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Highway Inventory

for State Systems

2010 FHWA Official Mandated Inventory

HPMS- 280 Page -67 Items with various attributes MIRE - 185 Page -106 Items and attributes Pavement Management, Safety, HPMS & Highway Inventory GIS Format

Transform Existing Order

Data a. Altered Data: Format, Collection Items & Attributes Collection Methods b. Required New and/or Missing Data Items c. Innovative Time Based Solution d. Set Protocols for all Assets & Unique Geometry

Required Data Vs. Existing Data

Swappable Data 1Way, Divided Guard Rail

Non-Existing Data
Curbed, Parking

Incompatible Content Divided >30

<30 Median Width

Emulate Pavement Management Model 1995-2013 Used Imagery to Collect, Catalog, Measure, Report, & Map Distress Data Unite a Asset Inventory Collection Contract Through PMS Using the Same Images & Surveyor Software Available from the same Vendor

The Plan
One Time Contract Collection for Assets All State & Local Road Assets Maintain Data Project Tracking Surveyor Software Internal Field Collections Unique Request

Distribute & Manage Through GIS Mapping Products

Integrate Disparate Data Silos Update Server System Refine & Improve Collection Methods Create More Efficient Work Flows Better Serve Agency Needs & Accessibility

Prioritize List Of Collection Items Based on HPMS/MIRE that would satisfy both & benefit the agency most QA/QC Program for images & data

Upon Final Acceptance

Integrate Data into Surface Type Log &Geo-feature Database

Customize Surveyor for Highway Inventory Project Tracking Internal Field Collections

Highway Assets List, Protocols, & QA/QC

Mileage Data (Location & Length) Rail Road Crossings Grade Crossing Posted Speed Limits Sidewalks Sight Distance Vertical and Horizontal Curve Lane Width & Surface Type Shoulder Width & Type Median Width & Type Locations of Bridges Curb Intersections Local and Cultural Features such Churches, Hospitals, Police Stations, and Cemeteries

Visual Checks Electronic Queries Comparison between previous data & current data Data from Surface Type Log Existing Data Pavement Management System (Even though contains different formats, purpose, & measurement reporting can be used to assist in locating errors) Master Structure File

Visual Referencing
Image - Correct route & Location GPS Point - Accurate

Electronic Queries
Comparisons with Existing Data
Bridge Comparisons of Summed Length Horizontal / Vertical Curve Data- Differences in Average Slope & Average Deflection Lane width Differences in Average Lane Width >2 Median Comparisons of locations from/to, lengths, & widths

Electronic Queries
Comparisons with Existing Data
Surface Type Comparisons of Type, Summed Lengths >0.10, Begin/End Log miles to Existing Data Shoulder - Comparisons of Type, Summed Lengths >0.10, Width, Begin/End Log miles to Existing Data

Updating Surface Type Log

Data Comparison to STL Pinpoint Areas to Update Transfer from Mainframe into required HPMS GIS Format

Integrating Data into Surface Type Log (STL)

Matching Naming Conventions Creating Customized Feature Layers Running Comparison Queries to Populate Missing Data or Replace / Update New Data

Project Tracking
Primary Source for Database MaintenanceTracking Construction Projects

Beginning of the Year Project Projection List Department Notifications Ladotd Intranet Websites

Projection Lists
Follow the Money LETTS State System -6 mo. Prior year 6 mo. Incoming TIMED Scheduled Projects STIP Off System

Department Notifications Internal Websites

Notice of Contract Execution Notice to Proceed Final Acceptance >70% Complete

Customizing Surveyor For Database Management

Create Completed Construction List Check against Digital Image Deliveries Using Project 863-02-0024 as Example Resurface & New Bridge

Surveyor Software
Surveyor Works using a MS Access Database Set up Customized Database through Asset Inventory Set up based on STL Structure RouteSection-Subsection but with New HPMS Format

Surveyor Software
Uses Visidata Images Click Beginning Measure Lane Median Shoulder Widths Select Surface Types, Median Types from Drop Down Menus Click Subsection Location Add

Updated STL Using Surveyor

View Inventory Window Completed, Updated with Image Path & Lat/Long Ready to go in GIS MS Access DB Can Convert to DB2 or Other


Assets as Individual Features

New Bridge on Project 863-020024 Length of Bridge on Plans 270 Length Measured in Office Surveyor 286 Difference of 16 feet Measured By Vendor 274 Difference of 4 feet

Digital Imagery Technology & Software Training Customizable Databases New Formats & Requirements Solutions for Today & Future Challenges Makes Adaptation Easy & Possible