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Former British Southern Cameroons: There is no longer

1. Since 1972 the Southern Cameroons no longer has self-rule. 2. There is no longer a government in Buea for the governance of the Southern Cameroons. 3. There is no longer Parliament (House of Assembly and House of Chiefs) in Buea to make laws for the peace order and good government of the Southern Cameroons. 4. There is no longer a Southern Cameroons-based judiciary to administer justice according to the common law inherited system of the Southern Cameroons and to ensure respect for the rule of law. 5. There is no longer a Southern Cameroons-based public service commission and system of administration. 6. There is no longer a Southern Cameroons-based constabulary* to enforce and maintain law and order according to our inherited value systems and human rights culture. 7. There is no longer a Southern Cameroons-based educational system grounded in good and sound education and upbringing of our children anchored in the value of our Christian faith and the wider context of the English-speaking world of which we are an integral part. 8. There is no longer a Southern Cameroons-based medical system anchored in effective medical service for all (including the poor and vulnerable) staffed by devoted, professional and disciplined uniformed nurses, doctors, pharmacists and ward servants. 9. Our living habitat was surveyed, planned and zoned: town center, markets and a park next to each, GRC, Clerks Quarters, Nurses Quarters, housing for doctors and pharmacists, police barracks, warders barracks and so on. All that is gone! Destroyed!

Excerpted from: Remedying the Botched Decolonization of the Southern Cameroons EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with PROFESSOR CARLSON ANYANGWE about the SOUTHERN CAMEROONS, 2012.

PS: From 1972 to 2012, 40 years passed.