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Change Your Mind If you find yourself unsuccessful with visualisations or affirmations, there is a line of thinking that you

can use to improve your results. One model that we can use helps us to discern between what we believe that we can have or can not have in our life. We are going to consider where we sit on the scale of what is Possible compared to what is Probable. From that insight we can then introduce a very important factor that contributes to improving our results. In addition, there is a simple mental exercise that can make our transition to that additional element much easier than we think.

Possibilities and Probability To our subconscious belief systems our life is a collection of information about everything that we have experienced. Over the timeline of our chronological life, our subconscious has built up a picture of what we believe can probably happen because we have already experienced it or experienced something similar on a previous occasion(s). This means that on one side of an imaginary boundary there are events and desires that you feel will quite probably happen. However, there is the remainder of the infinite number of possibilities on the other side of that dividing line - they are the remaining possibilities that you expect are unlikely to happen for you.

In other words, on one side of this imaginary boundary there are things that you accept as just being possible. On the other side of the boundary there are things that are a subset from all possibilities and you consider being far more probable of happening for you in your life.

For any possibility to eventuate, you must decide that it is probable for that particular possibility can happen for you in your life. The key phrase here is that you decide. You decide if something is just a possibility of occurring or it is a possibility that has a high probability of occurring for you.

This perception can be a major barrier to anyone using the visualisation arts, praying or using affirmations. To attract a specific item or event into their life is about deciding which category of belief system values does that specific item or event fall into.

You may already agree with the saying that Anything is possible!! and really this can not be disputed. That is fine but is it Probable that x will happen? Where are you mentally sitting with that specific desire? It is `possible for you to win the lottery but do you feel it is probable? An item you have asked for suddenly appears on a table in front of you, from out of thin air. You are very likely to decide that not only is it possible to have this item but now it is also probable that this item and anything else you ask for will appear when you ask for it. The act of asking for something and knowing that there will definitely be a result is now far more probable than just a possibility.

I can spend a lifetime wanting a specific circumstance or situation to occur in my life but if I am honest with myself and realise that I actually think it is not probable, then I am wasting my time. In my mind it just remains acknowledged as only a possibility while I am visualising my little heart out for a year or two with no result. This dilemma was alluded to in The Secret Words. In the Decision-making section we note that it is pointless wanting a 30 bedroom house on the Riviera when in reality (and honestly) you feel it is far more probable that you will only ever have the resources to acquire a 3 bedroom house on the river.

However, we can actually take this line of thinking a step further and realise that there is a more powerful element that can move us beyond just acknowledging an increased probability that x will occur in our experience.

The Extra Element That additional element of the scale is to fully believe that we will definitely have it. Definitely is another set of stronger beliefs altogether. They move us from the Possible through the Probable to Definitely. We are moving our minds away from a vague assertion, to a very specific perception of reality. Some of us want to go beyond Possibility and Probability and into that realm of Definitely. Definitely is a boundary in the opposite direction to what is only just Possible. Somewhere in between we will find Probable.

The Full Scale So we now have 1. Possible that x can happen 2. Probable that x will happen and 3. x will definitely happen

Each point on the scale represents a varying degree of your certainty to the likelihood of x occurring for you. The degree of certainty is proportional to your level of expectation, as can be seen in the diagram below.








For demonstrations sake we will say that the infinite pool of all Possibilities have a minimal expectation of happening. We will place them at 0% chance of happening because we have not yet bestowed them with the belief that they have a probability of happening for us. Of the infinite number of possibilities in existence, we have a number of possibilities that we consciously or subconsciously identify as having an expectation of happening for us in our life. Expectation moves from 0% through to the 100% `Definitely will happen score. We agree that anything can happen because it is always `possible that anything can happen. Therefore, by their nature, Possibilities are infinite in number. Many of those possibilities will not have a higher percentage chance of occurring for you but some of them will because you consider them as having the probability to happen for you. They have a higher chance of occurring the stronger your expectation is of it definitely happening.

Somewhere between Possible and Definite, the expectation of probability increases. The real tipping point is at 50% where we consider that something either may or may not happen. The probability continues to increase toward 100% due to the increased intensity of our expectation that it will happen for us.

Where Are You On The Scale So if we are to use this model as a way to think about our desire to have something happen, what is your real estimate of the likelihood that what you want to happen in your life will actually happen?... Where on the scale is your expectation level when you visualise or pray or recite your affirmations? Self honesty is the key here. Do not try to deceive your belief systems, it will not work. It is ok if you begin to wonder or realise that you have been deluding yourself with a mismatched expectation while visualising or using affirmations for what you desire. It is not necessarily your fault. A set of instructions may work for the person that wrote them but not necessarily for someone else that uses the same instructions. You have been given the concepts of visualisations and affirmations by people that found it worked for them immediately. Some of us have to work a little longer to get to the same point as they did. There is a way to move through and past the self limiting thinking that stops us from using the Definitely approach and that is to use the simple cvs2bvs exercise.

CVS2BVS This little acronym is an abbreviation of a concept developed by the cognitive scientist Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, the head of The School of Thinking.

CVS2BVS = Current View of the Situation 2 a Better View of the Situation This is a simple catchphrase that reminds you to stop focussing on what is happening now and look for a better solution. Although it is more of a problem solving technique it can also be used to help you mentally push from considering something as just possible, past probable and on to definite. With a little practice you can instantly switch from focusing on the current situation to a better view of the situation, in any every day matter. However, for our purposes we want to use it bring us to being Definite about what we want to acquire, whether it be a hammer, car, laptop, or a new job. Anything that you want to receive or to have happen in your life. It may also be a situation, event or circumstances that you desire to occur.

You are going to switch from thinking that something is probable, to that particular something is definitely going to be received or happen for you. Try to do it in an instant, switch across immediately to the new focus. Can you decide that it will Definitely happen?

The reality is that sometimes it is a struggle to immediately have the feeling that what you want will definitely happen. That is OK. Keep working at it and you will find yourself questioning why you do not feel definite about it or questioning what you need to get yourself to get to that point. You may find some attitude barriers to work through but keep going because the answers to your resistance will probably occur to you while you are doing something else later during the day It may take an hour or it may take a month. There will come a time that there is a sudden sense of calmness in you as you `know or sense inside you that it will definitely happen.

What you have worked through here may initially seem complicated but is an easy method to conceptualise your real and true expectations in life. After you have successfully brought your decision-making to the level of `Definitely, it is now that you are ready to use The Secret Words to bring it to you sooner than you think. Good luck L.S.S.