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Environmental Management System for the

Construction of storage bins

The goal of this EMS is to:
Aid in the environmental management and efficiency of storage bin construction to each household Manage and prevent bad environmental impacts; and Continually improve our waste and environmental management to our households. The EMS has been developed to meet and provide a structure that helps the residents to address all the important issues of our household environment. Having an EMS ensures that any interested party, such as a simple resident, can quickly see that environmental issues are always considered on our home, and a foundation part of life.

EMS for the construction of storage bins

Purok San Juan, Brgy. San Juan, Gen. Santos City

Target Location:

1. INITIAL ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW (IER) The area of San Juan where in the citizens are living in the shore has been the major source of the pollution in the locale. Despite of the fact that they will be the one who will be affected, they still prolong their wrong doings. We observed that plastics are the most visible and the most increased type of garbage in our state. The people well thought-out the coast as their backyard compost pit where the children play and swim. Nearly all the people are not taking responsibility to clean their surroundings. The worst condition of the coast will be getting worse as time goes by. We observed that there are fewer investments and progress in the location. Garbage has been a part of their lives. We have seen how garbage really affects the health of the people in particular to children. Children are very thin with very big bellies which are not proportion to their age and height. Children tend to catch bad health because of their unclean surroundings. 2. ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY Plastics and other non- biodegradable were the major component of garbage. This is the main distress of the group. All people must earn a good and clean community where they can live. In order to address the environmental issues that affect our environment, our group has developed an environmental policy. The purpose environmental policy is to define a vision for the future of Purok San Juan and to set its environmental priorities and goals. This policy covers all aspects of our environment. Since non-biodegradable wastes have a greater quantity among all wastes, our group planned to have a construction of storage bins where recyclable and reusable wastes are stored by each household. Materials needed: Sacks (at least 3) - for plastic cellophane and sachets, containers and those that are reusable. Each households shall have a storage bins for their non- biodegradable wastes to be placed. The recyclable and reusable wastes are to be collected by the local government which is to be collected once a week. The income to be generated with these non biodegradable recyclable wastes shall be used for the improvement of maintenance of the area.

3. WORKING OUT WHICH ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS TO ADDRESS IN THE EMS We now need to ensure that we cover all the possible environmental impacts that could occur on our environment and work out which ones are most important (significant) and look at how to address the causes of these impacts. The expected outcome is when the coast is dirt free; we can guarantee a secure and healthy environment for the society to live. The household storage bins are what we planned to achieve the goals.

We aim to lessen and totally eliminate the pollution in the coast and other areas particularly non- biodegradable and plastics materials. Through continual improvement of the area, we are committed to achieve these objectives by: _ preventing pollution water as well as in land and air by conforming to government regulations; _ dedicating human and financial resources to fulfill our environmental goals; _ minimizing the amount of waste we produce on the surroundings and using recycling wherever possible and practicable; _ informing all citizens of their environmental responsibilities, through seminars, training and communication.


After establishing a complete list of significant aspects, the organization sets environmental goals, plans and takes actions to achieve these goals. The Action Plan Summary is the collection of action plans that were developed from the initial environmental review.

Construction of storage bins by each household

Objective (What to do?) Why? References Improve To reduce non- biodegradable wastes and the risk water, land and air pollution. EMS 1. Construct storage bins for each household. 2. Customize the bins where in recyclable and reusable materials are stored and collected 3. Collect income on recyclable non- biodegradable wastes from households 4. Conducting seminars about proper wastes segregation 5. Improvement of the area Responsibility Performance Indicators Completed Citizens & LG Storage bins constructed Citizens & LG Recyclable and reusable materials are stored in placed Local government Generated income from wastes Local government Seminars conducted Local government Area has been improved Cost: Materials and signs (sacks), local


When to do it



1 2 3 4 5


governments equipment in collecting wastes and seminar conduction. Benefit: Reduce the risk water, land and air pollution to human health and safety. Better control of environment.


The monitoring program provides information to aid the local government of the area as well as the households. Relevant monitoring allows us to check the progress of our action plans and the condition of natural resources on the area. The monitoring program describes where, who, and how all samples or observations are to be taken.
Activity Schedule of the collection of garbage Income from sold recyclable materials Scanning of wastes from storage bins of households Seminars about proper wastes segregation Improvement of the area Construction of storage bins for each household. Method Collectors record collections Official receipts of Who Citizens & LGs Citizens & LGs Citizens & LGs When As required As required daily Record Management review Management review Management review Management review Management review Management review

Barangay officials should check the wastes from storage bins Evaluation about the performance of the citizens New projects of the local government Visiting and checking each households

Local government Citizens Citizens & LGs

As required As required As required


In order to resolve the current problems, the citizens not just in the location but also in different barangays should participate and cooperate well. They should segregate their garbage in order to have well- organized surroundings. The barangay officials should have an initial check and examine the garbage before accepting it. Local government should implement strict laws concerning wastes so that people can be disciplined since we observed that the said location lacks strict and organized laws. We, as a group, will also assist and help our local government as well as the citizens in helping to clean our environment because we are all stewards of GODs creations.

Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.