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Mechanical Deptt. Date: 28-05-12 SECOND MID SEMESTER EXAMINATION MAY 2012 Subject: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Code: ME 302E Mechanical Engg. 3rd Year (6th Sem.) Teacher: Ram Narayan Muni Max. Time Allowed: 03 Hours. Max. Marks: 100 ________________________________________________________________

Attempt any five questions; each carries 20 marks)

1. A) Differentiate between: a) Specific humidity and Relative humidity, b) DBT and WBT c)Dry air and moist air. B) Explain the term RSHF, GHSF and ESHF. Also explain the procedure to draw RSHF, GSHF and ESHF on psychometric Chart. 2. A) Explain with a neat sketch of the working of NH3-H2O Vapor Absorption system. Write its applications b) Derive an expression for adiabatic mixing of two air streams. 3. In a heating application, moist air enters a steam heating coil at 10 C, 50% RH & leaves at 30C. Determine: a) the heat transfer if mass flow rate of air is 100kg/sec, b) steam flow rate if steam enters saturated at 100C & condensate leaves at 80 C. 4. The following data refers to a summer air-conditioning of an installation: Outside design condition: 42C DBT and 28 C WBT. Inside design conditioning: 24C DBT and 50% RH. Room sensible heat gain: 82000kj/hr. Room latent heat gain: 18000kj/hr. Bypass factor of cooling coil is 0.2. The return air from the room is mixed with the outside air before entry to cooling coil in the ratio of 4:1. Determine a) ADP of the cooling coil, b)Entry and exit condition of air for cooling coil, c)Fresh mass airflow rate and d) Refrigeration load on the cooling coil. 5. A) In a cooling application, moist air enters a refrigeration coil at the rate of 100 kg/min at 35 C and 50%RH, ADP of coil is 5C and By pass factor is 0.15. Determine a) Outlet state of moist air, b) Cooling capacity of coil in Tons. B) Air at 32C DBT and 20C WBT is passed through a cooling maintained at 5C. The heat extracted by coil from air is 14 kW & air flow rate is 42.5 m 3 /min. Determine: a) DBT & WBT of leaving air, b) By pass factor. 6. A) with the help of neat sketch & P-h diagram, explain the working of hot and dry summer A.C B) Describe the following using psychometric chart: a) Cooling and Dehumidification b) Heating and Humidification. 7. 400 m3 /min of re circulated at 20C DBT and 10C DPT is to be mixed with 150 m3 /min of fresh air at 35 C DBT and 45%RH. Determine the Enthalpy, Sp. Volume, Humidity ratio, and dew point temperature of mixture. 8. Write short notes on the following: a) Cascade Refrigeration System, b) Air-washer, c) Comfort-AirConditioning and d) Central Air conditioning.