in specific cases." The authors also found that "industry-funded studies were...cited more than other studies", that "reliable evidence on influenza vaccines is thin", and that "there is evidence of widespread manipulation of conclusions". To view the study, go to the web page pubmed/20614424.
(Source:, 16 December 2010,

STRONG LA NINA AFFECTING GLOBAL WEATHER AND CLIMATE ew NASA satellite data indicates that the current La Nia event in the eastern Pacific remained strong during November and December 2010. "The solid record of La Nia strength only goes back about 50 years and this latest event appears to be one of the strongest ones over this time period," said climatologist Bill Patzert of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. "It is already impacting weather and climate all around the planet. This La Nia has strengthened for the past seven months and is one of the most intense events of the past halfcentury." "Although exacerbated by precipitation from a tropical cyclone, rainfalls of historic proportion in eastern Queensland, Australia, have led to levels of flooding usually only seen once in a century," said David Adamec, oceanographer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. "The copious rainfall is a direct result of La Nia's effect on the Pacific trade winds and has made tropical Australia particularly rainy this year."

(Source: NASA press release, 13 January 2011,

FARM ANIMALS CONSUME 80% OF ALL ANTIBIOTICS IN USA or years, scientists concerned about the threat of antibioticresistant bacteria in food-animal production have been trying to figure out just how much antibiotics producers are using each year. Now, long-awaited data has been released by the US Food and Drug Administration. Of the antibiotics sold in 2009 for both people and food animals, almost 80 per cent were reserved for livestock and poultry. The grand total for 2009: 13.1 million kilograms. A huge portion of those antibiotics was never intended to



. . . G LO BA L N E W S . . .
fight bacterial infections; rather, producers most likely administered them in continuous low dosages through feed or water to increase the speed at which their animals grew. And that has many public health experts and scientists troubled. The growing threat of antibiotic resistance is largely due to the misuse and overuse of antibiotics in people and animals, which leads to an increase in "super-bacteria".
(Source: Center for a Livable Future, 23 December 2010,

LIVING EARTH SIMULATOR WILL ANALYSE ENTIRE PLANET n international group of scientists is working on a simulator with the goal of replicating everything that happens on Earth. It will track everything from weather patterns to disease spread to traffic congestion to financial transactions all over the globe. The Living Earth Simulator, LES, as it is nicknamed, is being created to advance scientific understanding about everything that is happening on the planet and to attempt to figure out what "human actions shape society" and how everything changes the world. The scientists plan to build a number of supercomputers to crunch the numbers. They will likely also use processing power from all across the Internet, asking mobile phone and computer users to donate a small portion of their processing to the project. The data will be easier to come by. Websites and services like Wikipedia, Google Maps and government databanks make up a few of more than 70 already existing sources of moving data. NASA's Planetary Skin project will also feed data into LES. The scientists hope to integrate real-time feeds from social networks like Facebook, stockmarkets, medical records, mobile devices and more.

WIKILEAKS CABLES EXPOSE MUSLIM NATIONS' HYPOCRISY preliminary review of the US diplomatic cables released so far by WikiLeaks reveals the duplicity of many Arab nations in foreign policy, especially in the case of Iran. For example, in the past few years, Arab nations have publicly countered Israeli propaganda that Iran is a bigger threat to the world than the resolution of the Palestinian issue, with claims that the failure to bring a just solution to the Palestinians is the numberone issue for Arabs and Muslims. But privately, these same nations have been repeatedly asking the US to bomb Iran and even invade it with ground troops. The same cables also reveal that, even now, the main financiers of AlQaeda are Saudi donors. American Presidents George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama have identified Al-Qaeda as the biggest threat to the US, and yet they've colluded with the nation whose citizens are its biggest financiers. While the US is worried that the latest revelations from WikiLeaks will undermine its relations with its allies, Muslim governments are worried that these same leaks will expose the extent to which they routinely lie to their own people. Nation after Muslim nation has been exposed as supporting and collaborating with the United States and lying to its public about the extent of its support for US foreign policy. For example, the President of Yemen acknowledged that he would continue to lie to his people and claim that American military operations in Yemen are Yemeni operations; and the Pakistani government does not want its people to know the extent to which it cooperates with the US on nuclear issues.

(Source:, 16 January 2011,

(Source: Digital Trends, 28 December 2010,

TUNISIA'S REFORMATION: THE "FIRST WIKILEAKS REVOLUTION" he drastic changes brought about in Tunisia, which ultimately forced President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali to flee the country, have been described as the "first WikiLeaks revolution" because the whistleblower website played a major role in stirring up public anger against the corruption of their leader. According to The Scotsman, the revolution is virtually unprecedented in modern Arab history and has already led to experts predicting that other countries in the region could follow suit. After Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia on Friday [14 January], protesters in Cairo chanted: "Ben Ali, tell Mubarak a plane is waiting for him, too!" US diplomatic cables released by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks called the President and his siblings "The Family", comparing them to a Mafia crime organisation. The cables also revealed that Ben Ali's wife, Lela, had made huge profits out of building an exclusive school. One cable was banned in Tunisia, but its contents became widely known. "Corruption in the inner circle is growing. Even average Tunisians are keenly aware of it, and the chorus of complaints is rising. Tunisians intensely dislike, even hate, first lady Lela Trabelsi and her family. In private, regime opponents mock her," US Ambassador Robert Godec wrote. The cables further claimed that, in 2006, two nephews of Ben Ali had seized the yacht of a French businessman. "Although the petty corruption rankles, it is the excesses of President Ben Ali's family that inspire outrage among Tunisians. With Tunisians facing rising inflation and high unemployment, the conspicuous displays of wealth and persistent rumours of corruption have added fuel to the fire," the cable added.

(Source: TheAfricaNews.Net, 16 January 2011, 732193)



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The recent release of the first batch of 250,000 US diplomatic cables leaked to WikiLeaks has provoked unparalleled global interest, both positive and negative and everywhere in between. One thing is certain: WikiLeaks is changing the status quo.

here are those who accept what the WikiLeaks releases say at face value, largely due to the misrepresentation of the documents by the corporate-controlled news media. There are those who see the documents as authentic and simply in need of proper interpretation and analysis. Then there are those, many of whom are in the alternative media, who approach the leaks with caution and suspicion. There are those who simply cast the leaks aside as a "psy-op" designed to target specific nations that fit into US foreign policy objectives. Finally, then, there are those who deplore the leaks as "treason" or threatening "security". Of all the claims and notions, the last is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous. This essay aims to examine the nature of the WikiLeaks releases and how they should be approached and understood. If WikiLeaks is changing things, let's hope people will make sure that it changes things in the right direction.

Media Propaganda against Iran: Taking the Cables at Face Value

This perspectivetaking the cables regarding Iran at face valueis perhaps the most propagated one, as it is largely influenced and undertaken by the mainstream corporate media which present the leaked diplomatic cables as "proof" of the media's take on major world issuesmost notable among them, Iran's nuclear program. As per usual, the New York Times steps centre stage in its unbridled contempt for truth and relentless use of propaganda to serve US imperial interests, headlining articles with titles like "Around the World, Distress over Iran", which explained how Israel and the Arab leaders agree on Iran as a nuclear threat to the world, with the commentary in the article stating that "running beneath the cables is a belief among many leaders that unless the current government in Tehran falls, Iran will have a bomb sooner or later".1 Fox News ran an article proclaiming that "Leaked Documents Show Middle East Consensus on Threat Posed by Iran", and commented that "the seismic document spill by WikiLeaks showed one area of profound agreementthat Iran is viewed in the Middle East as the region's No. 1 troublemaker".2 This, it should be understood, is propaganda. Yet, we need to refine properly our understanding of propaganda in order to assess what is specifically propagandistic about these stories. While one should remain sceptical of sources and disinformation campaigns (as those who critically analyse the media have known take place time and time again), one must also consider the personal perspective of the source and decipher between authenticity and analysis. These documents, I truly believe, are authentic. In this sense, I do not adhere to the notion that these are a part of a psychological operation (psy-op) or propaganda effort in terms of the actual release of the documents. We must keep in mind that the sources for these cables are US diplomatic channels, and thus the statements within them reflect the perspectives and beliefs of US diplomatic personnel. The documents are an authentic representation of their NEXUS 13

by Andrew Gavin Marshall

Global Research, Montreal, Canada, 6 December 2010 Web page:


statements and beliefs, but that does not imply that militaryindustrial complex; their political regimes (all they are an accurate representation of reality. of which are dictatorships and dynasties) are propped This is where the media come in to propagandise the up and supported by America. information within the leaks. The above two examples The same goes for Israel, although at least it has the claim that the leaks show there is a "consensus" on Iran, outward appearance of a democracy, much like the and thus the American and indeed Israeli positions on United States. Further, Israel itself is left subdued to Iran for the past several years have been "vindicated" in American interests as an American proxy. If Israel's that they fear Iran is making nuclear weapons. This is military financing and hardware come from America nonsense. The media have essentially read and (which they do), then Israel is dependent upon America propagated the documents at face valuemeaning that for its own military power and is in no position to tell because US diplomats and Middle Eastern and Arab the US not to arm its other regional proxies. If indeed a leaders all agree that Iran is a "threat" and is trying to regional war against Iran is in the making, and it has make a "nuclear weapon", it therefore must be true. appeared for some time that there is, it is certainly in This is a non sequitur. Just because Middle Eastern and Israel's interest to have allies against Iran in the region. Arab leaders see Iran as a threat does not make it so. Is WikiLeaks a Propaganda Effort? Again, consider the sources. What makes the Arab The leaders of Israel have been very adamant that the leaders trustworthy sources for "unbiased" information? WikiLeaks documents do not embarrass Israel to any For example, one "revelation" that made its way around extent. Prior to the release, the US government briefed the world was the insistence of Saudi Arabia's King Israeli officials on the type of Abdullah that America "cut off documents that would be the head of the snake" of Iran released by WikiLeaks regarding and launch military strikes. 3 This has largely been Israel. 5 Israeli Prime Minister This has largely been Benjamin Netanyahu stated: interpreted in the media as interpreted in the media "There is no disparity between "proof" that there is a as "proof" that there is a the public discourse between us "consensus" on the "threat" and Washington, and the posed by Iran to the Middle "consensus" on the "threat" mutual understanding of each East and the world. This has posed by Iran to the Middle other's positions."6 The Israeli been the propaganda line toed Defence Minister, Ehud Barak, by the New York Times, Fox News East and the world. claimed that the documents and the Israeli government, "show a more accurate view of among many others. Yet, we reality". 7 One top Turkish need to contextualise this politician stated that looking at which countries are information properlysomething which the New York pleased with the releases says a lot, and speculated that Times has a long record of failing to do (intentionally, I Israel "engineered the release" of documents in an might add). I do not doubt the authenticity of these attempt to advance its interests and to "pressure statements or the belief of the Arab leaders that Iran is Turkey".8 a "threat". Iran, on the other hand, has claimed that the Further, the Internet and various alternative news leaks are "mischievous", that they serve US interests, organisations are abuzz with speculation that WikiLeaks and that Iran is "friends" with its neighbours.4 This, too, itself may be a propaganda front, perhaps even a CIA is propaganda. Again, we need to contextualise. front organisation, a method of "controlling the Iran is a Shi'a nation, while the Arab nations, opposition" (which we know that, historically, the CIA is particularly Saudi Arabia, are predominantly Sunni. not unfamiliar with). Yet, this speculation is based This presents a means of division among these nations upon the use of the information that is released in the in the region, at least on a superficial basis. The reality, cables, and it strikes me as showing a lack of however, is that Saudi Arabia and Iran are far from contextualising the documents. "friendly" and have not been on good terms since 1979 So, how should one contextualise this? Let's begin when the Shah was deposed. Iran is Saudi Arabia's with Israel. When the Israeli Prime Minister states that primary contender and competitor for power and the WikiLeaks releases are not embarrassing to Israel, influence in the region, and thus Iran is inherently a he is mostly correct. This is not because Israel has threat to Saudi Arabia politically. nothing to hide (remember, the WikiLeaks documents Further, the Arab states, such as Saudi Arabia, are not "top secret" documents but merely diplomatic Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, cables), but because the diplomatic exchanges that whose claims against Iran have been widely publicised, Israel makes largely reflect the reality of the public must be understood in terms of their relationship to the statements that Israel makes. Israel and its political United States. The Arab states are American proxies in elite are no strangers to making absurd public the region. Their armies are subsidised by the American

statements, to constantly threatening war with Iran and propaganda effort, however, is in depicting the other neighbours, or to propagandising their belief that documents as "factual assessments" of the on-theIran is making nuclear weapons (something which has ground reality, which they are not. The documents are never been proven). Thus, the leaks do not "hurt" factual in how they represent the views of those who Israel's image, because Israel's image internationally is wrote them, which does not mean that they are factual already so abysmal and despicable and because Israeli in their substance. There is a difference, and diplomats and politicians are generally as brazen in acknowledging this difference is incredibly important in what they say publicly as in what they say to each other, both the exposure of propaganda and the assessment of so Israel's image has largely remained the same. Of truth. course, Israeli leaderspolitical and militaryare using The Truth about Diplomacy the leaks to suggest that they "vindicate" their Craig Murray is one voice that should be heard on this perspective on Iran as a threat, which of course is an issue. Murray is a former British Ambassador to absurd propaganda ploy, the exact same technique Uzbekistan, who made a name for himself in exposing taken on by the corporate media in taking the cables at intelligence from Uzbekistan related face value. to Al-Qaeda as entirely unreliable, While Iran has slammed these due to the methods of torture (such WikiLeaks releases as western The documents as boiling people alive) which were propaganda aimed at Iran, this used to get the information. This statement itself should be taken as a are factual in how intelligence was passed to the CIA form of propaganda. After all, Iran they represent the and MI6intelligence which Murray claimed that it is "friends" with all its said was "factually incorrect". When neighboursa claim which is an views of those Murray expressed his concerns with historical and present falsity. Iran, like who wrote them, the higher-ups in the British all states, uses propaganda to Diplomatic Service, he was advance its own interests. Those who which does not reprimanded for talking about attempt to battle the spread of mean that they are "human rights".9 Murray was told by misinformation and propaganda, the British Foreign & Commonwealth myself included, must remain highly factual in their Office that he had one week in critical of media representations which to resign, and he was and campaigns against Iran, of substance. There threatened with possible which there are many. Iran is is a difference, and prosecution or prison time for firmly in the targets of America's revealing "state secrets". 10 He imperial ambitions; this is no acknowledging was subsequently removed from secret. Yet, there is nothing in this difference his ambassadorial position, and the current batch of WikiLeaks has since become something of a releases that strikes me as is incredibly political activist. In short, Murray inauthentic in relation to Iran, important... is exactly the type of diplomat a especially those documents person should want: honest. But pertaining to the perspectives of he was also exactly the type of western diplomats and Arab diplomat that western imperial leaders. No doubt they have powers don't want: honest. these perspectives simply In the midst of the latest WikiLeaks releases of because they reflect the policy priorities of America and diplomatic documents, Craig Murray was asked to write the West itself, not because they are factual in their an article for the Guardian regarding his interpretation of substance. In this, we must decipher between the issue. As Murray later noted, the paper placed his authenticity and accuracy. article, largely reduced, hidden in the middle of a long Analysts must not only critically assess the compendium of various commentaries on WikiLeaks. authenticity of documents (and the sources from which Murray, however, posted the full version on his website. they come), but also, and perhaps even more In the article, he begins by assessing the claims of importantly, they must critically analyse the government officials around the world, particularly in interpretation of those documents. So while I do not the United States, that WikiLeaks exposes the US to doubt the authenticity of documents pertaining to "harm", that it puts lives at risk, and that the leaks will western and Middle Eastern perceptions of Iran (as they "encourage Islamic extremism". Most especially, he fit in with the wider geopolitical realities of the region), assesses the notion that "government secrecy is it is the interpretations of the documents that I view as essential to keep us all safe". Murray explains that, active propaganda efforts on the part of western having been a diplomat for over 20 years, he is very governments and media. The method of this

In attempting to understand WikiLeaks and its potential effects (that is, if the alternative media and citizen activists use this opportunity), we must place WikiLeaks within a wider geopolitical context. Our human world exists as a complex system of social interactions. As powerful and dominating as elites are and have always been, we must In attempting understand that they are not Murray pointedly asks why a type of to understand omnipotent: they are human and behaviour, such as lying, that is flawed, as are their methods and considered reprehensible for most WikiLeaks and its ideas. But there are other forces at people, "should be considered potential effects work in the human social world. acceptable, or even praiseworthy, in There is a new and unique diplomacy". He explains that for (that is, if the development in human history that is British diplomats "this belief that their taking place around the world. It is profession exempts them from the alternative media unprecedented in reach and volume, normal constraints of decent and citizen and it is also the greatest threat to all behaviour amounts to a cult of global power structures: the Machiavellianism, a pride in their activists use this "global political awakening". The own amorality". He explains that opportunity), term was coined by Zbigniew diplomats come from a very Brzezinski, who wrote in the New narrow upper social stratum and we must place York Times (16 December 2008): "view themselves as ultraWikiLeaks within a For the first time in history intelligent Nietzschean almost all of humanity is politically supermen, above normal wider geopolitical activated, politically conscious and morality", who are socially context. politically interactive. Global connected to the political elite. activism is generating a surge in In criticising the claims made the quest for cultural respect and by many commentators that the economic opportunity in a world release of the leaks endangers scarred by memories of colonial or lives, Murray writes that this imperial domination. perspective needs to "set against any such risk the hundreds of thousands of actual dead It is, in essence, this massive "global political from the foreign policies of the US and its coawakening" which presents the gravest and greatest conspirators in the past decade". Further, for those who challenge to the organised powers of globalisation and posit that WikiLeaks is a psy-op or propaganda the global political economy: nation-states, operation or a "CIA front", Murray has this to say: multinational corporations and banks, central banks, Of course the documents reflect the US viewthey are international organisations, and military, intelligence, official US government communications. What they show is media and academic institutions. Members of the something I witnessed personally, that diplomats as a class transnational capitalist class, or "Superclass" as David very seldom tell unpalatable truths to politicians, but rather Rothkopf refers to them, are globalised like never report and reinforce what their masters want to hear, in the before. For the first time in history, we have a truly hope of receiving preferment. global and heavily integrated elite. As elites have There is therefore a huge amount about Iran's putative globalised their power, seeking to construct a "new nuclear arsenal and an exaggeration of Iran's warhead world order" of global governance and ultimately global delivery capability. But there is nothing about Israel's massive government (decades down the line), they have nuclear arsenal. That is not because wikileaks have censored simultaneously globalised populations. criticism of Israel.

familiar with these arguments, particularly the argument that, as a result of the WikiLeaks releases, diplomats will no longer be candid in giving advice "if that advice might become public". Murray elaborates: Put it another way. The best advice is advice you would not be prepared to defend in public. Really? Why? In today's globalised world, the Embassy is not a unique source of expertise. Often expatriate, academic and commercial organisations are a lot better informed. The best policy advice is not advice which is shielded from peer review. What of course the establishment mean[s] is that Ambassadors should be free to recommend things which the general public would view with deep opprobrium, without any danger of being found out. But should they really be allowed to do that, in a democracy?11

It is because any US diplomat who made an honest and open assessment of Israeli crimes would very quickly be an unemployed ex-diplomat.12 Murray concludes his article with the statement that all would do well to keep in mind: "Truth helps the people against rapacious eliteseverywhere."13

World Order and Global Awakening

The "Technological Revolution" involves two major based upon speculation. Many nations around the geopolitical developments. The first is that as world, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia, technology advances, systems of mass communication are pointing to the western nations as engaging in a rapidly accelerate and the world's people are able to covert propaganda campaign aimed at creating disunity engage in instant communication with one another and between states and allies. Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and gain access to information from around the world. In it Afghanistan have made such claims. It is no surprise lies the potentialand ultimately a central sourceof a that most of these nations, particularly Iran, are targets massive global political awakening. Simultaneously, the of US imperial policy. However, since the WikiLeaks Technological Revolution has allowed elites to redirect releases speak heavily and negatively about Iran, and control society in ways never before imagined, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, China, Venezuela, etc., potentially culminating in a global scientific one must remember that these are diplomatic cables dictatorship, as many have warned of since the early and represent the opinions and beliefs of the diplomatic decades of the 20th century. The potential for establishment, a social group which is historically and controlling the masses has never been so great, as presently deeply enmeshed in and submissive to elite science unleashes the power of genetics, biometrics, ideology and methodology. If all the information they surveillance and new forms of modern eugenics, come up with are rumours, conjectures and repeated implemented by a scientific elite equipped with systems talking points, that is what will be seen in the of psycho-social control. diplomatic cables. Indeed, that is exactly the case. Brzezinski's analysis of the The cables are full of rumours "global political awakening" is and unsupported allegations. useful because of his So naturally, they would target representation of it as the these specific nations For those who view primary global threat to elite deemed geopolitically WikiLeaks as a conspiracy interests everywhere. Thus, significant by American people should view the concept imperial interestsand this or plot, as a psy-op of of the global political awakening would explain why there would as the greatest potential hope for be far less information on Israel some kind...there is simply humanity and that it should be and other allied nations. This no evidence for it thus far. advanced and aidedas is why it seems to me that opposed to Brzezinski's these cables are authentic. perspective that it should be They seem to represent the controlled and suppressed. reality of the "diplomatic social Brzezinski posits that to address this new global group", and thus they are a vivid exploration in the "challenge" to entrenched powers, particularly nationstudy of imperialism. We have been given the states that cannot sufficiently address the increasingly opportunity to see the "communications" of imperial non-pliant populations and populist demands, what is diplomacy. It is in this that we are presented with an required is "increasingly supranational cooperation, incredible opportunity. actively promoted by the United States". In other Further, in regards to many Middle Eastern and Asian words, Brzezinski favours an increased and expanded nations framing WikiLeaks as a "western plot", as critical "internationalisation", not surprising considering that thinkers we must take note of the geopolitical reality of he laid the intellectual foundations of the Trilateral the global political awakening. All states are selfCommission. interested: that is the nature of a state. Elites all over the world are aware of the reality and potential political Conceptualising WikiLeaks power of the global political awakening and thus seek to I feel that WikiLeaks must be conceptualised within suppress it or co-opt its potential. States (such as Iran) our understanding of this geopolitical reality which we which are often viewed by the critical press as "targets" find ourselves in today. There is, of course, logic behind of western imperial powers may seek to use this power the automatic scepticism and suspicion about to their own advantage. They may attempt to steer the WikiLeaks from the alternative media; however, they global awakening and the alternative media to their also risk losing an incredible opportunity presented by favour, which gives them political power. But the WikiLeaks, not only to reach more people with alternative media must not pick sides in terms of global important information but to better inform that elites and power structures: we must remain critical of information itself. all sides and all actors. For those who view WikiLeaks as a conspiracy or plot, WikiLeaks is receiving an incredible readership and is as a psy-op of some kind, while indeed these things reaching out to new audiences, globally and in the have taken place in the past, there is simply no evidence American homeland itself, and to the youth of the for it thus far. Every examination of this concept is world. People's perceptions are beginning to change on

However, while they may not necessarily be revelations, they are in fact confirmations and vindications and they bring more information to the analysis. It is in this that a great opportunity lies. For since the leaks support and better inform our perspectives, we can build on this concept and examine how WikiLeaks adds to and supports critical analysis. For those who are newly interested and looking for information, or for those who are having their previous perceptions challenged, it is the alternative media and critical voices alone that can place that information in a wider context for everyone else. In this, more people will see how it is the alternative media with their critical WikiLeaks and the Media perspectives which are more reflective of reality than, Instead of deriding WikiLeaks as "not telling us say, the mainstream media (for which WikiLeaks is a anything we didn't know before", perhaps the alternative "revelation"). Thus, more people may soon start turning media should use the popularity and momentum of to alternative media and ideas; after all, our perspectives WikiLeaks to take from it the documentation and have been vindicated, not those of the mainstream analysis that further media (though they attempt to strengthen our arguments and spin it as such). beliefs. This will allow for However, no other organised others, especially new apparatus is as capable of The fact that these people audiences of interested people disseminating as much are reading and discovering worldwide, to place the material as quickly and with WikiLeaks releases within a such global reach as the new things for which they wider context and mainstream media. If the understanding. leaks initially only made it are developing an interest is The reports from WikiLeaks into alternative media, then an incredible change. are "revelations" only to those the information would only who largely adhere to the have reached those who are "illusions" of the world: that already reading the alternative we live in "democracies" press. promoting "freedom" around the world and at home, In that, they would not have been such grand etc. The "revelations", however, are not simply "revelations" and would have had a muted effect. In challenging American perceptions of America but the their global exposure of WikiLeaks material (never mind perceptions of all nations and their populations. The their slanted and propagandistic interpretations), the fact that these people are reading and discovering new mainstream media have changed the dynamic and things for which they are developing an interest is an significance of the information. By reaching wider and incredible change. new audiences, the alternative and critical voices can This is likely why the corporate media are so heavily co-opt these new audiences and lead them away from involved in the dissemination of this information (which the realm of information "control" into the realm of itself is a major source of suspicion for the alternative information "access". This is potentially one of the media): to control the interpretation of the message. It greatest opportunities presented for the alternative and is the job of the alternative media, intellectuals and critical voices of the world. other thinking individuals to challenge that The WikiLeaks releases are a globally transformative interpretation with factual analysis. The WikiLeaks event, not simply in terms of awakening new people to releases actually give us more facts to place within and "new" information but also in terms of the effect it is support our interpretations than they do for the having upon global power structures themselves. With corporate media. ambassadors resigning, diplomats being exposed as We must ask why the WikiLeaks releases are liars and tools, political rifts developing between "revelations" for most people. Well, they are surprising western imperial allies, and many careers and simply for the fact that the media themselves have such reputations of elites around the world at great risk, a strong hold on the access to, dissemination and WikiLeaks is creating the potential for an enormous interpretation of information. They are revelations deterioration in the effectiveness of imperialism and because people are indoctrinated with myths. They are domination. This, in itself, is an admirable and worthy not revelations to the alternative media because we goal. That this is already a reality is representative of have been talking about these things for years. how truly transformative WikiLeaks is and could be.

a variety of issues. The question is: will the alternative media ignore WikiLeaks and isolate themselves, or will they engage with WikiLeaks and prevent the mainstream corporate media from having a "monopoly of interpretation", which becomes inherently propagandistic. If we do not reach out to this new and growing audience, we are left talking to each other, further isolating ourselves and ultimately becoming subverted and ineffective for change. We need to reach out to new audiences, and this is an incredible opportunity to do so. People are interested, people are curious, people are hungry for more.

People, globally, are starting to see their leaders WikiLeaks as an Opportunity If WikiLeaks is a psy-op, it is either the stupidest or through a lens not filtered by "public relations". the most intelligent psychological operation ever Through mainstream media, information gets filtered undertaken. But one thing is for sure: systems and through propaganda, which is why it is an essential duty structures of power are in the process of being exposed of the alternative media and critical thinkers to place to a much wider audience than ever before. The this information in a wider, comprehensive context. question for the alternative media and critical This would further erode the effectiveness of empire. researchers alike is what will they do with this With the reaction of several states and policing information and this opportunity. organisations in issuing arrest warrants for WikiLeaks Julian Assange was recently interviewed by Time editor-in-chief Julian Assange or in calling for his magazine about WikiLeaks, and explained to its assassination (as one Canadian adviser to the Prime inadequately informed editor that organisations which Minister suggested on television), these organisations are secretive need to be exposed: and individuals are exposing their own hatred of If their behavior is revealed to the democracy, transparency and freedom public, they have one of two choices: one of information. Their reactions can be is to reform in such a way that they can used to discredit their legitimacy to be proud of their endeavors, and proud to "rule". If policing agencies are ...this comes as no display them to the public. Or the other supposed to "protect and serve", why is to lock down internally and to are they seeking instead to punish surprise to those balkanize, and as a result, of course, and subvert those who expose the who closely study cease to be as efficient as they were. To truth? Again, this comes as no me, that is a very good outcome, because surprise to those who closely study the nature of the organizations can either be efficient, open the nature of the state and especially state and especially and honest, or they can be closed, the modern phenomenon of the conspiratorial and inefficient.15 militarisation of domestic society and the modern the dismantling of rights and phenomenon of Assange further explained some of freedoms. However, it is happening his perspectives regarding the before the eyes of the whole the militarisation influence of and reactions to world, and people are paying of domestic WikiLeaks, stating: attention. This is new. Aspects of the Chinese This is an incredible society and the government, Chinese Public opportunity to criticise foreign Security Service, appear to be policy (read "imperial strategy") dismantling of terrified of free speech, and while and to disembowel many global rights and one might say that means power structures. More people something awful is happening in now, than ever before, will be freedoms. the country, I actually think that is willing to listen, learn and a very optimistic sign, because it investigate for themselves. means that speech can still cause WikiLeaks should be regarded as reform and that the power structure a gift, not a distraction. Instead is still inherently political, as of focusing on the parts of the opposed to fiscal. So journalism and writing are capable of WikiLeaks cables (such as on Iran) which do not reflect achieving change, and that is why Chinese authorities are so the perspectives of the alternative media, we must use scared of it. Whereas in the United States to a large degree, WikiLeaks to better inform our own understanding not and in other Western countries, the basic elements of society simply of the "policy" itself but of the complex social have been so heavily fiscalized through contractual obligations interactions and ideas that create the basis for the that political change doesn't seem to result in economic policy to be carried out. change, which in other words means that political change In regards to the diplomatic cables themselves, doesn't result in change.16 WikiLeaks helps to unsheathe and strip away the rhetoric behind imperial policy and expose diplomats In the interview, Assange turned to the issue of the not as "informed observers" but as "agents of power". Internet and community media: The reaction by nations, organisations and institutions For the rise of social media, it's quite interesting. When we around the world adds further fuel to this approach, as first started [in 2006], we thought we would have the we are seeing the utter distaste that political leaders analytical work done by bloggers and people who wrote have for "democracy" and "freedom of information", Wikipedia articles and so on. And we thought that was a despite their rhetoric. Several institutions of power can natural, given that we had lots of quality, important content... be more widely exposed in this manner.

study so much horror in the world and see how little is being done about it. But activism and change need hope. This is very evident from the Obama campaign, which was splashed with rhetoric of "hope" and "change", something that all people rightfully want and need. However, Obama's "hope" and "change" were Wall Street brands and patents; it was a glorious practice in the art of propaganda and an horrific blow to true notions of hope and change. There is a reason why the Obama campaign took the top prizes in public relations industry awards.18 As researchers, media and critics, we must realise that While indeed, on most fronts in the world, things are our perspectives and beliefs must be open to change getting progressively worse, the alternative media have and evolution. Simply because something like this has focused almost exclusively on these issues such that never happened before does not mean they have blinded themselves to the that it isn't happening now. We live in positive geopolitical developments in the era of the Technological the worldnamely, the global political True change, Revolution, and the Internet has awakening and the role of the Internet instead, can only changed economics, politics and in reshaping global society. While society itself on a global scale. This is these issues are acknowledged, they come not from where the true hope in furthering and are not fully understood or explained global power better informing the "global political within the wider context: that these awakening" will need to take speed are, in fact, hopeful developments; that structures but and establish itself. True change in there is hope. WikiLeaks strengthens from the global our world is not going to come from this notion, if it is to be taken as an already established or newly created opportunity. "community" of institutions of power, which is where The list of examples surfacing from people, all issues are currently being the WikiLeaks cables is endless in the addressed, especially those of amount of additional information interacting with global significance. True change, that can be added to the instead, can only come not from alternative media's dissemination one another via global power structures but from of information and analysis. Make the power the global "community" of people, no mistake: this is an opportunity interacting with one another via for the spread of truth, not a unleashed by the the power unleashed by the distraction from it. Treat it Technological Technological Revolution. Change accordingly. must be globally understood and Revolution. About the Author: community organised. Andrew Gavin Marshall is a We are on the verge of a period research associate with the Centre of global social transformation. for Research on Globalization in The question is: will we do Montreal, Canada. He is co-editor, with Professor Michel anything about it? Will we seek to inform and partake in Chossudovsky, of the recent book The Global Economic this transition, or will we sit and watch it be misled, Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century (available at criticising it as it falters and falls? He is currently writing a As "globalisation" has facilitated the emergence of a book on global government, due to be released in 2011 by global elite and several global institutions and Global Research Publishers. His previous articles in ideologies of global power, so too has this process NEXUS are "The Imperial Anatomy of Al-Qaeda" (17/06), facilitated the "globalisation of opposition". So while "The Rise of the Global Scientific Dictatorship" (17/05), "A elites, globally, actively work to integrate and expand New World War for a New World Order" (17/02) and "The global power structures, they are inadvertently Financial New World Order" (16/0405). integrating and expanding global opposition to those very same power structures. This is the great paradox of Editor's Note: our time, and one which we must recognise, for it is not Due to space constraints, we cannot publish the complete simply a factual observation but a hopeful situation. version of Andrew G. Marshall's article. To view this and Hope should not be underestimated, and it is the accompanying endnotes, go to the website at: something that I have personally struggled with in my views of the world. It is hard to see hope when you The bulk of the heavy lifting heavy analytical lifting that is done with our materials is done by us, and is done by professional journalists we work with and by professional human-rights activists. It is not done by the broader community. However, once the initial lifting is done, once a story becomes a story, becomes a news article, then we start to see community involvement, which digs deeper and provides more perspective. So the social networks tend to be, for us, an amplifier of what we are doing. And also a supply of sources for us.17






Many secret societies, including those aimed at nurturing the spiritual enlightenment of their members, have been infiltrated by intelligence agencies for the purposes of grooming terrorists and fulfilling nefarious political agendas.
re secret societies just another front for shady intelligence operations? Are members of knightly orders groomed to become terrorists? Many initiatory cults, from the Solar Temple to the Rosicrucians, are or have been used as fronts for extremely nefarious and horrific dramas. In "State-sponsored Terrorism in the Western World" (NEXUS vol. 14, no. 2, FebruaryMarch 2007), I highlighted that western governments had organised terrorist activities against their own citizens, often sacrificing the lives of innocent civilians for what they consider to be the greater good. In countries like Belgium and Italy, government inquiries revealed that a secret army, known as the "stay-behind network", had been staffed by their own citizens. In Belgium, it had taken orders from the Belgian State Security Service, the equivalent of the Russian FSB or the American CIA. The cell was code-named SDRA8 and was directly linked to NATO's stay-behind centres, the Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC) and the Clandestine Planning Committee (CPC). In Italy, a series of bombing campaigns in the 1980s left hundreds of innocent peopleoften commutersdead and injured. These campaigns were part of a "strategy of tension", a way to control and manipulate public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs and false-flag terrorist actions, all carried out to scare the average citizen into the belief that communism was near and willing to kill. In truth, it was the intelligence agencies of the western world that killed and created a threat that was never real. Though state-sponsored terrorism is now a commonly accepted fact for these episodes (though the role of the British government in Northern Ireland remains a hotly debated topic), what is less known is that what kept this international network of "government-employed terrorists" organised was a series of pseudo-chivalric organisations, which conspiracy theorists have largely failed to identify for what they truly are and which the "esoteric crowd" largely has embraced with love.

Knightly and Terrorist Overlaps in Argentina, Spain and Italy

by Philip Coppens 2010

PO Box 13722 North Berwick EH39 4WB United Kingdom Email: Website:

One of the most prominent examples of a knightly overlap with the extreme right is the case of Jos Lpez Rega, a leader of the Umbanda voodoo cult which was strong in Argentina in the 1970s. Lpez Rega made his career in the ranks of the Argentinian federal police, but left the police force in 1961 at the age of forty-five. In 1965, he became acquainted with Mara Estela Martnez, the third wife of Juan Pern, who became enthralled by the occultist. He became her personal bodyguard, and soon after he became private secretary to President Pern himself. When Pern returned to Argentina in 1973, Lpez Rega became a minister in his new government. To "keep communism at bay", Lpez Rega founded the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (AAA), which was responsible for a series of brutal NEXUS 23

murders. On 20 June 1973, more than 300 people were the French journalist Maurice Fusier. In one of his books killed in Ezeiza. This and more meant that, in 1975, he on the subject, Secret d'Etat? ("State Secret?")1, he explains where his lines of enquiry have taken him. For example, had to flee to Spain, living in the Pern villa where he it has become clear that police and investigators decided to bring the AAA to Spain. Together with Stefano purposefully neglected clues which showed that unknown Delle Chiaie, he began the fight against ETA, the Basque persons aided if not executed the "collective suicides" freedom fighters, and the rest is another sad history. (which, in France, took place in 1995). Trails suggesting The knightly connections come in the form of Lpez that several hundreds of millions of dollars were moved Rega being a prominent member of the Italian from OTS bank accounts into what appears to have been Freemasonic lodge Propagande Due (P2), which in Italy Australia were intentionally not followed up during the was linked with a string of terrorist activities that were investigation. Specifically, Fusier has identified that key discussed in detail in my previous article (referenced figures within the OTS had direct links and access to the above). It was Lpez Rega who brought the Perns into then French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua. Indeed, in contact with Licio Gelli, the P2 leader. Gelli became an the final weeks of the OTS's existence, members claimed adviser to Pern, and he was the only non-Argentinian on and complained that they had been "infiltrated", and just the aircraft that brought Pern back to Argentina. before their deaths they sent their passports to Pasqua, Gelli and Lpez Rega then founded the Argentinian apparently claiming that they felt he was responsible for wing of P2, the Pro Patria lodge. Immediately, high what was about to happen. But how could a cult hold the rollers from the military as well as government ministers Minister of the Interior were admitted. The responsible for deaths that were organisation's primary agenda officially of their own doing? was to create ties with the oil The theory of collective and weapons industries. After ...police and investigators suicides has also been heavily Pern's fall, Lpez Rega was purposefully neglected contested by Alain Vuarnet, often seen around Lake Geneva Ren and Muguette Rostan, at Gelli's house, underlining the clues which showed that Willy and Gisla Schleimer, who close bond which the two men unknown persons aided are relatives of the victims, and had. Dr Alain Leclerc, their lawyer. if not executed the Order of the Solar Temple Their investigation has "collective suicides". The link between the stayuncovered one document, a behind networks in Italy and P2 copy of a letter of 21 April 1997, in Italy is not the exception. If addressed by a lawyer's office to anything, it is the rule. It is now a bank, concerning the clear that the stay-behind networks in various European distribution of 17 million French francs (about 2.5 countries infiltrated the knightly and freemasonic millions euros) between various personalities and organisations: in Italy, it was a Freemasonry lodge that political parties, the OTS and the Rosicrucian Order was targeted; in France, it appears that the Knights AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis). In his Templar of the Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple demand for a further investigation, Dr Leclerc (quoted by (Ordre Souverain du Temple Solaire, or OSTS), set up in Fusier) wrote: "If the document is true, it shows that the 1952, was their main attraction. Order of the Solar Temple was in activity after the last In the 1990s, the Order of the Solar Temple (Ordre du March 22, 1997 massacre [in Quebec, Canada] and that Temple Solaire, or OTS), under the visible leadership of the leaders of this organisation are still alive." The court Luc Jouret and Joseph Di Mambro since its inception in refused to investigate the letter. 1984, committed a series of what has been officially If the OTS's demise was a "state secret", what was going on? Author Franois-Xavier Verschave has argued that classified as "collective suicides"even though most of the "collective suicides" were connected to Gladio, the the victims were actually killed by bullet and/or secret NATO stay-behind network in Italy. Verschave may asphyxiation. French officials have rather purposefully be echoing the opinions of Dr Jean-Marie Abgrall, an neglected all routes that could reveal a ghastly truth and expert who was used during the investigations into the instead have continuously focused on the cult aspect of OTS and who was accused of violating these secret the organisation. For example, it has twice tried Michel investigations as he spoke out of turn. He was not the Tabachnik, a member of the OTS, for being responsible only expert who was frustrated with the level of secrecy for agitating the Order so that its members committed and the desire to bring some of this information into the suicide. Yet all experts consulted, as well as members of media spotlight: another was French esoteric journalist the "cult", stated that Tabachnik was innocent of such Jean-Luc Chaumeil. crimes. Twice a jury agreed, and twice Tabachnik was Abgrall repeatedly stated, in declarations to Le Point acquitted. and Nice-Matin in February 2003, that the Renewed Order One of the experts in the story of the Solar Temple is

of the Temple (Ordre Rnov du Temple, or ORT) cult, the Grossouvre was the person in charge of Gladio in the ancestor of the OTS and created in 1968, had relations Lyons region. Geoffroy d'Aumale and Jean-Pierre Faure, with the Gladio network. Abgrall added that there were in their Guide de l'espionnage et du contre-espionnage further relationships between AMORC, of which he was ("Espionage and Counter-espionage Guide")3, claim the same. De Grossouvre would later commit suicide inside once a member, and the French networks in Africa, the his office in the Elyse Palace, the residence of the so-called "Foccart network". According to Fusier, Abgrall French president, though many believe that he was concluded that "the Order of the Solar Temple, as well as "suicided". AMORC and the ORT, was created and controlled by Former members of the OSTS have noted that there French and foreign secret services". definitely was a military aspect to the OSTS. Though Other researchers have concluded that Luc Jouret, head there were mass gatherings of members in which of the OTS, co-operated with the far-right Belgian activist apparently esoteric if not magical rituals were performed, Jean-Franois Thiriart. In the 1970s, they founded an there were also weekends of a slightly different nature. organisation whose goal it was to organise a split in the One member stated that on one such Communist Party of Belgium, forming weekend, a group was taken to a the Parti Communautaire Europen, secluded valley in which their guides which then became the Parti began to show them extremely highCommunautaire National-Europen. tech machine guns which definitely Bruno Fouchereau, author of La mafia Several terrorist came from a military arsenal. des sectes ("The mafia of sects")2 and a attacks were writer for Le Monde Diplomatique, alleges They were asked to begin target that this Belgium "Nazi-Maoist group" practice, an offer which some of the attributed to this was actually controlled by the SDRA8, OSTS members immediately declined organisation and Belgium's branch of Gladio. and then most annulled their Observers have noted that there are membership or let it expire. It seen as attacks many parallels between the OTS and therefore seems clear that the OSTS against the French the original "Templar Order" in France, had always been, or at some point the OSTS. A leading member of the became, exposed to Gladio, and state, whereas they OSTS was Constantin Melnik, members were often unknowingly were actually head of the then French external invited to begin to train as intelligence agency SDECE. resistance fighters in the Gladio committed by the Melnik conceived the so-called network. La Main Rouge ("the Red Hand"), Within the Gladio framework, statea so-called a group of state-sponsored the OTS begins to make more false-flag terrorists that specifically sense. If the OTS was part of the operated in the Algerian War in Gladio network, it would explain operation. the 1950s. Several terrorist why it was led by Luc Jouret, a attacks were attributed to this Belgian ex-military official with organisation and seen as attacks ties to Gladio. It explains the against the French state, whereas enormous sums of money that they were actually committed by were transferred, and it explains the statea so-called false-flag what happened in the final days operation. of the OTS. If the OTS was a Gladio cell, it seems that the Melnik has since admitted his responsibility in the French Ministry of the Interior had indeed infiltrated this creation of the fiction of the Red Hand, but he has denied cell and may have been responsible for neutralising it (for Gladio was controlled by the CIA and NATO, not the any involvement in the Templar story. Instead, he has governments of the countries in which it operated). One pointed the finger at the KGB! He claims that, in 1958, it means of neutralisation is to kill all members sent over people to the area he lived in, dressed up as Templars, in an effort to discredit him! As he was later The Quebec Connection repeatedly seen at the OSTS headquarters in Villi Gladio is often seen as a European network of NATO Morgon, near Lyon, his claims regarding the KGB, even if cells created to fight communism. But the OTS also had true, do not change his personal and extensive members in Canada. And it was while investigating the involvement in the OSTS. OTS suicides there that the Quebec provincial police What Constantin Melnik does not dispute either is that force uncovered unrealised plans to set up a terrorist he received his training from the Rand Corporation, a organisation for war against the Mohawk Nation! The company whose principal customer is the Pentagon. He Mohawk live around Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence also accepts that it was Franois de Grossouvre who was River in what is now Canada and the United States. instrumental in his return to France in 1983. De

To make some sense of this story, it should be pointed That this may be the case comes from accusations from out that the OTS in Canada was specifically linked with the Quebec police, who suspected that Jouret, along with the electricity corporation Hydro-Qubec. There were his supposed involvement in an arms-trafficking ring, was press reports that executives of Hydro-Qubec were involved in blowing up transmission towers belonging to building dams at the behest of Jouret in order to provide Hydro-Qubec (where Jouret had given inspirational electricity for a Qubcois colony that would exist after seminars on business and self-realisation) and in leading the group's prophesied doomsday event. Of course, the Q-37. These accusations were hysterically denied in the doomsday prophecy could be seen as a smokescreen, the Solar Temple's collective suicide note which accused dam could be seen as a key economic initiative...and the Claude Ryan of belonging to the right-wing Catholic Mohawk Nation's wishes might have been overridden in secret society Opus Dei. the pursuit of hard cash by the OSTS and the like. AMORC Links Fusier underlines that Di Mambro wired 93 million US In the aftermath of the OTS suicides, most attention dollars to Australian banks before his death. And it is was focused on the group's Belgian "leader", but the little known that it is one Jean-Pierre Galipeau who group truly was more the child of claims that he is the heir to that Joseph Di Mambro than of Jouret. money. Galipeau is Canadian. At first Whereas Jouret's background was he appeared to Fusier as a potential largely military and he became a attention-seeker if not con-man, but Knight later, Di Mambro had joined the then Fusier entertained the notion that Rosicrucian organisation AMORC in his claim could be true. These accusations 1956. The official investigation into The story begins in 1995, when were hysterically the mass suicides established an Canadian citizens were told to register extremely close co-operation between any weapons in their possession. At denied in the Solar the OTS and AMORC. first, this law was said to cost two Temple's collective But the shady history of AMORC and million Canadian dollars, but the intelligence communities did not eventually the price rose to two billion suicide note which begin with the OTS. On 27 October dollars! Galipeau claimed that apart 1972, an Air Inter Viscount aircraft from several scandals, there was also a accused Claude crashed in the Loire. The group that the Quebec police had Ryan of belonging subsequent official investigation discovered in 1993, a year before did not clear up why the aircraft the first OTS suicides. This group to the right-wing had crashed and missed its was a "pseudo-terrorist group" Catholic secret landing in Clermont-Ferrand. known as Q-37, which was By 1976, French journalist Serge identified as planning the society Opus Dei. Hutin argued that the remains of assassinations of several leading the aircraft suggested that it had Canadian politicians. It was then suffered an impact with a uncovered that there was a report projectilethat is, it had been in the newspaper Soleil (of all deliberately shot down. names!) on 7 April 1993 that On board and one of the dead Jouret had been pressuring was Marie-Rose Baleron de women into training to shoot. The Brauwer, one of the chiefs of the French Renseignements report continued that a group that was known as Q-37 Gnraux, based in Nice. She was Hutin's partner and ("Q" standing for Quebec, and "37" being the number of wanted to give him a file. Specifically, she wanted to founding members) was linked to the OTS and had bring it to Clermont-Ferrand, where on 28 and 29 October already threatened Claude Ryan, Quebec's then Minister AMORC's yearly Grand Conseil et Sminaire Magistral of Public Security. Two members of the group were was being held. The president of the organisation was arrested and charged with complicity in acquiring Raymond Bernard, and Baleron was AMORC's weapons and silencers. One of these was...Luc Jouret. representative for the Puy-de-Dme region. Jouret returned to Canada in August 1993 and was Baleron's report, according to Hutin, detailed the links arrested, but he was given only a probationary sentence. between AMORC, the CIA, P2, the Corsican Mafia, the Allegations of terrorism, murder, etc. had all disappeared SAC (Service d'Action Civique, France's Civic Action and only the weapons charge remained. Was it because Service) and various other knightly orders. Hutin said officially the Quebec government's hands were tied? Did that the report specifically concluded that the extreme the government instead have to come up with an right-wing organisations were hiding as esoteric and "alternative punishment"? Were the OTS suicides the secret societies. The file showed details about their "real punishment" that Jouret received? (He died in the involvement in international terrorism and how it was mass suicide in Switzerland in October 1994.)

organised. Hutin stated that Baleron had been able to Others included William Casey, who was Director of show that the knights of the SAC, a parallel French police Central Intelligence under Ronald Reagan. It is force, had links with Raymond Bernard and Julien Origas, specifically Angleton who has been identified, in his role the leader of the ORT, the Renewed Templar Order as counterintelligence chief, as the main organiser of another organisation closely allied with AMORC and the Gladio in Italy. OTS. Because of the personal relationship between Maybe unsurprisingly, therefore, is that Licio Gelli was Baleron and Hutin, the French media could spend less a Knight of Malta, too. And what is less known is that he attention on the revelation than it deserved. But Hutin fought for Franco with Mussolini's Blackshirts. Indeed, at had no reason to lie. And it is a fact that, in July 1974, the end of the Second World War, Gelli was arrested and Origas spoke in front of the ORT and said: "[A] woman faced possible execution but was rescued by joining the had wanted to oppose the birth and the development of US Army Counter Intelligence Corps. In the case of Gelli, the ORT. She died in an accident."4 A rather interesting it was therefore a world in which he was both a Knight statement to make and a Mason. In 1975, Origas also held a series of meetings in A Murky Truth Brussels, where he said that he saw that year as the What has been portrayed as cult suicides, organisations beginning of a new era and the creation of a new superof modern knights and the like is merely a smokescreen: race. He spoke of the Green Order and felt that it was underneath is a sizzling pot of under the control of Luciferall political machinations and of them interesting comments intelligence agency shenanito make, and which are likely gans, often with the specific purnot known to the rank and file of Indeed, the Order of Malta pose of staging fake terrorist his Order!5 attacks or planning destabilisaThe lure of knightly or is able to transfer money tion campaigns. Masonic organisations is strong, in and out of countries to When the European with extravagant claimslike governments woke up to the the one made at AMORC which neither the CIA nor reality of Gladio in the early initiations that the Egyptian the Vatican has access. 1990s, it was clear that none pharaoh Tuthmosis III was the wanted to go deeper. But the founder of the Rosicrucians. In picture as it continues to truth, the Order was formed in emerge, and which has been 1915 by Harvey Spencer Lewis in portrayed above, is clearly still not the final truth. As no California. Contrast this with the notion that, in the government has dared to stare into the abyss, it is likely 1980s, AMORC had 160,000 members in France and G. that its depth will never be seen. Buisson, the official spokesman for the Order in France, was proud to state that certain governments, especially in About the Author: Black African countries, were under the control of Philip Coppens, who divides his time between the UK AMORC.6 and California, USA, is a long-time contributor to The Order of Malta NEXUS. His most recent article, "Climategate: The Today, there are hundreds if not thousands of pseudo Man-Made Global Warming Hoax", was published in vol. and official knightly organisations. Amongst the official 17, no. 2. For more information, visit Philips website at ones, the most notorious is the Order of Malta. Martin A. Lee, in his article "Their Will Be Done" (Mother Jones, July Endnotes 1983), states that the American branch of the Order is one of the most important communication channels 1. Fusier, Maurice, Secret d'Etat?, Editions des Traboules, Brignais, France, 2006 between the CIA and the Vatican. Indeed, the Order of 2. Fouchereau, Bruno, La mafia des sectes, Filipacchi, Malta is able to transfer money in and out of countries to Levallois-Perret, France, 1996 which neither the CIA nor the Vatican has access. 3. D'Aumale, Geoffroy and Jean-Pierre Faure, Guide de The Order of Malta is full of military and intelligence l'espionnage et du contre-espionnage, Le Cherche Midi, Paris, people, and its history in the 20th century truly begs a France, 1998 chicken-and-egg question: which came firstthe money 4. Van Bosbeke, Andr, Ridders van nu: over occulte connections or the intelligence officials? The head of the genootschappen en ridderordes in de 20ste eeuw ("Knights today: Office of Strategic Services, the predecessor of the CIA, on occult societies and knightly orders in the 20th William "Wild Bill" Donovan, was a member of the Order century"), EPO, Berchem, Belgium, 1987, p. 87 of Malta, as was James Jesus Angleton, the CIA 5. op. cit., p. 47 counterintelligence chief who was immortalised in the 6. op. cit., p. 27 movie The Good Shepherd.



The success of alternative cancer treatments utilising amygdalin, vitamin B17 or Laetrile has been denied by the medical establishment and government authorities because it threatens the stranglehold of "the cancer industry" over our health care choices.
This article is not intended to give medical advice. I am not a medical doctor. The intention is to raise questions as to the vested interests of research results and testing methods. It is also a retelling of a personal account that should raise ethical concerns which demand answers. This article only reports and retells facts, research and statements from others who have been involved in cancer research. The purpose of this article is not to claim a cure for cancer; rather, it is an act of responsible freedom of speech that should raise questions that need addressing about the study of treatments for cancer. SD'M y father and his business partner were the first people to introduce Laetrile into Australia, 35 years ago. After my father did this, people suffering from various forms of cancer chose to use it and successfully treated themselves. However, testing was refused despite its apparent amazing results in thousands of cases, with many willing to give written accounts of their personal experiences. Since 1963, there have been over 100,000 cancer patients treated successfully with Laetrile and other alternative methods at the Contreras Hospital, now the Oasis of Hope Hospital, in Mexico alone. The late Dr Ernesto Contreras, Sr, was a vocal supporter of Laetrile treatment. This hospital is his legacy. I, too, have been handed a legacy. As a twelve-year-old, I witnessed individuals identifying themselves as being from "Therapeutic Goods" approach my father with threats of financial ruin to try to dissuade him from importing and distributing this substance before any Australian legislation had been passed against it. More on this later. When Laetrile was finally officially tested in Queensland, it was shown to be effective (see Queensland Health Circular No. 02/2003; replaced by Circular No. 01/2006). However, despite the testing and approval of Laetrile eight years ago, sufferers are still not being made aware of it as a possible effective alternative treatment, thereby curtailing their ability to make informed choices for their own health care. This is far from acceptable. Before I proceed with telling my father's story in more detail, I should explain what Laetrile is and why it works.

What is Laetrile?

by Rev. Dr Sh D'Montford October 2010

Email: Website:

Laetrile is a name for vitamin B17, also known as amygdaline. Vitamin B17 occurs naturally in many foods including strawberries, cashews, cassava, apple seeds, and peach and apricot kernels, and can be consumed harmlessly from these sources. Many alternative practitioners claim that regular consumption of B17 can keep cancer at bay and is an effective treatment for many organ and skin cancers. For 3,000 years, traditional Chinese medicine has used peach kernels, also known as bitter almonds, which contain significant quantities of amygdaline, in the treatment of tumours. Its effectiveness was so legendary that peaches are associated with immortality in Chinese culture. NEXUS 29


in controlled doses as a refined pharmaceutical. Zhang Guo Lao, one of the Eight Immortals Commonly consumed substances such as salt and sugar associated with health and healing, is depicted carrying can be up to 20 times more toxic. a Peach of Immortality. Since 1843, various forms of Krebs claimed that the body breaks down B17 using this substance have been used in western medicine in the enzyme rhodanese, which changes it into the treatment of human cancer. Yet, in the 1970s, thiocyanate and benzoic acid. These are beneficial, administrative bodies began actively opposing vitamin working with B12 to nourish the body. Excesses of these B17, amygdalin or Laetrile treatments as "potentially by-products are expelled from the body via urine. toxic" and heavily promoted undeniably toxic Krebs's work demonstrated that rhodanese has an chemotherapy in their place, even though some studies inverse relationship to cancer cells: it is found show chemotherapy to be less than two per cent everywhere in a normal healthy body, but not where effective (Morgan et al., 2004; Barton et al., 1996). cancer cells exist. However, the enzyme betaThose who say that vitamin B17 is not a cure for glucosidase has a direct relationship to cancer cells and cancer are technically correct. It is only the human body is found in very large quantities around them. If there is that cures cancer. In the same way it is the human body, no cancer in the body, there is not the taking of supplements no beta-glucosidase enzyme. of vitamin B1, which are given However, when B17 comes into by injection or taken by mouth, Yet, in the 1970s, contact with beta-glucosidase that cures beriberi. Yet, the that is present in large human body cannot cure itself administrative bodies quantities around colonies of of beriberi without vitamin B1 began actively opposing cancer cells, a chemical reaction supplements. As I understand occurs and the hydrogen it, cancer cells are omnipresent vitamin B17, amygdalin or cyanide and benzaldehyde in the human body and are only Laetrile treatments as combine to produce a poison life-threatening when these get which destroys only cancer out of control. Vitamin B17 "potentially toxic"... cells. This process is known as appears to be the switch to selective toxicity. (See diagram.) control these cells and keep Why does one substance, them friendly. Deficiency in B17 Laetrile, appear to be selectively toxic against most may be a significant contributing factor to cancer cells cancers when there are hundreds of different kinds? becoming aggressive. The more we understand B17, the Ernst T. Krebs, Jr, an honorary Doctor of Science, found more it makes cancer look like it is a nutritional that the only constant, the malignant or neoplastic deficiency disease. Cancer is increasingly appearing to component in all exhibitions of cancer, is susceptible to occur if we do not consume foods that are rich in the Laetrile reaction's specific toxicity. This is the nitrilosides/vitamin B17. trophoblast. Trophoblast cells are primitive cells that Hydrogen Cyanide and Enzymes have a fierce antithesis to all other cell types, including The studies of American biochemist Ernst T. Krebs, Jr, their somatic or hostal cells. Krebs (1993) wrote: DSc, from the late 1940s, and many others through to "Cancer is trophoblast in spatial and temporal anomaly, the present who have duplicated his findings, show that hybridised with and vascularized by hostal or somatic vitamin B17 is in the cyanide family, but it is good cells and in irreversible and fiercely malignant antithesis cyanide. It is two parts glucose, one part hydrogen to such." So, we are looking at any specialist cell that cyanide and one part benzaldehyde (an analgesic). mutates into a typical, less evolved and more aggressive Hydrogen cyanide is non-toxic when taken as a food or form. B17/Laetrile is thus a typical treatment for a typical cell type.

False Testing and Vested Interests

In 1972, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioned its top doctor to conduct a study to provide evidence that Laetrile did not have an effect on cancer. The results proved the opposite. The study found that Laetrile inhibited the growth of tumours, stopped the spreading (metastasising) of cancer in mice, relieved pain, acted as a cancer preventative and improved general

health. At the time, Dr Kanematsu Sugiura was the vested interests or justified as "not good for the senior laboratory researcher at the Memorial stockholders". This untenable situation could be SloanKetting Cancer Center. He reported in his defended on the grounds of economic rationalism, i.e., experiments with mice that Laetrile was more effective in "Let a few of them die for the greater good". Yet the the control of cancer than any substance he had ever reality is that one part of society is surviving on the tested. This was not acceptable to his superiors. suffering and death of the other. Instead of being pleased at the possibility of a Many people might believe that a serious, fraudulent, breakthrough, they brought in other researchers to mass-life-threatening situation could never happen in duplicate Sugiura's experiments to try to prove that they modern times, yet I was an eyewitness to open were faulty. Instead, the follow-up studies confirmed statements that such shocking economic rationalism is a Sugiura's findings. Undaunted, his superiors called for driving force behind the cancer industry. new experiments, but following procedures which were A Family History designed to make the tests fail. Eventually they did, and This story begins some 35 years ago when my father it was only this failure that was announced to the world. Geoffrey was the first person to import Ralph Moss, PhD, was a science Laetrile into Australia. Dad was a writer and then the assistant director of partner in a new health foods public affairs at SloanKettering at the company, and they were also the first time of the Laetrile tests. When he was Instead, the in the world to sell flavoured mineral ordered by his superiors to release follow-up studies water. The market was wide open and false information about the results of my father had positioned himself well. those tests, he held a press conference confirmed At the time, Laetrile was not in November 1977 in protest and was Sugiura's findings. prohibited so it seemed like a good subsequently fired for "failing to carry investment to add to his stable, but out [his] most basic job responsibility" Undaunted, his my father soon became aware of the (Moss, 1994). Dr Moss later wrote a superiors called for overwhelming human need behind it. book, The Cancer Syndrome, about this It was more than a mere product. Dad scandalous situation, but it hardly new experiments, could see that it was really helping raised an eyebrow in the medical world. but following people. However, my father was Follow the Money Trail soon to realise that he was an procedures which idealistic man in a far from To make sense of something were designed to idealistic world. that seems bureaucratic and Dad ran the business from nonsensical, follow the money. make the tests fail. home. Our large double garage The money says this: when a had become our stock room. He person is diagnosed as having Eventually had two drivers and was cancer, as many as seven people they did... responsible for the distribution. are directly employed in their It was common for people to treatment. With hundreds of come to the home in order to thousands of people being conduct business with Dad. He diagnosed with cancer each year, would often do business deals this ensures that seven times as standing in the garage, sweaty from lugging boxes of many jobs are secured. Billions of dollars are poured stock. I was only twelve years old, yet I clearly into the fundraising process for cancer research, which remember some men in black suits with posh accents is itself a huge industry employing thousands. A small arguing with my father in the front yard of our house. I percentage of those funds not used up in the went outside to investigate the commotion. Dad was fundraising process filter through to a self-perpetuating finishing a very intense, in-depth conversation with research process. How is it possible, under these these men in black. They looked at each other and circumstances, to remove a vested interest in not finding rolled their eyes. I clearly remember hearing them say, a cure from this huge, convoluted bureaucratic process? "You don't understand; we simply cannot allow you to Add to this that the drug companies have stockpiles of import something that might damage the cancer industry if current treatments that are very toxic, are limited in people begin self-prescribing" (my emphasis). My father their results and are fetching very good prices. This rarely raised his voice or got upset, yet he swore at means that it would not be sensible to declare an easy, these men, told me to go inside and told them to leave. cheap, non-toxic and readily available solution, which As I was going inside, I heard one of the men say to my requires little or no specialist training in its father that if he refused to co-operate, they would ruin administration, as obtainable on the market any time him and all of his businesses. soon. It could be seen as being contrary to certain

"Who was that?" I asked my father when he came Dad tried to appeal the ban and have B17 scientifically inside. and clinically tested so that Therapeutic Goods would "Representatives from Therapeutic Goods," he replied. have no other choice but to approve it. Testing was "What do they mean by 'the cancer industry'?" I refused on the grounds that the there was no funding to queried. proceed with tests. Ironically, billions of dollars are "Cancer appears to be making a lot of people a lot of thrown at "the cancer industry" every year, yet money," he stated. "Whenever obviously stupid Therapeutic Goods could not find the resources to decisions are made by men in power, the reason can be investigate the successful results that people had found by following the money." achieved with B17/Laetrile. I was so angry. I understood what they had meant It is curious that with all of the money and time given before my father explained it, but I just couldn't believe to cancer research, no solutions have been forthcoming. it. These were people who were supposed to be Shouldn't we be demanding to know why, after all of this altruistically looking out for our best interests; however, time, these researchers still can't even tell us the most they revealed on our front lawn that they were serving basic things about cancer, like how and why cancer the best interests of big business. It had vague dj vu begins? Yet, as shown here, Krebs's theory behind why realism. At twelve, it was like someone telling me that Laetrile works purports that an answer to this question my worst nightmares were real: that has been known since 1950as has, the bogeyman was real, was out to get additionally, a cancer solution. everyone and made money out of Since then, other doctors and letting people die. I don't think this researchers have conducted studies Within a few anger has ever left me; it only grew as I and have had papers published that observed what happened to my father, conclude in favour of Laetrile; these weeks, these men a truly altruistic man trying to help include Dr John Morrone, Dr Manuel in black began to others. Navarro, Burton Goldberg, Dr Robert Within a few weeks, these men in Atkins, Dr Ernesto Contreras, Dr make good on black began to make good on their Michael Schachter, Dr Douglas Brodie their threats. threats. Legislation was swiftly passed and Dr Philip E. Binzel, Jr. The body that saw Laetrile busted down to a "Pet of evidence for Laetrile's effectiveness Legislation was Food Only" licence. Yet people still and safety far outweighs the evidence swiftly passed that bought it. When it became obvious against. that the health food stores were saw Laetrile Legal Recognition of Laetrile happy to keep stocking it in the busted down to a There has been some progress pets section, Dad found that his in Australia since the mid-1970s service station licences were not "Pet Food Only" ban, yet information about renewed and that he was unable licence. Laetrile's benefits has not been to buy bottles for his mineral getting through to the general water. Apparently there had been Yet people still public, let alone to most medical mass purchases by a subsidiary of practitioners who treat cancer. Coca-Cola. Being the first person bought it. If you wish to obtain a legal in the world to flavour mineral permit to obtain and use Laetrile water, my father should have been in Australia, you must proceed a millionaire several times over, with caution as the regulations yet his ethics prevented him from and permits contain ambiguous selling out. Dad had to let this language used to protect the departments involved. part of his business fall by the wayside. It is possible to obtain Laetrile/B17/amygdalin in Somehow Dad kept going. He kept supplying and Australia legally, whether from local or foreign sources, distributing Laetrile. The demand for the product was by applying to the Therapeutic Goods Special Access overwhelming. The testimonies were flooding in for this Scheme in Canberra. (Download "Category A Form much-needed substance, but they were disregarded by Special Access Scheme" from the authorities as merely anecdotal. docs/pdf/unapproved/sascata.pdf, complete it with your By the end of that year, 1976, B17 was completely medical practitioner and fax it to [02] 6232 8112. Check banned in Australia. Yet banning a product does not for additional details.) stop people who have used it and had successful results However, at least in Queensland, having a TGA import with it from trying to procure it. People were turning up permit for Laetrile does not allow you or your doctor to on our doorstep at all hours of the day and night, from possess or use it: the legislation stipulates that you as far away as Tasmania and New Zealand, begging for must obtain specific approval from Queensland Health. any stocks we might have left. It was heart wrenching.

Back in 2003, Queensland Health confirmed that it concerning your body and your health. The authorities had issued a small number of approvals to doctors to exert Draconian control over our health freedoms, and treat their patients with amygdalin/B17/Laetrile under we must let them know that we are very unhappy with strict guidelines. This was one step in the right this situation. direction. However, in 2006 it tightened the regulations, If enough people demand that amygdalin/B17/Laetrile deciding not to issue approval for treatment with oral be more freely available, the more likely that the amygdalin but only for intravenous or intramuscular onerous, ridiculous restrictions will be lifted on the use treatment (see Queensland Health, Circular No. of Laetrile. 01/2006). The powers-that-be will finally have to loosen their Patients to be treated with amygdalin have to be stranglehold on "the cancer industry". informed of the following (and agree to it in writing): that the process by which the amygdalin is About the Author: manufactured may not be subject to quality control; Reverend Dr Sh D'Montford is a teacher, healer, author, that there is potential cyanide toxicity associated with promoter and activist as well as a former Queensland amygdalin; and that there is a lack of scientific evidence business woman of the year. She is a member of the relating to the efficacy of amygdalin. As we have seen, Australian Association of accredited Alternative & Natural Therapists (AAANT) and runs the Australian Shambhallah the second and third of these issues have been Awareness Centre in Helensvale, repeatedly addressed by Queensland. Her previous respected members of the contributions to NEXUS are scientific/medical community. One reason given in the "Tibetan Buddhism and The One reason given in the 2006 Great Game" (13/05) and Queensland Health circular to 2006 Queensland Health "Unveiling Tibetan Buddhist warrant all of this over-stringent circular to warrant all of Propaganda and Atrocities" control: a possible side effect (12/04). of a high temperature! It's two t h i s o v e r s t r i n g e n t c o n t r o l : Dr D'Montford can be contacted steps forward, one step back! by mobile phone on 0402 793 - a possible side effect of In Queensland, the patient 604 and by email at must obtain a form, titled a h i g h t e m p e r a t u r e ! For "Drugs and Poisons: more information, visit Application for Approval to Obtain, Possess and Use References Amygdalin Informed Consent", from Queensland Barton, M.B. et al., "Radiation Therapy: Are We Getting Health (see The patient Value For Money?", Clinical Oncology 1996; 8(3):206 must then complete the form and sign it with their, "Dr Krebs dies, but his Laetrile legacy oncologist, who must then fill out and submit a form lives on", titled "Application by a Medical Practitioner for Griffin, G. Edward, World Without Cancer, American Approval to Obtain, Possess and Use Amygdalin". Media, California, 1974 Check the website for further guidelines. Krebs, E.T., Jr, E. T. Krebs, Sr and H.H. Beard, "The If you are not in Australia, strive to make yourself aware Unitarian or Trophoblastic Thesis of Cancer", Medical of the legislation surrounding the use of amygdalin/B17/ Record 1950; 163:149-174 Laetrile in your own country. You may be surprised. I Krebs, E.T., Jr, "The Unitarian or Trophoblast Fact of believe that it is legal to use amygdalin in the treatment Cancer" (Letter), Townsend Letter for Doctors, February-March of cancer in Mexico, Canada and some European 1993, p. 175 countries. I also understand that the traditional practice Laetrile Vitamin B17 website, of using the stone fruit kernels has never stopped in Morgan, G. et al., "The Contribution of Cytotoxic many Asian countries and has remained the standard Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies", form of first-line anti-cancer therapy. I would be very Clinical Oncology 2004; 16:549-560 interested if any readers could send me the current Moss, Ralph W., PhD, The Cancer Syndrome, Grove Press, legislation from their respective countries. New York, 1980 (updated as The Cancer Industry, 1987) To take this forward, we need to organise and sign Moss, Ralph, PhD, Laura Lee radio interview, 1994; petitions and email government health departments transcript at and authorities, demanding our right to self Oasis of Hope Hospital, determination on access to Laetrile, in all its forms, Queensland Health, Circular No. 02/2003, available at given the many studies confirming its safety and; Circular No. effectiveness. Remember, no matter what law any 01/2006, available at authority makes, your health is your responsibility. You have the right to make informed choices in matters


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UFOs, Antigravity & the Energy Grid
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Technology to Think About
ore than 6.6 billion people live on this planet, and not one of us ever really knows what our family, friends or neighbours are thinking or feeling. When you think about it, the most intimate relationship you have is with your mind. At this very moment, you are reading what were once my thoughts. You might be sitting at home, on your sofa or bed, or maybe you're travelling on public transport. Look around you: no one knows what's going on in your head right now. Can you imagine how different our lives would be if we could interpret the thoughts of those around us, if we could communicate mind to mind? Telepathic communication might sound like the ultimate invasion of privacy, but you only have to take a peek at some of today's mobile phone and Internet technology to realise that we are already connecting in ways that the human race has never before experienced. Instant messaging services and social networking websites such as Facebook, Bebo and Twitter have enabled us to share our thoughts and feelings in real time. Today, the computer keyboard is merely an extension of the mind. Take away the cables and monitors, and you soon realise that we have at this moment laid the groundwork for the exchange of information by way of thought. It would seem that the spoken language of the human species could be nearing extinction. For decades, people have been fascinated by the concept of "six degrees of separation"that we can be linked to every other person on the planet in just six steps or introductionsand, in recent years, Internet applications have provided researchers with the tools to conduct large-scale studies on our connectedness. In 2008, Microsoft put the six-degrees theory to the test: a study of 30 billion MSN conversations among 240 million people around the world revealed that it would take an average of just 6.6 steps for them all to be connected. Today, scientists and researchers are developing technologies that may one day lead to new forms of human-to-human communication. They are confident that future generations will be able to communicate mind to mind through technology-enabled telepathy, or tech-lepathy. While mind-to-mind communication might be a little way off, brain-to-computer technology is already in development, and over the coming years we will see it increasingly being used to assist people with disabilities, in particular those who are "locked in". Locked-in patients, such as those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease) are trapped in their bodies, unable to move or speak. Early trials of braincomputer interface (BCI) technology have made it possible for some locked-in patients to communicate with their family and caregivers; they have been able to write emails and produce documents using a word processor.

Brain-to-computer interface technology paves the way for instantaneous thought transfer and a new form of communication between people, leading to the prospect that the spoken language may one day become obsolete.

by Belinda Doyle 2011

When Tomorrow Comes Post Office Box 3350 Joondalup, WA 6027 Australia Email:


Emotiv Systems' president and co-founder Tan Le told Braincomputer interface technology is also being me in an interview2 that, in the future, braincomputer utilised in a project known as BrainGate. In the late interface technology will have far broader implications " the way that you surf the Internet, in the way that 1990s, Cyberkinetics developed the BrainGate implant, a you experience content and interactive content on your BCI that could be attached permanently to a patient's TV, in the way that you experience your environment in brain. In 2004, Matthew Nagle, a 26-year-old the home, with your appliances, all the way through to quadriplegic man, became the first person to receive the medical and health care applications where you can BrainGate implant. It was placed on the surface of his monitor your health". brain and included an external device on his skull that Tan Le further explained: "At the moment, if you look could be connected to a computer. When he was at the way that we interact with machines, it's very plugged in, Matthew could play video games using his limited, it's very one directional: you give a command brain as the controller. He could move a computer to a machine or computer and it does that task for you. cursor around a screen and manipulate a robotic arm. Even if you give it a multitude of commands, it's still In his 2009 book Wired for Thought, BrainGate chairman very directive, but when you look at communication Jeffrey M. Stibel outlined how BrainGate might be used between people on the other hand, it's far more in the future: "At roughly one-third the size of a penny, interesting because we take into account so much more our implantable device directly attaches to neurons in than is explicitly expressed: we the motor cortex of the brain. It observe facial expressions, we uses one hundred electrodes can intuit emotions through our roughly the width of a human dialogue with each other. hair to record brain activity The Emotiv EPOC enables You walk home one day and across a small number of your partner says 'Hey, why are neurons. Although BrainGate players to control games you so happy?' or 'What requires brain surgery, the using only their mind, and happened at work today? You performance is like nothing don't seem to be in such a good before seen. Once the device is it is set to revolutionise mood'. implanted, people are able to the gaming world. They can see that from just literally turn thoughts into observing you, without you action... having to say anything, and this "As with any great innovation, is the realm that doesn't exist at the lines of science and science all for machines and the way fiction are being blurred. There is that we interact with machines today. now a real possibility of downloading 'memory "And so, one of the things at Emotiv, our vision for the implants' or retrieving information wirelessly from the next generation of interaction between humans and Internet. Recall that the Google founders envisioned a computers is that it will evolve beyond the limits of future with 'the entirety of the world's information as conscious inputs, and this whole new realm of total just one of our thoughts'. We may be getting a bit communication will play a part where machines and ahead of ourselves, but that future may become a reality computing applications will start to have an insight into with BrainGate. how you experience information, how you experience "This technology has the potential to be revolutionary content, and will be able to dynamically present for those who are severely disabled. It will enable information and change information to really tailor bionics, restore speech, and give disabled people itself to you." unimaginable access to a world that the able-bodied If technology-enabled telepathy were ever to become take for granted. How will BrainGate change the world a reality, Tan Le believes it would develop as an for the rest of us? I can't say, but it is fun to imagine."1 extension of the virtual worlds, such as Second Life, Computer Games and Virtual Worlds that exist today: "I think the Internet is a way for While BCI technology is still being developed for breaking down barriers to connecting and interacting medical purposes, the gaming world has already with people, and having a device like this where you have a much better way of being able to show the way produced its first such device. In 2008, the EPOC that you feel, express yourself far more naturally headset was unveiled at a Game Developers Conference through an avatar-based environment, that allows you in San Francisco. The headset, which was developed by to have a better insight into people's perceptions, Emotiv Systems, is based on electroencephalography experiences, and allows you to relate, even through an (EEG) and uses a set of sensors to tune into the brain's avatar-type environment. electric signals. The Emotiv EPOC enables players to "There's always an issue of privacy associated with control games using only their mind, and it is set to things like this. How much information are we revolutionise the gaming world.

Wired with BrainGate Implants



comfortable with sharing? But I think there is certainly scope in the future for a better level of understanding to be reached. Over the last few years in doing this research, we've come to realise that there are so many similarities across cultures, across genders, in terms of the way that we actually respond to human beings. It's definitely a very interesting observation to see that whilst there's so much individuality, there's still a lot of commonality in the way that we experience emotions, and so there's a lot to be said in terms of trying to find a common dialogue for everyone and a better understanding from that."

system to assist astronauts in very noisy environments. However, Jorgensen is confident that in the not-toodistant future it will be used for a number of applications. "The technology would most likely be used for situations with high noise such as fire-fighters in pressurised gear, military environments when silent communication with small numbers of words are needed, or for specialised use by individuals with speech handicaps and limited communication capability. The obvious extension, given increased vocabulary, would be for a silent cellphone or in teleconferencing," he suggested.

Subvocal Speech System

Military Interest in BCI Technologies

The National Aeronautics and Space The United States Army is Administration (NASA) in the USA is particularly interested in the Unlike the also developing a new technology that development of brain-to-computer might one day provide the foundation and brain-to-brain technologies and braincomputer for a form of synthetic telepathy. In is currently working on a number of interface, which 1999, NASA scientists at the Ames projects that might one day be used Research Center began work on a military personnel. Researchers at requires an EEG cap by "subvocal" speech program. Unlike the University of California, Carnegie the braincomputer interface, which Mellon University and the University or brain implant to requires an EEG cap or brain implant of Maryland have received a grant to interpret the brain's develop a brain-to-computer system to interpret the brain's electrical activity, the subvocal speech system is that will enable dispersed ground electrical activity, able to decipher thought by forces to create email and voice mail the subvocal speech connecting sensors to the speech without the use of a keyboard or muscles. sound. system is able to The NASA team has found that Meanwhile, another US Army decipher thought by by placing small sensors under project is expected to take the the chin and on either side of the technology one step further, and connecting sensors larynx, they can collect nerve it could pave the way for the to the speech signals from the movement of the eventual development of mindtongue and vocal cords. To to-mind communication. In muscles. communicate, a person wearing 2009, the Pentagon's Defense the sensors only has to speak to Advanced Research Projects himself or herself, without Agency (DARPA) received US$4 moving the mouth or making a million to start a brain-to-brain sound. As the person silently program called Silent Talk. speaks, the brain sends an According to US Defense electric current to the speech muscles, which is in turn Department documents: "Silent Talk will allow user-toconverted into text. user communication on the battlefield without the use of vocalized speech through the analysis of neural Dr Charles Jorgensen, the Chief Scientist for signals. The brain generates word-specific signals prior Neuroengineering at NASA, has described the subvocal to sending electrical impulses to the vocal cords. These speech system as a "voluntary" form of communication signals of 'intended speech' will be analyzed and for users. translated into distinct words, allowing covert person-toHe explained in an interview: 3 "For me, telepathy person communication. would imply the ability to obtain inner thoughts without This program has three major goals: a) to attempt to the clear permission of the user. Subvocal speech must identify electroencephalography patterns unique to by its nature be voluntary and only picks up words individual words, b) [to] ensure that those patterns are whose physiological commands to the articulators have generalizable across users in order to prevent extensive already been sent to the tongue or larynx. This is one of device training, and c) [to] construct a fieldable preits desirable features, in my opinion, since it preserves prototype that would decode the signal and transmit privacy." over a limited range."4 The NASA team initially developed the subvocal

onerouswe just need it to be faster and more In 2009, researchers at the University of Southampton, accurate. Think of voice recognition systems and England, successfully demonstrated communication handwriting recognition systems at their inception: from person to person via thought alone. Here's how it they showed lots of promise, and now they are here with worked. The first person had EEG electrodes attached very good recognition rates."5 to the scalp. The brain activity was picked up and Network-Enabled Telepathy amplified using an EEG amplifier, and was then sent on What we are seeing at the present time is the the Internet through a PC. The first person transmitted emergence of what might one day be a completely new a series of binary digits, imagining moving the left arm form of communication. In the 10 years since work first for "zero" and the right arm for "one". began on the development of braincomputer interface The second person was also connected to an EEG technology, researchers have created systems that can amplifier; that person's PC picked up the stream of manipulate objects on a computer screen, systems that binary digits off the Internet, then flashed an LED lamp can control artificial limbs and others at two frequencies: one frequency for that can convert intended speech or "zero" and another frequency for "one". thought into text. The second person simply watched the The former program manager at flashing lamp. Wolf predicts DARPA, Stuart Wolf, has predicted that Throughout the entire experiment, one day we will communicate via what the recipient was unaware whether a that our thoughts he calls "network-enabled telepathy", one or a zero had been transmitted. will transfer or instant thought transfer. 6 Wolf However, through that person's brain predicts that our thoughts will transfer activity alone, the PC was able to across a network across a network directly into another decipher whether a zero or a one had directly into person's brain, and that two-way, been transmitted. mind-to-mind telepathic According to Dr Christopher James, another person's communication will become a reality. then working with Southampton brain, and that Kevin Warwick is the Professor of University's Institute of Sound and Cybernetics at The University of Vibration Research, BCI is now two-way, Reading, England, and the world's moving briskly forward and many mind-to-mind leading expert in cybernetics. labs around the world are Warwick believes that some time developing and using BCI as a telepathic this century we will develop mindcommunication device. to-mind telepathic He explained: "We are by no communication communication. "At present our means 'there' yet; many issues will become method of communication, remain: reliability [most BCI speech, is very slow, serial and systems are still lab-based]; the a reality. error prone. The potential to debate of implanted versus scalpcommunicate by means of attached electrodes still is thought signals alone is a very unansweredthere are pros and exciting one. We will probably cons to either case. have to learn how to communicate People need to think outside well in this way, though; in particular, how to send ideas the box more, too, in terms of how BCI is used. In the to one another. It is not clear if I think about an ice future, I expect to see a certain amount of cream, are my thoughts roughly the same as yours? We standardisation, and with the advent of smaller, cheaper will have to learn about each other's thoughts. Maybe it electrodes and smaller, longer-life power sources, BCI will be easier than we think, maybe not. Certainly will be talked of the way cochlear implants are talked of speech is an old-fashioned, outdated means of todayno longer a 'bionic' thing of wonder but a communicationit's on its way out!"7 system that is in routine use and making a difference So, how would the development of mind-to-mind worldwide. In 2030, BCI users will not only include communication change society? I think Sir William F. those with severe clinical needs, but athletes and Barrett summed it up nicely in his 1918 book On the performers could be using a different type of BCI to Threshold of the Unseen. hone their skills. The games market could be Sir William wrote about the social justice that he revolutionised the way the Wii has revolutionised believed would inevitably follow if telepathy were to gaming today through the use of accelerometers. transpire: "I don't think it would be used to drive cars, but it may be popular to write long texts using a neural interface. Continued on page 80 We know it can be done, and the technology is not too

Thought Transfer from Person to Person






Gnostic T emplar Grand Prior Mark Amaru Pinkham presents the amazing history and teachings of the Left Hand Pathwhich includes the worlds gnostics, alchemists, secret societies, and mystery school initiatesand its continual battle with the patriarchal adherents of the Right Hand Path. World War II historian Nigel Graddon chronicles a number of mysterious U-Boat missionsincluding trips to Antarcticathat took place both during and after the war. He details the strange landing of U-33 in Scotland in 1940, which involved the topsecret Enigma encoding device.

World Gnosis: The Coming Gnostic Civilization

The Mystery of U-33: Hitler's Secret Envoy

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Within two decades of the introduction of the analgesic drugs phenacetin and paracetamol in the 1880s, the first cases of Alzheimer's were described, and subsequently the disease rate rose sharply. Fortunately, natural medicine offers a solution.
t first glance, it sounds far out to link Alzheimer's disease (AD) to an apparently harmless over-the-counter analgesic (pain reliever) and antipyretic (fever reducer). Paracetamol is called acetaminophen in the United States and Canada, and is often sold under the brand name Tylenol. In Australasia, Africa, Asia, Europe and Central America, Panadol is the most widely available brand. As opposed to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen, which reduce pain and inflammation mainly by local action, paracetamol has recently been shown to work mainly by affecting the brain, where it blocks the reuptake of analgesic cannabis chemicals or endocannabinoids. This only reduces pain without improving inflammation. It also gives us an indication as to why paracetamol is more likely to be associated with a degenerative brain disease than are NSAIDs with their mainly local mode of action and anti-inflammatory properties. That paracetamol is far from harmless can be seen in its tendency to cause kidney and liver damage. Overdosing with paracetamol/acetaminophen is the most common cause of acute liver failure in the United States and other western countries. Paracetamol has a very narrow therapeutic index (ratio of the toxic to the therapeutic dose). Therefore it is easy to overdose with paracetamol, and most liver damage results from unintentional overdoses, although intentional overdosing (suicides) is also common. The maximum recommended daily intake is four grams, but this amount already tends to cause liver damage. Since 2009, the US FDA has been contemplating reducing the recommended maximum dose. Paracetamol overdose results in more calls to poison control centres in the United States than does overdose of any other pharmacological substance. Paracetamol is especially toxic to the liver if taken together with alcohol, and then it can easily be fatal. If taken during pregnancy, paracetamol can cause infertility in boys. Untreated, overdose can lead to liver failure and death within days. The antidote for paracetamol overdose is acetylcysteine (also called N-acetylcysteine or NAC). It is a precursor for the antioxidant glutathione which helps the body to prevent liver damage. Paracetamol is also lethal to cats and snakes.1 However, until the 1970s, phenacetin was the preferred analgesic; it was converted in the body to paracetamol as its active ingredient. In the 1940s, there was a sharp increase in gastric ulcers in young women in Australia, especially in Queensland and New South Wales, followed in the 1960s by an epidemic of kidney failure. At that time it was also recognised that these events were related and were induced by analgesics, in particular by the addictive consumption of Bex Powder. Originally, Bex contained aspirin, phenacetin and caffeine but in 1976 phenacetin was replaced with paracetamol. It was addictively used by women of all agesespecially housewives, who were encouraged to have "a cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down"and it was also the mood-altering drug of choice for young women.2 NEXUS 41

by Walter Last 2011



The Alzheimer's Connection

From the 1880s, phenacetin, an aniline derivative, was widely used as an analgesic. The consumption of Timelines of AD and Paracetamol phenacetin and other analgesics increased steeply after The term Alzheimer's disease was coined in 1910 for World War II. In 1971, the first paper was published an unusual form of early-onset dementia. It had been that linked high use of phenacetin with the independently recognised in 1901 by Oskar Fischer in development of Alzheimer's disease.3 Autopsies were Prague and then by Alois Alzheimer in Frankfurt. performed on a series of individuals who had died of Fischer's first patient died in 1903; Alzheimer's in 1906. kidney disease caused by high intake of analgesics The cortex of each patient showed rare plaque-like (analgesic nephropathy). Senile plaques were found in lesions. Both published their findings in 1907. Despite six individuals aged from 52 to 67 years who had intensive search, only 12 instances of plaques in lifetime high intakes of phenacetin, while no plaques dementia patients had been found before 1907. Over were seen in two subjects aged 68 and 72 years who the next five years, 115 new cases were discovered; had consumed similar amounts of aspirin but no Fischer described 56 of these. phenacetin over their lifetimes. These findings do not Compare the timing of these events leading to the only apply to phenacetin itself, but also to its active recognition and definition of AD to the introduction metabolite paracetamol which eventually replaced and use of phenacetin. Both phenacetin and phenacetin because of its lower kidney toxicity. paracetamol were first tried on The Abstract of this 1971 patients in 1887. At that time, paper reads: "Psychometric phenacetin became the and psychiatric studies on ...the introduction and preferred drug, and its sales eight patients who had abused established Bayer as a leading compound analgesics widespread use of pharmaceutical company. containing phenacetin showed phenacetin preceded the Originally, very high doses were that four had definite evidence recommended by some doctors. and two possible evidence of sudden appearance and Use of phenacetin spread organic dementia. Neuroexplosive spread of AD by internationally on a large scale pathological studies on nine as a result of the 188990 other analgesic abusers one or two decades. Asiatic influenza pandemic. At disclosed a surprisingly high the same time also, its kidney incidence of the histological toxicity became apparent. By features of Alzheimer's disease. comparing the two timelines, we see that the It is suggested that gross abuse of phenacetin may introduction and widespread use of phenacetin overwhelm the antioxidant protection of the body, preceded the sudden appearance and explosive spread leading to premature deposition of lipofuscin, and of AD by one or two decades. Also, these early AD accelerated neuronal ageing." victims typically displayed the kidney damage This study was not followed up by other researchers characteristic of phenacetin overuse. Another or health agencies. But some time later, a "strange" indication of a possible causal connection is the incident happened to Robert Jones, PhD, that made statistical fact that presently paracetamol use and AD him dig more deeply into the possible link between incidence are almost twice as high in women than in paracetamol and AD. Dr Jones worked mainly as a men. British cancer researcher who fell out with the Originally, phenacetin and later paracetamol were establishment when he published his protocol for the mainly used and produced in industrialised countries treatment of cancer with promethazine, an and that is where AD initially flourished. But in more antihistamine also known as Phenergan.4 Twenty years recent years (2008) production has stopped in Europe ago, he took paracetamol for about 10 days to alleviate and is now mainly based in China and India which pain while painting his house. Two weeks later, he presently also have the highest projected growth rates noticed short- and long-term memory problems. of AD. The estimated annual world production of Gradually these improved again, but 10 years later the paracetamol is about 145,000 tonnes. That is an awful same sequence repeated itself. That pricked his amount of tablets to swallow, and, at the maximum curiosity and he started looking into a possible dose of four grams per day, sufficient to control the connection between paracetamol and AD. The result of chronic pain of about 100 million people. It also shows his research was an article in Medical Hypotheses in 2001.5 This did not make much of an impact, and so he us where the incidence rates of AD may be heading; in 2010, about 35 million cases of AD exist worldwide. recently wrote another article, "Does placing the So far, indications are that a high intake of histories of certain analgesics and FischerAlzheimer's paracetamol for extended periods is required to lead to disease (FAD) in relative alignment reveal connected

pharmacological risk factors?"6 But this time the paper was not even accepted by a medical journal.

This has enormous implications... It's a huge problem to start thinking about a nearly infinite array of mixtures of chemicals, instead of the risk that a single chemical might pose."7 Perhaps residues of paraquat and maneb also cause or contribute to the development of AD. Who is responsible for finding out and allowing only safe combinations of drugs and chemicals into our food chain? Obviously, the safe way to minimise our chances of developing AD is to minimise our exposure to all drugs and questionable chemicals! Even Other Contributing Factors occasionally taking relatively harmless drugs to treat We may assume that the risk of developing insomnia and anxiety has recently been shown to Alzheimer's disease is a function of several factors, increase mortality risk by 36 per cent, and widely used including the lifetime intake of NSAIDs increase the risk of a stroke paracetamol, the ability of the liver to by up to 86 per cent while also detoxify the substance, and the ability increasing the overall death rate.8 Therefore of the kidneys to excrete the residues. We have government health Therefore someone with liver or agencies that are supposed to ensure someone with liver kidney damage, or burdened with the the safety of drugs. So far, after over ingestion of other drugs, or exposed 100 years of medical use, no proper or kidney damage, to mercury, can be expected to safety checks have been made for or burdened with develop AD at much lower doses than phenacetin or paracetamol, someone who is reasonably healthy especially in regard to the possibility the ingestion of and does not normally use any other of causing or contributing to AD. For other drugs, or drugs. that matter, no proper safety checks There are three metabolic pathways have been done for other drugs, exposed to in which the liver can detoxify either. Drug companies are just mercury, can be paracetamol, and one of these required to do some short-term pathways can produce a toxic studies with single drugs and expected to metabolite which may often on healthy individuals. develop AD at accumulate with high intakes and From this, the medical system certain genetic and metabolic deduces in an act of magical much lower doses conditions. Therefore it is clear thinking that such drugs are then than someone that the accumulated dose of safe when used in the long term paracetamol which may trigger or for a lifetime, and/or if used by who is reasonably AD can be expected to vary individuals with weak liver or healthy... widely between individuals. kidney functions, and/or with Furthermore, there is no reason impaired metabolic or to believe that paracetamol may detoxifying abilities, and/or when be the only drug or used in combination with environmental chemical that can various other drugs and cause AD-type brain damage. Not only individual drugs chemicals. In a few cases, drugs may be curtailed or and chemicals but combinations of them may cause or withdrawn after a few decades when sufficient numbers of patients have needlessly died, but overall contribute to AD. We do not know anything about this; no one knows how much morbidity or mortality is so far, no one has investigated. caused by long-term drug use in varying combinations One telling example is the "accidental" finding that for different conditions. small amounts of the common herbicide paraquat and One class of drug that does frequently cause the fungicide maneb are apparently harmless when fed deterioration or loss of memory is the statin drugs to animals individually but when given together to rats prescribed to lower cholesterol levels. Dr Duane and mice, even at very low rates, they produce the Graveline, a former NASA astronaut and US Air Force symptoms of Parkinson's disease. These chemicals are flight surgeon and a retired family doctor, wrote that he widely used in farming and may remain present as crop suddenly had a temporary complete loss of memory residues. The leader of the research team said: "No after six weeks of using Lipitor . He collected one has looked at the effects of studying together some statements from others who had been similarly of these compounds that, taken by themselves, have affected. little effect.

the development of Alzheimer's disease. In one study, the use of paracetamol in dementia patients was found to be higher, at 51 per cent, compared with 21 per cent in non-demented controls. In some more recent studies, aspirin and other NSAIDs had a moderately protective effect on the development of AD, but paracetamol use of more than two years increased the risk by about 50 per cent. However, these were shortterm studies and it was not specified if paracetamol use was occasional and light, or chronic and heavy.6

It has been proposed that high or elevated "The vitamin completely prevented cognitive decline cholesterol levels protect the brain from deterioration.9 associated with the disease, bringing them back to the Other frequently claimed causes or contributors to level they'd be at if they didn't have the pathology." In the development of AD are lack of long-chain omega-3 addition, niacinamide also improved the memory of fatty acids, specifically DHA, mercury from dental mice without AD. Presently, there are several human amalgam, seafood and vaccinations, and aluminium trials with niacinamide in progress.13 It is no real surprise that vitamin B3 is beneficial from cookware, baking foil, processed foods, baked because it works also with many other conditions, such goods, baking powder, brewed drinks, drinking water, as improving or normalising schizophrenia, senile some antacids, and antiperspirants. Other factors are conditions, arthritis, hyperactivity or behavioural and mentioned as being lead, mobile phones/cellphones, learning difficulties of children, cholesterol problems, solvents, fungi and parasites, sugar, chlorinated water, cancer, dermatitis, juvenile diabetes, fatigue and lack of inhalant anaesthetics, and excitotoxins such as energy.14 The reason why a single vitamin can help with monosodium glutamate (MSG). A good overview of all of these problems is its key role as these factors with some references is a coenzyme in oxidative cellular at "Alzheimer's Disease: On energy production. Suggested Causes and Cures".10 In AD, If certain areas of the brain or the Biostatistician Bernard Windham body are congested with metabolic collected hundreds of scientific niacinamidewaste products or for other reasons references on the toxic effects of have reduced blood supply, then mercury and also aluminium as a dependent energy production in that part of the cause of AD and other neurological enzymes have body is reduced. The brain needs 20 and autoimmune conditions. per cent of our total energy to Accordingly, major factors in the been shown to be function properly and therefore is neurotoxicity of mercury are deficient. Getting especially sensitive to lack of energy. decreased levels of glutathione An indication of the degree of peroxidase and superoxide more niacinamide biological ageing is the amount of dismustase which lead to increased into congested lactic acid accumulating in the brain. lipid peroxidation in the brain. Even This is especially pronounced a few micrograms of mercury can brain cells helps with degenerative brain diseases severely disturb cellular to rev up energy such as Alzheimer's disease and functions. Mercury also Parkinson's disease.15 Lactic acid accumulates in the mitochondria p r o d u c t i o n a n d is formed when the oxidative and interferes with their vital lets these cells energy production in the functions, especially by mitochondria, the powerhouses inhibiting cytochrome C enzymes function more inside cells, declines. In AD, and reducing energy supply to 11 niacinamide-dependent enzymes the brain. normally. have been shown to be In regard to mercury and Getting more deficient. 16 aluminium in vaccines, we can niacinamide into congested read: "A study of people who brain cells helps to rev up energy received flu shots regularly found production and lets these cells function more normally. that if an individual had five consecutive flu shots There may be an additional reason related specifically between 1970 and 1980 (the years studied) his/her to paracetamol in its function as an antipyretic. This chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease is ten times means that paracetamol lowers the body temperature, higher than if they had one or no shots".12 and it may do this by lowering the temperature in a The Niacinamide Cure specific part of the brain by reducing the energy In a study of mice with induced AD, it was found that metabolism in that area. Niacinamide has the opposite effect: someone who does not produce enough body their full memory was restored after treatment for four heat and easily feels cold, with cold hands and feet, can months with the human dose equivalent of 2,000 to often improve or overcome this problem by taking high3,000 milligrams of niacinamide, also called dose niacinamide supplements. However, even if nicotinamide or vitamin B3. Niacin, or nicotinic acid, niacinamide works as well in humans as it does in belongs to this group as well but it tends to induce mice, it is not likely to be a permanent solution. In flushing and some may be reluctant to take it, although most of the mentioned conditions, high doses need to it is the recommended form to lower cholesterol and be continued indefinitely or until the primary blockage triglycerides in the blood. "Cognitively, they [the mice] in energy production has been removed. were cured," commented the leading researcher.

Niacinamide works best when other vitamins of the B Other studies show that a low dosage of a certain group are also supplied at lower doses, such as taking a cannabinoid, a component in marijuana, reversed B complex with most meals. In addition, vitamin B12 is memory loss in older rats. These old rats performed especially useful. In AD studies, B12 has commonly better in memory tests and had less brain cell death. It been tested together with folic acid and vitamin B6. has also been found that people who regularly smoked These B vitamins control levels of the amino acid marijuana in the 1960s and 1970s rarely develop homocysteine in the blood. Homocysteine is formed Alzheimer's disease. during the conversion of the amino acid methionine Earlier research (2006) showed that THC, marijuana's into the functional amino acid cysteine. When these active ingredient, can slow the formation of "Alzheimer vitamins are deficient, high levels of homocysteine plaques" in the brain better than any commercial drugs. accumulate which are associated with an increased risk THC also blocks clumps of protein that inhibit memory of AD. Supplementing with these vitamins can halve and cognition in AD patients.20 These beneficial effects of cannabinoids may be significant as paracetamol has the rate of brain shrinkage in elderly people with mild been shown to work by blocking cannabinoids in the memory problems. Those with the slowest rate of brain. shrinkage had better cognitive test scores.17 To improve blood supply to the brain, it is beneficial However, vitamin B12 is poorly absorbed, especially frequently to lie for extended periods with the head by the elderly. If one does not want to get regular lower than the heart, such as on injections of B12, one can chew a slant board or by raising the a tablet and keep it under the foot end of the bed with bricks. tongue for as long as possible, or dissolve it in a small amount Supplementing with these The Real Cure of warm water to make a paste Medical research clearly and rub it into the nostrils for vitamins can halve the rate shows that a major factor in absorption. If done daily, only a of brain shrinkage in the development of small amount needs to be used. Alzheimer's disease is a large Better than folic acid from elderly people with mild amount of abnormal proteins tablets is folate from green memory problems. deposited in neurons and leaves or their juices. other brain areas. In addition, Other Useful Measures there are also oxidised lipid wastes and toxic metals. It is Other beneficial vitamins and clear that these more or less toxic waste accumulations minerals are high amounts of vitamin C, D (sunshine) will greatly limit nutrient supply, waste removal and and (natural) vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, iodine and energy production in the affected areas of the brain. selenium. Lecithin, gingko biloba and turmeric are While mainstream medicine will continue to search beneficial for the brain and liver, while caffeine for new and better drugs and technologies, for natural stimulates brain activity. A recent supplement to the medicine this is a standard problem with a timeJournal of Alzheimer's Disease showed that the honoured solution. consumption of moderate amounts of caffeine slowed Essentially, all chronic degenerative diseases present the cognitive decline associated with ageing as well as us with the same picture of accumulated metabolic and the incidence of AD.18 Acetyl-L-carnitine or ALCAR (try 12 grams per day) toxic waste products that obstruct normal cell and increases energy production by delivering fatty acids organ functions. The main difference between the into mitochondria and improves their health by helping multitude of diseases is the organ or part of the body to dispose of fatty wastes. It also increases production that is most affected and the way in which body functions are impaired. of the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine. The process by which cells degrade and recycle Before Alzheimer's patients experience memory loss, material into amino acids that can be reused is called the brain's neurons have already suffered harm for autophagy. It is an essential component of cellular many years due to their mitochondria being congested survival and defence against invading organisms. Even with protein and fat residues.19 The omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) mainstream researchers realise that waste removal is the potential cure and that calorie restriction is the most abundant fatty acid in the brain. People encourages autophagy, but it is more profitable to look with liver damage (as from paracetamol) have lost the for a drug or technological solution to accomplish ability to synthesise it from the more common alphathis.21 linolenic acid. Therefore supplementing with DHA If the affected cells could break down the obstructing tends to be beneficial but it needs to be given together plaques, this would greatly increase the chances of with protective vitamin E, as oxidised DHA may recovery from AD. damage the brain.

A researcher in one study explained: "Although we Step 5: Use oral chelation to remove mercury and do not yet completely understand how these diseases aluminium. Sulphur compounds are needed to develop, we do know that the proteins clump together detoxify the liver. If these are not well tolerated, add a and form a plaque buildup in affected patients' molybdenum supplement. One of the strongest neurons. If we can direct the cell's own ability to break chelators is alpha-lipoic acid (also called thioctic acid), down waste products against the plaques, we could best combined with milk thistle extract. Chlorella keep them from forming and potentially intercept the (broken-cell powder) prevents re-absorption of expelled development of these and other diseases."22 metals from the intestines. Also helpful are MSM, NFurthermore, most chronic and autoimmune diseases acetylcysteine, alpha-tocopherol and ascorbic acid. are associated with the presence of pleomorphic or You may also add other mercury chelators obtained cell-wall-deficient microbes in the affected tissues, and from the Internet or use the Klinghardt Neurotoxin there is some indication that this is also the case with Elimination Protocol.26 Step 6: To reduce or eliminate microbial problems, AD. For instance, by experimentally using a drug that is try a mild form of the Ultimate Cleanse27 with special approved for immune deficiency and autoimmune focus on using lactic acidfermented foods, especially disorders, researchers achieved much better results fermented vegetables such as genuine sauerkraut. than with any drug approved and used for treating AD.23 This shows the potential benefit of treating AD like an Step 7: A series of cleanses using fresh raw food is autoimmune disease. For a more detailed explanation, needed to remove the toxic and metabolic waste see my article "How to products from the brain. This Overcome Chronic and is the most difficult part and Autoimmune Diseases".24 needs to be done gently with Therefore it is clear that While cleansing is difficult only gradually increasing even for determined individuals intensity. When under-eating, any attempt at setting up who want to improve their the body starts to process, community healing health, it is even more so for digest and eliminate its waste Alzheimer's disease patients productsbut only if it has ventures needs to start and their carers. Nevertheless, enough vitality, which can best from the grassroots level it is the only game in town, and be supplied with fresh juices of some carers or even individuals wheat grass and barley grass as and proceed very carefully. with early symptoms may want well as sprouted seeds, e.g., to try it. mung beans and lentils. In So here is a basic outline of addition, protein-digesting an holistic program. enzymes, e.g., bromelain and papain, are helpful.28 Step 1: Avoid or minimise the factors that have been Outlook for the Future mentioned as causing or contributing to the condition; Ideally, governments would encourage and support e.g., any mercury amalgam fillings still present should the establishment of sanatoriums and health farms for be removed, preferably by an holistic dentist. the holistic therapy of patients with Alzheimer's Gradually reduce any drugs to the absolute minimum. disease and other chronic diseases. But sadly, Food should be as free of chemical additives or government health agencies are firmly wedded to drug residues as possible. medicine and have a long track record of suppressing Step 2: Gradually introduce vitamins, minerals and natural medicine. Examples of this are the persecution other remedies mentioned as being beneficial, of holistic cancer therapists 29 and the malicious especially remedies and methods that improve liver destruction of Pan Pharmaceuticals in Australia.30 function and blood circulation to the brain. Try 500 Therefore it is clear that any attempt at setting up milligrams of niacinamide with each meal; possibly community healing ventures needs to start from the double the dose. If niacinamide therapy is reasonably grassroots level and proceed very carefully. A model for successful, that will make the whole program so much this exists in the movement started by Ann Wigmore in easier to follow. the 1960s that led to the establishment of the Step 3: Monitor the acidity of the urine and try to Hippocrates Health Institute. There, visitors could keep it close to pH 7. If it is mostly too acid, then take detoxify and heal on a raw food program based on fresh more alkalising agents including sodium bicarbonate wheat grass juice and sprouted seeds. This movement (not close to meals) and potassium citrate. If the body included city centres as well as health farms. It would seems to be too alkaline, with a pH above 7, and if the be great if this movement or something similar could skin is insensitive to irritants such as insect stings, then be revived and made to spread worldwide. take more ascorbic acid and hydrochloric acid supplements with meals. Continued on page 81 Step 4: Gradually adopt a high-quality diet.25



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reciprocals of each other. That last statement is very important. Said another way, light and gravity have an inverse relationship to each other. As the harmonic of one increases, the harmonic of the other decreases. Knowing this one fact should allow you to understand the concept of how UFOs fly and how black holes operate. In order to work with the harmonics of the World Grid system, you have to adhere to some rules. The Rules of Harmonics are: 1) the system is based on 6 and 10; 2) zeros to the left or right of the decimal point, in any number sequence, are irrelevant and can be ignored. The Rules of Measurement dictate that you must use the following units: 1) the nautical mile, which is equal to 6,000 geodetic feet or 72,000 geodetic inches;


by Bruce L. Cathie and Rod Maupin 2010
The Gridpoint Atlas 4.0 software is the result of a 21-year collaboration between Captain Bruce Cathie (Ret.) of Auckland, New Zealand, and Rod Maupin of Rainier, Washington, USA. The software illustrates all of the concepts that Bruce Cathie has described over the past 40 years in his many books, articles and videos on the World Grid system. Ed.

Calculation and Map Windows

o begin the discussion, there are two parts to the Gridpoint Atlas software: a Calculation window and a Map window. The Calculation window provides several utilities which allow you to calculate harmonics of the speed of light, gravity and the Earth's magnetic field for any latitude on the Earth's surface. All of the mathematical calculations and tables from Bruce Cathie's books are available for use in this side of the software. The Map window allows you to plot maps of any area of the world, overlay the World Grid onto them, and then view those overlays in Google Earth.

2) the day, based on 27 grid hours or periods for one revolution of the Earth. There are 60 grid minutes in one grid hour and 60 grid seconds in one grid minute. Bruce Cathie found that he had to apply both the Rules of Harmonics and the Rules of Measurement in order to uncover the harmonic relationships of the World Grid system. The idea is that you must first convert measurements to nautical miles and base the time component on a 27-hour day. After doing that, you can apply the Rules of Harmonics by checking for harmonics of 6 and 10, and ignoring zeros to the left or right of the decimal. It is worth noting that these measurements are not used together by any country in the world. Nautical miles are used in aircraft, watercraft and spacecraft travel, but no one on Earth uses a 27-hour day. We use a 24-hour day. It is our contention that, in the

World Grid System

If you aren't familiar with the World Grid and its associated harmonics, here is a brief explanation. The World Grid system is a natural electromagnetic network that creates the harmonic geometric structure of the Earth from the universal unified field. Our reality is manifested from the dual fields of light and gravity, which are harmonic

Figure 1: Speed of Light Conversion NEXUS 49

past, other units of measurement 14. So, does the number 144,000 Bruce found that once he had an were purposely chosen for use by refer to a number of people or does equation for mass, expressed in learned men and governments with it refer to a frequency? terms of light, he could substitute the intention of keeping the truth of Another useful function is the that into Einstein's famous equation this harmonic system from the Relationship between Gravity and and have the entire equation public. It's much like how Latin Light . This function shows how expressed in terms of the speed-ofterminology is used in medicine, gravity and light have an inverse light harmonic. This is illustrated by thereby keeping it out of reach of the relationship with each other. Figure the Equation 1: Energy function. understanding of the average 2 is a screenshot with 0 entered for Figure 4 is a screenshot of that one. person. the latitude. Here we see the gravity Another major utility is the With that brief introduction, we and speed-of-light values for 0 Magnetic Field to Gravity function. can now talk about the This table shows the software. Gridpoint relationship between Atlas was developed as a gravity, the speed of tool that could be used light and the Earth's for research into the magnetic field. To use World Grid system and the function, you enter its associated a latitude on the harmonics. This is the Earth's surface and the only software of its kind harmonics for that available to the general specific latitude will be public. Let's have a displayed. After closer look at its studying the table, you functionality. will see how gravity, the speed of light and Figure 2: Relationship between Gravity and Light The Calculation Window the magnetic field are In using the just mathematical Calculation side of the conversions of each software, you should other. This is quite a start your understanding startling fact that has of the harmonics of the never been published World Grid system by by anyone except using the Speed of Bruce Cathie. Figure 5 Light Conversion is a screenshot of the function. This utility Magnetic Field to shows the conversion of Gravity function for 0 the speed of light from latitude. units in the physics I'll stress again one textbooks to units of of the important geometric harmonics. points of this table: Figure 1 shows a gravity and light are Figure 3: Calculate Mass Harmonic screenshot of the utility. just mathematical In this function, you can enter a latitude on the Earth's surface. conversions of each other. We just latitude and show how the speed of Let's dive a little deeper into change the units of gravity and we light is converted from statute harmonic theory. Early on, Bruce end up with the reciprocal of light, or miles/normal second to nautical found that he could define mass, or the "light reciprocal" as we often miles/grid second for that latitude. matter, in terms of the speed of light. refer to it. In this example, we see that at 0 This is illustrated by the Calculate Notice that on the left side of the latitude, the harmonic of the Mass Harmonic function. Figure 3 dialogue box there are two arrows by maximum speed of light on the is a screenshot. In this utility, you the field where you can enter a Earth's surface is equal to 144,000. enter a speed-of-light harmonic and latitude. As you click the arrows up This is the fabled number in the the corresponding mass harmonic or down, the latitude value will Book of Revelation, chapters 7 and will be displayed. increase or decrease by an increment



Using a royalty-free database was important to us, because we wanted to keep the cost reasonable for our customers. In 2006, a new version of the software, called Gridpoint Atlas , was released which had enhanced mapping functionality. But, it still used the first map database that we had released back in 2003. Now we come to the present year, 2010. We knew that the map database included with the software was dated, but it had worldwide coverage and was royalty free. Street-level map databases were available, but the technology was expensive to distribute because most map vendors wanted a royalty per copy. This would have put the software out of reach of most people. That was not what we wanted. Figure 4: Equation 1: Energy But, there was something else available that was free and which people could use at no cost: Google Earth. Google had spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing Google Earth since its initial release in 2005. For the first time, here was a piece of software that not only had worldwide coverage using satellite imagery, but also was The Map Window continually updated. That in For most people, the Map Figure 5: Harmonic Field to Latitude: Magnetic itself was huge, but Google window of the Gridpoint Atlas Earth also loaded differentField to Gravity Acceleration resolution satellite imagery as a software will be very exciting In 2001, we released the first person zoomed in closer to an area. because you can pick any area of the world and plot the World Grid upon Microsoft Windows version of the This was a breakthrough product, it. You can then view that plot in Gridworks software. It still did not and Google allowed the public to use the software free of charge. Google Earth. To understand why provide a mapping capability. Bruce and I knew that there was no In 2003, we released Gridpoint , the software works the way that it the first version of the software that way we could compete with Google's does, let's look at its history. Gridworks was the first version of included a royalty-free worldwide deep pockets. In addition, Google's the software and was released to the map database. This was not a street- Terms of Use forbade anyone from public in 1993 as an MS-DOS level database, but it was useful for using its imagery in a commercial program. From the beginning, we printing out maps and driving to software product. Google didn't mind your using its satellite imagery gave people the ability to calculate coordinates on the maps.
of 1 at a time. This is very useful, as you can see how all the harmonic values change between 0 and 90 latitudes. Bruce learned years ago that these harmonic values vary with latitude. Therefore, if you could drive a car from the equator, which is 0 latitude, to the North Pole, which is 90 North latitude, your reality would continuously change as you travelled. You would not be the same person at the equator as you would be at the North Pole. However, because you would be manifesting at the same rate as your car and the environment around you, and because of relativity, you would not notice any difference. This is because you would be in sync with the process. The experience would be the same if you were driving from the equator to the South Pole. It would make no difference. Theoretically, this would mean that any type of vehicle, aircraft or watercraft which travelled primarily northsouth routes would experience more wear and tear (micro-fractures) than those which travelled primarily eastwest routes.

grid points over any area of the world and then print them out. However, it was up to the individual to take the coordinates and plot them onto a map of their choosing. This was a great beginning because no one else provided the capability. But as time passed, we knew that we needed to provide a mapping functionality for people to use.



in the form of Google Earth Another disadvantage of mile spacing is used to show the screenshots, as long as you gave it precalculated maps is that they may major lines of the system, even proper credit and didn't charge not be at a resolution that you want though, theoretically, the World Grid people for viewing them. to use. is infinite. It has to be infinite in The Google Earth team provided Initially, Bruce learned that the order to create the reality of the something else which made a world World Grid system was laid out on a planet on which we live. of difference to researchers like us: system of grid lines 30 minutes (30') We found over time that they published their file researchers who purchased specification and our software wanted encouraged people to use different resolutions from it to create Google the 30' and 7.5' divisions Earthcompatible files. which we provided. We then That's what we decided to included a facility where a do, and that's why person could enter their Gridpoint Atlas does not own grid resolution, as long display Google Earth as it was an harmonic of 360 imagery and why it is a degrees. separate product. For our examination of the When you plot the World Argonne National Grid in Gridpoint Atlas, a Laboratory, we will use a Google Earth compatible grid resolution of 7.5 file is also created, and in minutes of arc. To begin our turn the file is displayed in study of this locale, we will Google Earth. From a load Google Earth and zoom user's perspective, it is like in on the Argonne National you are moving from one Laboratory. Figure 6 is a Figure 6: Argonne National Laboratory piece of software to screenshot from Google (screenshot source: Google Earth) anotherexcept for the Earth of the area. fact that when you plot the We want to pick a centre grid in Gridpoint Atlas, the point in the area and take file is loaded into Google that coordinate back to Earth automatically. An Gridpoint Atlas. We will example will illustrate this. choose 41.703877 N There are many latitude and 87.984228 W interesting sites around the longitude. world that deserve our In Gridpoint Atlas, we will attention. Let's start with load the States layer of the the Argonne National United States map library. Laboratory in Argonne, Although you can load Illinois, USA. We'll begin other map layers, such as our investigation of this cities, towns, rivers and location in Gridpoint Atlas major roads, we only need by understanding the to use one layer as a base philosophy of the Map layer for reference. window in the software. After loading the States Figure 7: Map of the Argonne National Laboratory The software does not layer, we will place a marker area with 7.5' grid overlay have precalculated World at the coordinate we chose Grid maps of the entire world. That in Google Earth. This marker will be is not really practical, as there would or 30 nautical miles apart. He also used to tell Google Earth what the be trillions and trillions of points in learned that the grid could be further centre of our area is. those maps and when you loaded subdivided into a system of lines 7.5 Finally, we will plot the World Grid such a map into memory it would minutes (7.5') or 7.5 nautical miles by overlaying a 7.5' grid onto the bog down any computer system. apart. To this day, the 7.5-nautical- area, and we will indicate that we



want to use the last marker placed as Angkor Wat complex, Cambodia coincidental to the multitude of the centre of the area. What we have Temple Square, Salt Lake City, sceptics out there. However, for done so far is depicted in figure 7. Utah, USA those of us who have studied the It doesn't look that spectacular. CERN particle physics laboratory, World Grid system for decades, we However, you could add other map Geneva, Switzerland feel much differently. Our study of layers for more detail if you the system has provided us so desired. To reiterate, with only one possible this is a map of the conclusion: the ancients Argonne National had knowledge of the World Laboratory area, with a Grid system and used it in marker placed in the centre the design and placement of of the area and a 7.5' grid their structures. They overlaid. applied this knowledge and Now that the World Grid used it to enrich their lives. has been plotted over the Util i si n g t he Wo rl d Gri d area, we will go to the System toolbar and click the View Unfortunately, today, the button in Google Earth, governments of the world and the overlay is loaded have not seen fit to tell their into Google Earth. Figure people about the World Grid 8 shows the finished result. system. Even though they From this plot, we can see use it in their own research, that a 7.5' grid line goes they jealously guard it from right through the storage the public at every possible ring of the Advanced Figure 8: Argonne National Laboratory with turn. They know that if the Photon Source. It makes 7.5' grid overlay (screenshot source: Google Earth) full truth of the system were you think that the to reach the light of day, placement of the facility at man would realise that that location was not an current power-generation accident. systems were obsolete and M aj o r G r id L in e s an d K e y a bad joke at best. Control Sites of conventional powerAnother example is the generation systems has Tikal National Park located been a convenient way to in the Petn Basin of control people for decades. northern Guatemala. But, we think that those Figure 9 is a plot of that who are in power know that area. In this case, a 7.5' their days of control are grid line runs through one coming to an end. Yet, they of the temples. remain defiant to the end. The World Grid system Further use of Gridpoint can provide us with a much Atlas and Google Earth will different futureone where show that major grid lines unlimited power is available also run through the at no cost or at very little following sites: Figure 9: Tikal National Park, Petn Basin, Guatemala, cost to everyone, where Library of Alexandria, with 7.5' grid overlay (screenshot source: Google Earth) interstellar space travel is Alexandria, Egypt Luxor Temple, Luxor, Egypt There are hundreds of other sites possible, and where mankind Great Pyramid, Giza complex, around the world that have advances instead of staying stuck in Cairo, Egypt relationships to the World Grid yesterday. European Synchrotron Radiation system. All will be considered Continued on page 82 Facility, Grenoble, France accidents and completely






The 20th-century scientific world-view, based on the flawed second law of thermodynamics, is being surpassed by an ethical holographic life-science that holds promise for humanity's survival into the future.

Registered Rebirth Document

by Professor Robert Pope 2010

ScienceArt Research Centre of Australia Inc. Uki, NSW, Australia Email: Website:

his essay is the birth certificate of the 21st-century Renaissance. It shows how the life science of the Classical Greek era's humanities has been upgraded in order to bring balance into western technological culture. Many philosophers have warned that the fate of human civilisation depends upon achieving that goal. The ancient Greek Parthenon represented a Greek life-science culture, symbolising concepts of political government long lost to modern western science. The Ottoman military once stored gunpowder in the Parthenon, and in 1687 a Venetian mortar round blew the building into ruins. Recent restoration techniques using computers revealed that strange illusionary optical engineering principles had been used in the building's construction. We know that they were associated with the mathematics of the Music of the Spheres that Pythagoras had brought back from the Egyptian Mystery Schools. We also know that Plato considered that any engineer who did not understand spiritual optical engineering principles was a barbarian. Harvard University's Novartis Professor, Amy Edmondson, in her biography of Buckminster Fuller, A Fuller Explanation (1987, 2007), wrote about how Fuller had plagiarised Plato's spiritual engineering discoveries and used them to derive his life-science synergistic theories. These theories, which completely challenged the basis of the 20th-century Einsteinian world-view, are now the basis of a new medical science instigated by the three 1996 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry. This complex fullerene geometrical reasoning has brought about the rebirth of the lost ancient Greek optical science of life. This is now rewriting western technological culture, so there is a need to know why Buckminster Fuller wrote that this reunification provides a choice between Utopia or Oblivion. After presenting complex geometrical reasoning, Professor Edmondson wrote (p. 43): "By now familiar with Fuller's underlying assumptions, we shall take time out to introduce some background material. The origins of humanity's fascination with geometry can be traced back 4,000 years, to the Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations; two millennia later, geometry flourished in ancient Greece, and its development continues today. Yet most of us know almost nothing about the accumulated findings of this long search. Familiarity with some of these geometric shapes and transformations will ease the rest of the journey into the intricacies of synergetics." Human survival now depends upon a more general understanding that ethics is not about how science is used but about the form of the spiritual or holographic structure of science itself. There is no need for the reader to become conversant with the complex geometrical equations suggested by Professor Amy Edmondson in order to follow the journey of ethical logic from ancient Egypt to the 21st-century Renaissance. However, before undertaking that journey, we need to realise the nightmare scenario that the unbalanced NEXUS 55


20th-century understanding of science has forced global Lessons from Ancient Egypt and Classical Greece Having contrasted the 21st-century rebirth of Classical humanity to endure and about which Buckminster Fuller Greek fractal logic life-sciencethe New Renaissance warned. with the 20th-century nightmare, we can follow Professor In 1903, Lord Bertrand Russell's book A Free Man's Amy Edmondson's advice to begin our journey of ethical Worship was published, containing his vision of "a understanding with ancient Egypt. (George Sarton's Universe in Thermodynamic Ruin". This nightmare Introduction to the History of Science [19271948] argues that mathematical assessment of reality stated that all the ancient Kemetic theories of Egypt were scientific and most ennobling thoughts of humankind amounted to established the foundations of later Hellenistic science.) nothing at all and that all life in the Universe must be The ability of the ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom to destroyed. Lord Russell wrote that humans must reason that two geometries existed to balance the endure, with total despair, the hopelessness of living workings of the Universe was praised by the Greek within a reality that is totally governed by a lifeless philosopher Plato, whose fundamental idea was that "All energy law that Einstein was to call "the premier law of is Geometry". Old Kingdom wall paintings depicted that all of science". This law governing 20th-century evil thoughts prevented evolutionary access to a spiritual technological culture is the second law of thermodynamics. It reality. The geometry used to survey farm boundaries is also known as the universal heat-death law or the law of lost each year when the River Nile flooded was quite universal chaos. This law demands the total extinction of different from the sacred all life in the Universe when all geometry basic to Egyptian heat is dissipated into cold religious ceremonies. space. As a result of this law, all It is rather important to The BBC television program life sciences, including global about the collapse of the economic rationalism, can only realise that, at that time in Egyptian Old Kingdom, be about species moving history, ethics associated presented by Professor Fekri towards this heat-death Hassan of the Institute of extinction. with fractal geometrical Archaeology, University College, Buckminster Fuller's lifelogic had been fused into London, explained that some science energy does not obey 4,000 years ago a prolonged the heat-death law. It is based a political structure. drought caused the collapse of instead upon fractal logic, which the First Kingdom soon after the exists forever. Einstein's death of King Pepi II. Professor governing death-science law is Hassan explained that 100 years after the collapse, the correct basis of modern chemistry, but this chemistry hieroglyphs recorded that the Egyptian government was is balanced by Plato's spiritual engineering principles or restored when the people insisted that the ethics of the functioning of fullerene holographic "chemistry". social justice, mercy and compassion be fused into the While mainstream science does indeed accept that fabric of political law. It is rather important to realise fractal logic extends to infinity, no life science within the that, at that time in history, ethics associated with fractal western technological culture can possibly be part of its geometrical logic had been fused into a political workings. That mindset can be a serious distraction to structure. biologists who seek to associate rain-cloud fractal logic During the sixth century BCE, the Greek scholar Thales with the effects of climate change upon human went to Egypt to study the ethics of life science at the evolution. Egyptian Mystery Schools and he advised Pythagoras to In 1996, within an Open Letter to the Secretariat of the do the same. Pythagoras learned that evolutionary United Nations on behalf of the ScienceArt Research wisdom was generated by the movement of celestial Centre of Australia (Australian National Library, bodies, which the ancient Greeks called the Music of the Canberra, Australian Citation Record 2645463), a Spheres. It was thought that this harmonic music could complaint was made that the Australian government was transfer its wisdom to the atomic movement of the soul unintentionally committing a major crime against through the forces of harmonic resonance, such as when humanity by endorsing a totally entropic educational a high note shatters a wine glass. system governed by the second law of thermodynamics. The Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy was to fuse At the United Nations University in Washington state, ethics into a model of reality called the nous, postulated USA, the complaint was handed to the UN University by the scientific thinker Anaxagoras. The nous was a Millennium Project, Australasian Node, for investigation. whirling force that acted upon primordial particles in Seven years of peer-reviewed research ensued, with the space to form the worlds and to evolve intelligence. The conclusion that the complaint was justified. In 2006, a ancient Greeks invented science by fusing ethics into the formal Decree of Recognition was issued by the Project's fractal logic structure of the nous . The harmonic Australasian division, attesting to the urgent global movement of the Moon was thought to influence the importance of this issue.

female fertility cycle, and this science could explain a Hypatia, was brutally murdered by a Christian mob mother's love and compassion for her children. This during the rule of Pope Cyril I of Alexandria. Hypatia's science, involving both celestial and atomic movement, fractal logic life-science was condemned by St Augustine became associated with the Science of Universal Love as the work of the Devil. Edward Gibbon, in his History of taught in Greece during the third century BCE. Julius the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, marked Hypatia's Caesar's colleague, the historian Cicero, recorded during murder as the beginning of the Dark Ages. the first century BCE that this science was being taught Encyclopaedia Britannica lists St Augustine as the mind throughout Italy and across to Turkey by teachers called that mostly completely fused the Platonic tradition of "saviours". He considered that such teaching challenged Greek philosophy with the religion of the New Testament, Roman political stability. influencing both Catholic and Protestant religious beliefs The Classical Greek science was about how humans in modern times. His translation of Plato's atomic evil as might establish an ethical life-science to guide the female sexuality influenced the 13th-century Angel ennobling of political government. Physics of St Thomas Aquinas, known The idea was that by existing for the as history's Doctor of Science or health of the Universe, human Angelic Doctor. During the mid14th civilisation would avoid extinction. century until the mid17th century, The argument that The Classical Greek life science was Angel Physics was used to legalise the constructed upon the concepts of imprisonment, ritualistic torture and St Augustine's good and evil. Good was for the burning alive of countless women and banishment of health of the Universe. Evil, as children. The argument that St defined in Plato's Timaeus , was a Augustine's banishment of fractal lifefractal life-science destructive property of unformed science logic in the fifth century was logic in the fifth matter within the physical atom. The responsible for western life-science ancient Greek atom was considered to becoming obsessed with the second century was be physically indivisible, and it can be law of thermodynamics can be responsible for considered that the anti-life properties validated. of nuclear radiation are evil. The Reverend Thomas Malthus western lifeModern chemistry is constructed derived his famous "Essay on the science becoming upon the logic of universal atomic Principle of Population" from the decay, which is governed by the writings of St Thomas Aquinas obsessed with the second law of thermodynamics. and used it to establish the second law of The Egyptian concept of evil economic and political policies of thought-processes leading to the East India Company. Charles thermodynamics oblivion echoes Plato's and Darwin, employed by that Buckminster Fuller's concepts of company, cited Malthus's essay as can be validated. an oblivion brought about the basis of his survival-of-thethrough an obsession with an fittest life-science. Darwin, in the unbalanced geometrical world18th century, held the essay as view. synonymous with the second law of thermodynamics.

Attack on Fractal Life-Science

Max Planck Institute astrophysicist Professor Peter Kafka, in his "Six Essays on the Principle of Creation and the Global Acceleration Crisis" (19761994), predicted the current global financial collapse being brought about by "scientists, technologists and politicians" who have an unbalanced understanding of the second law of thermodynamics. Kafka wrote in the fourth essay, "Ethics from Science?" (1990), that the second law of thermodynamics had been known for centuries. Kafka realised that it had various other names throughout history, such as Diabolos, the Destroyer of Worlds and the evil god of Plato's Physics of Chaos, now the god of modern Chaos Physics. In the fifth century, some 1,000 years of fractal-logic scrolls held in the Great Library of Alexandria were burned. The custodian of the library, the mathematician

Rediscovery of the Golden Age

In 529, Plato's Academy was closed by the Christian Roman Emperor Justinian I for being a pagan institution. Banished Greek scholars fled to Islamic Spain, where their theories were tolerated. The Golden Age of Islamic science, from which western science emerged, included the Translation School in Toledo. Islamic, Christian and Jewish scholars worked together to translate the lost Greek ideas into Latin. The Franciscan monk Roger Bacon, during the 13th century, studied work from Jewish scholars familiar with the research undertaken at the Toledo School. Pope Clement IV encouraged Bacon to write his pagan ideas in secret; but after Clement's death, Bacon was imprisoned by the Franciscans. Roger Bacon developed ideas about flying machines,

horseless carriages, submarines and self-propelling ships Both Botticelli and Ghirlandaio were mentors to from the same Islamic source that later inspired Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci. He studied the optics of Plato and By realising that Roger Bacon's knowledge of Platonic the upgrading of Plato's optics by Islamic scholars. optics was generally superior to Leonardo's, the Unlike da Vinci, Roger Bacon agreed with Al-Haytham, ScienceArt Research Centre, in collaboration with a history's Father of Optics, that the eye could not be the cancer research team at the University of Sydney in 1986, source of all knowledgean erroneous idea of reality succeeded in modifying the optical key to Leonardo da that Ren Descartes and Sir Francis Bacon, the Vinci's Theory of Knowledge. This discovery also Renaissance author and Father of Inductive Reasoning, corrected the optics understanding of Ren Descartes, Sir used to usher in the age of industrial entropic Francis Bacon, Lord Russell, Immanuel Kant, Albert materialism. In America, Thomas Jefferson, inspired by Einstein and other scientists who considered AlSir Francis Bacon's vision of a great Empire of Liberty Haitham's optics as being industrially impractical. The based upon all knowledge originating from the eye, ScienceArt Research Centre's correction to the crucial depicted the concept on the Great Seal optics key was published in a of the United States. ScienceArt book launched in Los Cosimo de' Medici, with the help of Angeles in 1989 under the auspices of Sultan Mehmed II, re-established The Thalians Mental Health Center in Plato's Academy in Florence during the Hollywood, California. 15th century. Medici appointed In 1991, the Nobel Prize in Physics Unlike da Vinci, Marsilio Ficino as its manager. Ficino was awarded to Pierre-Gilles de Roger Bacon wrote about the Platonic love Gennes for his theories about liquid associated with the Music of the crystal optics. In the following year, agreed with Spheres influencing the atoms of the the vast new science and technology Al-Haytham, soul. He carefully avoided serious predicted by the ScienceArt Centre's charges of heresy by placing eminent correction of da Vinci's work was history's Father of Christian figures into his writings and discovered. The principal discoverer, Optics, that the paintings associated with the new Professor Barry Ninham of the Platonic Academy. Two famous Australian National University, eye could not be paintings commissioned by the later appointed to Italy's National the source of all Medici that survived the Great Chair of Chemistry in Florence, Burning, instigated by the wrote that the Centre's work knowledge Christian monk Savarola, encompassed a revolution of illustrated Ficino's cunning. thought as important to science an erroneous idea In 1480, Botticelli was and society as the Copernican of reality... commissioned to paint the and Newtonian revolutions. portrait St Augustine in His Study, in Conflicting Life-Science Ideas which a book is depicted opened Leonardo da Vinci was certainly at a page displaying Pythagorean a great genius, but he was not mathematics. Alongside the really the Man of the Renaissance written formulae is an instrument at all because he was unable to for observing celestial movement. comprehend the life-energy basis of Plato's spiritual St Augustine is shown gazing directly at an armillary optical engineering principles. He had attempted to sphere, used to calculate data relevant to Pythagoras' develop the relevant optics for several years, then Music of the Spheres. The saint's halo, accepted at that reverted to what Plato had referred to as the engineering time as representing the consciousness of the soul, upon practices of a barbarian. close examination has a spherical bookstud within its On the other hand, Sir Isaac Newton was a genuine orbit, depicting Ficino's atom of the soul responding to Renaissance Manas his unpublished papers, the Music of the Spheres. discovered last century, reveal. His certain conviction At the same time that Botticelli was commissioned to that "a more profound natural philosophy exists to paint St Augustine's portrait, Ghirlandaio was balance the mechanical description of the Universe" is commissioned to paint a portrait of Augustine's close based upon the same physics principles that upheld the colleague, St Jerome. Again, with careful examination, lost Classical Greek era's science of lifeand they are Jerome's halo in St Jerome in His Study can be seen to have now at the cutting edge of fractal logic quantum biology. a spherical bookstud placed into its orbit, demonstrating The early years of the 20th century were marked by the that Botticelli's depiction of the atom of the soul aforesaid Bertrand Russell's horrific acquiescence in 1903 associated with the Music of the Spheres was not to enslavement by the second law of thermodynamics, coincidental.

followed in 1905 by Einstein's unbalanced E = mc 2 During the past 15 years, science has developed so equation. Time magazine's "A Century of Science" lists rapidly that it has given the humanities no time to grasp Maria Montessori as the greatest scientist of 1907. the significance of the social ramifications of the rebirth Montessori, in her association with Woodrow Wilson, of Fullers Platonic spiritual, or holographic, engineering Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison (all of whom principles from ancient Greece. provided funding for her research), demonstrated how an Organised religious opposition to criticism of the unbalanced electromagnetic understanding of the understanding of the second law of thermodynamics second law, which she called the "energy greed law", from Christian schools, colleges and universities has embraces Plato's definition of evil. On the other hand, been extremely thorough throughout the world. Take, for Montessori's and Teilhard de Chardin's electromagnetic example, Professor F. M. Cornford, who was educated at life-science key to open the Golden Gates to the future St Paul's School and Trinity College, Cambridge, was was derived from concepts based upon the made a Fellow in 1899, became the Laurence Professor of spiritualisation of matter and humanity's evolving with Ancient Philosophy in 1931, and was elected a Fellow of the Cosmos. That was in direct contrast to Bell's the British Academy in 1937. His grasp of the ancient electromagnetic understanding. Greek fractal science of life can be shown to be President Wilson was genuinely troubled by the loss of completely illogical, yet it is the foundation for welllife during World War I. He and Bell chose Darwin's organised international academic study courses at the entropic life-science, rather than Montessori's life present time. Since 1932, Cambridge University has science, as the electromagnetic key to the future of published 11 editions of Cornford's book Before and After America. After World War II, Nazi Socrates. Cornford states in this High Command prisoners at the book that Plato can be Nuremberg war crimes tribunal considered one of the greatest Plato defined that protested that Adolf Hitler had fathers of the Christian religion. based the policies of the Third Such pious academic reasoning reasoning as being ignorant Reich upon the Darwinian flies in the face of Plato's and barbaric and the eugenics with which Wilson and spiritual engineering principles Bell had been involved. being observed operating language of engineers, not Scientist Matti Pitkanen can be within the DNA as a function of fit to be considered that considered to have upgraded a fractal life-science Teilhard de Chardin's ethical evolutionary process and is of philosophers. electromagnetic key to open therefore ludicrous. Plato Montessori's Golden Gates to defined that reasoning as being the future. Teilhard de Chardin ignorant and barbaric and the insisted that the Gates would only open for all people at language of engineers, not fit to be considered that of the same time, and not for any chosen race or privileged philosophers. few. Pitkanen noted that the Earth's regular deflection of The Harvard Smithsonian/NASA High Energy potentially lethal radiation from the Sun fulfills the Astrophysics library has published papers by Professor criterion of an act of consciousness protecting all life on Petar Grujic, scientific adviser to the Institute of Physics Earth at the same time. in Belgrade, arguing that the Classical Greek life science Albert Szent-Gyrgyi, the winner of the Nobel Prize in was based upon fractal logic, a totally incomprehensible Medicine or Physiology for 1937, wrote a book about concept within the much-lauded ancient Greek study scientists who do not recognise that their understanding courses currently set for postgraduate studies. of the second law of thermodynamics is balanced by the Seashell Patterning and Fractal Logic evolution of consciousness. The title of the book is The Having arrived at the destination of Professor Amy Crazy Ape (1970). Edmondson's journey from ancient Egypt to modern In his 1959 Rede Lecture at the University of times, in order to be educated about the importance of Cambridge, the molecular biologist C. P. Snow argued Buckminster Fuller's geometrical understanding, we are that the inadequate understanding by his fellow able to grasp the stark reality of the title of Fuller's book scientists about the nature and functioning of the second Utopia or Oblivion. The objective of this essay, to construct law of thermodynamics was scientifically irresponsible. the foundations of the Social Cradle to nurture the He referred to their thinking as belonging to their Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Renaissance, Neolithic cave-dwelling ancestors. Snows lecture was was derived from that book. The following explains the published as The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution. It ScienceArt Research Centre's long and arduous struggle was listed by the Times Literary Supplement as one of 100 to help contribute towards the vital human survival books most influencing western public thinking since research now being carried out under the auspices of the World War II, and it has been systematically denounced New Florentine Renaissance. ever since.

In 1979, the Science Unit of Australia's ABC television simulations; instead, it generated cancer-like biological documented the work of the ScienceArt Research Centre distortions through space-time. within its eight-part series The Scientists: Profiles of Discovery. The Centre's bio-aesthetics researcher, the late Dr During that year, at the International Centre for George Robert Cockburn, London Fellow of the Royal Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy, China's most highly College of Medicine who had worked with the Centre's awarded physicist, Kun Huang, proposed a research plan mathematician, became concerned by the scientific that was put into operation by the Centre. Professor community's refusal to challenge its obsolete Huang was angry that Einstein and the framers of the understanding of the second law of thermodynamics. He 20th-century world-view were unable to discuss the published several books about creative consciousness Classical Greek life sciences in infinite biological energy based upon the ancient Greek fractal logic life-science. terms. He proposed that by observing the evolutionary His correction to Immanuel Kant's aesthetics was later patterning changes to species designed upon ancient found to be validated by the 19th- century Greek Golden Mean geometry, it should be possible to mathematician Bernard Bolzano and his Theory of deduce the nature of the life-force governing their Science. Bolzano's own correction to Kant's aesthetics evolution through space-time. He suggested that the had been assessed by Edmund Husserl in his Logical world's seashell fossil record would provide the Investigations, vol. 1, Prolegomena to Pure Logic (sn 61, necessary patterning-change information. The research Appendix) (1900) as being the work of one of the greatest was assisted by the communities of the six towns logicians of all time. comprising the Riverland region We know that Bolzano of South Australia. corrected the aesthetic logic of During the 1980s, the Centre's Immanuel Kant by using aspects The work was acclaimed several seashell life-energy of fractal logic, as the famous papers, written by the Centre's BolzanoWeierstrass theorem of for the discovery of new mathematician Chris Illert, were 1817 is now synonymous with physics laws governing published by Italy's leading the pioneering of modern fractal scientific journal, Il Nuovo logic. The aesthetics associated optimum biological growth Cimento . In 1990, two of the with Kant, belonging to the and development through papers were selected as destructive entropic world-view, representing important is hailed as being of global space-time. discoveries of the 20th century importance during the 21st and were reprinted by the century when in fact it is known world's leading technological to be obsolete. J. Alberto Coffa's research institute, the Institute of Electrical and book The Semantic Tradition from Kant to Carnap: To the Vienna Electronics Engineers in Washington, DC. Station (1991) contains the statement (p. 23): "Kant had By deriving an artmaster optics formula from the not even seen these problems; Bolzano solved them. Italian Renaissance which can be considered to be And his solutions were made possible by, and were the associated with fractal logic, a simulation of a living source of, a new approach to the content and character seashell creature was generated. By lowering the of a priori knowledge." The famous BolzanoWeierstrass musical harmonics, a simulation of the creature's fossil theorem was based upon fractal logic concepts. ancestor was obtained. By lowering the musical order by In the book The Beauty of Fractals: Images of Complex a different amount, the simulation of a strange, Dynamical Systems (eds H.-O. Peitgen and P. H. Richter, grotesque creature was generated. The Smithsonian Springer-Verlag, 1986) is a chapter entitled "Freedom, Institution identified the fossil as being the famous Science, and Aesthetics" by Professor Gert Eilenberger, Nipponites mirabilis that drifted along the coast of Japan 20 who also corrected an aspect of Kantian Aesthetics in million years ago. It was designed to drift along upright order to upgrade quantum mechanics into quantum in water in order to ensnare its prey. Chris Illert became biology. Professor Eilenberger wrote about the the first scientist to link its evolution to a living seashell. excitement surrounding pictures of fractal computer art In 1995, the discovery won an internationally peeras demonstrating that "out of research an inner reviewed biology prize from the Institute for Basic connection, a bridge, can be made between rational Research in the USA. Kun Huang was greatly honoured. scientific insight and emotional aesthetic appeal; these The work was acclaimed for the discovery of new physics two modes of cognition of the human species are now laws governing optimum biological growth and beginning to concur in their estimation of what development through space-time. The Research constitutes nature". Institute's president, Professor Ruggero Santilli, in The ScienceArt Centre had discovered that by using collaboration with the Centre's mathematician, made a special 3D optical glasses, holographic images emerged most important observation: that the accepted scientific Continued on page 79 world-view could not be used to generate such futuristic

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THE CHRONICLE OF AKAKOR by Karl Brugger 1976

n 1972, Karl Brugger, a German journalist and radio and TV correspondent, met Tatunca Nara, the white-skinned son of an Indian chieftain and, at the time, the chief of the Ugha Mongulala, Dacca and Haisha Indians. Brugger, a sceptic and a conscientious researcher, listened to the truly incredible story that the mestizo told him. After having checked it thoroughly, he decided to publish the chronicle that he had recorded on tape. Following is an edited extract from Karl Brugger's book The Chronicle of Akakor, with a focus on The Book of the Jaguar. Ed.

The real Rio Amazonas starts at the confluence of the Rio Solimes and the Rio Negro. It takes 20 minutes by boat to reach Manaus, which is without any road connection to the shore. This is where I met Tatunca Nara. The date was 3 March 1972. Tatunca Nara told of the tribe of the Ugha Mongulala, a people who were "chosen by the Gods" 15,000 years

ago. He described two great catastrophes that had devastated the Earth and spoke of the ruler Lhasa, a son of the Gods, who governed the South American continent, and of his relation to the Egyptians, the origin of the Incas, the arrival of the Goths, and an alliance of the Indians with 2,000 German soldiers. He spoke of giant stone cities and subterranean settlements of the divine ancestors. And he said that all these events had been written down in a document called The Chronicle of Akakor. The longest part of his story was about the Indians' struggle against the whites, against Spaniards and Portuguese, rubber planters, settlers, adventurers and Peruvian soldiers. They drove the Ugha Mongulala, whose prince he claimed to be, further and further into the Andes, even into the subterranean settlements. He was now appealing to his bitterest enemies, the white men, for help because of the imminent extinction of his people. Tatunca Nara's story only began to seem plausible when I met my friend, the Brazilian officer M. He was part of

the Second Department, a member of the secret service. M. had known Tatunca Nara for four years and confirmed that the chieftain had saved the lives of twelve Brazilian officers whose aeroplane had crashed in the province of Acre and led them back to civilisation. The Indian tribes of the Yaminaua and Kaxinawa revered Tatunca Nara as a chieftain, even though he was not of their tribe. These facts were documented in the archives of the Brazilian secret service. After reviewing Tatunca Nara's tape recordings, I decided to write his story down "in good words and in clear script", as the Indians specify. This book, The Chronicle of Akakor, is in five parts. The Book of the Jaguar deals with the colonisation of the Earth by the Gods and the period up to the second world catastrophe. The Book of the Eagle comprises the time between 6,000 and 11,000 years (of their own calendar) and describes the arrival of the Goths. The third book, The Book of the Ant, tells about the struggle against the Spanish and Portuguese colonists after their landing in Peru and Brazil. The fourth




book, The Book of the Water Serpent, describes the arrival of 2,000 German soldiers in Akakor and their integration with the Ugha Mongulala people; it also predicts a third Great Catastrophe. In the fifth part, the Appendix, I have summarised the results of my research in Brazilian and German archives. KB

1. THE REALM OF THE GODS 600,000 BC to 10,481 BC Foreign Masters from Schwerta
The Chronicle of Akakor, the written history of my people, starts at the hour zero, when the Gods left us. At that time, Ina, the first prince of the Ugha Mongulala, resolved to have everything that was going to happen written down in good words and in clear script. And thus The Chronicle of Akakor bears witness to the history of the oldest people of the world, from the beginning, the hour zero, when the Former Masters left us, until the present time, when the White Barbarians are attempting to destroy our people. It explains the testament of the Ancient Fathers, their knowledge and their wisdom. And it describes the origin of time, when my people were the only ones on the continent and the Great River still flowed on either side, when the country was still flat and soft like a lamb's back. All this is written down in the chronicle, the history of my people since the departure of the Gods, the hour zero, which corresponds to the year 10,481 BC according to the calendar of the White Barbarians: "This is the story. This is the history of the Chosen Servants. In the beginning, all was chaos. Men lived like animals, without reason and without knowledge, without laws, and without tilling the soil, without clothing themselves or even covering their nakedness. They knew nothing of the secrets of nature. They lived in groups of two or three, as accident

had brought them together, in caves or rock crevasses. They walked on all fours until the Gods arrived. The Gods brought the light." We do not know when all this happened. Where the strangers came from is only dimly known. A dense mystery lies over the origin of our Former Masters which even the priests' knowledge cannot disperse. According to tradition, the time must have been 3,000 years before the hour zero13,000 BC according to the

calendar of the White Barbarians. Suddenly, glimmering golden ships appeared in the sky. Enormous blasts of fire illuminated the plain. The Earth shook, and thunder echoed over the hills. Man bowed down in veneration before the powerful strangers who came to take possession of the Earth. The strangers said their home was called Schwerta, a world far distant in the depths of the universe where their ancestors lived and from where they had come to bring their knowledge to other worlds. Our priests say that it was a powerful empire made up of many planets, as numerous as grains of dust on the road. And they also say

that both worlds, that of our Former Masters and the Earth itself, meet one another every 6,000 years. Then the Gods return. With the arrival of the strange visitors to our world, the Golden Age began. One hundred and thirty families of the Ancient Fathers came to the Earth to free man from darkness. And the Gods recognised them as their own brothers. They settled the wandering tribes; they gave them fair shares of all things edible. They worked diligently to teach man their laws, even though their teaching was met by opposition. For all this labour, and for the sake of everything they suffered for mankind and for what they brought and showed us, we venerate them as the bringers of our light. And our cleverest artisans have fashioned images of the Gods that bear witness throughout all eternity to their true greatness and wonderful power. Thus the image of the Former Masters has remained known to this day. In appearance, the strangers from Schwerta hardly differed from man. They had graceful bodies and white skin. Their noble faces were framed with bluish-black hair. A thick beard covered the upper lip and the chin. Like man, they were vulnerable creatures of flesh and blood. But the decisive sign that distinguished the Ancient Fathers from men were the six fingers on each of their hands and the six toes on each of their feet, the characteristic of their divine origin.

The Chosen Tribes

From the chosen families, the Gods founded a new tribe and gave it the name of Ugha Mongulala, which in the language of the White Barbarians means the Allied Chosen Tribes. And as a token of their eternal covenant, they mated with their servants. Therefore the Ugha Mongulala resemble their divine forefathers to the present day. They are tall; their faces are characterised by protruding cheekbones, a sharply delineated


nose and almond-shaped eyes. Men and women have the same thick bluish-black hair. The only difference from the Gods were the mortals' five fingers and five toes. The Ugha Mongulala are the only white-skinned people on the continent. Although the Former Masters withheld many secrets, the history of my people nevertheless also explains the Gods' history. The strangers from Schwerta founded a powerful empire. With their knowledge, their superior wisdom and their mysterious tools, it was easy for them to change the Earth according to their own ideas. They divided the country, and built roads and canals. They sowed new plants previously unknown to man. They taught our forefathers that an animal is not only prey but can also be a valuable possession and indispensable against hunger. They patiently imparted the knowledge necessary so that man could grasp the secrets of nature.

adventurers and settlers who discovered our capital have been imprisoned by my people. Akakor, the capital of the realm, was built 14,000 years ago by our forefathers under the guidance of the Former Masters. The name comes from them as well: Aka means "fortress" and kor means "two". Akakor is the second fortress. Our priests also tell of the first fortress, Akanis. It was situated on a narrow isthmus in the country that is called Mexico, at

The Stone Empire

The Chronicle of Akakor, the written history of the people of the Ugha Mongulala, only begins after the departure of the Former Masters in the year zero. But the history of the Chosen Servants reaches back further, into the Golden Age, when the Ancient Fathers were still ruling the Empire. Very few testimonies of this period have been preserved. The Gods must have established a mighty empire where all the tribes fulfilled allotted tasks. The Ugha Mongulala ranked highest. They were granted a greater wisdom that made them superior to all other peoples. In the year zero, the Gods bequeathed their cities and temples to the Chosen Tribes. They have lasted 12,000 years. Few White Barbarians have ever seen these monuments or the city of Akakor, my people's capital. Some Spanish soldiers who had been captured by the Ugha Mongulala succeeded in escaping through the subterranean passages. White

the place where the two oceans touch. Akahim, the third fortress, is not mentioned in the chronicle before the year 7315 BC. Its history is closely linked to that of Akakor. At the time of our Former Masters' reign, another twenty-six stone cities surrounded Akakor, and they are all mentioned in the chronicle. The largest were Humbaya and Patite in the country that is called Bolivia, Emin on the lower reaches of the Great River, and Cadira in the mountains of the country called Venezuela. But all these were completely destroyed in the first Great Catastrophe thirteen years after the departure of the Gods. Apart from these mighty cities, the

Ancient Fathers also erected three sacred temple complexes: Salazere on the upper reaches of the Great River, Tiahuanaco on the Great Lake, and Manoa on the high plain in the south. These were the terrestrial residences of the Former Masters and forbidden ground to the Ugha Mongulala. A giant pyramid was erected in their centre, and a broad staircase led to the platform where the Gods celebrated ceremonies unknown to us. The main building was surrounded by smaller pyramids interconnected by columns, and further away, on artificially created hills, stood other buildings decorated with glittering plates. In the light of the rising Sun, the priests relate, the cities of the Gods seemed to be aflame. They radiated a mysterious light, shining in the snowy mountains. The temple precincts have also remained a mystery to my people. Their buildings are testimonies to a higher knowledge, incomprehensible to humans. For the Gods, the pyramids were not only dwellingplaces but also symbols of life and death. They were a sign of the Sun, of light, of life. The Former Masters taught us that there is a place between life and death, between life and nothingness, which is subject to a different time. For them, the pyramids were a link with the second life.

The Subterranean Dwellings

"Great was the knowledge of the Former Masters; great their wisdom. Their vision reached to the hills, the plains, the forests, the seas and the valley. They were miraculous creatures. They knew the future. Truth had been revealed to them. Farsighted they were and of high resolve. They erected Akanis and Akakor and Akahim. Truly, their works were mighty, as were the methods they used to create them: the way they determined the four corners of the universe and the four sides. The lords


The largest building is the Great Temple of the Sun, which towers above the Calendar of the Events in the Tribe of dwellings of the priests and their servants, the prince's Ugha Mongulala Our Calendar the Ugha Mongulala palace, the lodgings of the warriors and the modest ca. 3,000 before ca. 13,000 BC Arrival of the Gods and the houses of the people. In the the hour zero choosing of the tribes interior of the temple are twelve entrances to the 0, hour zero 10,481 BC Departure of the Gods tunnels that link lower Akakor with other underground cities. 13 10,468 BC The first Great Catastrophe They have sloping walls and a flat roof. The tunnels are 13-7,315 10,468-3,166 BC The years of blood large enough for five men walking upright. Many days are needed to reach one of 4,130 6351 BC Destruction of Akakor by the the other cities from Akakor. Degenerated Tribes, retreat Twelve of the cities underground to lower Akakor Akakor, Budo, Kish, Boda, Gudi, Tanum, Sanga, Rino, 7,315 3166 BC Return of the Gods Kos, Aman, Tata and Sikon are artificially lit. The light 7,315 3166 BC Akahim changes in accordance with the Sun. Only Mu, the 7,315-7,615 3,166-2,866 BC Lhasas rule, construction of thirteenth and smallest of the Machu Picchu and Ofir, cities, has high shafts empire of Samon reaching the surface. An enormous silver mirror disperses sunlight over the 7,951 2470 BC Viracocha, birth of the Incas whole city. All subterranean cities are crossed by canals 11,051 AD 570 Arrival of the Goths carrying water from the mountains. Small tributaries 11,051-12,012 AD 570-1531 Thousand years of peace supply individual buildings and houses. The entrances 12,013 AD 1532 Arrival of the Spanish in Peru on the surface are carefully of the cosmos, the creatures of the We have thirteen cities, deeply camouflaged. In emergencies, the heavens and the Earth, created four hidden inside the mountains that are subterranean dwellings can be sealed corners and four sides of the called the Andes. Their plan off from the exterior world by large universe." corresponds to the constellation of mobile rock gates. Akakor now lies in ruins. The great Schwerta, the home of the Ancient Nothing is known to us about the stone gate is broken. Lianas grow in Fathers. Lower Akakor is the centre. construction of lower Akakor. Its the Great Temple of the Sun. On my The city lies in a giant man-made history is lost in the darkness of the command, and in agreement with the cave. The houses, arranged in a circle most remote past. Even the German Supreme Council and the priests, the and ringed by a decorative wall, soldiers who settled with my people warriors of the Ugha Mongulala surround the Great Temple of the Sun were not able to unveil this mystery. destroyed our capital three years ago. in the centre. Just like upper Akakor, For years, they measured the The city would have betrayed our the city is divided by two intersecting subterranean installations of the presence to the White Barbarians, and streets, corresponding to the four Gods, explored the tunnel system so we relinquished Akakor. My people corners and the four sides of the and searched for the origin of the air have fled into the underground universe. All roads run parallel to for breathing, but without success. dwellings, the last gift of the Gods. them. Our Former Masters constructed the





underground dwellings according to their own plans and laws that remained unknown to us. From here they ruled over their vast empire, an empire of 362 million people, as written in The Chronicle of Akakor: "And the Gods ruled from Akakor. They ruled over men and the Earth. They had ships faster than birds' flight, ships that reached their goal without sails or oars and by night as well as by day. They had magic stones to look into the distance so that they could see cities, rivers, hills and lakes. Whatever happened on Earth or in the sky was reflected in the stones. But the underground dwellings were the most wonderful of all. And the Gods gave them to their Chosen Servants as their last gift. For the Former Masters are of the same blood and have the same father."

What happened at that time when the Gods left us? Who was responsible for the catastrophe that threw my people back into darkness for 6,000 years? Once again our priests can interpret the devastating events. They say that in the period before the hour zero, there also existed another nation of Gods that was hostile to our Former Masters. According to the images in the Great Temple of the Sun in Akakor, the strange creatures resembled men. They were very hairy and had reddish skin. Like men, they had five fingers and five toes. But out of their shoulders grew the heads of serpents,

The First Great Catastrophe

The year 13 (10,468 BC according to the calendar of the White Barbarians) is a fateful year in the history of my people. After they had withdrawn into the underground dwellings, the Earth was visited by the greatest catastrophe in memory. It even exceeded the second Great Catastrophe, 6,000 years later, when the waters of the Great River flowed upstream. The first Great Catastrophe destroyed the empire of our Former Masters and brought death to millions of people. The first Great Catastrophe gave the surface of the Earth a different shape. The course of the rivers was altered, and the height of the mountains and the strength of the Sun changed. Continents were flooded. The waters of the Great Lake flowed back into the oceans. The Great River was rent by a new mountain range, and now it flowed swiftly toward the East. Enormous forests grew on its banks. A humid heat spread over the easterly regions of the empire. In the West, where giant mountains had surged up, people froze in the bitter cold of the high altitudes. The Great Catastrophe caused terrible devastation, as had been predicted by our Former Masters. And the same thing will happen in the future catastrophe which our priests have calculated from the course of the stars. For men's history runs in preordained paths: everything is repeated, everything returns in a circle lasting 6,000 years. Our Former Masters taught us this law. Again, 6,000 years have gone by since the last Great Catastrophe, and it is 6,000 years since our Former Masters left us for the second time. Once again, ominous signs appear in the sky. Animals flee in panic. Wars have broken out. Laws are disregarded and held in contempt. While the White Barbarians, out of

2. THE HOUR ZERO 10,481 BC 10,468 BC Depart ure of the Former Mast ers and Ominous Signs in the Sky
I know only a few details about the period following the departure of the Former Masters in the hour zero (10,481 BC according to the calendar of the White Barbarians). The first Great Catastrophe lies like a pall over the events of the first thirteen years in the history of my people. It changed the life of my people and the face of the world. Nobody can imagine what happened at that time, thirteen years after the departure of the Former Masters. The catastrophe was enormous, and our chronicle reports it with terror: "The Chosen Servants were fearful and terrified. They no longer saw the Sun, the Moon or the stars. Confusion and darkness erupted everywhere. Strange images passed above their heads. Resin dripped from the sky and, by twilight, men were desperate for food. They killed their own brothers. They forgot the testament of the Gods. The era of blood had started."

They say that in the period before the hour zero, there also existed another nation of Gods that was hostile to our Former Masters.
tigers, falcons and other animals. Our priests say that these Gods also ruled over an enormous empire. They, too, possessed knowledge which made them superior to men and equals of our Former Masters. The two races of Gods began to quarrel. They burned the world with solar heat, and each tried to wrest power from the other. A tremendous war between planets started, which drove my people to perdition. Yet, for the first time, the providence of the Gods saved the Ugha Mongulala. Recalling the last words of our Former Masters announcing the catastrophe, Ina commanded the withdrawal into the underground dwellings. Here they remained until the Earth had quieted, like a bird hiding behind a rock when a storm approaches. The Ugha Mongulala were saved from the catastrophe because they trusted in the Ancient Fathers.

Continued on page 83



Reviewed by Ruth Parnell
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THE MYSTERY OF U-33 by Nigel Graddon Adventures Unlimited Press, USA, 2010 ISBN 978-1-935487-10-4 (341pp tpb) Avail: or
U-boat missions to South America and Antarctica, secret German bases, cargoes of liquid mercury, the mystery of the Holy Lance and the search for the Holy Grail.

here's enormous interest in T German U-boat history, and the exploits of one particular submarine, U-33, which sank 11 ships and boats off the Irish and western Scottish coasts between November 1939 and February 1940, are no exception. But there's more to be uncovered that's not in the official records. Nigel Graddon stumbled upon the legends surrounding U-33 during his research into German treasure-hunter and esotericist Otto Rahn (see 15/06). Certainly, Graddon looked into the official histories but he also tracked down disparate information from eyewitnesses, maritime museums, researchers and family of surviving crew members. The U-33, sunk in February 1940 near the Isle of Arran, had on board a top-secret Enigma encoding device, several rotors of which were retrieved. Among the deceased were at least two unknown men (possibly even Rahn); indeed, they may have been involved in an attempt to contact high-level British sympathisers to seek an early political solution to the war, and it's also possible that they were on a mission to unearth secret Templar artefacts housed in Scotland. Also touched on in Graddon's fascinating speculative history are the

THE FORBIDDEN ARCHEOLOGIST by Michael A. Cremo Bhaktivedanta Book Publishing, 2010 ISBN 978-0-89213-337-6 (244pp hc) Available:; UK NEXUS Office, tel (0)1342 322854 he ancient wisdom traditions tell us that mankind has existed on Earth for many millions of years, says researcher Michael A. Cremo (Forbidden Archeology, 5/06; Human Devolution, (11/01). Since 2001, Cremo has been writing a regular column for Atlantis Rising magazine, and The Forbidden Archeologist is a compilation of these columns through into 2009. Cremo discusses the evidence for extreme human antiquity as well as his experiences in presenting his findings at international scientific meetings and at alternative science and new age conferences. He also examines the "filtration process" that keeps knowledge that conflicts with the mainstream version of human history out of the picture. Further, he adds to his theory of human devolution: that as beings consisting of matter, mind and consciousness, we "devolved" or came down from pure consciousness. Having a particular interest in the Vedic traditions, Cremo dispels the myth that archaeology was introduced to India by 16th-century European travellers; instead, it's a tradition that goes back thousands of years. He cites the example of the sunken city found in the Gulf of Cambay, northwestern India, that could be at least 9,500 years old and may revolutionise our knowledge of Indian history in line with the ancient Puranas. It's a troublesome notion for European scholars who insist that Aryan migration into India commenced around 3,500 years ago. Cremo's groundbreaking research ensures a compelling read.


THE ORIGIN OF GOD by Laurence Gardner Dash House, Brockenhurst, UK, 2010 ISBN 978-0-9567357-0-6 (414pp tpb) Available:; UK NEXUS Office, tel (0)1342 322854
bush" imagery may have sparked the change from a corporeal to a spiritual perception of God, wrapped up in supernatural trappings. That shift may have happened c. 1400 BC. After exhaustive analysis, Gardner concludes that there is no proof for the existence of the monotheistic God; he can only be said to exist today as "an optional concept based on individual choice". It's a fitting legacy for Gardner who, sadly, died in August 2010. No doubt his final book, The Revelation of the Devil, due out this year, will complete the circle.

n his posthumously published I eighth book, Laurence Gardner muses on the origin of the idea of God which is at the core of the monotheistic religions. To find the source of this male "one and only" God figure, Gardner examines written and archaeological evidence going back well beyond the sixth century BC Genesis narrative. He discovered that there's a difference between the way the Old Testament scriptures were written and how they've come to be taught and understood. Gardner takes us back to Mesopotamia where, despite the pantheon of the ancient Sumerians and the overlords of the Anannage, there are obvious parallels between their stories of Shining Ones, creation and deluge, and those of Genesis. The figure of Adam seems to emerge around the same time as the Sumerian city-states c. 3900 BC. The earlier polytheistic traditions were supplanted by the Abrahamic Hebrew belief that this God, called El Elyon or El Shaddai, was the most senior judge among the gods, but this was replaced by the Yahweh of the Mosaic Israelites, influenced by the monotheistic Sun-god worship espoused by the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. The Moses "burning

CHALLENGES OF CHANGE by Stanley A. Fulham Amisk Enterprises Ltd, Winnipeg, Canada, 2010 (3rd ed.) ISBN 978-0-9687321-2-0 (360pp tpb) Available: email; tanley Fulham retired in 1971 as a Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force, having also served at NORAD where he saw evidence of UFO activity on radar. His book, Challenges of Change, is a record of 12 years of dialogues with the Transcendor Groupmembers of a galactic governance councilconducted via a psychic medium. The information from these sessions covers warnings concerning environmental pollution, catastrophic Earth changes, terrorism threats and financial meltdowns, and also shows the need to bring a new spiritual consciousness to mankind. It seems that many galactic civilisations have an interest in our fate here on planet Earth. In September 2010, Fulham passed on a prediction that UFOs would be seen over key cities on 13 October. His sources were right: there were sightings over New York City that day. In early December, just weeks before his death, he issued predictions for sightings over Moscow in early January (correct) and over London a week later (too soon to tell as we go to press). Perhaps his prediction about a stepped-up ET "intervention process" in 2011 is on the mark.


Compiled by Duncan Roads
NEXUS CONFERENCE 2010 14 DVDs in either PAL or NTSC format (90mins each) Available: E&E Productions, PO Box 444, Oaklands Park, SA 5046, Australia, tel/fax +61 (0)8 8387 9949,; n July 2010, hundreds gathered for our regular NEXUS Conference, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, for three days and two nights of informative talks and presentations. As usual, the wonderful team from E&E Productions made the journey from South Australia to record the event and produce a DVD of each talk. See E&E's website for details of a special deal on a complete boxed set. 1. Dirty Electricity, EMFs and Health, with Donna Fisher. Researcher into the links between ill health and the invisible EMF plague. 2. The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy and the New World Order, with Jim Marrs. Award-winning author in the fields of UFOs, JFK, 9/11, remote viewing and secret control groups. 3. Ancient Archaeological Artefacts, with Klaus Dona. Art
exhibition curator who travels the world in search of unusual artefacts and evidence of our ancient heritage. 4. The Electric Universe, with Wal Thornhill. This key researcher into the electric nature of the cosmos helps us understand solar changes and ancient cataclysms. Includes predictions for our solar system. language has been used to enslave the masses for thousands of years, and what we can do about it. 8. The Expanding Earth and 2012, with Dr James Maxlow. Geologist and international expert on the expanding Earth hypothesis. 9. UFOs, Exopolitics and Disclosure, with Stephen Bassett. Leading advocate for ending government secrecy about an ET presence engaging the human race. 10. HCG, Hormones, Body Fat and Health, with Sherrill Sellman. A new and effective way of losing weight without the usual side effects of traditional weight-loss diets. 11. Sacred Geometry and Unified Fields, with Nassim Haramein. Acclaimed researcher into quantum physics and consciousness. Includes highlights from my talk on The Big Picture. 12. They Lied To Us In Sunday School, with Ian Ross Vayro. Back by popular demand with more on Noah and biblical intrigues. 13. Communicating with Animals, with Trisha McCagh. Worldrenowned animal whisperer who explains how everyone can learn to communicate with animals. 14. Summary Highlights of the three-day conference on a special two-hour DVD or video.

5. Frequency Healing Technology, with Dr Kathy Forti. A near-death experience survivor was given blueprints for a new technology. 6. Hidden History, with Jim Marrs. Secrets connecting the Bible, the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Trilateral Commission and 9/11. 7. Language and Social Control, with David-Wynn: Miller. How our



Reviewed by Richard Giles
AKAVE by George Telek Wantok Musik Foundation, Australia, 2010 (42mins) Distributors: AustraliaThe Planet Company, tel (02) 9283 8250,; apua New Guinea's George Telek has just released Akave, his fifth album and his first since 2004. It mixes traditional PNG string band music with modern styles in a great musical collaboration that's already produced a number-one hit in Melanesia with "West Papua (Merdeka Mix)". He's with the Wantok Musik label, dedicated to showcasing indigenous Australian and Melanesian music. Telek sings in English, Kuanuan and Tok Pisin, with styles ranging from traditional acoustic sounds to boppy reggae grooves. Highly recommended.
he combines his traditional Tibetan sounds with those of Japanese bansuri flute master Taro Terahara, and together they create songs of happiness, simplicity and tranquillity. The extended flute solos are quite something, and each musician floats his music seamlessly into the other's sounds. A sensitive and beguiling collection with great power and expressiveness. Highly commended.

SHAKUHACHI WATER MEDITATIONS by Riley Lee Sounds True, USA, 2010 (64mins) Distributors: AustraliaBrumby Books & Music, tel (03) 9761 5535; USA Sounds True, tel 800 333 9185, n the Zen bamboo flute tradition, "a master does not seek to imitate the sounds of nature; instead, he creates music that speaks to us in the same voice as the natural world". Riley Lee, a Grand Master of the shakuhachi flute, is globally acclaimed for his ability to express the meditative mind in music (see NEXUS 11/06). Here he captures the essence of water with the serenity we feel when gazing out over a mirror-surfaced lake. A quieting album, perfect for healing, meditation and deep relaxation.

TIBET: AWAKENED HEART by Tenzin Choegyal & Taro Terahara Tenzin Choegyal Music, 2010 (57mins) Distributors: AustraliaPerfect Potion, tel (07) 3256 8500; Tenzin Choegyal Music, enzin Choegyal is Australia's most popular Tibetan musician, playing and performing at festivals around the country. He's renowned for his prowess with flute and voice. Here,

THIS IS THE STORY by Miriam Lieberman Miriam Lieberman Music, Australia, 2010 (45mins) Distributors: AustraliaBrumby Books & Music, tel (03) 9761 5535; iriam Lieberman has spent much time in West Africa, especially in Mali, moving between the world of Australian music and the influences of Malian kora master Toumani Diabat and his Symmetric Orchestra (NEXUS 13/06) and other great Malian musicians. With her powerful vocals and upbeat African rhythms, Miriam tells of her travels. Recorded in both Mali and Sydney, this album is her third and the best yet.





The 21st-Century Renaissance of Science

from those human survival blueprints the technologies needed for overpopulated Earth to utilise ethically the from within computer-generated fractal artwork. The universal holographic environment are becoming excitement within the artwork itself extends to the obvious. realisation that, over the centuries, certain paintings The 20th-century adage that ethics is how one uses reveal the same phenomenon, created unconsciously by science is as barbaric as Plato's spiritual engineering the artist, indicating the existence of an aspect of classified it. Ethical consciousness has quantum evolving creative consciousness associated with Plato's biological properties beyond Einstein's world-view, as spiritual optical engineering principles now linked to the has been proven by medical research conducted under new Fullerene life-science chemistry. the auspices of the Florentine New Measurement of The electromagnetic evolutionary information Humanity Renaissance. properties generated into existence by the liquid crystal Dr Candace Pert's "molecules of emotion", discovered optical functioning of the fertilised ovum are transmitted in 1972 and referred to in the films What the Bleep Do We to the first bone created within the human embryo. From Know!? (2004) and What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole the humanoid fossil record, each time that bone changes (2006), have been experimentally extended into further its Golden Mean patterning design a new humanoid realms of holographic life-science reality. Dr Pert's species emerges. molecules of emotions are the same in humans as in It is currently altering its shape primitive cells, but have evolved under the influence of the same by increasing the speed of their From the humanoid physics forces responsible for molecular movement. fossil record, each time seashell evolution, as was Associated with this emotional discovered by the ScienceArt evolution is the functioning of that bone changes its Research Centre during the endocrine fluids necessary to Golden Mean 1980s. The sphenoid bone is in maintain cellular health. The vibrational contact with the Florentine life-energy research patterning design a seashell design of the human has established that endocrine new humanoid species cochlea. The design of Nipponites fluids evolve within the Earth's mirabilis was meant to keep its holographic electromagnetic emerges. owner upright in water; the environment, affecting health in cochlea design is meant to a manner beyond the enable humans to balance so as to keep upright on land. understanding of an unbalanced 20th-century worldview. Human Survival Blueprints On 24 September 2010, on behalf of the President of The cerebral electromagnetic functioning of creative the Italian Republic, Dr Giovanna Ferri awarded the human consciousness as a Grand Music of the Spheres Giorgio Napolitano Medal to Professor Massimo composition has been adequately charted by Dr Richard Pregnalato and Dr Paolo Manzelli for research conducted Merrick in his book Interference (2009). in QuantumBioNet/EgoCreaNet by their Florentine New The work of Dr Diego Lucio Rapoporta Renaissance Project. TelesioGalilei Academy of Science, UK, Gold Medal This essay has explained the primary obstacle that has Laureate in 2010has incorporated the arts by prevented Sir Isaac Newton's "more profound natural developing a fractal logic stemming from semiotics philosophy to balance the mechanical description of the associated with self-organising biology principles. Universe" from being brought about. The knowledge of The fullerene life-science of the three 1996 Nobel how to correct this situation has become central to the Laureates in Chemistry has found expression within the objectives of the Florentine New Measurement of medical company C Sixty Inc. Humanity Renaissance of the 21st Century. This essay is The ScienceArt Research Centre considers that the Birth Registration Certificate of the New Renaissance. Buckminster Fuller's crucial Social Cradle within the Arts, under the auspices of the Florentine New Renaissance About the Author: Project, might be able to bring to the public an Professor Robert Pope is founder and director of the understanding for the global betterment of the human ScienceArt Research Centre of Australia Inc., and is a condition. ScienceArt artist and philosopher. In 2008, he coKun Huang's research can now be upgraded to founded the Florentine New Measurement of Humanity Project, run by Dr Paolo Manzelli of Florence University. generate healthy, sustainable, futuristic human For more details, visit simulations through millions of space-time years, and

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The Future of Thought Communication

Continued from page 38
"But if it were as common here among men, as it is doubtless common in the intercourse of the spiritual world, what a change would be wrought! If we were involuntarily sharers in one another's pleasures and pains, the brotherhood of the race would not be a pious aspiration or a strenuous effort, but the reality of all others most vividly before us; the factor in our lives which would dominate all our conduct. What would be the use of a luxurious mansion at the West End and Parisian cooks if all the time the misery and starvation of our fellow creatures at the East End were telepathically part and parcel of our daily lives? On the other hand what bright visions and joyous emotions would enter into many dreary and loveless lives if this state of human responsiveness were granted to the race!"8

About the Author:

Belinda Doyle graduated from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School in 1987. She is an awardwinning journalist with more than 20 years' experience in the broadcasting industry. Doyle has presented news programs in Sydney and Perth, and has co-hosted some of Australia's most successful breakfast radio programs. She was instrumental in the establishment of Australia's first 24-hour news service, ABC NewsRadio, which she launched in 1994 from Parliament House in Canberra. Belinda Doyle can be contacted by email at whentomorrowcomes@

1. Stibel, Jeffrey M., Wired for Thought: How the Brain is Shaping the Future of the Internet, Harvard Business Press, 2009, chapter 10, 2. Author's interview with Tan Le, 21

October 2009 3. Author's interview with Dr Charles Jorgensen, 3 October 2009 4. US Department of Defense Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Budget Estimates, May 2009, "Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Defense-wide, Volume 1 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency", Accomplishments/Planned Programs, p. 12, 5. Author's interview with Dr Christopher James, 27 October 2009 6. Radiokate interview with Stuart Wolf, 21 October 2009, posted at 7. Kevin Warwick quote used with permission; posted at; also see 8. Barrett, William F. (Sir), On the Threshold of the Unseen (introduction by James H. Hyslop), E.P. Dutton & Co., New York, 1918, p. 294, available at



A Guide to the End of the World

by Alexander Price

any people in the ancient world saw human life as deeply M connected with the great cycles of nature: the rising and setting of the sun, the changing of the seasons, the death and rebirth of vegetation. In the same way that other patterns in nature repeat at regular intervals, they believed that human history also goes through cycles in which significant events repeat, and are likely to happen again in the future at predictable times. A penetrating study into the history of astrology, ancient religion, secret societies and the evolution of consciousness, 2012 and the Shift of Ages: A Guide to the End of the World is sure to be an invaluable resource in navigating a time of difficult transitions.

To order visit


Is Alzheimer's Disease Caused by Paracetamol?

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About the Author:

Walter Last is a retired biochemist, research chemist, nutritionist and natural therapist who has worked in Germany, the USA, New Zealand and Australia, where he is now based. He has written numerous health-related journal articles and several books. To obtain presently available books, including Heal Yourself the Natural Way , see Walter Last is a regular contributor to NEXUS. His most recent article is "Proof that Cancer Surgery Increases Mortality" (17/05). Visit his website

1. (includes references for the mentioned statements) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. (includes references for the mentioned statements) 7. 8. and 9. and 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. http:/ 29. 30.



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You don't believe that such a future is possible? You don't believe that such advanced technology may even exist today but is kept away from the general public? Consider these two statements with respect to our so-called modern world: 1) We have gone from the horse and buggy to the Internet in 100 years. 2) However, in these 100 years we have thought of no better way to get around than by using the internal combustion engine. The two statements are not consistent. How can we have such a major advancement of technology in one, yet such an utter failure in the other? The answer is that there are other ways to get around. They exist today and we aren't allowed to use them. The Gridpoint Atlas software will not solve the world's problems. Only we can do that. But, the software will allow avid researchers to gain an understanding of what has come before them, so that they may dream of and demand a better world for ourselves tomorrow. If we do not demand it from our leaders, they will surely never give it to us. Ever.
Space" (2/22), "The Harmonics of Coral Castle" (8/06) and "Volcanic Activity, Nuclear Tests and the Unified Field" (9/02). Bruce Cathie can be emailed at R o d M a u p i n grew up in Oklahoma, USA, and graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1983 with an Architectural Design degree and a minor in Art. For the last 27 years he has worked as a software developer. He learned about Bruce Cathie in 1988 and began working with him in late 1989. His 21-year collaboration with Cathie has resulted in the development of the Gridpoint Atlas software. He currently lives in Rainier, Washington, USA. He can be emailed at For more information about the Gridpoint Atlas and World Grid software, and to order, go to the website

About the Authors:

Captain Bruce L. Cathie (Ret.) is a former airline pilot who, in 1952 with several witnesses, sighted a UFO in the evening sky at Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand. This led him to discover and plot the World Grid system. He is the author of six books: Harmonic 33, Harmonic 695, Harmonic 288, The Bridge to Infinity, The Energy Grid and The Harmonic Conquest of Space (reviewed in NEXUS 2/25). He has contributed several articles to NEXUS, including "The Energy Grid" (2/09), "The Pyramids of China" (2/10), "The Harmonic Conquest of




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sheer arrogance, destroy the link between nature and man, fate approaches fulfilment. The Ugha Mongulala know that the end is near. They know it and are expecting it in resignation. For they believe in the bequest of their Former Masters. With the image of the Gods in their hearts, they follow in their footsteps. They follow those who are of the same blood and have the same father.

3. THE ERA OF DARKNESS 10,468 BC 3166 BC The Collapse of the Empire

Truly, the White Barbarians are a mighty people. They rule the sky and the Earth and are at the same time bird, worm and horse. They think they are seeing the light, but nevertheless they live in darkness and are evil. And the worst part is that they deny their own God and themselves strive to be God and to

make us believe that they are the rulers of the world. But the Gods are still greater and more powerful than all the White Barbarians together. They still decide who of us should die and when. Still, Sun, water and fire serve them first. For the Gods do not allow their secrets to be taken from them. Our priests say they will send a judgement that will free the White Barbarians from the burden of their errors. Long and continuous rain will fall and wash away the darkness in their hearts. The waters will rise higher and higher and carry away their wickedness and their lust for power and wealth.

Born in Munich, he studied journalism and contemporary history there and in Paris. Brugger worked as a freelance journalist until 1974 when he became a correspondent for ARD. Brugger was shot down in Rio de Janeiro on 3 January 1984 while walking with his friend Ulrich Eucke at Ipanema beach. Neither his killer nor the motive for his killing is known.

Editor's Notes:
We are well aware of the German documentary which, based upon the book by Rdiger Nehberg, purports to prove that Tatunca Nara was a fraudulent German worker named Hans Gnther Hauck. However, I remain of the belief that the Tatunca Nara exposed in that documentary is not the same person described by Karl Brugger. The Chronicle of Akakor is out of print, but we are making available a pdf that can be downloaded for a fee from the NEXUS Magazine website,

About the Author:

Karl Brugger (19411984) was a German foreign correspondent for the ARD network as well as an author, best known for his book The Chronicle of Akakor (Die Chronik von Akakor, Econ Publishers, Dusseldorf, Vienna, 1976; published in English by Delacorte Press, New York, 1977).




by Wendy Lydall

A well-referenced book which dispells many myths about vaccinations, including that the benefits are worth the risks, that without vaccinations there would be epidemics, and that vaccines are scientifically and clinically tested for their safety and effectiveness. Lydall exposes the sham studies designed to cover up the vaccine connection to SIDS (cot death); and shows that homoeopathic vaccines are bringing an alien vibration into the body, and are not necessarily safe. Lydall also has information about the denial and/or dishonesty of some health care providers, medical bureaucrats, vaccine manufacturers and high-level officials on vaccine safety issues. Highly recommended!

To order visit

A Must Read!!
by Steven M. Greer MD

* New book+DVD by Steven Greer

Countdown to Transformation
by Steven M. Greer, MD

his book goes far beyond the usual accounting of objects seen in the T sky and takes the reader into a universe of higher states of consciousness, remote viewing and direct Contact with civilizations that
rom his sighting of a UFO at an early age, to his amazing neardeath experience at age 17, to his unraveling of the secret cabal F running the illegal transnational energy and UFO-related projects, to his meetings with a CIA Director, US Senators, heads of state and royalty you will be moved, shocked and enlightened as you read through this memoir. Journey with Dr Greer as he takes you into the corridors of secret power beyond the government as we know itto a shadowy cabal of power-mad controllers, and their hidden agenda.

interface with thought and awareness as easily as we talk on cell phones. Journey with the CSETI team as they go beyond the veil of light and the resonant frequency of matter and enter into close contact with numerous ET civilizations who eagerly await the coming Transformation on Earth. The accompanying DVD shows the images, sights and sounds of Contact, as it has evolved over the past 17 years. You will learn how this Contact has been made - and how you, too, can become an Ambassador to the Universe!

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DVDs available through NEXUS

Reconnecting to Nature Through Spiritual Permaculture by Leonid Sharashkin

The School: Humanitys New Future

Creating Your Space of Love: The Road Home

This DVD contains the complete back issues of NEXUS from 1987-2010 in pdf format.

The Ringing Cedars editor reveals worldwide potential for Russias permaculture garden movement.

At this Russian school, the children have designed, built and decorated their own campus.

Family domain and eco-village planning, presented by Leonid Sharashkin in Byron Bay.

Ancient Roots, Modern Shoots

Recreating A Garden Planet

The Eternal Cycle

The Return of Anastasia

Seeing Your Natural Environment as an Extension of Your Self by Leonid Sharashkin.

Psychology of Humanity-Earth Co-evolution. Presented by Leonid Sharashkin.

Fertility and Birth in Nature and Human Experience. Presented by Leonid Sharashkin.

Leo Sharashkin explains the signicance of the Russian dacha gardening movement.

The Harmonic Code by Bruce Cathie

Vaccination: The Hidden Truth

NEXUS Conference DVDs - 2007

NEXUS Conference DVDs - 2008

UFOs, Antigravity and the Energy Grid. Matter, antimatter, time travel, harmonic mathematics etc.

Their ineffectiveness, the manipulated statistics and what vaccines contain exposed in this DVD.

Harry Oldeld, George Wiseman, Sherrill Sellman, Meryl Dorey, Dr Ted Loder and more.

Ringing Cedars, Crystal Skull, Harry Oldeld, Callum Coats, Gary Opit and more.

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Books available via NEXUS on Ancient Mysteries and Travel Archaeology/Mysteries

The Giza Death Star 2012 and the Shift of Ages Sunken Realms by Karen Mutton Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of the Southwest

This is physicist Joseph Farrells amazing book on the secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

A Guide to the End of the World by Alexander Price. Investigates the cycles of human history and nature.

A Survey of Underwater Ruins From Around the World. Includes discussion on causes of sunken cities.

David Hatcher Childress traverses the American Southwest investigating archaeological mysteries.

Axis of the World by Igor Witkowski

The Hollow Earth

The Lost Continent of Mu

In Secret Tibet by Theodore Illion

A Multi-disciplinary approach across the Americas in search of the oldest American civilisation.

Dr Raymond Bernards bizarre 60s classic is back in print! New intro by David Hatcher Childress.

James Churchwards classic on the theory of a lost continent in the Pacic. First published in 1931.

Reprint of a rare 1930s travel book by a German traveller who travelled through forbidden Tibet.

Danger My Ally

Land of the Gods

The Lost Science of Measuring the Earth

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings

The true life adventure of F.A. Mitchell-Hedges including his discovery of the famous Crystal Skull.

How a Scottish Landscape was Sanctied to Become Arthur's Camelot by Philip Coppens.

Discovering the Sacred Geometry of the Ancients by Robin Heath and John Michell.

Charles Hapgood's classic 1966 book on ancient maps and world civilisation before Ancient Egypt.

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Conspiracy & Religious Revisionism/Mysteries available via NEXUS (selection only).

Hitler's Suppressed, Still-Secret Weapons, Science & Technology by Henry Stevens Weather Warfare by Jerry E. Smith ParaPolitics: Conspiracy in Contemporary America From Major Jordans Diaries by George Racey

Intelligence reports of supermetals, electric guns, & ray weapons, x-ray and laser weaponry.

The Military's Plan To Draft Mother Nature. HAARP, environmental & weathermodifying technologies.

Collection of Kenn Thomas' lecture remarks, interviews and articles from the worlds underground press.

Diary account of high-level cooperation between Russia and the USA since World War II.

by Andr Douzet and Philip Coppens

The Secret Vault

Mind Control, World Control by Jim Keith

The Shadow Government

Secrets of the Holy Lance

The Secret Societies' Manipulation of Sauniere & the Secret Sanctuary of Notre-Dame-de-Marceille.

Veteran conspiracy researchers overview of mind control as a tool of the New World Order.

9-11 and State Terror, by Len Bracken, with introduction by Kenn Thomas.

The Spear of Destiny in History & Legend by Jerry E. Smith and George Piccard.

Mary Magdelene The Illuminator

They Lied to Us in Sunday School

The Papal Billions by Tony Bushby

The Twin Deception by Tony Bushby

The Woman Who Enlightened The Christ by William Henry.

Ian Ross Vayro takes us through ancient biblical texts leading one to question traditional teachings.

Damning facts about the Vatican's accumulation of wealth over the centuries.

Reading like a suspense novel, this book unlocks the concealed evidence of Jesus twin brother.

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Books available through NEXUSEnvironment/Spirituality and Alternative Health

Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megr 13-Moon Diary of Natural Time 2010-2011 Stone Age Farming by Alanna Moore How to Survive 2012

The authors fascinating experience of Anastasia and the ringing cedars of Russia.

Red Overtone Moon Year. Contains Mayan 13-Moon calendar, horoscope, planner & short guide

Eco-Agriculture for the 21st Centurya holistic, practical approach to farm & ecosystem management.

Tactics and Survival Places for the Coming Pole Shift by Patrick Geryl. Ley Lines and Earth Energies by D Cowan & C Arnold

Living Energies by Callum Coats

Hidden Nature by Alick Bartholomew

Voyages Into the Unknown

Viktor Schauberger (18851958) & his brilliant ideas & inventions harnessing natural energy explained.

Describes Schaubergers work with water as a living organism. Foreword by David Bellamy.

Bruce Moen's forays into the afterlife, including his experience in helping 'retrieve' individuals.

A groundbreaking exploration of the Earth's natural energy and how it affects our health.

Silent Fields by Donna Fisher

Every Breath You T a ke

The Golden Fountain

Behavioural Problems in Childhood

The Growing Cancer Cluster Storyan expos on the power industry & dirty electricity.

Help for asthma sufferers with information on the Buteyko Method by Dr Paul Ameisen.

The Complete Guide to Urine Therapy by Coen van der Kroon.

Neurological & behavioural disorders and the link to vaccines by Viera Scheibner PhD.

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Suppressed/Frontier Science & Free Energy A selection of books available from NEXUS
The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray by Moray B. King Prodigal Genius by John J. O'Neill
Compiled by Childress

The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla

Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature ed Thomas Valone

Zero-Point Energy & Pulsed Plasma Physics. 1920s energy device explained by modern science.

Nikola Tesla is revealed as a gure of genius whose inuence on the world reaches into the far future.

Compendium of the inventions of the originator of electrication. Includes patents, diagrams, photos.

Essays, papers, technical briengs and press clippings dedicated to Tesla's work and memory.

Adams Pulsed Electric Motor Generator Manual

The Adams Manual Addendum

Perpetual Motion by Arthur Ord-Hume

The Free-Energy Device Handbook

This is the manual which further describes the details on how to build the Robert Adams motor.

This addendum further updates the research and theory surrounding the Adams' Motor.

A present-day engineer nds perpetual motion seekers were important in engineerings history.

A compilation of patents, diagrams, descriptions and reports, edited by David Hatcher Childress

Gravitational Manipulation of Domed Craft

The Anti-Gravity Handbook

The Energy Grid by Bruce Cathie

The Tesla Papers by David H. Childress

UFO Propulsion Dynamics by Paul Potter. Research based on crashed UFOs from Russia and America.

Edited by David Hatcher Childress. Free Energy, Flying Saucer Propulsion, UFOs, NASA Cover-ups.

Breakthrough book that explores the incredible potential of the Energy Grid and Earth's Unied Field.

Tesla's vision of the future, including wireless power, anti-gravity, free energy & advanced solar power.

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A selection of books on UFOs and the Unexplained available through NEXUS.

COEVOLUTION by Alec Newald

CONTACT: Countdown to Transformation by Steven M Greer

HIDDEN TRUTH: Forbidden Knowledge by Steven M Greer

Giants of the Solomon Islands; UFO underwater & underground bases deep in the jungle.

The life-changing true story of a man taken for ten days to an extraterestrial civilisation.

Chronicle of the CSETI teams experience of contact from 1992-2009. Includes bonus DVD.

From UFO sightings to meetings with CIA directors, join Greer on his discovery of secret agendas.





Dr Richard Sauders evidence & govt paper trail for the construction of huge bases on & offshore.

Investigation into Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers, Dark Adepts and 2012 by Christopher O'Brien.

Nazi Secret Weapons & The Cold War Allied Legend by historian and physicist Joseph P. Farrell

A Provocative look at the Most Mysterious Aviation Event in History by J. Allan Danelek.

UFOS AND ANTI-GRAVITY Piece for a Jigsaw




Scientist Leonard G. Cramp's 1966 classic on ying saucer propulsion & suppressed technology.

A Journey Through the Evolution of Interstellar Travel by Christopher Humphrey PhD.

The Nazi's Postwar Plan to Control Finance, Conict, Physics and Space by Joseph P. Farrell.

Investigations into Occultism, Ufology and Paranoid Awareness by Aeolus Kephas.

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