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Board of Supervisors


December 9, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by Chair, Kathleen Doran-Norton.

Present were supervisors G Castor and L Knecht, Treasurer Brad Pfahning,
zoning administrator Jim Braun, and clerk, Pam Petersen.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all present.

A motion to pay the claims against the township was made by L Knecht,
second by G Castore, motion carried with an addendum to pay Norm Wells
Painting the amount owed also.

The agenda was approved by a motion by L Knecht, second by G Castore,

motion carried.

Public Comment: Dennis Brown brought up of the new Reflectivity Signage

and a membership with the organization for $130.00 annually. Dennis is also
looking into grant money to help offset cost of new signage.

The minutes of the November meeting were approved with one change of
adding the date of the last meeting in the text. Motion to approve made by L
Knecht, second by G Castore, motion carried.

Planning & Zoning, Jim Braun: He will set up new format for inspection forms.

Michael and Julia Daly barn renovation; there were no permits pulled, this
can only be used for private family functions, not as a business according to
County and Township Zoning Ordinances.

Highway 19 Access Ordinance: Carolyn Braun will bring these to the Planning
Commission meeting in January, notify residents in February.

Public Hearing for Gravel Pits and AgapeCrossing: A Public Hearing was
discussed for Dec. 17, 2008 at 7:30 PM. Outcome: Gravel Pits were referred
to the BWTP Planning commission for more work with pit operators
commentary. AgapeCrossing withdrew their request. No hearing rescheduled.

Treasurers’ Report, Brad Pfahning: The Township received the tax payment
from the County of $132,244.49.

On matter of City of Dundas and the Annexation Area, re: latest letter from
Dundas asking to have McMahon and Salene work on intent of the
Agreement. A motion made by L Knecht to send Dundas a letter stating
thanks, but no thanks. The Dundas Planning Commission has passed an
interim ordinance, proceed from there. K D-N will draft the letter, second on
this motion made by G Castore, motion carried.

Dundas Tax Sharing: Set up a separate account for revenue from taxes from
the annexation area properties. This is incoming for the next 26 years.

Dundas Planning Commission: Four issues that need to be in place to have

Annexation Reserve District Ordinances function effectively and fairly:

1} Proper Map of the Area

2} Clear and Transparent Ordinances

3} Reporting Process

4} Office Procedure: What will be needed for complete documentation for

each property.

County Landfill:

Currently the Township does not have an ordinance governing landfills. We

need the County Landfill to give us enough information to write an ordinance
to make the Rice County Landfill an effective allowable use. So far Rice
County has not indicated a willingness to provide information and input re:
zoning regulation.

A motion was made by L Knecht to approve one of the uses of Landfill Host
Fees, second made by G Castore, the motion carried unanimously. Resolution
2008-10, of which a copy will be sent to the county and to the Rice County

Concerning the nominations for the upcoming opening on the Dundas

Planning Commission. Whose term is up? How to make the commission move
forward? A letter will be sent to the City of Dundas asking for the
information needed by the clerk.

The next Dundas Planning commission meeting is Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008.

A seat will need to be filled on the Bridgewater Planning commission also.

The seat presently held by Gary Ebling is up this coming year. There will

need to be a Public Notice placed and also placed on the bulletin board and
on the website. Applications due by Jan. 15, 2009.

Have Carolyn Braun forward suggestions on the Annexation Reserve District

Ordinances to the Dundas planning consultant and to Peter Tiede, to start
the review process.

L Knecht received a request from Steve Marks to pave the roads in the
Dixon/Devine road system which is across from the Ray Larson property, just
off HWY 19. L Knecht will obtain basic estimates.

There was discussion of the possibility of sweeping Endwood Trail. Also talk
of future seal coating. What or which road is next due for chip seal? Also
further discussion of full newsletter to the township residents.

Motion made by L Knecht to adjourn, second by G Castore, the motion

carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Pam Petersen, Clerk