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HP's environmental


Did you know? HP offers its PurchasEdge program members points

towards free merchandise for recycling through
• To date, HP has recycled more than 920 million
HP Planet Partners.
pounds of hardware and HP print cartridges
globally. For more information and to sign up,
go to
• The HP Planet Partners return and recycling
Current members should click on the
program keeps print cartridges out of landfills.
“Earn points for recycling” link after logging in.
More than 143 million HP LaserJet and HP inkjet
print cartridges have been returned and recycled
worldwide since the program began in 1991,
representing a weight of nearly 260 million pounds.
• HP makes it easy for you to participate-no matter
where you live. The HP Planet Partners return and
recycling program for HP printing supplies extends
to customers in more than 41 countries, regions
and territories.
• Plastics and metals from returned and recycled
HP print cartridges are used to make a range
of everyday new products such as automotive
parts, clothes hangers, fence posts, microchip
processing trays, serving trays, shoe soles
and spools.
Award-winning HP designs for the environment.
HP provides inventive, high-quality products and services that are environmentally
environmental stewardship. sound—from the very first stages of product design through manufacturing and
HP has received numerous awards in recognition distribution, customer use and end of life. We strive to design our products so they
of its environmental programs and efforts. are safe to use, minimize energy and natural resource consumption, and enable
Recent awards include:
end-of-life recycling.
• 2007—The American Forest & Paper Association
(AF&PA) has named HP the winner of its 2007 HP's Design-for-Environment (DfE) initiatives are incorporated into product
AF&PA Business Leadership Recycling Award. development by the Product Stewardship Network. This network of development
The award recognizes a company that promotes teams identifies, prioritizes and recommends environmental innovations,
paper recovery and recycling through educational, establishing company-wide environmental design standards for new products.
innovative and cost-effective workplace programs. These standards address design requirements that encompass the entire product
• 2006—HP joined the U.S. Environmental life cycle.
Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership For example:
at the corporate level and became the 16th largest • HP’s redesigned printer cartridge packaging for North America will reduce
Fortune 500 company to purchase renewable energy. greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 37 million pounds in 2007 –
• 2006 - HP ranked 15th globally and 1st in its
the equivalent of taking 3,600 cars off the road for one year.1 The emissions
category in Tomorrow’s Value, the 2006 Global
savings are the result of smaller, lighter packages that both reduce the total
Reporters Survey of Corporate Sustainability Reporting.
carbon footprint of each cartridge and the truck and freighter transportation
• 2006 - HP ranked 22nd overall in the Accountability
traffic required to ship them. Newer packaging also contains more recyclable
Rating, the first global index that evaluates how
and recycled content.
well the world's 100 largest companies account
for their impacts on society and the environment. • Since 1992, HP has reduced the average number of parts used in monochrome
HP LaserJet print cartridges by 53 percent and reduced the number of plastic
HP's annual Global Citizenship Report is available
resin types by 69 percent, thus improving recyclability of HP LaserJet print
• No HP print cartridges returned and recycled through Planet Partners
are sent to landfills.

Help us make a difference. Participation in the HP Planet Partners return and recycling program is free and convenient.
See the table below for specifics about how and where to return HP cartridges for recycling.

Service feature HP inkjet print cartridge recycling HP LaserJet supplies recycling HP and non-HP hardware recycling, see instructions Visit or call
More information or call 1-800-340-2445 and shipping label in new product box, 1-888-485-1849.
or call 1-800-340-2445
Please check inside your HP inkjet print Please check inside your HP LaserJet print
cartridge box for a postage-paid return cartridge box for a postage-paid return
How to return
and recycling envelope, or request and recycling label, or request
one product a postage-paid envelope from or print a postage-paid label from
Request a pre-addressed, postage-paid Tape two to eight supply boxes (max 70 Request shipping and pickup service
box (holds 10 to 100 HP inkjet lbs) together and return via one prepaid at Custom
How to return
cartridges or 1 to 10 HP large-format shipping label, or use your own suitable quotes for large orders and unique
multiple products or cartridges) at box or request a free bulk collection box situations are available.
HP large-format supplies from and ship via
one prepaid shipping label.
No charge No charge $13–$34 each, depending
Cost upon quantity and type

© 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change
without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements
accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional
warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
Estimates are based on projected 2007 print cartridge sales in the United States and Canada. Global
warming gas (carbon dioxide equivalents) emissions reductions calculated based on anticipated 2007 sales,
using packaging configurations before and after recent improvements. Environmental impacts modeled with
SimaPro 7 (PRé Consultants, The Netherlands, 2006) lifecycle inventory software. Carbon equivalency factors
from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Calculations from

To learn more, visit

4AA1-1858ENUC, April 2007