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Simens Reply to Comments put forward by Bharat Bijlee for TIVIM Project S.No.

Bharat Bijlee Comment received on 03.08.10 Siemens Reply

Drawing :- G719EA-AG9072-W101-A
Both the DC source should be looped as presently only one DC source will be provided to the panel. DC fail Hooter should be on AC and not on DC as shown in your drawing .

Noted. Looping of Terminals in Relay Panel from DC1 to DC2 will be done for the same.

The PT supply will be given to the Meters As per the SLD. 110kV Side is 1 Main + Transfer Bus and Protection Relay depending on the arrangement. Normally, for this type of arrangement there is only Bus selection. Therefore a PT selection Main Bus PT and no transfer Bus PT. Thus, PT changeover relay must be provided and the selection relays are not required since the Meters & protection relays have will be based on individual Isolator i.e.1to be connected to the Main Bus PT even after transfer. Please 689 A for Main Bus and 1-689 C for confirm whether there is any PT in the transfer Bus for the Transformer Bus. changeover. For auto trip indication, The TNC switch should be replaced with normally open contact of LV 86(Tripping) Relay.

Noted and will be incorporated

As the panels are already in manufacturing stage and materials have been ordered,we express our inability to change the annunciator for 110kV Side now. As there are 2 spare Windows, There should be separate annunciation We can separate only 2 alarms, Thus, we can provide General window for loss of sf6, General Lockout, Pole Lockout & Pole discrepancy while other alarms from CB can be discrepancy. kept together as CB trouble alarm. However there will not be any spare windows remaining in 110kV Annunciator after doing the same. Please confirm to the arrangement

Drawing :- G719EA-AG9072-W201-A,
5 Kilovolt meter should be provided. Both Bus PT selection should take place from their respective isolator. If both isolator are open then there should not be any voltage display on the KV meter. Both Bus PT selection should take place from their respective isolator.If both isolator are open then there should not be any voltage display on the KV meter. There should be normally open contact of (86) Tripping Relay inplace of TNC switch. As the panel is in manufacturing stage, This cannot be provided now. Also, the same has not been given in the SLD provided from your side. For, 220kV Side, the second Voltage selection relay will be provided.

Please refer reply of point no. 5

Noted and will be incorporated

The Trivector meter should be at a readable Height of the TVM meter cannot be changed now as the panel is height. already in manufacturing stage CT shorting arrangement should be provided with disconnecting type connectors for 220 and 110KV control Panels Proper Labeling on LEDs of differential Relay to be provided. Proper labeling on auxiliary relays used for bucholz, etc Noted and will be incorporated


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Noted and will be incorporated Noted and will be incorporated