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PENNSYLVANIA, COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA tari Sea otal Seat Commonwestth of Paensyanis CAMPAIGN FINANCE REPORT (NOTE: This report must be cles and legible I may be typed oF printed in blue oF black ink) PAGE 1 oF 1 Tie aenicnon F2s'oy D> [ewooare |” [ comarsee [x ]xoensr]” People for Peduto — 427 Hastings Stroot _ ___ Pitsburgh 16206 Tyee oF [ote] F oe eS REPORT vs a es a prea tg Leman tecencrion rorreccrion_| | mepbu? Ce ea SaeTio ott peal k oo Paneer One paren — | x |DISKETTE| Mayor of Pitsburgh oH Joem [oz s [21] aos ar IaETUCTIONS F6N SOOT “on ONCE USE OWT [Summary of Re se Pare) [A Amount Brought Forward From Last Report 6 0.00 2 os [B. Total Monetary Convibutions and Receipts (From Schedule | $ 329,671.58 2 "5s ea Funds Avaltie (Gam of Lies A md Sesaaras = ©. Tot) Expendires From Schedule Wi Sreareana eA E Ending Cash Banco (Subtract Line D from Une €) ® 260,942.58 33 Tue of Wek Contributions Recoved from Schau] © 19 900,00 ox [Glos Occ and Obtgwions Grom Schedule Mi 70.00 EB SGRr I= Teles ie a Committ coport tensor sn here UL the i a Candidate report canoe sn fete Bf ms te mm . | Senvewrens _ lS ( a BEE nnn Mle DEBE. at