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GoTT GoranTeslaTransmitting

Dimensionally enriched form of energetic vibrations

Tesla Scalar wave generator

(Goran Marjanovic The Tesla Science Foundation)
Nikola Tesla immenselly loved the Nature and always strictly obeyed its basic principles. That was the principal reason why his inventions always perfectly functioned inspite of their discrepancy with the official science. Our studies of the Tesla transformer from Colorado Springs have demonstrate that so-called Extra Coil", is the most important part of the device. By careful reading of the Tesla Diary it is possible to observe that the coil origated as a result of several months of Tesla's efforts to achieve higher-dimensional resonance of that apparently simple coil, and in fact a very comple device. All investigations and analysis of the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter performed from a point of view of a classic science are correct and exact, but insufficient, since the analysis consider exclusively tuning of inductive and capacitive elements of the primary and secondary circuits and termic losses of the system. However, these are only necessary, but not sufficient conditions to ahieve the degree of the tuning of the system as a whole, as achieved by Nikola Tesla. More importantly, the wave properties of the additional coil are analyzed from the point of view of the contemporary interpretation of the Maxwell theory which, as well known, describes only transversal electromagnetic waves (the Hertz waves), while Tesla emphasized that the principles of his system are founded on waves of totally different, scalar, nature, that he called non-Hertzian waves.

Analysis of Tesla's work in Colorado Springs indicates numerous adjustments of all the elements of the circuitry, including the number of winds in coils, the thickness of the conductors, etc., in order to achieve complete mutual cohesiveness of all elements of the system and their entire harmony as a whole to their environment. His special attention Tesla devoted totthe extra coil. Our analysis of that components shows that, owing to a specific construction, a simple shape but precisely defined dimensions of elements and peculiar mathematical order of all its parameters, this coil is a lambda/4 resonator from a classical scientific point of view, but, according to our analysis, also a sort of concentrator" of specific energy and multidimensional diploe", i.e., resonator" of fine bionenergy, scalar energy and similar energy fluctuations, that are currently not sufficiently well described by current theories. After several years of studies of Tesla's works, through numerous experiments, Goran Marjanovic, BEE, successfully resolved the secret of the Tesla Coil. In cooperation with the company Ingenieurbro Mraz he constructed a special GoTT coil that, unlike other Tesla transformers commercially available, radiates Tesla waves". The uniqueness of the solution is proven by PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography) camera images, as confirmed by the office of PIP camera inventor, Dr. Hary Oldfield. Note that Dr. Oldfield is with no doubt the greatest World authority for PIP imagery. PIP image of a clasic coil PIP image of GoTT PIP image of Mt. Rtanj Images of prof. Dr. Ljubo Ristovski, made using a camera for policontrast interferent photography (PIP), that makes possible visualization of bio-energetic fields, indicate that that a classic Tesla high-voltage transformator does not change structure of ambiental field, inspite of the secondary voltages of more

than 100,000 volts that resulted in sparks from the top load" longer than 3 inch. However, an image of a GoTT Transformer, wound using special Tesla principles, clearly indicate the generation of a standing wave of a scalar nature resulting in green colored" energy bursts that are often related to healing bioenergetic radiation that can lead to improving energy balance and welness. PIP image of a Rtanj mountain indicates that Tesla waves exist in nature but, as research has demonstrated, only on objects of pyramidal and similar shapes. This image also verifies Tesla claims that we are surrounded by infinite sources of cosmic energy. A GoTT coils is a deminutive copy of the additional Tesla Magnifying Amplifier coil from Colorado Springs, where all requirements of its general cosmic resonance (space-time harmony, space-time synchronity and coherence) are satisfied. Hence the coils represent a kind of bioenergetic fountain" that can contribute the preservation of fundamental vibrations of the planet Earth, and the form and essence of its energy spectrum. Due to this, we claim that the generator of Tesla scalar waves (GoTT) establishes, follows and stimulates energy balance of humans with their natural environment, thus resulting in the best conditions and prerequisites for healthy life, growth and development of all natural life forms, by bringing the vibrations of all bodily structures of a being in their natural state. As demonstrated in research of the World Health Organization (WHO), all health problems on mental, emotional and/or physical level are only a consequence of energy disbalance.of organisms and the lack of the life energy. A particular manifestation of illness depends of hereditary properties, constitution of a particular human, and a number of external factors (such as stress, irregular and unhealthy food, electro-magnetic smog, climate changes, etc), but mainly of the previously manifested change of a human bioenergetic structure. Thus, one is definite- the renewal of bioenergetic field of an organism as a whole and the preservation of the energy balance of all organs, including the cellular level, helps in maintaining good health. According to the contemporary research, the application of scalar waves generated by GoTT could result in: 1. Stimulation fo sub-conscious level of a human (emotions, intuitions) 2. Cleaning and stabilizing aura and chakra [I truly do not know how sto spell it], stimulation of healing and prevention outbreaks of diseases 3. Stimulates dehidration of organic and anorganic matter and hence kills microbes (thus indirectly sterilizing) 4. Increases survival of cells in tissues infected by viruses and bacteria

5. Helps germination of seeds, growth of plants and ripening of fruits and vegetables 6. Enhances efficiency of enzymes 7. Energies water for drinking and irrigation 8. Enhances polymerization and fermentation 9. Enhances crystalization (making crystals growing bigger, more uniform and beautiful) 10. Regenerates reversible dislocations in crystal structure of metals by removing residual dipole molecules of water from micro-crystalline cavities (non-termic microwave dehydration). Shumann waves (frequencies) are important geophysical phenomena, representing physical relationship between rhytms of the Sun, the Moon, planets and other celestial bodies with human body and soul. The Shumann waves are vibrations generated between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere, detected by a German physicist W. O. Schumann in 1950. A human organism (as well as organism of other living beings including plants) has adapted to the energy field of the vibrations since prehistoric times, so all other radiation from electric devices, power network, as well as cellphones, etc (electromagnetic smog) are harmful to health and development to living creatures in different extents. Our devices from GoTT series radiate Tesla scalar waves modulated by Schumann waves generate a kind of energy atmosphere that can decrease effects of the harmful radiation. Currently, there are four models, starting from a simple, but battery-powered mobile device, to a model that provide to a user larger flexibility in experimentation: variation of oscillatory frequencies, modulation with Schumann alpha, beta and gamma waves,as well as connectors for external electrodes or additional devices. In addition to quantum-medical effects, devices from GoTT series make possible research in various fields of physics, particularly nuclear and vacuum fine-energy structures, the investigation in superluminal effects, electromagnetic quantum-gravitational and other phenomena. Warning: GoTT devices are intented solely for experimentation. GoTT devices are not intended for diagnostic or healing of any medical problem. Devices from GoTT series are targetted for educational and experimention market and the information from this leafet must not be used in lieu of a medical advice. Manufacturer recommendations: Since absolute levels of hamful electromagnetic fields are not precisely determined, here we list magnitudes of electric and magnetic fields in nature, as

well as the border values that can, based on current studies, start causing biological effects. Induction of residual magnetic field of the Earth (permanent, natural magnetic fields) at its surface is T (0.3 Gauss or 30,000nT). The average for Serbia isapproximately 30 T. TheT, while in the area of Zlot, the induction reaches 15047.5 second component of the Earth magnetic field is comprised on variable fields of lower intensity originating from crust, Solar activity (e.g., solar wind), etc. The fields have various periods (ranging from tenths of second to several years), phases and amplitudes, from several to tens of nT, Natural, static electric field on the surface of the Earth has a magnitude of about 150V/m and decreases with altitude. Its natural fluctuations are approximately 0.0001V/m. Electric fields in households are usually 1-2V/m but can reach 540V/m due to presence of electic devices. In the proximity of the devices, the electric fiield can exceed 200V/m. Biological effects of electromagnetic fields on humans occur at the intensity of the periodic magnetic induction higher than approximately 3mGauss, at the intensity of the periodic electric field higher than 1kV/m and and at the intensities of radio or microwave radiation higher than approximately 0.1mW/cm2. All these conditions are satisfied at the distances between an object and a coil of a GoTT device larger than or equal to the values given in the following table:

Table 1 Working frequency [kHz] Distance [m]

GoTT-07-0 840 < 750 0.4 .005

GoTT-07-2 380 < 350 1.8 0.75

For beginners, we recommend work on lower working frequencies and following the recommendations of the distances between devices and objects given in the Table 1. The effective time of the treatment: maximal 20 minute with a break of at least 15 min,