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XtralisVESDA VFT-15 Sales and Technical Presentation

Extending the VESDA Range

The Xtralis VESDA VFT-15 is a unique and versatile high sensitivity ASD that can pinpoint the source of an incipient smoke incident
Minimises business disruption and downtime Speeds response Enhances investigation

Two variants are available

(0.01 20% Obs/m or 0.003 6.10% Obs/ft)

(1 20% Obs/m or 0.3 6.10% Obs/ft)

VESDA VFT-15 Value Proposition

The only ASD product available on todays market to provide:

Pinpoint location of the source and location of an incipient smoke incident, therefore minimising investigation and downtime Intelligent addressability to identify up 15 protected areas respectively, respectively via microbore air sampling tubes High sensitivity ranging from 0.01 to 20 % obs/m (0.003 6.10% obs/ft) Optional CO gas sensor

The VFT-15 is complementary to the existing range and provides pinpoint addressability at a more compelling price than multiple VLS units with single hole pipes.

Product Positioning
Area 400m2 Sensitivity High (EN54-20 Class A) (VEW) Enhanced (EN54-20 Class B) (EW) VFT-15 800m2 1200m2 1600m2 2000m2

VLF 250

VLF 500



VFT-15-C Normal (EN54-20 Class C)

Matching Models With Environments

Environment Aircraft Hangars Atria Auditorium Cable Tunnels/Trays Casinos Clean Rooms Cold Rooms Computer Rooms Control Rooms Dormitories EDP Environments Elect/Switching Cabinets Equipment Cabinets Historical Buildings Hospitals Hotels Laboratories Libraries/Archival Storage Manufacturing Facilities Museums/Art Galleries Offices Prison cells Schools Storage Areas Substations Telecommunications Theatres VLP VLS VLC VLF VFT-15

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T rans portation

Site conditions and pipe network design will determine the final choice of detector.

Principle of Operation

Actively draws air from the protected area through a network of flexible pipes Filters and conditions the air where necessary Analyses the air for low levels of smoke Identifies th i Id tifi the pipe on which th hi h the incident occurred Sets alarms on four programmable thresholds Reports the alarm via relay outputs or communication network

Detection Principle VFT

Sensitivity from 0.01% - 20% obs/m (0.003 6.10% obs/ft) for VFT-15 or 1% 20% obs/m (0.3 6.10% obs/ft) for VFT15-C A laser illuminates smoke particles in an optical chamber with 360 degree light guide collector Unique field serviceable optical chamber separates optics from sampled air Removable chamber includes particle filter

VFT- 15 Micro Bore 15 Pipe Detector

6 mm micro bore air sampling High or normal sensitivity laser detection 15 pipes 50 m pipe length each pipe 4 Alarms - Alert, Action, Fire 1, Fire 2 Powerful suction rotary vane vacuum pump 0 7 B with sensitive airflow 0.7 Bar ith iti i fl monitor Large, clear display panel Onboard Modbus RS232 and RS485 TCP/IP Ethernet Modular relay output units PSU, battery charger and battery optional

Whats inside VFT-15?

Power Supply (if required) Battery Compartment 15 Sector inputs

Display/ Programmer

0.7 Bar Vacuum pump

I/O modules when the display is lowered

Sampling Components

Powerful 0.7 Bar suction rotary vane vacuum pump. 15 way rotary valve incorporating pressure sensor.
Trace mode of operation: samples overall from all pipes 30 sec to detection Selection mode: Scans sectors when smoke detected +/ 9 sec/pipe +/ Self test mode: every 20 min 1/1 dilution (no dilution of smoke sample)

VFT-15 Microbore Sampling

The VFT-15 requires microbore, which is 6 mm OD and 4mm ID flexible nylon tube. All lengths should be equal with a maximum allowable length of 50 m per tube. Other materials may be used such as Stainless Steel with suitable adaptors for harsh environments. Never glue to the inlets of the detector. Unused inputs should be looped to one another using short lengths of microbore.

VFT-15 - Accessories
Part Number VFT-15 VFT-15-C 01-E921-15 01-EP02-02 01-E606-01 01-E624 01-E922-01 Description XtralisVESDAVFT15,24vDCwithDisplay& TCP/IP XtralisVESDAVFT15,24vDCwithDisplay& TCP/IP ClassCSensitivity RemoteDisplay MainsPSU/BatteryCharger230VAC RelayModule4ChannelFTseries ReTransmissionModule8Channel420mA MiniRDURS485 19"rackmount

Power Supply

Optional 230V AC supply and battery charger (EN54) 2 x 12V (18 AH) batteries inside housing or 2 x 12 V (40 AH) batteries outside the housing

I/O Modules

Optional I/O modules

4 Channel relays

8 Channel 4-20 mA Analogue Out

VFT Series Display Panel

Display may be used to program the detector

Remote Display Options

Rack Mounted Remote
Display Unit

19 rack mount - 12 per rack Accept / reset / isolate Bar graph, alarms and faults RS485 connected via CN6 on i602 board (Termination Board) Up to 16 per detector

Remote Display Panel

Remote display & keypad One per detector up to 1km away RS485 connected.

Supporting Software
Sophisticated but intuitive support tools

VSC Configuration and control of all Xtralis VESDA devices VSM4 Remote monitoring and control of multiple device networks in full graphical context, including email/SMS messaging and fire policy prompts

Remote Access & Networking

Typical VFT-15 Applications

Electronic data processing equipment High sensitivity Micro bore pipes for individual cabinet identification Unaffected by high air speeds Optional integral hydrogen monitoring of UPS rooms

A highly addressable solution for fully-enclosed cabinets

Extending the VLP-VLS solution

Typically a VLP would be used to protect the open environment of the modern high density data centre. Addressability to a particular area might be possible by using a VLS pipe per isle or per grille but this can be economically challenging

Extending the VLP/VLS solution

The application of VFT-15 provides fully addressable coverage of the mission critical cabinets while the VLP detects less critical environments such as across the return air grille and hot isles.

Typical VFT-15 Applications

Mines and Electrical Substations Operates in dusty environments Individual protection of highvoltage switchgear cabinets HV cabinets are bolted and cannot be opened easily PLC and control rooms Electrical substations

Extending the VLP-VLS solution

The current solution for protecting low heat load vented cabinets is to sample at the top of the cabinet using capillary tubes placed into the various cabinets from a main branch pipe. The disadvantage is that only a global alarm will be generated, requiring visual inspection of each cabinet to determine the source Use of a VLS provides enhanced addressability per main branch pipe but still does not provide individual cabinet identification

Extending the VLP-VLS solution

The VFT-15 offers an extremely competitive and more elegant solution for identifying up to 15 individual cabinets.

Typical VFT-15-C Applications

Prisons and Correctional Institutions

Tamper proof air sampling Individual monitoring of up to 15 cells High speed reaction time Central maintenance facility

Typical VFT-15-C Applications

Exclusive Residences, Shops & Apartments Aesthetic, invisible Unique low profile stainless steel sampling point!
Only 33 mm x 4 mm height

Programming Tools


VFT Display Panel

Programming with VFT Display

Programming Keys Log on to the Detector Using the Admin Code 693

Basic Programming Exercise 1. Alert 2. Action 3. Fire 1 4. Fire 2 0.08% 0.14% 0.2% 1.5% 5. Set the fan speed to 7 6. Normalize the Detector 7. Set the High Flow to 135% 8. Set the low flow to 75%

Menus Available 1. Faults 2. Operator 3. Engineering 4. Configure 5. Sector Alarms 6. Time + Date 7. Web 8. Setup 9. Laser Cal 10. Load Defaults 11. Maintenance 12. Test Outputs

VFT RS485 Communications

Three Options:
Up to 30 Detectors communicate to a PC 1 Detector communicates with one Remote Display Panel Up to 16 Detectors communicate 16 Remote Di l U it R t Display Units

Cannot combine any of the three options.

VFT RS485 Communications

Connect shielded twisted pair to CN6 Ensure length doesnt exceed 1km





Set Jumper to End for End of Line Detectors


VFT RS485 Communications

Connect a Remote Display Panel using connector under the Display Panel. Ensure length doesnt exceed 1km Note: The configuration of the detector needs to be changed to expect the Remote Display Panel.

VFT Relays
On-board Relays Relay Modules

VFT Relay Assignments


VFT Faults

General Fault Mains Fault Flow Fault Battery Fault y Aspirator Fault Detector Fault Comms Fault If faults not rectified on site when referring to trouble shooting guide contact Xtralis

VFT Spare Parts List

Part Number
VFT-15 VFT-15-C 01-E921-15 01-EP02-02 01-E606-01 01-E624 01-E922-01 01-E922-99 01-E922-00 02-2001-30 02-2002-01P 02-2003-01P 02-3000-06 02-FL01-01

XtralisVESDAVFT15,24vDCwithDisplay&TCP/IP XtralisVESDAVFT15,24vDCwithDisplay&TCP/IP ClassCSensitivity RemoteDisplay MainsPSU/BatteryCharger230VAC RelayModule4Channel ReTransmissionModule8Channel420mA,FTseries MiniRDURS485 19"rackmount 19 subrackfor12MiniRDU Blindplateforsubrack MicroBore6mmsamplingtube 30mreel StraightUnionforMicroBore6mmTube(Packof10) TeeUnionforMicroBore6mmTube(Packof10) Stainlesssteelsamplingpoint6mm ScinteredEOLFilterforMicroBore6mmTube

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