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Jomarie Baria Reevo Purok 2, Upper Bonga, Bacacay, Albay SIMBAG SA PAG ASENSO, INC.

(SEDP) Albay Cathedral Compound, Old Albay Dist., Legaspi City (052)4812384; 4814449; 8205302 Rev. Fr. Jovic E. Lobrigo, Chairman December 12, 2012

Dear Sir, APPLICATION FOR THE POSITION OF LOAN OFFICER I would like to apply for the position of loan officer in your microfinance institution. The position seems to fit my interest and qualifications very well. Currently, I am a graduating student of Bicol University College of Social Sciences and Philosophy with Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with elective course in Management (Marketing and Microfinance). I am looking for company that provides me a challenging environment and allows me to learn new ideas in order to achieve my objective. Even though I am a fresh graduate, I have earned some credentials that enhance and develop my abilities especially in good communication skills and analytic ability. I have already a background on the nature of work of a loan officer due to the things that I learned in the basic operations in microfinance as my elective course. If I am chosen as a loan officer in your company. I will work hard towards achieving the objectives and goals of your organization. I am willing to attend any training provided by your company. I like to improve myself all time. Attached herewith is my resume for your future preference. I am prepared to be called up for an interview by the company at any time convenient. I hope that my application will receive a favorable reply from you.

Your faithfully.

Jomarie Baria Reevo Applicant