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For each of the following multiple choice questions, choose the best answer. Q1) B Q1) Which of the following items would be considered to be information? A. building number B. sales invoice C. invoice number D. supplier name Q2) A Q2) Engineers preparing designs for desks and new office furniture into a computeraided design system would be called: A. Knowledge workers B. Expert workers C. Data workers D. Decision makers Q3) B Q3) An organizations __________ is a collection of information resources, its users, and the management that oversees them. A. Information technology architecture B. Information technology infrastructure C. Information technology D. Computer-based information system Q4) A Q4) Cybercafes are an example of which type of societal pressure? A. Social responsibility B. Government regulations C. Ethics D. Information overload

Q5) C Q5) is a website where large retailers can aggregate their purchases of home electronics and generally get a lower price than the regular retail price from manufacturers. According to Porter's competitive forces model, BlueBuys actions will: A. Eliminate the threat of new competitors B. Increase the bargaining power of suppliers C. Increase the bargaining power of buyers D. Increase the threat of substitutive products Q6) D Q6) _________ provide organizations with advantages that enable them to increase their market share and/or profits, to better negotiate with suppliers, or to prevent competitors from entering their markets. A. Management information systems B. Decision support systems C. Executive information systems D. Strategic systems Q7) B Q7) EonSkates is a manufacturer of ice skates. The secret to its success lies in its ability to respond to customers preferences such as colour, type of blade, designs etc. EonSkates most likely follows what type of competitive strategy?: A. Cost leadership B. Customer-orientation strategy C. Innovation D. Operational effectiveness


Q8) D Q8) Smaller businesses implement IT governance by: A. Hiring an experienced chief information officer along with several network administrators and business analysts B. Contracting the services of IT consulting firms that have a worldwide presence C. Adopting all of the IT governance practices that large organizations follow D. Having an aware and knowledgeable owner-manager who actively selects business practices and software Q9) C Q9) The process by which an organization assesses the value of each asset being protected, estimates the probability that each asset will be compromised, and compares the probable costs of the assets being compromised with the cost of protecting that asset is called: A. controls evaluation B. risk limitation C. risk analysis D. risk transference Q10) B Q10) Which statement best characterizes the practice of information systems (IS) audit? A. IS auditors need to participate fully in development and testing of controls B. IS auditors need to be independent from the systems and controls that they review C. IS auditors should only test the general controls D. IS auditing should be done only by employees of the organization Q11) C Q11) A _______ attack is an attack involving deception to acquire sensitive personal information by masquerading as official-looking e-mails or instant messages. A. Zero-day attack

B. Denial of service C. Phishing D. Tunnelling Q12) C Q12) Which of the following is an example of a logical control? A. Numeric keypad lock B. Security guard C. Strong password D. Computer anti-theft cable Q13) D Q13) Which of the following is most helpful in improving security when using social networking? A. Avoid using your last name in any of the postings to your page B. Regularly changing the email addresses that you use, including the passwords C. Avoid posting too many pictures about yourself and your activities D. Making sure that your personal profile is not publicly available Q14) B Q14) Which of the following is the best example of a strong password? A. 09876qwr B. GPM68^tm C. California98 D. sjfuvhy765 Q15) A Q15) Internet Explorer, version 7, provides a Delete Browsing History option for oneclick cleanup. This feature is particularly important: A. When you use a friend's computer, or computers in public environments such as libraries or at the university B. To prevent your friends computer from being infected by malware and malicious software C. When you use your own computer to surf the Internet from home D. Before you do any online transaction where you have to enter your personal information

Q16) C Q16) You should install an anti-malware product on your computer and use it, ideally daily. Remember that every time you scan your computer for malware with your anti-malware product, you should: A. Uninstall the old version and reinstall it again B. Delete all the files in my documents folder C. Update your malware definitions before you scan. D. Check the Norton Internet Security website Q17) C Q17) A _______ is a small data warehouse containing only a portion of the organizations data A. Data dictionary B. Micro-database C. Data mart D. Mini-relational database Q18) A Q18) An entity is a(n): A. Person or event about which information is maintained B. Unique characteristic or property of an element in a database C. Technique to assess database system capacity D. Method to associate data models with their attributes Q19) C Q19) The method for analyzing and reducing a relational database to its most streamlined form for minimum redundancy, maximum data integrity, and best processing performance is called: A. Online analytical processing (OLAP) B. Open systems C. Normalization D. Entity-relationship modeling Q20) B Q20) An organizations policies and procedures are examples of an organizations:

A. Tacit knowledge B. Explicit knowledge C. Explicit capital D. Tacit assets Q21) D Q21) One of the main challenges to implementing effective knowledge management systems is that: A. Knowledge is incomplete B. Employees tend to provide knowledge that already exits as company policies and procedures C. Management tends to overlook knowledge provided by employees D. Employees must be willing to share their personal tacit knowledge Q22) A Q22) An example that illustrates data isolation is: A. Customer information in the sales systems cannot be accessed by other applications B. Duplicate payroll information is stored on multiple servers in remote locations C. Servers are isolated to improve security over confidential data files D. Data is copied onto multiple media and stored in backup libraries

Q23) D Q23) Structured query language (SQL): A. Uses data generated from the accounting systems to create reports using a graphical display system B. Is not useful for generalized database applications C. Is a system that protects from unauthorized access by asking the user to respond to successively more difficult password questions D. Allows users to perform complicated searches through a database using relatively simple statements.

Q27) D Q27) A communications processor that connects dissimilar networks by translating from one set of protocols to another is called a(n): A. Router B. Bridge C. Embedded local area network (LAN) D. Gateway

Q24) C Q24) A data dictionary is advantageous to an organization using a relational database management system because it: A. Enables internet sites to index data for web searches B. Uses hypertext transport protocol (HTTP) which is a standard C. Enables applications to be developed quicker with fewer errors D. Searches the meaning of complex IT terms in a database Q25) B (Ch5; p. ; Sec. 5.2) Q25) A keyword or term that describes a piece of information is known as a(n): A. Blog B. Tag C. Wiki D. Ajax Q26) C Q26) Telecommuting: A. Is a combination of telephone and television technology B. Refers to people working via mobile devices while traveling to and from the office C. Can be done from almost anywhere D. Is beneficial to employees but not to management

Q28) C Q28) If a company wants to set up a web site and post information on the internet, one of the first things the company should do is: A. Encrypt all of its data to prevent unauthorized access B. Contact its credit card provider for access codes C. Register a domain name for the company D. Establish the use of a darknet to improve security Q29) D Q29) Which provides the fastest network connection? A. Microwave B. Twisted pair wire C. Coaxial cable D. Fiber-optic cable Q30) A Q30) Canadas most advanced network that interconnects provincial research networks, universities, research centres, government research laboratories, and schools is known as: A. CAnet4 B. Internet 2 C. IPv6 D. ARPANET