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TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 #TMMK And we're off...

18:38:12 ThisIsLiamM #tmmk just about to start 18:38:32 johngw @MrHarcombe Have fun! #tmmk 18:39:19 ZoeRoss19 #tmmk has just started. Very exciting! :^) 18:40:52 natfantastic Check out the live feed to TeachMeet Milton Keynes: #tmmk 18:43:48 sleicester @sleicester: Check out the live feed to TeachMeet Milton Keynes: #tmmk @clairealewis as you couldn't go! 18:45:24 kindofchoux First #tmmk 18:45:35 neiljones Starting off with @MedDetectDogs. #TMMK 18:45:48 ThisIsLiamM Saying a big thank you to our sponsors and donators of raffle prizes at Teachmeet MK #tmmk 18:45:50 SwayGrantham Awesome skillz - Medical Detection Dogs #tmmk 18:47:45 MrHarcombe #TMMK starting... .. busy evening ahead Medical Alert & Medical Detection Dogs Charity. Wow.. What an amazing service! #TMMK 18:48:36 adamrsc Intrigued to hear the story of @MedDetectDogs as told by Barry at #tmmk 18:48:54 digitalmaverick Teachmeet MK are supporting Medical Detection Dogs with our raffle, check out the wonderful work they do #tmmk 18:49:06 SwayGrantham #tmmk 18:51:09 SwayGrantham .@PrepSchHead best to follow #tmmk I think @IAPS_online 18:51:29 neiljones Medical detection dogs in schools and else where. Amazing project. #TMMK A worthy cause for your... 18:51:30 ICTmagic @SwayGrantham i've tried connecting to the live stream 3 times and after a minute it drops and I have to reload the danhumphries8 page. #tmmk 18:53:26 9 'Education support for schools and teachers' from @MedDetectDogs: #TMMK 18:53:31 PrimaryIdeas Please check out all those who generously donated raffle prizes, #tmmk 18:54 SwayGrantham We've got some TeachMeet firsttimers! :-) #TMMK 18:54:04 ThisIsLiamM Medical alert dogs are amazing! Enjoying my pint as well... #tmmk 18:54:43 trickyricky83 @digitalmaverick is doing his thing at #TMMK 18:55:48 ICTmagic #tmmk love the visual minutes, would love to try it at a staff meeting! 18:55:49 zoehall233 #tmmk Hearing about a well deserving cause Medical Detection Dogs from the Headteacher at East Claydon school. 18:56:09 johngw A lot of new teachmeeters at #tmmk great to see everyone!! 18:56:10 SwayGrantham 18:56:43 ThisIsLiamM First up on St David's Day is @7puzzle and his daffodil...

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 #TMMK Now up at #tmmk is @7puzzle telling you about his fantastic maths activities my class love them!! 18:58:14 SwayGrantham ##TMMK Paul Godding showing Updated everyday. Number puzzles, categorised for different levels. #Maths #Teachers 18:58:37 adamrsc Really interesting talk by @7puzzle about his resources & how they can be used in schools #tmmk 18:58:52 digitalmaverick @7puzzle is up at #TMMK. Been meaning to put on my site. Fab resource. A must try. #UKedchat 18:59:02 ICTmagic Paul Godding @7puzzle up now, talking about his - mental maths starters and game (tonight, The Flitwits) #tmmk 18:59:33 MrHarcombe The @7puzzle blog has lots of visitors in Milton Keynes, UK. Hmmm... #TMMK 18:59:50 ThisIsLiamM good website for maths games! Try out The Fliwits! #tmmk 19:00:12 trickyricky83 Here's @7puzzle giving his #tmmk talk 19:00:47 digitalmaverick @kindofchoux @sleicester @clairealewis #tmmk great to 19:01:11 simonehaughey watch ustream on my phone! Paul from testing our maths skills with Flitwits #tmmk 19:01:24 HelenCaldwel How's the live feed working? Feedback needed from those watching at home!! #tmmk 19:02:54 SwayGrantham I need to make use of The Flitwits: #TMMK #MathChat #maths 19:02:59 ThisIsLiamM 19:03:10 simonehaughey #TMMK are there many teachers on twitter there? #recruit Look at @7puzzle #TMMK 19:04:02 PrimaryIdeas @simonehaughey I'm a twitter teacher at teachmeet mk #tmmk 19:04:35 SwayGrantham Sorry to those who are connecting and disconnecting from the live stream at #tmmk 19:05:18 Vitalcpd Amazing tie up next with @adamrsc! #TMMK 19:05:35 ThisIsLiamM Talking now is @7puzzle. I think I need to improve my mental maths! #TMMK 19:05:39 Cpt_Ankles Feeling a warm feeling of satisfaction seeing the great tweets about at #tmmk - I suggested making the site :-) 19:07:10 ianaddison Check out the live feed to TeachMeet Milton Keynes: #tmmk 19:07:23 SwayGrantham Really interesting Friday night. I am now learning about mobile technology. #tmmk 19:07:29 karenactually 19:07:38 MrHarcombe @adamrsc up next on "using mobile phones outside the

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 classroom" #tmmk Next up at #tmmk is @from JISC who's talking abt using mobile phones in the classroom & he is wearing the most incredible tie I've ever seen 19:08:05 digitalmaverick @ianaddison it was a fab idea, such a great pool of resources @7puzzle #tmmk 19:08:50 SwayGrantham #tmmk Adam Blackwood next on mobile tech outside the classroom. 19:09:57 neiljones @adamrsc Is wowing us with at #TMMK 19:10:35 ICTmagic Cool extras beyond just flash cards from #tmmk 19:10:36 MrHarcombe @NuttyA10 thank you for bearing with us, we're looking into it!! #tmmk 19:10:51 SwayGrantham @Ezzy_Moon @peteronion thank you for bearing with us, we're looking into it!! #tmmk 19:10:58 SwayGrantham Mindblowing resources being shared by @adamrs for mobile learning at #tmmk 19:11:20 digitalmaverick Adam Blackwood fromJisc showing us Great use of mobile phones in school. #tmmk 19:11:27 HelenCaldwel RT @ukedchat: #TeachMeet dates: #TMMK 1Mar | #TMEssex 18Mar | #TMBrum 20Mar ... 19:11:32 danielharvey9 Here's what @adamrsc is sharing at #TMMK: #ukedchat 19:11:58 PrimaryIdeas Love the QR code tie Adam! #tmmk 19:12:03 HelenCaldwel The resources shared by @adamrsc can be found at #tmmk 19:12:42 digitalmaverick #TMMK Best use of PowerPoint ever? @adamrsc 19:13:38 ThisIsLiamM puts your reading list on a mobile phone from Adam at #tmmk 19:13:43 HelenCaldwel Tom Briggs from Bletchley Park has a computing activity for us all at #tmmk 19:14:46 HelenCaldwel Code-breaking starter from @bparked to keep us busy while he sets up #tmmk 19:15:12 MrHarcombe Shoehorning codes and ciphers into your lessons Tom Briggs #tmmk 19:16:09 HelenCaldwel @ThisIsLiamM: #TMMK Best use of PowerPoint ever? @adamrsc - very innovative 19:16:21 SwayGrantham Code breaking in the curriculum with @bparked. #TMMK 19:16:59 PrimaryIdeas Code breaking in the curriculum with @bparked. #TMMK 19:16:59 ThisIsLiamM Tom @BParkEd on codes and ciphers & the unlocking of language structure. Deeper thinking #tmmk 19:18 neiljones 19:18:01 Cpt_Ankles Coding next at teach meet bringing out my usually hidden

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 geek side! #TMMK Crypto homework from #bpark at #tmmk 19:18:09 neilnjae Concentrate, here comes the maths bit :) @bparked #tmmk 19:18:09 MrHarcombe Teachers love a starter and learning objectives! code breaking in the Curriculum @barked #tmmk 19:18:22 trickyricky83 @SwayGrantham hope you have a great night! #tmmk 19:18:41 SheliBB #tmmk very glad the @Adamrsc QR code tie made it to the visual minutes #standout 19:18:49 neiljones Tom Briggs from @bparked is talking about codes and ciphers at #TMMK. Interesting #maths ideas. 19:19:52 ICTmagic #tmmk nice code breaking activities, boys will loves solving these problems. 19:20:03 zoehall233 #Tmmk I may need to power up my there a charger anywhere in the room?! 19:20:23 Tiffybum 50+ people attending teachmeet MK tonight, a fantastic bunch of teachers giving up their Friday evening! #tmmk 19:21:23 SwayGrantham @Cpt_Ankles It's not that well hidden I'm afraid! #tmmk 19:21:42 natfantastic #TMMK Bletchley Park - Interesting tasks / activities for pupils related to code breaking --> Maths and Literacy skills. 19:21:59 adamrsc AS @ICTmagic steps up, we're invited to go to the bar. :-/ @digitalmaverick #TMMK 19:23:55 ThisIsLiamM So busy cracking the code almost forgot to listen to the talk! Now I know how my class feels! #tmmk 19:24:14 SuzyWedley #tmmk @klea77 hasn't got a red bag :( anyone got a spare they could share? 19:24:24 zoehall233 ICT Magic from Martin Burrett at #tmmk 19:24:44 HelenCaldwel @SuzyWedley a lesson for us all!! #tmmk 19:24:58 SwayGrantham #tmmk Powtoon a child friendly presentation tool shown by Martin Burrett 19:25:26 HelenCaldwel @ictmagic up next, curator extraordinaire of the fabulous eponymous wiki #tmmk 19:25:29 MrHarcombe #TMMK Interesting twist on a presentation tool. Looks very interesting!! :) 19:25:31 adamrsc @zoehall233 @klea77 there are some on the chairs in front of us. #tmmk 19:25:54 natfantastic From @ICTmagic - #TMMK 19:25:55 ThisIsLiamM #tmmk Storybricks for year 5/6 literacy and games design from ICT Magic 19:26:32 HelenCaldwel #TMMK - Nice site for creating narratives and stories.. StoryBricks. Zondle allows u2 create quizzes and embed on websites. Could be fun. 19:27:14 adamrsc 19:27:16 SwayGrantham @sleicester has the live stream been changed? Not working..

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 #tmmk #tmmk Zondle for making embeddable literacy games and quizzes on any topic from Martin Burrett 19:27:45 HelenCaldwel He's done it again: #TMMK @ICTmagic 19:28:28 ThisIsLiamM Intriguing nature resource and guide #tmmk CreativeCommons, too! 19:29:10 MrHarcombe @NuttyA10 it is being a pain, there will be videos uploaded afterwards if it doesn't recover #tmmk 19:29:27 SwayGrantham #tmmk @Cpt_Ankles uses Project Noah. 19:29:33 natfantastic Creative Commons pictures: - Yep that's @ICTmagic again! #TMMK 19:29:35 ThisIsLiamM a citizen science site recommended by ICT Magic #tmmk 19:29:36 HelenCaldwel *phew* presenting to teachers is scary! #tmmk #bpark 19:30:28 TeaKayB Timelapser free software for making your own time lapse films with a webcam #tmmk 19:30:41 HelenCaldwel Liking the look of the YouTube channel MinutePhysics animations #tmmk 19:30:59 MrHarcombe Minute physics: hand drawn physics animations explaining physics in simple terms #tmmk 19:31:25 HelenCaldwel #TMMK Create educational online games at Great #Physics YouTube resource 19:31:39 adamrsc @TeaKayB you were fab, very interesting!! #tmmk 19:31:49 SwayGrantham @TeaKayB You can eat your rolos now** #tmmk 19:31:57 natfantastic Powtoon is now completely free. Highly recommended #tmmk 19:33:04 HelenCaldwel Nice snappy presentation @ICTMagic #TMMK Lots of stuff. Great. 19:33:09 adamrsc If anyone's interested in unleashing the power of codes & ciphers on their students, here I am! #tmmk #bpark 19:33:26 BParkEd Great resources (7 tabs open) and much amusement from @ICTmagic #TMMK 19:33:56 ThisIsLiamM Musical interlude from Neil Jones? #tmmk 19:34 MrHarcombe @ICTmagic doesn't fail to amaze me at the sheer volume and amazingness of the resources he shares #tmmk 19:35:10 SwayGrantham Let's try YouTube's new streaming service: #tmmk 19:36:05 sleicester My #TMMK presentation is at Enjoy. 19:36:09 ICTmagic Any joy with that people? #tmmk 19:36:29 sleicester #TMMK #Mathchat 19:36:37 PrimaryIdeas
danhumphries8 19:37:08 9 19:37:48 BParkEd

@sleicester stream works great now :) #tmmk Forgot to mention! If you want to decipher the title of my pres

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 on the #tmmk signup site, see me! @SwayGrantham thank you! #tmmk 19:38:15 TeaKayB In the break everyone at #tmmk should try and get a new teacher on twitter @battt there are a lot without according to wiki! 19:38:39 SwayGrantham RT @natfantastic @TeaKayB You can eat your rolos now** #tmmk <- omnomnom 19:38:42 TeaKayB @sleicester #tmmk working great. And I'm even using my phone. 19:40:58 stevenewey #tmmk would like to have been there. Need a Nottingham one soon @marc_faulder Up for it? 19:41:50 paulyb37 Good food too! #TMMK 19:42:53 ThisIsLiamM @natfantastic Any veg making an appearance tonight? #tmmk 19:43:53 paulyb37 Anyone else use Challenging puzzle for all with free daily challenge. #ukedchat #sltchat #tmmk 19:47:25 paulyb37 #Tmmk - "ehandout" for @Adamrsc session available at 19:54:49 adamrsc Half time over. Ready to restart. #TMMK 19:55:11 ThisIsLiamM @peterford taking a "creativity snapshot" from the audience #tmmk 19:56:10 MrHarcombe 5seconds in and @peterford had already mentioned flavour... #tmmk 19:56:15 Tiffybum #tmmk like an idea sharing activity @peterford EPIC learning, bring it on! 19:57 zoehall233 #TMMK Small question posed... "How might we make learning EPIC!!" ? Solve that one in the next few mins please. :) 19:58:02 adamrsc Jenny and Jo are currently at the OU Teach Meet #TMMK where old GBS friend Mr Rogers presented detection dogs 19:58:56 GilesBrookSCH Get out of your chairs #tmmk make learning epic!! 19:59:52 SwayGrantham Epic scribing going on in our corner #TMMK 20:04:19 SwayGrantham How to make teaching epic #tmmk 20:08:23 neilnjae Epic learning! #TMMK 20:11:50 ThisIsLiamM #tmmk Epic learning rel to exper/current understanding, engaging, challenging, multi-sensory, memorable, life changing at @ x flip classroom 20:12:50 PrepSchHead End of an 'EPIC' session at #TMMK... and there is still loads more to come!! Nice rush of ideas for making learning EPIC 20:14:53 adamrsc On a personal note, I'm interested in getting astronomy into more classrooms too. Just so you know... #tmmk 20:16:33 TeaKayB

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 Epic #ideation from @peterford #tmmk 20:16:40 neiljones @LTCSBE thanks there's some fab ideas being shared #tmmk 20:16:48 SwayGrantham Enjoyed being epic while it lasted. #TMMK @NoTosh 20:17:08 ICTmagic #TMMK Hearing from 20:18:30 ThisIsLiamM Live streaming of teachmeet mk #tmmk pls RT #ukedchat 20:18:31 SwayGrantham Samanta Bullock shares information on her work and disability issues #tmmk 20:18:34 HelenCaldwel Free play dough for all! Best idea. #tmmk 20:18:55 TeaKayB Hearing inspirational talk from Samanta Bullock, a Brazilian wheelchair tennis player & model at #TMMK 20:19:08 digitalmaverick #tmmk some epic teaching ideas on the walls at #tmmk thanks to Peter Ford for making us think! 20:20:02 HelenCaldwel @shaunh0pper yes should be here #tmmk 20:20:46 SwayGrantham Samanta tells us abt the importance of using social media to promote herself as someone with EFL #tmmk 20:20:48 digitalmaverick Please take the time to look at our fantastic sponsors who made teachmeet mk possible #tmmk some brilliant resources 20:22:05 SwayGrantham RT @PrimaryIdeas Want an Enigma Machine in your school? See @BParkEd. #TMMK 20:22:18 BParkEd #TMMK - Samanta Bullock - Using web analytics and joined up social media to help promote sites. 20:23:03 adamrsc Amazing images, thanks for the link RT @ThisIsLiamM: Creative Commons pictures: - Yep that's @ICTmagic again! #TMMK 20:23:24 paulyb37 @TeaKayB #tmmk glad you agree, everyone loves play dough! 20:23:41 zoehall233 It is important to use social media to promote yourself, whoever you may be & particularly if you have EFL #tmmk says Samanta 20:23:56 digitalmaverick @teakayb U have Google Sky Map #Android phone app? List of iPad #Astronomy apps here: #Tmmk 20:27:50 adamrsc Alternative pres title... @MrHarcombe - how I got over myself #tmmk 20:27:56 SwayGrantham #tmmk Mr Harcombe gives us 2 minutes on computing: use appropriate tools 20:28:03 HelenCaldwel #tmmk in a few years time will have the same opinion of prezi as we do with power point? Poor prezi, I think we will! 20:28:19 zoehall233

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 #tmmk 20:28:35 ThisIsLiamM @Denbigh_TSA all vids should be uploaded after event so you can check them out #tmmk 20:29:05 SwayGrantham Recommended... at #TMMK Online tool. 20:29:18 adamrsc #tmmk free software for design from Mr Harcombe 20:29:20 HelenCaldwel mentioned by @MrHarcombe at #TMMK 20:30:01 ICTmagic #tmmk Neil Smith uses us for market research on computer science. OU looking at making us courses we need. 20:30:44 HelenCaldwel I get the feeling the person talking at #tmmk is addressing the wrong audience. Not enough HTs there! #tmmk 20:31:48 philallman1 My Digital Life OU Course could potentially be used for supporting learning on demand. #TMMK 20:31:54 adamrsc @shaunh0pper speak to @MrHarcombe he can fill you in... #tmmk 20:32:28 SwayGrantham Put everything down. That's people watching the feed too! #tmmk 20:32:47 ThisIsLiamM Exercise at this time on a fri night!! p.e. at a classroom desk! #tmmk 20:34:03 SwayGrantham #TMMK - PE in your seat! 20:34:32 PrimaryIdeas Everyone on their feet @aknill keeping us moving as well #tmmk digital leaders, yey!! @SheliBB mentioned #ukedchat 20:36:20 SwayGrantham @philallman1 Yay! I can sit. We've got #DLs. @InsipidMonk #DLChat #TMMK 20:36:25 ThisIsLiamM #tmmk digital leaders is a fantastic scheme! Every school should have them! 20:36:35 zoehall233 #tmmk primary and secondary that is! 20:37:03 zoehall233 #TMMK - Thursday, Twitter, 9pm -> #DLChat 20:37:06 ThisIsLiamM #Tmmk .. Had to put the laptop under the seat for the PE presentation for worry of stamping on it!!?? :) 20:37:11 adamrsc . @aknill the children lead us into the future #tmmk #digitalleaders 20:37:17 neiljones Museum of sounds. Slightly strange fella has recorded sounds of old tech. Enjoy! #ukedchat #sltchat #tmmk 20:37:38 paulyb37 @SwayGrantham: Everyone on their feet @aknill keeping us moving as well #tmmk digital leaders, yey!! @SheliBB mentioned #ukedchat Oh fab! 20:38:05 SheliBB Great pair of #tmmk talks by @aknill as he eulogises about Digital Leaders & SOLO taxonomy 20:38:28 digitalmaverick

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 @aknill talking about SOLO #SoloTaxonomy -Used Twitter to share chats from other countries. #TMMK 20:38:43 adamrsc @aknill How do we 'sell' DL to secondary schools? We don't appear to have any in local area #tmmk 20:38:52 Tiffybum @aknill mentions Didn't mention Thursday night's #DLchat, so I will. #TMMK 20:39:18 ICTmagic #tmmk a diagram without using a ruler? Shocking :) 20:39:19 zoehall233 @Tiffybum @aknill Speak to @SheliBB or @chrismayoh #TMMK #DLChat 20:40:22 ThisIsLiamM Histogram for discrete data! :-O ;-) #tmmk 20:42:29 TeaKayB @aknill talking about and nice things about @SheliBB #DLchat #TMMK 20:42:34 ICTmagic RT @Tiffybum: @aknill How do we 'sell' DL to secondary schools? We don't appear to have any in local area #tmmk #DLchat 20:43:37 ICTmagic #TMMK - Sat 13th April 12 noon BST #SoloGlobalChat 20:44:12 ThisIsLiamM Saturday 13th April 2013.. #Sologlobalchat being discussed on Twitter at Mid Day GMT #TMMK Follow / get involved with the chat on Twitter 20:45:07 adamrsc @aknill talking about SOLO and #sologlobalchat at #TMMK 20:45:28 ICTmagic #TMMK - @CodeClub! :-) 20:45:50 ThisIsLiamM #tmmk Neil Smith tells us about the Code Club network for Primary coding. 20:46:19 HelenCaldwel #tmmk @ICTmagic @SheliBB @aknill how about a region #DLKidsmeet? 20:47:07 neiljones @neilnjae talking about at #tmmk 20:47:29 ICTmagic #TMMK @neilnjae - Code Club - Helping to teach coding. Follow @CodeClub for updates on developments 20:48:15 adamrsc #tmmk Code Club is really taking off in the UK 611 schools 20:48:19 HelenCaldwel #TMMK is not really my region :/@neiljones But superb idea. 20:48:50 ICTmagic Leaving as wanting more @MrHarcombe #tmmk on the need to remain flexible about the digital tools that pupils want to use 20:49:11 neiljones #tmmk Teachers pair up with computing experts to run code clubs. All materials provided. 20:49:12 HelenCaldwel Impressed to see all that's being tweeted under the #tmmk hashtag. Lots of enthusiasm; lots of resources. 20:51:39 itsmotherswork @CodeClub Healthy approach to teaching programming coding. Useful! 600 Clubs, = 9000 kids. #Tmmk Use to help with teaching in your school? 20:51:52 adamrsc Glad I got in early and got a plug. Laptop still alive! #TMMK 20:52:59 ThisIsLiamM @shaunh0pper looking into it #tmmk 20:54:13 SwayGrantham Like the and the Random name picker tool.. being used to 'pick' presenters at random. #Tmmk 20:55:08 adamrsc

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 @neiljones I was planning (in my head) a kidsmeet in mk for summer if that's what you're thinking? #tmmk 20:55:35 SwayGrantham @aknill very interested in #solotaxonomy - where should I start in terms of picking up ideas/skills? good sites that explain? #tmmk 20:56:50 MrHarcombe Love the slated row school 3rd millennium award video!! #tmmk 20:57:38 SwayGrantham @shaunh0pper if you keep refreshing might come back? Let me know #tmmk 20:58:35 SwayGrantham One last time, please check out our sponsors #tmmk 21:00:54 SwayGrantham #TMMK - Bring that teacher to Twitter: 21:01:05 PrimaryIdeas #TMMK - #BYOD 21:02:43 ThisIsLiamM And to finish, we have @jms429. He's been waiting all night. #TMMK 21:02:55 ThisIsLiamM #TMMK - #BYOD 21:04:16 PrimaryIdeas Yipppee.. Promoting BYOD in schools. Always problems to solve but I like the approach! #TMMK Your Tech Survey. 21:05:09 adamrsc Hearing about teaching Primary kids to make Apps at #tmmk 21:05:35 digitalmaverick #TMMK - Making smart phone apps. #adedu @jms429 21:05:35 ThisIsLiamM No longer 'head of ICT' instead 'digital wizard' - oh yes #tmmk 21:06:12 SwayGrantham @jms429 is talking about making apps. Fab presentation showing the excitement of making digital creations. #TMMK 21:06:43 ICTmagic #tmmk let's rename DL as Digital Wizards! Harry Twitter, Bloggy the house elf, Hermoine Hacker #DLChat #digitalleaders 21:06:45 Tiffybum Here's a link to that super cool awesome survey I just talked about: #tmmk 21:06:53 sleicester #tmmk MIT app inventor looks great for ten year olds. They love it a Spratton Hall 21:07:16 HelenCaldwel @Tiffybum: #tmmk let's rename DL as Digital Wizards! Harry Twitter, Bloggy the house elf, Hermoine Hacker #DLChat #digitalleaders - genius 21:07:33 SwayGrantham #Tmmk - A 10yr old writing their own Android app using Google's App Inventor. - Do u want to create yr own apps? 21:07:46 adamrsc #TMMK #apps made by children. #adedu 21:07:55 ThisIsLiamM MIT AppInventor getting the thumbs up from @jms429 #tmmk 21:08:30 MrHarcombe More from @jms429 -> #TMMK 21:08:53 PrimaryIdeas @jms429 mentioned It's fab. Try it. #TMMK #UKedchat 21:09:11 ICTmagic

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 @jms429 if RaspberryPi wasn't cool enough before, how about now it has Minecraft for free and you can program it while playing it? #tmmk 21:09:14 MrHarcombe Useful resource for using App Inventor #Tmmk 21:09:49 adamrsc Don't forget to check out the visual wall before you go, it's looking fab!! #tmmk 21:10:05 SwayGrantham @philallman1 there will be in the end :) #tmmk 21:12:16 SwayGrantham #TMMK *applause* 21:12:52 ThisIsLiamM #Tmmk @HelenCaldwel So when is UoN doing a Teachmeet Northampton...? 21:13:13 Tiffybum @digitalmaverick is stealing @Actionjackson bit... in the nicest possible way. #TMMK 21:13:33 ICTmagic @SwayGrantham watched last hour on google plus. well done. a great evening. interesting here with backwards words! #tmmk 21:15:58 sciencelabman #TMMK Thank you all. Off home now... 21:18:28 ThisIsLiamM Really enjoyed watching the #tmmk live stream. All the presenters were great! Everbody who was involved in danhumphries8 organising it did a fantastic job 21:20:11 9 @Ezzy_Moon Sounds like good news to me! I might take a look at the tweets #tmmk 21:22:33 tombarrett Might have to look into volunteering for @CodeClub after danhumphries8 what @neilnjae said about it at #tmmk 21:24:53 9 @HelenCaldwel Hope #tmmk was a roaring success and @PeterFord behaved himself. Sorry I couldn't get across. #notenoughhours 21:38:19 trees2066 The wonder wall at #tmmk Loads of stuff! 21:48:21 neilnjae #TMMK 22:01:33 kconnolly2105 A really big thank you to #TMMK and everyone who helped. Some great inspirational ideas. It was our first ever Teach 22:05:22 GilesBrookSCH Meet and we enjoyed it. @MrHarcombe just thought I'd say Hi - we got lost together on the OU campus! Great presentation at #tmmk shame you got cut off 22:06:02 SuzyWedley Visual Minutes from #TMMK: 22:22:17 ThisIsLiamM How might we make learning EPIC? #TMMK 22:23:15 ThisIsLiamM #tmmk great evening great ideas 'amazing' 22:25:48 jon_ralphs Lovely inspirational evening at #tmmk Well done to the excellent organisers and sharers! Thank you! 22:30:10 peterford 22:30:24 adamrsc RT @SwayGrantham Teachmeet MK are supporting Medical Detection Dogs.... check out the wonderful work they do

TeachMeet Milton Keynes Friday 1st March 2013 #tmmk Nice summary visual minutes from the #tmmk this evening. 22:39:51 adamrsc Enormous thanks to all the organisers and speakers at Teach Meet Milton Keynes. A great evening. #tmmk 22:48:55 neilnjae Hey @Actionjackson you were with us in spirit, if not in body tonight at #tmmk. 'I am amazing, you are amazing, we are amazing, yeah!' 22:50:06 digitalmaverick "@HelenCaldwel: #tmmk Neil Smith tells us about the Code Club network for Primary coding." /cc @CodeClub 22:59:47 neilnjae "@HelenCaldwel: #tmmk Teachers pair up with computing experts to run code clubs. All materials provided." @CodeClub 23:00:14 neilnjae #bpark referenced on the #tmmk Wonder Wall! great evening, great speakers! 23:10:02 BParkEd It was really good to work with @jon_ralphs tonight at #tmmk. Managed to get some really good photos and his work is definitely memorable! 23:17:27 kconnolly2105 #tmmk supports Medical Detection Dogs: canine heroes saving lives by smelling diabetes & cancer. Donate by text here: 23:17:28 HelenCaldwel @digitalmaverick You made our evening! Hope you feel better tomorrow.#tmmk 23:19:35 HelenCaldwel @peterford Epic ideas were just what we needed. Thank you! #tmmk 23:20:23 HelenCaldwel G+: This is not a raffle prize. #tmmk 23:20:28 TeaKayB @jon_ralphs Thank you for capturing our TeachMeet as a wonderwall. A fab way of capturing ideas from a crowd! #tmmk 23:28:50 HelenCaldwel @aknill The TeachMeet raffle man! So glad you were there. #tmmk 23:30 HelenCaldwel Huge thanks to all our wonderful presenters at #tmmk. So inspiring and so much fun too! 23:33:47 HelenCaldwel Was reminded tonight of the generosity & kind, giving nature of @NoTosh employees #tmmk 23:54:23 digitalmaverick