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Research output Second semester SY.

2012-2013 Department Of Social Work SOH SLU

Growth and Development: Intervention to Student with Visual Impairment under the Provision of the Institute of the Inclusive Education
Author(s): Dr. Rico Jacoba Research promoter

ABSTRACT This research study tackles about the programs and services of the Institute of Inclusive Education (IIE) at Saint Louis University to students with visual impairment wherein the researchers addressed the impact of these programs and services of IIE and how is it helpful to the student. The researchers made use of structured and unstructured interview. There were two students who are visually impaired benefitting directly from the IIE program. The students were currently enrolled in the School of Teacher Education at Saint Louis University, Baguio City. From the interview that was conducted by the researchers, they were ascertained that the programs and services rendered by IIE are beneficial and helpful to their daily living. Computer training program were conferred unto them as well as educational materials such as Braille, Book Stylus, Laptop and others which are all should be returned after their graduation. However, a problem arises while an interview to the respondent teachers is ongoing. All of them do not know how to read Braille, Braille the test questions and transcribed Braille answers, and others. As of these problems, specified and detailed discussions and seminars should be offered to the teachers of persons with disabilities to avoid deficiency and misunderstandings among them

Keywords: Institute of inclusive Education (IIE), Braille, Development Program Services, Seminars, Educational Materials, Visually Impaired, Special Education, Inclusive Education.