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SWOT Analysis

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for COUN 238 Career Planning: Theory and Practice

Submitted by: Vivette Foster ID#: 13010845

Submitted to: Ms. Shaye-Ann Campbell

Date: September 19, 2011 SWOT Analysis

Incorporating all the achievements from the different Organization and Institution of learning coupled with many and varied work experiences, I am ready to embark on my career with an unmatched wealth of knowledge and experience. Irrespective of the many challenges in its varied forms that have enshrouded our schools , the need for highly skilled and trained teachers is needed to foster a reformation within the system that will help to mend and engender this social fabric of the society. Strengths A proud teacher education major and holds minors in Guidance and Counselling and Health and Family life Education respectively. I have been a full time teacher as well as working part-time as an educator and facilitator with the Ministry of Education as a Health and Family Life teacher hosting various seminars with the Guidance Counselors and teachers of all the schools in the central parishes of the island. I served as a member of the committee of the Ministry of

education to reform the Health and family Life education curriculum in Jamaica. My gross salary is over $3million per year. I have worked with several institutions, organizations and many community projects to help alleviate some of the discomforts of residents which include training individuals to empower themselves. I have made the lists of honorees from five universities including the very prestigious Harland State University in which one of the main buildings was named after me. I am beneficiary of a few scholarships that has increased my

expertise. My alma mater is team work hence I am able to work harmoniously with my fellowworkers to advance the growth of the school.

Weaknesses With the revolutionary changes in the education system, and in spite of all my academic accomplishments and connections with the famous Harland State University is secondary and cannot atone for more years of work experience and major in teaching, life skills to students in the Health and Family Life Education program. Persons working in these fields would have been more equipped with more the expertise in other dimensions of the areas such as holding licensure and giving professional counseling, be advisement to the courts, social services, consultant to schools, courts, provide leadership among others. It therefore means that to be on the cutting edge I must be engaged in pursuing higher studies to be more marketable. Opportunities. Teachers, Guidance Counsellors and Health and Family Life Education are very significant and potent careers in the Western hemisphere and cannot become obsolete and the demand for these professionals continues to grow. Salaries will fluctuate based on the growth of the economy but can be quite attractive. Northern Caribbean University is providing many opportunities where I can get a Masters degree in my area of preference that will add to my credentials. Threats

A vast number of individuals are been trained in the field of Guidance and counseling and Health and Family Life Education due to the demand and as a result there is an influx of these personnel.

Objective (s)

Provide a foundation for the illimination of illiteracy;

o Collaborate teacher, parent and students in the teaching and learning process; o Inculcate a personal interest in students own learning; o Invoke confidence in students and help them to discover their true potential Action Programs To be able to provide a solid foundation to eliminate illiteracy from the school I will have to introduce technological infrastructure through overhead projector, audio visual, and computer science. Maximize reading with ultimate phonics computer software programmes Help children of all ages become better readers which will guarantee to maximize the reading ability for all kinds of students-beginning readers, struggling readers, Adults, dyslexia, and those children with learning disabilities. Ultimate Phonics teaches all phonics sounds and rules of English. It provides many practices. The students start at basic level and progress to an advance

level. This prepares them to read books and other materials at any level. All the expertise is built into the design of the structure of our word lists and sentences. Having parents collaborating with the teacher and involving in the childrens learning can only provide a rich learning environment and achieve academic achievement. Parents involvement produces higher grades, standardized test scores, improved behavior at home and at school and better social skills and adaptation at schools. I concur with Erick Erickson (1978) that, Many students are naturally enthusiastic about learning. On the other hand not all students are motivated by the same values, needs desires or wants; some will be even motivated by others. I therefore will need to take the initiative to inculcate the students personal interests by motivating them by giving positive feedback that supports students beliefs that they can do well. Never see themselves as incapable of accomplishing any task given. Help them to see their challenges as stepping stone to achieving great things. I need to help students to discover their true potential by assigning tasks that are not to simple or difficult. Create an atmosphere that is open and positive. Make them feel that they are valued members of the learning community. I will have to set realistic goals.

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