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1 Vilma: Oh, my dear daughter. Ahh.sorry, my son rather. Listen to my story. Amor: Yes! Ill activate my senses first.

Wait a minute. Sense of smell.check, sense of touch.check, sense of hearing.check, sense of sight..check, sense of taste.check, common sense.check, nonsense.check, absencecheck, presencecheck! (joking) Vilma: There you go again mi Amor. (laughing) Listen! I was once a model. A freelancer when I met your brothers biological father. I enjoyed myself going anywhere before. Drinking, smoking, gambling and all the other vices is my happiness until now. Its just that it is lessen a little bit now. I know that you know. Amor: Yes! And you know that I know. Vilma: My too much obsession to vices ruins my life. The night that I spent time with my colleagues drinking is the night that he was formed. We made a miracle in short. Amor: A miracle? A miracle? Vilma: Yes, a miracle! Talking about my identity, I already discover it since before but I do not know. I cant control myself that certain moment. (serious talk) Amor: AhhhIs that it? I know! Vilma: You should not be following me that way. Just my identity and of who I am, it could be. Amor: How about me? Vilma: Never mind. Its a very long story. We could consume the entire time of this play just telling you that certain story. Just remember that I care for you so much because youre my only daughter. Ahhh..sorry! Son I mean (laugh) .Youre the one that goes with the flow of my undertakings. My likes and dislikes. Unlike your brother, I dont like him to tell you honestly. At least Im happy with my life having you accompanying me in all my activities and agendas. (in a caring manner) Amor: Im glad to hear that Dadotzzzz (Cinco comes in hesitating to approach Vilma, his boyish mother. Amor go away.) James: Hi. Mama! Vilma: How many times I told you to call me Dadotzz, not Mama. James: Sorry Mama. Ai..I mean Dadotzz. Vilma: Where have you been son of a bitch? James: I just arrived from school. Vilma: So you mean, this is the time for arrival from school. Youre very good. (hitting James on his head) James: No Dadotzz..Im busy for our project. That is for lifting my grades up. Vilma: What do you want? James: HmmmmmmDadotzz.I just want to ask some money for our project and for additional expenses in school. Vilma: Again. You just asked money from me yesterday and now youll ask again money. Ohh what the hell are you acting! Again and again. Ohh! Come on. James: No DadotzzIts very important. (Vilma gets money from her pocket.) Vilma: Oh! (giving the money to James) Utilize that money for your expenses. James: Thank you Dadotzz..

GROUP 3 (Advanced Grammar and Composition) Lovely Bascon Michael Rupert Cinco Jera Mae Gealon Cecil Albores Liezl Doblas Arjane Villareal Sarah Embalzado Daisere Jumao as Ma. Emma Carmelyn Mariscal Kristine Cabico Mary Rose Dagatan Mia Michaelah Mamalias

Because of YOU!
Louraine- the loving wife of James and is always busy of her business. James- husband of Louraine. He comes to the point of cheating Louraine when Louraine is very much busy of her business. Vilma- the boyish mother of James. Amor- the boyish sister of James who likes Ching-ching so much. Lenchen- mother of Louraine. Ching-ching- sister of Louraine. Amanda- family housemaid Cynthia- cousin of Louraine Lilibeth- sister of Lenchen, mother of Cynthia. Atty. Sandoval- family lawyer Police Inspector Dela Cruz WalayPulos- assistant of Atty. Sandoval. Carlota- family confessor, catechists (Vilma and Amor facing each other playing cards.) Amor: Dadotzzzzz.. Vilma: Ooohh Amor: Dadotzzz.. Vilma: Oohhhh Amor: Dadotzzz Vilma: Yes. What do you want? (In an intense emotion) Oh! I almost got it. One click more to go, I will reach the finish line. Oh, come on! Amor: Dadotz, may I ask something? Vilma: About what? Amor: HmmmmAbout you. Im a little bit curious about it. How did you reach like that? Did the angels and saints in heaven guide you in your life? I do not know. (confused) I cant understand. Whos my father? Whos my brothers father? Do we have the same father? Whos your husband? Oh, come on! Tell me. I wonder what my father looks like.

2 Another Setting: In the sala of the house of Louraine, the wife of James. (In a sofa) Louraine: My love? James: Yes? Louraine: My love? James: Yes? Louraine: You know? James: What do you want to tell me? Louraine: You know, youre the most kind and handsome man I ever met. My one and only husband. James: You know, youre the most kind and beautiful woman I ever met. My one and only wife. One of the many. Louraine: What? What do you mean? James: No. Nothing. You know, you make me stong when I am weak, brave enough when I am afraid. You encouraged me to stand up by the time I failed because of the problems I encountered. You are my life. You are my only one, my love. Louraine: You, too. You are the apple of my eye. You make me believe there is nothing impossible in this world. You give me meaning in my life, youre my inspiration. You are the one who change my heart. No matter what it takes! James: No matter what it take! Louraine and James: Til death do us part, I love you. (Somebody knocks on the door. Amor!) James: Oh! Whos that? Coming here early in the morning? Louraine: Maybe your sister, your brother rather. You know thats already a routine. Didnt you notice. (Cinco opens the door.) Amor: Thank you kuya. Good morning. Hi Ate. Are you done taking your breakfast? By the way, wheres Chingching? Louraine: Oh come on Amor! You only pretends to look for meals here but you truly look for Ching-ching here. Isnt it true? Amor: No! Its not true. Im truly hungry. Do you have food out there? (Amor tried to be very alive, alert and enthusiastic.) James: My future wife, Louraine plans everything about this said wedding. Vilma: Good for you. Youve spotted a rich wife. Good luck. You will be made as a servant in their house, I tell you. Amor: No! Go kuya..Ill support you. (Amor and Vilma go out leaving James alone.) James: Its alright. Louraine loves me very much and I love her very much, too. We are one. No one could interrupt and hinder our love from one another. (Sign of the wedding day) James: Oopssss..Bro! Be careful! Louraine: Mom and Ching-ching is not here. They went out somewhere early in the morning. I do not know where they will be going. Dont you worry, they will be right here soon. Amor: Yessssss.. James: Ooopppppsssss(3x) Amor: (In a whisper) Yes! Yes! I am excited to see her.

(James turns his back and hesitates if he will return to his Dadotzz or not because he wants to tell something to his Dadotzz) James: Dadotzz.. Vilma: What? James: DadotzzI failed to pass in one subject this semester and I have this counseling form. It needs to be signed by the guardian. Dadotzz,.Im sorry for that. I tried my best but maybe my effort is lacking. Ill try to catch up for the next semester. Vilma: Ahhh! Im used to that. Better to stop going to school the next school year. (James bowed his head and then scratched it.) (James again turned around and once again hesitated to go and then turn around.) James: Dadotz.. Vilma: Again and again? James: Last one. Vilma: Ohhh! What? James: I have this girl whom I loved. She loves me and I love her so much, too. I care for her and she cares for me, too. We plan to marry after this school year will be done. (Amor directly comes in.) Amor: What? What have you just said? Can you repeat it? What is that word? Marry? James: Yes, my dear sister, I mean brother. Amor: I will be the best man okey. No one will oppose. (in a boastful manner)(laugh) Vilma: You son of a bitch! What food would like your wife would eat when youll marry. Do you have work? How will you support your future wife and your children financially? James: No Dadotzz.He introduced to me everything about our wedding. We will live in their house after the wedding just for a moment or temporarily. Theyre rich anyway. Vilma: Aha! You are contented with that. Amor: Dadotzz..thats good. I could also benefit something from their wealth. It depends on the situation. I will always go there in their house. (laughing)

(Amor just stays at the back and then James and Louraine continues their conversation. They went to the sofa.)

3 Louraine: To be continued? James: To be continued. Of course. It should be. Louraine: No other words to say? James: No! No more but theres one. Louraine: What? James: I love you with all my heart. Louraine: Oh! How sweet! I love you too with all my heart. From head to toe! (Laughing) (Amor reacts on their conversation. Suddenly, Amanda, Louraines cousin arrived with a very sarcastic look. Amor went out somewhere.) Cynthia: Hmmmmmmm..hmmmmm.hmm..PDA! Public Display of Affection is prohibited in this house. PDA! PDA! (Amanda, the housemaid came in bringing glasses of milk.) Amanda: Maam, Sir. Milk for you. Louraine: Thank you. James: Thank you very much. Youre so caring. (James and Amanda are exchanging glances to each other. Then, Amanda goes to Cynthia to offer a glass of milk. Cynthia has a suspicious look to James and Amanda as they exchanged glances with each other.) Amanda: Maam, milk for you. Cynthia: (Very angry).You, lowly peasant. Dont intend to get into our lives because youre just a servant and a housemaid here. Put that in your mind. (Amanda did not interrupt and just listen to Cynthia and then went out.) Cynthia: Oh, come on. A secret affair. This is not good. My beloved James will be hers. Oh my! Oh my! (Louraine and James just continue on what they are doing when suddenly Louraine asks permission to James.) Louraine: My love? I have to go for a while. Dont you worry I will return if Im done. Just to settle something important with my subordinates. Its about the business. Its just for a while anyway. Goodbye! James: Okey! Goodbye! (Louraine goes out and Cynthia and James are the ones left.) Cynthia: Oohhh! This is it. A one on one conversation. This is what Im waiting for.(Tries to go to James closely.)Hi, my dear. (James tries to go away from Cynthia.) James: Im sorry Cynthia but I didnt feel the same feeling as yours. Cant you see? I have a wife and besides you do fit being my concubine. Cynthia: Oh come on! Whether you like it or not, I will force you to like me.

(James doesnt like Cynthia but he seems to go with the feelings and emotions of Cynthia.) James: Temptation! Temptation! What is this temptation? (In a loud voice) (Lilibeth Cynthias mother , the sister of Louraines mother, suddenly came in. James and Cynthia pretend that nothing happened.) Lilibeth: What was that word that I just heard? Temptation? Temptation of wife? Are you watching temptation of wife? (laughing) Cynthia: Mama, James tempted me to do some kind of. Ah! I cant express it mama. Its hard to express. Lilibeth: Oh, my dear daughter. Chill, He is not worthy being your man. Hes married and besides he can do nothing as a man. Cynthia: Dont talk too much, mama. He might be hurt. He will get depressed. So sad. Huhuhuhu! (teasing James in a pretentious manner) (James can do nothing but only to remain silent.) Lilibeth: Lets go! Go with me in the parlor. Lets get some renovation of our beautiful faces. Lets go! Cynthia: (Facing James. In a whisper) Bye! Muahhhh. (Cynthia and her mother, Lilibeth goes out and then Amanda comes in. James is delighted of her presence.) Amanda: Hmm..Sir, do you want some snacks? I just finished baking some cookies. Ill tell you sir, its delicious. James: Yes, I know that since before. You cooked very well and you baked very well. Come, sit beside me. (Amanda sits beside James in the sofa.) Amanda: You know, I feel guilty having this because you have your wife. James: No, dont feel guilty. Were not doing it in front of them anyway. Lets go. ( James stands up and offers his hand to Amanda.) Amanda: As you wish my dear. (James and Amanda go out. Lenchen, the mother of Louraine and Ching-ching, the younger sister of Louraine came in.) Ching-ching: Mom, I really like that color pink and beautiful gown in that boutique somewhere out there. Mom, can you buy that for me. Please. Lenchen: No. You! Youre starting to be spoiled. Ching-ching: Mom, please. Ill do my best in my studies. Promise or Ill let ate Louraine buy that gown for me. Bright idea. Ahah! (Amor comes in.)

4 Amor: Oohh.Thanks God that youre already here. Ching-ching: You again? Again and again. Going and staying here the whole day in our house. Oh my gosh! I cant handle this anymore. Lenchen: My daughter, Amor is a good friend. She is kind. Amor: See? I am kind as Tita Lenchen had just stated. Ching-ching: I cant really bear that attitude of yours. Are you a human? Amor: Chill. Relax. Ching-ching: Mom! Becausebecause.I dont like her liking me. I notice that one since the first day we met. Im annoyed with her. And mom, look! She feels to be a boy! Lenchen: Ching-ching, you can do nothing. That is her way of expressing herself being herself. Amor: Why would not allow me to like you. Im just a normal man who likes girls. Lenchen: So much for that. By the way, wheres your James and Louraine? How about my sister Lilibeth and my niece, Cynthia? Where did they go? Amor: That, I do not know exactly. (Ching-ching tried to go out when she saw James and Amanda going out from the same room having holding hands. Ching-ching was surprised and tried to go away. James struggled to catch Ching-chings hand.) James: Where are you going? Let me explain. Ching-ching: No, youre cheating to my Ate and I will tell it to mom, now. James: No. We do nothing in that room. (Amanda is worried and tried to bite her fingers, now. Ching-ching tried to run away going to her mother, Lenchen.) James: Ching-ching, Ching-ching, Ching-ching! (James scratched his head and looks problematic.) Ching-ching: Mom! Mom! Mom! Lenchen: OooohhWhat? Ching-ching: Mom! I saw our maid and Kuya James going out from the same room having holding hands with each other. (Lenchen is very angry.) Lenchen: Oooohhh..That man. Trying to cheat his very kind wife. Where are they? (James and Amanda tried to run away.) Ching-ching: There! Amor: Kuya, Kuya! My beloved Kuya. Lenchen: Oooopps! Oooopps! Oooopps! Where are you going? Come here. Come here. Let us talk about this matter. James: Mom! Lenchen: You are very brave calling me mom, now! With what you had just made? Amanda: Maam! Lenchen: Dont talk! I dont wanna listen to your explainations.GrrrrrI dont know what to do. Shall I call Lenchen: Amor, kindly open the door. I think its our family lawyer. Amor: As you wish. (Amor opens the door. Atty. Sandoval, the family lawyer comes in together with her escort.) Atty. Sandoval: Whats the problem here? What constitution and by laws did you broke? the way, this is my Assistant. Police Inspector Dela Cruz walay pulos! Inspector: Everyone, good afternoon everyone! I am police inspector Dela Cruz Walay Pulos, always at your service, masters all the fallacies. An expert of everything you want to ask and everything that you do not know. (laughing) Atty. Sandoval: Ooohhh. Thats enough police inspector. Lenchen: OooohhhI do not know what to do now. Even our peacemakers give problems to us. What kind of life is this? (Facing James) You! You are the reason to all of these. All: Yes! (Atty. Sandoval and Police inspector sit down. And then somebody knocks on the door.) Lenchen: Amor, you know already what to do. the police,the lawyer or catechist. What if Louraine will find out everything. Ching-ching: Mom, she needs to be informed. This is a very big problem. Amor: Yes! Ate Louraine needs to be informed.So, she will decide everything. Lenchen: I have to call out family lawyer. (Lenchen get her phone and then dial.) Lenchen: Hello! Atty. Sandoval. Atty: Yes. Hello. Is there any problem? Lenchen: Yes, there is. A very big problem and I dont know what to do. Atty: Dont you worry maam. Your family lawyer is always at your service. Ill be there after five minutes. Lenchen: Alright. Thank you. Goodbye. (As Lenchen put down her phone, Cynthia and Lilibeth enter.) Cynthia: Mama, am I beautiful? Lilibeth: Of course my daughter. Youre so lovely, as lovely as me! Lenchen: Mi hermana bonita. Come here! Theres no way that you will not join with this critical situation. In the name that you are living in this house, we are one family and we share problems. (Cynthia and Lilibeth join with them in the sofa.) Lilibeth: What happened? Cynthia: Yes. What happened? (Someone knocks on the door.)

5 Amor: Again and again. Hmmm..Alright. (Amor opened the door. Carlota, the family confessor and catechist appear.) Carlota: Praise God alleluia that Ive reached here. Thanks to the angels and saints in heaven. Truly, I have a big God higher than the sky deeper than the ocean. Thanks to him. Lenchen: Carlota, I told you to come here by tomorrow, not today. Why are you here? Carlota: Maybe I got mistaken. I thought today is tomorrow. Hhhmmm..thats it! As simple as that. Ching-ching: Its alright. Good that youre here. You could help us solve our problem. Lilibeth: Yes! A very big problem as they said that I exactly do not know. Cynthia: Yeah! Carlota: Yes! Im very much willing to join you solving your big problem. (Cinco intended to stand up and go away.) Ching-ching: Ooopss.where are you going? You have committed a crime and you have to face it. Amor: Yes! A fallacy. A very big fallacy. Cynthia: Fallacy of Ambiguous middle? Lilibeth: No, fallacy of four terms. Carlota: Yes! Youve committed something. You have a sin. You have to repent. Lenchen: Wait a minute. I have to call Louraine. Weve been gathering here without the main character. Oh, its not good. We cant start this session without her. I know its hard for her when she will know these. A secret affair? Oh, come on! James: Mom, we can solve this alone? Amanda: Yes, maam. We can solve this. This is very simple. Just a simple talk and some sort of agreement, then its done. (Lenchen calls her daughter, Louraine.) Lenchen: Hmmmm..LouraineDrop by in our house before going to the Southern branch of your coffee shop alright. We have something to settle down. (Lenchen put her phone down.) Lenchen: Alright. Shell be here after five minutes. (facing James) You son of a bitch. Prepare yourself, in mind and in spirit. Prepare your heart soul, too as well as you Amanda. What a total chaos you had just made. Oh I dont know what to do now. God of heaven and earth. I have a big problem. Please help me. Carlota: Maam, you should say. Hey problem, I have a big God. (Louraine knocking on the door.) Louraine: Mom, Im here! (Shocked, because of the people gathering in their sala. Everybody looks at here. Then, she goes to James and kiss him.) Whats the occasion that you all gather here? Cynthia: Therefore, I conclude that my suspicions are true. Couz,(facing to Louraine) didnt you notice when Amanda gave you milk this morning? The two of them are exchanging glance to each other. Amanda: Stop that Cynthia! Cynthia: (Cynthia slaps Amandas face.)What? Youre telling me to stop revealing your lustful attitude in the portals of this house? Are you trying to cover all your mistakes? Amalayer? Amalayer? Amanda: (Amanda slaps Cynthias face, too.) How about you? I know everything about you. You pretend to be innocent in all of these matters now, but you also spent some sort of bonding, with James. Remember this morning. You thought nobody saw you? But my eyes were much open on those moments. Cynthia: It was just some kind of tripping and I dont have an intention. Id rather spent more time beautifying myself than those matters. Excuse me. (Cynthia walks out.) Lilibeth: Yes. Thats my daughter. I already talked to her about that matter and she already realized her mistake on that area. Excuse me. (Lilibeth walks out.) (Lenchen, Amor and Ching-ching just frown while Cynthia, Lilibeth, the catechist, the inspector and the family lawyer said: We exactly do not know.) Lenchen: Louraine let me ask you. Do you know your husbands attitude very well? Louraine: Mom, why are you asking that to me. Of course.(Louraine suddenly notice why Amanda is joining with them in the sala. With James and Amanda in the same sit.) By the way, why are you here? You are supposed to be cooking in the kitchen now. Ching-ching: Ate, she is the problem. Your very good husband is the problem. They are the problem. (The one who do not know about the problem murmured and just whispered upon knowing about what the problem is.) Amanda: Maam Louraine, dont listen to them. James: My love, its not true. Louraine: Wait. I dont know yet the complete detail of this said problem. What do you mean? Amor: Ching-ching saw Kuya James and Amanda going out from your room having holding hands. (Louraine is shocked.) Louraine: What? So you mean, (facing James) James? Youre cheating me? When did you start cheating me? James: No, its not true. Louraine, you know that I love you so much. (Louraine slaps James face.) Louraine: Love? Is that what you call love? I sacrifice everything for you. I do everything for you and this? This is how you show your gratitude to me? How good are you? (Louraine continue crying.)

6 Carlota: You know James. Thats adultery and its a sin. Dont you know? Thats a sin against the commandment of God. Surely, you will be punished. Start repenting now. (Facing to Lenchen.) Maam, I have to go. God Bless you all! Alleluia! (Carlota walks out.) (Amor goes out. Ching-ching stands up) Atty. Sandoval: James, youve committed a crime as well as you, Amanda! In our Revised Penal Code, two specific laws, Articles 333 and 334, criminalize sexual relationship with a married person and cohabiting to live together as husband and wife without being legally married. Article 333 says: Adultery is committed by any married woman who shall have sexual intercourse with a man not her husband and by the man who has carnal knowledge of her knowing her to be married, even if the marriage be subsequently declared void. Adultery shall be punished by prision correccional in its minimum and medium periods. Article 334 says: Any husband who shall keep a mistress in the conjugal dwelling, or shall have sexual intercourse, under scandalous circumstances, with a woman who is not his wife, or shall cohabit with her in any other place, shall be punished by prision correccional in its minimum and medium periods. The concubine shall suffer the penalty of destierro. Maam Louraine, whats your plan? Inspector: Shall I arrest this person now? I have here a handcuff. How about this girl, shall I arrest her? Im always here at your service. Louraine: No, thank you for your support. You may go now. Ill settle this problem myself. Ching-ching: Ate, dont be so much kind.Its a big crime. Inspector and Atty. Sandoval: (They went out.) Goodbye everyone. God Bless! Amor: You know what kuya, Im totally disappointed. You know, I already learn loving this family and now, you tried to create misunderstandings with this peaceful family. Not just merely misunderstanding but a very big SYNTAX ERROR! James: You know what. I ended up like this because of the people surrounding me. Discrimination, humiliation, disgrace, shame and all other negative feedbacks are mine. It started first and foremost to Dadotzz..I wonder why she hated me so much. Am I a worth for nothing man? Do I dont have any essence? Im just a human being. I thirst for the love of my mother, for her care and everything. Louraine: But why are you doing this to me? James: It is because you lack time for me. Youre always going anywhere. Business here! Business there! Business somewhere! Business! Business! Business! Louraine: James, stop it. Even though you are going to say like that, still, you committed a crime. Ching-ching: Ill be going too. So hot here! (Ching-ching goes out, too.) Lenchen: How about you Amanda. You just take everything for granted. Youve got the wrong turn Amanda.(in an angry manner) Amanda: Madam, Maam Louraine! All I can do is to say sorry. Whether you will accept my sorry or not, I dont care. I have to go and I quit being your housemaid, goodbye. (Amanda walks out, go to her room and then get her baggage and then go out from their house.) (James continued talking.) James: For me, something is lacking in my life and I feel free doing what I want to fill up the spaces within it. Thats it! (Louraine slaps the face of James.) Louraine: James, I believe in you, I trust in you but what did you do? Its because of you that I try my best in everything. It is all because of you. Because of you. James: Louraine, I do love you. Lenchen: I believe love is primarily a choice and only sometimes a feeling. If you want to feel love, choose to love and be patient. James: Louraine, its not too late! Could we go back to square one? Louraine: When you have seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obsessive love. (Lenchen goes out.) James: Louraine, are you thinking about the question I had just asked you a while ago? Louraine: Hhmmmmm..Ill think about it! Ill tell you not to expect too much. Expect the unexpected. (Louraine goes out and only James is left.) James: Even in the common affairs of life, in love, friendship, and marriage, how little security have I when I trust my happiness in the hands of others! There is only one way to get ready for immortality, and that is to love this life and live it as bravely and faithfully and cheerfully as I can. Im so sorry for what Ive done, Lord! (James exits and then Amor and Vilma enters then try to play cards again.) Amor: Dadotzzzzz.. James: In that area, all I can do is to tell you that Im sorry Louraine! Im sorry! Amor: But still I hate you Kuya, I hate you! So much.All I could say is merely the words,GOOD LUCK to your life. I hate this life. Youre killing my happiness. Ill be going.

7 Vilma: Ooohh Amor: Dadotzzz.. Vilma: Oohhhh Amor: Dadotzzz Vilma: Yes. What do you want? (In an intense emotion) Oh! I almost got it. One click more to go, I will reach the finish line. Oh, come on! Amor: Dadotz, may I ask something? Vilma: About what? About that incident again? Dont remind that to me again and again Amor. Amor: Dadotzz..You know in my own opinion, youve got a mistake. Why do you hate Kuya James so much. It is all because of you. I believe that is also one of the reason why Kuya attempt to pass to the road that should not be taken. Dadotzz, could you not change that hatred into love. Kuya,, needs you! He needs you very much. He wants you to protect him from all evil influences that will ruin at his very own understanding. But what did you do? Dadotzz, though Im just your daughter and still very young, youve got to believe in me, too. Reflect and repent. (Vilma goes out.) (Vilma seems to get crazy.) Vilma: Am I really a bad mother? You, you, what can you say? Evaluate me now. (Laughing and crying) When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. Really? Ahaah? Really? That son of mine! It is all because of me? Oh come on! A mother's love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking. Goodbye everyone. I dont want to wake up and realize what I was dreaming was right in front of my shut eyes. I dont want to stop saying hellos for fear of saying goodbyes. Adios! Adios! (speaking this lines in a crazy manner) (As Vilma exits, she laughs and cries emphasizing a crazy woman.)


Todo esta bien! Todo esta bajo control! All is well!