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Application Note 51427 (Revision A, 9/2012)

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UG-25+ Field Support

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UG-25+ Field Support

Application Note 51427

UG-25+ Field Support

As part of continuous improvement, the UG-25+ governor has undergone a design update released in May 2011. As a result, field support for the current installed base of UG-25+ governors will be limited, in time and in service locations. This Application Note describes the necessary actions related to field support of the governor.

Woodward provides global field support for UG governors through Woodwards AISF (Authorized Independent Service Facility) Business Partners. The UG-25+ governor has undergone several updates since its initial release in 2006. The latest UG-25+ governor version has an improved customer electrical interface, which is not fully interchangeable with the current UG-25+ governor electrical interface (see Service Information section below). During their first service interval, existing UG-25+ governors will be exchanged with updated UG-25+ governors. Only a selected group of AISFs has been certified to perform these exchanges. A list of these UG-25+ Certified Overhaul Partners can be found below. After this first service update, the UG-25+ governor can be serviced as usual, by all AISFs around the world (see This update to the UG-25+ governor addresses several issues encountered in some, but not all, applications. These issues include: momentary loss of connector signals in high-vibration environments; premature deterioration of the internal vibration isolation system in highvibration environments; premature wearing of front-panel knob shafts in high-vibration environments; enhanced steady-state performance from an improved pilot-valve design; and increased recommended service interval from 12 000 to 20 000 running hours. Woodward will continue to support the governors with the part numbers listed below until 31 December 2014 by exchanging them with updated UG-25+ governors. The updated UG-25+ governor versions will have new Woodward part numbers with a one-to-one correspondence to those part numbers listed below, to ensure complete Woodward part number and serial number traceability.

Affected Governors
8528-001 8528-007 8528-019 8528-0001 8528-0003 8528-0004 8528-0005 8528-0007-1 8528-0008 8528-0009 8528-0010 8528-0011 8528-0012-1 8528-0013 8528-0019 2 8528-002 8528-008 8528-020 8528-0001-1 8528-0003-1 8528-0004-1 8528-0005-1 8528-0007-2 8528-0008-1 8528-0009-1 8528-0010-1 8528-0011-1 8528-0012-2 8528-0014 8528-003 8528-009 8528-022-1 8528-0001-2 8528-0003-2 8528-0004-2 8528-0005-2 8528-0007-3 8528-0008-2 8528-0009-2 8528-0010-2 8528-0011-2 8528-0012-3 8528-0015 8528-004 8528-010 8528-022-4 8528-0001-3 8528-0003-3 8528-0004-3 8528-0005-3 8528-0007-4 8528-0008-3 8528-0009-3 8528-0010-3 8528-0012-4 8528-0016 8528-005 8528-011 8528-026 8528-0001-4 8528-0003-4 8528-0004-4 8528-0005-4 8528-0007-5 8528-0008-4 8528-0009-4 8528-0010-4 8528-0012-5 8528-0017 8528-006 8528-014

8528-0004-5 8528-0005-5 8528-0008-5 8528-0009-5 8528-0010-5 8528-0012-6 8528-0018 Woodward

Application Note 51427

UG-25+ Field Support

Service Information
Woodward recommends updating the affected UG-25+ governors before 12 000 hours of normal operation. Governors may need to be updated before that time if: the governor shows loss of signal integrity; the electrical module on top of the governor (L-series) becomes loose; or excessive wear on the knobs on the user interface is detected. When these governors are returned for their initial overhaul to one of the UG-25+ Certified Overhaul Partners listed below, they will be exchanged with updated governors having the same functionality, but with the latest hardware and software updates. Connections and Cabling The updated UG-25+ governor has different electrical connections, which increase the tolerance to damage in high-vibration environments as well as improve signal integrity. The updated governor uses a WAGO-brand springloaded terminal block instead of the Cinch-brand square connector. This means that the updated governors are not backwards-compatible with the governors listed above. The updated governors require that the existing Cinch mating connectors on the customer wiring be removed and replaced with individual wires (each with crimped-on ferrules) that fit into the spring-loaded terminal blocks. Depending on each individual installation, the customer cable needs to be long enough to reach the updated governors terminal blocks. For this, an additional 15 cm cable length is required compared to the present UG-25+ governor customer cable. If the existing cabling proves to be too short, running a new, longer customer cable may be required (or the installation of an intermediate junction box can be considered). Settings The installation of an updated UG-25+ governor also requires downloading the engine-specific settings from the present governor. Standard engine factory settings could have been fine-tuned during the commissioning of the installation, and these settings may not have been documented. After installing the updated governor, this engine-specific settings file will need to be uploaded. Pricing & Warranty Governors returned for this update must be functional to be eligible for the overhaul exchange price. If a governor is not functional or not returned, the exchange governor will be charged at the price of a new governor. The warranty will be 18 months from date of overhaul exchange.

Customer Action
Only the Woodward AISF Business Partners who are trained as UG-25+ Certified Overhaul Partners are able to provide the update service to the UG-25+ governors with the part numbers shown in the list above. Please provide all pertinent information with adequate advance notice (7 days or more) when preparing these governor(s) for overhaul. This includes: customer name and contact information (including name of ship); governors part number along with its revision letter and serial number.


UG-25+ Field Support

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Application Note 51427


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Woodward strongly recommends retaining a Field Service Engineer from the UG-25+ Certified Overhaul Partner to assist with the installation of the updated governor(s). The Field Service Engineer can perform the wiring changes and connection update, plus the download and upload of the engine-specific settings file. In a multiple-engine application, we recommend that all governors be updated at the same time. Updated exchange governors are available at the UG-25+ Certified Overhaul Partners to help minimize engine down time.

Existing UG-25+ Governor

Updated UG-25+ Governor


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