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Project: Registration And Licensing of Fishing Crafts (ReALCraft) 1.

DESCRIPTION FISHNET-ReALCraft, a workflow-based online application system for vessel registration of the fishing vessels along the coast is developed by NIC for the Fisheries Department. This project provided a uniform system of vessel registration wherein every vessel is issued a unique identity. ReALCraft is now a national project sanctioned by the Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Government of India for implementation in all coastal states and Union Territories. It will improve coastal security and fishermen security, a uniform national database will be available of all fishing vessels fishing along the Indian coastal area. All vessel owners and license holders are using a single uniform certificate across the Indian Coast. The National roll-out process for nine Coastal States and four Coastal UTs would ensure implementation of ICT Infrastructure in 166 places of Registry spread across the country coast line, an online system for the Registration and Licensing of Fishing Craft in all coastal States/UTs/Islands, training to Fisheries Department officials involved in Registration and Licensing in all locations and comprehensive database of all fishing vessels. State-of-the-art IT tools, Internet Access, Database Access and Website Access etc. will be used to facilitate qualitative improvement in the availability of accurate and up-to-date information at various levels. Components being implemented under RealCraft project Issuance of Registration of fishing vessels & Licensing Certificates Renewal of License Issuance of Duplicate Registration Certificate / License Certificate Change of ownership, Crew Details Change of vessel attributes (Engine, Structure, Gear, Fuel Tank, Life Saving Equipments, Insurance details etc) Impounding of fishing vessels Issue of permit to other state vessels for fishing in the states water Fishing License for the vessels registered with other valid agencies Flash news about the impounding of vessels and other important events SMS service to public and marine enforcement (Coast Guard, Navy etc) Unique Barcode for individual certificates


1.To Provide a user friendly work flow based interface for the movement/ approval of applications at various levels. 2.To reduce the need of physical movement of the application form to the higher offices for its approval by uploading scanned application form, thereby making the process much faster.

3.Unique Barcode for individual certificates to help officials in checking its validity. 4.To automate the process of generating registration number, license number, vessel identification number and fee calculation based on vessel type, length and HP of the vessel. 5. To track unauthorized vessels plying on sea to prevent security risk.

3. ACHIEVEMENTS: The implementation of this system has brought all the 2, 00,000-odd fishing vessels into one National Database. The process of issuing Fishing License and Registration Certificate of Fishing Crafts to Fishermen has become much faster, transparent and hassle free. The registration certificate has a barcode mechanism, which would help the security agencies to trace the history of fishing vessels. This application would help to check and track suspicious vessels in Indian waters, by providing instant information of a specified vessel. It would also prevent illegal, unregistered and unreported vessels in the territorial waters, strengthening security of the coasts as well as the security of Indian fishermen at sea. Also all the 166 ReALCraft Centres with all the necessary ICT Infrastructure in place, are proposed to be designated as Fishery Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (FMCS) Centres by the Ministry of Agriculture to facilitate the coastal fishermen. 4. CHALLENGES 1.The first challenge was that each of the states and the Union Territories had their respective Marine Regulations Acts with their own formats . 2. procedures for registration of fishing vessels, which differed from each other. But, for a uniform pattern of Registration of Fishing Vessels, a single format and a uniform set of procedures was necessary. 3. Uniform adoption of the system by all states at a time 4. Delay in Backlog data entry completion . 5. frequent transfer of trained personnel from marine to inland fisheries hampers the work To overcome this problem, all the states and UTs were convinced to use Uniform format of registration and DG, Shipping issued a notification under Merchant Shipping (MS) Act, notifying a format based, on ReALCraft Application, for registration of Fishing Vessels. It was decided that all fishing vessels less than 20 metres in length will be registered under MS Act. 5. PPT Already sent for TMC Meeting. May be modified.

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