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TECHNOLOGY and LIVELIHOOD RESOURCE CENTER Technology and Livelihood Information Dissemination Services Group Sales and Marketing


60.00 /pc.
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40. 42. 43.

Paggawa ng Minatamis na Prutas at Gulay (Out of Stock) 41. Party Pastries I Seafood Snacks (Out of Stock) Specialty Cakes

Bio-Intensive Gardening Halamang Gamot High Value Vegetables Pagpapalago ng Dapo Pagpaparami ng Kabute


Ang Negosyong Food Retailing Basic Financial Business Management Direct Selling and Network Marketing Paggawa ng Aroma Candle (Out of Stock) Pagtatatag ng Kooperatiba

6. Pagtatanim ng Halamang Ugat (Out of Stock)

7. Pagtatanim ng Mangga Stock)

8. Produksyon ng Loofah Mula sa Patola (Out of

II. Agribusiness-Livestock

Pangangasiwa ng Maliit na Negosyo (Out of Stock) 9. Pag-aalaga ng Gatasang TLRC, Technology and Livelihood Information Dissemination Services Group (TLIDSG), Sales and Send your orders to Baka 10. Pag-aalaga ng Itik Marketing Division 11. Ground Floor, TLRC Building (former ELT Center), 103 J. Abad Santos corner Lopez Jaena Streets, Little Baguio, San Juan, Pag-aalaga ng Native Chicken Metro Manila 12. Pag-aalaga ng Pugo Trunkline No. 727-6205 loc. 202 & 203 Direct Line: 721-0066 Website: 13. Pag-aalaga ng Pukyutan Payment must be in POSTAL MONEY ORDER, payable to TLRC, add 22.50 for every publication to cover packaging and 14. Palahiang Baboy mailing costs. 15. Patabaing Baboy

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Aqua Business
Pag-aalaga ng Alimango Pag-aalaga ng Bangus Pag-aalaga ng Hito Pag-aalaga ng TIlapya (Out of Stock)

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27. 29.

60.00 /pc.
VII. Home Business-Crafts

Produksyon ng Halamang Dagat (Out of Stock)


Home Business-Crafts

50. 51. 52. 53.


Artificial Plants and Paper Flowers (Out of Stock) Artificial Plants II (Out of Stock) Children's Wear (Out of Stock) Christmas Decor I (Out of Stock) Christmas Decor II Christmas Wreath and Decors (Out

Paggawa at Pagpapalamuti ng Basket (Out of Stock)

Paggawa ng Artificial Plants at Paper Flowers (Out of Stock)

Paggawa ng Fabric Toys (Out of Stock)

55. 56. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63.

Paggawa ng mga Produkto Mula sa Papel (Out of Stock) Paggawa ng Novelty Items (Out of Stock) Paggawa ng Promo Items Paggawa ng Stuffed Toys Pagnenegosyo ng Pottery (Out of Stock) Quiltmaking Sapatos, Sinturon at Iba Pa (Out of Stock)

of Stock) Embroidered Products 57. Figurines, Stained Glass and other Resin Products Hair Accessories (Out of Stock) Home Dcor (Out of Stock) Knockdown Furniture (Out of Stock) Novelty Items (Out of Stock) Promo Items

28. 30.

Home Business-Food
Dimsum Delights (Out of Stock) Food and Beverage Services Mga Produkto Mula sa Gatas Mga Produkto Mula sa Kasuy Mga Produkto Mula sa Mani Mga Produkto Mula sa Niyog at Soya Mga Produkto Mula sa Rootcrops Nutritious Snacks (Out of Stock)

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33. 34. 35. 36. 37.

Trendy Balloons 64. Wedding Decors and Giveaways (out of stock)

VIII. Home Business-Food

65. 66. Affordable Bakery Products Beef and Poultry Meat Processing Catering and Food Services Chocolate II Christmas Food Giveaways (Out of Christmas Goodies I (Out of Stock)

38. 39.


Paggawa ng Juice, Jams, Concentrates at iba pa (Out of Stock)

69. 70.


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73. 74. 75.

Christmas Goodies II (Out of Stock) Christmas Goodies III Commercial Baking Fish and other Seafood Products Fish Processing Food Products from Coconut and Fruit and Vegetable Carving (Out of Home Bakeshop I Home Bakeshop II Noodles and Pasta Nutritious Food Products From Pinoy Merienda Favorites Pork Meat Processing Soymeat and Vegetable Dishes


Stock) 78. 79. 80. 81. Rootcrops

83. 84.

IX. Others

86. 87. 88.

Alternative Medicine Aroma Candle Basic Auto Repair and Maintenance Candles and Potpourri Decorative Candles Fine Jewelry (Out of Stock) Glass Blowing and Decorating (Out Herbal Bath Soap

89. 90. 91.

of Stock) 92.


Jewelry Appraisal and Gold Plating (Out of Stock) 94. Landscaping 95. Soap Making