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* Version 3.2.0.

600 - Fixed listing files when opened multiple MPQs in patch mode - Console window can now do "paste" using right mouse click - Write support for MPQs version 4 - Newest patch files (wow-update-enUS-#####.MPQ) now work properly - Removed ability to convert listfile path and working directory to relative pa ths, as it's more annoying than anything else - Support for new map protectors - MPQ Editor now tries to suggest listfile automatically * Version Added "Search Files" icon File mask can now have more fiel extensions Built with StormLib 8.0 RELEASE CANDIDATE Better UI for opening MPQs in multi, merged and patched mode Added "op" command for script interpreter for opening MPQs in patch mode Support for patch mode - patched version of a file is extracted Fixed extracting patch files from WOTLK patches Command line changed: Now can open more MPQs from command line, and listfile name must follow after "/listfile" - Added preliminary support for MPQs version 3.0 (WOW-Cataclysm BETA) - Added support for encrypted MPQs coming with Starcraft II digital download. - When extracting file that already exists, the dialog now has "no All" option - All message boxes generated by worker threads are now displayed by the main U I thread (fixed for WINE) * Version - Added menu item "Tiles" for operating systems Windows XP or newer - It is now possible to have multiple MPQs open, while one is read-only and oth ers are editable - Added configurable behavior of "Open" and "Open With" - Fixed bug in running scripts using /console command. Scripts with space in file name are now processed properly. - Added support for opening multiple MPQs, either in multi-document mode or in merged mode - Support for partial MPQs ("interface.MPQ.part") - Console command "extract": added flag "-lower" and "-lowercase" for extracting path as lowercase * Version Fixed problem with adding files with pseudo-names ("File00000001.ext") Support for MPQs that have both block table and hash table zero size Better looking toolbar Added *.SC2Map and *.SC2Mod extensions from Starcraft II "Open file" and "Save file" dialogs now have "places" bar, but are no longer centered. - Both "ListFile path" and "work directory" now recognize paths relative to the EXE and will be updated appropriately when the EXE is moved to different location - Fixed bug in "Merge Listfiles" dialog regarding to multiple file additions - Added "Delete All" button to "Merge Listfiles" - Fixed few bugs in "Set File Associations" dialog - Buttons in "Set File Associations" dialog are now enabled or disabled based o n items selected -

* Version t - "..." button in "Create New MPQ" wizard now adds an extension, if any is selected in the "Save file" dialog. * Version Fixed repaint problem when resizing main window When creating new MPQ, the "..." button now has "Save" title MoPaQ script interpreter also supports Windows command line The "File Associations" dialog was reworked. Added feature for configuring (attributes) in MPQ Fixed bug when (attributes) was sometimes saved improperly Fixed bug recent file list "Create New MPQ" Wizard now has better-looking bitmap instead of the ugly tex

* Version - "Properties" on root dir item is now allowed and shows archive properties - Improved file mask in toolbar * Version Improved MPQ Table Viewer MPQ Editor no longer remover W3M protection from W3M Map Utilities Set minimum tracking size for main window Fixed minimum window size done by splitters