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BLV , System Dump, Device Related Commands

BLV COMMANDS : bootlist -m normal -o bootlist -m service -o bootlist -m normal cd0 hdisk0 bootlist -m service cd0 rmt0 hdisk0 bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk1 mkboot -cd /dev/hdisk1 bootinfo -b bootinfo - t bootinfo -e bootinfo -T bootinfo -s hdisk0 bootinfo -r To see the boot sequence in normal mode To see the boot sequence in service mode To change boot sequence to cd0,hdisk0 in normal mode To change boot sequence to cd0,rmt0,hdisk0 in service mode

To create boot image on PV hdisk1 To clear the boot image Specifies the bootable disk Specifies the type of boot Check the machine can boot from tape To see the machine type To see the size of hdisk0 To see the size of memory


sysdumpdev -l sysdumpdev -L sysdumpstart -p sysdumpstart -s sysdumpdev -p /dev/lv00 sysdumpdev -P -p /dev/lv00 sysdumpdev -s /dev/rmt0 sysdumpdev -z

To list the current dump destination List the details of the previous dump Starts dump in the primary dump device Starts dump in the secondary dump device To make lv00 as primary dump device To make lv00 as primary dump device permanently To make rmt0 as secondary dump device To determine a new system dump occurred

Device related commands :

cfgmgr cfgmgr -l vscsi0 lscfg lscfg -l mem0 To configure devices and installs device software in system To configure the components connected to the vscsi0 interface To display config, diagnostics and vital product definition info Display info about device mem0

lscfg -l ent* lscfg -v lscfg -v -l hdisk0 mkdev -l rmt0 lsdev -P lsdev -P -c disk lsdev -P -r class lsdev -P -r subclass lsdev -C lsdev -C -l mem0 chdev -l sys0 -a maxproc=100 chdev -l rmt0 -a blocksize=512 chdev -l rmt0 -a ret=no rmdev -l rmt0 rmdev -d -l rmt0 rmdev -l rmt0 -S lsparent -C -k rs232 lsparent -C -l hdisk0 lsattr -Dl rmt0 lsattr -El rmt0 lsattr -El tty0 -a login -R lsconn -p scsi0 lvlstmajor mknod /dev/null c 2 2

Display info about all Ethernet cards Display vpd Display vpd of hdisk0 To change device rmt0 from defined state to available state To lists all supported devices To list all supported disks To display supported class To display all sub class To lists all configured devices To display the properties of mem0 To change default maxproc value to 100 To change the block size to 512 To avoid tape retension To remove the device rmt0 To remove the device totally from database To change the state of the device stopped To display possible parent devices which accept rs232 devices To display parent devices which accept child device hdisk0 To see the default values of the device rmt0 To see the current values of the device rmt0 To see all possible values of the login attribute of tty0 To list all possible connection scsi0 can accept To list the available major numbers Create null device with major (2) and minor (2) nos. (c - char device)