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It is God who has given you the night in which to rest and the day in which to see.

God is truly bountiful to people, but most people do not give thanks.

Such is God, your Lord, the Creator of all things. There is no god but He. How then are you being turned away [from Him]?

Thus, indeed, those who deny the signs of God turn away from Him.

It is God who has given you the earth for a resting place and the heavens for a canopy. He shaped you, formed you well, and provided you with good things. Such is God, your Lord, so glory be to Him, the Lord of the Universe.

He is the Living One. There is no deity save Him. So pray to Him, making religion pure for Him [only]. Praise be to God, the Lord of the Universe! [al Ghaafir 40:61-65] BRIEFLY INTRODUCE PROBLEMS FACING MUSLIM UMMAH...WHO DO WE RELY UPON? - Abu Malika r.a. was grabbed by a thief and when he was going to kill him, Abu Malika said 'Ya Arhamar Rahimeen'. He picked the sword up and Abu Malika said 'Ya Arhamar Rahimeen'. He was about to strike and Abu Malika said 'Ya Arhamr Rahimeen'. Suddenly a horseman came in front, struck him with a spear. The thief fell on the ground, set aflame and burned to death. Abu Malika asked 'Who are you?' The horseman said 'I am an angel from the 4th heaven! When you first said ' Ya Arhamr Rahimeen' the doors of the 7 heavens began to shake. The second time you called out, Allah said 'Who is ready to help my servant?' I said, O Allah I am!' When you said it for the third time I was in front of you!' - There was a time when two sentences were enough. Our condition today is such that on the 29th of Ramadan the Imam in Haram is making dua, you have hundreds of thousands of people saying Ameen behind him and yet the doors of the Heavens are closed... - Majority of Muslims don't even pray, are not on their deen, etc.....

- When Amr ibn al ' Aas fought against the Romans in Shaam. the Muslims numbered 8,000 and the Romans were 100,000. the Romans attacked suddenly and surround the Muslims....(being surrounded meant utter defeat).- there was a Sahabi by the name of Waathila bin Athqa said the situation was such that they would not even recite poetry (Arabs known to recite poetry in battle)...and all 8,000 had the words "Ya Rabba Muhammad, Unsur Ummata Muhammad!" [O Lord of Muhammad ! Help the Ummah of Muhammad ] Abdullah ibn Umar says the sun was covered and I say the sky ripped open and an army of horsemen descended on white Burraaq, spears in hand, wearing Amamahs. There was one horseman in front of all of them and said "Abshiru Ya ummata Muhammad, Faqad atakumAllah binNasri" [O Ummah of Muhammad , Indeed Allah has come to your aid]. They descended and disappeared from eyesight and the 100,000 Romans began to flee.... - NOW LISTEN....connection with Allah on an individual basis..... - Sayyidna Aus Ibn Samit said to his wife Sayyidah Khaulah bint Tha'labah [ you are to me like the back of my mother]. In the days of Jahaliyyah this was known as Zihaar (divorce). She went to the Messenger of Allah to complain but since the Messenger of Allah had not received revelation he judged that the divorce was valid. She insisted but the Messenger of Allah gave the same reply. She then said " [ " O Allah indeed I complain to you!] . The signs of revelation became apparent on the Messenger of Allah...Allah revealed:

God has indeed heard the words of the woman who pleads with you about her husband and lays her complaint before God: God hears what the two of you have to say. God is all hearing, all seeing. [Mujaadilah 58:1] ALLAHU AKBAR! Where are the likes of Sayyida Khaulah today???!!! - Upon occasion Umar ibn al Khattab was traveling with some companions and a woman stopped Umar bin al Khattab and talked to him for some time. After she finished and left, the Sahaba said, ""0 Commander of the Faithful! You have held back such a large group of people for such a long time on account of this old lady!" Sayyidina Umar replied: ""Do you know who this lady is? She is Sayyidah Khaulah, the lady whose complaint was heard in the seventh heaven. So, how can 'Umar not listen to her? She should be heard for a longer period of time and with greater attention. By Allah! If she did not take leave of her own accord, I would have stood with her here till the nightfall." - ALLAH IS DISPLEASED WITH US! We have become like the scum of the sea as the Prophet
His servant? [39:36]

said .The Quran tells us

Is God not enough for