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EXAMEN DE INGLES. UNIT 8. 5 PRIMARIA. EDITORIAL CAMBRIDGE. 1. Listen and choose the correct answer.

(two point) (transcript page 165)

1) When did the Olympics star?

a) 500 years ago.

b) 1400 years ago.

c) 2500 years ago

2) Why did the Olympics Games start?

a) peace

b) wars

c) fun

3) How many people did enter the stadium with a weapon?

a) ten people

b) nobody

c) 200 people

4) When did the Roman emperor stop the Games?

a) in 393

b) in 2010

c) in 402

5) Who wanted people to live in peace and compete in sport not war?

a) an Englishman

b) the Romans

c) Pierre de Coubertin

2. Read the text and answer the questions. (one point)

There are 11 people in each cricket team. Two teams play against each other. Two people in one team are batsmen at the same time and the other nine wait to play. The other team stand in different places to try and catch the ball. One person throws the ball. He is called the bowler.

The cricket field is 20 metres long and 3 metres wide. At easch of the field there are three pieces of wood called stumps.


How many men are there in a cricket team? There are eleven men. How many teams play against each other? __________________


3) How many people are waiting to play? ______________________ 4) What is the name of the person who throws the ball. ____________________________________________________ 5) How long is the cricket field? _____________________________ 6) How are called the pieces of wood? ________________________

3. Write the questions and write a true answer. (One point).

1. You / play / tennis / last Monday Did you play tennis last Monday? 2. You / watch / TV / last week _______________________________________________________ 3. You / listen to / music / yesterday night _______________________________________________________ 4. You / ask / many questions / in class / yesterday _______________________________________________________ 5. The Romans / play / ball games _______________________________________________________ 6. The Egyptians / invent / ball games _______________________________________________________ No, I didnt

4. Complete the text with the verb in brackets. ( Two points)

J. K. Rowling is the write of Harry potter novels. She invented (invent) a new ball game called Quidditch. In her book she explains that people __________ (play) Quidditch for the first time 1.000 years ago but they ________________( not have) rules. Harry played his first game in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. The players didnt run, they ___________ (move) on flying brooms. There _________(be) different types of balls: the quaffe, some bludgers and the snitch. Some players, the chasers, _____________(try) to hit the chasers. The snitch ________(be) the most important ball; the game ____________ (finish) when a team _____________(stop) it. At the end, they __________(not win) money but there were lots os points for the winner. Of course, Harry and his team were the winners in the novel!

5. Write these verbs in the correct form. (One point) She ________(read) It ___________(fly) He _________(study) She ________(watch) It _________(think) He _______(dance) She _______(cry) He ________(have) She ________(finish) It __________ (run)

6. Vocabulary. (One point) Greeks Wood Field Grass Last week 7. Complete the chart. Infinitive Ser / Estar Tener Pat Participle Paz Noche Cumpleaos Mes Verano

Escribir Leer Comer Hacer 8. Complete with do, does, dont or doesnt. (One point)

1) ______ you usually get up very early in the morning? 2) Children ___________ go to bed late at night. 3) Harry ___________like Social Studies. 4) Computers _________usually talk. 5) ________children like playing sports? 6) _______ Nadia like the story of the yeti? 7) _______ you always play sports at the weekend? 8) In Australia people ________ like watching TV. 9) _______ Alicia eat a lot of fish? 10)I usually _________have cornflakes for breakfast.