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Background of The Study Problem Statement Research Objectives Research Questions Rationale of The Study Scope of Study




When we want to discuss about baby dumping, firstly we must know about the definition. The baby dumping refers to discarding or leaving alone, for an extended period of time, a child younger than 12 months of age in a public or private setting with the intent to dispose of the child. It is a crime happens when close proximity committed between a guy and a woman and resulted in unwanted baby. (

Baby dumping is a social crisis and has a chronic increase as many cases are occurring in Malaysian society The baby dumping issue arise when the woman had her unplanned pregnancy and been pressured by the question about the status of the child. Beside they may feel that they are not yet ready for his responsibility. In term of tradition, young women fear rejection by their parents and the community if they are found to have had a baby outside of marriage. This tradition will absolutely increase the cases of baby dumping. Pregnant women that are rejected by their boyfriends, who may even deny being in any relationship with the woman and the child may then dump the baby because she fears that she will be unable to look after the child alone, or to afford the childs maintenance. In conjunction prostitution also will cause of baby d umping. (

A sex worker who must care for and breastfeed an infant will not be able to continue the work she has turned to in order to support herself. Some women who are HIV positive think that their baby will also be infected and will die soon will dump their baby. Women who are get unwanted pregnancy and lack of knowledge or information may be unaware of the possibilities of foster care or adoption tends to commit this unethical behavior. When a student has a baby, she might abandon the infant to ensure that she can continue her studies. The study examines the long term effect and the causes that lead to the issues of baby dumping. Psychological problems do happen, they do not bond with the baby and as soon as the baby is born, they do not want even


to touch the baby and it is a psychological problem. Socially they feel left out because they feel that now they cannot go back to their school, they cannot go back and do anything else. Anything that is a happy event is a disaster to them. In very serious cases they want to commit suicide. It is either that they commit suicide or they kill the baby. Therefore it is actually a mental disease which is treatable. It occurs at eight months of pregnancy, 24 hours after birth and sometimes six to eight months after the baby has been born they can continue to have a relapse of this depression. These ladies can easily kill the baby without any feelings.


Reports of babies has found tragically buried, dumped in dumpsters or wrapped in plastic bags and even thrown into rivers or drains. As a result, it had understandably inflamed and reached to the public concerns. Moreover, the sad thing is abandonment has become so casual. everywhere. Nowadays, more and even more babies get dumped

In reality, baby dumping is the most frightening reality in our culture

regarding an illegitimate child as a problem to be throwing away at birth. The major cause is unwanted pregnancy as young women mostly are not ready to be mothers, or get rid of the unplanned birth of fear or ignorance. irresponsibility also contributes to this social problem. Thus, it shows that mens

Therefore, this issue has reached to the government consideration and government also has come out with some policies to anyone who dumped a baby. Dumping a baby can be a capital offence when the person has committed it and causing the child to die consequently, the Cabinet has decided the murder sentenced to death. Some committee such Womens Aid Organization disagreed that capital

punishment should be implemented because it may not be the solution to baby dumping as proper education should be given to the youngsters in order to prevent them for committing the dumping/) crime over again. (


One should always remember how valuable life, if one who is able to fully understand thus one will not easily want dumping a human being who may can be anything in the future. As a citizen, the duty bound on all responsible to sensitize our fellow young girls end up this negative behavior and manners. It is indeed pitiful to the unwanted babies to be dumped in such a horrible ways as they should have enjoyed the luxuries of life which it is not fair to deprive their right to live. Normally, baby

dumping done by school girls who are fear and scared of being driven away from home by their parents because of the babies that they carry. On this situation, the parents are the major responsibility to take care of their children as it is difficult for a child carrying a baby while in school. (




Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem in Malaysia. Teenage mothers often drop out of school and end up on welfare, barely able to support their child. Sometimes, teenagers who give birth do not live through the ordeal, as their bodies are not ready to handle the stress of childbirth. Why do teenage girls get pregnant? The answer is, there are many causes of teenage pregnancy.

The lack of education on safe sex is it from parents, schools, or otherwise, is a cause of teenage pregnancy. Many teenagers are not taught about methods of birth control and how to deal with peers who pressure them into having sex before they are ready. Some teens have said to be pressured into having sex with their boyfriend when the teen was young and yet no one had taught these teens how to deal with this pressure or to say "no".

Implementation of sexual education in primary and secondary schools, and also home, to educate the youth for better informed and responsible choices are a necessary. The lack of safe sex education is just one cause of teenage pregnancy.

Everyone acknowledges that there are significant differences between males and females, even if they are only physical. Others see not only the physical but also the social, emotional and intellectual differences between male and female. Gender roles by definition are the social norms that dictate what socially appropriate male and female behavior is. In early American culture it was common for a women's job to be a submissive homemaker in clear contrast to the males aggressive breadwinner role. The seventies marked the beginning of the Woman's Movement and the end of the ideals we held on what it is to be a "man" and what it is to be a "woman". Women were no longer like the stereotypical homemaker, always offering a hot meal for her family, but were instead out burning bras and protesting inequality. No one disputes that the


Women's Movement began but there is a disagreement on whether or not it should come to an end.

Nowadays, living in the modern century or world, almost all the teenagers or young adult will face the opposite gender with no any limitations. Young adults tend to follow their friends and they have the needs to have a physical contact with them. This maybe will lead them especially the females to close proximity where it is forbid in their religion, especially the Muslim. Once it is happen there will be no turning back for both of the sex

Another factor is the family break-up or loose family relationships. Family breakups happen after a long period of misunderstandings, fighting and unhappiness. Sometimes they happen suddenly and it is hard to understand why there needs to be change at all. Children are mostly affected by this kind of situation. If both their mother and father decided to a divorce and one cannot raise their child alone, tendency is that they will dump their child. This child will become homeless and found that they are alone.




By looking at the issue, the research is carried out to discover baby dumping problems in Malaysia:

1. To find out who are the perpetrators of baby dumping Researchers choose to hit this objective because they want to identify who are the perpetrators committing this social illness.

2. To explain what are the causes and effects of baby dumping This objective is to find out the causes of baby dumping and at the same time to explain briefly what the effects are after the perpetrators dumped the baby.

3. To suggest several precautions of baby dumping This objective is stated because researchers need to know what are the precautions that can the government take to overcome this problem and also finding out whether it is effective or not.



1. Who are the perpetrators of baby dumping?

2. What are the causes and effects of baby dumping?

3. What are the precautions that should be taken?




This research is done in order to know who the perpetrators of the issue of baby dumping are. Besides that, researchers also would like to find out what are the causes and effects of baby dumping. At the same time, in order to prevent this matter from happening, researchers also try to find out the precautions that everyone should take on the issue of baby dumping.


1. Educational - This questionnaire is targeted to the Vice Counselor of University of Technology Mara, Puan Hjh Fauzilah Bte Abd Hamid.

2. NGO - This section of questionnaire had been interviewed directly to the coordinator of Baby Hatch, Datin Elya. The organization is under the non government organization, Orphan Care.

3. The Authorities - The question is interviewed to the Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara Malaysia counselor, Puan Asmar Bte Ahmad.


Literature Review



2.1 History of baby dumping

Baby dumping begins at the early 1989, when a police dispatcher arrested and charged with abandoning her newborn baby in a litter scattered lots. The perpetrators was Brenda Flood, was charged with endangering the welfare of a child abandonment and reckless endangerment. Later, at June 1994, a woman admitted that she dump the babys b in a trash can after giving birth. She testified Thursday that she did not call 911 because the child was already dead. Doctors testified for the prosecution that the baby's lungs revealed signs that the baby at her last death was grasping for air. The baby dumping issue then continues on 1997, when one baby was saved from death on 25 August by members of the Woman and Child Abuse unit, hours after being exposed to the elements after being deserted by her 20-year-old mother. The mother, who was later charged with attempted murder, was only apprehended after she voluntarily surrendered herself to the authorities 10 days after she had abandoned her baby. In August 2006, a 20 year old woman, Carmen Gill, was accused of killing her baby and dump the body in trash bin outside her home. At first, she said she thought the baby had died shortly after birth, Livermore police Detective Marco Esquivel told the court. But Gil later said the little girl was still alive. (

d=WRUEAAAAIBAJ&pg=1223, 1797923&dq=history+of+baby+dumping&hl=en. Retrieved on 26 September 2010) Then, the baby dumping issues has never to be seen declining nor diminishes. Up until this 2010, there still increase in number of baby dumping around the world. For the Malaysia itself, baby dumping has increase so much to the extent of worrying stages. Recently, there have been reports of baby dumping in a number of places. According to a Bernama report, three babies were found each in Kelantan, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur last week and a baby girl with the umbilical cord still intact was found in Kota Damansara over the weekend. The Star reported that one 29-year-old man and 26-year-old unemployed woman were detained last Friday by police for dumping a newborn baby girl at Air Kuning in 10


Gemencheh. ( Retrieved on 25 September 2010).


Perpetrators of Baby Dumping

The perpetrators of baby dumping were said to be more among unmarried partners (Kitty Lim, 2010). This was shown by the statistics from Hospital Kuala Lumpur which said the number or babies of wedlock are recorded increasingly to 301 cases, with 34 of them we delivered by under 18-mothers. (

issues/48849--baby-dumping-is-there-a-deterrent-or-a-solution. Retrieved on 25 September 2010) Plus, the responsible for baby dumping are also done by young woman who are primarily afraid of facing their family judgement (Dr Mohammad Ali Hassan, 2010). When they have commit delinquent act like unplanned, unexpected and unwanted pregnancies, these young woman are rapidly panic and decide to baby-dump, just because of they are afraid of telling the family. Moreover, the teenagers were also among the group to be worried to cause babydumping. (Ng Yen Yen, 2010). As they are the group that have the most access to such online materials like internets and also through mobile phone. These ease accesses media are also cause them to access porn websites effortlessly. (Porn a major reason behind baby dumping , The Star, 17 Aug 2010)


Causes and Effects of Baby Dumping

As baby dumping now were like seems to be heard anywhere, it has ignites lots of discussions among public figures, professionals and many more. They have numbers of good notion on how would causes baby-dumping. First to be said as causes is the easiness to widespread access pornography in Malaysia. Teenagers are among the groups that have exceptional knowledge to access pornography on internets and also through mobile phones (Bakri Zinin, 2010). They can even watch on other technological gadgets like mobile phones, Ipad, PSP, without their parents knowing. 11


Also, the cause of baby dumping is the perpetrators didnt get their family support. Once they tell their parents of their unexpected pregnancies, the family gets angry and started to blame the world about and questions how it happens. It is better be in the opposite way of thinking together how to help them, and provide the motivational e support that they need. (Sharizat Jalil, 2010). Because at that stage,the pregnant woman are actually in the level of anxiousness to be charged guilty for their selves and their family (James Nagayam, 2010). The anxiousness is actually identified as post-partum psychosis where the woman has change in their psycho ability that leads to act of baby dumping.

( ng.html. Retrieved on 25 September 2010) Whereas some politicians think it causes conversely. Baby dumping happens because of perceptive of society to the mother that leads to them to abandon the baby (Ng Yen Yen, 2010). The society is not yet ready to be open-minded, they tend to have a very bad thought and perception towards the pregnant woman, makes them feel low, lost confidence to face the world, and in order to have it back, they decide to act repugnantly dump the baby.

( Retrieved on 25 September 2010). In contrary, there are some said that baby dumping is has to be with nationwide celebration like Merdeka countdowns, New Years, Valentines Day, and much more. As it is a bit creative on digging the cause of the issues, the PAS Youth deputy chief Azman Shapawi comment has been greatly condemned for being irrational that incites disapproval from many people. He said New Years and Valentines Day celebrations as possible causes of baby dumping because these events allowed free mixing between the sexes.

( natIon/6877858&sec=nation. Retrieved on 25 September 2010) Baby dumping cause and leads to lots of problem. First, the mother will have the biggest mental pressure from their family. It is because at that time most families will throw their daughters away instead giving them moral support. At that critical moment, when they have no support from families and society, plus the guilty feeling they felt, the easiest way to take themselves out from the moment is to commit suicide. (



school-for-pregnant-teenagers-a-positive-step-to-curbing-baby-dumping.html. Retrieved on 29 September 2010) As baby dumping leads to another problem like suicide, it will also cause a mental problem on the mother. After delivering time, is the most important moment where the mothers are in unstable post-partum psychosis. The mothers will feel anxious, pain as for they is still in refinement, and many more. Plus the support that they didnt get from partners and family will make their mind goes idiotic or fanatical. (James Nagayam, 2010). Next, the perpetrators of baby dumping, if they found out to do so, are probably not welcome on the society anymore. ( y-through-education.html. Retrieved on 25

September 2010). The society has generalised perceptive on the perpetrators. The might been isolated, and therefore they will gain no trust from anyone, friends, neighbours, employer, and many more.( Retrieved on 29

September 2010) The biggest effect of baby dumping is, if the baby luckily survived, they will not grow up in proper normal family. They might end-up at orphan home, which is never will be same as loving-structured family. This leads to many problems, as the child then are mostly grow up with low self confidence, behavioural or manner problems and also poor academic performance. ( Retrieved on 29 September 2010) Baby dumping may also results from the families or the parents itself. The parents might be the kind of permissive parenting. Which they put very few attention on their childrens behavior. This kind of permissive neglectful towards their children, ignoring them, allowing them doing what they want until to the extent that the relationship become abusive. This will also cause the children, to be in over-freedom situation, and as they didnt get the attention they seek, they switch to their partners. (Ciccarelli & J., 2009) More, the cause of baby dumping is because uncontrollability. It is psychological factor that leads to stress. When stressful situation are unpredictable, the degree of stress will

increase or in other word the greater the stress they faced, the less control a person has. This



will result in baby dumping, which they cannot control to get rid of the baby because of the stress they faces. (Ciccarelli & J., 2009)


Precautions of Baby Dumping

In effort to prevent teenagers or young women from baby dumping, is first to educate men and women as education on sex and pregnancies will help reduce cases of baby dumping. (Dr Halimah Ali, 2010). The education aimed to provide them knowledge and aware them that sex will results in unplanned and unexpected pregnancies. For if they have the knowledge, the baby dumping number are hope to decrease. (Ng Yen Yen, 2010) Dr Halimah also said that the baby dumping should be prevent together, as it was the combine responsibility to wipe out this problem. It also suggested bringing these young women to a shelter where they can be secure, guided and motivated. Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam has suggested setting up a special school for pregnant teens at aim to help these young women from dump their baby. ( Retreived on 25 September 2010) Next, precautions steps to be taken to lessen baby dumping is to build up deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) bank. It is believe to be new and effective approach to solve the issue of baby dumping. (Hussein, 2010). It also a solution for other social crimes that needs DNAs to assure the perpetrators. It also can aware and frightened people to commit the crimes and wrongdoings. Plus, there are also suggestions from Minister for Women, Family and Community Development Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's that those who are responsible baby-dump will consider as a murder, which will punish to death penalty.

( Retrieved on 25 September 2010). This decision are to create law that aim to make people thinks that baby-dumping a very serious case that it should be taken as lesson to the society to prevent the baby dumping from happening.

In contrary, the MCA feels that education should come before punishment. The death penalties are too harsh for the young perpetrators as they are righteous to be change. And 14


MCAs believe that punishment like death penalties will only make things worse. She is suggesting that the baby dumping issue can be tackled effectively through proper education. (Ng Yen Yen, 2010). She is speaking in oppose that death penalty are not solving the baby dumping issue, which is supposed to be solved more firm and educational.

Plus, the media should play its role to embark on a campaign soon to create more awareness on reproductive health education to help prevent social woes including sexual offences that are increasing among the teens in the

country. ( Retreived on 25 September 2010).

As one of the causes of baby dumping is because of the permissive parenting, the families and the parents should change it inversely. In way of become an authoritative parenting. Authoritative parents are more democratic, they listen to their childrens problem, they provide love and warmth, they educate the children to respect, and many more. With that, the children will be more socially obedience to them and it will lessen the number of young mother, as well as number of baby dumped. (Ciccarelli & J., 2009) A social support system is one of the effective way to reduce baby dumping. For the perpetrators are facing pressures from the community perceptive, swap it to positive social support will make a much different. Instead of punishing, the community should be aware of their anxiety, and provide them love and companionship, information and moral support, and lot more. Social support can make the younger mother to be more rational, and therefore, will not abandoned the innocent baby/. (Ciccarelli & J., 2009)







3.1 Research Design

The research design that we used for the issue of baby dumping is qualitative method. The reasons of this case study are to find out who are the perpetrators of baby dumping. Researchers also want to know what the causes are and effects of baby dumping and also what are the precautions that we should take to prevent baby dumping. The research data is collected by using the technique of intensive interviews, or in-depth interviews. (Wimmer, Dominick, 2009)



By using intensive or in-depth interviews, researchers had prepared questionnaire to interview the person who had knowledge on the related field of the issue of baby dumping. The questionnaires are divided into 3 sections to make it easier to answer it.

The first sections of the questions are focusing on the first research objective which is about who are the perpetrators who commit baby dumping.

While the second section of the questionnaires is focusing on the second objective which are the causes and effects of baby dumping.

And last but not least, researchers had prepared a set of questions related to the third objective which is about the precautions of baby dumping issue.





Researchers are using the purposive sampling where the subject which is the person that had been interviewed is selected because of their characteristics and their knowledge in certain field. In this case there are 3 sample sizes or 3 people that the researchers had chosen to answer about the issue of baby dumping.

The data is analyzed by the questionnaire that had been answered by the 3 people that had been chosen. The person that the researchers chose is given a set of questionnaire that is related to the objective of the issue of baby dumping.

Researchers had done an interview on three different levels of sources or people. The first one is on the educational level; the interview is with Puan Hjh Fauzilah bte Abd Hamid, Vice Counselor from University of Technology Mara, Shah Alam.

While on the societal level, interview is with Datin Elya, Coordinator of Baby Hatch.

Last but not least, on government level, interview is with the counselor of Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara Malaysia, Puan Asmar Bte Ahmad.


Location of the Study

The researchers limit the questionnaires to be asked in 3 different locations only. The first location or questionnaire is asked at University of Technology Mara, situated at Section 2 and 3, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan. While the second location is Baby Hatch situated at SS1 Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. The last location for the questionnaire is asked at Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara Malaysia situated at Kompleks Kesejahteraan Keluarga, Seksyen 16 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.








Interview Session
On 23rd September 2010, researchers had an interview with Puan Fauzilah bt Wan Yusoff which is the Vice Counselor in Counseling Unit at UiTM Shah Alam. There are few questions that had been asked related to baby dumping issues. Below is the answered for the entire question that had been questioned.


Perpetrators of Baby Dumping.

Q: A:

Based on the cases, who is the majority of the perpetrator? Majority of baby dumping cases involves Malays and researchers discover that the result

of the stigma of illegitimate children and the community being ill-equipped to deal with unwanted pregnancies. However, theres no actual racial breakdown available because it is often hardly to determine the race of the babies as foreigners such Vietnamese, Thai or Indonesian who is dumped their babies is look alike with but based on the evidence collected it shows that the majority is Malays. Q: Some of the perpetrators are among the university students and they definitely

have knowledge. Even more so, some of them came from a good and religious family but yet they involve in the baby dumping issue. What do you think of this? A: Like I said just now, baby dumping is an issue that relate to the perpetrator itself. They cant blame others for what they had done. They know what they did is wrong, and they know what they did will results in baby. If both partners remember their role as a child, Muslims, student if they are one, they should not do that. Even the Quran says, Get way from zina , they must listen to that. So, what we can say here is how strong these people that babydumped embrace Islam? How well these children hold the parents will? There must something wrong in somewhere, which they should find it itself. Most of the perpetrators of baby dumping is Muslim teenagers. I generalize it. We heard not much of non-Muslim did that, right? The couple trends among teenagers are contributing these actions. They are competing with one 20


another. But back to the main factor, it is all back to the family. It may be because, they rebel. They dont get enough love and attention, so they shift the love to the wrong-doings. Plus, other factor contributing is media. We see lots of entertainment program, Western dramas and films, the children been fed by Western cartoons, and many more. So, the effects of this kind of program are below our consciousness. We can ask a child and let them list who is their icon, do they know our leaders, or do they know more of our celebrity? This may be a minor factors, but it still, contribute to baby-dumping aside from the primary factors of the perpetrator itself and the families.


Why are they kept doing the same mistakes although they know that it was wrong

for committing it? A: Normally, the youngsters had no limitation between boys and girls. Moreover, we can

easily see that the social stigma is getting worst and the youngster do not realised that the action can bring negative impacts to their future life especially. Their response only appears after they suffered from the consequences. Thus, from this point the parents should start take good care of their children every single moment whenever their children need them. Q: A: What kind of punishment that should be implemented to the perpetrators? They considered as a murderer because some of the baby, died for coldness, ants,

hungry and many more so they know to feel the fearfulness. Thus, capital punishment such death sentenced should be committed to those who conduct this crime. Q: Does the parents play an important role in this situation? The parent play important role in this situation and they are the people who is the most


responsible people to educate their children. However, in todays reality it is undeniable that the parents had to face different challenges of their childrens attitude. For example, if the students are on study leave or during their spare time there were tend to meet up their peers and group members which the parents do not know who is their friends were exactly. Sometimes, their children avoid from telling the truth by giving excuses mainly to complete their assignments work but in reality they were only wasting their time.



Q: A:

Is it the parents fault in educates their children? To educate the children at the same time the parents also need to full of education and

knowledge. Educating their children can be implied through the experience of the parents. Always reminding their children what is the impact and the consequence their children will face if they disobeyed parents advices. However, this is the truth of life where the parents must be prepared to face the challenges in educating their children. The parents need to follow their children development on how they behave at home such avoid them from owning pornography materials. During this stage, the children always have their own desires to follow. In fact they get are easily to rebel.


These must be quite a challenge to control baby-dumping. Not just for parents, I admit its a challenge to us. When everyone is started to talk because the teen have

but what about challenge the university faces to control this act? A: lack knowledge of sex education and yes, it admit its a big challenge for us. For this stage, our role is to create awareness and of course monitor closely our students. It is not easy to monitor, as we have thousands of students. Even to put curfews into action are not easy, the students dont like it, and they got reasons. But we do organize events, talk, speech, lectures and even on the coming 20th, we will have counseling convention. Students are encourage to attend this convention can consults their problem, and we co-operate with CTU(Centre of Islamic Thought and Understanding, UiTM) and Ministry of Health so that students will get the view from

different aspect. We will conduct an open environment for the students to get the knowledge on how to prevent the pregnancies from happen, and from the Islamic view, they will have a lecture or sermon from Ustaz about the hokum, to strengthen the self morality value and so-on. Q: A: Can sex education helps to reduce this problem from getting more serious? There is quote stated that the prevention is better than cure which means it is hard for

the government and the authorities to reduce this problem since this social problem is occurred day after day. Everyone wants to help reducing the number of baby dumping but the roles should implement thoroughly and continuously. Q: A: Does the girl who gets pregnant are unaware or lack of sex education? The girl who gets pregnant aware of the impact of having relationships with boy but they Sometimes, although they are

unaware that sex education really gives a lots of benefits. 22


wearing protection but still there can leads to pregnancy. Therefore, sex education can help the girl or woman to protect them and remind them to avoid from committing intimate relationships. Q: In order to avoid from baby dumping, is it acceptable if the woman wants to abort

the baby? A: From the Islamic point, we as the Muslims are responsible to follow what have stated in

Al-Quran. There is a reason why Islam abides the Muslim from abort the baby. The woman should prioritize more her health if she still decided to abort the baby.


In this situation, the youngster should be able to think wisely and be more matured in making decision. Always remind each other of the negative impacts if they could not limit themselves with whom they want to socialize with. There must a reason why the elders,

authorities, or in religion views are also forbid the mankind do so. Being suffered can leads to other problems and at the same time it can destroy their future life. The perpetrators normally consist of teenagers who are unmarried couples and giving illegitimate child. The majority of the perpetrators state that it involves the Malays and yet theres no racial breakdown as it is hardly to determine the race of the babies and although there are foreigners from Vietnam, Thailand or Indonesia who is committing it the authorities still unable to determine as they are look like the Malays. However, the statistic collected shows that the Malays are the majority in the cases. Apart from that, some of the perpetrators are among the educated people and but still involve in this problem as there must be some mistake inside of the person which resulting them to do so. For instance, teenagers normally hardly to accept if they unable to get enough love and attention from the parents thus they shift to other people who can give attention as a replacement.

In the early stage, sex education is important. Their consciousness level is high during this stage thus it is vital to acknowledge this information to them before something bad things happened. However, it must be conducted thoroughly and continuously. In terms of education, parents should also play the role as well by explaining the boundaries which one is wrong and right; forbid them from doing something wrong based on the Islamic views. At the very stage of teens, they were curious to know about sex, and that is parents role to explain to them. Parents 23


should be aware if they see their child is different or they should be a bit more concern to their child. However, this is the truth of life where the parents must be prepared to face the

challenges in educating their children. The parents need to follow their children development on how they behave at home by avoiding them from owning pornography materials. During this stage, the children always have their own desires to follow. In fact they get are easily to rebel. In this situation, the parents need to sit together and talk as close friend. Put aside the anger and try to solve the problem with discussing together. As Baby Hatch collects not just data, they are actually investigated why the baby sent to them. They screen the parents, their reasons, and in fact, some may tell stories to them but it can be deny, some left anonymously. All are strictly confidential but on 30th August 2010, we ask them to generalize the reasons and what makes them aware not to abandon their baby at unsafe place.


Causes and Effects of Committing Baby Dumping.

Q: A:

How the Baby Hatch can help to reduce the baby dumping? As every time we receive a baby, we believe that we have reduce the number of baby

dumping in this country. Even though it is impossible to do that but the main thing is we want to provide shelter and care for the babies. By providing those needs we can ensure that the baby will not suffer or die outside the harsh world. Q: A: What are the main reasons of baby dumping highly occurred during these days? The sad thing is when nowadays the moral values have decreased among the Based on the research, there are several reasons related why baby dumping Some of the reasons are family problems especially when the parents have

youngsters. happened.

divorced thus their children tend to find a space for peoples attention from the outsiders. Normally, when their parents divorced it is hard to strengthen and create good relationships between the parents and their children. In fact, during at this stage their children are still in the growth development they have their own desires to achieve in their life.




How would the adoption being screened?

We know that basically, it is very

strictly screen but how this can help these babies? A: Baby Hatch objective is actually to help both adopted-parents and the babies, of course.

We have to see their financial standings, their backgrounds, have they commit any crime of abuses, or whatever crimes, it is very important to know all particulars inside out when we are giving our own child to others. We want to make sure that they are safe and happy, and their future is secure. Honestly, we are sadly unable to provide babies and children the love, care and security offered by the family. Most of the orphans and children who spend most of their childhood time often grow up with low self-esteem, behavioral problems and also poor academic performance. In order for them to make a good start in life, they need family support, loves and happiness. Life at orphanage is far more different than life with family, and as for adopt-parents, we hope to complete their family structure. As for that, we dont simply give the children, we will monitor them and we will provide continuous counseling for the family to assure smooth and efficient adoption. Q: A: What are the biggest consequences of baby dumping? From my opinion, it would be the changes of social perceptive on baby dumping. When

we have been fed by the same news every day, and everyone were discussing on the same topic, it creates boredom. People will think that is normal and baby-dumping will later be a small issue and can be ignored. But, the baby-dumping are not supposed to be small issue, so the changes in social perceptive are actually be the definite biggest consequences. Q: As for being direct and accurate, what are the causes that bring this innocent

unwanted baby to Baby Hatch? A: There are number of reasons what brings the mother or their partners bring their babies

here. But I know for certain, all of them are actually loves the baby, it just so happen that they do not want them. Some were because having unplanned pregnancies, some are ashamed to face the society and their perceptive, some are bring by their family, some are not financially afford to care for a baby, and a lot more reason. So, they come to Baby Hatch initially to assure that their baby is safe, not to abandon them. They are actually coming to the right places where we can sure, we take a very good care of the baby until they being adopted. 25


Q: A:

What are the effects of baby dumping? The effect of baby dumping is it will lead to other social problems such drug abuse and

contributing with alcohol. Moreover, it gives big impact to the mothers health. The effects on the individuals are cause by illegal way of aborting the child and left bad effect on them because they are using the wrong path for instance using herbs and alcoholics substances. Therefore, the person may confront with high risk of death caused by bleeding and infections on the mothers womb. A professional consultant Gynaecology, Prof. Dr. Harlina Halizah Siraj, from "Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia"(HUKM), said this illegal abortion does not take into account the health's aspects could cause harm because it does not follow the procedure that are conducted by unprofessional groups. It is dangerous and not clean by inserting foreign objects into the womb. Women involved who abort the baby without proper medical procedures took high risks facing death following infection and bleeding in the uterus. In addition, it is potentially experiencing bleeding in the stomach which can cause the woman unconscious or worse death. Womb also suffered injuries when doing an abortion because those who perform them are traditionally not qualified will use sharp objects such as wood, twigs or wooden sticks. Bleeding sometimes cannot be detected quickly, but take a long time. There are not aware of them until they bleed unconscious. Whereas, the effects on the society cause the abortion will be mimicked by others. Most cases of baby dumping in the country are using the same way that removes a newborn baby into the trash. This shows there is replication of their cruel way to remove the baby into the trash. In addition, the case has become wide and it gives negative views from society. Q: Do you think that Baby Hatch being too commercialized after it received millions

of applicants to adopt a baby? A: It is advertised in a positive way, means to tell people that this place for unwanted

babies. The message is do not dump a baby in bushes, mosques, sidewalks and many more. Babies are innocent precious gift that you will never get if you didnt destinies to have one. But we also got few call seemingly like we do baby-business. This is not good. There are both have a bone and its bane. But thinks as it is, Baby Hatch is a practical way in reducing babydumping. We dont want to continuously see the baby being born without knowing where they would live after. Its pathetic, and for some reasons, I personally angry to their perpetrators.




Basically, there are many reasons the mother or the parents of the baby decided to left their babies. For instance, if the pregnancies are happened to teenagers or youngster they do not want the babies because of it was unplanned and yet because of they want to avoid from getting ashamed from the public. Thus, Baby Hatch confronts this situation in order to reduce and at the same time help the babies who were left without having any place to live.

While, the causes can lead to other consequences and this also has become the main concern of the authorities. The major concern is when baby dumping can lead to other social problems such drug abuse. Apart from that, it can effects to the society as well such mimicked by others. As far as the public and the government concern, baby dumping can gives the biggest impact when the changes of perception happened. However, since the issue has been discussed in turn out other way which people tend to perceive this issue as normal and suddenly been ignored.

The baby dumping issue is already a national issue to our country. Almost every day we will read or see the same news that been published in the newspaper or even broadcast on television. So how exactly the government play a part on this issue? The researchers had an interview with Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara Malaysia, Puan Asmar Ahmad on 3rd August 2010 to talk about this issue.


Precautions of Baby Dumping.

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What are the authority responsibilities in a way to cope with this social illness? The authorities are always come out with different ways while the government and the

Cabinet have been debated the most effective ways to be implemented. For example, stop the couples from celebrating New Years celebration and Valentines celebration, enacted a law and as an act of murder for those who committing baby dumping, and prohibits the media and the Internet give sources for pornography.




How the authorities want to attract the youngster to get rid of involving this

problem? A: In order to attract the youngster get rid of themselves involves in baby dumping the

authorities can be tackled effectively through an enjoyable education program such reproductive health education program in every level of education institutional which at the same time the main objective is to educate them. Encourages more non-governmental organization to

volunteer help the youngster by creating an organisation which they can spend their time with beneficial activities.

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Can the authorities manage to reduce and prevent this issue from getting worst? Family plays an important role here. This problem has become serious thus the society

cannot just depend on the government to tackle this issue. Teenagers who end up getting pregnant are usually ostracised by society, by fears that they will be punished by the religious authorities. Thus, when this happens they leave their babies plus due to the lack of shelters for pregnant teens contributed to the rise in cases of baby dumping. Society will often judge

harshly in this matter. In this situation, it is wrong for society merely judging and should take an opportunity as a social contribution to help them together with the authorities then it can successfully manage to prevent getting worst.


What is your personal point of view about one of the government suggestion that

the sex education should be taught in educational institutions? A: Sex education is important in order to educate the youngster. Their consciousness level is high during this stage thus it is vital to acknowledge this information to them before something bad things happened. However, sex education should be implemented in the early stage.

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Sex and pregnancies: - How far is it efficient if we start to teach it now? I believe education have never been too late, especially when it comes to the matter of

sex and pregnancies among our own teenagers. It is not because they didnt know about it, it just because they lack of exposure and no one were there when they need guidance. When it comes to education, I love to say that teenager should be initially educated from their parents, from their home. They started to learn, absorb and parents, as the closest person and have a sole rights to strain if they do wrong. It is very hard to curb the issue of baby dumping when the 28


teens itself are unclear from the start. I didnt mean that parents should tell them how the babies are made, dont get me wrong. I mean, in terms of education, parents should listen and tell the boundaries of what is halal and haram, what is wrong and right, dont do this, dont do that and lot more. At the very stage of teens, they were curious to know about sex, and that is parents role to explain to them. Parents should be aware if they see their child is different or be bit more concern to their child. Q: Recently, even the minister is coming out with new punishment for the baby

dumping perpetrators. But many know, punishment is not solving the baby dumping problem. On behalf of educational professionals, what do you think is a better way to opt punishment? A: Most of the perpetrators are young partners, they are not married yet, some are not

financially steady, and some are students. Punishment in it pros, are meant to ignite fear and give lessons. But inversely, it ends the life of the perpetrators. They can change to a better person if they have been given an option to change themselves. Punishment can never reawaken the baby. Recently, the government plan to build a school for pregnant girls is also a good example of giving them an option. Most of them, I believe they dont know what to, they afraid of getting humiliated by their school friends, they being isolated from the society, and these people are facing a great pressure that more than they can handle. These are actually can lead to another problem, which is suicide. If we can predict the problem next, why dont we plan the way to prevent it? So, I think, put them in a secure environment would be much better. They can study, safely deliver the baby, and the innocent babies are most importantly, safe. Yet, in cons. The school are reportedly creates worries for it seems to encourage teenagers and make them feel safe. But who kills more when there have Henry Gurney?

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What are your hopes in future to solve this problem? I love to see there is no more baby-dumping issue in the future. Or at least the

percentage is declining. Everyone should play their roles, as parents to nurture, children to listen and keep hold of the parents will, as Muslims to uphold what the Islams says and to have



self-respect as a woman. We should realize that we are bound to bring the familys name and the dignity. Never forget that we have to hold to the amanah given to us. SUMMARY

Every institution is taking their part together starting from the authorities such as the police, the government and some of the non-governmental organization (NGO) who is willing to join helping these youngsters. Many ways are been suggested and discussed in results at least it reduces the number of baby dumping which today getting worst and it should be ended. Now, the NGO create a place called Baby Hatch that functions as a shelter for the baby to live and protect from being dumped away. Other than that, the authorities want to stop the couples from celebrating New Years celebration and Valentines celebration, enacted a law and as an act of murder for those who committing baby dumping, and prohibits the media and the Internet give sources for pornography. To attract the youngster get rid of themselves involves in baby dumping the authorities can be tackled effectively through an enjoyable education program. Sex education is important when this issue is already becoming a big matter. However, it should be educate at the early stage not when the issue is already worsening. While, punishment unable to make a person become deterrent or solve the problem because most of the perpetrators are still young and they are unmarried yet, some are not financially steady, and some are students. Punishment in it pros, are meant to ignite fear and give lessons. But in contrast, it ends the life of the perpetrators. They can change to a better person if they have been given an option to change themselves. Punishment can never reawaken the baby. Lastly, everyone should realize that we are bound to bring the familys name and the dignity. It is our responsibility to carry it around because we as a Muslim is also must obligate of what Islam teach to the mankind.








Baby dumping is becoming a common problem in the country and this problem will never end without a solution. We dont want more babies dying. Immoral act should be severed from the early stage. So, individual (main role), society and government must stand together to prevent this problem.

It is sad to know that most of the people who commit this crime are the Malays. Does it mean that our races have zero knowledge or no moral civic at all by committing this crime? As one nation, when this issue had become worse, we should help each other by finding ways to solve it. We should quit blaming the perpetrators because it would not help solving the problem.

We already know that most of them dump the baby because they are ashamed of their wrongdoings and of course they dont want to humiliate their parents and relatives. But at first, they should come clean with it and not create another sin by throwing the baby. By having sex with the opposite gender with no legal marriage is already a crime in every religion and to adding up the sin by dumping the baby have already worsen the case. So, even though it is hard tell to the families, the wrong ones had no choice but to tell their parents or at least meet a counselor to ease their burden.

The religious and educational authorities must play their part in organizing community programs and collaborating with parents to nurture the right values in the young. It is right if the government has taken the drastic step of categorizing baby dumping as a criminal act as a murder if it meets with all the legal specifications of one. The government should gives heavier punishment to those who commit this appalling crime.




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