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1 ) W h a t i s N X ? NEXT 2 ) W h a t a r e t h e v e r s i o n s o f U G ? -UG-18,NX/2,


3)How many types of modeling are in UG?-Solid, Surfacing, sheet metal, 4)How many types of co-ordinate system are in UG? -WCS, CSYS,MCS 5)Which is better option to mirror- Instance or Transform?– Mirror-instance: its associative. 6)How to remove parameters, by keeping model intact and how to retrieve it back?-Edit->feature->remove parameter. 7)How to find center of gravity of the model?-Analysis- >mass property 8)How to modify model created in inches to millimeters?-Go to dos command in NX-ug_convert_part –in <file name> 9)How to create your own user-defined symbol?-File - >utility->create custom symbol. 10)How do you represent weld in part model. -11)What are the necessary things to be incorporated in complete final drawing? 12)How do you confirm whether the sketch is fully constrained / parts in assembly are fully mated? -Message shows in que line. 13)Tell some options of section in freeform features?-End-apex- shoulder , End-slopes-shoulder , fillet-shoulder ,three-point- arc,Ends-apex-rho,five-points. 14)What is the use of simple in thru curve?When using the Simple option, the tolerance values (Distance ToleranceandAngle Tolerance) are ignored. By requesting a simple surface, you are asking that the generating curves be refit to reflect the degree andsegmentation of the template. The system does the best refit it can to those constraints and builds thesurface directly from the refitted curves.- 15)What is the use of reducing patches in surfacing?-

16)What is the use of spine in thru curve mesh and swept?-Shape controls. 17)Which are the options in fff to which we r defining spine 18)What are the maximum strings that we can use in thrucurve, thru curve mesh, swept?-thrucurve, thru curve mesh -150 , swept-3, 19)How to reduce the no of decimal places of dimensions that appear in information window?-preference<sketch<decimal places 20)What is dual dimensioning?-It shows combine mm & inches 21)What does parametric modeling mean?-Its Editable,associative 22)How do you taper 1/4 th of a face? 23)What is the use of associative point in sketch? -To control the sketch .24)How to change the profile of sketch with out deleting any entities? -By the use of Geometrical constaint. 25)Can we transform a plane?- No 26)What is use of overflows? 27)What is use of examine geometry?-Used for checking of object, body,faces,Edges. 28)What is the use of positioning in sketch?-Positioning dimensions let you position a sketch in relation to external objects - Used for given dimension from ref. of other object eg-hole on block. 29)What is the use of Wave geometry linker?-Used for linking of two bodies. 30)What is the use of Zones? 31)What is the use of Direct Modeling? 32)What is the use of Envelopes? 33)How to check time taken to complete the project? 34)What is diametric view how many are there? 35)How to build custom Templates? 36)What is inter part modeling and inter part expressions?-Used for linking of two part object.

37)Explain term “bi-directional associativity” b/w drafting and modeling? 38)What is the meaning of G0, G1, and G2 in surface


39)If u know. Tell me the comparisons between UG, Pro/E, Catia, and AutoCAD etc. 40)What is the Use of giving GD&T to solid Model compare to Drafting 41)What are the changes between UG18 and UGNX series? 42)What is the use of Model parameter in Drafting?43)What we can do with Gateway application?Open file,close file, 44)What is the extension file for UG Assembly, Drafting, and Manufacturing?- .prt. 45)Which is the alternate method for Unite and Subtract?-Sew, trim. 46)In which option we can remove faces? 47)What is the use of removing parameters?-To covert into unparametric . 48)What is the use of simplifying curve?-Insert->curve from curve- >simplify 49)What is the advantage of constructing splines with less degree? 50)What is the maximum degree of splines in UG?-All splines are limited to a degree of 24 51)What is the meaning of Point of Inflation in splines? 52)How to represent Brake line dimension? 53)What is Actual or Basic dimension? 54)How to represent reference dimension? 55)What are line types in UG?-Point Method, Tracking Bar, Unbounded, Parallel options, Angle Increment. 56)What are the types of Miters UG? 57)What is the geometry output by iges? 58)What are translators? Name few Translators.-


59)By which option of translators we will get solid body?

60)How to check manual dimensions in UG? 61)Information>other>object specification>dimention with manual text-Analysis->Distance .62)Did you come across Out of Date in UG? Than how to solve that Problem-Preferences->Drafting->view->unmark delay update view .63)What are the types of Views in UG?-Trimeric, Isometric, Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, Right. 64)What is the advantage of Beziers surfaces in manufacturing? 65)Tell me the Applications of Wave Engineering? What is advantages of Wave