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Academic Office
Date: 14th December, 2012

Subject : Mid-Semester Examination Time Table for Spring 2012-13.

Enclosed please find herewith the Spring Mid-Semester Examination Time Table 2012-13 for common courses, B.Tech., Dual Degree, 5 yr. Integrated M.Sc., 2 Yr. M.Sc. and slots for other UG/PG courses. Examination for other courses (which are not mentioned in timetable) are to be held strictly as per timings provided for the different slots. As per academic calender approved by the Senate, the Examination is slotted continuously for 6 days and hence there will be examinations on Saturdays. Please note that the examination slots for 17,18,19 & 20 are to be concurrently with those of slots 7.9,8 & 10. This should not cause problems since the corresponding slots also have lecture overlaps. The Academic Section will make seating arrangements and provide answer books for the examination of common courses being held in Lecture Complex Buildings and IC Rooms. Other arrangements such as invigilators, attendants etc. are to be made by the Departments concerned.

The Mid Sem exam timetable will also be made available on

Sd/Deputy Registrar (Academic) To, Heads of Departments/Conveners of Dept./IDP Departmental Time Table Coordinators Hostel Notice Boards : Security Officer....with a request to instruct duty watchmen at MB Control Room to open rooms fifteen minutes before exam time. Supdt. Engineer (Estate)...with a request to instruct concerned staff at P.A. System to make necessary arrangements for examinations. Exe. Engineer (Elect).... with a request to ensure about the electric supply at the examination venues during the examination timings. Health Office........with a request to make arrangements for cleaning Convo, MB/IC classrooms.

Mid Semester (Spring 12-13) Examination Time Table

Day/Date Time 1styr. B.Tech/DD/Int.M.Sc SlotCourseVenue 8.30to10.30 Monday 18/02/13 11.00to13.00 15.00to17.00 17.30to19.30 8.30to10.30 Tuesday 19/02/13 CH103 Slot2 ES200(2pm5pm) Slot12 CE102(forME),CH104, CL152,CS152 Slot3(MA214) HS200(2pm5pm) Slot13 Slot13 Slot4 Slot4 Slot9 Slot7 Slot9 Slot7 Slot5 Slot5 Slot10 Slot14 CS101, IC102(forCS,CH,EP) Slot6 Slot11 Slot15 Slot11 Slot15 Slot11 Slot15 Slot10 Slot14 Slot6 Slot10 Slot14 Slot6 Slot9 Slot7 Slot5 Slot13 Slot4 Slot12 Slot3 Slot12 Slot3 Slot2 Slot2 MA106 Slot1 Slot8 Slot8 Slot8 IIndyr.&IIIrdyr. B.Tech/DD/Int.MSc &M.ScIIyr SlotCourseVenue IVthyr. B.Tech/DD/Int.MSc& Msc.1yr.(4xx..) SlotCourseVenue Slot1 PG (5xx..,6xx..,etc..) SlotCourseVenue Slot1

11.00to13.00 PH105 15.00to17.00 17.30to19.30 8.30to10.30

11.00to13.00 Wednesday 20/02/13 15.00to17.00 17.30to19.30 8.30to10.30 Thursday 21/02/13 11.00to13.00 15.00to17.00 PH103 17.30to19.30 8.30to10.30 Friday 22/02/13 11.00to13.00 15.00to17.00 IC102(forCE,MM,EN) 17.30to19.30 8.30to10.30 11.00to13.00 15.00to17.00 AE152,CE102(forCE), EE112,EN110,MM152 17.30to19.30

Saturday 23/02/13

Note : Exam venues for common courses will be announced 2 days before the examination.


Deputy Registrar(Academic)

Mid Semester (Spring 12-13) Examination Time Table for Preparatory Course Day/Date Monday18/02/2013 Tuesday19/02/2013 Thursday21/02/2013 Saturday23/02/2013 Time 2.30pmTo4.30pm 2.30pmTo4.30pm 2.30pmTo4.30pm 2.30pmTo4.30pm CourseNo./Name HS002(English) CH001(Chemistry) MA002(Mathematics) PH002(Physics) Venue


Sd/Deputy Registrar(Academic)