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Admiting Mistakes Reynald Yuda Reynald Yuda : Yuda, where is your helmet? : oh my God, my helmet was lost.

: Ummm if you bring your helmet to class your helmet wouldt lost. : Yes, I admit what I have does is wrong.

Language Function Example Dialogue

Budi Rendi Budi Rendi Budi Rendi Budi Rendi Budi Rendi Budi

: Hello : Hello : Havent we meet before? : I dont think so : Anyway, my name is Budi : Im Rendi : Do you some how stay arround here? : Yeah, I stay in the uptown apartement of fifth avenue : Thats great. I also stay there on eleventh floor : Mines on tenth floor. Sorry, I have to get going. See you later : See you

Showing Happiness Example Dialogue A B A B : Congratulations, Mom! Youre the first winner and you deserve fifth million rupiah. : Am I ? thank you very much : How do you feel Mom? : It really gives me great pleasure! Im so happy

Showing Affection (giving attention) Example Dialogue A B A B : You look so pale. Are you alright? : I think Ive got a temperature : Really? Let me take you to the school clinic : Ok, thanks

Showing Sympathy Example Dialogue Harris Tifa Haris : Hi, Tifa, will you join us to the beach? : Id love to, but my mother doesnt let me go : Thats a pity, but its ok you can join us another time

Inviting Example Dialogue

Haris Tifa Haris Tifa Haris Tifa Haris

: Are you free this afternoon : Um yeah! Whats up? : Let go to my house after school. I have a lot of mangoes : Do you? : I do : I love mangoes very much. Ok Ill go with you : Ill be ready then

Declining an invitation Example Dialogue

Ahmad Sita Ahmad Sita Ahmad Sita

: Sita, please come to my house on Saturday afternoon : Any special occusion? : Well, I will have a barbeque in the garden : That would be great, but I cant, sorry : Why not? : I am leaving for Sidoarjo after school to see my aunt. She has just given birth to a baby


: I see

Making a appointment Example Dialogue


: Rina, lets continue doing our paper this evening in my house. Can you make it?


: Sorry, I have another appointment this evening.

What about tommorow at about 7 p.m? Andi : Tommorow at 7 oclock? Ok I think I will be free then

Expression of compliment and congratulation Example Dialogue

Mr. Brouce : Hi, Jason it was good competition. Youre great Jason : Thank sir

Make an appointment Example Dialogue

Andre Jordan Andre Jordan

: Jordan, I just want to make an appointment with you? : Of course as long as Im not busy. Where and when? : Will it be conventent if I came to tour office at 10 am tomorrow? : Im afraid I cant, sorry How about at 11 am ? its alright?


: ok I will be waiting for you

Asking / feeling surprise / amazement Example Dialogue

Dewi Susi Dewi Susi Dewi Susi

: Have you heard the lastest news? Actually it was a bad news : Not really. What is it? : An Indonesian housemate has been executed in Saudi Arabia : My godness I dont believe it! : How did you know that? : I heard it from television

Requesting Example Dialogue

Dodi Vera

: What are you doing Vera? : Im making a wreath could you pass me the ribbons, please?

Dodi Vera

: Of course, here it is : Thanks

Expressing Satisfaction Example Dialogue

Dini Doni Dini

: What does the photo look like? : Just does have a look. What do you think? : Iam satisfied with it

Asking for opinions Example Dialogue


: What do you think about our new english teacher? : I like her, she teaches us amaxingly. I like english now : Thats right

Giving advice Example Dialogue

Mother Sue Mother Sue Mother Sue

: So the party is now, isnt it? : Yes, mom : If Im not mistaken, it is a formal party night? : Yes, my teacher as well as some foreigners are going to attend the party : So, why dont you wear your batik dress? : Youre right mom I will change my clothes. Thanks for your advice.

Expressing relief Example Dialogue


: Thank god, it rains. We have had a dry season for several month : Yeah. I do hope we will get a god harvest this year : I hope so

Expressing pain Example Dialogue


: Ugh, Its very paintful : Dont worrt Ill take betadine in the medical room, wait a minute : Thank you

Expressing pleasure Example Dialogue

Ani Mother Ani Mother

: Mom, Im verry delighted today : Wh? : I got ten for my math test. Its for the time ever : Thats great! You will always get good marks if you study hard.

Expressing love Example Dialogue

Mitha Kevin Mitha Kevin Mitha Kevin

: Kevin, what a convidence to meet you here! Are you looking for a doll? : No, Im not, Im accompanying my sister, the girl standing there is my sister : What a pretty girl! : Thanks, she is my lovely sister : I guess you really love your sister : Yes, I love her very much. Since my father passed away Ihe been verry close with her. I just want to be a good brother for her


: I see

Expressing sadness Example Dialogue

Virny Linda Virny Linda Virny

: Linda, whats wrong with you? You look so gloomy : Well, something bad just happened to me and it really makes me very sad : Tell me what makes you sad! : I got five for my math test. Its for the first time ever : I know how you feel, you should study math more hardly

Linda Virny

: Youre right. Thanks Virny : Youre welcome

Expressing an attitude Example Dialogue Father Bella Father : Bella, I will retire soon, what about living in your grandpas village? I want to spend my old time here : Actually, I love it. But we had better move there after I graduate from high school : Ok, I agree with you

Expressing Embarrassment Example Dialogue Rudi Rizal : Oh, really embarrassed. All our friends laughed at me : Dont have such a feeling. Actually I also want to have my hair

Expressing Anger Example Dialogue Father Dodi Father Dodi : Whats wrong with my motorbike? : Sorry Dad, I nadgead a road block unitentionally, so I fell and I broke the left rear mirror : Im extremely unhappy this. You may not use the motorbike now : Im verry sad Dad

Expressing annoyance Example Dialogue A : What time is it B : Ten to five A : o, gosh! Weve been here for thirty minutes and lef hasnn shown up its verry irriating! B : Ok Ill call and tell him that we will go and leave him A : Please do

Blancing someone Example Dialogue

Mila Sean Mila

: Devi got angry with me : Why? : Its all your mistakes. You told her that I didt want her to bi in our grup, right?

Sean Mila

: Err yes : Actually what I meant is that her house is far from ours but nearer to Agustins, so it is better for her to join Agustins group

Sean Mila

: Oh, sorry about this. I will see her to clarify the matter : Yeah, youd better do it

Accusing someone Example Dialogue

Vina Tommy

: Tommy, here is your atlas : Thanks you, but wait what did you do this atlas? It looks like a coffes stain. You must have split coffe on it

Vina Tommy Vina

: No, I dont do it. You know I dont like coffee : Youre right, sorry for accusing you : Its allright

Admitting mistakes Example Dialogue

Mother Shela

: Sheila, why are there may glass shards on the floor? : Im sorry, Mom. Its my mistakes. Accidentaily, I dropped the plate and it broke into pieces

Mother Shela

: Well then, clean them up now. Be careful with the shards : Ok Mom

Making pronuse Example Dialogue Mother Boy Mother Boy Mother Boy Mother : How was your test dear? : Its not to good Mom : How come? Didnt you study last night? : I did, but it feel a sleep in the middle af studying : Well, thats your fault. Next time, study well before the test : I will. I promise you Mom : Good

Giving suggestion Example Dialogue A : There will be guest from the radio which broadcast news in english. I was asked to welcome them in english. What should I do? Any suggestion, Dad? B A : Well, I think you should prepare the speech well you may talk about the english program of their radio : Thats a good idea. Thanks Dad

Requesting something Example Dialogue A B A B A : Where sorry to tother you, Sir : Thats all right, is there enythink I can do? : Yes, Sir. We have an english assigment to write about something. Would you : Sure. Here are some reference books you may need : Thank you, Sir

plealend us the reference books you have?

Complaining Example Dialogue A B A B : I dont like this story. Its rubbish! : Dont say like that : Look! We would get nothing from the story : But you should appreciate the work

Giving istruction Example Dialogue


: Pull over good afternoon may I see your license please? : Sure here you are. By the way. Did I do something wrong, Sir? : Yes, you are passed trought red light. Here is the ticket, and attend the trial next week. Thank you for your cooperation

: Yes, Sir

Asking about possibility Example Dialogue

Tom Jim Tom Jim

: Is it possible that we can win the basketballl competetion next week? : Yes, I am optimistic. We have a solid and good team, I think : But . our rival is also hard to defeat : I know. Lets do our best than

Expressing currosity Example Dialogue

Vira Betty Vira Betty

: Look at Mira! She seems depressed. What happened to her? : I am also curious about it. It seems that she has a big problem : Lets go to her. We may do something for her : Lets

Preventing (asking someone not to do something) Example Dialogue


: Hay! Dont play ball ini the yard, you can break the window glass : yes, Mom

Critizing Example Dialogue


: O gosh! What a messy room! Im tired of always remainding you to clean your room. When will you change yaour bad behaviour?

Tommy Mom Tommy

: Dont worry Mom, ill make it tidy in a few minutes : No, just do it now : Ok Mom

Predicting Example Dialogue


: Yeah. BME predicts that there will be extreme weather for some days in Indonesia. Thats why we should always bring an umbrella or rain coat


: And the most important is that we mush watch our health. Many diseases are widespread during the rainy season


: Youre right

Speculating Example Dialogue

Harry Raffael Harry Raffael

: Do you think David and Miko will come? : It has been thirty past four. I bet there is no chance of them coming now. : Why dont we practice football now? We still can play with nine people : Ok

Assessing Example Dialogue

Mom Dad Mom

: What do you think of Ellys play? : Great! She is so skillful on the piano keys that it creates a beautiful melody : Yeah, she is really talented I think