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I deserve the scholarship mostly because academically, I am consistent and persistent in maintaining my result throughout the school year.

I have attained 3.73 for my first semester of form four followed by 3.64 for the next semester and scored 3.53 for semester 2 of form five. I graduated from MARA Junior Science College Tun Ghafar Baba with CGPA 3.53. I guarantee that your sponsorship for me wont be a waste. Joining the community service across the neighbours country at Dabo Singkep, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia had widened my perspective on most things in life besides increase my culture interest. I am exposed to many facets of peoples lives and cultures, therefore I am confident that I would have no trouble adjusting to a new environment as I have developed strong cross cultural skills. Having experienced two years of boarding school, I am also adaptable and independent. Leadership skills that have been developed in me qualify me more for the scholarship. I held a position as a prefect during my lower form. I am also a Young Chemist which I assisted my fellow friends that seek for help in Chemistry subject. I was selected as a treasurer of Jawatankuasa Asrama (JAKSA) and a secretary of Homeroom Zamrud A during my last year. I possess distinctive communication skills and am able to relate well with people of all ages and backgrounds. My work experience as a cashier which have to meet different kind of customers teached me a lot to cope with the situations which I will face soon as a financial- adviser-to-be. I am very numeric and excel in both Mathematics and Additional Mathematics. My interest in numbers had driven me to apply this Maybank scholarship to further my studies in finance as working with one of the most trusted bank of Malaysian is what I always wanted to. I believe that I am among the best candidate to be selected to further my study in one of the top world universities. I shall strive to become successful in this field.

Based on the above, I believe that I am among the best candidate to be selected to further my study in one of the top world universities. Thereby, I am able to pursue my dream to become a successful Orthodontist. I shall strive hard throughout my college year to become one of the best students that would make my family and my country proud.

My long-term goal is to be an investment banker and get involved in the business and finance field with hopes to make my country, Malaysia a greater economic power as a way to give back my love to my family, friends and the community in terms of financial empowerment. Hence, the purpose of each day of my life is to love and enjoy what I do and improve myself academically and professionally to eventually lead a successful career that I aspire to achieve. I have a belief that I shall not worry of my preparation for something by looking at how great the others are preparing as long as I am definite with what I had prepared. There is no limit in what I do. Whatever I do, I shall succeed. Every single day, I act upon my final goal that is success and happiness.