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Project Synopsis

1. Title: Security Management for Banks IT Infrastructure. 3. Objective: Security issues are a major source of concern for everyone both outside and inside of the banking industry. E-banking increases security risks, potentially exposing hitherto isolated system to open and risky environment. Security breaches in a banking system can be classified as- breaches with serious criminal intent, from casual hacker and any flaw in the banking system design. So, there should be a clear and widely disseminated strategy that takes into account the risks and effects of e-banking and to make active use of system based security management for adequate management of the information.

4.Project Profile Project Title Project Type Platform Front End Back End Designing Tool Developing Tool : : : : : : : Security Management for Banks IT Infrastructure. An Web-based Application Windows PHP My-SQL Dreamweaver WAMP

4. Technologies Used: Php , Jquery , Javascript , Ajax , Html , Css , Flash.

1. Hardware Requirements Intel or compatible platform Pentium 166MHz or Higher(Pentium IV and compatible) 5 GB of hard disk memory space 256 MB of RAM Monitor Keyboard Mouse CD Drive for installation

2. Software Requirements Operating System : Editor : Tools Browser Other : : :

Microsoft Windows A text Editor (Dreamweaver, Notepad++ or gedit) Wamp or Xamp Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox Flash,Fireworks,Photoshop.

6. Product Functions:

Functionality Backup

Purpose To ensure that a minimum level of backups are taken on a regular basis which can be used in the event of a disaster or media failure To ensure that a minimum level audit trail is Maintained. Plus to protect important records (such as those related to tax) from loss or Destruction To ensure that appropriate encryption controls Are utilized to protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information For the proper security of all the data various threats are analysed and there Mitigation strategies are mentioned To ensure efficient and orderly recovery from security incidents To ensure that information is appropriately classified and so has the most appropriate protection level applied To ensure that security is built into all applications

Logging and Data Retention



Incident Handling Information Classification

Systems Development

7. Target Audience: Accounts holder in different banks who are using and banking-on-go (e-banking) service are all can be benefited from this because it will not only provide the proper management of data and audit of user action, but also provides the threat details to the users and how to protect them from that threat and backup, if there is any problem is found in the system. 8. Market Potential: With the type of growth the internet has shown in last few years, there is no doubt that online banking is a market which will further increase in upcoming time, and so there will the potential risks and threats in the system. So security of users data and transaction process will be essential requirement and so security management will be the major key factor of the banking system in near future.