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By Subhash Ektare 4090 Crandall Cir. Santa Clara, California USA

The importance of accurate birth time need not be explained to any astrologer. It is basic foundation stone for the science of Astrology. In this modern age every person tries his best to register accurate birth time of a new born child. However due to reasons beyond ones control the noted birth time may not be accurate i.e. equal to astrological birth time, though the difference may be negligible. But considering the fast movement of the ascendant (which is about 1degree of arc in 4 minutes or 1 minute of arc in about 4 seconds) this negligible difference results in change of sub of ascendant and/or other cusps. As a result of this, predictions may fail because in KP complete process of prediction is dependant on these cuspal sub-lords.. This is main reason why birth time rectification becomes essential. There are many methods for rectifying the birth time used by the followers of different schools of astrology. However, apart from the complexity these methods/techniques are not consistent in their results and hence are not reliable. But we are limiting our scope for KP only. KP Astrologers fraternity knows that our Guruji Late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurthy had elaborately explained in his Readers how the concept of Ruling Planets can be used to rectify the birth time. Efforts were and are being made by some senior, learned and experienced astrologers to fine tune this concept based on their research. In recent past two papers were published on this subject. They are: 1. Birth_Time_Rectification_Article By Dr. Andrew Dutta published in June 2007 issue of Express Star Teller 2. Rectification of Birth Time using Ruling Planets (Krishnamurthy Padhdhati) Ver. 2.0 by Mr. Raghunath Rao Nemani which is available in file section of k_p_system @ yahoo groups. Both of the authors have done commendable work. Presentation is Excellent. Step by step explanation makes it self explanatory and can be easily understood even by newcomer. Methods are similar in approach except that Dr. Dutta uses Natal Chart for establishing the linkage between planets while Mr. Nemani uses Chart at the time of Judgment. However Dr. Andrew Dutta had introduced an innovative Rule of Origin to test the accuracy of the corrected birth time. Hats off to him. On detailed study of these methods I would like to share my observations with everybody. These are my personal opinions, which may be wrong. And I hope that these observations may not be mistaken as criticism. a) Rectification up to sub level gives a variation of around 3 to 20 minutes. This variation can be reduced by taking sub-sub level into consideration. b) Only RP Moon is considered while correcting Natal Ascendant. Other stronger RPs i.e. Ascendant sign lord and Ascendant star lord could have been put to effective use for rectification. c) There is no doubt that the Moon is the fastest moving Planet. But movement of Lagna (Ascendant) is 25 to 28 times faster than that of Moon. In this process of rectification, the longitude of the Natal Ascendant (fast moving body) is being corrected with the help of

longitude of the RP Moon (comparatively much slow moving body). In my opinion the process should be reverse.

After giving due weight age to all these points, I would like to present a simple and reliable technique for birth time rectification. It is explained in following paragraphs. Step 1. Cast the chart for the time and place of judgment. Note down the RP Ascendant and RP Moon correct up to sub-sub level. Also note down whom Rahu/Ketu represent. Step 2 Calculate the position of Natal Moon at unrectified birth time up to sub-sub level. Then with the help of RP Ascendant and given time of birth correct the longitude of Natal Moon up to sub-sub level. Note that here we are using RP Ascendant (fast moving object) to correct the longitude of Natal Moon (comparatively slow moving object). Thus strongest Ruling Planets ascendant sign lord and ascendant star lord- are used in correcting the birth time. Step 3 Corresponding to this corrected Natal moon position find out the Natal Ascendant(s). Now, check and correct the Natal Ascendant(s) with the RP moon. Here we are using pair of next powerful Ruling Planets- Moon sign lord and the star lord- to fine tune corrected Natal Ascendant(s). The time when this ascendant rises is found to be most accurate astrological birth time. Let us now see how these principals are applied in a real life case. Date of Birth 4th Feb 1977 Place of Birth Begumpet, Hyderabad 78 E 27 22; 17 N 26 27 Time of Birth Between 4:00 PM to 4:20 PM Date of rectification 25th Sept 2007 Place 121 W 57 15; 37 N 21 15 Time 10:45:50 AM Step 1 RP Asc RP Moon Rahu Ketu Step 2 Between 4:00 PM and 4:20 PM on 4th Feb 1977 the moon is in Cancer sign and Ashlesha star. As the date of birth is known no correction is required for the sign lord and the star lord of the moon. Therefore we need to find out correct sub and sub-sub for the moon. For this we will have to find out starting time and ending time of star Ashlesha from the ephemeris. Moon enters in Ashlesha star at 00:11:11 Am on 4th Feb1977 and leaves at 00:09:06 Am on 5th Feb 1977. Therefore span of this star is 23 Hr 57 Mn 55 Se. Let us divide this period in proportion of Vimshottari Dasha to get correct start and end times of each sub. It is given below. Deg Min sec 203 42 17 Ven-Jup-Sat-Jup 323 26 55 Sat-Jup-Sat-Rah represents Sat as sign lord represents Sat by conj. (2 d 39 m 49 s orb); and Sun as sign lord

Start time of Ashlesha Star on 4th Feb 1977

On 5th Feb1977

00-11-11 Mer dasha Mer sub starts 03-23-42 03-34-53 Mer sub ends 01-23-53 04-58-46 Ket sub ends 03-59-39 08-58-25 Ven sub ends 01-11-54 10-10-19 Sun sub ends 01-59-50 12-10-09 Moo sub ends 01-23-53 13-34-02 Mar sub ends 03-35-41 17-09-43 Rah sub ends 03-11-43 20-21-26 Jup sub ends 03-47-40 24-09-06 Sat sub ends

Given approx. birth time falls within the sub of Rahu. In RP, Asc. sub is Sat which is represented by Rahu being its sign lord. Thus the sub of Rahu gets confirmed. Now for fixing the sub-sub let us divide this Rahu sub period into sub-sub periods.

Start time of Rahu sub on 4th Feb 1977

13-34-02 00-32-21 14-06-23 00-28-45 14-35-08 00-34-09 15-09-17 00-30-33 15-39-50 00-12-35 15-52-25 00-35-57 16-28-22 00-10-47 16-39-09 00-17-58 16-57-07 00-12-36 17-09-43

Rah sub-sub ends Jup sub-sub ends Sat sub-sub ends Mer sub-sub ends Ket sub-sub ends Ven sub-sub ends Sun sub-sub ends Moo sub-sub ends Mar sub-sub ends

Given approx. birth time falls in the sub-sub of Ven. Here Ven is the RP Asc. sign lord, so Ven can be confirmed as sub-sub lord of the Natal Moon.

Now let us calculate the Ascendants for starting and ending times for Ven sub-sub. Deg Min Sec Asc. at 15-52-25 Hrs is 171 20 41 Asc. at 16-28-22 Hrs is 179 23 34

Mer-Jup-Jup-Moo Mer-Jup-Sun-Ven

If we look at these ascendants, the sign and star lords are confirmed as Mer-Jup. Now the RP Moon comes in picture. It is Sat-Jup-Sat-Rah. The Asc. at 16-28-22 gets eliminated for two reasons. (1) Planets Sun and Ven do not appear in RP Moon and (2) The sun sub starts at 1625-38 which is not within the approx. time given by the client. So we are left with the Asc at 15-52-25 with period lords as Mer-Jup-Jup-Moo. From the period lords of RP moon we have already used Jup as star lord of Asc. Therefore for fixing sub for the ascendant, there are two choices i.e. Sat which appears two times in the RP Moon and Rahu which appears as sub-sub lord of RP Moon. Rahu being a node and the sub-sub lord is stronger. But its sub is not found within the limits of approx. time given. So Rahu sub is ruled out. What is left? Only Saturn. But in the chart at the time of judgment Sat is conjunct with Ketu. So Ketu as a node becomes stronger than Saturn. Therefore Asc. sub lord has to be Ketu and Sat will appear as sub-sub lord. So finally the corrected Ascendant shall be 86 Deg 23 Mt 02 Se i.e. Mer-Jup-Ket-Sat. This Saturn sub-sub starts at 16-14-39 and ends at 16-15-11 i.e. a variation of only 32 Seconds. If we take the mean as correct birth time it will be 16-14-55 i.e. 04-14-55 PM