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Motivation letter to the national Youth Services Council

Sri Lankan development needs youth The Sri Lankan integration and its ideals of human culture and democracy provide a strong motivation for me to contribute to the development of our nation. I am convinced that Co-operation and a balance of interest are necessary to achieve good and stable relations throughout Sri Lanka, Co-operation has always been for me, the key element of my volunteer engagements. Today, I believe that as young people we courageously play a key role in the reunification of the country and its full realization still remains one of the biggest challenges but also it presents opportunities for our generation. Since the age of eleven, I have been involved in Scouting. I have been active as a college troop leader, in trainings for leaders, within regional and national leadership and in positions of external representation, often with a focus on advocacy and youth policy. Though Sri Lankan development needs youth, However, theres a great danger that many national youth policy documents remain on the shelf , unknown and unread by the broader population, and specially by young men and women. It is vital that those responsible for making decisions regarding youth policies maintain regular dialogue with young men and women. I stress that youth participation should be by choice, enjoyable, challenging and fun, and able to influence decisions. Wide range of experience Currently my strongest engagement is with a local volunteer organization. I have volunteered and given my services to the Dhamrivi Foundation. A counseling foundation initiated by a handful of intellectuals to provide residential and part time counseling services for those who are dippressed,lonely and to give guidance to them. In 2011 the Dhamrivi Foundation organized a fund raising project, a musical event. This project highlighted to me the importance of effective capacity building and investment in youth projects. Volunteering and getting involved in various capacities has allowed me to develop skills and attitude to effectively represent platforms and organizations and their interests. The knowledge, and inspiration that my experience have given me, strongly motivates me to act as responsible youth in this country.

Clear priorities for crucial steps Based on my personal capacities and experiences, this is the set of priorities, which I would like to make aware of, Enable strong Co-operation and exchange among active youth bodies, We need to share and concretely implement local examples of best practices and provide actions rather than consultations. Respond and share Sri Lankan,South Asian and global developments together with the member organization in a coordinated way,and jointly influence youth policy with appropriate actions. Interregional Co-operation needs further promotion and facilitation in order to develop existing Co-operation,promote quality partnerships and support democratic and inclusive youth work structures. I am convinced that Sri Lanka and South Asia has to be a committed and responsible And result driven,concrete implication,proper work delegation, giving responsibility and the right power and authority to the right man at the right time and responsible action at interregional and global levels. This should not be the sole domain of governments because I strongly believe that youth organizations have a crucial role to play for the present and the future development. In order to face global challenges,our Organization need to work together to achieve our shared visions. Therefore global stakeholders are important partners in improving the lives of young people in all regions of the world. If we fail to make a change,history will judge us harshly. Create a climate for youth participation throughout Sri Lanka and South Asia. We need concrete actions from volunteers and volunteer organizations,college club & societies,university associations in Sri Lanka and South Asia by interacting in order to ensure recognition,promotion and sufficient support for volunteers as well as strong support to voluntary based and led Organizations. Strengthen independent stakeholders which are crucial for stable civil socities,with active and able to contribute through solid actions,National Youth Councils advocating to the needs and interests of young people.For this reason we should continue to put our effort in youth work development to achieve a better representation of all groups of young people from all corners of Sri Lanka and South Asia. Youth affairs minister should take due course by activation of youth participation in all phases of developing a national youth policy from the bottom up and not the top down. There should be a result driven,practical mechanism for the establishment of United Nations Youth theme groups with in the country programmes of the UN Development Programme to coordinate youth activities of the UN System.

A National Youth Commission should be established and inaugareted by the executive of the Country.The commission should be established with young men and women who are well educated, capable and developed the right attitude,skills and abilities. The should be based in the President Secetariat. In preparing policy,the commission hold a national youth summit,representing all the districts in Sri lanka with only representatives, a selected number of youth hearings across the country,provincial youth summits and other seminars to discuss the major issues,challenges and needs of young people. All the representatives of major youth groups,political organizations and government departments should gather to review the first draft of the national youth policy and recommend changes. Later the policy should be adopted. To create a climate for youth participation throughout Sri Lanka and south Asia again as a second option what we could do is demonstrate commitment to a thorough involvement of young people, a summit meeting, and youth dialogues in all districts of the country. The national youth commission should be headed by the Executives Youth Advisor, who has a proven track record, and have hands on experience and influential in decision making and an authoritive power possessed by him to command the National Youth Commission. For Sri Lankan State University students human rights, along with conflict prevention should be a priority for Sri Lankan university youth in particular. The reported frequent bans on student organizations, and police brutality against unarmed students, should be concluded that Sri Lankan youth to participate meaningfully in their self-development, their freedom expresses themselves and their freedom from fear guaranteed. The state university youth should have the right to organize, education, employment, and free and public expression. In some cases the appointment of a special rapporteur to monitor youth rights and report to the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva. The idealism and energy of youth are fuel for social and political change. In that case grooming this youth is essential, in the right manner through strenuous processes and solid strategic plans. The implications should be practical and result driven. Despite the many resolutions of the General Assembly to strengthen the involvement of young people in International forums, only four ( 4 ) of the 185 Member States have youth delegates to the Annual UN General Assembly session.Denmark,The Netherlands, Norway and Austria. Its of paramount importance that from our part Sri Lanka realize this and look this an opportunity and grasp with both our hands and groom some youth for the future so in the years to come it will pay dividends.

And hence in addition to increasing the youth participation in delegations to the United Nations, some point to the need to increase the recruitment and career development of qualified young people with in the UN itself. As it stands, the average age of UN staff members is 49 years old. And over 40 percent of the professional staff will be retiring over the next ten years. There should be a political will to increase youth power that are very well educated, trained, thorough exposure and experience, skilled and capable and influence within established governmental and intergovernmental circles. If not, young people will simply continue to do what they have been doing all along, organizing outside of the official halls of power. Readiness for commitment My commitment is based on the variety of responsibilities I have been given and the experiences they have given me.I am whole heatedly willing to accept and relish the challenges and responsibilities required. I would closely work and exchange with entities represent. I look forward to the challenge of representing the diversity of our platform to external partners and stakeholders and to do this in this in close exchange and communication with all member organizations. Children and young people need to be at the heart of policy and programmes in order to achive a better, sustainable society in which they are no iron curtains of poverty,injustice and inequality! Only together in the spirit of co-operation, can we build upon the achievements of the past and tackle the challenges of the future. This way we ensure the contribution and continuation of a strong and flourishing platform, representing the interests and the visions of all Sri Lankan and South Asian Youth. I would like to thank you for your time and concentration ,to ask you for your support so that together we can work to build a stronger Youth Forum,a better Sri Lanka,South Asia and a World . Its the youth who has to concentrate on its strengths and transform it to a power,the power is in every youth not only in some of us,we have to change ourselves in order to change others for a better tomorrow. D.G.L.R De Silva 25/05/2012