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Testing Advisory Services

In today's rapidly moving organisations, going live with a new product or system enhancement is a critical part of your application lifecycle. The consequences of poor testing include excessive rework, higher production maintenance costs, missed or lost revenue, delays in system deployment, general increase of risk and liability to the organisation but most importantly customer dissatisfaction.

Our Software Testing Advisory services include: Test process improvement to assist with review, advice or delivery of test process management, test framework and test capability development. Projects test delivery of testing services for your project; test management, test analysis, test execution and defect management. Test resource management to help with provisioning of test resources for your project to assist with systems testing, systems integration testing and user acceptance testing
Define Test Strategy Govern Test Programme M anage Test Phases

How KPMG can help KPMGs Testing Services team can employ a risk-based approach to your testing needs. We can focus on areas of high risk to your business and prioritise the testing effort; testing early and often throughout the software development life cycle. Our specialist capabilities can help you proactively manage the four transformational areas: people, process, technology, and risk and controls.

Test M ethodology

Continuous Improvement Test Capability/ Framew ork establishment

Test Standards, Process & Governance

Test M aturity

Test Capability Path

Testing Advisory Services / IT Advisory / 2013

Benefits of using KPMG KPMGs Testing Advisory services provide Software Testing based advisory services in the areas of Testing Process, Methodology, Strategy and Competency assessment across the testing life cycle. KPMGs dedicated Testing Services team supports our clients to effectively manage their test strategy, provides testing assistance and quality review. We provide our clients with support throughout the end-to-end testing lifecycle. KPMGs Testing Services draws on diverse experience with the team having worked in both supplier and customer roles. Our testing services team has worked with a range of clients with a variety of different solutions and testing approaches. KPMG will drive effective testing and delivery of business value through effective use of test management tools within client-appropriate test capabilities. Our team will work with your quality management teams to assist them to build and enhance the testing framework in the areas of test strategy, test process and test governance.

The benefits of using KPMG include:

Increased quality of software delivered to production Improved stability of production systems Increased customer satisfaction Faster time to market with a standardised, repeatable, and efficient testing process Reductions in cost from a more efficient testing process, and identification of defects early in the development cycle Enhanced alignment of business needs with development and mismatches being identified early in the process Improved testing capabilities Greater business owner confidence in the product being delivered Reduction of risk in deploying systems Efficiency through automation strategy and regression testing frameworks Establishment of test tools to support test management, manual testing, automation & performance testing

Business Drivers

Compliance Drivers

Technology Drivers

Need for Higher Quality Assurance

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