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____ Date: __________ Introduction to POGIL

The Importance of Inquiry

INFORMATION What is inquiry learning? Inquiry learning focuses on the process rather than the solution. The best way to understand the importance of this concept is to do it. Let's try. SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) has recently made contact with a new alien race in a distant star system. They have only made contact using weak radio waves, and so far, they know very little about the aliens, except that they call themselves the Rainiens. What are they like? If we had a little information about the Rainiens, perhaps we could answer this question. Here is a list of words commonly spoken by the Rainiens today. Examine these words and their English meanings. What are the Rainiens like?
Rainien abankesee abena adifudee adua afiase afiio agrohemmaa agya ahennwa akotadee akuraa amena ananse apam asafo edm sto obusuani ohuriie okra onimdefo onuabaa osidifo oguo hene h-ho hokwafo hyee kokobirifo English fort, castle pod bargain bean shop, store farm queen uncle, father throne armor village shaft, pit spider alliance company army tax kinsman fly soul clever sister adversary rain thief, king alien independent heat brave Rainien som tomfo bayere bese frafra future hoahoa ho kobere kokoo kotoko kunininana kwab hor mprampuro nakumaa nana nkab-mu nkoron nn baee ntoma nwunu samau ss sika siyere tnkyesem teaseenam twene w-fase wesee English allegiance blacksmith yam cola compound dust boast copper cocoa porcupine grandparent maghogany bamboo aunt sir confederacy mine harvest cloth humid ghost, spirit adze gold betrothed trickery car drum nephew dry

The Importance of Inquiry / 1

1. List as many characteristics of the Rainiens as you can infer from the words above. 2. What can you (practically or hypothetically) do to find out whether or not these really are characteristics of the Rainien people? 3. Suppose we had some photographs of the Rainiens. If the things listed above in question one were really characteristics of the Rainiens what would you want to see in these photographs? Select three of the characteristics you wrote and list the evidence you want to see in the photographs that will convince you that what you have listed really are characteristics of the Rainiens. 4. How do you think the type of thinking used in this activity can be applied in a scientific capacity? Why is this important?

The Importance of Inquiry / 2