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Macbeth Final Paper

Kyle Kottke Period 1

Swoosh, swing another person is killed in the play Macbeth, by the murders sword and from the Kings orders. In the play Macbeth, a theme that is always in the play and in the back of peoples mind is betrayal. Macbeth kills King Duncan so he can become the king but once he has blood on his hands, they continue to get bloodier and bloodier. He betrays all the people in his own kingdom (Scotland) and his friends. In Act 1 betrayal is used against King Duncan. King Duncan and Scotland were in a war and one of King Duncans best men was a traitor that was fighting for the other side. He was a gentleman on whom I built, An absolute trust (1.4.14-15). The traitor is a prime example of betrayal because back in the time era with Macbeth your word was the only thing that people really counted on. Everyone called everyone a noble man. If you go against your word you are dead, and that is what happened to the traitor. Act 2 is very important because that is when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth decide that they are going to betray the king. Including the rest of the people in Scotland. Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell, that summons thee to heaven or hell (2.1.62-64). This quote is saying dont listen to the bell, Duncan, because it summons you either to heaven or to hell. The quote is confirming that Macbeth has killed the king under the cover of the bell so when the king screams the bell covers it up. Betrayal is used in Act 2 for Macbeth becoming king because he wants the

power. Macbeth betrays everyone in Scotland when he kills their good king who got them through a war and made their lives blessed. Act 3 brings betrayal between two best friends when Macbeth who is now the king. Orders three murders to go kill Banquo and Fleance. Banquo is the person who is Macbeths best friend and then Fleance is Banquos son who is next in line to the throne when Macbeth dies because that is what the witches predicted for the two men. It is concluded: Banquo, thy souls flight, if it find heaven, must find it out tonight (3.1.141-142). The quote is saying that Macbeth has decided that he is going to kill Banquo and that his soul is going to find heaven tonight and to find heaven you have to die. So, Macbeth is ordering the murderers to murder his best friend so Banquo cannot tell what Macbeth did to King Duncan. The castle of Macduff I will surprise His wife, his babies, and all unfortunate souls (4.1.150-152). In Act 4 Macbeth orders his men to go kill all of Macduffs family that he left in Scotland when he fled, when King Duncan was murdered. The quote is one of the best lines when Macbeth just flat out says kill everyone in Macduffs home because he fled and now is plotting against me. Macbeth is betraying Macduff because Macduff fled the country after the murder and heard that he is plotting against Macbeth so Macbeth kills the people Macduff cares about. Act 5 brings justice to all the bad betrayal with good betrayal. But before there can be good Macbeth kills another person in the battleground scene in the fields. Macbeth kills Young Siward and now its time for Macbeth to suffer like what he did to all the people in Scotland. All of the people that left when he killed there

families off. Macduff betrays Macbeth but this is a good kind of betrayal because he is regaining the country that he loves and getting Macbeth out of the castle. [ENTER MACDUFF, WITH MACBETHS HEAD] Hail King! For so thou art: behold, where stands (5.8.53-54). The quote is betrayal because Macduff just killed the King of Scotland who you are supposed to trust and hold in the upmost honor. The quote is important cause it shows that Macbeth has been killed. It is also a reminder of what happened in Act 1 when Macbeth cut another mans head of there body which ended the war and Macduff is signaling to everyone the war with Macbeth has ended as well. Yes, Macduff did betrayed Macbeth but this was a good betrayal to help everyone in Scotland get their land back. If there was no betrayal in Macbeth then there would have been no problems. No one losing their life and the people that they love. Shakespeare is trying to tell us not to betray the people that love us and the people that give us a blessed life. Without betrayal there would not be a play because I feel that betrayal is the core theme in the play. Almost everyone betrayed someone. In the modern world if you have to betray someone make sure it is for good. Like Macduff did taking Scotland back from a power hungry man, who killed anything and anyone, all hail Macbeth.