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Checklist for ISPS

(for information only - no PSC requirement)

Preparation for Port-Inspections

This list can be used for preparation for a port call to avoid unnecessary delays and problems with the authorities. The list of questions does not claim to be complete, more questions might be asked in regard to the ISPS implementation.

Germanischer Lloyd Revision 1 07/04

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PSC inspections in regard to ISPS:

During PSC inspections carried out on ships which have to be ISPS certified an inspection of the implementation of the ISPS system will be carried out. In order to have such inspections carried out in a unified manner and scope, IMO has published within the resolution MSC.159(78) about enhancing Maritime Security a number of questions which a Duly Authorized Officer from the port authorities may ask in order to verify the implementation of the system. During a PSC inspection the PSC official will primarily check the ISPS documents for completeness and validity. Within this inspection he may utilize, but is not limited to, a list of questions to ascertain the compliance with the ISPS Code. If clear grounds are established, he shall carry out a more detailed inspection. This checklist is based on relevant questions as proposed by the IMO resolution. Furthermore the list contains the questions from the Concentrated Inspection Checklist which various PSC areas will use. The list may be used onboard for checking the compliance with the ISPS Code for being prepared to pass a PSC inspection without problems and to periodically verify compliance with the regulations of the Code.

List of possible questions in accordance with IMO Resolution MSC.159(78) about Enhancing Maritime Security Ch. 4 reg. 4.4 and the PSC Campaign Inspection Checklists:
No. 1 Question yes no actions taken
company informed?

Is a valid ISSC Certificate onboard issued by a Recognized Security Organisation or by the flag administration directly? If there is an Interim ISSC Certificate onboard, are there clear reasons that this is not issued for avoidance of full compliance?

2 3

If the vessel in port, does it operate on at least the security level which is set by the port facility? Is there a Ship Security Officer designated onboard and
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Germanischer Lloyd Revision 1 07/04






actions taken

company informed?

can all crew identify this person?

4 5 6 7 8

Does there appear to be an effective system of control of access to the vessel? Does there appear an effective system of control of access to sensitive areas of the vessel? Have security drills been carried out within required intervals? Is sufficient documentation about security drills available? Are records of the last 10 calls at port facilities available? (counting from 1st July 2004) Are records for possible ship-to-ship activities available? Are key members of ships security personal able to communicate effectively with each other on security related matters?

9 10

Germanischer Lloyd Revision 1 07/04

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