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Compiled by

Antonio Faleiro


We thanked to all Brazilian researchers, because without them, we could not never collect all contacts of third kind and, also, Albert Rosales-USA, where in his collection we found many Brazilian Close Encounters of Third Kind .


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1-2007 July-Porto Seguro, Bahia A 15-year old American girl supposedly took the above photo of an unknown creature. She was on tour with a group from Michigan. The story behind it is that this little girl was attacked by the creature. How it happened is unclear. Supposedly the creature grabbed her and attempted to hold her and put mud in her face and hair. She said she couldn’t get away from it by pulling so she got a firm hold and tackled it causing it to lose its balance thus allowing her escape. Supposedly there are other witnesses



1-Passa Tempo-MG - J.C.S. - At night, in a factory of the city of Passa Tempo-MG, J.C.S. went to see a machine and when turning, he saw a tall being, white dress, of the head for the feet, however with the face covered by a veil. The being looked at the employee and he walked and he crossed a wire fence, as if his body was immaterial and he disappeared in the middle of a swamp. The observer ran and he told to his friends, but nothing else they saw. (A Faleiro)

2005 - 4 1-January-2005 - 23:00 h - Agricolândia - PI The witness was riding his bicycle home from his job and as he approached his residence he noticed a strange creature lying on the road just ahead of him. Aware of the rumours of bizarre creatures, he became afraid and slowed down and then stopped. He noticed that the creature stood up and jumped over a nearby fence using great agility and strength. Because of


the luminosity emanated by a nearby light post he was able to make out some details on the creature. It appeared to be dark and hairy, with short thick legs, and about average height, he was not able to see any facial details. The witness quickly pedalled away from the area. The next day he visited the site and did not find any trace.

(UPUPI) 2 - Vila Bilibio, Rio Grande do Sul – March-30.2005 - 21:30 h - kidnapped Tradesman Vanderlei Rodrigues dos Santos, 42, was driving on highway BR-158 when in need of gasoline, he stopped at a service station. When he left his car, Vanderlei was seized by aliens. He said that he first noticed a strange kind of ship hovering above the BR-158. It then drew closer and landed in an adjacent field. “At this moment I thought I was going to die” Rodrigues dos Santos said, “I thought of my wife, my sons and my family.” Vanderlei is not certain how long he was held aboard the ship. He said he completely lost track of time. He said he was taken to a laboratory aboard the ship, where three aliens extracted skin, hair and blood samples from him. “They were three little humanoids”, he said, “All had big heads and small, spindly torsos. I wanted nothing to do with them, but they brought me along into the ship. When I clearly saw the eyes of one alien they were as dark and as blank as they eyes of a newborn.” Vanderlei said that it was about 0600A on Thursday March 31 2005 when the extraterrestrials put him off the ship. He found himself back on Earth but at a service station on the Avenida Presidente Vargas in Santa Maria dozens of kilometres from the location where he had left his car. He used the service station’s telephone to call the police and report the abduction.

(SOCEX-Eustáquio A. Patounas) 3-Recife - March - 2005-night - Dwarfish 23-year old Diogenes (involved in other encounters) was lying on his bed when the door of his bedroom opened and a short humanoid, about 80cm in height, with huge black eyes and extremely pale white skin entered the bedroom. Once he saw the humanoid the witness attempted to rise from his bed but was


unable to move a muscle. He then attempted to scream but could not utter a sound. As the humanoid approached closer to the witness it suddenly disappeared. The witness later woke up in a very tired state. (Ufo Gênesis) 4-São Paulo, SP. - 04. September .2005-night - Gigantic The 11-year old witness woke after hearing a loud noise coming from his backyard patio. Looking out a window he was stunned to see a gigantic figure about 3.50m in height that apparently attempted to communicate with the witness with hand signals. The witness looked up and saw an object ringed with bright lights hovering above the backyard. He briefly had looked away from the humanoid and when he looked back at him, he had vanished. The object then left. (Ufo Gênesis)


1-Near João Pessoa-Paraíba-January -01- 2004 - night - Paralyzed.

23 year old, Alan Flavio was visiting the farm of his girlfriend's cousin and late one evening he and the cousin were rounding up some stray cattle in the outer areas of the farm. Soon they had stopped to rest when Flavio noticed that the horses were a little restless he looked around and saw movement in the nearby brush. He caught a quick glimpse of a figure, he described as "graphite" in colour with long thin but strong legs. It quickly scurried behind some trees and disappeared from sight. Later that night sometime after midnight as he slept in the farmhouse he suddenly woke up feeling a strong hand pushing on his chest. He was paralyzed and could not move or speak. He then noticed a dark figure, human in shape standing over him. It seemed to emit a strong influence over the witness, which totally controlled him. The whole time his girlfriend and cousin slept in the next room and were not in any way disturbed. Soon the dark human-shaped figure vanished and he was able to move again. ( UFO Genesis)

2-Piauí--February -2004-night A woman accompanied by another family member was washing clothing at the edge of a river


when they noticed movement amongst the thick foliage across from their location. They were then stunned to see two strange hairy humanoids about 1.50m in height come out of the woods. The humanoids had long dangling arms and were covered from head to two by thick black hair. Both had red glowing eyes. Terrified both witnesses fled the area.

(Ufo Gênesis) 3-Araraquara-SP-March-2004 - night - red eyes On a very cold night, the witness, Marina was in her room reading a book when she heard loud scratching noises on her window. Startled she looked at the window and saw a bizarre entity with a very large head and strange red eyes. The entity stared at Marina and mumbled some words, which Marina thought it meant for her to come and open the window because he wanted to talk to her. In a trance-like state she opened the window and the entity then spoke the following words, "Humans less and less value their planet, and each day that goes by they destroy the planet a little more, humans do not realize that they are destroying themselves also." Moments later the entity vanished. (www. .4-Agricolândia - Piauí-July-2004-night A local hog farmer named "Belizardo" was searching the maize fields for several of his pigs when he perceived a strange "star-like" light moving an

inclined angle towards the earth. After several minutes of observing the descending light he noticed several beams

of light emerged from the light, which seemed to scan the

surrounding fields and ridges. He was now sure that it

was some kind of "apparatus" (name given by the locals

to any unidentified aircraft and also in the nearby state of

Maranhao). Concerned he watched the lighted "craft" had now descended parallel to his position. Apparently the occupants of the craft had by now spotted him and

Belizardo immediately ran and hid behind some small trees. He armed himself with a rifle and waited tensely. He scanned the dimly lit surroundings and soon spotted

a figure that seemed to move in strange "mechanical"

movements. According to Belizardo when the figure lifted an arm it lowered the other one in some bizarre rhythm. The lighted craft remained static at a certain distance at


times lighting up and then dimming. The beams of light still scanned the area. Suddenly a bright beam of light shone at the feet of the witness. Terrified he immediately ran from his hiding place. He then hid in an area of thick foliage where he felt more secure and from there watched the lighted object until it left. He did not see the strange figure again. There were possibly other witnesses (UPUPI-Piauí) 5-Guarulhos–Sâo Paulo-23-August-2004-19:00 h Phillip Gomes and 6 other friends watched a luminous oval-shaped object flying low over a road. They followed the craft as it briefly touched down in a wooded park. They saw what appeared to be a "woman" walk inside the landed craft, which then took off and disappeared from sight.

(Ufo Gênesis)


1-Limeira-São Paulo-June-12. 2003 - 06:20 h. pale skin A man named Zilmerman had left for work taken the usual route on the Limeira-Piracicaba toll road. There was a weak fog that morning and as he drove out of the toll area he noticed a figure that appeared to be hitchhiking on the side of the road. Inexplicably and knowing that it could be a dangerous move the witness slowed and then stopped the car. As he did, the "person" came walking over to where he had stopped. Obeying an inner impulse the witness lower the driver's window and remained sitting in his car seemingly unable to move. When the person came over to the window, the witness realized that this "person" was not an ordinary human. He had human-like characteristics, but he had large "cat- like" eyes and seemed to exude a powerful "odour". The stranger pointed to the direction of Piracicaba and entered the car. As he entered the backseat of the car the smell became almost unbearable to witness who could not compare it to anything known to him. The being was about 1.60m in height, with pale features, wearing a pointed hood and a tight-fitting outfit, resembling a jogging suit. He wore strange shoes with very thick soles that seemed to scratch the surface of the car. The witness could see a small nose but did not notice any


hair. Fearful, the witness asked the stranger where he

wanted to go and again this one pointed in the direction

of Piracicaba. The witness then asked the stranger his

name and in turn the stranger looked at him and as he did his pupils suddenly became totally black. Sweating with fear and after driving for about 500me witness began to hear loud croaking sounds, which he thought was the creature's speech. He looked and noticed that it had six fingered hands with pointy black nails; his skin appeared to be sweating some type of oily substance from which the disagreeable odour emanated. Each time that the witness would ask it something, the humanoid would look at him intently again his pupils becoming

totally black. The witness then produced a piece of paper and a pencil and gave it to the stranger. This one scribbled some meaningless diagrams on it and gave it back to the witness. Close to the Santa Rosa quarter near Piracicaba the witness felt that he had to stop the car. The humanoid exited the car smiled at him and then cross the street quickly disappearing into some bushes. The witness experienced a severe headache soon after

the encounter.

( Ufo Gênesis) 2-Near Diamantina, Minas Geraisl-August-2003 - night Andre Villa and his girlfriend had camped out on a hill overlooking a valley and had started a small bonfire when they noticed a bright bluish light descend

over the area, within the light they could see a large disc- shaped craft. The illuminated craft approached their position at very high speed and landed on a nearby field. Terrified both witnesses ran and hid behind some bushes, the whole time keeping their eyes on the object. They could see that the craft was really hovering at about 3 meters from the ground, illuminating its surroundings like daytime. The craft did not have windows, doors or openings; it was completely smooth and was encased in

a bright bluish glow. Despite his girlfriend's loud

objections Andres approached to within 200 meters of

the craft and hid behind a pile of rocks near the bonfire in

order to obtain a better look at the strange craft. After about 20 minutes an opening became visible on the craft that still floated close to the ground, from the opening a small ladder-like protrusion dropped to the ground. Two


short humanoid creatures then climbed down to the ground from inside the object, these had child-like bodies, very pale features, huge heads, but the witnesses could not see their facial features due to the glaring blue light around the craft. The two humanoids looked around and seemed to talk among themselves, soon 3 more similar creatures emerged from the craft. The group walked around the area near the object as if looking for something. Moments later the witness watched another bright light descending from the sky. The light hovered briefly changing colours from red to orange tones. Suddenly the short humanoids that had been milling around the bluish disc-shaped craft appeared to become agitated and began running towards their craft, while the other craft, a sphere shaped object dotted with bright beams of light quickly descended over the scene. The sphere descended to within 50 meters of the disc and landed. The witnesses then heard a loud roaring noise and a bright flash from the sphere temporarily blinded and seemed to incapacitate several of the short humanoids, since a couple dropped to the ground. The glare now gone the witnesses saw three figures come out of the sphere. These were described as taller, human-like, wearing transparent glass-like helmets, and very tight-fitting black jumpsuits. These aliens ran in the direction of the shorter humanoids, which were still stunned and appeared confused. Three of the short humanoids managed to enter their craft, but two were unable to and remained behind to confront the other three apparently threatening aliens. The stunned witnesses watched as a brief but violent struggle ensued. To their horror they watched as the two short humanoids were apparently struck down by the taller aliens, while their bluish disc-shaped craft pulled up the ladder, closed the opening and shot away at incredible speed, living behind their two fallen comrades. The three tall aliens then proceeded to pick up the limp bodies of the short humanoids and dragged them inside their sphere-shaped craft. The witnesses could not tell if the humanoids were dead or still alive. The aliens quickly entered the sphere, which then rose up into the sky and vanished in plain sight. Terrified the two witnesses left the area, promising never to return to the area.


(www. supernatural. org)

2002 - 3 1-Corguinho, Mato Grosso do Sul-05 - February - 2002 During a localized ufo flap several witnesses reported seeing a strange creature described as about 1.3 meters in height, having two legs, with a physique like a human but who moved with a strange fluctuating motion. The creature was seen five times by twenty people in the rural zone around Corguinho. In Rochedo, 6 miles south of Corguinho five Zebu cattle were found dead with a single incision on the side of the throat. The bodies had been drained of blood (UFO Roundup) 2-Ilha de Colares, Amazonas- August-15- 2002 - night - red eyes Two men were reportedly attacked in a wooded area by a short powerfully built creature covered with black hair and with glowing red eyes. It had three sharp "talons" that injured both men, one of them critically. (Daniel Rebisso Giese) 3-Curitiba-september-30-2002 -0 3:30 h The witness suddenly awoke at about 0330A and heard her twelve dogs barking and was surprised to hear birds singing at that time of the morning. She stayed in bed until her husband woke up and opened the window and they noticed despite the heavily clouded weather that it was light as if it was a full moon. After watching the backyard for about 30 minutes it suddenly turned dark again and the birds and dogs went quiet. Her husband reported seeing one of the dogs barking at the backyard wall, he looked in the direction of the wall and saw the figure of a "person" standing still on the top of the wall. The man like figure was as tall as the wall or at least 8 ft in height. Astonished all he could do was stare. He felt that the "person" may have noticed being observed and walked very swiftly to the corner of the wall and did not jump, it just walked off the wall as if walking off the stairs of a house. Right after that, it went dark again like someone had turned off the light. The next day the witnesses learned that several locals including military police had reported the unusual brightness in the sky from different points of the city.





The witness, Tarcisio Bantas Cancado was at home conducting some chores when he suddenly went into a dream like state. He remembered floating through a long dark tunnel and entering a luminous compartment, which had an oval shaped table in the centre that appeared to be the source of the light. In front of the front of the table stood four human like figures whose bodies seemed to emit a white light, fluorescent in appearance. The witness could not see any facial details only a protuberance resembling a nose; he could not see eyes or mouths, ears or hair. He began to feel that the beings did not represent any danger to him. He was then encouraged to ask what they wanted of him. He was told that they were from a place, which he understood it to be called "Shiraqueanos" They were apparently in some kind of mission and was told that he was not unable to return to his home, however if he did not agree on this conditions he would be let go and another person would be found. Moments later everything became dark and he woke up scared back in his home. Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 2-Lagarto-Sergipe –December-01-2001 - 22:00 h - red eyes

Two friends, Tadeu da Silva and Walter Oliveira were fishing at a local lagoon when a huge yellow sphere

of light approached their boat and illuminated them with a bright beam of light. The light dimmed and they were able to see several small windows and moving shadows inside the craft. Seconds later the bright beam of yellow light came back on and the craft disappeared into the sky



The witness, Carlos Airton Machado was returning home from a party from a nearby area when he saw a strange light ahead of him. Thinking it was a car he approached it and noticed that it was an oval shaped object about 4 meters in diameter. He attempted to get closer but the heat emitted from the object preventing him in doing so. At this point he noticed 3 short figures

(Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET)


standing next to the object. Thinking they were children he yelled at them. The figures suddenly entered the object through an opening and it rose up at high speed emitting a loud whistling sound. The witness suffered from headaches and irritated eyes for the next four days. (Thiago Luiz Tichetti-EBE-ET) 4-Vitória da Conquista, Bahia –January-25-2001 - night – After dinner, the witness, Mauro Diniz Brumana went to his backyard to pick up some fruit from his grove. While climbing on a mango tree he noticed a very strong red light. Thinking it was a car or a fire he descended the tree and walked over to investigate the source of the light. Climbing over the neighbor's backyard wall he noticed a huge disc shaped object, around 10 meters in diameter, with bright red lights around the edge and a cupola on top that appeared to have landed on the neighbour’s field. Near the object stood two humanoid about 1.20 meters in height wearing tight-fitting metallic outfits. Unable to move, he stood watching the scene for 10 minutes. After that, the humanoids boarded the object, which took off at high speed. The next day he called the police and they found scorched ground areas on the ground, where the object had landed. (Thiago Luiz Tichetti-EBE-ET)


An angler casting his nets into the river pulled ashore a strange looking artifact. The artefact was described as resembling a small "android" about 6 inches in length. The unusual "doll" was translucent and changed color from blue to red as the holder touched it with his hand. The color changes happened repeatedly as the object was held in different positions. They detected on the skin a liquid like transpiration. The local

military police reportedly took custody of the android, and is reported being currently studied by specialists. (Alberto Romero) 6-Bragança Paulette- São Paulo, February-22-2001-


. During a heavy hailstorm shower, several locals, including Osnar Ferreira Neto, reported seeing a round object about 10 meters in diameter flying slowly over the region. It approached the ground several times,


and then rose up at high speed. Several of the witnesses reported seeing forms or figures moving inside the object (Thiago Luiz Tichetti-EBE-ET) 7-Estancia, Sergipe-March-01-2001 - Yolanda Lourenço saw an object as a volkswagen, yellow color and it seemed transparent, beside he was a being moving. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET)


Vinicius da Silva and Marta Rosenthal were returning home from a day of fishing in the River Tocantis when they felt a bump in one of the tires. Thinking he had a flat Vinicius stopped the vehicle and went to check. He could not find anything wrong with the tire but suddenly heard Marta screaming and saw her pointing to the right side of the road. There, only a few meters away, hovering over the water was a metallic object with small windows along its edge. Standing outside the object on a ledge was a humanoid figure of about 1.30 meters in height. The figure was holding something resembling a hose and was apparently

sucking water from the river and into the craft. After about two minutes the humanoid pulled up the hose from the river and re-entered the object. The craft then became very fright and shot away horizontally into the sky. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET). 9- Viçosa, Minas Gerais- April-10 -2001 Julia Da Silva was standing by a window of her house that gave her a view of a nearby wooded area when she noticed a strange light in the sky. The light suddenly descended about 500 meters into the forest. Using a pair of binoculars, Julia was able to see a very bright object apparently on the ground in a clearing of the forest. She was able to see several short shadowy figures running to and fro around the object. After about 3 minutes the object lifted up from the ground, circled around the forest and shot away towards Belo Horizonte, there independent witnesses saw a luminous object

cavorting overhead

Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 10-Near Uruguaiana, Rio Grande do Sul-April-2001-night A strange creature described as about 5- feet tall and 9 inches tall, resembling a hairy gorilla, with



anthropoid features and coarse black fur, killed 2 sheep and 25 chickens at a ranch near this location. Locals called the beast a Mapinguary.

(UFO Roundup) 11-Formosa do Oeste-Paraná-May-04-.2001-night Edson Machado de Souza reported to police encountering a landed metallic round object encircled in blue, green, and yellow lights. Next to the object stood an undescribed humanoid. He could also see three other humanoids inside the object that appeared to be looking out some round windows. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 12-Volta Redonda- Rio de Janeiro – June-30-2001-5.30 h - Et dwarf Adailton Rodrigues was taking a morning walk along Oswaldo Campos street with his dog "Pimpo." As he walked by one of the tall buildings of one of the city's factories he noticed a very bright light next to building on the ground. The dog began barking non-stop. Rodrigues did not pay much attention to the light and walked away. Later upon returning to his house he walked by the same location and saw the same light next to the building. This time he decided to approach the area and found an enormous silvery disc shaped object emitting luminous yellow, blue, white, and oranges lights around its edge. Terrified the witness felt his body becoming numb. At this point he was able to see two humanoids about 1.20 meters in height wearing tight-fitting silvery coveralls and helmets. The humanoids appeared to be collecting dirt from the ground. After about 5 minutes the humanoids entered the object through an open door-like opening and the craft then shot up at fantastic speed. The numbness on his body lasted about 3 minutes and then he was able to move again. He suffered from severe headaches the next three days (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 13-Paracambi, Rio de Janeiro-RJ-July-01-2001 - night – Odete Fortini was standing in the verandah of her house when she observed a sphere of light approach and land about 200 meters from her location. As the light dimmed she could see that it was a round object with a cupola on top and several small windows around its edge. On the center of the object a


door opened and two humanoids about 1 meter in height stepped out. They seemed to be interested on the vegetation around the object. After a few minutes of investigating the area they re-entered the object, which became bright again and left at high speed. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 14-Guarajá-Mirim, Pará-July-01-2001-night 8-year old Zeca Borba reported encountering and communicating with a short humanoid with a large head and eyes and bluish skin. The humanoid carried a cane-like object and wore a silvery helmet. After 30 minutes the humanoid boarded a triangular shaped object, which quickly disappeared. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 15-Canatuma, Amazonas-July-02--2001-night-Ets dwarfs Jose da Silva saw a large disc shaped object with several windows and a small door-like opening in which two 2-meter tall humanoids were seen to enter. Immediately the object began to spin very rapidly and rose slowly. It suddenly emitted a bright flash of light from the top section and disappeared in front of the witness.

(Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 16-Quedas do Iguaçu, Paraná – July-29-2001 - 3:00 h An object larger than 10 meters in diameter was seen on the grounds of a local football field. The two witnesses including Rubem Bastos de Brito reported seeing several short bizarre creatures moving around the object. After about 20 minutes the object shot away into the sky. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 17-Fortaleza-Ceará-August-01-2001-02:00 h Five students camping in a deserted beach, including Luis Carlos Prima reported seeing a large disc shaped object about 10 meters in diameter land on the beach. The five geography students had been sleeping when a very strong wind suddenly woke them up. The wind was so strong that it began to unearth the tent from the sandy ground. Thinking it was a storm they ran out and confronted a huge disc shaped object with numerous bright lights on its top and windows on the center. Suddenly a small door opened and two short humanoids came out. The object and the humanoids


were about 200 meters away from the witnesses. The little men seemed to be collecting ground samples when they became aware of the witnesses presence. They ignored the witnesses and after several minutes reboarded the object, which took off at high speed. Deep ground traces were found at the landing site. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 18-Estância Espírito Santo-August-10-2001-night – Telepathy

Lourdes do Nascimento reported establishing telepathic contact with a short humanoid with dark skin and large black eyes that exited a small

disc-shaped object with small window-like apertures that briefly landed in her farm. No other information.

. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET)

19 -. São João do Piauí-August-11-2001 - 3:00 h - Darf ets

Marcos César and Simone Alves Moreira traveled and they saw a light and stopped the car. Then, They saw a square object,, brilliant. Small Ets they left the ufo. They pretended to put some thing in the ground and after 20 minutes they enter in the ufo, that disappeared in a fast flight. The witness had headache. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET)


Oderbal Zaccharias was returning home from a party when his car was chased by a bright red light along a road. He accelerated but the light continued to chase him. At one point the light flew over the car and landed 50 meters from the witness. He could now see that the light was a round object with side windows. From inside the craft two humanoids came out, these wore blue coveralls and silvery helmets. When the humanoids approached the witness's vehicle he ran out and hid among the bushes. The humanoids looked briefly around the car and then returned to the object, which took off and disappeared (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET) 21-Três Pontas, Minas Gerais- September -01-2001- night

Several witnesses including Jussar Vandri watched a disc shaped object land on a nearby field. It was about 5 meters in diameter and emitted


multicoloured lights. It landed on a small tripod landing gear. Several of the witnesses reported seeing small humanoids inside the object through transparent windows. After a few minutes the craft left. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET) - 22-Natal, Rio Grande do Norte – September-27-2001- 4:00 h

More than a thousand witnesses reported seeing a cylinder shaped object with windows cruising slowly above the city. Around the same time several other witnesses including Bernardo Vilela watched a similar object land on a beach and saw several humanoids exit the craft.

(Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET) 23-Acoitara, Ceara-October-04-2001-02:00 h Walking on a street late at night Genivaldo Ariel was approached by a very tall, 1.80 meters, being. He described the humanoid as blond haired, very handsome and with a peaceful air. The humanoid spoke to Ariel in a strange language that he could not understand. The humanoid then waved at the witness and disappeared behind a nearby wall. Minutes later a large disc shaped object climbed up from a field behind the wall and disappeared into the sky. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET) 24-São Lourenço, Minas Gerais – October-22-2001 - 3:25 h

Several anglers in the area reported encountering a short humanoid creature completely covered in brown hair and with large three fingered hands. It is reported that it swims under water and knocks over the canoes with the terrified anglers inside. Groups of 4 to 5 similar beings have been reported together by independent witnesses. It is called "the water baby" in the region.

(UFO) 25-Osasco, São Paulo-November-07-2001-night Several motorists including Marcelo Alfonso Silva watched a round object hovering over the SP-109 Road. The craft emitted a very strong yellow light from several windows around its edge. Some of the witnesses reported seeing two helmeted figures that appeared to be moving levers inside the object.


(Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET) 26-Sumaré, São Paulo, November-13-2001 - Night - Levitation – dwarfs Flavia Bezerra and her son Jose Max Bezerra were returning home after an anniversary party when they noticed a strange light approaching their vehicle from behind. As the light rapidly approached they thought it could have been a truck but then it suddenly flew over them and stopped about 100 yards ahead. They could now see that within the light there was a round object about 7 meters in diameter, with several bright lights on the bottom and an antenna like protrusion on top. From inside the object 3 humanoids exited. These were described as about 1.30 meters in height, wearing tight fitting green-metallic body suits and with small staring eyes. As the humanoids approached, the vehicle engine suddenly stalled. In a panic both witnesses began to scream. This apparently startled the humanoids, which turned around levitated back to the object. The object then took off and vanished. Three minutes later they were able to re-start the engine and left the scene.

(Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET) 27-Itapetinga, Bahia-November-20 - 2001 - 4:05 h – Flying ets

Marcelina Soares was washing the dishes after eating when she noticed a bright green light coming from her backyard. Opening the curtain she saw 5 to 6 silvery figures flying above some nearby trees. Behind the tree was a huge glowing sphere. The sphere emitted a bright yellow light and seemed to rotate within itself. Paralyzed she watched the figures "jump" over the tree and then enter the glowing sphere. The sphere then climbed out of sight and disappeared. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET) 28-Near Cupira-Pernambuco-December-2001 Some men, of a ranch saw a landed ufo. There were small beings near it. They picked fruits. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET) 29-São João do Piaui, August 11 2001- 03:00A ‘Two young people, Marcos Cesar and Simone Alves Moreira were traveling in their vehicle when they observed on the right side of the road a very


bright light. Thinking it was a forest fire they stopped the car. Terrified they watched a large round object, bright golden in color hovering close to the ground. From the object numerous small creatures were coming in and out, right through the sides of the craft, as if the object was of an intangible nature. The little creatures glided over the ground towards some nearby trees and seemed to deposit something and returned back to the object. This incredible spectacle went on for about 20 minutes when suddenly the craft simply disappeared in plain sight. Both witnesses suffered from headaches and malaise for the next two weeks

(Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET)


1-São Paulo-SP-20:00 - night The witness was lying on his bed when he suddenly felt his body stiffened and he was unable to move and unable to speak. Soon a medium sized figure appeared in the room. It had small shiny eyes, and a "viscous" skin. The witness heard a voice in his head that told him not be afraid that he had come from the planet "Saturn"; at the same time that was said the humanoid emitted an "ironic" laugh. The creature then touched the witness hand and he felt extreme fear at that point. He was finally able to move and ran to the wall to turn the light switch on, but the creature had vanished. The next day he found a small burn on his hand. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 2-Iturama-MG-December-13-2000 - Kidnapping João Joaquim da Silva, Valdeir Martins, Magui A. Martins, a child and a girl were traveling by car on their way back to town when they spotted red and yellow lights on what appeared to be a square-shaped object flying over the road. A small round light appeared to detach itself from the object and fly away. Joao decided to pull off to the side of the road to see what was going on. Suddenly they saw the object descending behind some nearby trees, it had rotating red and yellow lights. Joao then heard a loud cracking sound and felt a loud buzzing in his head, immediately he felt paralyzed as a buzzing sound permeated the area. The little girl began screaming saying that she could see several figures approaching the car. One of the women saw a


white face figure, lacking a nose and with large black oval shaped eyes. At the same time Joao experienced a terrible headache and felt himself being levitated and feeling as if he was somehow "shrinking" in size. Soon he floated back to the car. Then all saw what they described as a beautiful hovering oval shaped craft, apparently metallic and only about 12 meters away. A strong heat wave enveloped the group. The witnesses then left the area. Later on the different family members remember seeing several short humanoids onboard the object. The little girl remembered the little humanoids doing something to her feet. In a strange twist the witnesses also recalled seeing a strange symbol on the object and on the heads of several of the humanoids that when described it seemed to resemble the famous (or infamous) UMMO logo (!). (Paulo Nogueira-Eduardo Coutinho Maia-Osni Nielsen, UFO Genesis)

1999 - 27 1-Vale do Jatobá, Minas Gerais – March-22-1999 - night Grasiele Guedes was taking a short cut through a valley when she came upon a short creature with large yellow eyes emitting a blue beam of light. She tried to approach the creature to obtain a better look, but the figure suddenly approached her. Afraid she ran home, later the witness returned to the area with her mother but the creature was nowhere to be seen. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 2-Votuporanga, São Paulo-SP-1999 - 00:12 h - Materialization

Ana Carolina de Machado reported being chased by three hairy humanoids with large round eyes as she took a walk along the city park. According to the witness, the humanoids suddenly materialized in front of her and chased her. She ran to a nearby security detachment and managed to elude the creatures. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 3-Maranhão-1999-night - Paralyzed Two elderly women were returning home one night when they were approached by several short humanoids wearing shiny silvery suits. They suddenly felt paralyzed and the little men proceeded in extracting


blood from their ankles using a large syringe like object. (Pablo Vilarrubia Mauso) 4-Fortaleza-CE- 1999 - medical examinations - Telepathy A TV began to creak and a bluish light entered for the opening of the window and she felt a

smell of sulfur. In that moment, the resident of the house was paralyzed and she was involved by light. And telepathically she heard “be not afraid”. You are a privileged one. We are of peace and we needed you We are using TV for contact." On that moment the woman felt that they their ankles and they touched their feet. They caressed their thighs, vagina, armpits and breasts. She felt that it was lying, suspended of the ground. They remove her panties and they penetrated some thing lukewarm, metallic and vibratory in her vagina. And, later, they introduced an object in her anus. Minutes later she returned to the normal, but it was dizzy and her eyes burned. And she heard the message: It "finished. You are free, but we will seek you one day


they answered to came very far. She asked to see them and inside of a greenish smoke 3 beings appeared: a woman of 1,50 m, beautiful it dressed a tight gray clothes; two beings masculine, manly, of two meters of height, strong, brunet, clothes greenish, with wide belts, gloves and yellowish boots, maybe carrying weapons. The vision disappeared and she heard telepathically:

"Good-bye, we will return! Now you are our contact." (Reginaldo Athayde-CPU) 5-Passa Tempo-MG-January-01-1999 - Et dwarf A young girl, Jaquelaine Aparecida Silva was coming home after a party and as she approached the front porch she saw a short figure wearing luminous clothing standing in a corridor. He seemed to be wearing a stripe shirt. Terrified she began screaming waking up her neighbours who searched the area but found nothing. (A Faleiro) 6-Passa Tempo-MG-Zezinho-April-16-1999 - Dwarf et José Joaquim dos Santos was parked on the side of the road resting in his car when he looked up and saw a short figure with a very large head looking inside the vehicle through one of the rear passenger

" The woman asked telepathically who they were,


windows. Scared, the witness exited the car and saw the short figure disappear into the distance on the roadway. ( A Faleiro) 7-Cabo Frio-Rio de Janeiro-February-04-1999-20:30 h Jorge Alfonso was walking his dog when he noticed a bright light some distance away. Thinking that it was a car that had broken down he approached it. A he neared the light he was stunned to see an object about 3 meters in diameter. Through an opening he could see a (undescribed) humanoid operating some type of control. He approached to within 30 meters of the object. Two minutes later the craft rose slowly up and disappeared into the sky. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 8-Campinas, São Paulo-February-17-1999 Gley Freitas observed a large oval shaped object on the ground. Next to the object stood two tall humanoids wearing tight-fitting outfits and helmets. Afraid, the witness did not get any closer (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti-EBE-ET -) 9-Almirante Tamandare, Paraná-March-10-1999 - 15:00 h.- dwarf ets

Pedro da Rosa was working in his vegetable garden when he heard a loud buzzing sound. Turning around, he saw at about 500 meters away a strange silvery metallic oval-shaped object. At first he saw it was a neighbour’s brand new tractor. Five minutes later he noticed two short humanoids walking around and under the object. The short figures re-entered the object, which emitted a loud whistling sound and shot up towards the sky at high speed. (Tiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 10-Altonia, Paraná,Mar-15-1999 - 23:15 h. 18-year old Rodrigo Friedrich was returning to his home from a party when he noticed what appeared to be numerous shiny “stars” in the sky. Suddenly one of the “stars” began to descend at high speed. He thought it was a shooting star and completely ignored it. 40 minutes later as he was arriving home a bright glow attracted his attention about 1km away from his location. Curious he approached the light and encountered a huge 30-meter sized disc shaped object completely illuminated. Near the object where six short


humanoids running back and forth as if looking for something. At this point Rodrigo, began to get a headache, and attempted to yell out to obtain additional witnesses. As he walked away he looked back and saw the object climbing up into the sky at high speed. Several days after the encounter Rodrigo began experiencing nightmares in which he saw short gray colored humanoids.

(Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 11-Santana de Ipanema, Alagoas–April-01-1999-04:00 h. Two men, Jose Trajano & Milton Leite

were preparing their boat in order to go fishing and were exiting the boat storage garage area when they spotted a huge cylinder-shaped object, hovering just above them. The object was 15 meters in length and was reddish in color. The craft then shone a beam of white light towards the ground and a short figure suddenly appeared within the light on the ground. The witnesses watched from about 600 meters away as the short figure moved back & forth within the lighted area then float back up into the object and disappear. At this point the object became brighter and rose up quickly disappear ring from sight. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 12-Bodoquena- May,1999-afternoon - dwarf ets

A motorist named Luis Araujo reported

seeing a strange creature standing on the side of the road as he drove students to their homes. The figure was short, about 1.10 meters in height, and was wearing all white. It walked swiftly away as the vehicle approached. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia)

13-Juiz de Fora, Minas Gera is-01-1999 - late - Dwarf ets

A couple, Alexandre and Martha Santos

were picnicking in farm overlooking a cliff when they looked down and noticed a strange metallic object resting on the ground. Two humanoid figures briefly exited the object and then returned back inside. The object then rose slowly emitting a loud buzzing sound, and moving like a pendulum, disappeared towards the south at high speed.

( Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 14-General Carneiro-SC-May-1999 A loud humming sound coming from outside awakened the witness, Ernesto Eleoterio Maciel.


Upon opening a window, he noticed the area was illuminated like “daytime.” Thinking that it was a fire he woke up his two daughters and went out to investigate. He then noticed a low flying object maneuvering over some nearby power lines. After 15 seconds, they noticed a disc shaped object on the ground. Three tall figures about 1.80 m in height stood next to the object. The figures wore white clothing and black boots. Soon the object took off turning on two bright lights and emitting white smoke.

(Revista brasileira de Ufologia) 15-Near Varginha – May-02-1999 - midnight A bright light coming from outside awakened Geraldo Galdino, a resident near the local exposition park, his wife also woke up. They both saw a large object on the ground on a nearby field. Three short humanoids exited the object and walked around the area for a while apparently collecting items from the ground. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 16-Vitória, ES- June 1999 - 21:00 h. Valdir Espinosa was fishing in a beach near Vitoria when looking up to the sky he noticed a “star” descend down to the beach shore about 100 meters away. From the star-like object five short figures emerged and approached the witness who panicked and ran away from the area, not looking back. Two hours later he returned to the area with two friends and the object and humanoids were gone, so was his catch of two fish that he had left behind. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 17-Valencia, RJ-July-01-1999 -dwarfs ets 15-year old David Moura encountered two short 1-meter tall humanoids in a wooded area. The beings spoke to him in a strange language, which he could not understand and left the area. The next day there were newspaper reports of lights seen over the same area the night before. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 18-Ararangua, Santa Catarina – July-20-1999-afternoon Maria Joana da Silva was driving along a road on her way to Florianopolis when she noticed on the right side of the road a very bright light. Next to the light stood four humanoids about 1.30 meters in height


wearing silvery tight-fitting clothing. The car began to stall, but Maria was able to step on the gas and quickly accelerate away from the area (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 19-Cagepa, Paraíba- July-26-1999-1:30 h - Dwarf ets 42-year old Antonio Gadelha was parked

in his vehicle in the outskirts of the city when a brilliant light suddenly surrounded it. Soon several short shiny silvery humanoid figures approached the vehicle, completely surrounding it. At the same time he heard the humanoids apparently communicating with each other, in loud beep like sounds. After about 10 minutes a strong beam of light originating from a hovering oval shaped craft illuminated the group and the humanoids rose up one by one quickly disappearing from sight. The object then departed. (Centro Paraibano de Ufologia) 20-Osasco, São Paulo-August-30-1999-night Valdineia Oliveira had gone to check her chicken coop as the animals seemed to be in an extremely agitated state. She looked inside the coop and saw nothing amiss then walked outside and was stunned to see a short figure, perched on top of a wall, that was observing her. The humanoid was apparently also startled and ran away. Minutes later a bright ball of light rose from the ground and then disappeared in plain sight. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 21-Bento Gonçalves, RS - November-01-1999- Two men, Jose Freira, and Cid Moreira were fishing in a river when they observed a strange object approaching their location. The object hovered at about 3 meters above the water on the other side of the river. The object was round with small windows around its circumference. Behind the windows they could see two figures wearing helmets with antennas on the right side of the helmet. The craft hovered over the river for four minutes and then disappeared from sight. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 22-Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, November-13-


Andre Marquetti and Jair Picerni were jogging in the local park on a very sunny day. As they ran near a clearing they saw a “classic” disc shaped object with a


transparent dome on top. Stunned they stood and watched and attempted to run away but could not move. They then noticed a figure exit the craft, which completely ignored them and walked around the object. Five minutes later the humanoid re-entered the object which then rose up slowly and disappeared from sight. Soon the two men were able to move again. Both suffered from headaches and nausea for a week after the incident

(Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 23-Coari, Amazonas, November – 25 - 1999 - 16:23 h - flying et - dwarfish Maria de Jesus was outside washing some clothing in her yard when she felt something moving near her, to one side. Turning around she was confronted by a short creature about 1.20 meters in

height, with large black eyes, wearing metallic clothing, and holding a cane-like instrument in his left hand. The humanoid gesticulated towards the witness, who screamed in fear. This startled the humanoid that then seemed to levitate and disappeared behind a nearby stonewall. Seconds later from behind the stone wall, a large ball of fire appeared and shot up into the sky at very high speed. The encounter lasted for about 3


Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 24-Pato Branco, Paraná- December – 05 -1999 - 22:00 h Maria Alice Medina was sitting at her verandah drinking some coffee when she observed a short 1.20 meter tall humanoid approach her. The humanoid wore a silvery coverall, and blue boots. His head was bald and he had large black eyes. The humanoid attempted to communicate emitting strange sounds, which Maria was not able to understand. The humanoid then turned around and walked into some nearby woods. Soon she saw a bright light rise from the woods and shot up into the space

(Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 25-Passo Fundo, RS-December-17-1999 - late - dwarfs ets

Roberto Gomes Misson reported to the local police that he had encountered 2 short 1-meter tall humanoids on a road next to his house standing next to a



huge hovering disc shaped object. The object was about 15 meters in width and emitted red, blue, and orange lights. The police reportedly found ground traces. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 26-Sobral, Ceara, December-19- 1999 - late Paulo Cesar was riding his horse through his farm when he noticed that the animal began acting strange, as if scared of something. Looking towards a nearby lake he saw a large round object on the ground next to the water. Close to the object stood four humanoid figures about 1.50 meters in height. One of the figures appeared to be the leader since it was pointing and apparently telling the other 3 what to do. Cesar yelled at the figures that seemed startled and entered through an opening that suddenly appeared on the object. The object began spinning rapidly and shot up into the air quickly disappearing from sight. (Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET) 27-Rio Rio Branco-Near Acre-December-20-1999 - night

12-year old Joselino Moraes was fishing on the shores of the Amazon River when a bright light suddenly blinded him. After it dimmed he was able to see a huge

circular object hovering over the river. Behind some small windows, he was able to see several moving “shapes” or figures. Moments later the object rose and disappeared from sight. The witness was in a stupor for the next



(Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, EBE-ET)


1-Boracéia - January 1998 - 1:00 h - giant et After seeing a strange illuminated object hovering over a field, two of the witnesses armed with a flashlight and a gun went to the field to investigate. On their way there two pet dogs joined them. The dogs began barking towards the direction of the water and the witness shone the flashlight in that direction. The light illuminated a strange creature about 2 meters tall. The creature’s head was oval shaped. Its arms were curved and reached all the way down to the knees; it had long legs and had a small nose. The witnesses heard a sort of murmur-type sound coming from the creature. Around


the tall creature there were several smaller similar looking ones that emitted incomprehensible sounds. At this point the tall creature began moving in the direction of the witness, who terrified fired a shot at the creature that suddenly vanished in plain sight, apparently along with the other smaller creatures. (Osmar de Freitas,GEONI} 2-Barreiras de Jacuruna, Bahia - January 1998 - night - Paralyzed

The witness was lying in his bed fully awake, when he suddenly became totally unable to open his eyes or to move, and felt the presence of “somebody” in the room. And then he felt a sensation of something touching his head, and he felt what seemed to be a needle entering the rear part of his cranium, just behind one ear. Then slowly he felt the instruments following a precise trajectory inside his head and descending until it reached the dental arch. He never felt any pain. Shortly afterwards he felt the needle being withdrawn. Soon he was able to open his eyes and move his body again. Two nights later, glancing out of a window, the witness saw a gray figure which was walking away past the house and which was watching him as it went. The following night another witness was sitting on her bed attending to her 2- month-old baby, when she too felt the presence of “someone” behind her. At first she thought it was her husband but to her horror, she perceived two long whitish hands extended towards the infant. Terrified she shouted at her husband, who came at once. And then both of them saw something like a “faint, indistinct, light colored stain” moving away towards the door. (Alberto Romero) 3-Sorocaba-SP - February,1998-night - giant et Celio Lima Batista was on his way home late one night and was walking along a desolate field, when he noticed some lights and figures behind him. Thinking he was going to be robbed he turned around to face his followers and was confronted by a huge, 2-meter tall figure, with large fiery eyes, a huge head, and pincer like hands. He lunged at the creature and took several swings at it, but they all seemed to miss. Tired he stepped back stunned. Suddenly the huge creature lunged at him, beating him senseless. He was later found


unconscious and was taken to a nearby hospital where several large bruises were found on his back and was treated for a wound on one of his fingers. (Marco Antonio Reynoso, F.COSMOS) 4Aurora- Ceara – April-27-1998-20:00 h The main witness, Ursulina and her husband were in bed sleeping when they heard a noise resembling that of someone attempting to open the door in the rear of the house. The cat was also acting very agitated. Her husband, Francisco, went to investigate while Ursulina remained behind in bed praying. Soon she heard a sound resembling a radio being tuned and then a bright blue light invaded the room. Looking towards the door of the bedroom she saw a strange creature standing there. She described the entity as being about 1.50 meters in height, with a huge head not in proportion to the rest of the body, wide shoulders, and very thin waist, long dangling arms. It had huge black eyes, a small lipless mouth; it was also hairless and had little “bumps” where the nose should have been. She described the clothing as a brown tight-fitting coverall, with belts and boots. The entity stared intently at Ursulina. Despite her terror she managed to ask the entity what it wanted. She heard an unintelligible reply and then screamed for her husband. At that same instant the creature ran out the door and disappeared down the corridor. Her husband apparently was able to see the figure run from the bedroom.

(Painel OVNI)

5-Juruaia, July-,1998 -22:45 h Local rancher, J. S. C. had been noticing that some of his hogs were turning up missing. One night as he stood watch he heard sounds coming from behind the bush and a bright yellow light came shining through. Thinking that it was a tractor he went to investigate. There a disc shaped object on the ground confronted him. Next to the craft he saw a small humanoid that appeared to be collecting vegetation from the ground and putting it inside a luminous blue sphere. The witness hid behind a tree and observed the scene. The small humanoid had a huge head in comparison to the rest of its body, a dark thin body, and long thin arms with three fingered hands. The craft was disc shaped and emitted a


strong heat wave. Suddenly a bright beam of blue light shone on the witness temporarily blinding him. After about six minutes he was able to see again but the figure and the object were now gone. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 6-Near Massape, Ceará-August-12-,1998- robots Five local youths reported seeing a huge object land near the Mondubim lagoon. Three humanoids resembling robots exited the object and proceeded to collect shrubs and rocks. The youths fled the area and notified some nearby military units, however they failed to locate anything. Later one, one of the witnesses Joao Lira decided to return to the scene and saw the same object on the ground. As he approached it, he suddenly felt dizzy and passed out. He was found 3 hours later next to the lagoon, shirtless, sweating and with partial amnesia.

(Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 7-Praia do Francês- Alagoas, CE-September -1998 Several locals observed a strange creature that was coming in from the sea. As the witnesses approached, the creature ran towards a nearby wood, 400 meters away, taking tremendous strides. Soon after, from the same wood a beam of light was directed to the sky then disappeared (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 8-Baldim, October-1998 Leandro of Silva and two friends were at

a cave and, all of a sudden, they saw an ugly creature, of

a man's size. The creature ran and it pretended to have antennas.

(CAUS) 9-Paraíba, December-1998 - 3:00 h. - dwarfs ets An employee at a local water plant was sleeping in his car apparently waiting for the plant to open when he suddenly woke up to see 10 to 12 short gray colored figures congregating around the car. The figures were between 1.0 to 1.2 m in height and were conversing among themselves in a strange sibilant language that the witness was unable to understand. Suddenly out of nowhere an oval shaped object descended over the figures and emitted a beam of light,


which lifted all the figures up into the craft. The craft then disappeared at high speed.

(CPBUFO) 10- Gamboa da Bica, Bahia- April -20 -1998 1930h At least 20 witnesses watched a UFO on the ground less than 50 meters from the River Jacuruna. At first it was nothing but a weak light, it began to grow in size and then when about 60cm in diameter it began shooting out colored beams of light in different directions. A few minutes later a second light appeared, much larger and fluorescent than the first one, there appeared to be small colored images floating around its vicinity. Seconds later some of the witnesses noticed a humanoid figure about 1.80m in height standing close to the lights and at the riverside. One of the witnesses attempted to approach the location and ran away terrified as additional figures now appeared next to the first one by the river’s edge. The figures approached the witness followed by the hovering colored balls of light. The lights then flew to the other side of the river and shone circular beams of light on the surface of the river as if searching for something. Moments later the larger light dimmed taking the form of a luminous tube, it then disappeared, and the other light also disappeared at this point. (Alberto Romero-Portal UFO-Genesis) 11-Near Ponta Grossa, Parana, July-1998-afternoon Two explorers reported entering a tunnel in an isolated area and spending five days in a subterranean city of more or less 50 inhabitants. During the tour the men were provided with fruits grown hydroponically underground. The men also claimed to have entered another tunnel in Rincano and discovered a staircase underground leading to four different levels. In another case a mountain guide in nearby Joinville said that many times luminous flying discs have been seen around the opening of the tunnel and that he had heard a chorus of men and women singing underground near the tunnel entrance. Then he encountered a group of subterraneans who were standing near the tunnel. They were white with red beards and long hair, very muscular. As he approached them they fled. Another explorer claims he encountered a beautiful young woman in a tunnel who did not appeared more than 20-years old.


She spoke to him Portuguese and said she was more than 2,500 years old. Another man encountered a similar tunnel in the Serra do Mar mountains, and sampled a mysterious fruit from an orchid. He also saw several “subterraneans” talking to each other in high-pitched voices in an unknown language. 2-Brasilia,-September 1998-evening- The main witness was flying in a plane with his wife and mother in law to a place called Alto Paraiso. As the plane was gathering speed to take off, he noticed a small flying saucer off the left wing, it was very light blue in color and about two meters in diameter. The witness claims that he did not see this through the window, but via his inner clairvoyant vision. It held steady, “glued” a few meters off the wing. The witness promptly let it out of his attention. He spotted it again ten minutes later, but this time it was in the aisle of the plane about three meters in front of him. He nudged his wife and mother in law and started to point vaguely at the craft, but before he could say anything they both acknowledge the presence of the craft. Three little beings about a half-meter tall came out of the craft and wandered around the plane and then about 20 minutes later the mother ship came in and the whole plane was embedded inside of it, perfectly locked on. The plane then became awash with the little beings, doing different things with different people. One stood on the witness lap and placed a very high “technology energy jacket” around his upper body and then made adjustments to it. During the last 20 minutes of the flight the witness head dropped and he went into a very deep inner space, conscious but totally in the void. He came out of this as the plane started to land. Later the witness learned that in an area around Alto Paraiso there was an alien base composed of three small domed buildings, one for living, one for working and one for storage. (Soul Healer, Et and Star Being encounters in the Highlands of Brazil) 13-Serra do Espinhaço, Baldim, Minas Gerais - October 01 1998- 07:00A Spelunker Leandro da Silva and two friends from the city of Sete Lagoas were exploring a cavern and had penetrated deep within the chasm when


one of the men, Marcelo Uchoa spotted a strange “ugly creature” the size of a man, frightened, Marcelo screamed, Leandro looked and also saw the creature and also screamed. The screams apparently frightened the creature that ran even deeper within the cavern disappearing in a crevice on the wall. At that moment Leandro was able to take two photographs with his digital flash-less camera. According to Ufologist Lydia Ribeiro, the creature was similar to the Chupacabra which was widely reported in Brazil during that that year in the sate of Sao Paolo. On October 13 another Ufologist Vittorio Paccacini and visited the cave accompanied by the witnesses and two other men. 110 meters within the cave the men began to hear strange sounds coming from somewhere below them which they could not identify, it sounded like something dragging itself on the ground. By now thoroughly spooked Leandro screamed and dropped the lantern screaming that something was coming towards them. The panicked men ran out the cave, Paccacini armed with a gun covered their exit. The men cancelled a third expedition when none of them felt 14-Rio de Janeiro, November 1998- night The witness was laying down alone in his bed (he was staying with his parents in their villa), he always kept the light on, since he did not sleep in the dark. There was then a light in the bathroom and the door was open. But he did not remember leaving the door open. He looked towards the bathroom and thought “My God, what happened? The door is opened. I did not leave it open. Strange.” And then he blinked his eyes. After he blinked he opened his eyes again, he was standing beside his bed. The room seemed much larger, as if it stretched. He then looked around and saw two beings beside him. They were tall, much taller than he was. They were dressed in a strange glowing jumpsuit. They were two men with red hair, they then hold his hands and he freezes. He then hears a message inside his head, “Don’t worry. We are going to do something and you will relax. This is for your good.” Then he started to move, leaning forward, but floating. He was now floating with his face towards the floor. He could see their


legs, and then they said, “We are going to put something in you, then we are going to make you sleep now because it is going to hurt a little bit.” And then he blacked out and woke up the next day with a little pain in his back. He could not sleep for the next month. (


1-Bragança Paulista-SP-1997-night In a forest some children saw something different from a human being with dark hair. 2-Brotas, SP, 1997 - night While investigating a peculiar mutilation of a sheep, which was found with some holes in the skull and completely drained of blood, local military police heard some peculiar noises coming from a field near the farmer's house. While conducting a search of the area

one officer reported seeing a tall dark humanoid shape in

a sugar cane field. He called for assistance. Later while

searching the area the officers found a strange greenish liquid on the ground among the stalks. Strange unmarked helicopters were also seen in the same area the next morning. (At the site of a goat mutilation in Miami, in 1996, which I went to, a greenish ooze came out of the round holes around the dead animal's neck, there was no blood present, AR).

(João Pereira Torres) 3-Trevo do Atuva - April 1997-1:30 h. Carlos Freitas was driving his tow truck near this city when he spotted a strange humanoid that

appeared to be eating the carcass of a dog on the side of the road. He described the creature as about 1.20meters in height, covered in black hair, a large head, and large reddish eyes. It had long dangling arms ending in three claws. When the creature noticed the vehicle's headlights

in ran into the thick brush and vanished.

(Carlos Alberto Machado-CIPEX) 4-Praia do Leste, Paraná - April,1997 - night - Fainting - green skin

The main witness was in a field with some family members playing cards when an object shaped like a bus appeared overhead. The craft was silent and well lit. Soon the witness and her family heard


a very strong buzzing sound from an indirect source. The main witness felt compelled to follow the object to an unknown empty field nearby. The object then landed in front of her. Three strange beings exited the craft. These were described as having large red deep-set eyes, heads disproportionately large for their bodies. Their skin appeared to be wrinkled and greenish in color. One of the humanoids communicated telepathically with her telling her: "You are not happy here, leave this place. We will take you with us!" In a panic she attempted to fight off the humanoids and lost consciousness. The next morning she was found wandering the fields, disoriented and confused. Five strange bruises were found next to her right eye

(Jackson Camargo, GEPUC) 5-Itupeva, April-26-1997-night - dwarfs ets A bright disc shaped craft was seen landing on a field. Four short humanoid figures exited the craft and walked around the craft briefly, then re-entered the craft, which took off at high speed. A round circular burned area was found on the ground. (Jackson Camargo,GEPUC) 6-São Paulo, SP- April-27-1997 - 23.50 h Manicurist Maria Vega was returning home from her sister's house. As she crossed an empty

field to reach her house, she ran into a "horrible monster" described as an enormous, swift moving ape that went on all fours and had large red eyes. Despite of its simian appearance, Maria likened it to a colossal dog that reeked of carrion. It towered over the woman when it stood before her on two legs. Apparent confirmation to Maria's sighting came from Irene Rodrigues do Mata, who would also describe the entity as a giant dog. A local night watchman, Luis Carlos, claimed having seen the aberration five times during the same night. He claimed that the creature had killed two cows. Dead dogs had



(Carlos Alberto Machado, CIPEX) 7-Olhos D´Água – May-1997-15:00 h - red eyes A local inhabitant was collecting fruit at the plantation when he spotted a short strange hairy creature with large red eyes running among some small trees, it moved in quick bounding motions not unlike






those of a kangaroo. The witness ran in its direction but it was already gone by the time he reached the area.

. (Carlos Alberto Machado-CIPEX)

8-Campinas, SP- May 1997 - night During a spate of bizarre animal mutilations in the area a woman in a rural area reported

seeing a six-foot six-inch tall creature, very thin, with small forearms and long claws and of a dark gray color


9-Mairinque, São Roque, May,1997, night A lone witness reported seeing a strange

creature described as covered with dark hair, the size of

a normal human being, similar to a kangaroo but heavier. Its forearms were short as compared to the longer and

thicker legs in which it walked. It had five clawed digits on each leg. Several long fang-like teeth protruded from its mouth. The creature made a five to six meter long jump and disappeared into the rain forest. (Ramón Navia, "La Verdad Hides") 10-Campina Grande do Sul, May 04, 1997 - late It was reported that police, military personnel, and American scientists had captured a strange creature using fishing net. The creature was placed in a metal cage, but attempted to escape by moving rapidly back & forth inside of it. It was shot at with several tranquilizer bullets without any apparent effect. A police sniper then shot the creature dead. The scientists present placed the creature in a special box, which was sealed hermetically; it was later placed in a refrigerated truck, which then drove on the nearby city of Londrina. The creature was described. bipedal, about 1.70 meters in height, large protruding reddish eyes. It had pointed ears, which slanted upwards, a flat nose, a small mouth with two protruding canines or fangs. It had what appeared to be "scales" on its sides and a greenish crest that started on the head and ended in the tailbone area.

It had three sharp claw pointed forwards in the feet area, and one small one pointed backwards. In the hands it had three very sharp claws. (Carlos Alberto Machado-CIPEX) 11-São Paulo-SP- May-17-1997-night A man named Anisio Cacheta encountered a huge simian-canine combination like

(UFO Roundup Vol.2)


creature that was apparently followed by a horde of normal appearing dogs (!). It had more of a simian appearance and had spine-like formations running down the length of its body (Carlos Alberto Machado, CIPEX) 12-Bairro Alvorada, May-20-1997 - 18.30 h. Jerry Vislau was rounding up some cattle when one of the animals got loose and ran to the fields. He chased the animal, which abruptly stopped next to a tree. As he approached the cow a large hairy animal suddenly jumped in front of him from a nearby tree. At first he thought it could have been a monkey, but on closer scrutiny he noticed that the creature was about 2 meters in height and completely covered with dark hair. He could not see its facial features to clearly but did notice two large white fangs and black slanted eyes. It appeared to be very strong and it had long black sharp nails on its hands. The witness became a little bit concerned as he noticed that the creature was moving its hands (claws) and making a strange "trac trac" noise. He ran back home and along with his wife decided to go into town and report what he had seen. They soon heard a soon similar to a loud bark and looking behind them noticed that the creature was quickly approaching them. The creature stopped and left as the witnesses approached a lighted area near the town. (Carlos Alberto Machado-CIPEX) 13-Cubatão, June-1997 - 21:00 h. During a dance at a local club, security guard Rogerio Lascoski noticed a figure that suddenly appeared in the dance floor (no one saw the stranger come in). The figure moved in bizarre synchronized movements in the middle of the dance floor. It was described as very a very thin humanoid and appeared to be dragging its feet when it moved. As Rogerio approached the figure he noticed that it wore a beige colored outfit that seemed to wrap around its body. It resembled a very dark woman, about 1.5 meters in height, large dark eyes, with no whites and a small nose. Thinking that it was some type of vagrant Rogerio threatened to call the police but the stranger ignored him. The visitor then walked out followed by the witness that heard a phrase in his mind to the effect of "I come from


God." The figure then walked to a nearby curve at the end of the street and was joined by two more similar figures. They stood one on each side of the first one then walked into the darkness again using strange synchronized movements. At the club, a lot of those present expressed their concern and disbelief as to the strange visitor. Incredibly some of those present did not see the figure at all. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 14-Irati, July-04-1997-night-red eyes Jaime Flores & Lauri Alves both employees for a local communications company were repairing a micro ditch on the side of the road when they noticed a strange bipedal creature staring at them from some nearby woods. The creature had large reddish eyes, and long arms that ended in sharp claws. As both men stared back at the creature they felt strangely attracted to it. And if not because they also felt scared they would have gone over to where the creature was. (Carlos Alberto Machado-CIPEX) 15-Bocaiúva do Sul – August-03-1997-night - red eyes Edsom da Silva heard some shots coming from a nearby wooded area and ran over to investigate. Hiding behind a tree and carrying a bright lantern he pointed the light at a nearby "form" on the ground. He saw it was a strange creature with two huge reddish eyes, and a bizarre crest on its back. Frightened he ran from the area and did not see the creature depart. (Carlos Alberto Machado-CIPEX) 16 – Monte Alto, August-07-1997 - 3:00 h. - giant et Upon hearing his dog barking the witness looked out the kitchen window from where he observed a 2-meter tall creature completely covered in black hair. The creature stood about 3 meters from the window. It was struggling with the dogs and was trying to push them away. A few minutes later it turned around and headed to some nearby trees. The witness noticed that as it moved it seemed to do so in a slow "wobbly" fashion almost as if intoxicated. The witness found strange prints on the ground.

(Carlos Alberto Machado-CIPEX) 17-Serra do Mar-August-17-1997-night


Night watchman, Miguel Goncalves was looking after construction equipment at a work site, when he was startled by the sudden appearance of a ghostly female figure with long dark hair and skin standing about 10 meters away. The figure was about 1.65m in height, with a small round face, long black hair and wearing a loose fitting brown outfit that was tight-fitting around her waist. The guard challenged her and then asked where she came from; the woman simply pointed at the full moon and slowly faded away.

(Scott Corrales) 18-Rancho Alegre, Minas Gerais, September-22-1997 - 15:00 h

On September 20 caretaker of the ranch, Jose Rodrigues Correa found that there were 17 missing chickens from the henhouse and also found the body of one of the chickens with a small hole in its throat. The next evening he heard noises coming from the henhouse. Armed with a revolver he went to investigate and caught a glimpse of an obscure shape that seemed to be on two legs, and about 1.3 meters in height. When about 10 ft from it he fired at shot at it. It fell heavily to the ground and he heard it rolling away over the dead leaves.

(CICOANI-Hulvio Brant Aleixo) 19-São José dos Pinhais, October-02-.1997-night The observer saw a stranger creature of one meter of stature, dark hair and jumping as kangaroo. (Carlos Alberto Machado-CIPEX) 20-Cláudio, Minas Gerais-November –15-1997-2:00 h After finding several of his farm fowl dead under bizarre circumstances, apparently killed by an unknown predator, sometimes completely drained of blood, farmer Romeu Takeda, 54, was standing guard near the henhouse when he spotted a strange hairy figure approximately 1.50 meters in height, that suddenly rose from the ground about three meters away. It had his hairy arms outstretched. Frightened Takeda shot at it with a 28-caliber gun apparently striking it on the stomach area. The entity did not fall or cry out but it staggered to a nearby river about 70 meters away, without running but walking slowly. He described the creature as being covered with short dark brown hair with large round


yellow eyes. He did not find. any trace of blood or hair on the ground.

(Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 21-Riachão de Jacuipe-BA -December-16-1997 - night A witness saw on a nearby field a bright light that suddenly increased in size as it approached. Using a pair of binoculars the witness saw a humanoid silhouette within the light. Without any features, it was silvery metallic in appearance and emitted an orange beam of light. Everything suddenly disappeared. (Alberto Romero) 22-Jardim Brazil-July-4-1997-night- Rogerio Roche Grance, a 22 year old forester was attacked by a large, foul smelling creature, "with big hairs scattered all over its body," while walking along an unlit stretch of road. Grance was treated at a hospital for wounds to his left arm caused by the creature's claws. Reportedly the Brazilian Army asked that anybody who had been attacked should first present themselves at army barracks before giving any interviews to the media. (Timothy Good, Unearthly Disclosure)

1996 - 27 1-Praia de Caraguatatuba- Near Flexeiras-June-31.1996 - 00:15 h - Paralyzed César Miglioranza and his wife saw a light to land at the beach. He was paralyzed by beings dressing silver clothes, helmets and with great arms, 1,20 meters of stature. After the two beings that picked something of the ground talk amongst themselves, they entered in the ufo and they left. (Victor Lourenço)

2-Tijucas-1996-19:00 h Driving late at night on Route BR-101 near a local bridge, Maria Marlene Carvalho, 27, saw a light in the distance and felt the car suddenly being pulled towards it. The vehicle began to shake, and she lost total control of it as the car slowed to a crawl. Marlene suddenly found herself in a wooded hill surrounded by trees. A tall dark skinned humanoid figure suddenly appeared in front of her. In a deep grave voice the creature introduced itself as "Dakon." The tall humanoid


had large green glowing eyes. She seemed to black out and her next recollection was of walking into a police station near the capital. Police later searched the area but were unable to find anything. (Diário Catarinense) 3-Americana, SP-December 1996 - night Investigators Alexandre Tomaz and Jefferson Gazano and others were checking a sugarcane field when they encountered a creature about 1.70m in height, heavy set and completely covered with hair. The creature stood very close to the witnesses, less than 10 meters. Terrified the men fled to their car and left the area.

(Ramón Navia, "La Verdad Hides) 4 -Gota D´Água - Paraíba-1996 A contacted saw an ufo and an et. (UFO Roundup Vol. 1) 5-Varginha-MG-January-20-.1996 – nude et and 3 pits in the head, captured. On January 20, 1996, the city of Varginha, in the South of Minas Gerais, passed to be known in international extent. Dr. Ubirajara Rodrigues, renowned ufo researcher, started to investigate a contact of third degree that it happened there. Three girls,

Liliane, Kátia and Valquíria saw an et in the place, called Andere Garden. He was a bald being, with exposed veins in the arms, chest and face, of brown skin, covered with an oiliness, three pits in the head as if they were horns, of big and red eyes and it seemed to be nude. Et was stooping, leaned to a wall, as that panicky with the girls' presence. They escaped from the place and they counted their family that they saw. Later, they appeared news that et had been captured by the fire brigade and taken to a hospital of Varginha. Therefore other researchers appeared, that joined to Ubirajara in the researches. It is soon, it was formed a commission researching the contact, that it was published thoroughly by the press, spoken writing and televised of Brazil and in the exterior. And several information appeared, as the

that the army would already have taken captured et


that another et would have been diffuse on that day, in another place of the city. The investigations still continue


and new news can appear in the future, regarding that incredible contact

(Dr.Ubirajara Franco.Rodrigues) 6-Jardim Andere, Varginha, -January-20-1996, 8:00 h Hildo Lúcio Galindo opened his bathroom and he saw a creature with skin dark. He had big hands and long fingers and he ran, when the observer saw him. He didn't have hair and it was cogitated that he was captured by the police. (Dr.Ubirajara Franco. Rodrigues) 7-Alfenas-MG-January-23-1996 - In the rural area of the municipal district of Alfenas-MG, Antonio Cândido de Moraes, saw a hairy et, big eyes, without mouth and nose. (Dr.Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues) A similar et was seen in Venezuela-Caracas, in 28.11.1954, of 1,0 meter of height, brilliant eyes and with claws in the hands. Another contact happened in Leward-France-1954. It is also spoken in Sasquatch, Big Foot, the Werewolf and other hairy beings created by the folklore of many countries, that has narrows connection with ets covered with for the. 8-São Roque da Fartura-SP – march-04-1996 The youths Charlene and Juliana saw an et like a human, high stature, dressing red clothes, type tunic. His skin was of red color, big and black eyes and he had dark hair, mysteriously the being disappeared. Later, Mr. Antonio appeared there and, again, it appeared being strange, accompanied of more seven, similar to him. In that instant, it ignited a very strong light in the place, that it gave them the impression that they appeared of it. All of them floated to 0,50 centimeters of the ground and they were the about eight meters of those contacted. They were seen by five seconds, but the light they absorbed them and they disappeared (CEPEX) 9-Terezinha Gallo Clepf - Varginha - MG-April-21-1996 – 9:00 pm-red eyes D. Therezinha Gallo Clepf, sighted a stranger creature in the restaurant Paiquerê, in the Forest Botanical Zoo of Varginha. She saw a being that used a gold helmet, of oily skin, of dark and brilliant brown color, round face, red eyes, without cheeks, beard,


mustaches or nose and there was just a cut in the place of the lips.Some days later of that contact some dead animals were found at the zoo, without explanations for such deaths.



F.Rodrigues-Edson Boaventura)

10-Belém-April-17-1996-1:00 h - Kidnapping Alfredo of Oliveira Mendes saw an ufo land close to a church. On hypnosis he counted that he was abducted for eight beings, silver dresses, and great eyes. They had an emblem as a pyramid in the clothes. A burned circle was found in the gram.


11-Passos, Minas Gerais, May -1996 - 23:00 h Luciano dos Reis went back home and he saw among them hoist a horrible creature, coming in his direction. It seemed a man/wolf, with long arms and short legs and him ran of there. (Newspaper of Varginha) 12-Mata do Buraquinho, Minas Gerais - May.06-1996 Marcelo Barbosa and his wife Vaudeline were in the window of their house and saw blue and yellow lights. He decided to investigate and he saw a luminous ufo, of 8,0 meters of width, with a light in the high. The object had brilliant windows and he saw some beings moving inside of him. The object landed and everything was dark. Later the object became diamond and it arose to the space.

(UFO) 13-Três Corações-MG,May-30-1996 - 19:00 h - red eyes Ildo Gardino was in his car going to Varginha, when he saw a creature crossing the road. A creature was covered dark hair and it had great red eyes. It disappeared on the other side of the highway. (Newspaper of Varginha) 14-Near Varginha-MG-May-12-1996 - The night a truck driver saw in the highway a captured similar et in Varginha city. When it was illuminated by the lights of the truck it ran and it entered in a bush. (Graham Birdsall, Evidences UFO) 15-Monte Alto, Hune-20-1996 - 01:00h Francisco da Silva heard a dog barking and walking in the field. Looking for the window he saw a


stranger creature The witness ran forward of the door and he saw the being moving with the dog, but all of a sudden it looked at him and it ran disappearing at the forest.

(Carlos Alberto Machado-CIPEX) 16-Santa Quitéria, July - 1996 - 22:00 h - Kidnapping On a dark cold night the witness was in his room when a bright flash like light suddenly illuminated his room. He opened his window but could not see anything in the dark. Suddenly a kind of a stupor invaded his body and he was unable to move. He seemed to loose control of his movements and against

his will his body rose up into the air, and floated out the front door into the darkness. He floated just above the ground towards a nearby wooded ravine. In the ravine he saw a bright blue disc shaped object hovering very close

to the ground. The object was completely smooth without

any visible openings. It seemed to be only about 3 meters in width and almost two meters in height. He

floated to within two meters of the object when suddenly

a triangular shaped opening became visible. He floated

inside and down a metallic ramp into a circular room. There a pyramid shaped form made out of pure light met him, it seemed to be in constant dynamic movement and appeared incredibly complex. It appeared to be a "living thing" and was about 80 cm in height. The witness felt terrified, as his body did not obey his will. As he floated near the figure he experienced a number of mood swings, from euphoria to extreme sadness. He felt as if the pyramid shaped light creature was feeding of his emotions, he also felt like a trapped lab animal. His body began performing several athletic movements against his will, moving his arms and legs in all directions. At the same time the pyramid of light went through several light changes. Soon he found himself standing about 10 meters away from the craft and saw the light pyramid floating up a ramp and into the object. The object was then encased in a bright red glow and shot up into the air at an incredible speed. The witness returned home on foot

(Phenomeno Brasil) 17-Vargem Grande do Sul –August-18-1996


Alaor Bernardes and his 12 year old were working a tract of land with a tractor at the local Tres Barras de Cima Fazenda. As they entered the fenced in piece of land they perceived a strange hairy

creature standing next to some nearby woods

witnesses estimated the creature to have been 1.50 meters in height, with a very strong build and wide chest, it had a large dog-like head with long pointy canine teeth protruding from its mouth. It was dark yellow in color and seemed to move in a strange sideways motion. The figure began walking in the direction of the witnesses and concerned for their safety Alaor and his son drove the tractor in reverse and hid behind some ornamental trees that circled the wire-fenced field. The creature moved a distance of 200 meters in the direction of the fence and the witness at very high speed, strangely it had apparently not seen the wire fence or the witnesses and walked right into the fence falling backwards to the ground. Very quickly it raised itself up and jumped the fence still walking towards the two astounded witnesses. Incredibly the creature had apparently not seen the witnesses yet even though he was just now about 4 meters away. Panic stricken Alaor armed himself with a large rock in case the creature attacked him and his son. At this point the creature perceived the presence of the witnesses and turned staring directly at them. In an apparent aggressive act in bared his teeth and began approaching very slowly towards Alaor. Terrified the witness jumped into the tractor with his son and drove away from the area not wanting a confrontation with such a bizarre entity. As they drove away they looked back and saw the humanoid walking away quickly in the opposite direction it jumped over the fence again and disappeared into the woods.

(Painel UFO) 18-Piracicaba-SP-august-26-1996 - dwarfs ets Joao Galva Coelho and his wife Ivanete were returning home in a small motorbike. when they spotted a disc shaped object with rotating multicoloured lights around its edge. They followed the object's path as it flew at a low altitude; it suddenly curved and released a smaller object that landed on the avenue of Brasilia. They saw a ramp come out of the object and a bright



light from inside that illuminated its surroundings. They were both surprised to see three very short humanoids, only about 50cm in height walk down the ramp. These had large heads and were carrying something resembling pens that emitted bright beams of red light. Later on that night other witnesses saw an object with what appeared to be several "stakes" underneath it and stuck on the ground. Several holes forming a triangle were found on the ground.

(UFO Genesis)


eyes - dwarf

Three local police officers watched an object land near Serro das Mottas. They approached the area in order to obtain a better look when suddenly the object emitted two bright flashes of light and two small humanoids suddenly appeared. The humanoids had human-like faces with large luminous eyes. These approached to within 50 meters of the officers using quick lateral movements. A strange malaise seemed to

overcome the officers that quickly left the area and id not see the object or humanoids depart. (Ivan Carlos Anker) 20'-Taboleiro, Minas Gerais, October -1996-5:00 h 81-year-old Joaquim Eloi woke up to see

a powerful light shining outside his hut. Looking out the window he saw a brilliant white oval shaped object on the ground nearby. The light from the object was so intense that he had to cover his face with his right arm. At the same time he could hear strange voices coming from the object that sounded foreign to him. After a few minutes the brilliant object took off towards the nearby town. There a husband and wife saw the bright white object hovering above some high-tension wires. They were able

to see what appeared to be "numbers" or strange

symbols on the craft. At the same time there was a power outage in the region. Eloi's right arm was numb for almost 5 months after the incident, and unknown if related, he began to slowly loose his sight and is now totally blind.

(Paulo B. Werner-CIPFANI) 21-Rio Grande do Norte,October-01- 1996 - 17:30 h.


Two farm workers, Silvino Augusto Medeiros, 71, and Bianor Alves dos Santos, aged 49 had just come back from the fields and were at Silvino's farm when they heard a weird "hissing" sound and suddenly a craft they seemed to think as hexagonal in shape appeared overhead, coming from the east and rotating cables came down upon the head and shoulders of the younger man, Bianor. Like tentacles, these cables, black in color, began to wrap themselves around his head and shoulders and his entire body felt a sensation of intense cold and seemed to be "lighter". He felt the ground slipping away from beneath him and he was going up, but he managed to shake himself free and escape with Silvino into the farmhouse nearby. Neither of the men got a good view of the UFO, but it remained around for a half an hour or more, for they heard its continued hiss. Then at 1930 hours Silvino slipped out of the house briefly to see to a tap he had left running. There was at first no sign of the UFO, but almost at once the hissing noise was back and it remained around a long time. When Silvino's son came home, he asked if anybody had heard it. He had heard it from 4kms away. The following day Bianor felt weak and powerless, aching in all his joints and limbs and nauseated. (Jorge Lúcio de Macedo) 22-Banabuiu, October-09-1996 A tall humanoid about 1.90 meters in height, with long blond flowing hair and wearing tight fitting gray coveralls was seen in a street in a local neighborhood. On October 15 in Bandeirantes a glowing red object landed near a local gas station, ground marks were located afterwards

(GEPUC) 23-Pilozinhas, Paraíba, October-18-1996 – 18:45 h - During a night of intense UFO activity in the area a local peasant woman, 92 year old Julia Monteiro de Cabral saw an unusual silver object come down from the sky vertically and land besides some nearby eucalyptus trees. A group of small humanoids emerged from the object. These beings were only described as "ugly" and spoke in a high-pitched unintelligible language. The humanoids surrounded the witness home and apparently stole some of her chickens


(UFO Roundup Vol. 1) 24-Governador Valadares - MG – December-09-1998 - Trip to a planet.

74-year old laborer, Plinio Bragatto was

on his way back home after a days work when he made

a brief stop to buy some beers. He proceeded on and

stopped to sit on a rock in order to drink one of the beers. He then heard a loud sound coming from behind him. Turning around he saw a large metallic oval shaped craft landing on a field close to him. The object landed on several leg-like protrusions. Once the object landed a door opened, and a sort of ladder or escalator was lowered to the ground. Then a 2 meter tall humanoid figure stepped out. The humanoid approached Bragatto and in a peculiar language that sounded like Spanish invited the witness inside the object. The witness agreed and was escorted inside. Once inside he noticed that the

inside of the object had a metallic bluish sheen to it. Still speaking in the peculiar language, that the witness was somehow able to understand, the humanoid told Bragatto that they were going to take him to their "native planet." He was given the impression that the planet was "Mars". Inside the object there was a total of three humanoids, 2 men and a woman. Described as closely resembling humans, wearing loose fitting gray outfits, with several golden medallions hanging around their necks. According


the witness the humanoid's hair grew from the middle


their heads back, and they had large ears and mouths,

making them somewhat ugly. Before leaving, Bragatto was given a medical examination by the beings. His stomach area was probed with several needle-like instruments. On the way to the humanoid's home planet the witness was given a fruit resembling a "Mamey" (known tropical fruit) and something resembling an empanada. He was also given a bitter beverage to taste that seemed to contain alcohol. In turn he offered the humanoids a beer, which he apparently had taken inside the craft with him. They immediately accepted. Arriving, the witness was greeted by numerous similar appearing beings. He noticed that the "planet" was beautiful in appearance and saw numerous buildings that appeared to be made of a nylon-like material. One of the beings now aproached him and told him that it was time to go,


that 8 hours had already passed. On his was back to the object, the witness saw a huge television screen which showed strange holographic like images, that included dinosaur like animals. The witness then asked the humanoids when were they returning to Earth, he was then told "We will return when the storms are less

intense, since we have already lost five of our aircraft as

a result of lighting." Around 0400A the witness was

returned to Earth, he found himself in an unfamiliar field. He then followed a nearby path and reached a village where he realized that the humanoids had dropped him off more than 800 kilometers from his hometown. He went to the police and told them what had happened. A

police officer conducting an investigation found a circular ground mark at the field where Bragatto was dropped off

by the humanoids.

(CIPFANI - Ufo-CBPDV) 25-Ilha de Itaparica, Bahia-December-22-.1996 On the road leading to the Nazare salt mines an employee of the mines was driving his truck with his wife, three children and his brother in law. This stretch of road was considered a good road, in a reasonable state of conservation, but the truck reportedly catapulted mysteriously killing four of its occupants, leaving only two young girls alive to tell what happened. When the two girls had recouped they told an amazing story. According to the girls everything was going well and as they approached the stretch of road near the salt mines the driver and the passengers saw what they children curiously later described as "three dolls the height of young children" jumping up and down with open arms in the middle of the road as if desperately wanting a lift. The driver attempted to avoid the strange trio but the creatures ran in the same direction, seemingly at the same speed of the truck, blocking its passage. In a desperate act the driver of the truck attempted to coast along the embankment but the truck turned over trapping most of the victims inside. The girls do not remember seeing the strange creatures again. (Alberto Romero) 26-Piracicaba,São Paulo,September-8-1996 Several people saw a triangular shaped craft land. A hatch opened, and three occupants floated


to the ground. These were described as 1-foot, 10 inches tall, wearing a coverall garment, with very large heads, far out of proportion to their bodies. (UFO Roundup Vol. 1#29) 27-Near Sao Paulo,October-07-1996-night Two witnesses sighted a creature that resembled a large dog walking on its hind legs. The beast had large black eyes, long fangs, and a body covered by dense yellow fur. A local farmer found strange claw-shaped footprints, 13 inches long, "deeply edged into dry, hardened soil." Subsequent analysis of the footprints indicated that the beast "weighed some 440 pounds." (Brad Steiger, Out of The Dark)

1995 - 15 1-Santos- SP-1995 A girl saw a being appear at her room, 1,30 meters of stature, without hair, mouth and small nose and clothes of lilac metallic color, with belt and silver boots. The girl screamed and the being disappeared, but later he returned and again she screamed and he disappeared.

(UFO) 2-Capivari, São Paulo, January-1995 - 02:00 h. During a rash of strange animal mutilations in a farm area, a group of farmers decided to arm themselves and mount night watch for the supposed predators. The first night several of the men where on guard duty in a makeshift wooden shack when all of the sudden there was a tremendous uproar among the animals in some nearby pens. Soon after that the men began hearing heavy footfalls and heavy breathing around the shack as if some type of creature was circling the building. At one point whoever it was attempted to push the door open and flung itself against the door. Gathering up enough courage some of the men looked out the window and saw a bizarre standing about 30 meters away holding itself up against a tree. It was described as about 1.80 meters in height and covered entirely in black hair. When the creature noticed that it was being watched it suddenly ran towards the shack on four legs, and violently flung itself against the door. The creature then fled into the woods emitting a very loud


scream. Later on several men noticed what appeared to be several vultures circling a certain area of the woods. Upon investigating the reason why these birds were circling the area they were stunned to discover the carcass of a totally unknown hairless creature. Around the thorax area it had what appeared to be three holes from what appeared to have been a heavy caliber weapon. The body also appeared to have several blunt traumas. Upon turning the body over they discovered that the vegetation around it was browned as if exposed to very high heat. Apparently the creature was left in the same spot by the men and is unknown what became of it (CEPEX) 3-Via Anchieta, São Paulo, January-07-1995 - night A glowing disc shaped craft landed on a roadway. A meter tall figure was briefly seen standing next to the object. The humanoid had a large head and large black eyes.


4 – January-07-1995: night An ufo landed on a highway and they saw a high et, closely. The being had big head and enormous black eyes. 5-Feira de Santana –January -12-1995 - dwarfs A Mr. BPL saw a small metallic saucer crash in a lake. A port opened and two creatures emerged. One was about one meter tall with a large baldhead and big eyes and the other was a bit larger and hairy except for the hands and face. BPL used a long stick to pull them to shore, and then took them to his house. A report from an anonymous soldier of the 35th infantry battalion said he was part of a team that went to the farmhouse and carried the creatures out. The hairy one protested. One solider made the sign of the cross and said, "These are animals from another world." Then Naval Intelligence officers arrived in a car and took control of the event. The saucer, being very light was put on a truck. Then a helicopter arrived and took the two humanoids. Another soldier confirmed the incident (Donald Ware) 6-Três Lagos, Mato Grosso do Sul, March-14-1995-night - red eyes


Near this community a werewolf-like creature attacked a well-known soccer player as he left a family reunion. According to Dourado de Paula and two individuals who witnessed the attack, the creature stood six and a half feet tall, was entirely black in color, and had red eyes and a pointed tail. De Paula managed to drive the monster off with a stone after it had nearly succeeded in seizing him.

(Brad Steiger)

7-Vilhena, July-22-1995 Vilson Ribeiro reported encountering several short man-like figures that conducted him to a landed disc shaped object. The beings apparently communicated with the witness. No other information. (GEPUC) 8-Piracicaba, SP – August-26-1995 - night A witness saw ets of 50,0 centimeters of stature dressing white clothes and helmets with antennas. One of them carried a feather pointing it for the witness that drove a motorcycle and he also saw the being walking around of a placed object.


9-Boa Vista do Tupin - Bom Jardim -August-16-1995 Flying et and dwarf

. A 1-meter tall humanoid, wearing a green

tight fitting coverall, with a luminous circle on the chest area and a transparent helmet was seen by a witness. The humanoid had its armed raised up into the sky and was looking up into space.

(Alonso Valdi Regis) 10-Santa Bárbara do Oeste-SP-September-24-1995- night - Kidnapping Edson Roberto Marcelo saw a light illuminate his car and a heat wave invaded his body. When he returned to himself he was to many kilometers of the place where he saw the light and they had if after almost forty minutes. He found strange marks in his body.

(CEPEX-UFO Gênesis) 11-Boa Vista de Ramos - Laguinho, AM - November-


Maria Santana Brasil saw a high et dressing silver clothes, with a box in the chest, a light


beam that fainted her. Later she was badly, about one week.

(Manoel Gilson Mitoso-GEPUC) 12 - Herval do Oeste - Sede - Belém-SC-November 1995 – et in the car

Noeri Travessim saw a seating et in the hood of his car while he traveled. He had big skull, small mouth and fine lips. Legs and proportional arms to the body, pointed chin, eyes big, red, without pupils. He disappeared mysteriously 13-Bairro Camaquá, Ceará, December 1995-night Some boys saw an et similar to a human, of foot, that seemed to have something luminous in one of the hands. His body emanated light flashes that moved around. The witness stood back of there (Revista Brasileira de UFOs) 14-Rodovia dos Imigrantes – December-09-1995 - dwarf et

Observer saw to go down a brilliant ufo and a being of big head, of 1,0 meter of stature. (GEPUC) 15-Passa Tempo-,MG, December-1995-night - luminous eyes

Lucas Anicodemos of Silva saw two small beings that they had a luminous eye in the middle of the forehead. He also saw a placed brilliant ufo, of small size. Terrified he gave two shots for the air and the beings ran for the illuminated ufo, and they seemed to be absorbed for its light, that it flew, disappearing. (A. Faleiro)

1994 - 5 1-Feijó, Acre, May-1994 An Indian chief in a remote Amazon area reported that a huge hairy humanoid with sharp claws

attacked and killed several of his men, apparently eating a couple of them. Another Indian Chief, Joao Kampa, from the nearby Coco-Acu settlement also reported an attack by a similar creature that killed two of his men. The creature is reported to emit a strong defensive odor out of the center of its belly from some type of odour emitting gland located there, sometimes confused with a mouth. Locals call the creature "Mapinguary".


(Pablo Villarrubia Mauso)


2-Soares, Bahia, August-1994-night - dwarfs ets The witnesses encountered a group of short humanoid figures in a field that appeared to be collecting items from the ground. The humanoids wore tight-fitting gray coveralls and silvery boots. Upon seeing the witnesses, the group jumped up into the air and vanished in plain sight.

(Alberto Romero) 3-Pacajus, Ceará, August-1994-afternoon - A 28-year-old peasant woman, Joaquina Nogueira, was coming back to town when she saw a very powerful light in a nearby grove of cashew trees. She stopped and watched. Suddenly out of nowhere two luminous beings appeared in front of her. The beings were tall & human like wearing phosphorescent tight- fitting clothing. They stood there looking at her from about 10 meters away. They came closer and the witness could see that one was a woman the other a man. The man was very tall & powerfully built. He had black fluffy hair combed back, dark slanted eyes & arched eyebrows, his ears were larger than humans & slightly pointed, he had a prominent chin and darkish skin. He assured her telling her not to be afraid, to keep calm. His lips moved but she heard the words in her mind. The being went on to tell her that he was "Karran" that he had been here before. The woman also said something that the witness was unable to understand; the woman also had combed back black hair. She had a sculptural looking body & wore tight fitting clothes, revealing a well-delineated silhouette, she smiled and appeared gentle. The woman stepped back and drew something out of the wide belt she wore. The object began to click, and she put it to the witness right ear then said a few strange words. At the same time louder sounds came from the device. The man then took something from his belt and gave it to Joaquina, gesturing to her to raise it to her mouth. She did and it tasted sour. Her mouth quickly filled with saliva and she began to feel nauseated and spat several times. She felt herself dominated by the eyes of the male being who came closer to her and put something into her ear. At the same moment the witness brother was approaching their location. The two beings then withdrew the device from the witness ear and then


turning away with their backs to the witness they vanished in plain sight. The witness brother was also able to see the two tall beings from a distance. (CPU-Reginaldo of Athayde) 4-Tietê-SP-December-11-1994-23:00 h - dwarfs ets Two observers watched a luminous greenish orb land nearby. Two humanoid figures appeared next to the object. One of the witnesses shines a flashlight at the figures and a beam of light from the object immediately disables it. The beings and, the object then depart. These are described as about 1.20 meters in height, very pale skin and with four fingered hands, large staring eyes, and two small holes for a nose. Crushed grass was found at the scene.

(GUG-Edson Boaventura) 5-Bahia December-1994-night Mrs. Becker recalled under hypnotic regression waking up one late night to see two tall humanoids wearing tight-fitting blue coveralls in her bedroom. The beings insert some type of metallic objects in her ears, it seems electrical but she feels no pain. She then suffers a series of gynecological examinations by the beings and is possibly transported to another location. She describes the beings as having large protruding eyes, thin mouths and large deformed fingers. She is then taken through a red corridor and to her bed. It was already daytime.

(Equipe UFO Brasil)

1993 - 4 1-Castelo Branco, 1993 - night Around the same time that a 12-year old girl, Regiane Barbosa, witnessed a hovering spherical object over the ranch, that suddenly fired a beam of yellow light that covered her body and lit the surrounding area, a ranch security guard reported seeing two undescribed humanoids floating over a brook on the ranch's property. In the same area, at a place called Sitio do Morro an elderly Japanese woman reported seeing a half-wolf man, half centaur like being in a wooded area (GUG-Edson Boaventura) 2-Passa Tempo-MG - Davi Pereira -1993 - Ray-X ,dwarf ets


Davi Pereira, resident in the rural area, in the place Goiabeira, certain night went back to his house. Suddenly he saw a fire ball in the distance flying in his direction. He knew the phenomenon ufo superficially, with fear, he ran for a tree, arising in it and hiding in the middle of their foliages. The ufo placed next there, soon they went down two small ets and their bodies, illuminated for the intense light emitted by the ship, they presented a strange effect. Light from the object illuminated the figures causing an X-ray like effect, apparently, they was transparents. Ets were there some minutes looking at the ground and the sides, but they didn't notice his presence on top of the tree, that he was very hidden. Some minutes later the ufo flew (A. Faleiro) We can say that the brightness emitted by the ufo is that it caused that effect Ray X, in the bodies of ets. Dozens of contacts that speak to us about lights exist, emitted by the ufos, that crossed walls, etc One of the classic in Brazil is Onilson Patero-Catanduva- SP, where the light of the ufo produced an effect of Ray X in his car. 3-Vila Peri, Fortaleza, april-23-1993 – Like a appearance of “Virgin Mary”

During a period of heavy concentration of UFO sightings in the area, a man named Jose Ernani claimed to have encountered a being of light during prayer at a local grotto. He described the being as a female, about 19-years old, with finely chiseled features, pink complexion, heart shaped mouth, and long brown wavy hair. Her eyes were of a "penetrating" blue color. She wore a silky dress with a short of sash about 4 inches wide; on the sash he could see two ingrained faces. Ernani interpreted the being as "The Virgin Mary." (CPU-Reginaldo of Athayde) 4-1993-São Paulo-SP - Et 3,50 meters, tried to communicate.


1-Desterro de Entre Rios-MG 1992 Two men, Geraldo Leocadio Teixeira and Benedito Belarmino da Silva reported seeing a large luminous object descend close to the ground. A tall dark


skinned humanoid and a shorter luminous creature emerged from the object and reportedly performed "inexplicable" tasks around the object.

(A. Faleiro)


The 3-year old witness was outside playing because of the heat when she encountered three strange humanoids in a field. The humanoids were short,

a little bit less than 1 meter in height. They seemed to be of a clear color almost transparent in nature. She reported encountering similar beings a year later

(Diana Sun Chab) 3-Teresópolis –Maria das Graças-RJ-1992 - 22:00 h After the 11-year old witness reported seeing several gold colored oval shaped objects maneuvering over the area, she woke up late at night to drink some water. Suddenly she felt an urge to open the curtains of a nearby window and look out the window. As she did she saw a tall human shaped figure completely dressed in black and with black hair staring at her from a nearby field. As she watched, the figure took several steps towards her in a mechanical fashion and suddenly disappeared in plain sight

(UFO Site)

4-Alegrete, RS – January-1992 A luminous globe shaped craft landed in

a wooded area near a police station. Four humanoids

emerged from the object. These were described as 1.45 meters in height, very large heads, as in proportion to their bodies, short arms, and huge staring eyes. They wore tight fitting metallic objects. The humanoids collected ground samples and vegetation and then re- entered the object, which took off at high speed (GEPUC) 5-Porto Alegre,February- 24-1992-19:0 h One observer sees a glow in the clouds

then a saucer-shaped object descends. The object shines a beam of light towards the ground. Several

figures inside the object also shine beams of light at the witness.




- Palhano, CE - March –05- 1992-18:30 h - Kidnapping - Telepathy


The policeman Luis Ribeiro Oliveira and his friend Pedro Rodrigues da Silva will have hunted wild ducks in Palhano River. And, saw a star to go down of the sky in high-speed. And, all of a sudden, a brightness involved them. Both ran of the ufo and Pedro saw Luis to be sucked by the light. Pedro ran to his house and he armed of a pistol , but nothing else saw. Later Luis appeared and it told Pedro a fantastic history. He said that it had been kidnapped by beings tins and them told him for not having fear. They spoke that they were of Cantadorius Decnius. It was a civilization that originated from one that it lived in the earth 353.000 years ago. They counted Luiz that were in the Earth seeking descending or remainders of them. The beings had about 1,50 meters, gray skin, eyes black, big heads, tight clothes and they used boots, they didn't have hair and they were same, they communicated through telepathy. Luiz lost the conscience and when he woke up was at the same place where was kidnapped. (C.P.U.Reginaldo Athayde)

7 - Boa Vista do Ramos,June,1992 - night - Gigantic A lone motorist saw a tall human like figure with long blond hair with green luminous eyes was seen standing on the side of the road, it was almost 3 meters in height. It wore a tight-fitting plastic like coverall and large silvery boots. It seemed to be watching the traffic going by.

.(Manuel Gilson Mitoso).


1-Manuel Urbano, Acre-1991-Night Local Indians reported being attacked by a huge hairy humanoid with sharp claws and fangs, which they called the Mapinguary. Several men were reportedly killed and eaten by the beast. A scientist, Alceu Ranzi from the Federal University of Acre organized a search expedition but was unable to find anything. (Pablo Villarrubia Mauso)

2 - Taboleiro-MG-1991 Joaquim José was walking for a bridge when he saw a small being. The being fled to see him


(Paulo B. Werner-CIPFANI) 3-Serra de Maresias - March – 16-1991 - 02:00 h - flying ets - Dwarf est.

Trucker Carlos Alberto de Jesus, 38, was traveling on Route BR101 one night when he came upon a landed luminous oval shaped craft on the side of the road. Moments later the truck engine stalled, and a second sports vehicle also stopped behind the truck. Seconds later two humanoid figures, small in size about 1.20 m in height emerged from the object. They wore a one-piece light colored outfit with a diver's helmet with transparent visors. They had what appeared to be tubes connecting from their backs to the helmet. Behind the visors, De Jesus could see shiny cat-like eyes. The humanoids stared at the trucker and then turned around and floated towards the landed object. The object then projected a cone of brilliant light that enveloped the two humanoids, and they then disappeared. The object then rose up, rotated and shot away at incredible speed. At this time the truck engine re-started and the witness drove away.

(Fábio Avolio, Grupo Vega) 4-Armação Búzios - RJ - October.1991-night A witness encountered a landed object and three different humanoids standing nearby. One a tall woman with long blond hair, wearing a tight-fitting bluish coverall, an even taller male humanoid with dark hair and wearing a green coverall and a short helmeted robotic figure. One of the humanoids handed over a hand written note to the witness before leaving.



An et dressing metallic clothes, of almond-shaped eyes and olive skin color. 2-Paissandu-PR-1990 - An eye in the middle of the forehead. Telepathy In an isolated area witnesses saw a bizarre humanoid described as tall, hairy and with one huge single eye in the middle of its forehead. 3-Curitiba, 1990-05:30h - green skin - Telepathy - Levitation

1990 – skin olive color


The witness was awakened by the cries of her young daughter and upon opening her eyes she found herself already sitting in bed and she was cradling her young daughter against her chest that had already stopped crying, she couldn't remember getting up from the bed and taking her daughter in her arms. At this point she was sitting with her back to the wall she turned to look at the wall and was stunned to see only about 2 meters from where she was sitting with her daughter a bizarre humanoid figure levitating about 1 1/2 m from the floor. The humanoid spoke to the witness without opening its mouth, which was slit-like, she did not see a nose, and told her not to be afraid. The witness attempted to scream but no sound came out she then tried to move but was totally paralyzed. She tried to call her sister who was sleeping only a few feet from her but was unable to utter a sound. But gradually a type of calming effect took hold in her mind. The humanoid was still there sitting in midair, his legs crossed just like Oriental lamas. The humanoid was bizarre in appearance, from his head protruded a sort of long horn- like protrusion resembling a twisted tube, his skin color was light green, mixed in with a silvery tinge, which seemed metallic and scintillating but not shiny, the eyes were similar to humans but larger and slanted almost touching each other in the center of the forehead, she did not see any ears. Its chest and arms were much larger in proportion to its crossed legs. According to the witness the humanoid appeared to be inside some type of square "compartment" about 1/2m in length, the humanoid's long and delicate looking hands appeared to be moving very fast as if using some kind of unseen keyboard. He wore clothing that appeared to be the same color of its skin. A few minutes before 0730A the humanoid vanished in plain sight, just like a holographic image, the witness thinks she spoke with the humanoid by using telepathy or some type of "silent language"; the only movement she saw from the humanoid was the fingers which appeared to be five. The humanoid gave the witness his name and told her several other things which she unfortunately forgot soon after the encounter. Soon after the encounter the witness became an environmental activist


(UFO Gênesis) 4-Nazaret de Bruno, Caxias, Maranhão, 1990 - 05:00 h - Kidnapping - dwarf ets A young man named Nonatinho was on his way to a nearby village on an errand when a UFO began pursuing him over the road. He managed to hide in a wooded area and there waited until the strange craft had disappeared, he then continued on his journey on the road when suddenly the UFO again appeared and focused a bright beam of light on the witness. He was rendered motionless and was levitated onboard the craft. Nonatinho, handicapped since a young boy, found himself onboard the object and surrounded by three humanoids, which he described as short, with brown skin, large hairless heads wearing tight-fitting coveralls, with short arms and less than five fingers on each hand. The interior of the craft appeared circular and was replete with consoles, monitors and blinking lights. Nonatinho was unable to move and was afraid and was somehow able to hear the aliens talking despite the fact that they did not move their lips. One of the aliens then entered a small cabin with a small window and the other two positioned the witness in front of the cabin. From the window what appeared to be a mechanical arm emerged, with long sharp needles at the end. Immediately the witness thought that they were going to take his blood, since he had heard of this being done before. Apparently the operation or maneuver was interrupted by one of the humanoids which noticed that the witness was indeed handicapped and he was immediately released, and returned back to the location where he was picked up from

(Afonso Leal, Grupo GPUA) 5-Lorena-SP-January-11-1990 – skin olive color A humanoid described as tall, wearing a tight-fitting metallic outfit was seen in this area. He had olive colored skin and large and almond shaped eyes (GEPUC) 6-Curitiba, January-12-1990-night - Kidnapping - Paralyzed

A young man named Vanderlei who lived in a local rural area stepped out of his home for a few minutes and was confronted by a hovering golden


colored metallic sphere. The sphere was about 4 meters in width. His first reaction was to run back to his house. His next recollection was of seeing the object rising up and disappearing into the distance. Years later under hypnotic regression an abduction scenario was confirmed. A bright beam of white light that appeared to be "coherent" in nature was emitted from the object. It enveloped Vanderlei, which at this point was paralyzed and unable to move. He rose up about 10 meters into the air and was able to see the roof and treetops clearly. In front of him floated the metallic sphere. The object was encircled with windows and had a door like opening. At the door stood a humanoid figure. At a rapid pace Vanderlei floated into the object, inside the object there was another humanoid that stood behind Vanderlei. A few seconds later a door opened in front of him. His feet did not appear to touch the floor of the craft and he felt very hot and was perspiring. He floated through the door and followed a corridor accompanied by two humanoids At the end of the corridor there was a room where he sat on a table. Around the table he could see strange machines and undescribed apparatuses; they were brown in color and encircled the table. At this point he saw the creature's face. He cried and began to sweat as he described the humanoids as short, with disproportionately large heads according to their bodies, with large black eyes, and hardly discernible mouths. They had four fingers each that appeared to be rough and humid in appearance. He was examined by the three humanoids. One of the beings examined his left ear. Minutes later he was transported into a dark room where he was raised up towards the ceiling where he saw strange images. One of the images resembled a human face. Upon his return to the same site where he was picked up, he felt cold.

(Jackson Camargo, GEPUC) 7-Taboleiro, Minas Gerais - June 1990-18:00 h A man walking back home approached a eucalyptus forest when he noticed a strange black figure with luminous yellow eyes. Frightened the witness attempted to run but tripped hurting his leg. The short black creature with large bulging yellow eyes approached


him. He managed to rise from the ground and ran to his home notifying what had occurred to family members. (Paulo B. Werner-CIPFANI) 8-Paissandu-PR-October-20-.1990 –An eye Again in a wooded area, locals saw two tall hairy humanoids, with black hair and containing only one large eye in the middle of their foreheads (GEPUC) 9-Minas Gerais-November-15 -1990-night A man and his vehicle were taking inside a hovering disc shaped craft. Inside he was met by tall human like beings that identified themselves as visitors from Alpha Centauri. There was much communication. (GEPUC) .10-São Paulo,SP- November-20-1990-20:15 h - Kidnapping

The main witness (involved in other encounters) and a friend were returning from a group meeting at an extraterrestrial channeler's house and were driving on the Avenida Cupece, which they found strangely deserted that night. Suddenly they found themselves already at the Avenida Washington Luiz, a considerable distance away. They had no recollection how they arrived at such a location. During a hypnotic regression in March/April of 1991 the witnesses recalled driving their vehicle when they were enveloped in a "dark cone" of light which emanated from a hovering disc- shaped craft. Their vehicle disappeared from the road. Both witnesses found themselves within the dark light and within this dark light they entered a light colored tunnel of light which transported them onboard the UFO. Both women found themselves in a large round room. While her friend remained in a state of suspended animation and guarded by two humanoids, the main witness was escorted by a tall long brown haired humanoid, wearing blue coveralls and boots who called himself "Commander DEFE". She was taken into what appeared to have been the command room and there communicated with another tall extraterrestrial. Subsequently she was then taken into a medical room where an old implant was removed from her head and a "new one" inserted. After that both were taken back to


their vehicle and deposited on Washington Luiz Avenue. (UFO Genesis) 11-São Paulo, SP - December - 1990-18:30 h - Dwarf - red eyes

Two young, Denílson and Marques, them saw a small et of 90 centimeters of stature; He had the gray skin, with a disproportionate head, compared with the rest of the body, red eyes, ears and nose, little perceptible. And the mouth was as a line. The witness were paralyzed, with fear and they saw him to go for a ravine, running of a manageable stranger and all of a sudden it disappeared. Denílson said Marques that had seen the demon. They sought for the being, but they didn't find him.

(UFO Genesis) 12-São Paulo, São Paulo: December 1990-18:30h Mauricio Marques was accompanying his friend Denilson

to the latter's apartment in order to record some cassette tapes. After exiting the bus in the Conjunto de Bancarios suburb of the city both men decided to take a shortcut across a large wooded preserve. As the men walked through a path bordering the preserve they then ran down a ravine in order to make the journey even shorter. As Marques reached the middle of a clearing he noticed

a form and some movement behind some nearby brush.

He told Denilson what he had seen, thinking that it was some kind of large animal. Both men agreed to go and investigate and see what it was As they approached the area they saw further movement and as they entered the wooded area both men saw a small humanoid figure, no more than 90cm in height, dark gray in color (like graphite) with a large disproportional head as compared to the rest of the body and a large protruding forehead, the humanoid had large round protruding reddish eyes, the nose and ears were hardly perceptible, and the mouth was just a thin line. The humanoid was neither

thin nor fat and stood still for a few seconds in front of the witnesses with its arms crossed at chest level. At that moment both witnesses became paralyzed with fear and could only watch as the small humanoid ran very quickly towards the ravine they had just descended from. It ran

in a strange "jumping" manner. As the humanoid reached

the bottom of the ravine both witnesses watched stunned


as the vegetation on the ravine directly in front of the humanoid seemed to "flutter" and the humanoid suddenly vanished in plain sight. Both men immediately thought that the humanoid had entered into some kind of hidden tunnel or hole on the side of the ravine. As soon as the humanoid vanished, Denilson began brushing his body up and down with his hands telling Marques that they had just seen a "demon". Marques seemed to have had a different reaction to the encounter as he was filled with a kind of joyous ecstasy right after the encounter. Ignoring Denilson's pleas not to approach the ravine, Marques grabbed a tree branch and began inspecting the area exactly where the humanoid had vanished and the vegetation seemed to have "trembled". After searching for a while he failed to locate a tunnel or hole. Minutes later both men left the area. (UFO Genesis-)

1989 - 3 1-Santos- Vicente de Carvalho-Air Base-1989 - Floating At a local air base, a sentry standing guard by the airplane hangars near the control tower spotted a female figure completely illuminated and floating above the water nearby. Afraid he ran to obtain additional witnesses that were working nearby. One of the witnesses attempted to approach the enigmatic figure but as he approached to within 3 meters it suddenly vanished in plain sight. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 2-Violete-CE. August-20-1989 - Antonio Gomes Lima The observer and his son, Raimundo, they saw an ufo landing. His son ran and Antonio make contact with beings of 1,30 meters of stature. (Ufonotas-Jean Alencar) 3 - Itariri-Sâo Paulo - December-1989-night - Paralyzed - Telepathy

During a rainy night a young man named Sergio was returning home from his girlfriend’s house and was walking on the railroad tracks when he noticed a strange glow up ahead. As he approached the area he noticed a luminous creature, apparently composed of pure energy. Paralyzed, Sergio covered his face to protect his eyes from the glow, however he was able to see eyes, a nose, and a mouth on the creature. At the


same time the humanoid began to communicate with the witness via telepathy. The humanoid, among other things explained that they had a base at the Serra da Jureia. After a while the luminous figure transformed itself into a luminous sphere and disappeared vertically into the sky. Sergio was then able to move again and ran home. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia)

1988 - 6


Some people saw ets, of 1,50 meters of stature, wjite clothes, very luminous. (Ufonotas-Jean Alencar) 2-Mossoró-Rio Grande do Norte -1988 Antonio Fernandes Duarte was driving to his thirteen hundred acre farm during a light rain and as he was entering his property he saw a huge ball of light off to his left about 40 meters away. It was an oval shaped object on the ground with a large light and resting on three legs. The witness stopped and noticed that the craft was dull, silvery metallic and about the size of a car, about three meters high. The legs were about two meters long. He was able to see three very small men standing in the door, which was like a window hinged at the top, and two were on the ground. There was an accordion like cable coming out of their backs. One wore amber colored jumpsuit; the other wore orange and the third grayish- green. He stood at the door of the object. They seemed to be about four-feet tall, well proportioned with somewhat largish heads. There faces appeared flat and their skin seemed to be grayish in color. They appeared not to notice the witness and seemed to be distracted. One was going down on the ground and then he would go back into the ship. He would do this by jumping and floating to the ground and float back up again. A cable connected him. During the whole time the object emitted a beeping sound. As the witness watch there was a sudden flash of light, and everything disappeared. He felt his body completely numb after the flash of light. (Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone) 3-São Paulo, May-13-1988 - night - Kidnapping Painter Maria Adilia Germana Hohagen reported seeing numerous "extraterrestrial" craft flying


over the area. On the above date she heard a voice in her head telling her to return to her home. She did, and from a balcony she observed an object with multicolored lights that emitted several metallic spheres. During a hypnotic regression the witness remembered being abducted and medically examined by several human like 2-meter tall humanoids (Pablo Villarrubia/Mario Rangel) 4-Itacuruca–September-02-1988 - night - Kidnapping - dwarfs ets

The witness noticed several small flickering lights in the woods near his house. He felt compelled to investigate, he then heard a sound like chirping grasshoppers and suddenly found himself surrounded by five little men that wore light beige uniforms with a thick vest and boots. All carried wand-like instruments that emitted lights from the tips. The beings were white skin with thin arms, dark green eyes and short ash blond hair. The apparent leader of the group took him very gently by the arm and led him to a nearby cave. The cave was large and had a brightly lit chamber and there was a long rectangular white stone on which he was made to lie. They apparently healed the witness from a wound on his leg caused by an accident a few days prior. He was also given some sweet fruit to eat. The witness finally left the cave and went home. He reportedly felt light headed and confused for the next several days.

(Irene Granchi) 5-Carnaubinha, Paraipaba - Ceará – November-02-1988- night

Joana Ferreira and he daughter, Elisvalda, ten, left their home carrying baskets of vegetables to meet another woman on a nearby road. Suddenly they saw a fiery ball of fire in the sky. The object then disappeared behind a nearby school. They continued on and came upon a small stream, as they stood by the stream waiting for the other woman the object suddenly descended over a tree then meters from them and stayed there. The object made a loud scratching noise. Everything around them was lit up like daytime. Suddenly they saw two men that looked exactly alike standing near a tree. The men were about 4-feet


tall. They wore silvery outfits that glowed, reflecting the light. The beings stood three meters away from the witnesses, they seemed to be making a strange "tsk, tsk, tsk" like noise. Joana was so terrified that she could not move, her daughter had to drag her away from the spot. Joana, who was five months pregnant at the time, went to the hospital with headaches and fever and soon miscarried.

(Ufonotas-Jean Alencar-Bob Pratt)


Jose Tadeu Alves was driving on his way to town when he saw a 6 meters long bright disc shaped object rapidly approaching in his direction. He stopped the vehicle as the object landed nearby. Four human like beings exited the object and invited Alves inside the object. He could not remember what happened inside the object since he apparently fell asleep once inside. Later he was returned back to the same location. (GRESUPE)


1-Lages, RS - July-1987 - night - kidnapping The main witness, Jaciara was staying at some family members house and was alone that night, when the lights of the house began turning on and off by themselves. A strange sensation overcame her and she went to bed. The lights began turning on and off faster and faster now. Terrified she stayed in bed and heard a loud metallic voice that resembled that of one of the young family members that was not at home. She ran to the kitchen then up to the loft where she opened a window and screamed for help. Later that night as she slept in the same loft with a cousin, she woke up in a trance like state and went out to the courtyard and saw an enormous bright silvery disc shaped craft maneuvering over the area. At the same time her cousin seem to be in a confused state and was acting very peculiar. Another family member had heard footsteps and strange voices in the house. Jaciara apparently then encountered in her room a tall human like individual, with long arms, blond hair, with perfect facial features who in a friendly tone told Jaciara not to be afraid, to be calm. The tall being wore a tight fitting metallic gray suit that


covered most of his body, which was extremely muscular and fit. The being smiled at the witness and told her that she had been contacted several times before. She was then apparently taken inside a huge cigar shaped "mother ship" which was occupied by numerous similar friendly beings. Inside the craft the witness was given several physical examinations including a gynecological exam. Blood, tissue and hair samples were taken from her. Inside the object she noticed that it seemed endless and there appeared to be no walls. Among other things the humanoids told Jaciara that they were "mapping" the Earth and that their planet of origin was "Venus." (CPB UFO)

1986 - 10 1-Passa Tempo-MG- José Resende (Wilson) -1986 – 18:00 h- Dwarf et- Paralyzed- Red eyes Mr.José Resende (Wilson) was to a close pasture of the farmer Nossa Senhora da Glória to look for some equine of race. When he approached the

animals noticed that they were quiet and, when turning,

he saw a stranger et

eyes, thin hair, pointed ears and he dressed a black trousers, closed in the fists and neck and it put on boots of the same color. On that moment Wilson noticed that he was paralyzed and that could not move a muscle of his body. He noticed that the being had left hand an object similar to a pen and it pointed it for him. Et began to speak in an ignored language and gesticulating. He continued speaking for some minutes, soon later it moved away - if in front of contacted him and he hid in the woods in a bush. Wilson, little by little, he went recovering the movements of the body. It is so soon he can run he made this in the direction of his house There

arriving broke into the door with and he entered terrified. His wife and a brother that there were asked him that had happened. He, after drinking a sip of water, calmed down and he said that he had seen the devil, narrating soon afterwards everything that had happened soon. (A. Faleiro) 2-São João d´el Rei-MG-1986 –Dwarf et front ahead with

a rifle armed

. The youth Ivanir Siqueira was rendering

He had 1,10 meters of stature, red


Military Service in São João d'el Rei, in the year of 1986, and, certain night, he kept guard in the barracks. About 2:00 P.M., he loosened two dogs to patrol the area. Approaching the guard's change he decided to call the dogs, but none of them assisted him. Then he went to seek them. Suddenly, he saw a stooping figure to the soil and thinking to be one of the dogs, it decided to kick it. But on that moment a small being, of 1,30 meters of height, he got up and he looked at him. He had a big head, normal face and he dressed a transparent blouse, could see their bones through her. He also used a pants that seemed wrinkled to the height of the knees. Terrified he removed, slowly, the rifle of the shoulder and it armed it, putting it in position of using it if it was necessary. In that instant, small et smiled at him, then the soldier felt that that being didn't want badly some, as he could shoot in him, haul of the more than he was not of this world. The youth was if moving away in front of et and, the certain distance, sped up the step going back to the guard's house, where little later he was substituted. He narrated the fact only to the guard that substituted him in his position.

(A. Faleiro) 3 - São Gonçalo of Amarante-CE - October -1986 - Antonio Gouveia Lima and his son saw an ufo and they ran. But the father was back and he saw two beings of 1,30 meters of stature, with clinging clothes.

(Ufonotas-Jean Alencar) 4-Passa Tempo-MG-Invejosa-1986 - June - Footprints of et. - dwarfs ets

Certain night Mr.Paulo Pereira Campos had gone Invejosa Farmer to attend the games of the World Cup for TV. Finished the game he went back to his house, accompanied of two children and a neighbor, when they saw an ufo in form of fire ball, that started to fly over them. They ran, but Paulo carried one of the boys in their backs and, then, he felt that when he ran something pulled him back. But they got the to arrive a bamboo thicket, where they took shelter for instants. As their houses were near, he and the neighboring they decided to run a little more and soon they arrived to them. Of his house Paulo saw when the ufo landed in a


close mountain. Later, they left two small beings, that they were walking in front of the ship. Minutes later they disappeared and the ship emitting a whistle, almost illuminating 300 meters around raised flight to the space and soon it disappeared heading for the South. The other day the proprietors of Invejosa Farmer came to the city and he told me happened him. Then I took a motorcycle and I steered to Paulo's house. There arriving he narrated me the contact and it showed me the place the where the ship had landed. He informed me as it would arrive there and he told me that there was

a trail. Then I proceeded to the place and I got to go even

close of the top of the mountain. But as the trail it ended in certain passage I left the motorcycle and I arrived to foot. In the top of the mountain there was a flagstone and of out of her polishes. I went seeking tracks of the landing and I only found some broken stones on top of the flagstone. However soon I noticed, in the sand, two little footprints of a left foot. They would have about 8 cm of length. There was not any doubt that they belonged to the beings that got off the ship, because there nobody. I photographed the footprints and I continued to look for new tracks of the landing, but nothing found. The footprints seemed of children's feet and if they didn't see jump marks or of fingers, only the perfect form of a small left foot. In the same day the ufo was also seen at the place Ribeirão, with the vision of a small et, inside of it, with the lifted up arms.

(A. Faleiro) 5-Mafra, Santa Catarina, 1986 - 22:00 h - Giant with wings.

After hearing undefined noises coming

from outside in the front yard, a family of three including

a 5-year old girl opened the door to see a terrifying sight.

Her mother opened the wooden door and her father armed with a piece of wood peaked outside to see a bizarre creature standing no more than 4 meters from the front door. After seeing the look of terror on her parents the little girl ran to the door and also saw the creature, which years later she described as about 2.80m in height, man-shaped, with a pair of huge wings covering its back, shiny black in color. It had large pointed ears, and brilliant red triangular shaped eyes. It carried in one


hand an object resembling a "trident". The little girl does not remember seeing a mouth or nose. The little girl screamed and the terrifying humanoid stared at her. Her mother then pulled her back from the door, not before she saw her stepfather fling the piece of wood at the creature, but before it reached the figure the piece of wood vanished in plain sight. The creature remained immobile. It then suddenly pulled what appeared to be some kind of cape over its body emitting something that the witness could now only describe as a "magnetic field" and vanished in front of the terrified family. They never spoke about the matter and her mother always prohibited any discussion about the encounter. Strangely soon after the encounter, her mother developed a fulminating type of cancer, which killed her in a very short time. (UFO Genesis) 6-Curu -Laguna - Ceará -1986- 2:00 h Antonio Gouveia and his friend Raimundo Sidute were fishing in an isolated lagoon when they noticed an approaching bright light. Terrified they dropped the nets and began running away. Sidute was able to leave the area but Antonio hid in an abandoned shack. He was able to see the light, now clearly a disc shaped object now hovering 10 meters above the ground. The disc projected an intense beam of light towards the ground. An intense heat wave invaded the area. Antonio noticed what appeared to be "filaments" dangling from the object and what appeared to be the letters, I, H and W on inscribed on the hull. The upper half of the object appeared to be transparent and inside he could see two short figures wearing tight fitting suits. He also heard high-pitched child like voices speaking in an unknown language. At 0300A the object departed towards the north.

(Pablo Villarrubia Mauso) 7-Conceição do Mato Dentro, Minas Gerais - May 1986 - night

A 22-year old man saw a brightly lit object shaped like a refrigerator land 20 meters away from him. A stairway appeared and a figure began descending the steps. The witness was armed with a 38- caliber revolver and fired twice at the object apparently


without affect. He became frightened and ran home.


8-Jacaré- Bahia-October-1986-night Oscar Rosas was chased by three humanoids along a field, two small and one tall and all wearing tight-fitting white coveralls. The humanoids had large heads and eyes. Apparently there were two other witnesses to the incident. No other information. (Alberto Romero) 9--Divisa Guarani/Descoberto-MG-August1986- Involving common people that they still live in the same place, in the hillsides of the Mountain of Padeiros, near of the municipal districts of Guarani and Descoberto-MG. The fact would have happened in the month of August of 1986. M.J.S, 43 years old and her daughter M.F.S.S, 14 years old, left house about 17:00

o'clock, to catch firewood in a small river. Both they heard a stranger coming noise of a small cilliary forest about 30 meters from where were, Onlookers approximated of the place, and they saw a movement in a small thicket and they saw two beings if moving away of the place, they walked as that of given hands: we were some 25 meters

of them on that hour, they had been fast and little made

noise, they were eccentric thin, they dressed a gray clothes with a dark strip in the chest, we left running to the house and nor we called the firewood. The witness had a good visual field to observe the creatures, they

noticed all their details: they were beings with about 1.30 meters of height, thin, arms and very long legs in relation

to the trunk, big and peculiar head, big eyes without a

color definition, used clothes of grayish color with a darker strip in diagonal in the trunk. The witness when arriving home had intense migraine, dizziness even vomits that soon passed, they told an uncommon uneasiness of the animals on that night. Wendel Ferreira Martins - GICAD (Grupo de Investigação de Campo de Astolfo Dutra-MG). 10- Belo Horizonte-May-15-1986-night Joaquim, a 70-year old farmer, watched

a lighted object hovering about 50 paces away and

approximately 15 meters above the ground for about 30 minutes. The object was flashing a beam of light around the terrain, and occasionally on the witness as he stood

(Mufon Journal)


in a doorway. Due to the brilliance of the light, he shielded his face with his left arm. On one occasion the light struck his right eye, he later lost about 80% of the vision in that eye and his left arm was burned like sunburn. Joaquim heard voices, but couldn't understand the language. As the object glided away it hit some electric wires and broke one of them. (Mufon UFO Journal)

1985 - 5 1-Pombal-Tucano-BA.-1985 - midnight - ET floating et. Eurani C. de Matos saw a sparkle in ball form. She ran, but it materialized to her front a woman, wrapped up in a bluish white light. She had 1,50 meters of stature and the floated some 15,0 centimeters of the ground. She dressed a loose clothes , white-bluish color. In the head she had a luminous hat and in the chest an emblem similar to a diamond, luminous. She cannot see their eyes, nose, ears and mouth because of the brightness, but she saw that the hair was blonde. She put the hand in the chest and she greeted, by telepathy:

Eurani. That went calming down little by little and to hear the being say: "I cannot step in the earth because it is full of sludges". She spoke some time with contacted her, about violence and wars in the planet, etc. She Spoke that would return and to take Eurani. But this with fear she ran to her house, but she saw when the appearance was if elevating slowly until disappearing in the space. (GUG-Edison Boaventura) 2-Serra da Beleza, January-1985-02:00 h. Sebastião Tomé Barbosa was walking in an isolated area when he saw a light. He went to investigate and he saw a placed ufo and close of him. They saw two beings of 1,50 meters of stature, that had human appearance and black hair. He then ran and from a distance he saw when the two beings returned to the ufo. The mill arose to the space and it disappeared. (Painel UFO) 3-Maracaí - SP - February -1985- Kidnapping - Telepathy In the month of February of 1985, a light hovered on a sugar cane plantation where they worked several people. All ran and they noticed a friend's lack, Mr.José Carlos. He disappeared for some and time. However he was found nude, in an area where the canes


were kneaded, tends their clothes to the side. He was taken in coma to a hospital, where days later he was better. He counted that he had a contact with beings of skin gray color and scaled and that they communicated for telepathy.

(Claudio Tsuyoshi Suenaga) 4-Monte Negro-RS-June-03-1985 Contacted saw several ETs of foot, in luminous ufo 5-1985-Astolfo Dutra-MG In 1985, two young L.M.T, 23 years old and S.S.S.R, 27 years old, they came back from a dance in the Barcas, rural places, belonging to the municipal district of Guarani-MG about 03:30 o'clock A.M., they used one. Therefore they approached a part of the highway, that takes the Mountain of Agua Limpa, in the municipal district of Astolfo Dutra-MG where they saw lived an oval object and illuminated for a light that skirt under this: that it was as a great flat egg, about 3,0 meters of width and 3,5 meters in the largest height, it was of gray color and it had a strong light leaving the bass part didn't do any noise and it seemed that it didn't have contact with the earth. Soon they saw small beings behind the ufo. They seemed children, they had a different color, they didn't talk and they didn't look at us. They ran for the cart and they left to their houses, the fastest that they were able to. The beings seemed to have about 1.20 meters of height, they were thin, they were of brilliant grayish color, there was not report of they be dressing something, they had the disproportionate head to the body, eyes almost that normal, calms and didn't emit any sound. (Wendel Ferreira Martins - GICAD (Grupo de Investigação de Astolfo Dutra-MG).

1984 - 2 1-Boa Vista de Ramos-AM-Laguinho-1984 Maria of Jesus shot in an et that forced the door of her house. He is helped for other. A light arrival of the ufo reaches her and she fainted. (Manoel Gilson Mitoso-APUCAM) 2-Foz de Iguaçu - Lago Itaipu- PR- Miguel Linberger


Observer saw ship of 12,0 meters of diameter and beings of brown skin, small and with incomprehensible language.



1-Passa Tempo-MG-1983 – Et similar to Christ The youths Sebastião Santos and Evandro Santos went back home, certain night, in the place Ribeirão, rural area. Then, they saw an et leaned

to a gate. He dressed a long layer, where little luminous points sparkled. He had the medium stature, closed beard, mustaches and long hair, similar to an image of Christ with a layer. He was impassive and he didn't look

at the boys, that passed running for the gate and nor they

looked back. Many similar contacts were confused with divine appearances.

(A. Faleiro)

2-Campos Gerais-MG-1983 - flying et. In São Vitor's day, year of 1983, Joaquim Antonio Luiz, farmer, in the denominated place Fazenda Morro das Pedras, Campos Gerais-MG, he left the farm and it went to the city, of bicycle, as always do. About 20:30 hours P.M he returned to his house, in the farm

and in a certain hill he got off the bicycle pushing it. In a curve he saw an all dressed girl of white, using a short skirt and blouse, belt from 4 to 5 centimeters of width, clear blue color, with a bow on the left side, blonde and full hair, of clear complexion, as if she was waiting for him. Joaquim was attracted by the girl that had the very beautiful body and thick legs. As soon as he saw her thought in talks her, because the girl had pleased him. He drove her the some words. It was an invitation to the girl for a more intimate approach in the reality, since if he found alone, there, at that hour of the night. The youth continued in silence, she stopped looking for him, she gave a turning and she tilted the body the front, She lifted the arms above the head, giving a jump came off of the ground and she flew freely. Her short skirt waved as if it was played by a wind. In few seconds, she had flown a distance of more than 500 meters and she stood out only

a white point in the dark night. He was been ashamed, terrified and when it arrived home badly can sleep


(Dr. Ubirajara F.Rodrigues) 3-Campos Gerais-MG-Córrego dos Macacos -1983- flying et

In the year of 1983, weeks after the episode narrated above, in a Sunday afternoon, about 19:00 hours, three girls, Isabel, Elenice and Ercília went back home, in the place Cachoeira dos Macacos, Fazenda Morro Pedras. Suddenly, them they saw a woman, of blonde hair, luminous, yellow blouse, with low and closed collar, that it went down until the bar of the skirt, that it was of the same color of the blouse. The stranger woman had about 1,40 meters of stature and she faced the girls calmly. She was floating the some 70,0 centimeters of the soil and it crossed a stream. And on that moment the waters were anxious, as if they were boiling and it was also heard a noise. Later she disappeared mysteriously close to some bamboo. In that instant the girls were afraid and they ran to the house. And, terrified, they narrated her mother that they saw. Other contacts with ets flyers happened in other parts of Brazil.

(Dr. Ubirajara F.Rodrigues) 4-Chapecó-RS-February-14-1983 - Kidnapping Antonio Nelso Tasca was sucked inside of an ufo, for a luminous mat, and he contacted a feminine et, of name Cabalá, that had the delicate skin, exotic eyes and of oriental style, dressing a long clothes, of 1,20 meters of stature. She said to come of the world of Agali. The communication was telepathic. Antonio Nelso Tasca received a message to publish it. (Marcos Antonio Petit) 5-Fortaleza-Maraponga-CE-august-12-1983 -23:10 h- Kidnapping

João Lira Neto was abducted and he saw ets covered with plastic mantles, of having been swinging. After the contact he didn't return to his normal one and it ended up dying times later. (CPU - Reginaldo Ataíde)

1982 - 13

1-Cubatão-SP – Vale do Quilombo - 1982







white pants and black shirt with lights, flying.


(GUG-Edson Boaventura) 2 – Baixa da Tapera - BA-1982-Maria M.P.Rocha Maria M.P. Rocha, was called by the maid for they saw a "basin of aluminum" flying. The ufo landed and some beings had left, but when seeing that Maria was pregnant, they entered soon in the ufo that left swift.

(Alonso Valdi Regis) 3-Forte dos Andradas-1982 - 3:30 h Soldier Paulo Silva Dos Santos was on guard duty one night when he saw a hovering orange colored sphere about 300 meters over the ocean. Other military personnel arrived and saw the same thing. He was later interrogated by military intelligence. A couple of months later while standing guard at another section of the fort, he saw on a nearby road two huge white garbed heavy set figures, that wore loose fitting outfits. The figures were extremely tall. He attempted to follow them but became frightened and returned to his post. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 4-Sobral-CE – February-17-1982 - Kidnapping A young girl encountered two bizarre aliens near her house. Described as tall, humanoid in appearance with reddish hair, pinkish skin, and wearing bikini like outfits (!) and white mid-calf boots. She felt compelled to removed her clothing and then fell asleep. She woke up hours later in a field without any further memory of the incident (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 5-Santa Cruz das Palmeiras, February-14-1982-night Two witnesses, Fernando Antonio Martins and Edson Maragon watched a luminous triangular shaped craft land on an open field. Three humanoids exited the object. These were described as about 1.90 meters in height, slim waists, thin bodies, white oval shaped faces, pointed chins, small noses and eyes a little larger than normal. The humanoids approached the witness and there was a one-hour time lapse reported


6-São Fidélis - RJ - March,1982 Penna were investigating a hilly area were other members had been experiencing "strange


things". They had been told to take a certain short cut but decided against this route because it took them through a thicket full of spiders and perhaps even snakes. It was dark and raining and all they had to light their way was a flashlight, which soon went out anyway. When they reached the summit, they called out and were greeted by another man who came forward warning them to keep their voices down. His outstretched finger pointed toward the shadowy figure of another member of the group. Luis Otavio de Silva Carvalho, a young lawyer, stood motionless with his hands clasped over his ears. He was heard to cry out and plead in anguish, "Don't speak, don't make any noise, my head can't stand it any more." As they stood there in total amazement an unknown aerial object was seen about 500 meters over the mountains. In front of their very eyes it stopped over what is known as "Warm Water Falls", a waterfall that remains warm even in the middle of winter. Luis was still acting up and we told to join hands and think peaceful thoughts so that the spell over him could be broken. All at once he fell to the ground and we picked him up. Soon he regained consciousness and was anxious to know what all the fuss was about. They explained the situation to him and little by little he seemed to understand, complaining of a bad headache. After a drink of water back in the camp his head cleared further and he told the others what he had seen. Luis was standing near some of the equipment when he saw a glowing figure materializing in front of him. It was about four feet tall, had long hair and was wearing brilliant clothes. He said that soon there was a whole score of these beings that were all moving about at the same time. He remembered that when one of the other men extended his hand, his arm cut right through one of these beings. He said that right over them, very close, was a large triangular shaped ship with colored lights on top. Apparently, Luis was the only one who saw all of this. The rest of the men only saw the strong light, which moved around in diverse directions at the summit of Warm Water Falls.




A witness saw two short figures wearing reddish metallic outfits standing in front of a luminous object, that emitted a loud squeaking sound. 8-Macambara, Rio Grande do Sul-June-15-1982 - Paralyzed

65-year old farmer Ney Carvalho Fogaça and his 12-year old son were planting seed in the fields. While separating the seeds he perceived a very bright brilliant light at the end of a nearby meadow resembling that of an electric lamp. The light originated at a point about 450 meters away. However Ney and his son continued working with the seeds without paying much attention to the strange light. But the light seemed to become brighter causing some discomfort and interfering in their task, at times Fogaça had to cover his eyes with hands since the light was so blinding. Suddenly the elder Fogaça felt as if something very "strange" was about to happen. He began staring at the strange luminosity, fascinated by the light. According to Fogaça the light emanated all the colors of the rainbow and it was beautiful beyond description. At that he decided to stop what he was doing and decided to investigate what the source of the light was. As he approached the area he was surprised to see that the light had by now disappeared but in place of it there were six humanoid figures standing in a line each next to the other, according to Fogaça the humanoids were of varying heights, the shortest at 1.2m and the tallest at 1.5m, but all very similar in appearance. Stunned and afraid Fogaça noticed that the humanoids appeared to be inside or encase in a sort of "aquarium" or something similar since he could only see them from their waist up. He estimated the enclosure or "portal" to have been more than 2meters in height and about 6meters in length. One of the humanoids, the tallest one, appeared to be the leader moved his head from side to side while the other five remained staring at the witness. The humanoids were wearing a type of brilliant tight-fitting coverall, which Fogaça could not precisely describe. "It was very pretty and shone in different colors" according to Fogaça. Their heads were encased in a type of luminous helmet with a visor that covered all the way down to their noses; hence Fogaça could only see their


mouths. From their waste down within the "portal" there appeared to be liquid resembling dirty or polluted water. According to Fogaça the encounter lasted about 2 minutes. Afraid and after staring at the humanoids, Fogaça ran from the area passing very close or about 2 meters from the UFO, which he described as very bright, and multicolored. He ran towards a nearby power plant which seemed unaffected by the strange phenomenon. Upon arriving at his home he yelled for his wife and told her he was going crazy. He told his wife and son what he had seen, and was very hungry soon after the incident. Several days after the encounter he began to notice that the left side of his body was becoming numb or paralyzed, according to him he could see the mosquitoes biting him but he did not feel anything. His left arm remained paralyzed for about 5 years after the encounter.

(GPUA) 9-Boa Vista de Ramos-AM - June-1982 - 9:00 h Maria of Jesus saw high et, long and blonde hair, eyes same cat, dressing in green, woven type of plastic and putting on boots. ufo type funnel. (Gilson Manoel Mitoso-APUCAM) 10-Mirassol - SP. August-07-1982 - 5:00 h The witness was walking to work when he saw a bright light and felt dizzy; he then passed out and was apparently taken onboard an object by several humanoids and taught how to operate some controls. (Thomas and Bullard)


Contacted communicated with ets denominated "Rolling Wheels." 12 - Mirassol-SP-November-30-1982 - The witness, Antonio Carlos Ferreira, (involved in numerous encounters) was alone looking out for his parent's home when he was suddenly awakened by an intense green light shining into the house. He went to investigate and found the kitchen door opened, he then heard a noise from the bedroom and saw three beings emerge. These were humanoid in appearance. Two wore white overalls and helmets; the third had no helmet and had dark skin and red hair. He carried a shiny cylindrical shaped object in his hand. The witness was


asked if he was afraid and he said no. They turned as if to leave then the red haired being turned and pointed the cylindrical shaped device at the witness and struck him with a green beam of light, burning his shirt. The being fired two more times at the witness, once striking the wall. The witness felt dizzy and fell to the floor, blacking out in the process. Upon waking up the beings had gone. He found several scratches on his chest and arm (Irene Granchi) 13-Botucatu-SP – November –30-1982- Sex with ets Joao Valeiro da Silva was this time awakened by a noise in his backyard, he opened the door to confront two strange little men and a woman, each about three feet tall, and wearing brilliant blue coveralls. They approached him, holding their palms upward as if proving they carried no weapons. Despite that friendly gesture the witness fainted. Nobody missed him until early morning when a brother, Simeon awakening early at 0500A, tiptoed into his room to borrow some antacid medicine. Noticing Joao missing and sings of a struggle, he awakened the household. His family found Joao lying outside, nude and unconscious, alongside his clothing in a rumpled pile. They rushed him to a hospital where he recovered two hours later. Although Joao did not remember being taken onboard a craft, but he found himself in a hospital-like operating room, the same small beings that had confronted him at the door appeared again. They wore clothing, which looked as if. were made of rubber material, talked to him and led him to a wall bearing an outline of a human form. The beings would look at the drawing and then at him, as if comparing the two. Then they left. A naked girl then entered the room. She had long hair, was tanned or dark, and carried an instrument about a foot long. As she grasped his head he lost consciousness. An interview with his family disclosed a "sickly smelling oily substance" had covered his nude body. Da Silva also complained that his genitals "were burning". (Gray Barker's UFO Annual)

1981 - 9 1-Passa Tempo-MG-1981


A 10-year old girl opened the kitchen

door one night and was confronted by a strange figure wearing a dark cape, long sleeve dark shirt, and what appeared to be a smock over his head. As the child screamed, her mother came running but by this time the strange visitor had vanished

(A. Faleiro)

2 - Teresópolis-Rj-1981 A man was riding his bicycle late at night when he saw a huge man like figure standing on the side of the road. The figure motioned to him to stop; it then asked for a ride and jumped on the back of the bicycle. After awhile he told the witness to stop, he then walked to a nearby field where a strange object rested on the ground; he was seen entering the object, which promptly took off at high speed.

(Bob Prat)

3 - Antonina-Paraná-1981 - Telepathy Gustavo Salik was in his country home with his three children when they all heard a strong buzzing sound coming from outside. Soon a figure walked up to the verandah of the house and identifies himself as "Norton." Since they were afraid to open the door they communicated with the alien through the window. They described the humanoid as very tall, human like, white, and with blond hair. Using telepathic means he informed Salik that his crew comprised of three men. One of them collected plant samples in the nearby woods while the other one remain onboard the craft, which was a large hovering disc-shaped craft. The humanoid told Salik that they would leave in 45 minutes. Exactly 45 minutes later the humanoids left and the craft rose up into the air emitting bright flashes of blue light,which blinded the witnesses. (Revista Vigília)

4-Ilha de Camaracu-1981

A farmer saw a glowing gray colored

saucer shaped object land nearby on his property. Two beings closely resembling humans emerged and asked him numerous questions, generally about life in the village and other general information. The beings then re- entered the craft, which promptly took off at high speed. (Boar and Blundell)


5 – Ilha de Marajó - 1981 - kidnapping An elderly, almost blind couple had been in their shack when they saw a shiny object land nearby. Two human like figures emerged from the craft and invited the couple onboard. They refused but felt compelled to go after the men touched them on their shoulders. They were then apparently taken to a strange location where they landed next to a wire fence by a large field of grass where some people were playing a game resembling volleyball. They were then taken to a large city that was all red in color. Onboard the object the aliens placed some type of device in front of the couple's eyes that apparently almost totally cured them of their blindness. They were finally brought back home where they realized that they had been gone for almost a week but it had only felt like two hours to them. (Bob Pratt)

6-Quindira February-1981 - 02:00 h A woman was awakened by a loud engine type noise coming from outside, she ran out and watched a round object hovering nearby and emitting multi-colored beams of light. Three human like beings cold be clearly seen inside, one them glanced briefly at the witness then the object rose and disappeared. The next day two dead bloodless horses were found on the field where the object had hovered. (National Enquirer UFO)

7 – Dores de Guanhães-MG-.October-03-1981 Mr. Oliveira and several members of his family, who the year before had encountered a hovering lighted object, which emitted a buzzing sound over the barn area, and had experienced other bizarre phenomena, were gathered in the house praying and waiting for the birth of a new calf when they were interrupted by a loud buzzing sound coming from the nearby stables. The animals seemed to be reacting in fear. Going out to investigate, Mr. Oliveira saw two strange figures moving about near the stables. The beings were humanoid and about 1.40 meters in height, wearing shiny silvery outfits and carrying what appeared to be weapon-like objects. Oliveira yelled at the beings to leave his property immediately. Ignoring the witness, the beings continued walking around and one of them approached the


animals. Oliveira immediately ran into the house, armed himself with a rifle, and fired in the direction of the humanoids. These ran quickly behind the stables, soon a large bright light rose from behind the structure and disappeared at high speed towards the south (Paulo B. Werner-CIPFANI) 8-Passa Tempo – MG -October-27-1981 Materialization A. Faleiro and Eustáquio Ferreira made a contact with an ufo, through sequences of blinked of a light of a motorcycle, the rural area. ufo grew in size and luminous. With fear of a direct contact, in that isolated place, Faleiro blinked the light vary times and it turned the motorcycle, returning. Implying ets that it invited them to give some sign in the city. The ufo followed the motorcycle, without it was noticed by Faleiro. And, minutes later, it emitted a light beam on the youth José Batista Leão, in a close street of the place near the house of Faleiro. Two days after that close encounter Antonio Faleiro was working in a school when he saw, standing at the door a strange short humanoid figure wearing dark clothing, and with a large head and eyes that stared at him fixedly. The being was seen, stayed there, for thousandth of seconds and, inexplicably, he disappeared, when a student that will light the light ran for his side. Faleiro ran and he lit the light of the school, but nothing there was

(A Faleiro)

9-1981-Astolfo Dutra-MG Mr. J.C.L, 49 years he came back from bicycle to his located house in the Serra das Águas Limpas about 20:00 o'clock in the month of September of the year of 1981 or 1982. He noticed a figure approaching about of about 150 meters in the highway, thinking about taking care of a person waited for a length. He saw a terrible thing, it was an animal or people, it seemed an one-legged man of two legs with an eccentric clothes, he looked at me with some big and red eyes and me had a lot of fear, he didn't stop continued usually walking for the highway, I was a little dizzy, but soon I got better caught my bicycle in the hand, I carried it I went down fast and I arrived home usually. ET of small stature, about 1.30 meters, slim, with arms and very fine legs, big head, big eyes and a little red, mouth dies, there were


not hair and it dressed a clothes of grayish color very agglutinated to the body. In any moment there was emission of sounds or any interaction type between the being and the witness;. Wendel Ferreira Martins - GICAD (Grupo de Investigação de Campo de Astolfo Dutra-MG).


1-Saco do Major, 1980 - Disappearing Nelson Of Castro and Justo were fishing and saw a light to the side. Then, they saw a seating woman in the top of a stone. When they tried to approximate the woman disappeared. 2-São Paulo - February-1980-night The witness who for the past two to three months had been followed by three strange men wearing black suits, was standing in front of his house one night when a car drove up and the door opened. The witness apparently lost his will and was compelled to enter the vehicle; inside the same three men he had been trying to hide from met him. They drove around for a while until they reached a wooded area outside the city. They stopped the car near a large hovering object that was encircled by a luminous ring. The witness and the three men then walked underneath the object and were hit by a beam of light. He suddenly found himself inside the object, sitting on a chair. Suddenly handles appeared on the chair that secured his wrists and an iron bar pressed his forehead backwards while another gadget held his neck. The three men then appeared and suddenly seemed to shed their skin or bodies and transformed themselves into green scaly reptilian like creatures with heart shaped heads. The beings interrogated the witness and spoke of upcoming global events. At one point a door in the room was opened and he was able to see human corpses hanging by their feet from hooks on the walls. Everything went blank after that and his next conscious memory was of standing next to a theater near his home.

(Antonio Huneus)


Two men, including a local police commander were attracted to a luminous glow coming


from the backyard of one of their houses. Upon investigating they encountered a luminous humanoid figure of average height that had his hands extended upwards. No physical features could be discerned and a low humming noise was heard coming from the entity. One of the men touched the being and he fell back as if shocked. The being then disappeared (Boar and Blundell, The World's Strangest Mysteries) 4-Araraquara-SP – February-02-1980 - Paralyzed - dwarfs ets

Two beings paralyzed the witness. They had a meter of stature and big heads They used a small object that emitted light. 5-Jardim do Ceridó-CE-April-13-1980 Eliete Cardoso Aragão saw 3 ets, two masculine and a feminine of 1,65 meters of stature. They spoke in Portuguese with her , saying that many lived in the Earth. She cried a lot and it felt cold and her flashlight stopped working. The ufo was round and with noise similar to fan (Equipe IPURN) 6-Araguari - MG-February-02-1980 - Paralyzed Two aliens briefly paralyzed a female witness. The beings were a little bit over 1 meter in height with large heads. They used a small object that emitted a luminous (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 7-Taboleiro, Minas Gerais - June 1980 - black et Around the middle of the month local farmhand, Joaquim Jose was returning to his home along a rural path that led him to a log bridge crossing. Very tired he began to cross the log bridge. Halfway over the bridge he noticed a tall black humanoid figure, with large bright white oval shaped eyes staring at him. The creature stood at the end of the bridge next to a eucalyptus tree. Frightened the witness let out yell, stepped back then fell over to the ground injuring his knee. At that point the creature took off running, quickly disappearing from sight

(Paulo B. Werner-CIPFANI) I8-Sítio Quinque, Currais Novos, Rio Grande do Norte July-1980 - 22:40 h dwarf et Severino Soares da Silva was returning home from visiting friends and was walking on the only


paved street in the area when he noticed a strange luminosity emanating from a nearby field. Thinking it was a car he approached the area and was surprised to see a large illuminated football-shaped craft, it had a door-like opening and two square windows. The object rested on two leg-like protrusions. At this point Severino observed two figures wearing aviator type suits and round helmets that covered their ears. The figures were about 1.20m in height, one of the figures appeared to bent under the object apparently in the act of performing repairs, the other figure stood watch in front of the object watching his companion working on the object. Severino watched the object and its occupants for about 20minutes. Frightened he decided to walk away from the area and as he neared his home he heard a loud sound coming from behind him and saw the same object now flying at an altitude of about 5 meters from the ground. The object emitted bright yellow-white lights and later rose up into the sky disappearing in the direction of Santana do Matos

(Equipe IPURN) 9-Macambira-RN-August-27-.80 - night - dwarfs ets A witness saw a low hovering disc shaped object and through several lighted portholes he saw two short humanoids wearing silvery outfits apparently looking out. No other information (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 10 - Paraipaba-CE – August-1980 - José Ferreira Souza was fishing with his son. It is suddenly an ufo appeared and one of the beings tried to catch his son. He ran and et loosened the boy, entering in the ufo where they were more two beings. They had 1,50 meters of stature, black hair and it dressed slack clothes and fat. (Ufonotas-Jean Alencar) 11-Dores de Guanhães-MG – October-03-80-paralyzed Contacted saw two ets of 1,40 meters of height and he threw in them, that they hit back with a green ray that paralyzed him. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 12-Bragança - Pará, November 1980 A man, walking on the beach, saw a luminous object descends the great speed. He landed


and two beings left the ufo. They approximated of the witness and they asked her vary things, in his own language and later they returned to the ufo. (Robert and Bartholomew,Ufolore) 13-Conservatória-RJ - December-1980 Natalino vineyard to foot for Santa Izabel when he saw a brightness. He saw an ufo emitting a

yellowish light. Two beings that there were began to run

in his direction and he ran. They left him of side and from

a distance he saw the two beings collecting sand. They

were similar to humans and about 3:00 hours the ufo took off.

(Marco A. Petit-AFEU) 14-Jardim do Cerido, Rio Grande Norte, April-13-1980


32-year old Eliete Cardoso Aragao, a local seamstress was on her way to visit a family member on a nearby farm. Since it was dark she was carrying a lantern that illuminated her way through the field. The sky was clear and starry. Moments later she watched a large round solid object encased in a soft glow descend slowly towards the ground. The craft was surrounded in a dim red glow that changed to dark blue and orange; the craft emitted a sound similar to that of a "small fan". When the craft landed, Eliete noticed that it was the size of a large truck. Standing about 50 meters from the object she watched an opening become visible on the object and a "cascade" of light descend towards the ground. Moments later three humanoid figures exited the object; she could see that these were two men and a woman that stood next to the object. They were about 1.65m in height, with bronzed slick skin that appeared to be wet; they were hairless and wore tight-fitting white-metallic coveralls. On their chests they had several objects hanging on a vest- like coat. Their movements were similar to humans. Eliete then noticed that the aliens began gesticulating and calling out to her in Portuguese. Approaching the strange trio she asked them what was their point of origin and what was the motive of their visit. The aliens replied that they came from a "better" world but did not specify which one and were here on a peace mission and were here to tell humanity that it was on a destructive path, they also mentioned that there were many of their


species already living on earth. During the conversation Eliete felt as if a very cold liquid covered her body. About 15 minutes later the aliens bade farewell quickly returning to their craft, which took off at high speed and vanished. Soon after the encounter Eliete suffered from an uncontrollable crying fit. Her lantern, which was electric, failed to function during the encounter, but worked again when the craft left.


A man walking along a beachfront area watched a luminous object descend at high speed. It was a luminous disc shaped object that then landed nearby on the sand. Two beings resembling normal men emerged from the disc. They approached the witness and asked him numerous questions in his native tongue. Before leaving the men told him that they would return soon.

(Robert E Bartholomew, Ufolore)

1979 - 31 1 – Passa Tempo- Paciência, April-1979 – night A farmer named Marinho saw two humanoids next to a landed object that illuminated a nearby lagoon. After awhile the object dimmed and shot up in to the sky resembling a ball of fire.

(A Faleiro)

2-Passa Tempo-Paciência-MG-1979 - Ets talking A young man named Peixoto was returning home when he saw two figures talking in a strange language nearby. As he approached the figures, these suddenly ran and were soon enveloped in a fiery

bright red ball of light that shot into the sky and vanished

(A Faleiro)


Contacted saw 3 ets behind a brightness. (Ufonotas-Jean Alencar) 4-PortoAlegre – RS-1979 - Kidnapping Contacted was abducted in the year of 1979. He had a close encounter with an et of 1,90 meters of height and others of 1,60 meters of height He appeared, distant of the place of the contact, to 35 km. 5-Ipauçu-SP-February-1979 - floating ets The witness saw several 1.30-meter tall, humanoids that wore bright silvery capes and floated


slowly above the ground. (GUG-Edson Boaventura) 6-1979 - Et without ship Contacted found with ET MAUREMA, that said to come of the System of Sírius. He, telepathically, said that he didn't use ship and he traveled through the light, as the oval in that he appeared. 7-Barbacena-MG-José Tadeu Alves-1979 - Kidnapping - Paralyzed

Contacted saw a light and he was paralyzed and he fainted. However in 1988 the contact that showed him before the beings that had contacted him. That felt in 1988, in Brasília, where he saw 4 small beings, that they invited him telepathically to enter in the ship, what he made, where they talked with him (José Tadeu Alves)

8-Santos-Peruíbe-SP-1979 -

A contacted saw a gigantic et, with 2,50

meters of stature. He was dressed of white, black gloves and boots 9-Rio de Janeiro - RJ -1979 - flying ets

In a wooded field a witness saw a large

gray colored disc shaped object on the ground. Next to the object stood two tall human like figures with long

black hair, very pale skins and wearing tight-fitting gray coveralls and boots. No other information. (GUG-Edson Boaventura Jr) 10-Rio de Janeiro-January-1979-night- floating et A disc-shaped craft was seen on the ground and two tall figures wearing gold colored metallic suits and helmets. These were seen to float or fly out of the object several times and then go back inside. The craft then took off and left. 11-Taubaté,São Paulo,January-1979- night. – kidnapping

A teacher at a local college was driving

on his way along a short street when suddenly his vehicle stopped. As he stepped out of the car two tall dark skinned men appeared. Both were very handsome and had long black hair, they approached him and told him they had been looking for him for a while due to his above average intelligence and knowledge. They soon conducted him to a nearby gigantic object that had been somehow concealed. Inside time seemed to stand still


and they spoke to him about numerous subjects having to do with life on earth. Soon he was given a drink and apparently fell asleep. Later he woke up in a wooded area outside of town. He walked home and was stunned to find out that two years had gone by and that his wife had now re-married. (!)

(Bob Pratt,) 13-Sorocaba São Paulo-January-12-1979 night In a farm area three reporters watched a large

luminous disc shaped object descend and hover near the ground, while multitudes of witnesses watched several luminous disc shaped objects maneuvering over the nearby village. Two small beings about four and a half foot tall emerged from the object. The beings were human shaped and were wearing one-piece outfits with a kind of fishbowl type helmet over their heads. The helmets emitted bright beacons of light. Suddenly everything became very dark and moments later the disc ascended and disappeared behind some nearby hill (A. Gevaerd and Wendelle C Stevens) 14-Fortaleza-CE-January-11-.1979 – Et burns contacted

‘ A short humanoid about 80cm in height

wearing a helmet with two luminous antennae like projections approached a witness and touched him in the

arm, apparently burning him. It wore a silvery suit and blue boots. The humanoid apparently arrived in a gray colored object about 15 meters in diameter with lighted window.


15-Jardim Alvorada- Maringá- April- 13- 1979-23:30h - Kidnapping – Sex Jocelino Matos and his brother were walking in a remote area when they saw a bright object approach; as they passed a ravine they heard a strange sound and their legs grew weak. They then walked towards a field and fell beneath a tree. Both passed out as the bright object approached. Under hypnosis one of the men remembered floating upwards into the object. Inside he was led by a being described as tall, wearing a shiny silvery uniform with buttons, with generally human features and short cropped hair, to a room replete with computers. In that room he saw images of the earth. He was then taken to another room

(CPU-Reginaldo Athayde)


where he was examined and a sperm sample was taken. Later a beautiful female being entered the room and had sexual intercourse with him. The beings spoke among themselves in an unknown language, but assured the witness by telepathy that they wanted to study the earth and were peaceful. He was eventually released along with his brother

(Ademar E.Gevaerd) 16-Nova Friburgo-RJ-Fazenda Velha-1979 Edmond Cardoso saw two ets Floating and their shoes left a luminous mat.

(Alberto Romero) 17-Passa Tempo-MG-April-29-1979 Two tall silver clad humanoid figure with large heads were seen on a hill apparently examining a dramage system into river Pará.

(.A Faleiro) 18-Belo Horizonte-MG-May-05-1979-Nigth Two police officer see a large saucer shaped craft land nearby as their vehicle stalled humanoid figures are seen looking out some fighted windows on the craft.Grounde traces are found

(Mufon UFO Journal) 19-Santa Filomena - Lins –May-12-.1979 - 19:30 h A ten-year old youth saw in a pasture a luminous object hovering at ground level Two small beings (not described) came out of the object and began signaling at the witness with their hands. The youth ran from the area while one of the short beings chased him for a few moments. He arrived home and locked himself in his room (Dr. Walter K Buhler, Guilherme Pereira and Prof. Ney Matiel Pires-UFO)


Contacted, Braulino Gomes Ferreira saw

2 ets of 1,70 meters of height. They tried to capture him, but he cuffed one of them and he fled. (SBEDV-Walter K.Buhler-APEX)


‘ Arlindo Gabriel dos Santos was hunting

with two friends in a wooded area when he became separated from the other two men. In a clearing, dos Santos saw an object descending towards the ground.


The witness approached to within 180 meters and noticed that the object was shaped like a "telephone booth" about 1 meter ½ in height. Apparently the witness had been carrying his KODAK camera with him and was able to snap a picture of the object, which suddenly disappeared in plain sight. He walked over to where the craft had been and suddenly saw another object descend. This other object was shaped like a toy top a little larger than the previous object and with a small propeller like apparatus on top and a long pointy

protrusion on its bottom. As the witness stood attempting

to photograph this second object he heard a whooshing

sound and the craft was suddenly enveloped in smoke. Approaching closer to the smoke he noticed yet another craft descending overhead, it was a 1-meter tall barrel shaped craft that balanced itself above the ground then landed. It had a large propeller at one end and was covered with red stripes. After walking for about 10 meters towards the object, this one suddenly vanished and he saw a huge egg shaped, white colored object descend to the ground. The egg shaped craft had a pointy top, and fin-like protrusions on each side. Next to the fins the witness could see several windows. As it descended it emitted a horrible noise resembling a

choking motor, as it descended to the ground, it projected 4-leg like landing pods. As the witness approached and attempted to photograph the object there was a sudden flash that temporarily blinded him, irritating his eyes. Frightened the witness dropped the camera and ran, but after about 10 meters he suddenly stop, unable to move anymore, he felt as if someone was grabbing him from behind. As he looked behind him he noticed two men wearing helmets with visors and gloves. Behind the glass visor he could see human faces. They grabbed the witness, each grabbing one arm. He begged them to let him go in the name of God, but he received the following the answer, "In the name of God, we are all brothers, we don't harm anybody." The voice seemed to originate from

a box like apparatus on their backs. He was taken

towards the landed object. As he neared it, he felt an

intense cold around it. Another helmeted figure stood by

a ladder from the craft, looking from side to side,

apparently on guard duty. The man asked dos Santos if


he had seen something that sounded to the witness like a "Zurca", which he thought it could have been one of the previous smaller objects. The man than extended his gloved hand and pulled the witness inside the craft through a square door. Inside the craft the atmosphere was pleasant and cool and there was a smell of "baby powder" in the air. There were other men sitting around on seats in the room. He described the humanoids as man-like, wearing dark tight fitting outfits. The men had large slanted eyes, thin noses, and large mouths and they seemed to operating some type of unknown machinery. The men suddenly stood up and began conversing among themselves in an unknown language. Suddenly from out another room a heavyset woman came out, she wore a white uniform, gloves, but no helmet. The witness described her as good looking, tanned, with long light fine hair. The woman and one of the men then took him into a corridor. He then entered a room where he saw a square shape object in the middle. The man pushed a button on the wall and the object rose up. The object resembled a large piece of marble. The woman then took out a long wand like object and pointed it at the object. On the object the witness then saw an image of the planet Earth and other planets. At this point the man the removed his helmet and the witness could see that he had very short light colored hair. When the witness exited the object he was told to cover his eyes and not to look as the object left. He did and did not see the object depart

(Dr. Ubirajara F.Rodrigues) 22-Mirassol-SP-June-28-1979 - Sex with ET - green skin - dwarfs ets

Antonio Carlos Ferreira was immobilized by a red light and taken for the ufo, that took off with transformer buzzing. There were masculine ets inside of the ship, of 1,20 meters of height, big head, skin chocolate color, big and black eyes, without eyelashes. hair crisp and of red color. They also had other similar to the first ones, but of skin green-leaf, straight hair, green eyes, fine chin and big mouth. Suddenness, a feminine et of 1,50 m of stature appeared, skin chocolate color, big head, red hair, crisp hair, black and steep eyes, big mouth, small breasts, for the red in the pubis, completely


nude. They removed their clothes and they passed a dark oil in all his body, he made sex with feminine et. The information on the sexual action were obtained through hypnotic regression. (Ney Matiel Pires-Guilherme Pereira/Walter Karl Buhler) 23-João Pessoa-PB-June-20-1979 Ramilson Serqueira and Arthur Vasconcelos, near the local forest preserve were walking back home engaged in conversation when suddenly from behind a light pole a strange figure emerged. The creature had a horrible appearance according to the men, it was about 5-feet tall, with an oval shaped head, with huge fiery orange reddish eyes. It had very short arms, resembling chicken feet, with sharp claws. It had a crest like protuberance on its head. Its legs were thick and robust looking. As they watched, the creature, it began approaching them, terrified they ran from the area towards the nearby road, where they apparently hitched a ride from the site.

(Gilberto of Melo) 24-Passa Tempo-MG - June-03 -1979-night Alipio Gurgel of Morais observed a huge luminous object descend overhead. The craft had several lighted windows and inside the witness could see several human like figures looking out. He hid in his house and watched the craft slowly ascend and disappear from sight.

(A Faleiro) 25-Paraná - August-1979-night - Kidnapping The witness was on her way to visit a neighbor when an eerie fog-like light that lifted her up into a hovering disc shaped object suddenly engulfed her. The occupants of the disc were human like and wore tight fitting leather like outfits. They treated her well and gave her a viscous, tasteless liquid to drink, before returning her back to the ground. They told her that they were concerned about the pollution on earth.

(Robert and Bartholomew, UFO Lore) 26-Sítio Dentro, Rio Grande do Norte – August-26-1979- night

Two men were walking back home late at night when they suddenly saw a huge bright light appear


above them, illuminating the area like daytime. They looked up and saw a huge object coming towards them. They could see two beings inside the object through a transparent window. The beings could be seen from the waist up and looked almost identical to each other. Both men ran behind a house and squatted by a wall trying to hide from the object. The object then passed over a nearby bar making a very loud noise. The next morning they discovered that the roof of the bar had been tore off and several rafters had broken. One of the men felt sick for three days after the encounter (Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone) 27-Saquarema-RJ –October-15-1979 - 23:30 h – Et face of mouse

Luli Oswald and a 25-year old friend

were driving on a coastal highway after apparently taking

a wrong turn on the road Suddenly out of the sea, lights

climb, pulling the water into a towering mushroom that cascades down below. The car begins to falter. The occupants become terrified. They see above the mountains to their side a large pencil-shaped object with orange windows on the edge. Three dazzling balls of white light roll down the slopes, heading straight for them, illuminating everything as they pass by. The witnesses look around in a panic, trying to decide if they will be safer inside the car or getting out and hiding underneath. The decision becomes academic as their memory fades and they remember nothing more. Later Luli Oswald agrees to be hypnotized by Dr. Silvio Lago and recalls that as they drive along under the gaze of the

UFO, they suddenly find that it begins to pull the car up in

a brilliant beam of light. Luli screams and finds herself

inside a room, with the car alongside. Standing by them are ugly creatures, with long, thin arms, gray skin and pointed features, somehow with rat like facial features. Their mouths and noses are just slits. They are only about 41/2 ft tall. The figures are now examining the now naked woman with lights. The beams in her ear hurt. Hair samples are pulled out, and there is a complete gynecological examination. She is told (by telepathy) that they have contacted her . because of her ESP. However (perhaps because she was past child-bearing age), she was no use to them. They are interested only in the


man---for "research" they explain. He lies on a marble table looking white "as though he is dead." They are examining him sexually and taking samples. These aliens come from an "a small galaxy near Neptune", Luli is told, although she knows this to be absurd. One of the

beings on board was friendlier than the rest and told the witness that he belonged to a different group. Both witnesses were medically examined and their heads probed with beams of light. After the abduction the two witnesses suffered from several physical ailments.

. (Thomas and Bullard)

28-Goiânia-GO-October-12-1979 - dwarfs ets Two glowing humanoids about 1.20 meters in height that appeared not to have eyes or arms were seen moving in a field using apparent mechanical movements. No other information. 30-Tubarão-SC – November-05-1979 - ET emits heat - Gigantic A witness encountered a 2-meter tall humanoid wearing a white and red coverall. As the humanoid approached it seemed to emit heat from its body according to the witness

(GEPUC) 29-Jaguaríuna, Santa Catarina-November 1979-Giant et Three boys, José Paulo prove it by having him to appear. The boys said the creature did appear in the classroom but the teacher and the other kids did not see it but did perceive its presence when flowers in a vase seemed to be moved by invisible hands. The teacher told other teachers and the word of this spread, crowds began to appear where the boys had seen the creature. However, whenever the boys would see the creature, none of the spectators could. The boys further describe the creature as robot-like that would hop along more than two feet wide but three times high, metallic in appearance with a shiny upper surface. In the middle of upper part a red light, red-yellow could be seen.Freccia Coelho, 11, Agnaldo Freccia Coelho, 10, and Hamilton Simão, 11, were on their way a local warehouse when they encountered a bizarre creature described as two meters tall that wore black and red clothing and had a luminous head. The boys were reportedly playing in the woods when they first saw the


creature. They tried to catch it but they suddenly seemed to become weak and they felt heat coming from the creature. They told their teacher and other pupils about the become weak and they felt heat coming from the creature. They told their teacher and other pupils about the man and the teacher told them to ( Chris Aubeck / Irene Granchi)


João Rios in a beach met three couples. He saw a light coming of top, an ufo landed. And they got off him three couples. Therefore a tall man appeared, of black and long hair, dressing a clinging black clothes. And he called the doctor's companions for the ufo and he asked him: And don't you go? The doctor answered: In January I go. The commander entered in the ufo that left swift 31-Near Santo Antonio- Rio Grande do Norte:


The witness was working on his garden when he saw a light descend towards him, he began to walk fast towards the house but the object then shone a beam of light on him. At this point the witness laid face down on the ground. The object descended lower and hovered directly above him. The witness was then suddenly pulled off the ground with a rope with four hooks that apparently dangled from the object. He grabbed a plant and hung on tightly. He looked up at the object and through a window he saw a man and two women looking down at him. The women appeared to have yellow skin and the man had a beard and was wearing boots. The witness overheard the beings say that they were going to take him to their "earth." At this point the witness shirt tore from the hook and he fell to the ground. He looked up and saw the object depart spinning 3 times before leaving. The object was brown in color and had two red lights on its rear section. (Bob Pratt, UFO Report)

1978 - 36 1-João Pessoa, Paraíba - 1978-night - immaterial ets The witness was sleeping in his room when he suddenly woke up with a start, frightened. He then saw two beings standing next to his bed. One of them carried a crystal vase, which contained a blue liquid


inside. He told the witness that they wanted to cure him of a festering eye problem he had. Very frightened the witness refused any treatment, and then both humanoids walked through the wall and vanished (Centro Paraibano de Ufologia) 2-Curitiba, January - 1978-night-Kidnapping Claudia accompanied her young son Cristovao, to the elevator so he could go down to play. In the elevator they met a strange man that smiled at Crustosa. Later worried about her son not returning home early she went to ask the doorman about her son and this one told her that he had not seen him get out of the elevator. They searched in vain for young Crustosa the rest of the night. Around the same time strange events were occurring in the apartment: objects were moving on their own volition and a sound similar to a "beep" was constantly heard. The next morning around 0800A an employee at a local power plant discovered Crustosa sleeping on the grounds of the plant. According to Claudia, Crustosa was emitting a very strong odour and told her an incredible story about boarding a "rocket" that took him to a yellow moon, from there he was taken to an even larger "moon." There he encountered a man and a woman that appeared to lack mouths. The humanoids apparently inserted some items in Kirsova’s head and gave him rice and fish to eat and a reddish gaseous drink. In that place Crustosa saw other children. He was later placed on a small bed, covered with a blanket and allowed to sleep. He told his mother that they would one day return for him. She also discovered several marks on he son's skin that had not been there previously. He kept pointing at the region of the sky where he said the "yellow moon" had appeared. The strange paranormal occurrences around the house continued for a while and then abruptly ceased (Pablo Villarrubia, Mario



A luminous bus-shaped object was seen landing on a field. A humanoid figure about 1.70 meters in height was briefly seen standing next to the object. Ground traces were apparently found. No other



(GEPU) 4-Presidente Dutra-MA-1978 - DARF ets A man saw two ets of 1,20 meters of stature, big head dressing in blue color. 5-Blumenau-SC-1978 - - luminous eyes A man saw an et of 2,0 meters of stature, of luminous eyes. 6-Girassol - -December-31-1978 - 23:00 h - Kidnapping A man was walking and he heard a noise and a light approaching He thought to be a car and that was in his direction and fainted him. Later inside of the ufo he saw 3 beings that spoke amongst themselves in a stranger language. They used helmets that covered their faces. The eyes seemed holes. Contacted his returned 3:30 hours

(Dr. Walter K Buhler, Guilherme Pereira and Prof. Ney Matiel Pires) 7 - Piranhas-Rondonopolis-January-19-1978 - 17:15 h - Kidnapping

Six young boys were playing soccer on a field when they saw a luminous disc shaped object flying over the area. It flew at treetop level then stopped and descended to the ground without making a sound. Four of the boys ran terrified to their houses and two remained behind. Two cousins, Manoel Roberto & Paulinho Roberto had stayed behind. The children told their parents and a search for the two cousins ensued. Later after midnight a telephone call from the police alerted the family of Manoel Roberto that he had been picked up by an engineer Mr. Touro in the nearby city of Rondonopolis, cold and hungry and looking for shelter. Later he narrated that as the object landed his cousin Paulinho and himself also tried to run but were unable to move. They were then attracted towards the object. Inside the craft they found themselves in a large room where there was only a chair and a button. In the room there were also eight short humanoids, wearing reddish rubbery tight-fitting suits, there faces were human-like. Both boys remained on the chair unable to move, until one of the short men approached and passed his hand over the side of the chair. Later the object landed in Rondonópolis and Manoel was let go by the humanoids. Around the same


time there was a reported power outage in the area. His cousin Paulinho has never been seen or heard from again. His whereabouts remain unknown. (Guillermo Daniel Gimenez, ONIFE-ZIP CODE)


A man was abducted for 4 ets. 9-Arembepe, December-11-1978 - night In the field a high man with black hair, beard grates and dressing a clothes silver and putting on boots was seen leaving an ufo, similar to a capsized basin, with 12 meter of diameter, that it was there landed. (Alberto Romero) 10 - Penalva - Maranhão – March- 24- 1978 - night- Kidnapping - Paralyzed The 16-year old witness had gone out into the woods and disappeared, a search failed party failed to locate him. Eighty-one hours later an angler heard a shout for help and found the boy dazed and unable to stand up in a forested area. He was taken to a local hospital where he was found incoherent and bleeding from the head where some of the hair was missing. Four of his teeth were also missing. He was also seemingly paralyzed. Three days later he was able to say what had happened to him. He had been gathering guava fruit outside a wooded area when he heard a loud siren like sound; he looked up and saw a bright light above the trees. He then lay on the ground unable to move, then floated up into a hovering object that had three spheres on the bottom. He entered through a window and fell softly on the floor. Inside the object he saw three short beings that wore uniforms with helmets and visors and spoke with loud inhuman voices. The witness was then taken to a strange land with no trees, no lakes, no birds, and darkness above him. He could only see a field with tall grass. He was then floated onto a stone table where he was examined. He felt liquid going down his throat and passed out. His next memory was that of coming into the hospital. (Bob Pratt, UFO Report)


They saw small ets and an ufo 12-Guaiuba – March-23-1978 - 18:00 h - dwarfs ets


67-year old Joâo Inacio Ribeiro was walking along the oceanfront when he saw a circular object about 10 meters in diameter approach from the sea. It had brilliant blue, yellow, green, and lilac colored lights. On its upper section it had a sort of cabin or cupola with 3 circular windows. The craft approached, stopped, and hovered above the waters, causing the area directly below the object to become agitated and choppy. Ribeiro then saw two short humanoids appear on top of the craft. The figures were about 1 meter in height, and wore gray colored tight fitting outfits. The beings were baldheaded, with small noses and mouths and huge black eyes. One carried something resembling a walking cane; the other had what appeared to be a vacuum cleaner like object. Both beings then began operating the vacuum like object seemingly extracting water from the ocean. After 10 minutes they re-entered the object. Moments later the object descended to 10 meters above the waters causing them to become even more turbulent, creating large waves and foam. Afraid Ribeiro ran home. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 13-Pelotas-RS-March-03-1978 - Sex with et - Faint José Inácio Álvaro was fainted by luminous beam. Inside of the ufo and he made sex with et feminine, high, long and clear, fat hair, big breasts, almond-shaped eyes, for the and silvered hair, fine fingers. The contact was told by hypnotic regression. (Luiz Rosário Leal-SPIPDV) 14-Pelotas-RS-May-10-1978 - Kidnapping The witness was walking back home alone when he observed in the sky a very bright object that began descending at high speed. The object descended low over a nearby fenced field and the witness could now see that it was a shiny circular metallic craft within a ball of fire. The craft descended projecting two bright beams of white light to the ground and extended four metallic legs to the ground. The area around the witness seemed to darken, as he felt compelled to walk forward towards the fence. Soon he was grabbed by two short humanoids wearing shiny white close fitting suits and head enclosing helmets with closed visors and on top two small antenna like


protrusions. The beings spoke to the witness then took him inside the object. Once inside he experienced difficulty in breathing and noticed that the air appeared warmer and denser. The room was illuminated by a bright light and then he noticed two more beings seated at a strange console like apparatus. The beings walked over to the witness and then he was surprised to see that these were female dressed in shiny white suits, with attractive capes of the same material. These also wore helmets with antennas. and begged to be released. At this point the blond woman walked over and ordered the others to let him go. He was then allowed to walk out and down a stairway to the ground. He then stood on the ground and watched the object ascend at high speed and vanish.

(Casellato, da Silva and Stevens) 15-Vila Cister, São Paulo, May.1978 - 2:200 h

14-year old Liz De Albuquerque (involved

in a previous encounter) was walking back home along a

construction area when she noticed a small white luminous sphere quickly approaching her position. The sphere approached to within five meters from the witness. It seemed to be about 2 meters in diameter and hovered at about seven meters from the ground. Suddenly she heard a voice speak to her in perfect Portuguese. The voice asked if she wanted to come with "them". Terrified the witness said no and ran quickly to her house. There was a period of missing time reported. During hypnotic regression the witness remembered seeing a familiar face appear within the sphere of light. It was the face of an alien she had encountered six years before. During the encounter she was allowed to ask several questions about the aliens purpose and history. No other information (Grupo UFO Genesis) 16-Pelotas, May-22-1978 - A dome shaped lighted object landed on

a field outside this town. Four short humanoids wearing silvery outfits were seen moving briefly outside the object. No other information

(GEPUC) 17-Pelotas-RS-May-02-1978 - dwarfs ets


A blue beam of light reportedly struck 18- year old Jose Alvaro as he walked to a house. He was on his way to check that it was locked for the night, because the owner (his father) was away. He never arrived, waking up in a daze sometime later, with the words "The task is accomplished" racing through his head and strange images of war running like a picture show in his mind. He slapped himself and found it was now 0400A. Two weeks later during a hypnotic session conducted by psychologist Dr. Palmor Carapecos. Jose was able to remember being led into a room where a silver-haired, tall female entity with large eyes rubbed him down, forced him to have sex with her and then told him he would have another task to perform later. Jose's mother had a peculiar dream during this time, in which she was told that her unmarried son was about to become a father, but the child would be born on another world. Two stonemasons, living in the only building in the deserted area where Jose had met the UFO, reported seeing a strange light above their houses that night. (Thomas E Bullard) 18-São Paulo –Moóca –SP -June-11-1978 - 23:40 h- paralyzed - dwarf ets The 44-year old witness was watching a television program as her 3 sons slept in their room. Suddenly her small dog began acting in a strange manner running around in circles inside of the house, running from the kitchen and to the door that led out into the yard, apparently trying to get out. Curious the witness walked towards the door and heard a loud "mechanical" sound of unknown origin. Suddenly as she opened the door she was confronted by two short humanoids that appeared to hover just above the ground right by the door. Both humanoids stood side by side. Behind the humanoids she could see an oval shaped craft that had apparently landed on three metallic leg-like protrusions. One of the beings approached the now paralyzed witness and made gestures as if to calm her down, while the other humanoid floated above the ground looking around as if searching for something. The only movement that the witness was able to make was to raise her arms up to her chest. She could not utter a word. The humanoid closest to her caressed her head


while the other floated towards the object, which had landed in the middle of the yard. The humanoid that had been standing next to her floated to the door of the object and removed from his belt an aluminum container. The container illuminated the yard in a bizarre yellow "coherent" light that appeared solid. The beam of light would enlarge then decrease in size intermittently. The beam of light was directed towards the kitchen area, the yard and into the landed UFO. The humanoid aiming the beam of light then preceded to take a small cylinder- shaped object from his belt said item then emitted a vaporous cloud of smoke that covered the both humanoids. Seconds later both humanoids boarded the object, before entering they beckoned to the witness to come with them. Obtaining no response they waved at her and entered the object. Soon a plume of smoke emerged from the bottom of the object and the object began to ascend. Two bright yellow lights became visible and the craft disappeared into the distance. Before it left, the witness thought she saw another figure through an open porthole in the object. Moments after the object had gone, the witness was again able to move. She ran terrified to notify her family that noticed that she was cold and very pale. She described the humanoids as about 1.25 meters in height, wearing round metallic helmets on their heads, silver in color. In the front part of the helmet there was a blue dim lit area. Inside the helmets the witness noticed faces lacking irises or eyelids, and round dark eyes. Their skin appeared yellowish. They had small flat noses and lacked ears or mouths. Where the mouth should have been there was a round metallic plate. Their one-piece suits were light gray in color and both had belts with numerous gadgets hanging from them. Their bodies were very thin, and their heads were disproportional large as compared to the rest of their bodies. One of the humanoids was somewhat heavier and appeared to be a female; this one had a metallic disc on the chest area, about 15 cm in diameter with a small white light in the middle. The other humanoid did not have such a disc. The object was metallic and oval in shape with several oval shaped portholes and what appeared to be antennas on the top and a multicolored sphere of light on the top that emitted numerous flashes


of light. During the encounter, the witness perceived a total silence in the area, like a vacuum. Also during the encounter she perceived a strong smell resembling ammonia and felt extremely cold (Revista Brasileira Ufologia) 19-Rio dos Indios, NONOAI - December-1978-night Three girls, Mercedes, Fátima and Neusa came back from the school and saw a being of 1,0 meter of height, pointed ears, getting dressed of black and red. He had 2 antennas in the head's top and he was walking quietly

(Revista Brasileira de ufologia) 20-Rio Janeiro,July-23-1978 - 21:30 h 10-year old Marcos Aurelios and his younger sister were walking on the beach when they watched what appeared to be a "moon" tumbling into the waters. Soon multicolored lights appeared on a lighted area in the water. Then a beam of "solid" light appeared on the water and the figure of a man wearing a one-piece coverall appeared and began "walking" on the beam of light towards the beach. The figure disappeared when it reached the shore. Afraid, the young witnesses ran from the area.

(Denys Breysse) 21-Iraçauba - CE-July-25-1978 - green skin J.R.B and his family observed a dome shaped metallic object land on a field and a short humanoid with greenish skin and large oval shaped eyes briefly come out. It re-entered the object, which then took off.

(Informativo Ufo) 22-Peixinhas - Olinda, August-1978-night Local peasants reported encountering a bizarre creature described as resembling a bipedal "wolfman." It reportedly attacked several women. Three women were walking by an area called "Cabo Gato" when they heard a loud growling sound coming from some nearby bushes. Suddenly a tall hairy figure appeared and chased the three for several meters before it disappeared into the woods as some men approached. (Recife Assombrado Brazil) 23-Fazenda São Pedro - São Paulo - August- 1978 - 01:00 - Kidnapping


A tractor driver at a local plantation had gone to the tractor yard area and had connected a trailer with a tractor when he noticed a human like figure sitting on top of the trailer. The figure carried a bright flashlight type object. The figure was described as tall, wearing a loose fitting shiny overall and an opaque helmet. The figure shone the light at the witness who suddenly felt confused and lost his will power. The figure motioned to him to start the tractor, which he did. He drove on to the feed yard and loaded several bags into the trailer closely watched by the figure with the bright flashlight. After awhile the figure shone the light at the witness again dazzling him and apparently causing him to loose consciousness. He later woke up and found himself at a different location in the plantation. Near him floated a metallic object. The object had a door in the front and a ladder protruding down to the ground, it also had bright round lights around its lower periphery that changed colors in sequence. Behind a nearby barbwire on a field stood three similar individuals, all carrying bright flashlight like objects, these then walked through the wire as if it had not been there. They were talking among themselves in a chirping type sound. The witness was later rendered unconscious again by the bright light. Later the beings apparently entered the object, which rose up and vanished in a puff of smoke. The witness had also observed one of the men shoot up into the sky carrying the bright flashlight and disappear from sight (SBEDV-Walter K. Buhler) 24-Colares-September-1978-23:00h- Paralyzed C. Rodrigues was sleeping in a hammock in the house of a friend, when she suddenly woke up to see a bright light outside and noticed the temperature around her become warmer. A beam of green light then entered through the window, touching her head and face. The color then changed to red. She then noticed the figure of a man wearing a diving suit standing outside. He had human features, but had very small eyes. In his hand he held an instrument resembling a pistol, which he pointed it at the witness three times, hitting her with a beam of light in her chest area. It felt very hot to the witness. The beams left burn like scars arranged in a triangle in her upper chest area. Every time


the beams of light hit her she felt very thirsty and became paralyzed. She screamed waking her cousin. The man and the light then disappeared. (Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone) 25-Blumenau-September-13.1978-night – giants ets - Kidnapping

Mrs. Carvalho was traveling in her Chevette on the outskirts of this town at about 60 mph. Suddenly the car appeared to loose speed, and then a circular shade seemed to descend above the vehicle and cover it completely. She felt the car rising up very high at high speed. The doors of the car were opening and closing at high speed, making a loud racket. At this point Mrs. Carvalho blacked out. Upon waking up she found herself in a semi-circular room, of a yellow subdued color. In front of her stood a very tall man, over 2 meters in height, which called himself "Dagon". He spoke without moving his lips and while he spoke Mrs. Carvalho experienced a bizarre sensation as if she was being "reduced in size", her clothes seemed to increase in size and her feet appear to float inside her boots. She could not see where her vehicle was, and then everything became hazy. She was found by the Federal police sleeping in her vehicle on the side of the road near Florianopolis. She had no idea how she had arrived at the location.

(Pierre Delval) 26-Conceição do Araguaia - Guaraí - GO- September- 15-1978- giants ets-Kidnapping Elias Seixas de Mattos and two friends were returning to Rio in a truck when the driver felt a cold liquid and heard a voice in his head telling him to go to a certain spot. The other two men saw a flash of light hit the hood of the car. All three then saw a luminous object on the ground about a mile away. The driver got out of the vehicle and attempted to film the object, the other two men panicked and ran. Later the main witness felt drowsy and talked one of the other men into driving the truck. They apparently experienced a time lapse during the drive and the truck behaved in a strange manner. Later under hypnosis the main witness recalled floating into a fiery red cigar shaped object with flashing white lights. Inside he entered an egg shaped chamber


attached to a large white circular room with tables and machinery. A being described as almost seven foot tall wearing a tight fitting yellow coverall that covered his head except for his face operated the machinery. The being had large slanted lilac colored eyes, a long nose, a large lipless mouth, long arms and hands and very pale skin. He wore a belt with a circular buckle with colored lights. An invisible barrier apparently prevented the witness from approaching the being. Seixas was submitted to several medical examinations on top of a bed-like apparatus. At one point the aliens connected some type of machinery on his head and chest area. Blood and sperm samples were extracted from him. At one point the main witnesses remembered seeing two man like beings, one black the other white that resembled identical twins, these wore tight-fitting gray clothing. The beings told Seixas that their point of origin was within the star cluster of Ursa Minor and that they had bases on the planet Mars (Irene Granchi Thomas E Bullard) 27-Carmo da Cachoeira, MG, October-30-1978-21:30 h Sebastiana Francelina de Jesus an older brother and a younger cousin were traveling by Jeep on their way to a local farm when suddenly an unknown force seemed to halt the vehicle in its tracks pulling it backwards and into the mud on the side of the road. All this while a torrential rain was falling. The Jeep was hopelessly stuck in the mud on the side of the road. As the three witnesses attempted to dislodge it a very large object emitting an intense rotating light suddenly appeared. The object flew over them at very low altitude and then descended to hover a few meters away from the witnesses. The light from the object was so bright that it temporarily blinded the three young people. The older witness almost fainted of fright. Two bright rotating beams of light constantly illuminated the area around the witnesses and the interior of the Jeep. They could also hear a steady droning noise coming from the object. After awhile the witnesses began hearing what seemed to be human voices coming from the object, the voices spoke in an unknown language. The terrified witnesses began yelling for help as they began to feel a bizarre effect apparently as a result to the proximity of the object. All


three felt as if they were "floating" apparently related to the loss of gravity. They also described it as feeling like "they were growing in size." Finally the object began to move away throwing up into the air numerous rocks and debris, as it disappeared from view, a small spherical orange-yellow light seemed to follow the craft as it left the area at high speed. The witnesses then returned to normal

(Dr.Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues)


Witnesses saw three short humanoids wearing tight fitting yellow-gold outfits in a wooded area In other countries groups of ets were also seen already, as in Lamy-26.03.1888 and Josserand- 22.04.1897, last century.



A brightly lit globular shaped object was seen flying at a low altitude over the area. Several moving figures could be seen inside through a large opening



Translating engine Jesus Antunes Moreira, security guard,at the local hydroelectric plant was at his guardhouse on top of the dam when he noticed some lights shining down on the water surface, he went out to investigate and noticed a luminous circular object approaching him from across the river. The object approached the witness and began hovering close to the ground near the power station. The witness could see a door and a small window on the object. The small window opened and a very human face looked out the witness. The craft's door opened and three very tall men came out. These men wore shiny metallic blue overalls and all had very long smooth black hair. The beings approached the witness and spoke to him in an unknown language. The witness panicked and attempted to fire a warning shot into the air with his revolver but it jammed. One of the men then went inside the object and came back out holding a black box and handed it to one of the others. After that the witness was able to understand the


beings and was told they were here on a "research and study mission." At one point one of the men started collecting stones from the ground and the witness protested. The men then put away the box and calmly walked back into their craft, which left silently and at high speed (Dr.Décio Estrêla Maia / Walter C.Buhler) 31-Guarujá-SP – March-26-1978 João Inácio Ribeiro saw 2 ets aspirating water with a tube.


MR and PR kidnapped by ets (Guilherme D. Jiménez) 33-Presidente Prudente,May-1978-night Three humanoids about 1.20 meters in height and wearing blue tight, fitting coveralls were seen walking a long a field. 34-Penalva- Maranhão-August-23-1978-night In a field a witness saw three medium- sized humanoid figures wearing silvery loose-fitting coveralls and round translucent helmets with what appeared to be face coverings or "plates". The humanoids were encased in an eerie glow 35-Arembepe, BA-December-11-1978-night In a field, a tall human like figure with dark hair, light skin and wearing a tight fitting silvery suit and boots was seen coming out of a metallic basin shaped object about 12,0 meters in diameter that had landed on a field


A man was walking back home alone when as he was crossing a street he heard a noise and noticed a light approaching from behind. He stepped aside thinking that it was a car but then realized that it was a huge yellowish light that was attached to the bottom of a large object. He was suddenly struck by a beam of light and apparently lost consciousness. Later he found himself inside the object in a corridor with some type of balcony. He then noticed three short humanoids that spoke among themselves in a strange language. The beings wore overalls, helmets, and face covers light green in color. The eyes resembled two simple holes lacking eyelids or eyebrows. The witness then apparently


blacked out again and arrived home at 0330A with no further recollection of what happened. Dr. Walter K Buhler, Guilheme Pereira e Prof. Ney Matiel Pires)

1977 - 26 1-Baixada Fluminense-Rio de Janeiro - RJ-1977 January - Telepathy The two main witnesses were telepathically instructed to go to a certain desolate area and wait. Suddenly somebody knocked on the window of their vehicle and they saw a tall man in dark clothing with red hair and beard. He told them that his name was "Zir" and then told them to wait there. He returned later with a being that called himself "Karran" who wore luminous clothing. He spoke in an unknown language that "Zir" translated. Zir had milky white skin and violet colored eyes; he told the witnesses he had two hearts. Karran then left in a huge luminous object that had apparently landed on the roadway nearby. The witnesses were supposedly able to snap a photo. (Casellato, Da Silva and Steven) 2 – Monate Alto-SP – January-21-1977 - 23:00 h. - Et dwarf et

João Andrade saw a being of 0,95 centimeters of stature, opened eyes and red, legs and short arms

(Contato Ufo) 3-Baldim, Minas Gerais, May, 1977 - night - Kidnapping Geraldo da Costa was riding home on his horse when an oval shaped object passed over him less than ten feet above the ground. The craft had many colored lights and gave off potent heat wave. He continued riding and, about 50 yards beyond; he came upon the object on the ground. Two little men were standing near it. These had large eyes, and long hair. One asked him to help them, and then one reached up and touched his shoulder. Suddenly, Geraldo found himself floating down to the ground, with the frightened horse running off. He remembered yelling for help, but then blacked out. The next day he was found lying in a nearby bamboo grove. He had a red, six inch scar on the inside of one arm and five tiny puncture wounds, 2 on


each side of his chest and waist and one on his left shoulder. The holes had silver edging around them, which gradually disappeared as the injuries healed. He could barely speak after the encounter and lost his vigorous energy. (Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone) 4-Monte Branco - Paraíba – May-10-1977 - 11:00 h - Kidnapping

3 1/2 year old, Maria do Socorro, accompanying her grandmother to do the laundry, vanished suddenly and was gone for 22 hours, when she unexpectedly turned up at the doorway to her family's garden. She said she had seen a beautiful woman with a white scarf on her head, and was irresistibly attracted to a strong beam of light, which she ran behind. The woman spoke to the child but she "did not open her mouth to talk." Friends and neighbors spent the entire day searching the area where she had last been seen, without finding a trace. The child mysteriously turned up at the family's home. It was assumed by all involved that the phenomenon was of an apparently extraterrestrial intervention. No object was seen (Notícias Populares)

5 - Jussaral, July 1977-night Local villagers reported seeing an object come down to the ground, then they saw two or three small figures come out from under it and get something off the ground. The light from the object was as bright as the sun. After the object left, marks were found on the ground.

(Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone) 6-Vila de Piria, Rio Gurupi - July,1977 -: 23:00 h - Paralyzed

João de Brito was sitting quietly in a hide among some thick bushes awaiting game. An animal appeared but suddenly an object came down from the sky, and shone a beam of light on the animal, which quickly left. The light beam struck de Brito, which then felt, very weak, and unable to move. The object was shaped like a cylinder, and the witness could hear voices coming from it, speaking in an unknown language. The object suddenly left, but the witness required


hospitalization afterwards. (Timothy Good-Alien Base) 7-Pinheiro -. July.1977-1:00 h - Kidnapping A chicken farmer was walking to town to catch a bus and since it was dark he was carrying a flashlight. Suddenly a bright greenish blue light appeared in the sky and swooped down over him chasing him. It then circled came back and hovered above some nearby woods. The witness could now see that it was a V- shaped craft. The witness shone his flashlight at the object and he was then suddenly struck by a beam of light from the craft that knocked him down, feeling a tingling sensation the witness passed out. At one point he briefly woke up and saw several men staring at him, they examined him silently for a while. Then he blacked out again, he finally woke up several hours later. He felt terrible pains throughout his body and was unable to work for two months. Further inquires revealed that the witness, after being rendered unconscious later woke up in a strange city. The city had wide avenues and beautiful gardens; he could not see a Sun, only empty space above him. He saw many people in the city. These were human-like, all about 30 years of age, five-feet tall, and slender. All were dressed in gray-brown clothing, a few in light blue. The women wore long gowns, the men tunics, and trousers. Most were light skinned and had eyes of different colors, blue, and brown. The women were pretty and had long blond hair. The men had short hair, beards, and mustaches. He was allowed to explore the city, but was always followed by one man. He saw a number of vehicles that resembled Volkswagen Beetles but without motors or steering wheels. He also saw about 20 disc-. shaped objects on the ground in an area that looked to him like an airport. He eventually found himself eight miles from where he was originally picked up. (Bob Pratt) 8-Barra do Corda - MA-July-17-1977-05:00 h - dwarf et Joao Batista Souza, owner of the Nova Melia Ranch was strolling on his property in the early morning when he saw a "ball of fire" flying along about 200 meters from him. Terrified, he hid behind a mound, and watched the glowing sphere land. As it landed, its brightness abated, and he could now see that it was


"shaped like a straw hat." A door opened, and a small being about 1 meter in height, emerged, carrying in its left hand a sort of torch emitting a reddish light, and with something else, not distinguishable, in the other hand. The face could not be seen, being encased in a helmet with "antennae," but the rest of the entire body was "covered with hair." At that point the rancher appeared to have lost consciousness. Members of his family found him lying there and carried him into the house where he remained in bed for several days, too weak to get up (Daniel Rebisso Giese) 9-Bragança - Pará - July,1977-night Numerous locals have reported encountering a strange entity labeled the "Fish woman." Described as fair skinned and fair-haired woman who is believed by some to live alone in a tiny desolate island. Some anglers claimed to have seen her walking on the water and peculiar lights have been seen in the area also. One witness was walking home alone one night when she suddenly came face to face with a pretty woman, dressed entirely in black that she believed to have been the "Fish woman." The strange woman was wearing a blouse with tight fitting sleeves right down to the wrists, and her hands were encased in gloves. She had long blond hair and stared at the witness intently. The woman asked the witness what she did and how many children she had. Suddenly the woman vanished in plain sight. The shaken witness went home suffering from a severe headache. A later search by Brazilian military units failed to find any trace of her. (Timothy Good) 10-Campos - RJ - August-03-1977 A gray disc-shaped object was seen on the ground and three tall thin baldheaded figures wearing gray coveralls with green belts were seen moving around the object apparently performing various tasks. (SBEDV - Dr.Walter K.Buhler) 11-Colares, september,1977-night - Et levitated Luis heard a noise and he saw a ship descends in the area. He saw an object as the cabin of a Boeing 737 descends. Therefore a door opened up and an et went down in the soil in a light beam. He was similar to a human, with a big head, dressing dark


clothes, and he examined the area. All of a sudden, the being walked in Luis' direction that was hidden, as if he knew that he there was. Terrified he ran of the place the creature turned and he levitated until the mill, that it arose in high-speed. Luis and an another of 9 years old disappeared mysteriously, times later 12-Campo Grande - Paciencia-RJ – September-15-1977 - 22:00 h - Robots Antonio La Rubia, 33, a bus driver, was en route to work when he saw in a field a flying saucer that looked like an enormous hat. Frightened, he prepared to run when a blue light lit up the area; at the same time three very odd figures materialized nearby; he found he could not move. The figures were about four- foot tall, with football shaped heads or helmets surmounted by a tall antenna; the only features were a row of shiny small mirror like sections around the center of the head, from which blue flashes were emitted. They had stocky bodies and long elephant trunk like arms ending in a single digit. The bodies were covered by

a rough metallic surface the witness believed could have been the body surface, or skin. Their bodies were

rounded at the bottom and surmounted a single leg, like

a pedestal, with a rounded base. The three surrounded

La Rubia and he was caught in an invisible glass or "bell jar." The robots floated above the ground and one pointed a syringe like device at him and he began to move toward the object; the next thing he knew he was

inside with no recollection of how he entered it. He was in

a white "aluminum" corridor, with one transparent wall,

through which he could see the field from which he had just come. Two figures went one way, the third another. He could see through the transparent wall that the object was airborne. A bright blue light came on and he found himself in a large circular hall. There were a dozen similar entities on each side of the hall; they reminded him of children sitting in a schoolroom on single legged chairs. Up until now he had been unable to speak, but suddenly he found his voice and began screaming, "Who are you? What do you want from me?" The figures fell back at the sound and tumbled all over the floor; they lifted their single digits to the antennae on their heads and held them. These tips rotated so rapidly that only


when they held them could he see them clearly. He noticed a small box like device standing on two poles that raised it to about the height of the witness chest; antennae jutted up from each end. A receptacle stood atop the box, and the entities removed small devices from belts around their waists and placed them in this container, pushing a key on the box. At this, a scene would appear on the wall in moving color; the first showed the witness, lying naked, on an unseen table, while he was examined by a being with a small bluish light; another examined his head. Another "slide" was projected and showed La Rubia, still naked, standing alone. Other images included a view of the witness dressed, carrying a shopping bag, his teeth chattering; another showed a horse and cart on a dirt road, with a peasant, barefoot, wearing a straw hat. A picture of him next to an orange ball; then next to a blue ball beside which stood another entity; an image of a big dog attacking one of the entities; the being began melting; from top to bottom, until it was nothing but a porridge like substance. Then one of the entities moved toward the dog and pointed a syringe like device at the animal and it too began melting, after turning blue. A UFO "factory" was displayed; a train entering a tunnel; a view of a busy Rio thoroughfare. One scene showed La Rubia vomiting and defecating into his clothes. During this display, an entity approached and pointed a syringe like implement at him; his arm raised against his will and the syringe was stuck into his middle finger, taking a blood sample, leaving no mark; the entity then pointed it at a wall and drew three red circles intersected with an "L." The next thing he remembered was being thrown overboard, where he found himself once again in the street, with all his belongings, as well as one of the beings. His watch had stopped at 0220A; the being vanished and the object was ascending out of view. His head was spinning and he was burning. It was 03:55A. The witness was eventually taken to a hospital where he suffered from sporadically high temperatures and insatiable thirst. (Irene Granchi) An interesting contact, probably robots, it happened in Long Prairie-Minnesota, USA, in 23.12.58,


where beings were seen in form of cylindrical can, with 3 legs and 2 fine arms, of 15 centimeters of height. 13-Rio Guajará - Pa -December – 02-1977

A man saw et dressed with diver clothes

and ufo.

(Daniel Rebosso Giese) 14-Santo Antonio do Taua, October-12-1977-23:30 h - Paralyzed

A 20-year old man named Manoel was

standing outside his house with four friends. They saw a yellow light moving east to west, and then slow down and stop about 20 meters from them. Inside the object they could see a man on the left and a woman on the right who appeared to be working controls of some kind. Then a beam of red light was directed toward the group, hitting Manoel. It was like an electric shock that traveled all over his body from head to toe. He felt weak and paralyzed. (Bob Pratt) 15-Mosqueiro, Amazonas – October–29 - 1977- afternoon - Paralyzed Benedito Campos and his 17-year old wife Silvia Mara were at home when they spotted an oval, silvery object emitting a greenish beam like searchlight towards the room where they were lying in bed. Curious they approached a small window and as they did, the beam shot in through and made straight for Silvia, throwing her into a sort of benumbed trance like state. Silvia, who was pregnant at the time, then fainted. Two entities then entered the house, carrying something resembling a gold flashlight and again the beam struck

Silvia, this time hitting her in the left arm at wrist level. Benedito ran to a neighbor's house and was also briefly paralyzed by a light beam. Both husband and wife were later taken to a local hospital were they both recovered. Benedito suffered from depression after the incident. (Daniel Rebisso Giese) 16-Colares, October.1977 - night

A young man named Luis was hunting

and had been hiding in the brush waiting for his prey when he heard a loud noise, then a bright light descended over the area. Looking up he saw a bright object resembling the cabin of a Boeing 737. Suddenly a door opened and a figure stepped out, descending to the


ground in a beam of light. The creature was human like. Frightened Luis hid behind a tree an observed the creature as it walked around inspecting the area, it illuminated the area with a red beam of light that appeared to emerge from the palm of its hand. Suddenly the creature turned and walked in the direction where the witness had been hiding, apparently knowing he was there. Terrified Luis ran from the area towards the nearby river. At the same moment the creature turned around and walked back and levitated back into the object. As Luis ran from the area other witnesses saw him running away from the area, they saw him run into a boat as the object followed him and hovered overhead, again the humanoid came out of the object and observed the boat and the terrified witness within. Soon the humanoid went back inside the object, which promptly took off at high speed. The humanoid was described as short and very muscular with a large head and wearing tight-fitting dark clothing. The witness, Luis, and a 9-year-old boy later disappeared under mysterious circumstances after an udo sighting.

(Bob Pratt)

17-Curitiba, October.1977 - night In the airport of Bacacheri a big ufo landed and they had left several beings At the old Bacacheri Airport a large disc-shaped object landed on the runway. From the object several human-like figures wearing metallic outfits came out and walked towards a nearby hangar where a private aircraft was stored. The humanoids pushed the aircraft out into the open apparently intent in studying it. Several security guards noticed the activity and sounded an alarm. This apparently startled the humanoids that ran back into their craft, which took off at highspeed. (Jackson Camargo) 18-Joaquim Murtinho-MG-November-02-1977 – child et The 16-year old witness was alone in his aunt's house when he suddenly heard a brief rushing wind like sound and footsteps inside the house. He then saw a small object entering through the kitchen door, the object was Saturn shaped, luminous blue and with a golden ring around it. As the object flew by the TV set, the plug came out of the wall and fell gently on the floor.


The small object now hovered close to the floor. Then out of nowhere a very tall man now appeared and made a motion to the witness, a bright light suddenly appeared and the tall man vanished. The small Saturn shaped object was now in the backyard and was now spinning. As he watched the object, three beings now appeared, one was the tall man, the others a woman and one that appeared to be a little boy. They took the witness back into the house and communicated with him by using telepathy. All three beings wore close fitting overalls with boots and gloves greenish in color. They also wore wide belts with a row of black buttons. From the man's belt hung a silvery black tube. They all had dark hair and light skin. The tall man wore a metallic helmet with a transparent visor; he had blue eyes and a small black goatee beard. Going out the backyard the witness then saw a large domed disc with a wide stairway like protrusion that led to the ground. Through a transparent section he was able to see several other figures that appeared to be working on complicated equipment. At one point a neighbor of the witness came by to drop something off and the witness saw a tall man hiding on the side of the house holding a long yellow instrument, this figure made a long sweeping gesture with his hand and the three beings temporarily vanished. When the neighbor left the beings reappeared. The latter departed telling the witness mentally that they were going to return. The witness was struck dumb after the incident and could not speak for several hours. (CICOANI-Hulvio Brant Aleixo) 19-Monte Serrado-Pará – November-.1977-02:00 -Paralyzed

A farmer living in an isolated location was awakened by a strong light that was circling overhead, shining a powerful beam of light into his shack. He opened the door and saw a hovering object with two figures inside. He went back in and armed himself with his rifle he then pointed the weapon at the object but suddenly became paralyzed and was unable to shoot. No other information

(Cipex) 20-Bahia do Sol, November.1977-afternoon


A man was sleeping after lunch when he awoke to see a red light blinking outside his house. Thinking it strange he went to the window. Outside he saw a huge object shaped like a helicopter but without rotors. A red light was blinking on top. There were three men inside. They were tall, at least 1.80 meters, with blond hair and blue eyes and were wearing white suits with blue capes. They looked like they working with instruments like a computer. When he appeared at the window, he heard one say to the others. "Look at that" and immediately the UFO took off, disappearing behind the trees.

Bob Pratt) 21-Rio Guajará-November-02.1977 - 20:00 h Three men from a nearby pottery factory had gone to the river to collect some mud when their boat became stuck on a mud bank. They decided to wait for a while and one of them entered the jungle to do some hunting. He soon became aware of an intense light moving slow above the treetops. The object, which was very bright, and disc shaped stopped and a door opened on its lower section. Moments later a short muscular strange being wearing a black diving suit floated out. The being extended its arm and emitted a luminous beam of light towards the witness, who ran towards the river. The being re-entered the craft, which then began chasing the witness. As the object reached the boat all three men hid under some shrubs and watched as the humanoid floated out again looked around then returned slowly back into the object, which then disappeared over the tree tops.

(Antonio Huneus, UFO Universe) 22-Pati Pati do Alferes-RJ – December-31.1977- A humanoid estimated to have been at least 3 meters in height. With an orange skin tone, blond hair, exposed hairy legs, muscular and blondish hairy fingers and shiny green eyes without irises followed a witness to his house, it had a jovial nature and then sat down to talk with him for some time. It wore white boots a coat and a red belt around its waist. (SBEDV - Dr.Walter K.Buhler) 23-Ilha de Marajó, december.1977-night


Independent witnesses reported seeing two large bright sphere shaped objects maneuvering at low altitude over the fields. On several occasions, three man-like figures wearing metallic bronzed suits were seen moving inside the objects, apparently through some kind of opening on the craft. The bright spheres would disappear at high speed when the witnesses approached them.

(Fabiana Silvestre-UFO) .24-Colares, december.1977- night As Brazilian Colonel Uyrange slept in his room a bright light suddenly illuminated the bedroom, a loud bang soon followed the light. Terrified he noticed a figure standing in front of him and a second figure next to his bed. The figures were about 1.5 meters in height wearing a diver-like suit or an astronaut like suit. The suit appeared to be loose fitting. He was not able to see any facial features on the beings but was able to see that they were gray in color. He heard a metallic voice telling him in Portuguese that he would not be harmed. During the whole episode Uyrange's wife remained sleeping. Soon he heard another loud bang and the figures vanished. The next day he found a strange red stain in the garage and his left arm began itching terribly. In October 2 1997, Colonel Uyrange Bolivar Soares committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. (Painel OVNI)


Claudomira Paixao, 35 years old, was asleep in a hammock, when a light coming through a window awakened her. The air around her became warmer and warmer. At first the light was green as it touched her face, she woke up and the color changed to red. She could see a figure holding an instrument like a pistol. "He pointed it at me and shined the beam three times, hitting me in the chest all three times in the same place." It became very hot and she got very thirsty. The being approached her and stuck her with a needle apparently extracting blood from three different places. She was terrified and unable to move. The being and the light disappeared when she began screaming. A few minutes later a cousin took her to the small state run Colares hospital. She was treated for burns but a Dr


Carvalho who said that the burns were similar to burns caused by Cobalt.

(Bob Pratt)


A man was sleeping after lunch when he awoke to see a red light blinking outside his house. Thinking it strange he went to the window. Outside he saw a huge object shaped like a helicopter but without rotors. A red light was blinking on top. There were three men inside. They were tall, at least 1.80 meters, with blond hair and blue eyes and were wearing white suits with blue capes. They looked like they working with instruments like a computer. When he appeared at the window, he heard one say to the others. "Look at that" and immediately the ufo took off, disappearing behind the tree


1976 - 15 1-Passa Tempo-Calafate-MG - 1976 In the year of 1976, in Calafate, a boy was sitting at the outskirts of town when he saw a tall humanoid, about 1.90 meters in height, with large eyes and long blond hair, enter the house. The humanoid walked by the witness completely ignoring him and then proceeded to go into the kitchen and disappearing from

sight. The strange wore a tight-fitting sky-blue coverall.


2-Sumaré - SP - 1976 - light that cures vision. In 1976, an et shot a luminous beam in the direction of a contacted, that later was cured of a defect that had in the vision. The actress of TV Martha Anderson counted that she suffered of a disease in the face and that she was interned in Santa Casa de Misericórdia, in Rio de Janeiro-RJ, when a strange fact happened. Right

late she saw a group of small beings, big skull, skin transparent, white uniform. She recovered inexplicably. Some contacts, in other countries, that speak to us about caused cures, for the emission of lights of ufos or even of luminous beams emitted by

As in USA, a policeman's

contact that had been bitten by an alligator, and the light

apparels carried by ets

(A Faleiro)


of the ufo cured his wound. We researched a contact of

second degree, in Passa Tempo-MG, where the contacted he was reached by the light of an ufo and, later, he was cured of rheumatic pains that he had in the backs. 3-Bom Despacho-MG -1976 In 1976 an ufo turned off the car of the contacted, that he saw 3 small ets. 4-Belo Horizonte-MG-1976 - Cure - Back in August 1976 a 9-year old girl named “Dirce” became ill and was diagnosed with infectious rheumatism. After examining her vision it was determined that she only had 9% of the normal vision. Photograph of the deep eye revealed an apparent

degeneration of the macula. The night in question “Dirce” was taking food out for her dog in the backyard as she fed the dog she noticed standing in the backyard a dark figure about 2 meters in height, it seemed to be wearing

a type of helmet and tight-fitting dark overalls. It had

extremely dark eyes resembling holes; another hole occupied the place of the mouth. It seemed to be carrying a sort of “weapon” in his hand and walked slowly towards the young girl. He stopped about 1 meter from the witness, and then he pressed a button on his chest and in that instant the girl’s vision became every more cloudy. When she regained her vision she now clearly saw the being walking away into the darkness and disappearing from sight, it seemed to the young girl that her vision had somehow returned to normal. An eye doctor, Tadeu Cuintal confirmed that the girl’s vision had been inexplicably restored to normal. As of August 1982 her vision was still completely normal. (INFA Brazil / CICOANI-Hulvio B.Aleixo) 5-Matias Barbosa-MG-January-12-1976-night-kidnapping Erminio Reis, 30, and his wife Bianca were driving on the Rio de Janeiro-Belo Horizonte highway near Matias Barbosa when they began to feel sleepy. Erminio pulled their VW over to the side of the highway and fell sleep over the wheel. Several minutes later, Bianca, still awake, became aware of a dead silence over the area, and noticed a blue light that appeared to intensify and approach them. As it neared, she screamed, believing it to be a plane about to crash.


Her husband, now awake, had no time to say a word, as the couple, still in their car, were “absorbed” in a bright beam of light, as it through a chimney. They found themselves, still in their car, in a brightly lit, “kind of circular garage.” A kind of skylight appeared in the ceiling and two human appearing men floated down toward the car and its occupants. They were dark and about two meters tall (6’6”). They Erminio got out first and his wife, eventually, followed, having to force her door open. The men were speaking incomprehensibly to the couple and Bianca screamed at them, “What do you want? What do you want?” Her husband describing the situation as “dream like,” kept repeating, “It’s a mistake, it is a mistake.” One of the two beings stepped on a button in the floor and a staircase appeared, up which the couple was led into a large compartment filled with instruments. They were given headsets to put on over their ears; one of the two entities also donned a similar set, and then plugged them into a kind of computer. As he quickly manipulated dials, the couple heard a voice say, I’ am Karran, calm down.” Bianca was told that she had to undergo a series of examinations of the skin, ears, and eyes. Then she was placed in a box-like device that turned red, inducing in her a static electric charge that caused her to lose consciousness temporarily. She was next placed in a form-fitting chair that converted into a table and bed. Both were required to drink a thick green liquid of rather bad taste. Several other entities joined the others, including one tall female with dark hair and large dark eyes. The couple was told that they performed medical research on “their” world and that age was treated as an illness, and that no one experienced death. Finally they were advised not to speak of their experience, since they would be considered mad if they did. They were told that they had a method to “erase memory.” They were then set free to continue their journey. Bianca claims that by means of a small implement that was implanted during their experience she was able to remain in communication with the being called Karran.

(M.A.O.Bianca -Jane Thomas) 6-Quixadá-CE – April-03-1976 - Paralyzed


Contacted saw 2 small ets, big heads, they throw a luminous ray in contacted, that he fainted. Later his hair was white and he was impotent. (CPU - Reginaldo Athayde) 7-Quixadá-CE-April-03-1976 – 05:00A- Kidnapping - Paralyzed

Rancher Luis Barroso Fernandes had just finished rounding up his prized animals and was returning back to the farm on his burro when after about 3 km from the farm he began hearing a loud buzzing sound similar to the ones made by giant bees. Looking around he did not see anything and continued on his journey. Suddenly a bright ball of light of about 3 meters in diameter flew over the witness. The craft slowly descended towards the ground in front of him. It resembled a huge tractor tire or a giant turtle. Afraid, his burro reared back while at the same time a bright beam of light from the object illuminated them both instantly paralyzing them. At that point a door on the object opened and two figures became visible, one of them carried with him what appeared to be a flashlight, which he pointed at the witness, at this point a beam of light struck the witness on his face causing him to become unconscious. Two hours later he woke up feeling strong heat on his face and having some difficulty breathing along with a severe headache. Barroso’s health quickly deteriorated and his hair turned gray-white over night. His mental status became that of a 2 year old and almost 15 years after the encounter he had wasted away and died in bed.

(C.P.U - Reginaldo Athayde) 8-São Gonçalo – June-14-1976 - Kidnapping - Paralyzed A man, Sidney Walker, was found in a hospital in a confused state. He remembers that something had lifted him upward and then he lost consciousness. Later he was found dazed in a coconut grove by a couple. An independent witness said he had seen a hovering craft aim a beam of light at the witness. He rushed to warn Walker but was stopped on his tracks by a paralyzing force

(Gordon Creighton FSR 22/4) 9-Aricanduva-São Paulo-June-23-1976 - Kidnapping


Paulo Coutinho, 18, failed to return home after attending a night school class. The next morning a friend of his brought to his parents Paulo’s schoolbooks and notebooks, which he had found scattered on the

street at about midnight. Police inquiries failed to find him. By evening, many people had gathered at the Coutinho home. Suddenly the boy’s father Jose Alves felt

a conviction that his son was all right and would return;

also, that he should go to the back of his garden to find traces of him. He did not do this, but went to reassure the family members; then groans were heard, and on opening the back garden door, Paulo was discovered lying on the steps, in a semi conscious condition. He was cold, as if he had been there some time. He was later revived at a nearby hospital. The police officer that

carried him to the ambulance later felt a strong “irritation” of his body, especially the arms. Ballpoint pens in the boy’s pockets were found to be strongly radioactive. At about 1930 that evening a neighbor woman, Virginia, standing on her front porch, had observed hovering very close to the roof of the Coutinho house a strange luminous object which then moved away. Her daughter also saw it. According to Paulo Coutinho, all during the day of 23rd he had heard, off and on, a mysterious whistling sound. He had left his class at 2330, seen his girlfriend home, when he noticed in the sky a light moving westward, which he then saw was not an airplane. He felt

a shudder, and found himself paralyzed and unable to

utter a cry. The light approached him and descended, stopping 20-25 ft away where it slowly “went out.” There then emerged a “very short” being with a big head and with large eyes and pointed ears, small mouth and an upturned nose “like a pig’s.” He was bald and had no eyebrows; he wore a tight one-piece suit of bluish gray color with an emblem on its chest; then he rose into the air (accompanied by the dwarf) “Everything was transparent.” He found himself above the ground, then saw a huge reddish colored cigar shaped object, perhaps 650 ft long, toward which he was moving. He color became metallic gray as he came nearer; then, with an attack of vertigo, he passed into it, apparently through a horizontal door. He found himself lying on the floor, in a dark gray circular area, with 3 beings standing watching


him. He rose to his knees, then again felt paralyzed. He received a telepathic message tat they were not going to harm him. Then they turned and went toward a wall; he felt compelled to follow, still on his knees; the wall vanished, and they entered a larger room, in which were 6 more of the beings. Like the first one, it was devoid of furniture. There was no visible light source. They stopped, and he sat down on the floor, facing a sidewall. He now thought of his girlfriend, his school friend, and his parents; their moving images appeared on the wall before him, apparently doing what they were actually doing at the time. Angry, he asked the being what they wanted with him; they did not speak, but he understood telepathically that they would not harm him, and that “they wanted to discover how life arose in the universe.” Asking about 3 beings that were “different”, he learned that these were females. On inquiring about their reproduction, he learned that “on their planet there was no sex; children were produced in a laboratory, prepared for definite functions in their society.” When he expressed a wish to return home, one of the beings placed his hand on a projection on the wall and looked at one of the females, whereupon the wall disappeared, and there appeared a red-lighted corridor. Feeling himself called, the witness walked across the room; something like a bed came out of the wall, and he found himself in the air, then on the bed. One of the beings passed his hand over his body, “illuminating it wherever it passed.” Immediately thereafter, he rose into the air, and found that he was already leaving the object, again with an attack of dizziness. The he found himself lying down, hearing his parents and others talking but unable to speak. When he came to in the hospital, his whole body was numb and prickling. (Mário Martins Ribeiro-APEX / Ovni Documento) 10-Canelinha-SC – september-03-1976 - Faint João Romeu Klein threw a knife in ets, that floated, they had 1,20 meters of stature that hit back with a light beam, fainting him. Ufo type basin, of 3,5 meters of width for 2,20 meters of height. (Ufo Informe) 11-Serra do Moura - Brusque - SC – September -03- 1976 - 19:00 h


The witness was returning home after visiting his mother when he suddenly observed an approaching disc shaped object from the south. The

object had a rotating lower half and a bright light on top which seemed to change colors. The object flew over the witness then came to a halt just ahead of him. The object projected from its base an intense beam of red light. Within this beam three small beings descended slowly to

the ground. The three small humanoids took position

across the road blocking the witness path. The object then glided over to a clump of nearby trees. As the

witness continued to walk, the three small beings spread

out their arms across the road in an obvious attempt to

block him, at the same time speaking in an unknown language. The witness threw a knife at the beings but it

seems to strike an invisible wall. The being in the middle then pointed a rod like device at the witness from which a beam of bluish white light emerged. The witness apparently blacked out and was found later on the ground by his neighbors. The beings were described as heavy set and man like, wearing tight gray coveralls and

a globular helmet that covered their heads. (SBEDV-Walter K.Buhler) 12-Vargem Grande-Baldim-MG–September-05-1976

Mr. da Silva, a village shopkeeper in his

late 30s, was walking home late at night when he saw a

light several hundred meters away. The light went out

and in a few seconds went on again, now right over him.

It was a hemispherical ufo about 5 meters in diameter,

yellowish luminescent with a violet or bluish band around

the base, and with a hole at the center. The witness took

refuge in the back door of his shop, and cried out to his wife and brother in law in the house some 40 meters

away. The light of the ufo became so brilliant that he had to cover his eyes. As he began to run toward the house, he felt a blow and fell; looking up, he saw that 4 hooked rods now projected downwards from the central hole of

the ufo. Down one of these hooks to the ground slid a

humanoid being wearing a dark metallic coverall uniform

and an opaque helmet; this humanoid, keeping his arms

bent like a boxer, ran to the witness and bumped against him, pushing him towards the hooks. The witness grabbed the entity, which was small, and lifted him off the


ground, but the ufo then caught him with its hooks. The humanoid freed himself, and climbed up the hooks back into the ufo. Da Silva, yelling, was pulled upwards until, by kicking at the UFOs edge, he was able to free himself. He fell down into a thicket of thorny plants. His brother in law came to the window of the house just in time to see the witness fall. He helped him to his feet, and both ran inside; the UFO continued to hover over the house for a while. The humanoid left one small footprint, which was soon obliterated by rain. (CICOANI-Hulvio B.Aleixo- Alberto Carmo) 13-São Gonçalo do Amarante,Ceara,1976 Hercilia da Costa, then 9, was walking home from catechism class and as she passed through a patch of woods she saw a light ahead. Seconds later she came upon an object sitting on three legs on a dry riverbed. Gathered near it were seven men about six-feet tall in dark tight-fitting diving suits. They appeared to be surprised to see her and stared at her. One was kneeling and putting pebbles into a transparent bag. He spoke to her in an unknown language. The men looked like normal humans, they had normal mouths, long pointy noses normal hands and appeared to have no hair or the clothing covered their heads. They wore black boots that came to mid-calf. The object was round, silver colored, had a door and two little round windows with dark glass in them. Hercilia also remembers seeing two red lights on the front and hearing a motor noise. Later at the site were the object had rested, footprints and square holes were found on the ground ( Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone) 14-Refrigério Ceara-March-03-1976-16:00h Francesco Ojeda, 12, was walking through the woods on his way home from school when, in a clearing, he came upon a shiny circular object about 40 ft in diameter, resting upon a metallic platform. 2 persons in shiny suits, less than 5 ft tall, stood beside the machine, apparently making repairs. When they saw the boy they leaped into the UFO through an open port, which closed after them; then a device on top of the saucer rotated and flashed an intense light at the boy, blinding him. He fell to the ground, semi conscious. He hazily remembered being taken inside the object, where


the occupants stripped him and placed him on a table under a huge amber light. “In his head” he heard a voice assuring him that no harm was intended, and adding, “we are coming here in great numbers to visit your planet.” Some time later, guided by his dog, his parents found Francesco in the woods a mile from the house, crying and wandering aimlessly; he was blind and all of his skin was reddened as if from sunburn. The next morning he recovered his sight, and told what happened to him. (Gray Barker, Saga UFO Report 6-77) 15 –Próximo a Jaboticatubas-MG-09-August-1976-tarde Cicilio H Pereira was walking home with Anita and Geralda, two older neighbors of his. They were on an isolated dirt road and were waling down a hill past some charcoal ovens near the road, when they spotted a bright light in the sky. The light soon came straight towards them at high speed, getting closer and closer. All three began running, but Cicilio did not get very far because one of the sandals he was wearing tore its strap. He stopped and the women kept running. Suddenly the huge bright saucer shaped object was on top of him. Cicilio screamed in terror as the object rose up then descended down over him again. He felt a terrible cold wind and rose up a little bit into the air. He also heard a slight humming sound. There was also a smell of sulfur in the air and he was able to see two or three small men inside the object. Suddenly the object disappeared. He ran the rest of the way home, feeling confused, scared, and nauseated. He saw the little men briefly as a door of some kind opened and closed quickly. He became extremely ill after the incident, became bedridden and eventually died. (Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone)

1975 - 7


Next to a landed large disc shaped object a witness saw the very tall figure of a woman with long dark hair and wearing shiny silvery coveralls and boots. (Revista Brasileira Ufologia) 2 – Salto do Osório-Mato Grosso do Sul-1975 -Midnight Florisval de Jesus Ferreira, a soldier, saw a dazzling bright luminous object. From it, a voice


came, saying "May fourth of 1976. We will come for you at seven in the morning, on the second crop gathering of the plantation." He could see 2 men in the object, dressed in something metallic. Then the UFO disappeared.

(Mimi Hyneck) 3-São Luis do Maranhão-January-04-1975-09:00 h - Kidnapping

An object descended over the witness home and apparently hit the wall accidentally. It left but soon returned paralyzing the witness with a beam of light. Several three-foot tall dark haired and dark skin humanoids wearing what appeared to be masks emerged and dragged the witness inside the object. He was interrogated about different aspects of life on earth and taken on a three-hour trip to their planet. The aliens were apparently not satisfied with his answers and one of them punched him. He was finally brought back home. The witness was apparently abducted eleven more times. One of those times he took a dog, a cat and a parrot to his abductors apparently for dissection experiments. While inside the object he met their leader, an entity that called himself, "Cloris" that told the witness they were from the planet "Protu." The humanoids apparently communicated via telepathy. (Jenny Randles) 4-Trairi, Ceará - May-1975-20:00 h - João Ferreira and his son Ademar had been fishing in a river and João was cooking the fish while his son venture further down the river. Suddenly Joao heard his son scream, "Father! Someone's trying to catch me!" Joao ran to him and saw a blue disc shaped object as big as a car on the sand with three men standing near it. The object had a dome and five or six windows around it. One of the men was short and stocky, and the other two were tall. The stocky one had yellow clothing. The tallest wore green, and the other one blue. All had light skin. The men quickly entered the object, which took off emitting sparks or rays of different colors. Before entering the object the men told João to stay back that they were leaving. Meanwhile his son had hidden in the bushes near the river.

(Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone)


5-São Vicente-July-1975-20:30 h 70-year old Jose Edigio Vieira was walking with his 13-year old nephew had just finished delivering bread and were walking their horses to a pasture when suddenly a big light appeared in the sky, frightened and thinking that it was a "flying saucer" both men ran and hid behind some bushes. The object lit up the whole area and resembled two plates, one upside down on the other. It kept going around and around in small circles only about 12 to 15 meters above the men. It emitted a whirring sound like a fan, and it shone a greenish light down from its center. It stayed for half an hour or more and then it went away. When Jose and his nephew thought it was safe they went back home arriving at 0030A. The next day Edigio woke up sick with symptoms of jaundice, and shortly after went to the hospital. He died in the hospital 15 days later. The diagnosis was hepatitis.

(Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone) 6-Santa Bárbara do Oeste - SP – September-09-1975- Kidnapping - Fainted Edson Roberto Marcelo was fainted by the light of an ufo. They made the regression and he spoke about ets behind a brightness 7-Near Brasilia –DF - September- 18- 1975 -23:45h Dr Olavo Trindade, a surgeon, & 4 others were being driven near Brasilia when the engine began to overheat. When the chauffeur got out to examine it, the car was bombarded from every direction with rocks, no one being in sight. He drove away, but the stones kept hitting the car. One materialized inside the car and struck the 2 women. When they reached a police station, the barrage stopped. But when they returned to the original site with a police car, the stones again struck the car. Clouds of dust rose up around it, and in the dust were visible men 8-9 ft tall. Both police officers tried to fire at them, but their guns jammed. As they drove ahead to the police station these humanoid shapes, flinging rocks, accompanied the car all the way. When the chauffeur tried to shoot at the figures, his guns also jammed. The surgeon and another passenger, M Queiroz, had to exert all their strength to keep the car doors from being pulled


open. When Queiroz began to pray for help, the stones stopped & the shapes disappeared. (The National Enquirer)

1974 - 15 1-Torres-RS-1974 - night - Puppet et. A witness encountered a short humanoid "doll-like" or "puppet-like" in appearance. He reportedly communicated via telepathy with the humanoid. He also saw a small disc-shaped object and a larger "mother- ship" type craft.

(Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 2-Ipauçu-SP-1974-23:15 h-levitation of the car. Lucia and Edison were leaving a local cinema late at night when Edison remembered that he needed to fill up the car. Lucia reminded him that there was a gas station operating all night on the Raposo Tavares Highway. As they turned back through the side street, a mud road that in those days ran parallel to the Raposo Tavares Highway they instinctively looked right and noticed that a new road had been opened in the direction of the wall circling the town cemetery. To the right of this road there were some tall eucalyptus trees. The couple suddenly felt confused at seeing a row of large, older model cars, shining brightly as if they were brand new. To the left of these strange vehicles, some people could be seen walking about. It was dark and they only saw their outline in the half-light. Edison believed that perhaps there was some kind of spiritual (Umbanda) rites being held, but Lucia informed him that such things never happened in this region of Brazil. Curios they returned on the same road but nothing more was to be seen. The road was deserted, in less than five minutes all those cars had vanished. Their car had now stopped facing the cemetery wall. Facing the wall, Edison put on the brake, stopped the engine and used the hand brake at the same time stretched his right arm along the back of Lucia's seat and leaned over, about to say something---at that precise moment the car started to lift up from the ground for the first time. It was as if it had gone forward about 30 cm and drew up its nose, with the two front wheels up from the ground. The car dropped down, hitting down hard on the road. Stunned the couple looked back thinking there was a car behind them, trying


to push them forward. Then for the second time, the car lifted its front wheels and thinking that someone was playing a prank, Lucia opened the door so as to catch

him. But the car lifted up for the third time just as she was opening the door. She immediately felt indescribably cold. She looked around but could not see anything. She slammed the door closed and felt an intense cold, as if a super frozen sponge had been sucking the base of her neck at the nape, depriving her of all energy. She turned towards Edison and saw his hair standing on end. He was deathly pale and with a great effort stammering as

he did so, he said: "Let'ssss

not speak. Edison backed up quickly and hit the road going down towards the center of town. As they drove along the side of the cemetery Lucia saw someone or something in silvery white over the ground to her right. It looked like someone dressed in white with "black light" shining upon it. It was fluorescent, and about 1.30 meters high. It was wearing a kind of hat or helmet and a cape. She did not see a face or remember seeing any hands or feet. It was dark. She panicked as Edison started shouting to her not to look sideways. She had the feeling that the figure wanted to stick to their car. But strangely, the thing, or being seemed friendly as if wanting to say hello. When the witnesses arrived home a time discrepancy of about 30 minutes was noted, also their car's electrical system had been ruined. Hypnosis failed to overcome the blockage of memory. (Irene Granchi-Ufos e Abduções no Brasil) 3-Rio de Janeiro=RJ –February-28- 1974-19:30 h - Clone of contacted. The witness was alone at home standing in the kitchen when he was suddenly somehow transported to another location. He found himself in a square room with no doors or windows. A loud voice that seems to emanate from a box like device in the corner of the room told him to remain calm. A door then appeared on the wall across from him, the door opened and a large oval shaped dark "apparatus" emerged. The object came towards him and a yellow light that came down from the top illuminated him. Suddenly from out of the oval shaped machine walked out a figure that was the exact replica of the witness. This double spoke to the witness


Terrified, Lucia could


and told him that he did not intend to harm anybody. This being then disappeared through a wall. A large TV like screen then appeared. The witness could see the actions of his double through this screen and was directed to assist him by the voice. He was finally released and the aliens apparently recalled his double. The aliens told the witness that they were here to help humanity. (Irene Granchi-Ufos e Abduções no Brasil) 4 - Marechal Mallet, Paraná, March-,1974-night - Kidnapping - dwarfs ets Farmer Romeo Nelson Ramaniv was walking alone in a rural area when he suddenly felt a heavy weight fall on his shoulders, at the same time he heard strange voices that seemed to come from a radio. Two short humanoids wearing dark coveralls then appeared one on each side of him; these had round shiny red-yellowish eyes. Seconds later they disappeared into the brush. Minutes later Romeo saw something that resembled a white sheet slowly approaching him on a nearby path. He suddenly lost consciousness and woke up later at the same location. He came from Paraná to tell to the Mr. Faleiro this close encounter, because he had read in a newspaper a close encounter published by Faleiro similar of him. (A Faleiro)

5-Paraipaba - Ceará-May-1974-night Two men, Manoel P Juca and Pedro had been fishing along the Atlantic coast and were walking to another location when Manoel looked back over his shoulder and saw, forty yards away, three men standing near what appeared to be a jeep near the water. Both men were frightened. They ducked down and watched. The strangers were dressed in dark clothing and apparently did not see them. Five times the three dark clad men hurried side by side into the ocean and just as quickly returned to the jeep like object. They were wet and seemed to be measuring something with a rope. They said nothing and no sounds were heard. After about three minutes, the three climbed into the "jeep" and disappeared into the ocean. (Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone) 6-Vila Velha –Espirito Santo-May-1°-1974-23:30 h


Samuel Faria, 27, was returning home from the center of Vila Velha when he saw on the street corner a "little man" no more than 3 ft 3" tall, clad in clothing of "astronaut type." Faria approached to within 30 ft of him; the little man then pointed a flashlight like instrument at him, and shot a beam of light into his eyes that temporarily blinded him. Although blinded, Faria ran for his uncle's house, only 60 ft away, and succeeded in reaching it. The little man wore no helmet, and had muscular arms. In February 1973 Faria had seen a ring shaped luminous UFO hovering low over his uncle's garden, and on March 11 of that year, returning from the bathhouse in the garden, he had been seized by something that left "claw marks" on his upper arms; these marks remained for 8 months. (Marcos Alexandre Fundâo, SBEDV)


Jose Uchoa, living 48 km from Belem, was accosted by 2 beings "dressed in strange reddish luminous gear" that asked him whether he would like to see a flying saucer. "Shocked at first, the farmhand accepted the invitation and was told to walk along the Belem-Brasilia highway the next day at a given time. But when he did so, he was "struck down by a violent blow" as the object passed by; found unconscious by the road, he had to be hospitalized. (Charles Bowen, Saga UFO Report) 8-Paraipaba-Ce - August 1974 - Francisco Ferreira Silva saw ufo flying, similar to jeep, with 2 lights and 2 windows and inside of it two beings.

(Ufonotas-Jean Alencar) 9-Alto da Boa Vista-Rio de Janeiro-RJ-August-24-1974 - Et floating

Regina Conceição Correa Da Silva and 4 other girls were standing by the front yard gate of a house when they noticed something shiny approaching along the Estrada Da Vista Chinesa. It proved to be 2 golden clad men, 5'4" tall, wearing golden spacesuits with round space helmets, which were floating down the road 20" above the ground, walking toward the observers with stiff strides. The sun was behind them and their faces could not be seen. The material of their suits and


boots looked like a "scaly" gold lame. The girls ran into


(Irene Granchi) 10-Praia dos Navegantes-August-31-1974-paralyzed - green skin.

Antonio de Azoted, an angler, was on the beach with his wife when they saw a discoid object with varicolored lights land close beside them. It was shaped like "two plates with the rims stuck together." The vivid lights temporarily "paralyzed" the observers. From the object emerged "3 strange short beings wearing greenish spacesuits;" their faces "seemed to reflect the green


color of their clothes." Conversing in a strange language, they quickly "examined" the angler and his wife, then seized the latter and took her into the object, which took off at incredible speed. (Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 21 # 2)


Antonio Borrego saw ufo and two beings,

a high ad a bass using tight clothes. (Ufonotas-Jean Alencar) 12-Fortaleza-CE-October-05-74 - A witness came upon a humanoid at least 2 meters in height, with a strong squared jaw, large eyes, and wearing a gray uniform. The humanoid spoke the following words "Halasalu Colcha" which the meaning

is unknown to this date.

(Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 13-Brasília-DF – September-18-1974 Dr. Olavo and more 4 people saw some

ets. 14-Itaperuna-SP – April-03-1974 Paulo Caetano Silveira was kidnapped by beings dressing blue uniform and helmet.


15-Near Julio de Mesquita - April 26 1974 The witness failed to return from a short trip. Five or six days later he was found rain soaked and covered with ticks on a thousand foot high hill near Colatina n the state of Esparto Santo, 900 km from his home. He said that a light appeared just before he crossed a bridge, and in fact his car was found there. Under hypnosis he revealed that he was taken aboard a


UFO and examined, but he resisted giving any details except that a tall, fair haired and blue-eyed young man was one of the aliens. He had given a ride to this same individual on the night of his first encounter. (Gordon Creighton, FSR Vol. 21 # 3 & 4)

1973 - 9 1-Divinopolis Minas Gerais, 1973 - night - Kidnapping After arguing with family members and his sister's boyfriend the witness, Zenon Carlos Rios decided to go up to the rooftop and sleep there for the night. As he lay on the hard concrete, almost at the brink of falling asleep, he suddenly heard a long whistle that startled him awake. He looked up and saw a large blue craft, two meters above him that seemed to be about to fall on him. The craft was egg-shaped with blue, black and white lights. There was a huge glass paned window going from one side to the other and inside he could see two human like figures sitting at a control panel. The two humanoids wore black outfits and had very pale features, and short white curly hair. The witness was unable to move and as the bottom of the craft was about to strike him, a door opened. Then a powerful blast of air sucked him inside the object. Inside he noticed a strong odour resembling propane gas, he immediately lost consciousness. His next memory was waking up on the terrace feeling great pain throughout his body. With great difficulty he walked downstairs and was stunned to learn that he had been gone for 3 days. He could not remember what happened during those three days . (Irene Granchi, UFO, Abduções No Brasil) 2 - Londrina Paraná -January-04-1973 - 2:30 h. Joao Marques observed an ufo hovering above the road near his home; an opening appeared and a human-like figure in white descended to the road on a rope. The being picked up a bit of grass and put it to his nose or mouth, then discarded it. He then picked up a hydrangea, which he took with him. He then re-entered the object b ascending the same rope in the manner he had earlier descended. The description of the figure's height and other features is not given



3-Parafuso - Bahia - May -16-1973-15:00 h - Et without ship.

An anonym was riding in his property and he heard a noise. He saw a tall man in front of him. He got

dressed of ash and it used metallic boots and a belt with

a blue buckle. His face and their hands, with long fingers were pale and his larger head than ours. He spoke in Portuguese asking the witness was not been with fear.

He said that it came a planet that the people call satellite. And he talked more some thing and he said good-bye. And he pressed a white button in his belt and a light appeared and he disappeared inside of her. (Alberto Romero) 4-Catanduva, S P-May-22-1973 -: 03:00 h. Kidnapping Onilson Patero, 40-year-old salesman, was driving to his home in Catanduva during a rainstorm he'd given a lift to a young hitchhiker and dropped him off at Itajobi. About 7 miles from Catanduva, on Highway 321, his car began to lose power and the radio failed, with static interference. At the same time he noticed a circle of light moving about in the car and pulled over, thinking it was from a truck that was passing. He then saw an object about 50 feet ahead and 40 feet over the road; the interior of the car began to heat up and Patero felt a lack of air, so he opened the door and stepped out.

A "curtain of light" began to form around the object, and

the heat and lack of air diminished. He could now see

that this was not a helicopter, and he saw a "tube of light" hit the car and, as it did, the car became transparent. He fainted. About an hour later two young men who drove on to get police help found him; on their return they found Patero still laying in the mud and rain. He came to crying out "they were trying to get me!" He was taken to the hospital in Catanduva, and later released. Over the next several days, he suffered the physical effects of some unknown symptom. The case is cited not just because is

a possible abduction; eleven months later, Patero was

the principal in an abduction experience in which he vanished for five days, turning up again in Colatina 700 km away. Under regressive hypnosis, he described one of his abductors as the same individual he had given a ride to in the case cited here.


(SBEDV-Walter K. Buhler / Max Berezowsk and Guilherme Wirz) 5-Sâo José do Rio Preto-S P-May-27-1973-02:00 h -Paralyzed - dwarf ets Geni Lisboa was busily baking wedding cakes early in the morning when her attention was drawn outdoors by the cries of her pet parakeet. Looking out, she saw an illuminated object approaching her property. The object circled the garden and hovered above the wall, at which time Ms Lisboa, only a few meters distant, could see through the transparent upper portion three identical figures of small stature, behind a kind of "parapet" which hid them from the waist down. Each one was shining a beam of light down as if searching for something when their beams simultaneously converged on the witness, immediately paralyzing her. Feeling some pain and dizziness, she was able to call out for help to her neighbor. But the object had departed before she was able to respond. When her neighbor arrived, she found Ms Lisboa's face swollen and her eyes bloodshot. Her body was painful, particularly in the joints, and especially in the knees, but she continued working until the pain returned and she was forced to call her neighbor again. Her physiological symptoms worsened and she was hospitalized for what the doctors called "prolapsed of the uterus." She had had a gynecological test 6 months earlier and had been healthy. In addition to this, her eyesight worsened after the experience to the point where she was forced to wear corrective lenses for the first time in her life; also, a previous condition of hypertension seems to have made an improvement to the degree where she dropped all previous anti- hypertensive medication. Dr. Walter K. Buhler – José Wilson Ribeiro-SBEDV) 6-Nova Friburgo RJ – August-.1973 – 14:00 h. - Et floating.

Edmund, a 19-year old youth from the Amparo settlement, was in the fruit garden of the farm when he noticed agitation among the nearby fruit trees, although the afternoon was calm and all the other trees motionless. Investigating, he discovered a strange spherical object 2 meters wide hovering just above the ground. Atop the sphere was a 10-meter tall contraption


that consisted of a cylindrical rod surmounted by a cone shaped device that fanned outward toward the top. The entire object had a metallic sheen and revolved slowly. Edmund approached to within a meter but, apprehensive, retreated to a distance of about 4 meters. At this point an aperture appeared in the side of the craft with a loud bang; from it emerged a small humanoid figure in a one- piece suit that covered his head. Strapped to his back was a rather large, squarish backpack. The entity did not walk, but floated, with a "feverish" swinging of arms and legs in midair. The entity approached Edmund to within a distance of a meter, at which time the youth became panic stricken and fled, seeking others at the farmhouse. As he ran off, he looked back and saw the little being still "hovering" in the air at the spot where he stopped when the boy ran off. When he returned with others, there was no sign of either entity or object. No traces were left at the site.

(Dr. Walter K. Buhler, SBEDV)


Farmer Joao Rodrigues Terra and his farmhand Djalma Da Silva Faques were driving to the farmer's house. They observed a strange, low white cloud, and then a bright orange, oval object 12 meters in diameter, 1 meter above the ground and 30 meters away. It had a cap on top and bottom. The surface was shiny and metallic with a luminous fan-shaped beam directed from the top upwards. The object continuously changed colors. They had trouble starting their pick up truck, and then could only creep along as the UFO paced them 30 meters away for ten minutes. Faques, the passenger, observed the object closely and could clearly see a small human figure inside. The truck functioned normally after the object sped away, but its new battery failed three days later and could not be recharged. (The Year of the Humanoids) 8-Arembepe-BA - December-1973 In a wooded area, six witnesses including Dr. Joao Rios came upon a landed metallic disc shaped object. A door opened and a tall human like figure wearing blue coveralls emerged. This being made friendly gestures and invited all the witnesses onboard. Five of the witness agreed and went inside, Rios


demurred. The craft then took off. To this day nothing has been heard of the five persons that went inside the object that day.

(Alberto Romero) 9-Salvador-Boca do Rio - Bahia - December,1973-night Three humanoids with rosy skin, reddish blond hair, only about 1 meter in height and with large heads were seen inside a hovering UFO by Agnaldo De Jesus and two friends. The humanoids appeared to be talking amongst themselves. The object was described as cone-shaped with an antenna-like protrusion and emitted flashes of blue light. It also emitted a hissing sound.

1972 - 9


(Alberto Romero)

Witness saw an et, with brown hair, thin mouth and ears and nose like small holes. He wore a tight-fitting silvery outfit and boots. (Jackson Camargo)

2-Curitiba-PR-1972 - 22:30 h 8-year old Liz de Albuquerque was preparing to go to sleep one night and was sitting on her bunk looking at her parents as they peacefully slept when she noticed a bright glow forming above the table in the kitchen. For a few moments the glow remained hovering above the table when suddenly a small green colored creature came out of it. The small creature seemed to be very curious about its surroundings. Moments later it began approaching the witness's room. Afraid, the witness hid under the covers. After awhile thinking that the creature was gone, she uncovered herself only to find the creature standing over her, looking down at her. The witness screamed in terror and at the same time the creature moved back emitting an inaudible murmur, it then glided rapidly back towards the kitchen and re- entered the bright glow. The witness described the creature as having large round protruding eyes, small ears, and thin lips (almost unseen). It had a large head and a pointy chin completely devoid of hair. The girl also noticed several dark "splotches" on the skin of the creature around the shoulder area; they appeared to be


reddish in color. The creature did not appear to be wearing any clothing. As soon as the creature disappeared into the bright glow it vanished. Liz was then able to wake her parents, who did not see anything unusual.

(Ufo Gênesis) 3-Passa Tempo-Aguadinha,Minas Gerais-night Two brothers were walking along a rural area coming back from a party; one of them was walking slightly ahead of the other. When suddenly the first one observed a humanoid about 1.10 meters in height, heavy set, wearing a light brown outfit combination, and a cap. The humanoid gesticulated and pronounced several incomprehensible words. As the other brother arrived, the humanoid repeated the same thing and then disappeared into the brush.

(A. Faleiro)


. Contacted saw two small ets, using layer

releases and long, dark hair. The ufo was of the type "boat" with windows and light and it left a smell of mixed gas with gunpowder, when it left. (CICOANI-Hulvio B. Aleixo) 5-Jequitibá - Minas Gerais-June-1972-night João Alves Sobrinho, a worker, was passing through a placed called "Quebra Perna" when he noticed, beside the road, a large whitish object "a little bigger than a Kombi," boat shaped, with 2 little windows in the base. Lying beside it & moving about on the ground were 2 "persons of small stature," who as he passed got up, muttering to one another, not showing the witness their faces. They were wearing light colored capes that reached the ground, with long sleeves; they had dark waist-length hair. The witness returned to the spot with 2 other men, but they saw only the object in flight, which now looked around and carried a bright searchlight. At the site was a strong smell of "gas and burnt gunpowder.

(CICOANI-Hulvio B.Aleixo)


Small ets were seen of yellow hair, mouth as line and nose as holes. (SBEDV-Walter K.Buhler)


7-São Leopoldo-RS-January-1972 - night A witness saw a low hovering bright ufo and inside of it, he saw through an opening several short figures wearing silvery coveralls, apparently looking out


In a field a witness spotted a bizarre humanoid figure short in stature and with what appeared to be luminous legs, it ran into a wooded area and disappeared.

(Revista Brasieira de Ufologia) 9-Dias Ávila - Bahia -December-13-1972 - 19:04 h- dwarf ets

Noting that his TV was experiencing interference, Fritz Abbehusen, 65, went out on the porch and saw a round luminous object "of enormous dimensions" pass over and land on a hillock about 5 km away. Through binoculars he could see that it was not on the ground, but floating a few yards above it. Its lower part was "fluorescent" color, its upper part, in which a row of little windows was visible, luminous orange red. From this object there presently separated 3 pairs of little blinking lights, one of which came toward the Abbehusen house. Mr. Abbehusen's wife, Margarita, together with their servant Valdeta Da Lima, went to the back of the house, where they could see the lights approaching. In about 15 minutes there arrived within 50 yards of the back of the house two small figures that "looked like boys of 13 or 14, very thin. They wore a kind of one-piece suit of whitish or gray color. They kept their elbows close to the body when walking; they walked as if on tiptoe, raising their knees exaggeratedly at each step." The observers could not see their faces, nor say whether they were wearing helmets. The 2 women fled into the house, calling out for Mr. Abbehusen, but when he came out, the beings had disappeared. The UFO remained until around midnight; at one time it emitted a beam that set the brush on fire.

(Alberto Romero, Milan Pracuch, Emanoel Paranhos Corrêa, Claudio Ribeiro and Jorge Manuel da Silva Meneses)

1971 - 12


I-Serraria,near Itaperuna-September-22-1971-19:00h Paulo Caetano Silveira, 27, a typewriter technician, found his car being followed by a red luminous disc while driving to his home in Itaperuna. At Tombos he reported the matter to the local police, but they did not take him seriously. Calmed, he started off again; this time, at a small village named Serraria, he encountered a black object on the road that turned red luminous and then blinding white, and his car engine died. The object, slightly larger than a Volkswagen, had small windows and an open door; near it were standing 3 little chubby beings approximately 20" tall, with fair complexions and slanted eyes. They wore one-piece, sky-blue coveralls with high collars, and "Roman helmets" with spikes; they carried vivid red and blue lights and moved in a stiff, mechanical way. Two bright beams of light were focused on the witness's car; its doors popped open. These beams pulled the witness from the car and into the machine, whose interior was brilliantly illuminated by white light, with little in the way of furnishings; inside were five more similar creatures. Then he heard "an infernal din" commence and believes the object flew some distance with him, but he was losing consciousness. The next thing he was aware of was being carried out and laid on the road beside his car; the UFO then rose vertically hovered a moment before shooting off laterally at staggering speed. The witness was left in a state of shock and nearly blind; 5 days later he still could not see well and was extremely nervous. His watch had lost 15 minutes (Dr Munir Russade, Dr Walter Buhler) 2 - Serro, Minas Gerais, 1971 - Afternoon A man from the Serro region was taking a bath and swimming in a local river, wearing just a slip, bathing himself near one of the river banks. Suddenly he noticed a strange feminine figure standing on the opposite bank. She had a beautiful face, but her gown was odd, it resembled a long gray smock with long sleeves. He could not see her hair, as she wore a sort of green cap, similar to the ones used by swimmers. On her left hand she held something resembling a thick green book, while on her right hand she held something like an old fashioned coffee-pot, also green, no holder and two


parallel pipes, also green. Amazed and curious the witness asked in a loud voice, who she was, and received no answer. He crossed the river, dried himself, put on his clothes and approached the "lady" whose beauty, from up close, stunned him ever more. Again he asked, "Who are you, where did you come from?" "I came from 'Cera'," she replied. As the area is extremely

hilly at first the witness thought she had said, "Serra" (hill

in Portuguese) but then it seemed to him that the odd

word fit better. The witness walked a few steps beside the mysterious lady always commenting how pretty she

was, without reaction from the latter. Suddenly he noticed that her gown sleeves were extremely long, almost hiding

a disturbing detail that he noticed: her fingers were

extremely hairy (!). At this point he briefly turned away but when he looked back the woman had vanished, seconds before she had been next to him and now she was gone, without any possibility of having run away, or she would still be seen

(CICOANI-Hulvio B.Aleixo) 3 - Itapoã,São Salvador - Bahia -.March-1971-night While standing on the beach 2 female

witnesses see 1 red sphere of light rise up from the sea,

in front of the beach area. It turns and emits green

flashes, and then it approaches the witnesses. The witnesses can see a small metallic antenna on the sphere. One human-like "extraterrestrial" comes to meet the two girls on the beach. The witnesses speak to the alien about 3 underwater ufo bases and tell a "poetic" and "astonishing" story. (Irene Granchi- Ufos e Abduções no Brasil) 4-Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, August-11-1971 - night The 30-year old witness sat by the open window while her husband slept and noticed an orange glow coming behind one of the clouds, which she thought was the moon. As she watched, a large metallic object came out from behind the cloud, larger than a Boeing plane, of a squashed, rounded shape; in fact elliptical shape. It hovered there, trembling, shaking like a dry leaf. Then it stopped entirely and hovered straight above the science building on the University campus. Now two smaller objects, perfect replicas of the first, came out from beneath it and started oscillating in their flight


around the larger one. The large UFO was silvery metallic in color but had a wide orange, phosphorescent band crossing it from side to side. Within this band the witness believed she saw oval shaped portholes of a light hue, and 3 or 4 shapes moving behind them. The large UFO emitted a broad, bluish beam of light that fell directly into the room the witness was sitting, it appeared to have been aimed at her. The small objects did not emit any light only the larger one. She compared the type of light to that of an oxyacetylene lamp. Every time it hit her it nearly blinded her. The light turned off briefly and then turned on again, at first gradually, then strongly. She now felt irresistibly drawn to it, and had to hold on to the back of the settee so as not to fly out the window. She felt that the light was having a hypnotizing effect on her and tried to call out to her husband but could not say a word. The beam of light turned on and off five times over a ten minute period until she finally managed to awaken her husband who came over to see the larger metallic object departing. It flew away at incredible speed in a northeasterly direction until it was lost to sight beyond the Sugar Loaf in the direction of Niteroi. (Irene Granchi- Ufos e Abduções no Brasil) 5-Rio Carangola - September-25-1971 - 02:00h -dwarfish ets

Benito Miranda a driver saw a light block the highway and he was slowly with his car. He saw an ufo of the size of a car volkswagen and it stopped. It opened up a door and he saw 3 small beings, that they got dressed as Roman and they used helmets. To him it seemed that he flew for 15 minutes and the ufo disappeared. He went to the police of Itaperuna that ordered him to a hospital to be examined. (SBEDV-Dr Walter K.Buhler) 6-Itaperuna - Rio de Janeiro, October-11-1971 - 03:00 h Paulo Caetano Silveira was wakened up by a shock. And of his bed he saw light in the garden and through the window she saw the same object that stopped him on September 22. Paulo saw small beings to 3 meters of the house. The ufo and their occupants left.

(SBEDV-Dr Walter K.Buhler) 7-Ipu - Ceará, November - 1971- dwarf ets


Shortly after a number of observers saw an intensely bright saucer shaped object flying over Raimundo Nonato, a farmer in Ipu, a village located in the same state, said the object landed on a rocky hill near his farmhouse; out of it jumped "three little beings." The incident seized the farmer, Raimundo Nonato, 'with such a violent nervous crisis," the witness made straight to the local police to report the incident

(FSR) 8-Bananeiras - Rio de Janeiro-November-17- 21:30 - Kidnapping

The third incident involving Paulo Caetano Silveira happened in his friend's company Elvio B. While between Itaperuna and Natividade de Carangola. The car stopped and he was transported for the ufo, where they took blood of him. And he saw in panels vary scenes. The episode didn't last more than five minutes and he returned to the car. (SBEDV-Dr Walter K.Buhler) 9 - Carangola, Itaperuna, RJ – December-05-1971 - 19.00 h

Paulo Caetano Silveira had his fourth close encounter to Rio Carangola. He was invited to enter in the ufo and to hear their occupants. They said that they prepared him for a future contact. (SBEDV-Dr Walter K.Buhler) 10-Itaperuna-RJ-December-20-1971-night- Levitation -

Manuel Da Silva E Souza, the manager of an airfield at Itaperuna, observed on the ground a transparent egg-shaped object, lit up by a powerful bluish light. The witness approached to within 150 feet of the object, which was about 8 feet high and less than that in width, and could see a humanoid figure less than 3-foot tall and wearing a khaki uniform with boots who walked around the UFO once, then stopped and seemed to be looking at the witness for a minute or two. Then the being rose up into the air above the craft, and entered it feet first. De Silva could see two other similar entities inside the transparent object. After the first had entered, these others put their hands on something beside them, and the craft rose into the air and flew off. The incident lasted no more than 4 minutes.


(SBEDV-Dr.Walter K.Buhler) 11-Rio Carangola-September-25-1971-0200A- Benito Miranda, a truck driver, perceived a strong beam of reddish light, coming from something that blocked the road ahead of him; his car slowed down and stopped. He saw an object about the size of a Volkswagen car; in it a door opened and three diminutive beings 20" tall jumped down; they wore "Roman type" helmets and carried dazzling lights. With a beam of yellow light they raised him 150 ft from the ground, where he was floated for about 15 minutes. When the headlights of an approaching car came into view he was gently lowered back down to the ground and the object and its occupants vanished. He drove back into Itaperuna and reported to the police, who sent him to SAMDU Hospital be examined. (SBEDV-Dr.Walter K.Buhler)


The witness, a lonely horse rider, was traveling on the ridge of a hill when he saw a strange little craft land some tens of meters in front of him, also on the ridge. It was a boxy parallelepiped shaped, transparent little vehicle (possibly 2.5m long) but with a green floor, having two rectangular transparent lateral winglets. Inside, two humanoids could be seen. They sat on square backless seats. Both got out. They were short as to human standards. Both wore a green overall, were white, a Mediterranean biotype, dark haired and bearded. The beards seemed to be well-kept, trimmed. Both took a kind of notebook and pencil and began to write on it, not aware of the lonely human rider presence. The latter approached and innocently thought they could be from the Brazilian Army, because of the green uniforms, not to mention a cap (also green) similar to the one used by the military. The imagination of the simple rider went farther, but not to the stars. He wondered if they could have had something to do with a land property dispute that was taking place. The Army (the country was under a military government) could have sent people to monitor the place. The rider stopped, dismounted from his horse and took a few steps towards the strangers. In order to look polite, he gestured a military salute. However the strangers just looked at him briefly, stopped taking their


notes, entered the craft which took off and then landed about 1km away from the witness. Notwithstanding, the lone rider adamantly insisted on approaching the mysterious flying duo. But when they saw him approaching again, they just displayed a sort of disgusted look and again reentered the little craft and didn't land again. Just flew away. (CIOANI-Hulvio Brant Aleixo)

1970 - 9 1-Rio de Janeiro - RJ-1970 In the year of 1970 contacted saw two ets using gray clothes and an ufo 2-Mata do Amém- PA.-1970 Dr. Roberto Marcio was on his way to town one Sunday walking along a path when he was suddenly confronted by two very tall blond men, wearing metallic appearing clothing, that spoke to him in an unknown mesmerizing language. Frightened Marcio ran into the brush and left the area (Centro Paraibano de Ufologia) 3-Rio de Janeiro-RJ, January-1970-night Paulo Fernandes was meditating out of the city and he saw a flash and it went down a ship. He heard a voice saying: be not afraid, we are their friends. Don't approach the ship, because of the magnetic field. Two men appeared, high, thin, of blonde hair and they dressed a fluorescent clothes. A third person appeared. He had the nice face and a light seemed to shine of his head. My name is Ashtar and he spoke in peace and love. And the ufo flew, disappearing. (UFO Geheimnisse) 4-Leblon - Rio de Janeiro – June-21-1970 - 11:40 h Aristeu Machado, 5 daughters and Mr. João Aguiar saw a metallic object from 12 to 18 width feet, flying on the ocean. And he had a transparent cupola where saw 2 ets, dressed in metallic clothes of dark color and they used helmets. Little later the ufo flew the big speed. (Irene Granchi, D C.Neto and Dr. Walter K.Buhler) 5-São João da Boa Vista, São Paulo, September-07- 1970 - 19:30 h - Kidnapping


After an argument with her mother 17- year old Valeria became upset and along with her brother drove away from the house and parked in an isolated area to smoke a cigarette and to relax. Soon they heard

a loud buzzing sound similar to those emitted by crickets,

it rose in intensity until it became unbearable. At that moment her mind seemed to have gone blank and she

did not come around until 2215. After the incident Valeria suffered from strange dreams of lights. During a hypnotic regression she remembered being in the car and hearing

a loud humming sound. Moments later she found herself

inside a room illuminated by an orange light. The room was very cold and she felt a tingling sensation on her hands. She was lying on top of a "bed" and she could not move her head. At first she could only see what appeared to be luminous spheres floating around her. Suddenly she felt someone holding down her hands. A

figure then stood in front of her. She described the figure as short, with a large hairless head, and dark eyes. Soon

a sort of cable with what appeared to be a needle on its

tip was introduced into her nose. The needle emitted a greenish liquid. A small object was also apparently implanted between her eyes. Moments later a small cut was made on one of her big toes. She did not bleed or felt any pain. A voice in her mind told her that she was being implanted in order to facilitate future contacts. Soon one of the short humanoids approached her and took her on an "astral" journey. Both traveled along the solar system, around Saturn and the Sun and apparently

to the earth's interior. Soon she woke up back in the car (Pablo Villarrubia, Mario Rangel) 6-Itaperuna-RJ-September-12-1970- Contacted Levitated - Telepathy- dwarfs ets Contacted was levitated of his car for the ufo and he had a close encounter with 3 ets, of 90 centimeters of stature, dressing blue clothes and communicating by telepathy. (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 7-Belo Horizonte -MG, November-24-1970-19:00 h -


A compact "cloud" ufo emitting rays from the top, was seen by hundreds passing above Belo Horizonte, during which, part of the city experienced a


power outage. At the same time, Moyses Santos, a resident of the city, "found himself surrounded by half a dozen 3-foot tall beings who went around touching and upsetting everything." They floated about in the air, and "looked like ice," when near a table lamp, they "lit up in many lights." One of them handed Santos a piece of paper on which, without knowing why, he drew a flying saucer; the being then took the paper back. Finally they disappeared through the walls. The witness went outside in time to see the UFO above the city flooding the area with brilliant light. Other sightings occurred about the same time in numerous Brazilian cities. (Irene Granch) 8-Itaperuna - RJ-.December-20-.70 - Levitation / dwarf et A humanoid figure about 90 cm in height was seen floating up into a transparent round object. Inside the object two other figures waited for him (Revista Brasileira de Ufologia) 9-Passa Tempo-Decade of 70 José Tarcísio Rodrigues, in the farm Campo Grande, saw a small et, on a gate, of dark gray color, three protuberances in the head, and two holes in the place of the nose, small mouth. Hours later, a girl, Rolimã, she lived in the farm, also she saw the et, in a telephone thread. He had about 80 centimeters of stature.

(A Faleiro)

1969 - 29 1-Fazenda Jaraguá-MG-1969 - Kidnapping - dwarf et A man was abducted and saw small ets and of serious voice. He flew in the ufo for a strange place.


Contacted saw, in 1969, ufo with cupola and an et inside of it.


A small silvery disc with a high protruding dome landed on a field. From a small opening two short humanoids emerged, they seemed to hover just above the ground. The beings were heavy set and human like. Two other being remained inside. The beings spoke among themselves in a hoarse “serious” voice. (J.Antonio Huneus) 4-Tres Lagoas, Mato Grosso of Sul,1969 - night


One night Nadia Marzalle was lying on her bed when a bright light and a strange noise invaded the room. She went outside and saw a ufo floating above the ground. Suddenly she felt herself “sucked” inside the object. Once inside he saw a humanoid similar to a human and next to him two other younger men, with brown hair and taller than the witness. They wore white coveralls and spoke in an unknown language, which the witness could not understand. They sat him on a metallic and cold chair. Looking out a porthole like opening he was able to see that they were flying over a world, which had houses that lacked roofs. The craft then floated above some woods under a star-filled sky. The craft never did land and after drinking a sour tasting liquid he was returned to earth (Pablo Villarrubia / Mario Rangel) 5-Jales - São Paulo-January-25-1969 - 22:30 h An ufo landed in the highway and two occupants were seen, they got dressed dressed in white. They were apparently normal human beings (Nigel Rhyme, FSR) 6-Alexânia –January-31-1969 - 20;00 h General Moacir Uchoa and Wilson P.Gusmão saw an ufo. Gusmao left the group and walked up to within a yard of the vessel, which he found to, be only 6.5 ft long and 3 ft wide, hovering 18” above the ground. A door opened, and a crewmember stood up in the entrance. He looked at Gismo while manipulating something on his belt, which Gismo thought was a camera. Then he turned his back, and “as if obeying an order, a big light arose from the nearby ridge.” The man then again faced Gismo; he put his hand to his belt again, which caused a luminous halo to surround his body. After this the onlookers could see him only as a ball of light. Then, with a little gesture, he slipped down again into the craft, which took off rapidly (Gal. A.Moacir Uchoa)


Geni Maria Santana, 21, heard a knock at the door of her hut; looking out the window, she saw a little man 40-45” tall, with “Japanese eyes”, a big ugly mouth, a pointed nose, and skin covered with a dark powder. He was covered with a striped bluish “shiny”


garment, resembling an overall; it was capacious and covered his hands, which seemed to be holding something. She asked, “What do you want?” she could not understand his reply, and said “No!” The creature lowered its eyes and said no more; she closed the window.

(SBEDV-Walter K.Buhler)


Hearing his pigs grunting during the night, the manager of the “Bela Alianca” Fazenda (ranch) went out and saw from a distance of 60 ft the landing of a UFO about 12 ft wide and 15 ft high, which rested on tripod legs. Three crewmembers emerged onto a small catwalk around the machine, each with a different type of implement with which they busied themselves for a period of 2-3 minutes.

(SBEDV-Walter K.Buhler) .9-Rio de Janeiro-February-23-1969 - green et A young one counted that it was in a waterfall, in the mountains with a friend and they heard a strange sound. Then, they saw an enormous object and of a vertical door they had left two men of small stature. They had human features, a greenish color in the head and chests phosphorescent and they seemed be gray color. The boys fled and they returned with two guards, but nothing else there was there.


Luis Flozinho de Oliveira, a farm worker, was on his way to work when he was approached and attacked by two aggressive beings 1.5 meters tall, with long hair, beards, and asymmetrical eyes. Both humanoids wore white unbuttoned shirts and long beige colored pants with what appeared to be colorfull inscriptions and drawings on them, they also wore dark shiny medallions around their necks, their skin appeared to be normal in color. Stunned at first, Luis then fought back, knocking both of them to the ground, one on top of the other. At this point both humanoids rose up and exchanged some words between them in a strange language, and then they told Luis in perfect Portuguese that they were leaving since he was much stronger than them, at which time they both fled into the thick underbrush. The witness dog “rolled up into a ball on the


ground for protection” during the attack upon its master. The dog refused to eat anything after the encounter and was found dead a month later his body completely bloated up. He had refused to return to the place of the encounter.

(SBEDV-Walter K.Buhler) 11-Pirassununga-SP-February-07-1969-7:30 h -Paralyzed./floating ets-dwarf ets People shouting about a mysterious object visible on a hillside awakened Tiago Machado, 19. He got his binoculars and went to see the object, approaching to within 30 ft. It was a domed disc, aluminum colored, about 12 ft in diameter and 5 ft high. A hinged door was open in the top of the dome, and from this two humanoid figures emerged and seemed to float to the ground; two others were visible inside the craft, through windows. The beings, 4.5 ft tall, were dressed in tight, silvery garments without buttons, covering them from feet to head. Their features were seen through transparent helmets. Their skin was yellow, eyes slanting, and the mouth with thin, slit-like lips. They came to within 3-4 meters of the witness. When they laughed at the witness, who was puffing a cigarette, he could see that they had black teeth. He tossed the cigarette pack close to one, who put his hand above it; the pack floated up into his hand. The thumb of his hand was set further back than on a human hand. The beings spoke in “hoarse, guttural” sounds. When a friend called out to the witness, the entities walked backward and re-entered through the door; the second one, when halfway through, pointed a tube at Machado, which emitted a bluish flame that “floated” toward him. When it hit him, he felt pain and was paralyzed; as the ufo took off, almost horizontally, the witness fainted. A welt remained where the flame had struck him. On the ground were found three landing-leg markshis hand on him and the bundle floated. The beings spoke in guttural sounds. Tiago was paralyzed and the ufo broke to the sky. In the soil they were the marks of tripods of landing of the ufo. (Nigel Rhyme, Ned S Martins and Reginaldo da Silva) 12-Pirassununga-SP – February-06-1969, Morning Barbara Mina da Silva was weeding rice at a place called “Chacara do Benedito,” when two boys,


Joâo Batista da Silva, and Benedito Paulino Ramos, called to her attention a “shining little tent” 500 meters away. She described it as white, looking like one of the triangular tents used by exterminators of the sauva ant; nearby were three men with helmets, which she took to be the men fighting the ants. The boys told her that the men’s clothing was shining, but she described it as gray. She continued her work, when suddenly the boys cried out, “Look, the little tent has disappeared.” She saw that both tent and men had indeed gone. Shortly afterward the boys pointed out a “luminous ball the size of the sun” stationary just above the woods. It disappeared after 30 minutes, and at once a Brazilian AF helicopter appeared and descended about 2 km away. The helicopter was seen on several occasions during the next few days. (SBEDV-Walter K.Buhler) 13-Pirassunga-SP-February-06-1969 –20:15h The witness name is Mr. Jose Antonio Fioco, 53; the distance of the object and entities is variously given as 20m. and 200 m. The object’s size 13 x 16 ft. Entities were 1.60 m tall, and they wore. “silver shoes”, one piece suits with 3 silver buttons in front. One held a tube or rod 14” long and 2” wide, from which light was emitted at one end, which clearly lit up the hen house 820 ft away. Second entity carried a slightly larger rod; the third carried an implement or device like a box camera. On passing through his gate to get other witnesses, the creaking of the gate apparently alerted the entities to his presence, and they entered the object, which took off immediately. Other members of the family were reported to have seen objects around the same time on several occasions; Fioco saw 4 more UFOs subsequently, including 2 other landings but no more entities.

(SBEDV-Walter K.Buhler) 14-Rio de Janeiro - RJ-March-10-1969 - Kidnapping A witness reported being abducted onboard an object by three human-like aliens, one a woman with long blond hair, wearing blue coveralls and boots and two tall men with dark hair and wearing tight- fitting gravy coveralls and boots.


(Irene Granchi)

15-Rio de Janeiro-Barra da Tijuca-RJ- March-17-1969 -


The witness, at the time a retired army general, had become stranded along a dirt road after his car engine had quit. Moments later he saw a light rising above a nearby hill and felt a strong compulsion to walk towards it. After a short walk he came upon an object with translucent walls that gave off a dazzling light. Despite being translucent, the object appeared metallic. Part of the wall of the object flung itself back and an opening became visible. Three human like figures stood in the opening, one was a woman. The witness was then invited inside by one of the men that informed him that the other two were also humans. After a short ride in the

object he was told that time, as we know it did not exist, he was eventually released back to his vehicle, which

quickly started without any difficulty



(Irene Granchi)

16-Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais-March-22-1969 -20:00


Two unidentified girls were returning to their home in the Colegio Batista district when they saw a luminous object with a blue light hovering in the west. It had a ring of white lights around it and appeared to spin. At home later, one of the girls went to the window and saw a little man 10 meters away near the gate, standing erect and facing the window. He wore a kind of diving suit with a soft green luminosity, and a helmet, through which she could see a pair of glowing eyes, like a cat’s. She told her companion and a third girl; the second girl also saw the entity, which was then standing facing to the side; the third girl went to the aid of the first who was so frightened by the figure’s appearance that she went into shock. That same evening, the boyfriend of one of these girls was walking on the other side of the city when the streetlight went out; he saw a few meters away, the faintly illuminated silhouettes of two small figures standing on a precipice high above the street. Frightened, he hurried on; on passing through the area later, the lights were once again on and the figures nowhere in sight (CICOANI-Hulvio Brant Aleixo)


17-Nova Iguaçu-Rio de Janeiro –March-31-1969 -afternoon

Dozens of residents (possibly 200 in all) of the Coenze neighborhood saw the descent of a “mystery airplane” on Maxambona Hill, falling in an unusual manner, slower than usual and appearing to be “controlled.” Among the many witnesses was an elderly man and his children, whom he told to go immediately to the landing site to assist possible casualties. As he watched hundreds of townspeople converge upon the hill, he saw “two beings come out of the craft,” which seemed to be slowly “slowly moving like a wing” which was shifting slightly. As the first of the people neared the site, the object and its occupants vanished abruptly from sight; when they arrived there was nothing to be found. No one heard any engine noise when the “plane” landed, and investigations at the site by members of the military police disclosed no wreckage (Fernando Cleto Nunes Pereira and Dr. Walter K. Buhler) 18 – Itauçu-GO, April-20-1969-afternoon - Kidnapping Adelino Roque,25 years old, was on his way to the local Serradinho ranch on his horse when suddenly a bright beam of light originating from somewhere above struck him. Soon he found himself inside what appeared to be a dark drum-like object totally silent and moving at what appeared to be a very excessive speed through the sky. He could not remember anything after that and woke up next to he River Paranaiba lying on top of rock and miles from his original location. Meanwhile his horse had been found earlier tied up at another ranch, apparently unharmed. Roque also appeared to be unharmed except for a strange bruise on his side. He did not remember seeing any entities or hearing any one talking to him during the time he had been gone. Soon after this experience, Roque began neglecting his work and began drinking heavily and apparently fell in love with his 17-year old niece. A month later Roque again was reported missing this time along with his niece. On June 12, both Roque and his niece were found dead under unusual circumstances, some said apparently poisoned. (Willy Silva, Revista Brasileira de Ovni)


19-Nova Lima - MG – Vila Operária -1:00 h-May-20-1969 - Kidnapping

Igor José Cruz was taken by light cone and kidnapping by small ets and of big head. He lost the conscience and he woke up in the morning. (Realidade Fantástica) 20 – Bebedouro- Espírito Santo- May-04-1969-15:00 h - Abduction

Jose Antonio Da Silva, a soldier, was fishing when he heard a cry and felt his legs struck and numbed by a burst of “fire” coming from bushes. He was seized and dragged by two little beings only 4-foot tall, clad in shining, light colored garments and wearing aluminum masks or helmets. Tubes ran from the masks to small containers on their backs. They dragged him to a craft that was shaped like a vertical cylinder terminated by wider saucer shaped top and bottom; rods from the base of the cylinder supported the upper disc. It was only bout 6 ft high and 9 ft wide. Inside was a cubical room, brilliantly lighted from no visible source. Here they fitted on him a helmet like their own, then tied him down to a seat. He felt a sensation of taking off; during the flight, which lasted for hours, they talked among themselves in an incomprehensible language with many R’s. At one point in the journey the craft seemed to turn on its side for a while. When they landed, he was blindfolded and dragged into a large room, where a little man without a spacesuit confronted him; he had long reddish hair and a beard that flowed to his waist. He was strongly built, and his skin was pale; he had large round, green eyes and a big nose, and his mouth appeared toothless, “like a fish’s.” To the side of the witness were laid 4 human cadavers, one a Negro’s. A dozen more little men, all much resembling the leader, were in the room. They examined his fishing tackle and other possessions. Several carried weapons. The leader then addressed him in his incomprehensible speech, making sketches simultaneously on a light colored slate beside him. He was given, from a stone cup, a bitter green liquid that restored his energy and made him better able to comprehend what the alien meant to express. The latter was able to convey to Da Silva the idea that he was expected to help them land on Earth, a proposition that


the soldier rejected, fingering his rosary. The leader irritated, snatched the rosary away, and showed it to the others. At this point a kind of vision appeared to Da Silva of a Christ-like man with long fair hair and beard, dressed like a monk, . who spoke to him in Portuguese, giving him a message, which he was sworn to keep secret. After this vision had vanished, Da Silva was again blindfolded, dragged back to the spacecraft, and returned to the earth in the same manner as he had been taken away. Released during the night, when morning came he found that he was near Vitoria, more than 200 miles from Bebedouro, and that four and a half days had passed since his abduction. He suffered various physical ailments later. (Did a different more benign force attempted to help the abductee in this case? (Hulvio B. Aleixo / Dr.Walter K. Buhler) 21-Jaboticatubas - Minas Gerais – May-05-1969 - About the same time as the Bebedouro incident, a deaf mute named Antonio Rodrigues, 60, of the Fazenda Constantino on the Rio Das Velhas, was fishing when he was confronted by apparently the same type of being encountered by Da Silva at Bebedouro, 20 km to the east. When they made signs for the man to approach, he fled, terrified; he was pursued and knocked to the ground by an implement one of the little beings drew from his belt. They gathered around the deaf mute, felt his arm and conversed amongst themselves in an unintelligible language, and shook their heads, departing toward a machine parked nearby, into which they climbed and ascended vertically. The witness identified the beings from various drawings, including Da Silva’s that were shown to him by the investigators. (Hulvio Brant Aleixo / Dr. Walter K. Buhler) 22-Fernandes - Santa Catarina-May-19-1969-19:30 h Two women, Dona Aurora and Clair Mefessoli, were going to a neighbor’s house for milk when they saw an elongated yellowish luminous object descend behind them, not quite to the ground. Two little beings, 3-foot tall, with features like humans, got out of it; terrified the women fled.

(FSR) 23 – Vila Operária - Minas Gerais –May-20-1969 - 1:00 h - Kidnapping - Paralyzed


Jose Pereira Sacramento was awakened by a noise; going out his back door, he saw “the white face of an animal” and a light in the sky which came down toward him. He was paralyzed, and could not re- enter the house or call out. An “enormous object” landed beside him, and he was “pulled through an opening” into the ship, finding himself inside a small elevator, which rose to a brightly lit circular compartment with a curved ceiling, about 45 ft in diameter. In this room were six small entities only 31” tall, with big heads, entirely covered by a close-fitting plastic film of light cream color having openings only for the eyes and ears. The eyeholes were slanted. Each entity stood inside a cylinder 3 ft in diameter and 15” high, and above its head was a curved plate with a lever. They spoke among themselves in “a language of short sounds repeated shrilly, like pigs grunting.” After 4 or 5 minutes, one of the beings moved a control, and the illumination increased in brightness to such a point that Pereira lost consciousness. At 0600A he woke in his bed, not knowing how he got there. Inflammation of the eyelids lasted a month, and a year after the event he still felt light-headed and had difficulty concentrating. (CICOANI-Hulvio B.Aleixo) 24-Belo Horizonte- Minas Gerais –May-21-1969 - midnight

Jose Antonio Da Silva had a sudden impulse to get out of bed and go into his garden. He stepped out his door and saw three of the same entities he had encountered earlier that month at Bebedouro, dressed in the same flight-suits. They stood motionless, looking at him. He quickly stepped back indoors and bolted the door, without saying a word or hearing a sound from them. He then explained to investigators that they wanted him to “work against my own people,” and expressed his great fear that the world was in great danger, without knowing from where the danger would come.

(CICOANI-Hulvio B.Aleixo) 25 – Sobral-Ceara-July-18-1969 A shining flying saucer stopped and remained stationary for half a minute near the cement plant, and opposite the house of Neusa Rodrigues. Through the


window of the craft was seen “a little bluish colored man with eyes that gave off flashes.” The UFO performed various maneuvers over.the cement plant and drew the attention of many of the employees, who stopped work briefly to watch it. Lt. Pedro Edvaldo De Souza took statements from eyewitnesses, on instructions from the Brazilian Air Force base at Fortaleza (Lt Pedro Edvaldo de Souza, Brazilian Air Force )-(CPU) 26-Near Macaé – Rio de Janeiro- August-19-1969- 02:50 h - dwarf ets

Luis Renato Matos, a schoolteacher, was driving his sister in law and her two children from Ararauma to Campos. Near Macae, he saw a blue light which, when seen again some 200 meters ahead, now appeared as a bright blue inverted plate about 20 meters in diameter, and floating at an inclined angle 3 to 4 metes above the ground. His passengers were all sleeping. As he came around a bend in the road, Renato saw 5 or 6 small human like figures less than a meter tall, all scurrying rapidly about; each one carried an illuminated pear shaped implement, held by a small rod; these glowed like red-hot iron. Renato speeded the car up and just after he passed through Macae his headlights failed and the motor quit. He sat there for a long while not knowing what to do until, finally, he was again able to start the car and proceed.

(Richard Heiden) 27-Rio de Janeiro - RJ –October-15-1969 - Kidnapping- green skin

A reported abduction took place on this date where the witness encountered short greenish skin humanoids, with duck like feet and long pointy ears resembling those of rats. These wore tight-fitting silvery suits.

(Irene Granchi) 28-Serra do Vulcão, Nova Iguaçu-RJ-December-1969- 22:00 - Kidnapping A young couple was parked in an isolated area in a known lovers lane area when they suddenly noticed a strong luminosity approaching their vehicle from the rear. Horrified they watched three huge beings, estimated to have been at least 3 meters in


height approached their vehicle within the light. The man attempted to start the car but the motor was dead. The luminosity grew stronger as the humanoids approached even closer to the vehicle. The beings began looking into the window of the car as the terrified couple began to dress frantically. The beings then emitted a sound similar to “Kaan” and one of them introduced a baton-like object into the opened window of the car, as it did saw the baton released a sort of gas. At this point both witnesses lost consciousness. They woke up in the morning the following day. The man had a strong migraine and had a nosebleed and both noticed that the car was now at a different position from where it was originally parked. Both have refused hypnotic regression.

(GEPU) .29 – Vila Velha, Espírito Santo - December-1969 Children began to disappear in this city. The polices of the State did an intense search, but nothing found. Then, in 1970, four lost children's February they reappeared separately. Two of them with amnesia. The another reminded some data Said that they entered in a limousine and it was given them a cigarette and they lost the conscience. One of them said that he was a called woman Laura that took him for an airplane (John Keel)

1968 - 20 1-Duque de Caxias-RJ-September-1968 - 1:00 h - He arose in a light beam Mrs Kok awoke in the early hours of the morning and gut up to make coffee. Seeing a light in her backyard, she looked out her window and was surprised to see three normal looking men standing in the yard, one of who was standing with his back to her. Three bright beams of light shone down on them from above, coming from a Saturn shaped UFO that gave off a shrill sound like "electronic music." The semi-spherical underpart of the object was rotating, and the object appeared metallic. It was slightly higher than the two adjacent buildings. Mrs Kok could see the men's faces and was surprised by their entirely human appearance since, seeing the object directly above them, assumed they were "spacemen," who she felt must look different


than humans. Apparently aware of her presence at the window, the three figures suddenly began rising into the air in the beams of light, disappearing into the underside of the object, which the began rotating more rapidly and, with an increase in sound, took off straight up at a



(Irene Granchi)


An observer watched a hovering ufo that emitted loud explosions-like noises. Through a transparent section the witness could see two 1,30 meter height figures sitting down, apparently looking out. (C.P.U.)

. 3-Torres-RS-January-25-1968-3:00 h - Paralyzed Axel Aberg Cobo, a Professor of Human Relations and Journalism, was walking along the beach when a silver colored, luminous object emerged from the ocean 25 yards away, and he felt as though paralyzed. Shortly after, two "men" over 6 ft tall, "who looked as though they were made of crystal," walked up to him stiffly, without bending their knees. He felt as if they were communicating with him telepathically. They greeted him by touching shoulders, and one of the beings, which had introduced himself as "Rubinako," said to him, "Krebs, Navis, Karsicujo and Krero." Cobo noted these words down, writing with a ballpoint pen on his bare arms and legs. Then they told him they would meet him again in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. He had a vague recollection that the craft took off vertically


4-Baurú-SP-July-23-1968 –01:00h A night watchman named Daildo de Oliveira, on duty at the Central Electric Power Station at Urubupunga, saw a helmeted figure and tried to strike him with a metal crowbar; the figure dodged the blows and was joined by two others who overpowered the guard. One of the men, who, unlike the others, were dressed in yellow coveralls, uttered some unintelligible words. The security guard called out for help, at which the 3 men boarded a grayish, unlighted vehicle the size of a Volkswagen station wagon, and flew off into the air. The men were about the same size of the witness. (SBEDV-Walter K.Buhler)


5-Itabara-April-03-1968-night-foreign languages Some girls were walking at night and saw

a tall man, an et dressed in black. He played a light beam

in them and he disappeared. Some days later they began to speak foreign languages. (Brad Steiger, Saga UFO Report) 6-Florianópolis / Laguna,May-17-1968 - 20:45 h Driving a small bus José of Silva and three passengers heard radio. All of a sudden them saw the light of a ray on the highway and Van was in the air, to 50 cm of the soil. The men saw an intense light, to circulate, that it would have 2 meters of diameter and they were visible shadows of beings inside of it. After the contact the 3 men suffered vomits. And José of Silva lost the hair in less than one year.

(Cuarta Dimension) 7-Lavras de Mangabeira, June-11-1968 - An object shaped like a flattened oval

was seen on a field by a witness. Next to the object stood

a short baldheaded humanoid that sported a black beard

and had dark round eyes. It wore a red colored, tight fitting coverall and green boots. 8-Near Rio de Janeiro-RJ-July-17-1968 - 23:00 h - Kidnapped - green skin. A civil servant named Pedro Dema Filho heard a loud humming noise and was blinded by a powerful beam of light accompanied by two green lamps. These vanished, and from a door in an object emerged 4 entities not much over 20" tall, greenish, and wearing something like headphones; they quickly approached him, and paralyzed, he could not run. They seized him and dragged him into their craft, whose interior "looked like a laboratory," where they questioned him at length about human customs apparently telepathically, since they seemed to have no mouths. They made him undress and. conducted a detailed physical examination, including the introduction into his mouth of an extraordinary luminous wire that made his body transparent. His limbs felt cold, his head spun and his tongue "turned to stone," but when they finally released him again, and the craft flew off leaving a luminous trail, he felt no further physical effects. (FSR Vol. 15)


9-Brasília - August - 1968 - night A group led by the General Alfredo Moacir Uchoa was in the plantation of Mr. Wilson of Silva. After 5 days of observation they had telepathic communication with the aliens and it appeared a diamond ufo and they saw a normal man dressing a blue uniform, that he communicated telepathically with them saying that he came in peace and that our atomic experiences caused damages to our world. (General A.Moacir Uchoa) 10-Lins-SP-Maria Cintra – August-27-.1968 - Et asks for water.

Awakened by a flapping noise outside,

hospital receptionist Maria Cintra opened the door to find

a "foreign looking woman" wearing white light colored,

shiny clothes and a tight fitting hood, and holding an engraved glass bottle and a mug. Mrs Cintra filled these for her from the drinking fountain; while she did so, the woman placed her hand on the witness shoulder and repeated several times the word "Bauru." Then the woman went out and entered a luminous craft, pear shaped with a flat bottom that was hovering 3 ft above the hospital's lawn; another person could be seen in the craft. It took off and climbed slowly in a spiral, with a repetition of the flapping sound. (Felipe Machado Carrion – Discos Voadores Imprevisíveis e Conturbadores) 11-Joinville-SC –September-27-1968 –03:00h- Paralyze- telepathy

Henrique Schneider Jr., he saw an ufo in cone form, with 2,5 meters of diameter in the base for 4

meters of height, leaning in a tripod, of 80 centimeters of height. In a small door they were two rectangles in shape

of bricks, of 1,5 meters of height for 0,50 meters of width.

He was paralyzed and made telepathic contact with those supposed "bricks that thought". They went inside of the ufo that arose and it disappeared. (J Scornaux & Chris Piens) 12-Praia Itaipu - Rio de Janeiro-9 September - 1968 Some witness described an encounter with an ufo that had the form of a disc-shaped craft emitting orange light, with about 10 meters, emitting


orange light. Prof. Sohail Saud saw occupants in the object and they were wearing helmets.

(FSR) 13 - Lins-SP – October-02-1968 –06:20h- Paralyzed While oiling his bulldozer's engine, Oribi Pereira saw, only a few feet away, a cigar shaped craft of golden color, hovering a foot or so above the ground. Then he saw, on a platform that extended from the base of the object, a person who drew from his sleeve a weapon resembling an electric drill, which he pointed at the witness; it emitted a bright flash and Pereira found himself paralyzed. He could see, however, that inside the cigar, which had a "glass roof," there was a man using both hands on a sort of typewriter; below, on the extended platform outside the object, he saw 3 men standing. One of these was taking soil samples with a "conch shaped object." Then the craft flashed a very vivid light 3 times, the platform now retracted, and under the cigar appeared "something like an electric polisher, rotating at high speed." It then took off with a slight sound. The men were lean, about 5'5" tall, and dressed in blue knee length robes, hoods, and brown sandals

with cross garters to the knees. Pereira, in a state of near shock, was given a lift to his home; from there he reported to the Town Council offices; because of his nervous condition, he was sent to a medical examination, upon which Dr Antonio Geris found entirely normal. Officials of the Brazilian Air Force later subjected him to an intense interrogation.

. (Gordon Creighton- FSR Vol.15#1-CEEX)

14-Lins-Sâo Paulo - October-1968-night Hospital patient Leoncio Nunes saw from his window an object hovering 5 ft above the ground about 150 yards away over the hospital grounds. It emitted yellow, green, and red light and bore a transparent cupola, "striated like a wastebasket." The cabin had a light about a yard in diameter, underneath it were 3 people dressed in white clothing, who seemed to move slowly. After a few minutes the light went out, leaving only a big headlight; then this, too, was extinguished

(FSR) 15-Baurú-SP-October-01-1968 - Paralyzed


Ets had come out of an ufo, with cupola, they paralyzed the contacted. 16 - Lins-SP – October-06-1968 Observer saw an ufo with platform, landed and also some ets. (CIOANI- Hulvio Brant Aleixo)

17 - Pirassununga-SP – November-26-1968 - 23:40 h. Observer saw an ufo like carrousel and with 3 beings using helmets. (CIOANI- Hulvio Brant Aleixo))



A security guard at a local power station reportedly encountered two tall robot-like humanoids that communicated in a shrill-like electronic voice. A week later a large Metallic zeppelin-shaped craft was spotted over Pirassununga (SBEDV-Dr.Walter K. Buhler) 19-Macedo - Sâo Paulo – November-21-1968 - 21:30 h - Paralyzed

A person saw an ufo, with a cupola. He had the size of a small car. They went down 3 to 6 beings of human appearance, using black clothes and boots of the same color. One carried a cylinder. Several people and policemen saw the ufo and the beings. Then they pointed the cylinder and all were paralyzed. The beings walked for the ufo that left swift. (SBEDV - Dr.Walter K. Buhler)


Jaime, Luiz, Walter and Osmar, traveled of car and they saw a luminous ufo. The car would now run, but would not develop any speed. Little ahead, they saw 3 more ets were standing beside the road. They were all tall, and dressed in light blue diving suits (SBEDV - Dr.Walter K. Buhler)

1967 - 18 1-Parque Rio Grande-Rio Grande da Serra- March -29- 1967- night

Antonio de Carvalho and her wife Julieta Cornélia of Carvalho saw an object descends of the sky. It was silent and its color was gray metal and it seemed a cigarette of 5 meters, with oval extremities and it


possesses 4 legs. In a window they can see an et as a human, that he seemed to use a helmet. And, quietly, the ufo flew to a distant place. 1-Morro Branco-Ceará, June 1967-3:00 h – Kidnapping Five men had gone out on a fishing expedition in an isolated area. Late at night while their fishing lines hung down on the water they suddenly heard a low, humming sound. It was so low that it was painful to hear. The men tried to assess where it was coming from, but as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. One of the men went off to discover where it had originated from, but the others decided to stay on quietly where they were, fishing. After about 5 minutes, the same humming sound was heard again, this time louder and more intense than before. The men soon discovered that it came from behind a hill that stood about 500 meters from the shore, behind them. The men turned around and saw several beams of smoky colored light spreading out in the sky, alternately shining brightly, and dimming. Thoroughly frightened by now the men began collecting their fishing gear as quickly as possible. They picked up their belongings and were ready to leave when something even more terrifying happened. One of the men, an engineer, who was coming up behind them, suddenly cried out for them to stop. They did and found him pointing his Taurus 38 revolver at them, ordering them to climb the hill above, which the lights were shining. At first they thought he was joking and they started to laugh, but he aimed his gun and started firing, warning them that he would kill them all if they refused to obey him. They noticed that his eyes were wet and bleary, and were shining strangely. They decided to obey. Shocked they started climbing the hill in the direction of where the lights had appeared. As they stumbled on they heard some unintelligible sounds that seemed to come from nowhere, at very short intervals. Every time they stopped, the engineer cried out, "We're coming, we're coming! The men's heads began to hurt. As they reached the top of the hill they saw a huge object that was hovering at about ten meters above the ground. It was round, phosphorescent, of a light green shade and had fins jutting out from each side of it. It measured about 5 meters from top to bottom. At the top, a square, slatted


hatchway could be seen, studded with funnels, from whence all those multicolored lights appeared. Silvery light covered the ground in all the area occupied by the object. Jutting from the bottom and reaching down to about 30 cm form the ground, a tube (cylinder) about 1 meter in breadth could be seen with a kind of oval shaped door at the lower end. All of the sudden the men's eyes went out of focus and they found themselves lying on some kind of tables which seemed to be padded with something like foam rubber that was very soft. All the men were lying on similar beds. A voice was heard, that it apparently came from a reddish blue lamp in the ceiling, which tinkled and echoed within the men's head. The voice told them not to be afraid, for nothing would happen to them; to keep calm, for what was happening to them was for the good of the universe. The room was milky white in color, the walls glass-like and there was a kind of lamp inserted in the ceiling. The walls reflected the general light, which was soft and did not affect their eyes. There was no doors or windows. In one corner of the ceiling, there was a kind of panel filled with little crisscrossed lines in a parallel or slanting position. The thick, mealy voice told the men that they had come from very far and that it would be impossible for them to explain where it was. The voice then proceeded to ask several questions of the men. At one point a triangular shaped window that opened outwards so the men could breathe better suddenly appeared. The voice then said that they would not appear to the men since they were very different from humans and they were six of them. They said that there lifespan was similar to 300 earth years. The voice further explained that they had controlled their engineer friend by using "light waves" and that several of our kind already lived in their planet. The men suddenly woke up around 0520A in the field near the hill not knowing how they had gotten there. Curiously a personal item of each of the men was missing, including the 38-caliber gun from the engineer. (Irene Granchi, UFOs e Abduções no Brasil) 3-Itajubá-MG.-June-07-1967-1:30 h An ufo with a rectangular protuberance approached an ambulance driven by Geraldo Baqueiro and it affected its electric system. Through a transparent


surface of the object, brightly illuminated, the faces of strange beings, resembling bipedal cat-like creatures with cat-like eyes stared at the stunned witness intently (CICOANI-Hulvio Brant Aleixo) 4-São Benedito do Sul-Pernambuco-July-19-1967 A young girl saw a saucer shaped object hovering above a cornfield; inside the object she could see a humanoid entity of small stature, and a second similar entity was observed outside. The second entity made gestures at the girl, who interpreted them to be an inquiry about the edibility of the corn. At some point a dog nearby began barking, and the second entity quickly boarded the vehicle, which ascended rapidly. (Enock Burgos - SBEDV) 5-Rio de Janeiro, August-03-1967 - 20:40 h - Telepathy Driving around the outskirts of the city Jonil Feydt Vieira and Amauri Barboso encountering a dazzling hovering object above the road. The object followed them for a period of time and they could see that it resembled a large dome on top of the object with blue light at one end and yellow light at the other. The object was totally silent and the dome was revolving. The driver experienced severe pain between the eyes that lasted for 16 days after the experience and the other man experienced dizziness and changes of skin pigmentation. At one point both witnesses received apparent telepathic communication from the object in the subject of possible life in other planets

(Inforespace) 6-Crixás - Fazenda Santa Maria-GO-August-13-1967 –


. As Inacio de Souza, 41, and his wife Maria were approaching their home at Santa Maria; they saw three figures "playing about" on the landing strip of the owner of the farmer. The beings were as tall as young children, had no hair and were wearing skin-tight clothing of pale yellow. At the end of the landing strip was an object having the shape of an inverted washbasin. De Souza, carrying a .44 caliber carbine, fired a shot at the nearest person. Just then a beam of green light was emitted from the UFO and struck De Souza on the head and shoulders; he fell unconscious. The three entities entered the object, which then took off vertically at high


speed, with a sound like the humming of bees. De Souza not only incurred a circular burned patch 6" in diameter but also upon examination by a physician was found to have leukemia of which he died in less than two months. (Dr Olavo Fontes, Jáder Pereira and Felipe M.Carrion) 7-Belo Horizonte-MG-September-14-1967-10:30 h- Ets of 4 fingers

A 16-year old youth, Fabio José Denis, noticed a brown mushroom shaped object (domed supported by a short central pillar from its flat bottom), 60 feet in diameter, in the middle of a football field. It had round portholes around the edge and flashing red, yellow, and blue lights from the underside of the dome. When he approached, a glass like screen dropped from the edge of the dome to the ground, and at the same time an opening appeared at the base of the central column. Two men, nearly 7 feet tall, emerged from this opening and addressed him in Portuguese; "Don't run away---come back!" While the one entity made a complete turn around the column, the other again addressed the youth, saying: "Appear here tomorrow, or we will take your family." Then they re-entered the object and the transparent curtain was retracted and the UFO, rotating, rose slowly in a vertical ascent. The beings were dressed from head to foot in green, tight fitting "diver's suits" leaving only part of the face visible. Their skin appeared greenish, with two large round eyes set far apart, surmounted by triangular eyebrows; the nose and mouth were hidden by the helmet (of one piece with rest of the outfit), from which a thin tube ran downward, through the legs and to the back. One of the entities carried in his arm a large cylindrical implement. Later, at the site, a small quantity of scorched granular material with an unpleasant odour was found and analyses showed it to be comprised of iron, aluminum, magnesium, and silica. The youth went back to the site the next day, as instructed, with the investigators, but the ufo failed to appear (Hulvio Brant Alexo-CICOANI) 8 - São João - Pernambuco – September-11-1967 - 8:00 h - dwarf ets

An ufo landed and two beings of 70,0 centimeters of stature observed a witness. (Mark Rodeghier)


9 - Santa Adelita - São Paulo –October-29-1967- 23:00 h Mr. P, 51, was driving home after a clandestine love escapade. The moon was shining, in its 4th quarter. When he came to the top of a ridge, he saw, 200 ft away, hovering 4 ft above the ground, an aluminum colored plate shaped object with a convexity on its bottom side, about 30 ft in diameter. He arrived within 30-50 ft of it and stopped (or the car motor spontaneously stopped); he then saw that it was "full of lights," red and of other colors, which alternately lighted and went out. Standing near the saucer was a robustly built man about 5-1/2 ft tall, dressed in a light colored garment (the witness could not specify the color, being color blind.) This person walked in front of the witness and from a flashlight like object turned on a very bright white beam of light. The witness though someone was waylaying him connected with his amorous adventure. He half opened the car door, rested his .22 revolver on it, and fired 6 shots at the person. (He was a good shot with this revolver.) Then he no longer saw him. The saucer began to oscillate, and he heard a sound like a cowbell. Then the UFO flew away on an oblique course. (SBEDV-Dr.Walter K.Buhler) 10-Santo Antonio do Tauá-PA-October-12-1967 - Paralyzed

While a bright beam of light temporarily paralyzed the witness, four human-like figures briefly approached him. Two men and two women all four wore silvery tight fitting coveralls and long boots. The women had long blond hair and the men short dark hair. All had dark almond shaped eyes.

(GEPUC) 11-Rio de Janeiro-RJ-November-24-1967 Two ets were seen in a luminous ufo. 12-General Camara - RS-December-02-1967 - Kidnapping

Ets kidnapped contacted, using threads with balls in the tips to capture him. 13-Manaus - AM – November-08-1967-night A creature described by the policemen, as vampire, it terrifies residents close of the beach. A lot of people were attacked by it, a woman that has blonde hair, with pointed teeth.


(Jacques Bergier - INFO) 14-Rio de Janeiro-November-24-1967-14:30h Ugo Battaglia, a radio technician, and his 14-year old assistant, Carlos Alberto do Nascimento, were in an eight floor apartment building repairing a phonograph, when they heard a high pitched sound and, looking out the window facing the coastal hills, saw a brilliant metallic disc shaped object land on a hill opposite the apartment building. The object struck and shattered a tree as it came down. Underneath, at either end, was a red light, and on top a spinning cupola with slat "windows." Three men clad in white coveralls came out of the UFO (which was actually hovering and not on the ground), and walked about it side by side, their arms hanging by their sides; then they returned to the disc, after about five minutes, and disappeared underneath it. The two continued their work and left the building at 1455, noticing that the object was still at the same spot as they came out into the street; by the time they reached a nearby corner, the object was no longer in view. They had not seen it depart.

(Irene Granchi) 15-Americana-SP –28.November-1967 - 02:30 h - Paralyzed

An unidentified Brazilian highway patrolman saw an immense object, "as high as a 15 story building, apparently made of aluminum and with enormous rivets on it," come down to hover 50 yards from the ground. It carried searchlights too bright to look at and made a loud humming sound that made the patrolman's head ache. His police car would not start, and its lights went out, as well as the lights in the police booth; they came back on as soon as the object departed. Two nights later, the UFO returned, stopping 100 feet up, 50 yards away from him. From its underside descended a sort of open elevator, in which he could see two men dressed like frogmen in skin-tight clothing, wearing wide belts with lights on them. One of them spoke to the patrolman, telling him to put his gun away and not to be afraid, saying that they would be coming back again. Then the object immediately took off. The officer was unable to move during the encounter; "His


legs would not obey his will." The object apparently did not return, as promised by the humanoid (Methodios Kalkaslief - Dr. Max Berezovsky) 16-Alexânia-GO-December-28-1967 – 21:18 h-Paralyzed Wilson Gusmão had a close encounter of third kind. He saw a landed object encased in a bright blue glow, that was about 5 meters in diameter He could see four humanoids, all dressed in tight-fitting coveralls. They wore a belt with a large buckle that had what appeared to be "piano keys" on it. The beings started at Wilson intently. Wilson somehow felt inferior as the humanoids observed him. He described them as human- like, with long blond hair. Their skin appeared porcelain- like, as they had never been exposed to any sunlight. The leader of the group apparently conversed with Wilson and gave him several messages dealing with the nuclear armaments on Earth. (Revista Brasileira de Ovnis) 17-Bauru-SP-17.07.1967 - Daildo of Oliveira, watch of CESP, struggled with 3 ets, UFO type van. 18-Alexania Goias- December -12- 02:18 A-1967 Eunapio Gusmao was partridge hunting on his brother Wilson Gusmao's Fazenda when he saw a dish-shaped object land only a few yards away. He found himself paralyzed. A door opened in the UFO and 3 beings looked at him for some seconds, then the door was closed and the object departed at high speed. Gusmao dug for treasure at the spot where the ufo had landed, but found none

(Walter C. Buhler - SBEDV)

1966 - 3 1-Congonhas do Campo-MG - 1966 Walter de Freitas saw a diamond shines coming of the sky and to land close to river. He was even close of the place and he saw metallic lens shaped object standing on legs. And he saw 3 or 4 figures disappeared into the craft, which shot out fire and smoke and rose straight up.

(Andrija Puharich) 2-Quipapa-Pernambuco-February-25-1966-22:15 h - dwarf ets


Three young women were walking home after dark when they came upon an object hovering just above the road which resembled an upside down dish, 9- 12 ft wide, with 2 large "headlights." Beside it were 3 small individuals the size of 9-year old children, wearing "large headgear," who seemed to be conversing; all wore one-piece garments with an extremely luminous band across the chest, whose colors constantly changed. There was also a man more than 6 ft tall, wearing a brightly luminous headgear likewise of varying colors, whose face could not be seen. The girls ran past the object & the beings, but soon found it had landed in front of them again, though the beings were not now to be seen. They had to run past it again. Arrived home, they went back with the mother of the Da Silva girls, but met the object flying toward them, 18 ft above the ground. The UFO, its luminosity waxing e waning, flew in circles above the house before rising & vanishing. (Rubens de Couto Soares, SBEDV) 3-Tupanciretá-RS-August-22-1966 -Night Witnesses observed a group of fourteen small humanoids, dressing green uniforms and helmet with antennas. This occurred out of the city (GEPUC)

1965 - 6 1- Carazinho-RS- July-26-1965 – 20:00 h-Floating ets - dwarf ets

Odilon Batista Azevedo saw two rounded objects land not far away, the larger one about 16 ft in diameter. Hiding behind a well, he saw 3 entities emerge from the larger machine, 2 from the other. They were about 5 ft tall and wore helmets and one-piece dark spacesuits; one carried a brilliantly luminous object like a wand. They spoke to each other in sibilant tones while they walked around the craft, apparently inspecting them. Then they re-entered and took off at fantastic speeds. The boy soon felt a violent headache that lasted 3 days. (The Humanoids by Hanlon) 2-Bom Retiro-PE-September-10-1965 - dwarf est. Est., crew members of two foes, tried to approximate of farmer Silva and to talk with him. They had 70,0 centimeters of stature, with the strange skin of the body


(Felipe Machado Carreon – Discos Voadores Imprevisíveis e Conturba dores) 3-São João-Garanhuns-PE- September-10-1965 – 08:30 A- Dwarf ets Antonio Pau Ferro, a farmer, was working in his cornfield when he heard a rushing noise and saw two luminous discs 5 ft wide and two feet thick coming down nearby. They discharged two small beings, 27-31” tall and then rose to hover a 15 ft. The entities had reddish brown wax-like complexions and wore tight fitting one piece-garments. They spoke an unknown language, smiled at the witness, and picked a tomato; then the discs came down and picked them up, rising vertically

with a whistle. The farmer said that they appeared quite human, except for the strange skin color and their size

. (SBEDV-Dr.Walter K.Buhler)

4-Canhotinho-PE – October-22-1965- dwarfs ets José Camilo, a mechanic, came upon two small men sitting on a stump; when they jumped to their feet, he saw that they were only 31-35 inches tall. Their hair was white, their heads rather large, with slanted eyes, and their complexions brown and wrinkled; one, who had a sparse beard, wore a cap. One wore shiny clothing, blue and green, as well as a broad luminous “belt” across his chest, which emitted dazzling flashes of yellow, purple and green light. The other carried a rod-shaped object like a long flashlight. Between them stood a cylindrical object 4 ft tall and 6” wide; the man with the flashing light grabbed this and ran off with it, staggering and bumping against his companion. At about this same time, two local people reported seeing a luminous object fly over. (Felipe Machado Carrion – Discos Voadores Imprevisíveis e Conturbadores) 5-Mogí Guaçu-SP-October-18-1965 - dwarfs ets Lúcia Anhaia saw an ufo of 3,0 meters of height and 4,0 meters of placed diameter and two ets of 1,20 meters of stature.

(Revista UFO) 6-Mogi Guaçu –São Paulo-November-13-1965-night Two nights following the above incident, Mr. Dario Anahaua Filho alerted neighbors and associates to the appearance of the objects. On hand


this time were the director of the local bank, their priest, Longino Vartbinden, two police officers and, in addition, several neighbors. As darkness approached, an object appeared, hovered briefly, and then landed 100 yards away, focusing a light beam upward. The local sheriff and

a police clerk had observed it independently as they

drove nearby. The bank manager became so excited at the object’s appearance that he dropped his camera and could not find it in the dark. At this time, two beings the size of a 7-year old child were seen at 20 yards distance; one was wearing overalls, the other chocolate colored pants and a gray collarless shirt. A third entity, seen through the mirror-like beam of light, had a square, flat head, and was wearing a surgeon’s apron. Both the ufo and the beings were brightly luminous. (Prof Flavio Pereira, Dr Leo Godoi e Dr Renato Bacelar)


A man claimed he was abducted by a crew of Ufonauts and taken to their home planet, where he was put through a series of rigorous physical exercises; the planet was cold, the air was thin and its surface was pitted with craters. The personnel stationed there lived in specially equipped quarters, and the witness saw thousands of UFOs, and was told that they were being readied for “a peaceful invasion” of earth “next year.” It was reliably established that the man was unaccountably gone from his home and job for two weeks.

(Coral Lorenzen)

8-Rio Claro-1965-night

Edemilson Mendes heard the

frightened shouts of a neighbor and upon going outside

to investigate he saw two strange figures approaching

him on the pavement. He described the figures a man- like, but greenish and scaly, reptilian in nature. As they approached he became dizzy and apparently passed out. He woke up two hours later not remembering what had happened.

(GRESUPE) 9-.Guarani-MinasGerais-Brazil-February-14-1965 - evening

On a beach near Guarani, five local residents saw a large object land. Three went to look for


other witnesses and while they were gone the remaining two approached to within 60 ft where, hiding behind a sand dune, they saw three beings that had left the object. They were tall and thin, nearly 8 feet in height and wearing dark, tight fitting one-piece suits. Before the others could return, the object took off, leaving traces, including footprints, at the landing site. (Timothy Green Beckley, Saga UFO Special ) 10-Near Fortaleza-CE -April-03-1965-23:20 Two traveling salesmen were driving toward Fortaleza when they saw something in the sky that looked like a bright infrared lamp. It shined a ray of light on the car. The object then descended just above the car, the car then began to shake, and its lights went out. They then saw a ray of light come down on the vehicle, at the same time the driver lost control of the vehicle; it skidded sideways and came to a stop. The object then landed in front of the car. Two humanoids, that resembled robots came out from the object and began moving toward the car. Both men got out; one had a rifle and fired at the entities. Suddenly there was a terrible explosion and the two men were temporarily blinded, but they heard no sound. 15 minutes later they could see again, but the object and the two entities were already gone.

(Bob Pratt UFO Danger Zone)


The witness couldn’t sleep and felt very restless. Somehow he found himself riding a bicycle from his barracks around the outside perimeter of the base. In an isolated field his bicycle would not go on anymore, it slow down. Then a beam of light came down from above and he was lifted up, bicycle and all, into a large disc shaped object. Inside he was met by several short gray colored humanoids that communicated via telepathy assuring him that everything was going to be all right. He then sensed that the craft was moving at a very rapid speed. He was given a tour of it and was shown stars, planets, and celestial bodies. The craft then appeared to stop and the humanoids then examined him in a large room. Soon he was returned to earth. He was escorted out of the craft but soon realized that he was at the wrong military base. He communicated this fact to the


humanoids apparently by using telepathy. They then returned and walked outside grabbed him by the arms and took him back onboard. The craft then landed again, this time at the correct base. He walked to his barracks and went to sleep Peter A Schlesinger, Orion Investigating Group) 12-Monte Negro--June-03-1965-night A large luminous object encased in a bright green glow hovered low over a field. Through an opening two humanoids wearing brown suits and with dark round eyes were seen looking out. 13-Cruzeiro-Santa Catarina-August-14-1965-daytime While Joao do Rio was fishing, a saucer landed nearby and a little man 28 inches tall with large luminous eyes introduced himself, in perfect Portuguese, as a flying saucer crewmember. He authorized do Rio to tell others about him, and gave him as proof a piece of “unearthly” metal. The metal was under study by the national railroad car factory. (Humcat quoting Reuters dispatch) 14-Rio de Janeiro,-RJ- August -27-1965- Gabriel Rubens Hellurg reported encountering a landed disc-shaped object on a rice field. He reportedly communicated via telepathy with several human-like occupants that informed him that they hailed from another solar system. Hellurg asserted that he was able to communicate telepathically and understood what he was being told. No other information. (Fabio Picasso)


The witness, 14-year old CJM, accompanied by her cousin, (involved in other encounters) had just left her cousin’s house and were on their way to her house just around the corner. Suddenly both saw something at about 80meters from their location. It appeared to be a hovering object with rotating, red, green and blue lights. Looking at it more closely they noticed that the object was a metallic concaved disc, about 3 meters in diameter. Concerned they turned to flee the area and at that point observed at about 30meters away, 2 short man-like figures about 1.40m in height, wearing astronaut like suits walking in her direction in a leisure pace, terrified, both witnesses fled


from the area and did not see the object or humanoids depart. (Analigia Santos Francisco - UFOVIA) 16-Mogi Guaçu –São Paulo-November-13-1965-night Two nights following the above incident, Mr. Dario Anahaua Filho alerted neighbors and associates to the appearance of the objects. On hand

this time were the director of the local bank, their priest, Longino Vartbinden, two police officers and, in addition, several neighbors. As darkness approached, an object appeared, hovered briefly, and then landed 100 yards away, focusing a light beam upward. The local sheriff and

a police clerk had observed it independently as they

drove nearby. The bank manager became so excited at the object’s appearance that he dropped his camera and could not find it in the dark. At this time, two beings the size of a 7-year old child were seen at 20 yards distance; one was wearing overalls, the other chocolate colored pants and a gray collarless shirt. A third entity, seen through the mirror-like beam of light, had a square, flat head, and was wearing a surgeon’s apron. Both the ufo and the beings were brightly luminous (Prof Flavio Pereira, Dr Leo Godoi e Dr Renato Bacelar)

1964 - 1

1-Porto Alegre-RS-October-10-1964 Ets of long hair were seen

1963 - 2

1-São Bernardo do Campo-SP-Mach-18-1963 Three ets were seen in the middle of a

fire, collecting wreckage. Ufo ,had 35,0 meters for 8,0


(Felipe Machado Carrion – Discos Voadores Imprevisíveis e Conturbadores) 2-Belo Horizonte-MG-August-28-1963 - Ets with only one eye in the middle of the forehead The boys Fernando, Ronaldo and José Marcos Gomes Vidal, residents in the neighborhood Sagrada Família, Belo Horizonte-MG, late in the afternoon, they were in the back yard of the house

washing a strainer of coffee, using the water that was in a drum of gasoline, used as deposit. Suddenly they saw

a sparkle and soon a spherical object appeared, lit up


inside and with transparent walls, floating on an avocado tree. The ufo had an antenna in the superior part, with 2 stems in form of V and over them small spheres and another one in the middle. Four ets were seated in banks, a female one, of long hair, browned and pulled back. ufo projected two light bunches yellow towards the soil and one of ets went down floating among them, until the soil. Et walked in the direction of a cistern, it extended the arm in José Marcos' direction, that was stooping on the drum and he didn't see him. Fernando jumped on the boy and it played him/it to the ground. Et had about 2 meters of stature, made gestures with the hands and movements with the head, pronouncing strange words. He sat down on the cistern and on that moment Fernando picked a brick to play him/it in the stranger. Same being of backs et jumped and he threw a beam of yellowish light in the boy's hand, emitted of a small rectangle that located to the height of his chest. The stone fell of the boy's hand and the other ones, in spite of that, they were calm, to the they see the being to gesticulate and to speak some words with serious voice. They understood that he didn't want to do them badly and they didn't flee or they screamed. Then they were observing the stranger to be, that he was bald, he had a big eye, darkness, round, without white of the eye, in the middle of the forehead, soon above the base of the nose. There was a dark stain on the eye, and the pupil was a dark and horizontal risk. His face was red and he had white teeth. Et dressed a type of diving suit and his head was involved in a transparent and round helmet. The color of the clothes was brown to the waist, white until the knees and the black rest and it put on leather boots. The uniform was wrinkled in the parts of the thorax and members and it seemed to be of something similar to leather. He also brought a color box on the backs. The being appeared for the Moon and he made gestures as that he would fly in that direction or he had come from the space. One of the boys thought: Will he returns? ". Et fan the head as he was answering to the question done by the boy. It picked a plant in the soil and it was put under the ufo. They appeared again the two light beams and he arose in erect posture, just like as he had gone down and he sat down. The ship emitted a fort shine, it


flew quietly and soon it disappeared. On that moment the boys ran inside of house and, terrified, they counted her mother that had happened. (CICOANI-Hulvio Brant Aleixo)

1962 - 10 1-Desterro de Entre Rios-MG-1962 – Et like mouse. Mr. E. U. came back from car for his farm, in Passa Tempo, for the highway Entre Rios de Minas to Desterro de Entre Rios, close to the that last city, saw to appear ahead of a forest-donkeys two strange ets. The light of the car illuminated them and they seemed to be phosforecents. They had faces as mice or bats, very big ears, small stature, long arms. Terrified with that vision, that judged to be two leaning foot dogs in the back paws, he accelerated the car, playing it on top of them. On that moment, ets jumped nimbly to the side and car proceeded swift in front. The driver then noticed that something followed him, to the low height for the highway out. It was a mill of the type of a "sombrero" with some lights. But as him was close to the city, as soon as that arrived disappeared. Then, he was the house of some friends and they returned to the place and nothing else they saw . Mr. E.U., at that time, it counted that he had seen a terror, because he didn't speak a lot in ufo in the area. As he was resident in Passa Tempo-MG, when child, I remember to have ear to speak of that contact, faced as supernatural. Years later I sought Mr. E.U. and talking with him on the contact, I showed him a magazine with several drawings of ets. Therefore, he found a to be similar to the that he had seen in 1962. It was one of those beings, of a classic contact of the American ufology, happened in Kelly-Hopkinsville- Kentucky - USA, 21.08.65, where ets had 1,0 meter of stature, more or less, round eyes, oblong head, big and pointed ears, luminous bodies, short legs and long arms and hands with claws.

(A. Faleiro) 2-Bebedouro-MG-1962 - Kidnapping - dwarfs ets José Antonio Silva was abducted and he contacted two ets of 1,25 meters of stature, red hair,


long, wavy and beard of red color. He was missed for 4 days. 3 - Baldim-MG-1962 Small ets using layers was seen by the

contacted. 4-Morro do Ferro-MG-1962 – Et looking at the rain. Valid Iberia, in 1962, went to Moro do Ferro, at dawn, when he saw beside the road a brightness finds strange. It rained a lot and he put the umbrella of side to see what was that. Then he saw an et seated inside of an ufo, type "hat" with a transparent cupola, with the leaning hands in the chin, thoughtful, looking at the torrential rain that it falls But with fear, quickly he went straight ahead, leaving the placed ufo there. At that time he thought one to treat of a terror. 5-Alegre te-1962 Contacted was kidnapping, He contacted bearded et of 1,90 meters of stature and he flew in the ufo on a city. 6-Pocinho-PB- April-07 -1962 - ET dwarf et A man saw two ets of 1,0 meter of stature and ufo with shrill sound noise.


Two ETs of 1,50 meters of height were seen, using luminous helmets and dressing dark clothes. 8-Três Corações - MG - August -1962 - Kidnapping Geraldo Bichara, rendering military service and of guard in the barracks, he was kidnapping for ets of 1,40 meters of stature, clothes of colors oranges and brown, hispid and red hair, rosy face, pointed nose down, almost covering the mouth. (CEVAPA-Dr. Ubirajara F.Rodrigues) 9-Itabirito-MG-August-30-1962 – Puppet et / Dwarfish et Luiz Gonzaga do Carmo, Geraldo Liberato da Silva and another friend saw ufo with cupola. It is soon afterwards an et of 1,0 meter of stature, type puppet "michelin, plump trunk, small head and short arms, with the superior part of the luminous body. That strange et disappeared to their view, inexplicably. (SBEDV-Dr.Walter K.Buhler) 10-Vila Conceição-Norte-September-16-1962 A man saw small Ets stealing birds and






Imprevisíveis e Conturbadores)




1-Praia-May-14-1960 - dwarf ets Small ets were seen and the observer


(Livro Vermelho dos Discos Voadores-Flávio


1959 - 4 1-Mossoró – Rio Grande do Norte,1959 - Dwarf ets A man saw an oval disk landed on three metallic legs. And he saw three small beings inside of him. The ufo suddenly emitted a noise and it became a fire ball and disappeared. (Bob Pratt, UFO Danger Zone) 2-São Paulo-SP-April-25-1959 A man saw an et using dimmed helmet, clothes type plastic surgery, covering the whole body and transparent gloves. 3- São Paulo-April-26-1959 - Paralyzed. Having see a "red hot" appearing disc in the sky before he went to bed, Luis da Silva woke and

felt a compulsion to go out to the garden, where he found

a note telling him to return the next night at 01:30A. He

did so, and as a circular object appeared at an altitude of 300 ft he felt himself paralyzed. From the ufo descended

in a spiral a man who did not quite touch the ground; he

wore a helmet, and was clad in plastic clothing, with

gloves looking like glass. He told da Silva, to return on Thursday at 02:05A, and re-ascended in a spiral to his craft. On Thursday the same sequence of events occurred, but 3 entities in sequence descended (only one

at a time.) The last of these asked da Silva for a sheet of

paper, and inscribed upon it a message of unknown markings.

(SBEDV - Walter K. Buhler) 4-Praia de Pinhal - SP-October-19-1959-0:20 h - giant et ET of 2,0 m of stature, large eyes, blond hair and wearing a tight fitting gray coverall. He was accompanied by a shorter, 1.60 meter in height, also human in appearance





Imprevisíveis e Conturbadores)



1958 - 2

1-Lajes - SC-1958 - Two ets of 2,0 meters of stature were seen, long hair on the shoulders and dressing uniforms (Felipe Machado Carrion – Discos Voadores Imprevisíveis e Conturba dores)

2 – Lagoa Negra-Viamão-January 1958 - 21:00h The owner of the Fazed Lagos Negri, his wife and two children, and the farmer manager all saw a UFO that was disc shaped, about 9 ft high and 30 ft wide, with a round hat shaped dome on top. It had a metallic gleam and emitted a very powerful reddish light as it hovered about 6 ft above the ground, 400 yards away. Two 6-foot tall men appeared beside it, dressed in white coveralls with broad sashes, they had shoulder length hair and ware barefoot. These beings walked stiffly, without bending their legs. Then appeared 3 more beings less than 4.5 ft tall, wearing chestnut brown coveralls, likewise with long hair, these 3 walked about rapidly, but remained near the UFO. The two tall beings walked further away, finally opening a gate in the fence around the yard and advancing to within 60 yards of the house. When the wife opened the door and called out to her husband, in fright, the two turned around and walked to the object; all five entered and the object rose vertically. The family's 5 dogs remained unusually docile throughout the visitation. Footprints, both large and small, were later found at the site. (Felipe Machado Carrion – Discos Voadores Imprevisíveis e Conturbadores)

1957 - 6


Three ets of 1,70 meters of stature, burned a tree with an apparel type flamethrower and they stole objects of the house of the contacted. Contacted was him 6 months without could walk, he was very weak (Felipe Machado Carrion – Discos Voadores Imprevisíveis e Conturbadores)

2 - A. Rossi-1957 - Trip in the ufo- Giants ets - Telepathy


A.Rossi contacted ets of 2,0 meters of stature, bald, with 2 fingers just in each hand and feet, nude, without sexual organs. They communicated for telepathy with contacted him/it, that it traveled until their planet. (A.Rossi)

3-Paracuru-CE-May-14-1957 – dwarfs ets Raimundo Sulino contacted 2 small ets,

of white skin. 4-São Franc