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PTA every child . one voice Paw Prints Chehalis Feb. 2013 PTA 4.6.5



PTA every child . one voice Paw Prints Chehalis Feb. 2013 PTA 4.6.5

Paw Prints


Feb. 2013

PTA 4.6.5

Upcoming Events:


Feb. 12- General Membership Meeting Time- 7 PM Location- Olympic Elementary School Library. Guest Speaker- Topic/Special Points- Nominating Committee for 2013-2014 PTA Officers

Feb. 27- PTA and the Law Time- 5:30-9:00 Location- Tenino Elementary School

March 22- Hawaiian Themed Mother/Son Night Out Time- 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Location- Chehalis Middle School Cost- PTA members: $10/Family PTA nonmembers: $15/Family *If you have not yet become a member and would like to, membership forms can be found on the back of this form and in each school’s office. *Contact Amber Palmer, 360.266.7773, if you would like to help with set up, refreshments, or clean up. *****ONLY CHEHALIS SCHOOL DISTRICT STUDENTS IN GRADES K-5 AND HIS/HER GUARDIAN MAY ATTEND THIS EVENT *****


FEB 8 - Cub Assembly 8:30 FEB 11 & 12 - Jump Rope For Heart FEB 12 - Sahara Pizza Night FEB 15 - Early Release 12:30 FEB 18 - No School-President’s Day FEB 20 - Class Pictures FEB 22 - Terrific Kids 1:15

R. E. Bennett:

Feb. 5-Master Gardener program series begins (2nd grade) Feb. 7-Master Gardener Feb. 15- Early Release Feb. 18-No School-President’s Day Feb. 21-Class pictures Feb. 26-Student of the Month 9:00 a.m. Olympic:

Feb. 14- Guest Lunch Day Feb. 19- Mr. Julyan’s classes, 4th grade musical @7 PM Feb 21- Mr. Porter’s classes, 4th grade musical @ 7 pm Feb. 22- Class Pictures Feb. 26-27- Sahara Pizza Night

January 24 Was PTA Focus Day:

On January 24th 188 dedicated Washington State PTA members showed up at the state capitol to “ask Olympia to make the hard choices” about education in our state. They met with legislators, attended focus groups and participated in discussions to advocate for Washington State education. If you would like to find out more go to:

Benefits of Love: Use February’s Focus on Love to Build a Happier, Healthier Child The quality of the parent–child relationship influences how well children do in school.” So says the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Harvard Family

Research Project. It is not unrelenting extracurricular the best indicators of your would counter, life, but the affection you show to him. What a relief it is to know that

listening to my child discuss his day or putting my arm around him as we read together on the couch are valid and effective teaching strategies. Parents who provide a structured reading time or who play catch or a board game with their child, families eating dinner together and participating in school sponsored events; all these shape a child’s sense of well-being, identity and motivation. These traits strengthen a student’s focus in school and confidence to participate appropriately in the classroom. Our kids need us to be active participants in their schools and in their lives and we can do these things by simply listening to them, hugging them, smiling at them, and talking to them away from a screen glowing between you. Resolve this month to show through simple, but powerful, acts of kindness the love and commitment you have to your child.

of kindness the love and commitment you have to your child. flashcards, expensive tutors, activities and

flashcards, expensive tutors, activities and study regimes that are child’s success in school and I investment, consistency and

following through on expectations,

Superintendent Talks Safety

January’s monthly PTA meeting was opened with a brief talk by Chehalis Superintendent Ed Rothlin. Rothlin discussed safety in our schools and district measures to keep students from harm. The district has discussed safety plans with the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office and the City Police Chief for input and is looking at revising its current Emergency Plans in an effort to adapt to school safety in today’s world. The district is looking at: surveillance at each school, check-in procedures, the role of social media in emergency situations, security of school entry points, and things as practical as blinds for main floor classrooms. Principals have reviewed their Emergency Plans with staff and point out that students usually do quite well in emergency situations because of the trust they have in their teachers and the drills they practice in school. As R. E. Bennett principal Trisha Smith pointed out it is important for parents and guardians to remember that in an emergency situation safe reunification takes time and has to be safe. If families have input, concerns, or questions contact the Chehalis District Office at 360.807.7200 or visit some of the following web sites:,,

The Chehalis School District does not sponsor this event and the District assumes no responsibility for it. In consideration of the privilege to distribute materials, the Chehalis School District shall be held harmless from any cause of action filed in court or administrative tribunal arising out of distribution of these materials, including cost, attorney’s fees and judgements or awards.

Your membership makes a difference in the life of a child and at our schools!
Your membership makes a difference in the life of a child and at our schools! If you have not yet become a
member of the PTA and would like to, return this portion and your dues to your child’s school.
Your Name:
Second name:
Mailing address:
Student Name(s):
I would like to volunteer.
Sorry, I am not able to volunteer at this time
Single Membership- $10
Joint Membership-$18
Single Star Membership-$25 Joint Star Membership-$33
Student Membership-$8

The PTA is important to the Chehalis School District’s

children. This year’s PTA priorities are:

schools and students. Thank you to the individuals and

Advance Basic Education Reforms


families who have become

2. Fund Education First

members of Chehalis PTA

3. Closing the Opportunities



$8 of your membership dues

4. Revenue for Kids

will be paid to the state and

5. Access to Highly Effective

national PTA, the remainder is


put back into our schools and students. This money helps pay for:

Also supported (listed alphabetically):

-School Clothing Closets -Classroom Comfort Backpacks for Emergency Situations -Daddy/Daughter Dances -Mother/Son Nights Out -Touch-a-Truck -Playground Equipment -Field Trips -Family Movie Nights -Prizes for Family Fun Night -Teacher Appreciation -Student Incentives/Awards -Library Books

-Access, Opportunity and Equity for Special Education -Access to Algebra in Middle School -Access to Quality Early Learning -Great Family Engagement in Every School -Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports -School Zone Signage -Screening and Support for Struggling Readers -Social Emotional Learning -Training to Support Highly Capable Learners

PTA members are a part of both a local and national organization that allows them access to all kinds of information and discounts. The strength of PTA membership gives political voice and power to legislation that affects our

If you have not become a member, please use the form at the top of this newsletter and sign up today. Every member matters.

The PTA and Its Volunteers Give Back Olympic Elementary benefited from a $6370 grant funded by the PTA. The school used the money to pay for

field trips to: the state capitol, the waste water treatment plant, Ft. Vancouver, the Washington State History Museum, Orientation, and the Skookumchuck Fish Hatchery. These opportunities enrich the learning experience

our students are receiving in their classrooms.

Angela Jensen, Jodi Comisky, Karen Hirte, Kendra Emrich, Rebecca Fugate, Brook Mueller, Krista Thomas,

Delaney Hornby, Megan Sciera and Amber Palmer, thank you for your help at Olympic’s Santa Shoppe! Amber

Palmer and her family also helped supplement a successful Math Night at Olympic with hot chocolate and cookies.

Katie Hinkley, her boys and Amber Palmer braved the cold to pass out hot chocolate to our dedicated school crossing guards. Next time you drive passed the district’s crosswalks , follow Amber and the Hinkleys lead and give these committed ladies in orange a wave and smile. They do a lot each day to help our kids get to school and home safely.

A special thank you to Barbara Grega who helps to find and coordinate some of our volunteers.

Thank you so much to ALL the volunteers who have given their time to events at our schools. We are so grateful

to each of you!

to events at our schools. We are so grateful to each of you! PTA Officers: President:
to events at our schools. We are so grateful to each of you! PTA Officers: President:

PTA Officers:

schools. We are so grateful to each of you! PTA Officers: President: Heather Battle, Cascade

President: Heather Battle, Cascade Vice President: Katie Hinkley, R.E. Bennett Vice President:

Marinda Boyd,

Olympic Vice President:

Amber Palmer, Secretary: Cindy Iverson, Treasurer: Brook Mueller,

Membership: Dana Shoaf,

Volunteers: Barb Grega, Fundraising:

Heather Heck Angela Jensen

Newsletter: Sarah Mittge,