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Process Review & Maturity Reporting (Compliance)

Roi & Value Reviews & Building Alignment Planning

Pattern of Business Activity

Service Level Management Planning Capture Service Requirements Review/Update OLA and UPC Produce SLA SLA Projected Service Outage Availability Management Requirements Plan Implement SKMS
Service Catalouge

Capacity Management Review Improve SKMS AMIS New Requirements Plan Maintain

Continuity Plan IT Service Continuity Capacity Plan SKMS CMIS Business Impact Analysis Requirements Strategy Plan Implement Review Innovation


Availability Plan

Information Security Define Policy Implement Monitor Analysis SKMS SMIS Security Policy


Technical Supplier Management Strategy Policy Evaluation Contract Performance Report Performance Performance Report

Service Catalogue Management Definition Scoping Policy Update Maintain

Monitor Report

Risk Management

Financial Management Service Valuation Funding Charge back

Service Portfolio Management Definition Analysis Authorisation SKMS Service Portfolio

Demand Management Patterns of Business Activity

Patterns of Business Activity SKMS CMS Organisation and RACI CMDBs Discovery Tools Service Asset & Configuration Planning & Identification Control Status Reporting Change Management Registration & Categorisation Assessment & Authorisation CAB
n Mo 28

Self Service Service Desk Incident Management Identification & Logging Categorise Priortise Diagnose Resolution & Recovery Closure Service Improvement Proposals Request Model Customer Satisfaction Survey Problem Management Detect & Logging Request Fulfillment Logging Modelling Workflow Automation Fulfillment Closure Categorise Priortise Analysis & Diagnosis Resolution Closure Review SKMS
Alerts & Events Known Errors Problem Records Incident Records Service Requests


Charter Financial Plan

Verification& Audit Spares Store Housekeeping Licence Management

Event Management Design & Event Modelling System Configuration Service Monitoring Response & Closure Review

Security Policy

Plan & Control Schedule Changes Measurement & Reporting Service Evaluation Emergency Change Asset Store Release & Deployment Planning Preparation Definitive Media Libraries Build & Test Cycles Pilot & Deployment Retirement Early Life Support Release Review Patch Management Release Package

Access Management Request Logging Request Verification Provide Access Rights Restrict/Remove Access Rights Maintain Roles & Groups

Schedule of Change Work Order

Validation & Test Plans

Remediation Plans

Associated Functions IT Operations Management Technical Management Application Management

Knowledge Management Record & Approve Monitoring

SKMS Known Errors

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Survey Reviews and Improvement Planning

Management Information Review & Trend Reporting

Service Reporting

Communications Strategy & Plan