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What is "poor-bashing"?

Poor-bashing happens when poor people are stereotyped as lazy, and when they are scapegoated for society's social and economic problems. Poor bashing (cause of poverty) Problem cause by people who own wealth (media) There isnt actual evidence showing that there are 11 cases of frauds. Eg. reporters and columnists rely on claims by informants who assume people are on welfare when they arent. (96) People have a misunderstanding on people who are using welfare Most of the people think that they should get kicked out of welfare if they have a job. Who apply for welfare have to prove their need. If they lie about it they can be jailed. Newspaper ignore fact that they are poor because they deny welfare or welfare rates are intolerably low. ( sub stories) not the true reason. Stereotype of the welfare cycle Once a person is on welfare, the whole family is on it for the next umpteen generations. (98) People dont focus on business fraud, but the amount that these business people fraud were way higher than those poor people who receives welfare. (99) Media didnt report the outcome that brings with the abolition of Canada Assistance Plan ( 100) Even politicians believe that people have to go on welfare is due to their individual problems, not because of lack of jobs or decent wages. 101 To receive welfare, they demand responsible behavior- implying who are on welfare now are not responsible. But the truth is they have already been required to accept any kind of paid work they were physically capable of before. Blaming on the people that they are on welfare is due to lack of skills instead of not having enough jobs102 Neglecting the fact that there are hard working people out there who prefer not to go on welfare and take the jobs that they do not receive high salary 104 Politicians and media use their power to create communal hatred 104 Post Colonialism Post colonialism is seen as a convenient invention of Western intellectuals which reinscribes their power to define the world (Tuhiwai Smith, Linda 1999) Under colonialism, there was conquest and control of other peoples land and goods. (Loomba, Ania 1998) The meaning of post means the after, post colonialism therefore wont be claimed as post colonialism if its still subject to the oppressions put into place by colonialism (Loomba, Ania 1998)

Its a process of disengagement from the whole colonial syndrome. And therefore it differs from different part of the world. Although they would all have to gone through the process of decolonization.

Structural adjustment programs IMF: The IMF lends money to countries who do not have enough cash to pay their debts to others the loans are then repaid with interest the IMF uses its leverage by making the loans contingent on economic reform which results in a more strict monetary and fiscal policies the required reforms are usually strongly market-oriented and are directed at opening economies to trade and competition Countries that ask IMF for a loan are then forced to accommodate to the required policies and become part of the age of globalization the process of globalization consists of privatizing the public sectors that were once available to people in the lower classes of society thus, the negative impact of globalization is often seen on the middle-lower classes especially the poor (Grewal & Kaplan) OCAP ( Ontario Coalition against poverty) an organiation against poverty Has worked for nearly two decades to mobilize the resistance in some of Torontos poorest communities in the form of direct collective action Works against the concerted and deliberate effort by all of Canadas capitalistic governments to cut social programs, deny adequate income levels, and to transfer wealth from societys poorest to the richest. OCAP faces the challenge of adapting its work and methods of resistance to the current (article dated 2009) economic downturn heteronormativity- cultural bias that favors opposite sex relationship. And thinking that same sex relationship is abnormal. Heteronormativity is the view that heterosexuality, heterosexual relationships and traditional gender roles are fundamental and natural within society ( sept 27 lecture) Constructing normalcy- lennard j. davis conceiving of the population as norm and non norm is for the state to attempt to norm the nonstandard. (p.6) galton focus on the best trait from statistics by focusing on the mean instead of the median and rank them in ascending order. The creation of dominance is empowered by the imperative of norm (p.8) People categorized human variations into disabilities (p.9) Deviations from the norm were regarded in the long run as contributing to the disease of the nation. (p.9) uniform labours to produce uniform products (p.9) low income was equated with relative inefficienct ( ibid.46) certain ethnic groups were associated with feeblemindedness and pauperism.