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____ day of ______, 2013 at Banilad, MAndaue City, Philippines, BY AND BETWEEN The mines and Geosciences Bureau, Region VII under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, a government entity with offices located at Banilad, Mandaue City, represented herein by ENGR. LORETO B. ALBURO, CESO VI, Regional Director hereinafter referred to as the Bureau. -andThe ____________________, represented herein by ________________, _________________, herein referred to as the LGU. WITNESSETH WHEREAS, the policies implemented and regulatory efforts undertaken by the Government need to be strengthened in coping with the adverse environmental consequences of development projects such as subdivision and housing projects; WHEREAS, there is a need to reconcile environmental, human life, and human health protection and the need to provide affordable shelter for the homeless and underprivileged; WHEREAS, the DENR under Administrative Order No. 2000-28 has directed all subdivision/housing project proponents to undertake an engineering-structural geological assessment of their respective project areas as an additional requirement for the Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) application; WHEREAS, the Bureau is the governments advisory body on matters pertaining to geology and mineral resources exploration, development and conservation, and is the designated lead agency in the implementation of the aforesaid DENR Administrative Order; WHEREAS, the LGU is presently undertaking the _________________ to provide affordable subdivision lots to government workers and to the poor and the homeless contingency; NOW THEREFORE, resolved as it is hereby resolved, that the National Housing Authority in compliance with DAO 2000-28 shall incorporate an Engineering-Structural Geological Assessment of its Low-Cost housing project in the Environmental Report to be submitted for ECC issuance; RESOLVED FURTHER, as it is hereby further resolved that the Bureau shall provide the LGU the necessary technical personnel and expertise during the evaluation and conduct of the Engineering Geological and Structural Geological studies of the latters socialized housing project; RESOLVED FURTHER, as it is hereby further resolved that the LGU shall provide the Bureau the necessary amount to defray expenses for logistics including supplies, materials and reproduction, traveling, food, lodging and other allowances for technical staff; RESOLVED FINALLY, as it is hereby finally resolved that mutual cooperation and concrete and concerted action shall be undertaken by both parties to protect the right of the people to a balance and healthful ecology.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereto signed this agreement in the place and date first above written.

Mines and Geosciences Bureau By:

_______________________ By:

________________________ Regional Director

_____ _______________________

Signed in the presence of: _______________________ ________________________ ________________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Republic of the Philippines Province of Cebu ) )

Before me, the undersigned Notary Public, personally appeared to me _______________________ with CTC # ____________ issued on _____________ at ___________________ and __________________ with CTC # _____________ on ___________________ at _____________________ known to me and to me known to be the same person who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledge to me that the same is their own free act and voluntary deed. I HEREBY CERTIFY, that this instrument consists of two pages including this page wherein the acknowledgement is written and that the contracting parties with their instrumental witness fixed their signature, at the bottom of each and every page thereof. WTITNESS MY HAND AND NOTARIAL SEAL, on this ______ day of ______, 2013 at the place above-written.

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